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Lisa Marie PresleyLisa Marie Says Jackson Was No Child Molester. 27-03-'03

Lisa Marie Presley insists her ex-husband Michael Jackson didn't perform sex acts with children during their marriage - claiming she'd have been the first to expose him if he did.

The singer, then a young mum of two, admits the marriage was more than a little strange, but she's sure the King of Pop wasn't molesting children, as has often been suggested.

But she does concede there were periods of time where she had no idea where her Thriller star husband was.

She says, "I didn't see anything that would ever allude to that ever. Otherwise, I would have been the first one there going, 'You motherf*****.' I've got children.

"I didn't see anything weird or bizarre like that ever. I did notice that he had an amazing connection to kids, whether it be a small baby or a two-year-old girl or a four-year-old - children really respond to him."

But Lisa Marie isn't quite as defensive about her mixed-up ex on her debut album 'To Whom It May Concern'.

On one puzzling song, Disciple, which she admits is about Jackson, she sings, "You will flourish in your disciples bringing you pleasure/In so many masturbative ways/Until you have no use for them anymore/ And then they will remain and suffer in your concentrated haze."

She reveals, "I'm not into Michael-bashing at all. He is who he is. I know people want to know what that was about, and I'm trying to say it without making him a bad guy. It's hard to say because it (their marriage) was such a bad situation and it was so f***** up."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Lisa Marie Presley Talks Openly About Her Marriage To The King Of Pop Michael: 'The Rolling Stone' Rolling Stone Magazine CoverInterview. 26-03-'03

Lisa Marie had an interview with the American music magazine 'Rolling Stone', the magazine will be released on April 17th.

Daughter of Elvis, ex-wife of Michael Jackson -- you better believe she has a story to tell. In a no-holds-barred interview, she speaks about her three marriages, her dad and talks openly about her marriage to the King Of Pop Michael.

Presley knows that the world has never thought about her in quite the same way since her second marriage, her 1994 union with Michael Jackson. She is infuriated by this and by the notion that she wanted anything else out of it other than those things most people hope for in a marriage. 'All I did get out of it was a shit storm', she says. 'And I got out of it. Now people go, 'You seem somewhat sane, you seem pretty together -- what the hell was that all about?' It put a stigma on me. A 'What the hell was she thinking?' stigma'. She says that Jackson first tried to get in touch with her when she was a teenager. She got a message through her lawyer -- 'He wants to meet you; he thinks you're very pretty' -- but she blew it off: 'I was completely in love with Danny, and I thought he was weird, and I had no interest in meeting him'.

For the full interview, click here.

Source: Elvis Australia / Billie Jean

Michael shopping at Publix SupermarketMichael Shopping At Publix Supermarket! 23-03-'03

Jackson spotting's in Palm Beach Post - First, he was spotted eating frozen yogurt at Sprinkles, an ice cream parlor on Palm Beach. Now add the Publix Supermarket in Boynton Beach to the growing list of Michael Jackson sightings in Palm Beach County.

Witnesses said the pop icon -- reportedly in the county shopping for real estate -- showed up at the grocery store in a black Mercedes at about 10 p.m. Friday, after the store closed, with an entourage of about six people.

It appeared Jackson was headed to a birthday party because he bought a birthday cake, champagne, balloons and roses, witnesses said. As word quickly spread, about 60 fans gathered outside the store. Doug Husen, a Delray Beach assistant property manager, said Jackson signed autographs and allowed the fans to snap pictures.

''I'm the greatest fan of Michael Jackson,'' Husen said. ''This was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.'' Jackson even traded hats, giving Husen the baseball-style cap he was wearing in exchange for Husen's Florida Marlins hat. 'I just said, `Michael, do you want to swap hats?' and he said, 'Sure,' and autographed his hat for me,'' Husen said. ``I still can't believe it.''

Michael shopping at Publix Supermarket
Al and wife, Nancy Malnik shopping with Michael at Publix Supermarket in Boynton Beach.

Source: Gopbi / Billie Jean

Invincible Album Cover'Invincible' Best Selling Album Of Month In Poland. 21-03-'03

Michael Jackson's 2001 album, 'Invincible' was the biggest selling album in Poland in the month of February 2003.

'Invincible' was the eleventh album released on October 29th, 2001 in the USA through Epic Records. It was Jackson's first full album of only all-new material since 1991's 'Dangerous'.

Interia Music reports that Michael beat off competition from Norah Jones and many local artists to win the battle.

Important to note is that these sales took place before the screening of either 'Living With Michael Jackson or Take 2'.

Source: Billie Jean

'HIStory' Album Top 10 In Ireland! 18-03-'03

According to 2FM Radio, the 6th biggest selling album in all of Ireland is Michael Jackson's 'Greatest Hits Vol. 1', up four places from last week. That puts the King of Pop's almost year and half old CD ahead of new albums by Avril, Justin, Eminem and the Dixie Chicks. 'Thriller' holds the number 25 spot on the chart.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Marcel AvramMichael Jackson To Pay $5.3 Million To Marcel Avram. 14-03-'03

A jury yesterday (March 13) awarded $5.3 million to concert promoter Marcel Avram in his suit against Michael Jackson over the cancellation of two planned 1999 concerts, according to the plaintiff's attorney, Skip Miller.

Munich-based promoter Avram filed suit against Jackson in 2000 in Santa Barbara (Calif.) County Superior Court, claiming the singer had unexpectedly pulled out of New Year's gigs planned for Sydney and Honolulu. The suit sought reimbursement of production costs and assumed liabilities, as well as damages for lost global television rights.

In yesterday's ruling, Avram was awarded the $5.3 million for lost profits, but the judge would not allow the jury to consider the additional damages sought for TV rights and other expenses, Miller says. Still, he adds, "We're really pleased with the $5.3 million. It's almost the entire lost profit." He plans to appeal for the additional funds, which he claims would amount to about $5 million.

Jackson's attorney, Steve Cochran, did not return a call for comment. The artist's appearances in court over the course of four months of testimony made worldwide headlines; Jackson giggled during questioning and at one point arrived in court on crutches after suffering what he described as a spider bite. On the witness stand, Jackson insisted that Avram canceled the shows over concerns they would not be profitable.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Has Five Albums In The Official UK / Top 75 Albums Chart - Including Two Versions Of Michael JacksonHIStory!! 13-03-'03

The chart positions are as follows:

'HIStory Greatest hits' #30 (down 6 places)
'Bad' #38 (up 30 places)
'Thriller' #39 (up 8 places)
'Off The Wall' #50 (up 16 places)
'HIStory Past Present And Future Book 1' #65 (up 125 places)

And in the Official UK DVD Chart:

'HIStory On Film Volume II' #6 (up 6 places)
'HIStory Video Greatest Hits' at #7 (up 8 places)

Undeniably the King of Pop!

Source: Billie Jean

Brian Oxman
Michael Jackson's attorney Brian Oxman.

Michael's Associate: Lawyer Myung-Ho Lee Is A Liar. 07-03-'03

Michael Jackson's associate, the lawyer Brian Oxman, has told Britain's GMTV that the the recent Vanity Fair article that carries sensational stories about Michael Jackson is a complete fabrication planted by Michael's former business partner, Myung-Ho Lee.

According to a Yahoo report on 5th March, Mr. Lee said: "It is absolutely unbelievable and unreal and the family members say it is absurd. These allegations come from a lawyer called Mr. Lee who Michael has been in financial dispute with for several months now.

We think that in itself tells you the information is not right." Mr. Oxman also refuted the Vanity Fair article's claim that Michael is in financial difficulty. "Is Michael bankrupt?" he said, "Michael is doing very well!"

Commenting further on the Vanity Fair article, Mr Oxman said: "These things pop up all the time and they evaporate as nonsense."

Source: MJNI / Billie Jean

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