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30th AnniversaryBlocked Jackson Fans Get Partial Refund. 28-02-'07

Michael Jackson fans who had their view blocked at his 30th Anniversary Madison Square Garden gig in 2001 will be allowed a reduction on the price of future tickets as compensation.

According to the New York Daily News, thousands of concert-goers paid $98.50 each, without being told their views would be obstructed.

Fan Dana Gross, who filed a lawsuit against ticket merchant Ticketmaster, argued she spent the entire show having to watch giant monitors because she couldn't see Jackson at all.

According to a legal statement issued on Tuesday (February 27), each dissatisfied concert-goer will receive $28 off their next ticket for any event at the venue organised by promoter Live Nation Worldwide Inc.

Fans have 120 days to claim their refund.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson For The Record Book Cover'Michael Jackson For The Record' Book Is Released. 27-02-'07

The book 'Michael Jackson For The Record' is released in the UK by publisher Authors OnLine Ltd and written through Chris Cadman & Craig Halstead.

The aim of this book is to document the many songs Michael has been involved with over the years – as singer, as writer, as producer, or simply as the inspiration or subject. The songs are listed numerically and alphabetically, and each listing includes the artist, release date and connection to Michael, together with other interesting information.
The starting point, naturally, was the officially released singles and albums by Michael and his brothers.

Many unreleased songs Michael has written or co-written have been registered, also included and detailed: Official remixes, notable demo versions, cover versions & other hit versions, notable adaptations and tracks, especially hits, which have sampled a Jackson or Jackson-related song.

So there are demos that have been officially or unofficially released, or where interesting facts about the demo are known.

We have also compiled a ‘Rumour Has It’ section. This features a list of titles that might exist and might be Michael-related, but equally might not.

Publisher: Authors OnLine Ltd
Author: Chris Cadman & Craig Halstead
Pages: 401
ISBN: 0-7552-2067-8
Printed: UK
Guide price: 35 €

Order the book here at Good Reads.

Source: Good Reads / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonGood News For Michael? 27-02-'07

Sony/ATV has another new Chairman and CEO, Martin Bandler, who will also make an investment in the company which is jointly owned by Sony and trusts owned by Michael Jackson.

Rob Wiesenthal, Chief Finance Officer of Sony, has welcomed the appointment saying; “Marty Bandler is a true legend in the Music industry. His experience and stature are unparalleled.

Michael also commented on the appointment by saying: “I am thrilled that Mr. Bandier has agreed to become Chairman and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Marty has over 30 years experience in the music publishing industry, and not only brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the industry, but the vision and ability to take the company to new heights. I look forward to working with him”.

Source: PR Newswire / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Sets The Record Straight. 27-02-'07

Michael Jackson is setting the record straight on several rumors that have been flying around lately.

Reps for the King of Pop released the following press release to Access Hollywood:

“Several unsubstantiated rumors have been reported in the media regarding Mr. Michael Jackson, all of which are erroneous and untrue.

Mr. Jackson is not planning a concert tour with members of his family.

Mr. Jackson has been presented numerous proposals — proposals which he has not solicited, but were presented to him, several of which include performing in Las Vegas. Mr. Jackson is currently reviewing and evaluating each proposal. He does not believe that he is under any time constraint for making his decisions. Therefore, reports that he has ?been unsuccessful in finding a Las Vegas casino for his show, resulting in his having to turn to his family? are false.

Mr. Jackson did not move to Las Vegas to shop a Vegas show. Mr. Jackson is in Las Vegas because he likes the city, and found it a convenient location to record with the artists, songwriters and producers who are working with him in the studio.

Mr. Jackson has no current plans to appear or perform on ‘American Idol.’

Mr. Jackson did not either solicit, ask to be given, or attempt to buy tickets to the recent NBA All-Star Game, as has been widely reported. Mr. Jackson was invited by several owners of NBA teams, as well as players, to attend the game as their guest. However, Mr. Jackson declined these kind invitations. Widely spread reports that Mr. Jackson sought tickets, and was denied his request, are completely false.

Mr. Jackson never leased property from Michael Flatly in Ireland. Therefore, reports stating that he was 'evicted' from property owned by Flatly are erroneous and defamatory.

Mr. Jackson has not recently released or recorded a single with Pras.”

Source: Acces Online / Billie Jean

Number Ones (re-issue) [Discbox Slider] CD Album Cover'Number Ones' CD Album Is Re-Released In Europe. 26-02-'07

As part of a new mid price series called 'Discbox Slider', the 'Number Ones' CD album has been re-released in Europe, this promotion is available until the end of April 2007.

This CD album is the same as the original album released in 2003 (samecover, same track listing). However, the CD album is packed in a digipack sleeve.

'Number Ones' was Jackson's first proper compilation album with Sony, after the release of 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I' in 1995 (and after the re-release of that album as 'Greatest Hits: HIStory, Volume I'). The album included Jackson singles that reportedly reached number 1 in charts around the world.

It is more than just a collection of greatest hits; it is a timeline, a history lesson, a journey, an escapade, and a cacophony of rich, textured, vibrant sounds. It is a lifetime of music. And at the same time, 'Number Ones' ushers in a new era for Jackson's unmatchable accomplishments.

Track list:

1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (7" Single Edit) 3:55 (Off The Wall)
2. Rock With You (Album Version) 3:38 (Off The Wall)
3. Billie Jean (Album Version) 4:52 (Thriller)
4. Beat It (Album Version) 4:17 (Thriller)
5. Thriller (Single Edit) 5:18 (Thriller)
6. Human Nature (Album Version 4:05 (Thriller)
7. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Album Version) 4:13 (Bad)
8. Bad (Album Version) 4:07 (Bad)
9. The Way You Make Me Feel (Album Version) 4:57 (Bad)
10. Dirty Diana (Album Version) 4:41 (Bad)
11. Smooth Criminal (Album Version) 4:16 (Bad)
12. Black Or White (Single Edit) 3:22 (Dangerous)
13. You Are Not Alone (Radio Edit) 4:29 (HIStory)
14. Earth Song (Radio Edit) 4:58 (HIStory)
15. Blood On The Dance Floor (Album Version) 4:13 (Blood On The Dance Floor)
16. You Rock My World (Radio Edit) 4:25 (Invincible)
17. Break Of Dawn (Album Version) 5:32 (Invincible)
18. One More Chance (Album Version) 3:50 (single - 22nd November)

Record label: Epic
Series number: 88697046592
Printed: Europe
Guide price: 30 €

Order the CD album here at Amazon.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

'Colour Collection' CD Album (Green And Purple Cover) Is Released. 23-02-'07

Colour Collection (Green Cover) CD Album CoverThe 'Colour Collection' CD album of Michael Jackson is released in Europe through Motown under the Universal Music label. This 15-tracks compilation comes with a die-cut cover which shows a green coloured CD inside, the other one shows a purple coloured CD inside.

The CD album featuring a collection of 15 hits and rarities including 'One Day In Your Life', 'Ben', 'Rockin' Robin' and many more.

Track list:

1. One Day In Your Life - 4:13
2. Rockin' Robin - 2:31
3. People Make The World Go Round - 3:16
4. Happy - 3:29
5. With A Child's Heart - 3:34
Colour Collection (Purple Cover) CD Album Cover6. Music And Me - 2:38
7. Got To Be There - 3:23
8. Ben - 2:47
9. We're Almost There - 3:47
10. Just A Little Bit Of You - 3:08
11. I Wanna Be where You Are - 2:57
12. In Our Small Way - 3:40
13. My Girl - 3:08
14. Dapper Dan - 3:08
15. We've Got A Good Thing Going - 3:04

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: 0602498436332
Printed: EU
Guide price: 15 €

Order the CD album here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson 'Confirms Conversion To Islam'. 23-02-'07

Michael Jackson has confirmed his conversion to Islam, according to reports in the Middle East.

The Arab-Israeli newspaper Panorama claims Jackson has announced the move and revealed plans to move to Bahrain, where he has bought property.The singer's Muslim brother Jermaine claimed Michael had taken interest in the religion since he converted in 1989 - and had been considering converting himself following his acquittal on child abuse charges in 2005.

Jermaine said, "When I came back from Mecca I got him (Michael) a lot of books and he asked me lots of things about my religion and I told him that it's peaceful and beautiful."He read everything and he was proud of me that I found something that would give me inner strength and peace.

"I think it is most probable that Michael will convert to Islam."He could do so much, just like I am trying to do. Michael and I and the word of God, we could do so much."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonBrand New Music From Michael Jackson. 22-02-'07

MC/DJ, Producer and Engineer Tempamental has recorded a remix of 'No Friend Of Mine', and this time around, enlisted the help of Pras and Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop's vocals are a major feature on the new track, and you can listen to it now by visiting Tempamental's MySpace page.

Little more is known at this stage what plans have been developed for the song. Rumour has it that it may feature on Pras' next album, but this is still unconfirmed.

The feedback from visitors to Tempamental's MySpace page is tremendous - and 100% positive. That's no surprise - this is an amazing track, and Michael's voice is smooth, powerful and guaranteed to give you goose-bumps!

We'll let you know more as we get it - in the meantime, get over there now and turn up your speakers!

Source: MySpace / Billie Jean

Blanket JacksonBirthday Of Prince Michael II (Blanket). 21-02-'07

Today it's Michael Jackson's second son Prince Michael Jackson II aka "Blanket" his Birthday and he may blow out 5 candles.

Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to the World Magic Seminar Show at the Orleans Showroom in L.V. Later Michael hosts a big party for Blanket's birthday.

"Blanket", born February 21st, 2002 – his mother is unknown to the public. Blanket is the brother of Prince Michael and Paris Jackson.

We would like to wish Blanket Jackson a very Happy Birthday! We hope that your special day is full of smiles, joy and laughter and all of your favorite things. We love you!

With Love,
Michael Jackson Fan Site Billie Jean

Source: Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson Has Grabbed Bed Of Dying Woman? 22-02-'07

The mortally ill Manuela Gomez Ruiz had to yield her hospital bed to Michael Jackson and died a few hours later.The King of Pop had demanded two beds when he on February15th, 2005 has been taken up with stomach ache during his trial about child molestation. The eight children of the woman have submitted a claim against Jackson and the hospital.

The family accused the Marian Medical Centre in the Californian Santa Maria of among others negligence, parental abuse, conspiracy and the bring about of emotional stress which finally should have leaded to Ruiz' death.

The staff should have been according then "celebrity-obsessed"when they get into the wishes of Jackson and have removed the 74 year old dying woman. According to the claim the woman has been "treated as a load".

Source: LNM / Billie Jean

LA Judge Robert Schnider Says London Woman Can’t Intervene In Jackson Custody. 21-02-'07

Robert SchniderA London woman who claims she is the real mother of Michael Jackson’s three children cannot intervene in the pop star’s custody settlement with his ex-wife, a judge ruled Wednesday. Nona Paris Lola Jackson, 36, filed a motion in October demanding a role in the custody settlement between the singer and Deborah Rowe.

Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider denied the motion in November and again on Wednesday, saying she had failed to properly notify Jackson and Rowe of her claims. The woman hadn’t provided “credible evidence” that she was the children’s birth mother, the judge said. He left open the opportunity for her to bring the motion again if Jackson and Rowe were served properly. Nona Jackson’s court papers contended that “Michael and I are a sexually active couple and have been this way from the beginning.”

She also claimed to have written more than 3,000 songs for him. Nona Jackson, speaking by telephone, tried to question two lawyers for the singer in court Wednesday. “Is Mr. Jackson denying I’m the mother of the children?” she asked. “What is he saying about my children?”

However, the judge told her that the lawyers weren’t obligated to answer. No lawyers for Rowe were present. Michael Jackson has said Rowe is the mother of his eldest son, Prince Michael, and daughter, Paris. He has not identified the mother of his other son, Prince Michael II. Jackson and Rowe settled a custody fight in September. Details of that agreement have not been released.

Source: Contra Costa Times / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Will Not Attend Italian Music Festival. 19-02-'07

Regarding the most recent rumours circulating about Michael Jackson’s attendance to San Remo Music Festival in Italy, General Manager Raymone K. Bain has confirmed to CTE the Italian fan club the following:

"Please disregard any rumours. My office has spoken to no one regarding this event. Whatever is being written is pure speculation and not fact from us. […] You can advise the fans that it is a rumour.


Raymone K. Bain"

Source: Raymone K. Bain / Billie Jean

Club 3121Michael Was At 3121. 18-02-'07

Michael Jackson sneaked into Prince's show yesterday (February 17) following the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas.

Jackson is interested in Prince's current run of shows at the Rio Nightclub, part of Harrah's, where the Purple One installed himself for a long schedule at his own 3121 Club.

Jackson, of course, would like to do the same thing, maybe with a Club Thriller.

The difference would be that Prince likes to perform and shows up, while Jackson may continue to have trouble getting insurance for such an endeavor, since he's known for canceling dates without notice.

And surprisingly, Jackson's companion for the evening was none other than comedian actor Chris Tucker. It was Tucker who helped Jackson get involved with the Arvizo family a few years ago, leading to Jackson's eventual involvement with them and his consequent trial for child molestation and conspiracy. It took concrete testimony from Tucker and his ex-girlfriend to exonerate Jackson.

Source: Fox News / Billie Jean

King Of Pop Not In Studio With Tempamental Track. 17-02-'07

There have been fresh reports about Michael Jackson appearing as a guest artist on the song 'No Friend Of Mine' of New York rapper Tempamental, alongside the Fugees' Pras Michel. The track is even made available online on Tempamental's website.

However, MJFC has been informed by Michael`s staff that Michael hasn't been in the studio with either of these artists.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Lionel RichieLionel Richie Interested In Working With Michael again. 16-02-'07

Lionel Richie said over Grammy weekend that he would be interested in working again with former collaborator Michael Jackson.

"I got to get Mike focused," Richie said. "I want him to just do it and deliver it, because what happens is we get into what we call recording syndrome and we don't put it out. But I think he's going to be OK, he's just got to get centred.

I'll know after I hear the fifth track that he's serious about where he's going."

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Goes Shopping! 14-02-'07

TMZ has reported sightings of Michael and his family enjoying a day out in Las Vegas.

They had lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois in a private room, after a shopping trip to a well-known toy store in the Forum shops at Caesar’s Palace Hotel.

Michael reportedly bought a “mountain” of toys and waved to fans as they left with their bodyguards.

The trip may well have been planned to coincide with Prince Jackson’s birthday.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Prince JacksonBirthday Of Prince Michael Junior. 13-02-'07

Prince Michael Junior, today it's Michael Jackson's oldest son his Birthday and he may blow out 10 candles.

On Thursday February 13th, 1997 Prince Michael Junior has been born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

He was named after Michael's grandfather and great-grandfather, who were both called Prince.

We hope your special day is filled with love and laughter. We love you!

With Love,
Michael Jackson Fan Site Billie Jean

Source: Billie Jean

Michael JacksonKing Of Pop And Pras On Tempamental Track. 13-02-'07

Hip-hop singer Tempamental made available a song he recorded with Pras and Michael Jackson called 'No Friend Of Mine'. Michael Jackson features predominantly in the song.

MC/DJ, Producer and Engineer Tempamental has recorded a remix of 'No Friend Of Mine', and this time around, enlisted the help of Pras and Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop's vocals are a major feature on the new track.

Little more is known at this stage what plans have been developed for the song. Rumour has it that it may feature on Pras' next album, but this is still unconfirmed.

Source: MJNI / Billie Jean

Publcist Plays Down Fuller & Jackson Collaboration. 12-02-'07

In a statement to CNN's Showbiz Tonight, Jackson's publicist Raymone K. Bain had this to say: "There is no truth to the rumors that MJ is working with Simon Fuller, nor are there plans for him to appear on 'American Idol'.

Source: Raymone K. Bain / Billie Jean

Plans For Neverland To Host Jackson 5 Musical. 10-02-'07

Pop superstar Michael Jackson is planning to turn his Neverland Ranch into a theatre to stage the upcoming Jackson 5 musical, according to his brother Jermaine.

Jermaine recently announced his intention to stage a spectacular show based on the 1970's music of the 'Blame It On The Boogie' family band. He says, "Neverland's the family home. Michael wants the musical there."Michael vacated his Neverland home in California in 2005, following his acquittal on child molestation charges. At the time, he said Neverland is "no longer a home, but a house".

Neverland Ranch
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch – 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, California.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

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