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Michael JacksonJackson Furious At Baby Dangling Game. 30-12-'02

Pop star Michael Jackson is "fuming" at a new computer game satirizing his notorious baby-dangling antics in Germany last month.

The game, launched on the Madblast.Com internet site, invites players to throw babies off a hotel balcony and try and then catch them before they hit the ground - mimicking Jackson dangling of his baby son Prince Michael II over a fifth floor Berlin hotel room.

However, the 'Thriller' star has failed to find the game amusing, telling a friend, "I regret what I did but to have a game where I drop babies to their death is just sick beyond belief." Jackson, 44, is reportedly considering suing the website's Los Angeles owners, eUniverse Inc.

Source: Wenn / Billie Jean

Herb RittsCelebrity Photographer Herb Ritts Dies. 26-12-'02

Famed Hollywood celebrity photographer, Herb Ritts has died at the age of 50 of complications from pneumonia.

Herbert "Herb" Ritts (August 13, 1952 – December 26, 2002) was an American fashion photographer who concentrated on black-and-white photography and portraits, often in the style of classical Greek sculpture.

Herb Ritts was responsible for co-directing Michael Jackson's 1992 video for 'In The Closet' and was responsible for shooting some promotional photographs for the 'Dangerous' album.

We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Mr. Ritts' family and friends.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael's "Baby-Dangle" Inspires New Video Game. 25-12-'02

Michael Jackson's baby-dangling exploits have spawned a new video game in which the player has to catch babies in a basket as a cartoon version of the popstar hurls them from a rooftop. At the end of the game, called 'Michael Jackson Baby Drop', players receive a score and a supposed evaluation of their parenting skills.

Jackson startled German fans last month (November 19) when he dangled his baby outside his fourth-floor hotel window in Berlin, a moment captured on film and widely broadcast. He held his baby, whose head was covered by a towel, over a balcony with one arm to horrified gasps from the crowd of fans on the street below. The singer apologized, saying he had been caught up in the emotion of the moment.

In the game by http://www.madblast.com the cartoon Jackson also throws spiders from the rooftop, which the player has to dodge.

The pop star, who keeps tarantulas at his Neverland Ranch in California, was recently bitten on the foot by a spider.

No spokesman for the singer could be reached for comment.

Baby Dagling Game
The game, launched on the Madblast.Com internet site, invites players to throw babies off a hotel balcony and try and then catch them before they hit the ground.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Michael Sends Christmas Message. 21-12-'02

Michael Jackson recorded a Christmas message and sent it to German magazine 'BUNTE'. Go to BUNTE.T-Online.de, Michael Jackson's Weihnachtsbotschaft (German: Michael Jackson's Christmas message).

Parts of the message will also be shown on German TV, on Monday, December 23, 2002 on ZDF on the show 'Leute Heute' (5:40 pm) and on American TV also on Monday, December 23, 2002 on 'Entertainment Tonight'. Please check your listings for airing times.

Source: Bunte / Billie Jean

Michael Goes To Miami To Visit Houses And Work With Barry Gibb On A Charity Song. 20-12-'02

Michael Jackson and Bee Gee's member, Barry Gibb, write 'All In Your Name', commonly, yet falsely spread about as 'Prayer For Peace', and leaked to the media a few years ago. The song is recorded at the Middle Ear Studios.

The two meet in Miami, Florida to work on the charity song, which was written in protest of the U.S. plans to invade Iraq.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Gold Magazine Cover'Gold Magazine' Released With A Interview With Michael Jackson. 20-12-'02

'Gold Magazine' release a seven page article, photographs and an exclusive interview with Michael. The interview was taken last month November by blond journalist Magdalena.

In this rare interview, he talks candidly to Magdalena, the Gold Girl, about fame, the burden of his childhood stardom, his view on the media, and his future in film.

The magazine Volume 1 issue 2 is published twice a year by Conde Nast Publications Ltd for Harrods.

Michael Jackson is the king of pop, the man who made the biggest selling album in history, a man whose dance routines and tunes have entranced people in every corner of the globe, from Johannesburg to Jakarta, from London to L.A.

But he is also an enigma. A child star with his siblings in the Jackson Five, he comes from an immensely talented family and, as youngest son, carved for himself the most successful solo career of all of them. He is one of the few world-famous children who have gone on to become world-famous adults; and now he is reinventing himself again, as a film star.

Despite his fame, despite the fact that he has been performing, creating and improvising almost since he was old enough to walk, Jackson is shy of publicity. He may have hordes of fans and photographers surrounding him whenever he steps out in public, but he is an intensely private man who lives with his family on his fairy-tale Neverland ranch in California.

Gold Magazine
Michael Jackson feature in 'Gold Magazine' which included a seven page article, photographs and interview with Michael.

Source: Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Would Like To Visit India Again. 19-12-'02

Michael Jackson wants to visit India again after 7 years. He will be there in February or March 2003 to give the mahurat clap for Hanuman, which is a film of Producer Raju Patel under the banner of Film Club. Patel is also one of Michael's partners in Neverland Entertainment.

He said:

"Michael loves India and expressed an interest to visit the country again, so I suggested that this was a good occasion. Since the project intrigued him, he agreed."

Further he stated:

"Hanuman is a Film Club product and Jackson will just be coming to India to formally unveil the film." The bi-lingual movie tells the story of an immigrant family, which falls on bad times. The family's son doesn't believe in the god Hanuman until he is rescued by him in the end. Hanuman is similar to movies like Spiderman or Superman and is a multi-crore rupee project.
But the representation of Lord Hanuman is kept true to the mythology of India.

It is not yet known who will act in the movie. Patel and Michael have two more films planned. One of them is 'Tom Thumb'.
This movie includes animation like in 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids' and the story will also be similar. The other one is 'Wolfed' as earlier reported and will be based on the novel 'The Wolf Leader' by Alexandre Dumas.

Source: Keralanext / Billie Jean

The Billboard Year-End Charts. 15-12-'02

'Billboard Magazine' and Billboard.com have compiled the results of their annual year-end charts. The results find Michael appearing several times in various musical categories on the Billboard charts. The result of each are as follows:

The Billboard 200
#43 - 'Invincible' Michael Jackson/Epic
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
#8 - 'Invincible' Michael Jackson/Epic

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
#12 - 'Butterflies' Michael Jackson/Epic

This is a remarkable success for an album that got so little promotion!

Billboard Year-End Charts

Source: Billboard / MJFC / Billie Jean

Billboard Music Awards 2002Michael Appears At 2002 Billboard Music Awards. 09-12-'02

After much speculation, Michael Jackson did indeed appear at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards via a satellite feed from his Neverland Valley Ranch. Michael received a special award to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of his best-selling recording, 'Thriller,' which spent more weeks at No. 1 (37 weeks) than any other album in the history of The Billboard 200.

Comedian Chris Tucker, who appeared via satellite with Michael, was on hand to present Michael with this prestigious award.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Nelson Mandela Asks Michael Jackson To Perform At HIV/AIDS Fundraiser. 08-12-'02

Nelson MandelaFormer South African President Nelson Mandela has announced that he will host an HIV/AIDS benefit concert on 2nd February 2003 on Robben Island, where he spent 18 of his 27 years behind bars.

Reuters of 6th December reports that Mr. Mandela has asked Michael Jackson to perform at the concert, which is being led by the U2 star, Bono.

Other artists who have been approached to perform at the show include legends Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John. Sting and Michael's youngest sister, Janet, have also been asked.

The concert will be televised globally with all funds raised going to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, UNAIDS and Robben Island Museum.

According to Reuters, at least one in nine South Africans (about 4.8 million people) has the disease or is infected with the HIV virus that causes it.

Source: MJNI / Billie Jean

Billboard Appearance In Doubt. 07-12-'02

Michael Jackson's lawyer Zia Modabar told a reporter from the New York Post that the King of Pop's swollen leg could prevent him from attending the Billboard Music Awards show Monday night (December 9) in Las Vegas.

"He has leg problems that have caused him extreme pain," said Modabar. "He's getting treatment for that. And when he can return, he will return."

Source: MJNI / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Fan Site 'Billie Jean' Started Today. 06-12-'02

I am very happy to welcome you to the fan site about my idol Michael Jackson and gave it the name "Billie Jean" which I have specially designed to spoil the fans all over the world.

It has been a long haul these past two months while building up this fan site! My name is Dirk and live in Belgium (Limburg), I'm already 20 years fan of my idol and have got the nick name Michael.

Music has always been important for me; I grow up with music out of the years '80: but Michael Jackson went home by me as a bomb when I saw him on TV with the number 'Billie Jean' during the 'Motown 25th Anniversary' (1983).
The first album which I had bought was 'Thriller' and on this moment is the collection enlarged to more than 800 items.

What I loved by Michael is his excellence, his perfectionism, his dance, his voice, being as a child, he brings gladness and excitement to the people of whole the world by his music. Michael is really magic.

The website with limited links is only available for Dutch readers. In the future when I have more visitors out of foreign countries my site will also be in the bilingual (Dutch & English).

Tomorrow I start with the latest news of Michael Jackson, I do my best to build so that you are satisfied in the future from this website. I hope you can enjoy of this website. No matter what commentary or suggestions are welcome!

Webmaster Dirk
Webmaster Dirk, I've been a fan since 1982 and have got the nick name Michael, I hope that your visit to my site will please you. Turn over all the pages. Feel free to send me an email.

There's something to perceived for each fan here on "Billie Jean":

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