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Ex-Jackson Bodyguard Christopher Eric Carter May Refuse To Testify. 31-03-'05

Christopher Eric CarterA key prosecution witness in the Michael Jackson case charged in a string of armed robberies in Nevada likely will refuse to testify at the pop star's trial, his lawyer said Wednesday (March 30).

Christopher Eric Carter, a 25-year-old former Jackson bodyguard, testified before the grand jury in California that indicted Jackson last year that he saw the singer drinking alcohol with his teenage accuser.

During a court appearance Wednesday (March 30) in Las Vegas, Carter pleaded not guilty to 15 felony charges, including robbery, burglary and kidnapping. He remains jailed on $250,000 bond.

Carter's attorney, Lloyd Baker, said he has advised his client "to remain silent" and invoke his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination if he is taken to California to testify in Jackson's trial next month.

Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville, who is presiding over Jackson's trial, has signed an order for Carter to be brought from Las Vegas to Santa Maria on April 4 to testify.

Baker said testifying would open up Carter to cross-examination about his existing criminal charges, and he said Carter may have information about unindicted co-conspirators named in the Jackson case.

Carter was arrested February 19 on charges stemming from a string of armed robberies in the Las Vegas area that stretched back to October 2003.

Prosecutor Susan Krisko told the judge Wednesday (March 30) that Carter has confessed.

Police have said Carter also is being investigated as a possible suspect in a series of bank robberies in Las Vegas.

According to transcripts of his testimony before the Santa Barbara County grand jury that indicted Jackson in April 2004, Carter said he met Jackson at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and worked as a security guard for the pop star from August 2002 to August 2003.

He testified that he saw both Jackson and his accuser drinking alcohol from soda cans while on a flight from Miami to California in February 2003.

He said he also saw the boy "stumbling" drunk one afternoon at Jackson's Neverland Ranch, and the boy indicated to him that Jackson condoned his drinking.

Carter's testimony would be important to the prosecution because his grand jury statement appears to offer independent corroboration of the accuser's testimony that the singer gave him alcohol, as the indictment against Jackson alleges.

So far in the trial, the only witnesses to corroborate the charges of drinking have been the accuser's brother and sister.

In his grand jury testimony, Carter said that after the trip from Miami the accuser's mother asked him to take her off the ranch in the middle of the night, without her children.

She was upset and prayed throughout the drive to Los Angeles, Carter said.

The prosecution contends that the accuser and his family were held against their will at Neverland by Jackson's associates after the Miami trip and that the mother was fearful for their safety.

Carter told the grand jury that Jackson had the ability to monitor phone conversations at Neverland and once showed him a tape he had made of a phone conversation he had recorded.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Johnnie Cochran
Johnnie Cochran

Michael Jackson Statement Death Of Mr. Cochran. 30-03-'05

Michael Jackson has made the following statement following the very sad passing of Johnnie Cochran, who represented Michael in 1993 in the child abuse case against Jordy Chandler.

"Johnnie Cochran was a true gentleman who embodied class, brilliance, honesty and integrity. His fight for justice transcended colour, age or economic status. So many have been touched by his life of service as well as his infectious smile and personality. Johnnie Cochran was a great humanitarian.

I loved him and I will miss him. I am proud to have called him my friend."

Michael Jackson

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

President Nelson Mandela And Muhammad Ali Call Michael Their Source Of Inspiration. 30-03-'05

Two icons of the Twentieth Century both call Michael their source of inspiration in newly published interviews.

Speaking to a Danish magazine, former South African President Nelson Mandela says:
“When you are behind bars with no hope of release, you need to find strength wherever you can.

Personally I found strength in Michael Jackson. Even to this day Michael Jackson is a constant source of inspiration.“ Michael befriended Mandela back in the early Nineties, and in the summer of 1999 organised two charity concerts, along with the Red Cross, called ‘Michael Jackson & Friends – What More Can I Give’.

The concerts were performed in Seoul and Germany and also became, at the time, the most watched live Internet broadcast of all time. Another international icon, boxer Muhammad Ali, tells a Norwegian newspaper: “When people ask me where I get my strength from, I tell them that I look at the man Michael Jackson looks at when he looks at the man in the mirror.”

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Johnnie CochranJohnnie Cochran Dies At 67. 30-03-'05

Top celebrity defence attorney Johnnie Cochran has died at his home in Los Angeles. He was 67.

In a statement, a spokesman for Cochran's family announced the legal eagle, famous for representing stars like OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson and Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, died of a brain tumour yesterday afternoon (March 29).

The family spokesman said, "The world has lost not only an legendary attorney but an outstanding humanitarian.

"Certainly, Johnnie's career will be noted as one marked by celebrity cases and clientele, but he and his family were most proud of the work he did on behalf of those in the community."

Cochran became famous when he won his court battle to acquit Simpson of the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson, coining famous phrases like, "If it don't fit, you must acquit."

He was born in Louisiana, but became a master legal mind in Los Angeles, where he made a name for himself by highlighting police brutality cases.

Cochran's health became an issue last year (April) when he was treated for an undisclosed neurological condition. He was hospitalised for a mystery health problem in September (04).

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Stan Katz
The prosecution called psychologist Stan Katz to the stand.

Day 23 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 30-03-'05

The prosecution called psychologist Stan Katz to the stand and only questioned him for about 20 minutes, according to Savannah Guthrie (Court TV).

Michael Jackson's accuser would not invent his child molestation claims because he'd hate to be labelled gay, a psychologist told the singer's trial.

Dr. Stan Katz interviewed Gavin Arvizo - who was 13 and suffering from cancer at the time - and then informed social workers about the alleged abuse.

Katz, who also spoke to Michael first accuser Jordy Chandler in the 1990's, said boys of that age try and hide abuse of this nature.

He told the Santa Maria, California, court, "It would be unusual for a boy like this to make up allegations to suggest that he has had inappropriate sexual relations with a male.

"These children are so protective and guilt-ridden and ashamed by anything extra-normal."

Taking the stand next was William Dickerman, the attorney who represented the accuser and his family for about three months before referring them to Feldman in May 2003. Dickerman admitted on the stand that he has an agreement with Feldman to share fees should the family successfully launch a civil suit against Jackson relating to this case.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 23 (30-03-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 23 of the process of the century.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Rodney Melville
Judge Rodney Melville

Judge Melville Allowed Accusations Of 1993. 29-03-'05

The judge, Rodney Melville, has allowed that the accusers in the Jackson lawsuit may bring in old accusations. The process gets because of this a more important turn.

It's a big defeat for the defence team of Jackson, but also for Michael himself. The accusers can now bring in complaints of five other young man, who in the past were groped by Jackson, to proof that there's a pattern.

Only one of the five supposed victims will come to testify, so accuser Thomas Sneddon. The other complaints, who besides never debouched into processes, were made pending by third witnesses.

According to the uncle of the victim out of 1993, Raymond Chandler, will Jordan not testify and is even fly out of the country. "He will not testify. He 's out of the country so that he can not be found. He will not be involved again", the uncle said in an interview with NBC. He said also that he regrets the decisions of his nephew because his testimony should be very "crucial".

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Jamie Massada
Jamie Masada took the stand.

Day 22 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 29-03-'05

Jamie Masada, the owner of the Laugh Factory comedian club has stated today in court that the mother of the victim wasn't out after money.

The boy and his family came in contact with Masada during a comedian camp of the Laugh Factory. After the boy has got the diagnosis of cancer, he asked Massada for helping him to come in contact with Jackson. Massada has then made many phone calls to among others producer Quincy Jones to make an appointment for the boy. Massada said that he has never seen Jackson.

Stewardess Cynthia Ann Bell stated that the singer had not divided his alcoholic drinks with no one during the flight from Miami to Santa Barbara. Bell said that she came herself on the idea to serve the singer wine in cola cans, because Jackson likes to drink in private. Jackson has according to her a lot of troubles of nervousness and fear for turbulence during a flight and takes by that reason some alcohol to become quiet.

The accusers stated at first that Jackson had himself ordered wine in cola cans and the beverage afterwards divided with the boy. According to the stewardess it became a routine to serve Michael wine on this manner and had not asked Michael about it.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 22 (29-03-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 22 of the process of the century.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Macaulay CulkinMacaulay Culkin On The Jackson Witness Wish List. 29-03-'05

Macaulay Culkin will be one of the five witnesses called to testify against Michael Jackson in court after prosecution lawyers were given permission to present testimony about past child sex allegations against the star.

Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville ruled that five of seven cases can be admitted.

It is not known if Culkin will actually have to appear in court.

Most of the testimony will come from third party witnesses who will claim they saw Jackson molest children or "groom" the youngsters for abuse.

One of these third party witnesses could be the mother of 1993 child molestation accuser Jordy Chandler. Chandler himself will not testify.

His uncle Raymond Chandler says, "My nephew is not gonna testify. He's out of the country, where he cannot be found. He doesn't want to be the Michael Jackson boy."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

George Lopez
George Lopez took the stand.

Day 21 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 28-03-'05

Funnyman George Lopez was happy to testify at the Michael Jackson child molestation trial in Santa Maria, California, because he wanted to clear his name.

The Latino comedian was called to the stand as a witness for the prosecution after he was named among the celebrities who helped the family of Jackson's teenage accuser.

And he insisted outside the courthouse, "There's a lot of false stories about me on the Internet. I was subpoenaed by the DA to kind of straighten that out and to get my side of the story out."

Lopez claimed that one story alleging he once returned a wallet belonging to Jackson's young accuser with money missing is completely untrue.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 21 (28-03-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 21 of the process of the century.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Classic Michael AlbumsClassic Michael Albums Are Reissued On 4CD Albums. 28-03-'05

After being out of print individually in any format for many years, four of the phenomenal Michael Jackson's original albums will be reissued on 4CD albums by Motown on May 25th in Japan.

The four CD albums are:

'Got To Be There': MJ's 1972 solo debut LP features the title track and 'Rockin' Robin' and the Top 20 'I Wanna Be Where You Are.'

'Ben': His second straight solo smash, featuring the title track, his first solo Pop No 1 'Music And Me': A ballad-heavy album from a maturing Michael, this 1973 disc includes the Top 20 R&B 'With A Child's Heart.' The 'Ben' album is the first Japan CD press with inserts and obi.

'Music & Me': MJ's 1974 solo debut LP features the title track and the Stevie Wonder cover 'With a Child's Heart' and 'Doggin' Around' was a limited-release single in Holland.

'Forever, Michael': From 1975, Michael's final solo album for Motown, featuring the Top 10 R&B dance classics 'Just A Little Bit Of You' and 'We're Almost There.'

Record label: Motown
Series numbers: UICY-3863/UICY-3864/UICY-3865/UICY-3866
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 15 € (the peace)

Pre-order the 4CD albums here at Billboard Japan.

Source: Billboard Japan / Billie Jean

Jesse Jackson Interviews Michael Jackson On Radio Show Keep Hope Alive. 27-03-'05

Jesse Jackson Interviews Michael Jackson on Radio Show Keep Hope Alive (27-03-2005)Michael Jackson gave an hour long interview to Rev. Jesse Jackson which was broadcast live on the internet on the radio show 'Keep Hope Alive With Reverend Jesse Jackson.'

He spent the first 40 minutes of the interview reminiscing warmly about his career, his family and such childhood musical heroes as James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Sammy Davis Jr. and the Beatles, saying he grew up in a household filled with music.

Jesse Jackson told The Associated Press earlier this month that he and Michael Jackson frequently pray together, and he told his audience Sunday that he speaks by phone with the entertainer nearly every day.

Michael Jackson, a Jehovah's Witness, said prayer is helping him get through his trial, which resumes Monday (March 28).

During the interview he said that he is "completely innocent'' of child molestation charges, that he is the victim of a conspiracy and he asked fans around the world to pray for him.

He talked about growing up in a household filled with music and of having hotel pillow fights with his brothers in the musical group The Jackson Five.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Brian OxmanJackson's Lawyer Brian Oxman Returns To Court. 26-03-'05

Michael Jackson's lawyer Brian Oxman was back in court in Santa Maria, California, yesterday (March 25) after he was stretchered away from proceedings on Wednesday (March 23).

The Jackson family attorney was diagnosed with right lung pneumonia upon being admitted to a nearby hospital.

Speaking with reporters before yesterday's proceedings, Oxman stated, "I feel OK."

Jackson and his mother welcomed him back with hugs when he returned.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Queen LatifahQueen Latifah Is Still Supporting Jackson. 26-03-'05

Queen Latifah is refusing to give up supporting Michael Jackson as he fights child molestation charges in Santa Maria, California, because he inspired her to be what she is today.

The Chicago star refuses to comment on whether she thinks her hero is innocent or guilty of charges, but she can't stop thinking that Jackson's a good man.

She says, "I love Michael Jackson and that's the only thought I had. Watching his trial has made me go, `That's Michael Jackson!'

"I can think back to when I was little and we just loved The Jackson 5's 'ABC'. We would just dance in the living room, my brother and I and my mom.

"He's like the greatest entertainer of all time. I'm looking at his influence in Usher and Justin Timberlake - these guys are doing Michael Jackson moves and they just kind of hooked him up for now.

"As a performer, he influenced most people and showed many people how to do things differently. Watching his videos like 'Thriller' and 'Beat It'... The first time I saw that walkway light up in 'Billie Jean', I was like, `Oh my God,' and then seeing him performing it on stage. There's nothing that he hasn't done that hasn't amazed me."

Source: MJNI / Billie Jean

Robert Spinner
Testimony of Robert Spinner.

Day 20 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 25-03-'05

The prosecution presented more forensic evidence to jurors as fingerprints on adult material were again the focus of attention.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department fingerprint expert Robert Spinner testified that fingerprints from Michael Jackson as well as his Accuser Gavin Arvizo were found on the explicit pornographic magazine Hustler Barely Legal Hardcore. The magazine is said to have three prints of the Accuser and one of Michael's.

The defence claim that Michael never showed children any adult material and contend that Gavin Arvizo handled the magazine during grand jury proceedings, which was before forensic testing took place. They also stressed that all of the material seized from Neverland Valley Ranch is legally and commercially available.

The witness also testified that two fingerprints of the accuser were found on another magazine and on an adult video calendar according to the Associated Press. Two of Star Arvizo's prints were also found on more material.

When leaving court, one reporter asked Michael how he was planning to spend the Easter weekend, "Just to relax with my children," he replied.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 20 (25-03-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 20 of the process of the century.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Dr Antonio Cantu
Testimony of Dr Antonio Cantu.

Day 19 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 24-03-'05

Today was a slow day in court as far as reporting goes.

Jurors listened to expert testimony on forensics, as well as testimony from Lisa Hemman, a technician. Hemman testified she found the accuser's brother Star Arvizo's fingerprints on adult material seized from Neverland.

The defence have challenged the prints found, as forensic testing was not done until long after the items were seized and possibly handled by the witnesses during grand jury proceedings.

Prosecutors announced they will call comedian George Lopez to the stand on Monday (March 21), according to the Associated Press. They are also attempting to have Christopher Carter released from a Las Vegas prison to provide testimony that he saw Gavin Arvizo intoxicated.

Public accuser Tom Sneddon has pointed in his inaugural address on the fact that Jackson has shown his minor visitors erotic pages. During the cross-examination with the defence the accuser admitted however that the pages were investigated on fingerprints only a year after the raid at the Jackson's Neverland Ranch, so wrote the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

At the end of the day Michael Jackson turned to reporters asking how he felt, "Still very much in pain ... my back and my side," he responded. Michael then turned toward cameras and said, "I'd like to say hello to the people of Santa Maria, my friends and neighbors."

Old lifeguard Eric Carter should come to testify on the process according to Sneddon about the fact that children regularly drunk alcohol in Neverland.

The man has to justify himself now for the court by reason of robbery and burglary. Judge Melville agreed today with calling up Carter as a witness and has to appear on the process.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 19 (24-03-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 19 of the process of the century.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Craig Bonner
Sheriff's Detective Craig Bonner took the stand.

Day 18 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 23-03-'05

Prosecutors attempted to admit over 1,700 images found on four different computer hard drives that were seized at Neverland Valley Ranch into evidence, but their request was turned down by Judge Rodney Melville.

Before the Judge ruled, Senior Deputy district attorney Gordon Auchincloss made his claim, "It's a circumstantial link that provides powerful corroboration for our victim in this case," he said. Prosecutors wanted to corroborate the Arvizo children's story that Michael Jackson had shown them explicit material through the internet.

"How could they have been shown the materials?" Melville asked Auchincloss according to the news-press. "We're not saying they were shown this material. . More importantly, it shows knowledge and shows (Michael Jackson's) ability of how to use a computer, which everyone doesn't know how, and that he knows how to access these sites."

"The issue of who accessed the material is totally unresolved," argued defence attorney Robert Sanger. The attorney said that the images could have come in unsolicited emails before landing in the computer's "cache" file.

Melville decided to rule in favour of the defence and not admit the images into evidence stating that it was unclear if anyone actually viewed or downloaded the images.

As testimony resumed, Sheriff's Detective Craig Bonner took the stand. He testified about materials seized from a briefcase found at the ranch, including titles such as "Barely Legal," "Playboy" and "Finally Legal" according to the Santa Maria Times. During under cross-examination lead Defence attorney Thomas Mesereau asked Bonner if any DNA belonging to the Accuser Gavin Arvizo or his brother Star was found on the briefcase or it's contents. "No DNA at all, including theirs," Bonner responded.

Once Bonner had left the stand, Dr. Antonio Cantu took the stand. He is a U.S. Secret Service agent and forensics expert. He discussed methods of recovering fingerprints.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 18 (23-03-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 18 of the process of the century.

An unfortunate incident happened near the end of proceedings yesterday as Defence attorney Brian Oxman started having breathing problems and collapsed. Michael quickly jumped from his seat to help his attorney and wiped sweat from his forehead, took off his jacket and loosened his tie. Mesereau and a sheriff's deputy then also assisted. Oxman was taken to Marian Medical Center where he was diagnosed with right lung pneumonia. "He is in stable condition and resting comfortably," Kathleen Hernandez (a hospital spokesperson) said.

Once Oxman collapsed Judge Melville dismissed the jurors for the day. Today's proceedings are set to see Dr. Antonio Cantu resume his testimony.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Christopher Eric CarterJackson's Former Bodyguard Christopher Eric Carter Jailed. 23-03-'05

The prosecution in Michael Jackson's child molestation case has suffered a setback, after the star's former bodyguard was jailed in Las Vegas on suspicion of robbery, burglary and kidnapping.

Christopher Eric Carter, who is being held at the Clark County Detention Center in lieu of $850,000 bail, was expected to corroborate key elements of the prosecution's case, including allegations that Jackson gave alcohol to his accuser.

Carter, 25, was arrested on February 19. Nine days earlier, Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon told jurors that Carter would testify that he saw children drinking at Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

The boy said Jackson encouraged him to drink, according to Sneddon.

It is currently unclear whether the prosecution still intends to call Carter as a witness, reports the Los Angeles Times.

In testimony before the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury last year (04), Carter said he got to know Jackson while working as security at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He signed on as Jackson's head of security in August 2002 and left - by his own choice, he said - in August 2003.

Carter told the grand jury that on a charter jet from Miami, Florida, to Santa Barbara, California, he saw Jackson drinking wine from a soda can and passing it to his young accuser. At Neverland, he said, he tried to have a talk with the boy about his drinking, but the boy responded that Jackson had told him it was okay - that it was part of "being a man".

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Donald TrumpDonald Trump "Jackson Not Coming To Vegas". 23-05-'05

Donald Trump might not want Michael Jackson to perform at his Las Vegas hotel after all.

Today, Us Weekly magazine reported that Trump and Phil Ruffin, his partner in the Trump International Hotel & Tower now being built in Las Vegas, have had discussions with representatives of Jackson about having the King of Pop perform a Wayne Newton-style resident gig at Ruffin‘s New Frontier Hotel and Casino.

"It‘s an interesting idea, but I don‘t think he‘d show up half the time," Trump told syndicated entertainment show "The Insider". "I can‘t imagine what the insurance policy would be like."

Trump had been quoted by Us Weekly as saying, "Everything I do is the best, and everything Phil Ruffin does is the best, and this would be no exception."

Jack Wishna, a partner of Ruffin‘s, told the magazine that should anything be worked out with Jackson, "there‘d be moral clauses in the contract."

Source: Associated Press / Billie Jean

Raymone K. BainStatement By Raymone K. Bain. 23-03-'05

….. In response to numerous media inquiries, Mr. Michael Jackson continues to suffer from excruciating back pain. He has not felt much relief in his back since visiting the Emergency unit at the Santa Ynez Cottage Hospital on Thursday, March 10.

Again this morning, Mr. Jackson's back spasms were becoming intolerable. He was taken again to the Santa Ynez Cottage Hospital on his way to court by his Chief of Security. The on-site attending Emergency physician, Dr. Bert Weiner, who treated Mr. Jackson during his March 10, 2005 visit, also attended to him this morning.

Dr. Weiner indicates that tests were taken of Mr. Jackson's back, and also indicated that he accompanied Mr. Jackson to court because he could best explain the nature of the problem that Mr. Jackson is experiencing. Due to patient confidentiality, Dr. Weiner will not be releasing any information regarding Mr. Jackson's test results.

When asked how he felt upon leaving court, Mr. Jackson responded, “I am hurting very much. I'm in pain…in pain.” Mr. Jackson also acknowledged that his doctor had prescribed medication for his back pain. There is no “quick fix” for back pain, but it is Mr. Jackson's hope that he will begin experiencing some relief soon.

Source: MJJSource / Billie Jean

Louise Palanker
Comedian Louise Palanker testified in court.

Day 17 Of Process Against Michael Jackson. 22-03-'05

Comedian Louise Palanker testified in court today that she tried to contact Gavin Arvizo's mother after seeing the 'Living With Michael Jackson' documentary.

According to Palanker, she said that the mother sounded "extremely agitated and she was almost whispering." Palanker speculated "This was fear - based agitation."

Palanker met the family at the comedy camp run by the Laugh Factory club. She began to help them financially when Gavin was diagnosed with cancer.

Palanker said that she later found out that the family had prepared a room for Gavin while he recovered at his grandparents' house with a large-screen TV and DVD for the boy, expenditures she considered to be poor money management.

Palanker said she and Jamie Masada, owner of the Laugh Factory, organized two benefits for the family.

During cross-examination, Thomas Mesereau Jr. questioned Palanker about the family's interest in meeting celebrities:
"Did you say at any time that they were trying to latch on to celebrities to get out of their situation?"

"Latch on to anyone that could help them," said Palanker.

She said the family "liked to make phone calls" to celebrities. This included Jay Leno, who contacted Palanker and asked her to tell the family to stop calling him.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse - Trial Day 17 (22-03-2005)
Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara Superior Court in California for Trial Day 17 of the process of the century.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

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