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Tom Sneddon
Tom Sneddon make the opening statement on behalf of the Prosecution.

Day 1 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 28-02-'05

Michael Jackson arrived at court with his mother Katherine and his brother Jermaine to hear the opening statements in the case against him.

The child molestation case against Michael Jackson is finally started with the first intervention of Tom Sneddon.

Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon decided to make the opening statement on behalf of the prosecution, before he did so he asked permission from the judge to use the real names of the accuser's family as to not confuse the jury with constant references to differing "Doe" names. Permission was granted, and the accuser was thereon referred to as Gavin Arvizo.

The accuser Tom Sneddon came over with a complicated and sometimes bizarre story about the supposed abuse of Jackson. He told that Jackson let the boy saw some sexual materials and that Jackson together with some co-operatorshad threatened the boy with killing his mother when he would say something to someone else.

Jackson's lawyers will focus on the mother of the supposed victim.

She should be a woman eager for money, which should have told her son stories to get some more money of Michael.

A hurdle newsmen, but only a few fans were waiting on Jackson by the court house. Jackson's lawyers are going to call up more than 350 witnesses in the following weeks.

The lawyers, the accusers and witnesses may not talk about the process outside the courtroom.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 1 (28-02-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 1 of the process of the century.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson Sued By Heart Attack Victim's Family. 26-02-'05

Michael Jackson has been caught up in yet another legal mess after the family of a heart attack victim claim the King of Pop deprived their mother of vital medical attention when he checked into hospital last week (February 15) with the flu.

The pop superstar, whose child molestation trial is scheduled to start on Monday (February 28), is being sued by the family of Manuella Ruiz, who insist the great-grandmother-of-26 could still be alive today if he hadn't cheated her of a trauma room at Marian Medical Center in California.

A tearful Jackson checked into the hospital on his way to court for jury selection, complaining of stomach pains. He was diagnosed with stomach flu.

The family of the deceased admit they were disgusted with the star treatment Jackson received when he was admitted, while Ruiz suffered a further two heart attacks and was deprived of spending her final hours with her large family.

Ruiz's daughter Maria Ellen Ortiz claims her mother was moved from the primary trauma room, taken off a machine ventilator and relocated to a smaller room after Jackson was given her room.

She rages, "Why does she have to be moved if he's coming in for stomach flu? I said `My mother's just had a heart attack and I think it's more critical than a stomach flu.'"

Jackson's publicist has released a statement, which reads, Michael Jackson sends his condolences to the family of the deceased.

"However, it is outrageous that Michael Jackson's name would be invoked into a situation of which he had no authority or control."

Marian Medical Center bosses are also being named in the lawsuit.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Grand JuryJackson Jurors Warned To Remain Silent. 25-02-'05

Jurors in Michael Jackson's child abuse trial have been warned to avoid talking to the media about the case or be kicked off the jury.

Judge Rodney Melville has warned the 12 jurors and eight alternates, who range in age from 19 to 81, to abstain from discussing what occurs inside the court house with the press as they will be considered in "contempt of court" which can result in fines and even imprisonment.

Melville told the 12 women and eight men, "There is a very real problem and danger of jury misconduct... It's extremely important that you not talk to anyone (about the case) or express any opinion about the outcome or witnesses. It's crucial."

Those jurors who fail to adhere to these guidelines face immediate dismissal.

Melville adds, "That's why I have eight alternates for this case when I would normally have two or four."

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to charges of molesting a then 13-year-old cancer patient and conspiring to hold him and his family hostage at his Neverland Ranch in California.

Opening statements in the trial are scheduled to begin on Monday (February 28).

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Jackson Defence Lawyers To Attack Accuser's Mother. 25-02-'05

Defence lawyers in Michael Jackson's child-molestation trial have portrayed his accuser's mother as an opportunistic con-artist who taught her son to steal.

"The stakes are so high in this case. Michael Jackson's life is on the line," the pop superstar's lead attorney Thomas Mesereau said, as he argued for the right to use the litigation history of Jackson's accusers as evidence once the trial begins in earnest Monday (February 28).

The child's mother "has a habit, pattern, practise and MO of starting friendly relationships and looking for ways of making money," Mr Mesereau told Judge Rodney Melville.

Mr Mesereau was arguing in support of a motion that would allow the defence to to tell the jury about a suit the mother filed against a US department store that included a sex assault allegation and resulted in a $150,000 settlement.

Judge Melville ruled in favour of that request, but turned down another motion for the defence to introduce witness testimony that the mother taught her son how to shoplift.

Mr Mesereau's arguments were confirmation that Jackson's defence will be based, in large part, on seeking to portray his accuser's family as "professional plaintiffs" who sought to make a living from making sensational charges in fraudulent lawsuits.

Jackson, 46, is accused of molesting a then 13-year-old boy in 2003, plying him with alcohol and attempting to kidnap him and his family.

He has denied all 10 charges against him.

Michael Jackson Attorneys
Michael Jackson defense attorneys, Thomas Mesereau (L), Brian Oxman (R), Susan Yu (C) depart the Santa Maria Courthouse.

If convicted, the self-crowned "King of Pop" faces up to 20 years in prison.

Friday's proceedings focused on a whole slew of pretrial motions that Judge Melville must rule on prior to opening statements before the jury on Monday morning (February 28).

Mr Mesereau said he also wanted to bring in evidence of how the plaintiff's mother accused her then husband of being abusive in order to prevent him taking a slice of the department store settlement.

"She has made allegations like that throughout her adult life to get money," Mr Mesereau said, adding that the mother also got her son to ask celebrities for money and spent some of her settlement payout on cosmetic surgery.

Arguing for the prosecution, senior deputy district attorney Ron Zonen said harping on the mother's alleged wrongdoings was irrelevant to the charges that Jackson fondled her son.

"This is about whether the man who admits to sleeping with children was sleeping with this child and what he did while sleeping with this child - that is what this case is about," Mr Zonen said.

Selection of the trial jury and alternates was wrapped up much earlier than expected on Thursday (February 24).

The four men and eight women who will ultimately decide Jackson's fate range in age from 20 to 79.

On Thursday (February 24), Judge Melville issued a stern warning to the jurors not to discuss the case with anyone.

Acknowledging that there was a high risk of jury misconduct in such a high-profile trial, the judge said he would have no hesitation in replacing an errant juror with one of eight alternates at his disposal.

"If someone doesn't heed my admonitions, I've got eight jurors willing to help," he said.

"It is critical," Judge Melville said.

"Your unbiased dedication to getting the truth here and not becoming part of the circus - as it is referred to in the media, is so important."

Source: ABC / Billie Jean

Grand JuryJackson Jury To Hear Evidence On Mother. 25-02-'05

Jurors in Michael Jackson's child molestation trial will be allowed to hear evidence that the accuser's mother had made allegations of improper touching against store security guards, a judge ruled Friday.

Attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. made the allegations during motions on whether evidence could be admitted about the family's lawsuit against J.C. Penney.

The family claimed in a lawsuit that they were beaten by guards and held against their will and that the mother was groped, after Jackson's young accuser left the store with clothes that had not been paid for.

Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville said he will allow testimony about the case, especially as it pertains to the mother's credibility. But he said the defense would not be allowed to refer to the boy as a shoplifter.

Jackson, 46, is accused of molesting a 13-year-old former cancer patient at his Neverland Ranch, plying him with alcohol, and conspiring to hold him and his family captive.

Mesereau said that after the mother received a $150,000 settlement from J.C. Penney and Tower Records, another defendant in the case, she immediately accused her husband of abusing her and filed for divorce.

The woman then accused her ex-husband of inappropriately touching her daughter, Mesereau said.

The attorney also said the woman testified in the J.C. Penney case that her husband had never hit her, but alleged in her divorce that he had beaten his family for years. That was perjury, Mesereau said.

Mesereau also said the mother had her son ask celebrities for money and spent some of the funds on cosmetic surgery.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen argued that the issue was how the mother acquired the money, not what she spent it on and that the issue was largely irrelevant.

"The question is whether a man who admits to sleeping with children was sleeping with this child, and what he did with this child. That's what this case is about," Zonen said.

Opening statements in the case are scheduled to begin Monday (February 28).

Jury selection for the trial was completed Thursday (February 24) when four men and four women were sworn in as alternates who would step in if there is a problem with any of the 12 regular jurors chosen earlier in the week.

The jury is mostly white and Hispanic; the alternate panel includes one black man.

Jury selection had been expected to last several weeks, but was completed Thursday, the sixth court day. There were two week-long breaks in the process because of the death of an attorney's sister and Jackson's hospitalization with flu-like symptoms.

Also Friday, prosecutors said they would show the documentary called 'Living With Michael Jackson', in which the singer is shown holding hands with his accuser and saying he allowed children to sleep in his bed, but not for any sexual purpose.

Both sides also agreed to meet Saturday (February 26) for a joint interview with a former attorney who represented the alleged victim's mother. What the attorney might talk about was not disclosed.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Grand JuryDay 6: Jackson Jury Selection Completed. 24-02-'04

Jury selection has been completed in Michael Jackson's trial on child molestation charges, clearing the way for opening statements to begin Monday (February 28), the presiding judge announced Thursday.

Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville urged jurors not to become part of the "circus" surrounding the proceedings. He warned that if any juror is accused of misconduct, "I have eight more jurors to choose from."

Melville also announced that he will release the 2,000-page transcript of grand jury proceedings against the pop star once the jury is seated.

With the jury selection process complete, opening statements are scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. Monday (February 28) (11:30 a.m. ET).

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Day 5: Jury Selected For Michael Jackson Case. 23-02-'05

Well ahead of schedule, a jury was selected Wednesday for pop star Michael Jackson's child molestation trial.

"We have a jury," Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville announced at late morning.

The panel included four men and eight women, ranging in age from 20 to 79. The racial and ethnic breakdown appeared to be: seven whites, four Hispanics and one Asian.

After the jury was sworn in, attorneys moved on to selection of eight alternate jurors.

Jury selection had been expected to last several weeks, but took only five court days, which were interrupted by a one-week break due to the death of an attorney's sister and another one-week break because Jackson was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms.

Among jurors were a woman who said her grandson was required to register as a sexual offender because of a crime; a woman who said she was related to the pilot of Flight 93, one of the planes that went down on Sept. 11; a 20-year-old man who likes "The Simpsons" TV show; and a man who's very interested in Western art and country music.

One of the jurors had been asked during selection if he recognized celebrity witnesses in the case including self-help guru Deepak Chopra. He responded, "I think he's a rapper."

The jurors of the Michael Jackson child molestation trial.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Day 4 Of Jury Selection. 22-02-'05

Michael is been expected in the courtroom after a flu which had postponed the selection of the jury for a week.

Although the case is going to enter his fourth week, today shall only be the 4th day of the process where the candidates are been questioned by both parts.

According to judge Melville the case only shall take still five months.

According to the press Michael's lawyers should have some 370 possible witnesses.

Beneath them a lot of famous people like Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Quincy Jones and Larry King. Also a few of Michael's family members should come to the witness-box.

Martin Bashir shall not be called up to testify even if he has released some new negative reportage's off Michael.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Jury selection Day 4 (22-02-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Day 4 of the jury selection.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Rodney Melville
Judge Rodney Melville

Judge Won't Cite Bashir In Jackson Case. 21-02-'05

The judge in Michael Jackson's child molestation trial has denied a request for a contempt citation against British journalist Martin Bashir.

Court documents released on Friday (February 18) do not give a reason for Judge Rodney Melville's decision on the defence request, which argued that Bashir violated the court's gag order prohibiting him, as a witness, from making public statements in the 46-year-old pop star's child molestation case.

The defense request noted that Jackson, who is charged with molesting a boy, plying him with alcohol, and conspiring to hold his family hostage, has obeyed the gag order.

Bashir, who produced the controversial documentary 'Living With Michael Jackson' in 2003 and this month followed up with two more TV specials, had argued that he was exempt from the gag order as a journalist.

The defense also accused Bashir of inducing another witness, actor Corey Feldman, to violate the gag order for a TV programme presented by Bashir. It asked for sanctions against Bashir.

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Blanket JacksonBirthday Of Prince Michael II (Blanket). 21-02-'05

Today it's Michael Jackson's second son Prince Michael Jackson II aka "Blanket" his Birthday and he may blow out 3 candles. Michael hosts a party for Blanket's 3rd birthday.

"Blanket", born February 21st, 2002 – his mother is unknown to the public. Blanket is the brother of Prince Michael and Paris Jackson.

We would like to wish Blanket Jackson a very Happy Birthday! We hope that your special day is full of smiles, joy and laughter and all of your favorite things. We love you!

With Love,
Michael Jackson Fan Site Billie Jean

Source: Billie Jean

De Danssalon
De Danssalon: Stationsplein, Eindhoven, Holland.

"Jackson Event" March 6th 2005. 20-02-'05

Still 2 weeks to go and than the first European Jackson event will be taken place in Eindhoven (Holland). This unbelievable event shall be keeping place on March 6th, 2005 from 2.00pm in one of Holland's top clubs named "De Danssalon".

As popular attraction: a personal singed fedora of Michael Jackson.

This fedora shall not be sold, but will be disposed by lottery under the present fans who has bought a special raffle ticket. Those will be sold there by the TMC team for 5 euro by piece. So everyone get the chance to take a real collector item home.

A special VIP will also be present at the happening namely one of Jackson's family members.

It shall be a day to forget never, all fans together to express our true-heartedness and our love and to give something back to the Jackson family.

For more information, you can contact: Thijs Smits (+31) (0) 40 2457147, (+31) (0) 6 21471363, info@djthijzzz.nl.

Source: Jackson Event / Billie Jean

Moonwalker DVD Cover'Moonwalker' DVD Is Released. 18-02-'05

The DVD 'Moonwalker' of Michael Jackson is released in Germany by Warner Home Video.

Michael Jackson's film version Biography 'Moonwalker' out of the year 1988 is legendary. The film was shown world-wide in cinemas and also on TV and is for years a hit.

'Moonwalker' is a knick-knack for each Michael Jackson collector, a combination of his most famous video clips, with rare little movies out of the time of the Jackson 5 and live performances during the Grammy's.

The DVD contains also a wild adventure movie which Michael self had written and which give you a rare and unique look on the creative spirit behind his musical genius. A movie with guest performances of among others: Joe Pesci, Mick Jagger, Sean Lennon and Elizabeth Taylor!

Now the Jackson-Epos is finally available on DVD in the commerce. In Italy is 'Moonwalker' already two years available on DVD.

Publisher: Warner Home Video
Series number: ?
Playtime: 89 minutes
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 & DTS
Printed: Germany
Point price: 15 €

Order the DVD here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Aaron CarterAaron Carter Defends Jackson Again. 17-02-'05

Pop star Aaron Carter has again offered Michael Jackson his support as the King of Pop prepares for his child molestation trial in Santa Maria, California - by insisting his pal isn't a sexual predator.

Carter, who is one of many celebrity witnesses who will take part in the trial when it continues next Tuesday (February 22) - after Jackson recovers from a bout of influenza - appeared on chat show The Big Idea With Donny Deutch last night (February 16) to discuss his friendship with the troubled superstar.

And he confessed to Deutsch that even he quizzed Jackson about his sexual reputation before agreeing to spend the night with him and fellow pal Chris Tucker at the Neverland Ranch.

The teenager said, "I asked him myself and I was curious about it too. I wasn't going to stay there without knowing.

"He's just like, 'That's what I've been dealing with my whole life. You deal with certain situations as well as I do and there's just ways to handle them.'

"Right now, it's just harder for him because everyone's attacking him. It really sucks for him."

Carter insists his pal is innocent of all charges and admits he won't believe he's a child molester, even if there's evidence to prove he did interfere with young boys.

He adds, "I know what kind of person he is and I know it will never go to that. I would still not believe it."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Debbie Rowe
Debbie Rowe

Jackson's Ex-Wife Seeks To Prevent Kids Testifying. 17-02-'05

Michael Jackson's ex-wife is determined to prevent the pop superstar from calling up their two children as defence witnesses in his upcoming child molestation trial.

Debbie Rowe hopes to stop Prince Michael, eight, and daughter Paris, six, from testifying at Michael's trial in Santa Barbara, California, reports British newspaper The Sun.

The two kids had their names read out in court on Monday (February 14) - on a list of possible witnesses for Jackson's defence. However, Rowe is set to testify for the prosecution against Jackson.

Jury selection in the trial has been postponed until next Tuesday (February 22) as Jackson battles a bout of influenza.

He has pleaded not guilty to charges of molesting a 13-year-old former cancer patient.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

David GestDavid Gest Making A Documentary About MJ. 16-02-'05

David Gest, the husband of Liza Minnelli, has decided to go ahead with a television special that shows Michael’s “world.” Although Gest hasn’t spoken with Michael for eight months, he considers himself to be a friend of Michael’s.

Says Gest, “Coming up, I’ve got a special on Michael Jackson. Interviews with a lot of the people that really know him. It really delves into his world, who he really is and what made him the way he is.”

Gest has vowed to be a friend of Michael’s—regardless of the outcome of Michael’s trial.

Gest said, “I have to be a friend. I can’t just turn on him. I would feel very sad and I would feel that if he is found guilty then he has to pay the price like anybody else. But I’m not going to turn my back on a friend. That’s not my style, never has been.”

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Marian Medical CenterStatement From Marian Medical Center In Santa Maria. 16-02-'05

Good Afternoon. I am Kathleen Hernandez, Communication's Manager for the Marian Medical Center.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your patience. We would also like to thank you for respecting the privacy of our patients. Marian Medical Center will not be releasing any information about Mr. Jackson.

Because of confidentiality laws, we cannot disclose any information about any of our patients. However, if you have any questions regarding logistics for other matters, you can reach to communications staff at: (805) 739-3561. For any questions regarding Mr. Jackson, you can call his publicist, Raymone Bain.

Ms. Bain's office will also be issuing our physician's information in written form on Mr. Jackson's website, MJJSource.com.

Again, thank you for your patience and cooperation. I would like to now introduce Dr. Chuck Merrill, Emergency Physician for Marian Medical Center.

He will be issuing a brief statement, but we will no have a questions and answer period following Dr. Merrill's statement.

Dr. Chuck Merrill's statement regarding Mr. Michael Jackson medical condition:

Mr. Jackson has been evaluated in our Emergency Department for a flu-like illness with vomiting. He is undergoing testing and is being treated with intravenous fluids. He is in stable condition and we expect a full recovery.

He will be released when we feel he's well enough.

Source: MJFC / Raymone Bain / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Leaves Hospital. 16-02-'05

Michael Jackson has been discharged from the Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, California to continue his recovery at home. Mr. Michael Jackson would like to thank the doctors and staff at the Marian Medical Center for the care they extended to him.

Michael at Marian Medical Center
Michael Jackson holds up signs and toys for supporters that stand outside the Marian Medical Center and yell testaments of love while singer Michael is being treated for the flu in Santa Maria, California.

Source: MJJSource / Billie Jean

Marian Medical CenterMichael Jackson Hospitalized With Flu. 15-02-'05

Michael Jackson was taken to an emergency room with flu-like symptoms Tuesday, delaying jury selection in the pop star's child-molestation case for a week. The entertainer was being treated for a "flu-like illness with some vomiting," Dr. Chuck Merrill said during a brief news conference at Marian Medical Center about five hours after Jackson's illness was announced in court by the judge.

"He's in stable condition and we expect a full recovery," Merrill said. The doctor would not answer questions, and it was not immediately known how long Jackson would be at the hospital. Earlier, as potential jurors filed into the courtroom — including a few who were scolded by bailiffs for being late — Jackson's seat remained empty.

Nearly 20 minutes after the singer was scheduled to arrive, Judge Rodney S. Melville announced that Jackson had been taken to a hospital. He said the 46-year-old singer would need three or four days to recover and noted that several members of the jury pool were out with the flu and that it appeared to be going around.

The judge said Jackson had been on his way to court but was taken to a hospital emergency room instead. Outside the hospital, about two miles from the courthouse, a growing crowd of about 50 fans and reporters gathered. Police officers guarded all entrances, stopping anyone who appeared to be with the news media, while hospital officials put up white fabric to hide what was going on in the emergency room.

Jury selection had already been delayed for a week because of the death of a defense attorney's sister.

The two sides are selecting 12 jurors and eight alternates who will decide whether Jackson molested a teenage cancer patient at his Neverland Ranch and plied the youngster with alcohol. The trial could last about six months.

Jackson carried tissues and was wiping his nose when he arrived at court Monday —(February 14) the first day of questioning of prospective jurors. Jackson's lawyers also announced they may try to call such stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Jay Leno, Quincy Jones (news) and Kobe Bryant to the stand.

Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. told the judge that Jackson was feeling ill Monday (February 14) and that the symptoms continued Tuesday morning en route to the courthouse. Leaving court, another Jackson attorney, Brian Oxman, said: "He's doing OK. He's been admitted to the hospital."

Before the court session ended Tuesday, the judge rejected a request from Mesereau to question jurors for more than 10 minutes, saying that was plenty of time.

The judge also said defense attorneys would not be allowed to privately question jurors who requested confidentiality about some issues. The judge said he would handle those questions himself.

Source: ABC / Billie Jean

Process Will Start Again After Interruption With Jury Selection Day 3. 14-02-'05

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Jury selection Day 3 (14-02-2005)Because Michael's lawyer couldn't be present on the third day in the courtroom because of the pass away of his sister is the process against Michael Jackson been starting again after an interruption of ten days.

The fans were attending Michael, dressed in a black suit and a red shirt, by the gateways of the court room.

After this jury selection a 12 headed jury and 8 substitutes shall remain which have to decide about the singer's destiny.

Michael Jackson shall not be the only star which the members of the jury will seen in court room of Santa Maria, Kobe Bryant, Stevie Wonder, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Nick Carter and even illusionist David Blaine are named as potential witnesses for the defence of Michael. "Rush Hour" star Chris Tucker and talk show host Jay Leno of "Tonight Show" are on the list.

But also the accusers have stars on their list, the now 33 year old Corey Feldman, child star of among other the movie "Gremlins". Corey Feldman shall testify in the court room on March 15th.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

MJ TrialKobe, Liz, Leno Among The Names On Jackson's List. 14-02-'05

Michael Jackson won't be the only celebrity jurors see at the Santa Maria courthouse. The defense definitely did some namedropping when it released its list of potential witnesses Monday.

Kobe Bryant, Stevie Wonder, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Nick Carter and even magician David Blaine were all named Monday in court as potential witnesses for the defense. 'Rush Hour' star Chris Tucker and 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno are also on the list.

The stars all have a connection to the case through Hollywood's Laugh Factory, where stars were recruited to help Jackson's accuser when he was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2000. "Celebrity Justice" Executive Producer and attorney Harvey Levin says Jackson's team is hoping the witnesses paint an unflattering picture of the boy's mom.

"The mother we're told was telling a lot of people, including celebrities, he needed his medical bills covered when in fact all of those bills were covered by insurance. The defense is going to try and show that this woman roped a lot of big celebrities in under false pretenses trying to get money and support out of them."

But why is Lakers star Kobe Bryant on the list? His name turned up in documents from a 2001 interview with the mother that "CJ" obtained last year. In them, the accuser's mother is quoted as saying Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and other celebrities "are helping her… They are our friends."

"The mother had boasted that Kobe Bryant was among the celebrities that were part of her world," Levin says. "She's namedropping in a big way and frankly that may not sit well with the jury." Jay Leno's people tell "CJ" they doubt he will be called to testify.

Source: Celebrity Justice / Billie Jean

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