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Steve HarveySteve Harvey Says Jackson Is A Beautiful Human Being. 30-09-'03

Steve Harvey is interviewed in the current issue of People Magazine. He says, when asked about Michael Jackson: "We are friends. We laugh. We joke around. I remind Michael of where he comes from.

He is from Gary, Ind. — it was not always Neverland... I love Michael Jackson. I think he is a beautiful human being. The media has caused him to become very shy and very standoffish." Big ups to Steve Harvey for keeping it real with his love and support for Mike.

The people magazine Vol. 60 No. 14 will be released on October 6th.

Source: People Magazine / Billie Jean

MTVMTV Gets Wind Of MJ - R. Kelly Song. 27-09-'03

Despite all of his travails with Sony Music, Michael Jackson still owes the label one more album, which he plans to deliver this fall as a greatest-hits disc.

There will be one new song on it, though, and it looks like it'll be an R. Kelly track. A premature press release, sent out by Sony Music U.K. and then retracted, revealed that a song written by Kelly called 'One More Chance' was under consideration for the Jackson compilation, currently called 'Number Ones'.

According to a source close to the project, 'One More Chance' was produced by both Kelly and Jackson, but it's still a matter of discussion whether it'll make the album.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Sotheby's Auction The Original Lyrics To Michael's Hit Single 'Beat It'. 24-09-'03

Original signed hand written lyrics to 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson covering two pages and signed on the top right corner of the first page.

Michael Jackson wrote 'Beat It' at the urging of his co-producer Quincy Jones. Jackson said of the song, "I wanted to write a song, the type of song that I would buy if I were to buy a rock song... That is how I approached it and I wanted the kids to really enjoy it—the school kids as well as the college kids."

The biggest selling Jackson autograph was linked to what many regard as his most important song. His handwritten and signed lyrics for the 1983 hit 'Beat It' - the single which propelled the 'Thriller' album to becoming the highest selling album of all time.

Sotheby's auction the original lyrics to Michael's hit single 'Beat It', hand written and signed by Michael, for £4.320.

Original signed hand written lyrics to 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson covering two pages and signed on the top right corner of the first page.

Source: Sotheby's / Billie Jean

The Christmas Collection CD Album Cover'The Christmas Collection' CD Album Is Released. 23-09-'03

The Jackson 5's 'The Christmas Collection' is a straight reissue of The Jackson 5 'Christmas Album' that is released in the USA on Motown.

The album 'Christmas Album' was for the first time released on December 9th, 1971 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom during August 1972 by Tamla Motown.

This is a pleasing combination of holiday classics, including 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas', 'Frosty The Snowman' and 'Up On The House Top', with not so classic but still enjoyable tunes like 'Give Love On Christmas Day', 'Someday At Christmas' and 'Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year'. Also of interest to collectors will be the unreleased bonus track, 'Little Christmas Tree'.

Track list:

1. Have Yourself A Merry Christmas - 5:19
2. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - 2:24
3. The Christmas Song - 5:11
4. Up On The House Top - 3:16
5. Frosty The Snowman - 2:39
6. The Little Drummer Boy - 3:15
7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - 2:32
8. Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year - 2:31
9. Give Love On Christmas Day - 2:55
10. Someday At Christmas - 2:44
11. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - 3:01
12. Little Christmas Tree (Bonus Track) - 3:37

Record label: Motown
Series number: B0000706-02
Printed: USA
Guide price: 15 €

Order the CD album here at Amazon.

Source: Walmart / Billie Jean

Emilie Elias
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Emilie Elias.

Part Of Jackson's Case Against Universal Thrown Out. 20-09-'03

Yesterday (September 19) a Californian judge has thrown out part of Michael Jackson's lawsuit against Universal Music - in which he claims he's owed royalties for songs he recorded before 1979.

In a 1980 settlement with record label Motown, Jackson gave up rights to songs released before 1979, giving Motown the exclusive right to the name and work of the Jackson 5, the group which the singer and his brothers rose to fame in.

In the suit, Jackson contends he should be paid for any songs he recorded alone or with his brothers that were re-released after the 1980 agreement.

Jackson, who is seeking payment and cancellation of the 1980 agreement, also claims Universal used the name Jackson 5 and the group's master recordings to sell products, like the song, 'I'll Be There', for telecommunication company AT+T's commercial.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Emilie Elias dismissed two of Jackson's claims yesterday, finding that Universal had not breached any fiduciary duty, since Jackson gave up the rights to the pre-1980 tunes.

She also found Universal had not unlawfully used Jackson's recordings to promote other products, since Universal has the sole rights to the music. The decision allows Jackson's suit to proceed with eight other claims, including breach of contract.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

MJ Spokesman Responds To Sony Press Release - Album Statement. 17-09-'03

Stuart Backerman
Stuart Backerman, Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson.

To the Best Fans in the whole wide world:

On Tuesday (September 16) at about 3:00 PM PST I received information that Sony had just put out a press release regarding MJ's new album including the track list, release date and cover title. Let me be crystal clear; Sony did this WITHOUT consulting Michael's management. Why they did it is anybody's guess, and I won't waste your valuable time in speculating. However I must admit that we were very upset about Sony's unilateral action simply because certain decisions were still not 100% "put to bed."

Early this morning (I'm not getting much sleep lately...LOL) I received further information from Sony that they have decided to retract the press release because it had NOT been cleared by their U.S. headquarters.

PLEASE be patient as we clarify certain issues pertaining to the release of the new album which could change some aspects of the information you received from Sony's premature press release.

On another note; The Neverland charity event last weekend was fantastic. Michael was in rare form and enjoyed himself very much. At the final cheque giving ceremonies (to the charities) the Backstreet Boy's started a food fight with MJ's huge birthday cake. All I can say is that I never laughed so hard because it was a spontaneous fun -filled moment which will surely go down as a classic! To tell you the truth, the whole day was a classic. I've received dozens and dozens of thank you's from guests, the media and most importantly the fans who attended the event.

With much love and gratitude,
Stuart Backerman

Source: Stuart Backerman / MJFC / Billie Jean

Dance Party in NeverlandJackson Throws Neverland Open. 14-09-'03

Saturday (September 13) was the first time Michael Jackson had ever opened his ranch to members of the public.

About 250 tickets had been sold for this charity event at the price of $5,000. (Cue Jackson-style yelp).

Each gave two people all the fun of the farm for one day. $1,000 will be divided between three charities, the Oneness charity, Make A Wish and El Ai Como E Que Fica. The other $4,000? Well that was never fully explained.

Guests also will receive a "goodie bag" worth about $1,000 and an original painting by Brazilian artist Romero Britto, the author of the painting which was supposed to be the cover of ' What More Can I Give'.

Many followers were stationed in the doorway watching enter the attendees, who must deliver security video cameras and photography.

Michael gave a small salute to all attendees thanking them for their presence at the event. They have not yet unveiled photographs of Jackson at the party.

The press were not allowed beyond the Neverland gate, but the events that unfolded there over the next eight hours proved to be as bizarre as anything a look at Jackson's llamas and a few goes on the waltzer could have matched.

Personalities as boxer Mike Tyson, Patti LaBelle, the group Boyz II Men, the Aaron and Nick Carter, Jay-Kid brothers, the Ashanti, singer Brandi and Rodney Jenkins, among others.

Dance Party in Neverland
Romero Britto, the author of the painting which was supposed to be the cover of ' What More Can I Give' and Mike Tyson with Aaron and Nick Carter at the Dance Party in Neverland.

After a few hours, during which the highlights are seeing Pink arrive in a jeep and being brought the head chef to interview ("chicken will be served" - wooo), things start to brighten up.

Grammy-winning soul singer Ashanti stops to talk on her way out from Neverland to the airport.

Jackson was surprised with a birthday cake at the California bash - a gift from the radio station KISS FM - and promptly smeared a handful of cream and sponge on Aaron Carter.

That prompted young Carter and his Backstreet Boy brother Nick to hurl cake at Jackson - resulting in a food fight between the three.

A fellow guest at the 45th birthday bash says, "Michael had cake all down the front of his face and in his hair and he was loving every minute."

Source: BBC News / MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael Gives A Telephone Interview To DJ Rick Dees Of US Radio Station KISS FM. 11-09-'03

Rick Dees Interview with Michael Jackson (10-09-2003)Yesterday, September 10 at 8:45 AM, Michael Jackson granted KIIS FM personality Rick Dees an exclusive on-air interview.

He phoned in to the Los Angeles based radio station from Toronto, Canada to discuss his charity event and after party, both being held at his Neverland Valley Ranch on September 13.

The after party, which is being hosted and broadcast live by Klub Kiss (KIIS FM 102.7), will follow Michael’s charity event and run from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM. KISS FM awarded 12 lucky winners free tickets to the party.

Other party-goers paid $2500 for a ticket for four guests, or $725 per individual ticket. A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to the 'Make a Wish Foundation.'

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Faces Tax Payout. 09-09-'03

Michael Jackson will face a huge annual tax bill if county officials have their way and terminate his agricultural property tax break.

After the Neverland Ranch in California was inspected five months ago, officials revealed he was receiving an undeserved property tax break.

The troubled singer has offered to remove his house, zoo and amusement park from the agricultural preserve programme, but officials are still considering legal action.

Supervisor Naomi Schwartz says, "Our goal has been to try to retain as much of that property in agriculture as possible, but there are also some unpermitted uses, so we need to look at that very closely."

According to the ABC NEWS website, it's now likely Jackson will try and get his tax exemption to gradually diminish over the next nine years.

The singer is expected to owe the county $123,000 (GBP197,000) in taxes this year (03), approximately one per cent of the value of Neverland's $12 - $13,000 million (GBP19.2 - GBP20.8 million) value.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Macaulay CulkinMacaulay Culkin Defends Jackson. 08-09-'03

Macaulay Culkin insists pal Michael Jackson's admission he sleeps with young boys isn't as sinister as it seems - he and his brother Kieran did it when they were kids.

The Home Alone star claims the press have made too much of Jackson's revelations, and the incidents the pop superstar refers to are harmless.

He says, "It wasn't weird. It wasn't anything we'd think about. You'd go to the movies, you'd do this and do that and you plop down and go to sleep and wake up.

He says, "It wasn't weird. It wasn't anything we'd think about. You'd go to the movies, you'd do this and do that and you plop down and go to sleep and wake up.

"It's just like what friends do. I've slept in the same bed as a bunch of my friends. It's just kind of what happens. I fall asleep on their couch."

Culkin is also keen to support his pal as he attempts to bounce back from the scandal of dangling his baby over the balcony of a Berlin, Germany, hotel.

The actor, who is godfather to Jackson's two eldest children Prince Michael and Paris says, "I think he's a very good father. It's so easy to tear him down. It's easy to make jokes about him because he is who he is.

"(The Germany incident) was a mistake, absolutely. He just got caught up in a moment. It just sort of happened. He's definitely remorseful. He makes mistakes like everybody else."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Considers Out Of Court Settlement With Bashir. 06-09-'03

A multi-million dollar lawsuit by pop legend Michael Jackson against documentary maker Martin Bashir is set to be settled out of court.

Michael is furious with Bashir and TV company Granada for allegedly breaking promises regarding the infamous 'Living With Michael Jackson' documentary, screened in February.

Jackson says Bashir reneged on assurances he would not show the singer's children without masks covering their faces, not mention the child abuse allegations and to allow the pop star to vet the footage before it was broadcast.

Consequently the 'Thriller' hitmaker was seeking damages for breach of contract and confidence which would have run into millions - but now Granada is planning to make a substantial out-of-court payment to charity instead.

While Granada confirm, "We are planning to make a payment to charity," Jackson's spokeswoman Melanie Riley insists, "There is no settlement."

A source close to the much-loved star says, "Michael is furious with Granada but the last thing he needs is another lengthy and costly court battle."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

The Magic & The Madness Book Cover'The Magic & The Madness' Book Is Released. 05-09-'03

The updated book 'The Magic & The Madness' of Michael Jackson is released in the UK by publisher Sidgwick and written by J. Randy Taraborrelli.

So much has now been said and written about the life and career of Michael Jackson that it has become almost impossible to disentangle the man from the myth. Recent revelations are only the latest instalments of a saga that began decades ago.

This book is the fruit of over 30 years of research and hundreds of exclusive interviews with a remarkable level of access to the very closest circles of the Jackson family - including Michael himself.

Cutting through tabloid rumours, J. Randy Taraborrelli traces the real story behind the Michael Jackson we see and hear today, from his drilling as a child star through the blooming of his talent to his ever-changing personal appearance and bizarre publicity stunts.

This major biography includes the behind-the-scenes story to many of the landmarks in Jackson's life: his legal and commercial battles, his marriages to Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe, his passions and addictions, his children. Objective and revealing, it carries the hallmarks of all of Taraborrelli's best-sellers: impeccable research, brilliant storytelling and definitive documentation.

Publisher: Sidgwick
Author: J. Randy Taraborrelli
Pages: 672
ISBN: 0283073799
Printed: UK
Guide price: 30 €

Order the book here at Abebooks.

Source: Abebooks / Billie Jean

'Thriller' CD Singles Only Come Out In October. 04-09-'03

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the album 'Thriller' are the songs 'Thriller,' 'Beat It,' 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', 'The Girl Is Mine,' 'Billie Jean,' 'Human Nature' and 'P.Y.T.' only in October 2003 first on CD in Australia. Hopefully they come here in our Belgium country on the market, the fans will be delighted. I'll keep you informed.

Thriller CD Singles
The seven 'Thriller' CD singles come out with never-released remixes in October in Australia.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Stuart Backerman
Stuart Backerman, Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson.

Michael Is Grateful! 01-09-'03

The Michael Jackson Fanclub MJFC received the following message from Stuart Backerman, Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson:

Dearest fans,

Michael is feeling absolutely fantastic following one of the great evenings of his life, his birthday party on Saturday past (August 29). He was deeply moved and humbled by the enthusiasm, loyalty and faith all of you displayed, not only at the party, but over the last few years.

As he said in his speech,"my birthday wish is that you, my fans, will join me in some new undertakings and that we all travel into a bright future together." Over the next several months I, as MJ's Official Spokesman, will be announcing a number of creative, business and charitable initiatives- so stay tuned!

On another note; It has been brought to my attention that a certain fan has put out some news that MJ's new album will be released on a certain date and that it will contain only 1 new track. First, let me say that we have not made any decisions yet regarding the number of new songs, or an exact date for the release of this album. Believe me, when there is real news to announce you'll hear it from me directly, not from the" rumour mill." Be patient and trust that we're all entering a new era together.

With much love and appreciation,
Stuart Backerman, Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson

Source: Stuart Backerman / MJFC / Billie Jean

Neverland Party TicketSpecial MJ Neverland Party Tickets To Be Auctioned, Online! 01-09-'03

Special Limited Michael Jackson Neverland Valley Ranch party tickets to be auctioned on-line Monday September 1, 7:02 am ET.

Donations from event to honor internationally renowned Brazilian artist, Romero Britto, will go to Oneness, Make-A-Wish and E Ai Como E Que Fica Los Angeles.

Michael Jackson has allowed the Charity Oneness, to offer it's golden tickets to fans around the world on-line at eBay immediately. As a gesture of appreciation for the support they showed over the years, Mr. Jackson hopes to make Neverland Valley Ranch more accessible for this event. After an overwhelming amount of worldwide response from celebrities and fans for tickets, the Oneness auction will allow for its golden tickets to be obtained on a more global basis.

A golden ticket invitation-only, star-studded celebration honoring pop artist Romero Britto will be hosted on September 13, 2003 at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Jackson Takes Swipe At Bashir. 01-09-'03

After waiting patiently for seven months Michael Jackson finally got his own back on British TV journalist Martin Bashir - by flashing a hate message for him at his birthday party.

The pop superstar was left fuming after Bashir's tell-all expose of the star was aired across the globe earlier this year - claiming clever editing of footage made him look foolish.

So he used a rare public outing, at a birthday party in held by his fan club in Los Angeles at the weekend (August 30) to celebrate his 45th year, to take a swipe at the journalist.

After taking the stage at LA's Orpheus Theatre, Jackson flashed the back of his jacket, which read "Don't waste your cash on that filthy tabloid trash", plus Bashir's name with a big cross through it.

Bashir Jacket
Michael Jackson wears Anti-Bashir Jacket after 45th Birthday Party outside the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures Book Cover'Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures' Is Released. 01-09-'03

The book 'Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures' written by Robert Evans is released by publisher PowerHouse Books.

Film and music video director Ratner's (Rush Hour; The Family Man) collection of four-panel snapshots show many of show biz's brightest as they grin, leer or vamp it up for the black-and-white photo booth in his Hilhaven Lodge (the former home of Ingrid Bergman). Naomi Watts, Chelsea Clinton, Michael Jackson and dozens of others pose happily; Brooke Shields exposes a very pregnant belly, Brendan Fraser and Don Rickles make funny faces and Paul Walker hoists his middle finger.

Britney Spears appears cutely disheveled in a pair of glasses and more clothing than she usually sports by far, while Rod Stewart looks like he's been carved out of oak. Famous folks seem pretty ordinary without all the makeup artists and airbrushing, which makes this a strangely compelling book to thumb through.

'Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures' is comprised of wacky and outrageous picture strips of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, Heidi Klum, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Tucker, Kim Cattrall, Jackie Chan, Dino De Laurentiis, Clive Davis, Aaliyah, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek, Quincy Jones, Ralph Fiennes, Rod Stewart, Val Kilmer, Liv Tyler, Harvey Keitel, Jay-Z, John C. Reilly, Russell Simmons, Nicolas Cage, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Jack Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Shafrazi, Mariah Carey, Matthew McConaughey, Chelsea Clinton, Rebecca Gayheart, Norman Lear, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr., and many, many more!

Publisher: PowerHouse Books
Author: Robert Evans
Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-1576871959
Printed: ?
Guide price: 12 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

'Official Programme' Devoted Magazine From Many Fan Clubs Is Released. 09-'03

Official Programme (Devoted) Magazine CoverEspecially for Michael Jackson's 45 birthday many fan clubs decided to organize a special Birthday Party on the 28th of August 2003.

As official program three fan clubs created an exclusive magazine: 'The Michael Jackson Fan Club', 'Michael Jackson World Network' and 'The Magical Child'.

This item contains 28 pages: a survey of the artist who were there and a concise history with culminating points of music, different photos who are property of MJJ Productions, Sony Music Belgium and TMC.

There are no pictures to find of Michael's birthday party in this magazine.

Publisher: Barbara's Place Printing
Pages: 28
Printed: ?
Guide price: 10 €

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

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