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Mack Rawden
Writer Mack Rawden of Cineblend.com

Michael Is The Best! 31-07-'07

Writer Mack Rawden of Cineblend.com, a celebrity news website, has compared the music of Prince and Michael.

In his article, he states that Prince is a very gifted musician, whose two best songs were recorded by other people – ‘Nothing Compares To You’ (Sinead O’Connor) and ‘When Doves Cry’ (Quindon Tarver). He added that these are more memorable than Prince’s entire catalogue.

He says that Michael’s best work was done in an eight year period when he gave us ‘Bad’, ‘Off The Wall’ and ‘Thriller’, and that, they are three world class albums which will still be played in a hundred years time. He adds that songs on these albums are as fresh and memorable now as they were decades ago and that they are catchy, perfectly crafted and bordering on brilliant!

Rawden also includes that Michael was the first black artist on MTV with sparkling songs and highly choreographed masterwork videos.

“Michael Jackson…”, he says, “…is ‘filet mignon’ compared to Prince’s microwave riblets.”

Rawden also adds that he thinks Prince is slowly fading from the public’s consciousness, while Michael will remain immortal.

Source: Cinemablend / Billie Jean

'Lucid' Michael Jackson Testifies In Lawsuit Brought By Former Manager. 31-07-'19

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson made an appearance in Washington, D.C., last week. The Washington Post couldn't figure out what was going on, but I can tell you all about it.

Jackson was in the law offices of Venable LLP to give a deposition in the $30 million lawsuit brought by his former manager, Dieter Wiesner. He was accompanied by two burly bodyguards and an attorney, William Mundell, of California. Wiesner and his partner Ronald Konitzer, you may recall, were referred to as "the Germans" in Jackson's child molestation case by Janet Arvizo.

Anyway, Michael had missed two opportunities for this deposition in Los Angeles. Because he is now stationed in Northern Virginia, home of his manager-publicist, Raymone K. Bain, and has no other place to live at the moment, Jackson agreed to — shall we say — this "capital punishment." He had to pay for everyone to come in from Los Angeles, first class, and stay in D.C.

Of course, Jackson's done this before. He had to fly lawyers to London twice when he refused to be deposed in the Marc Schaffel lawsuit in Los Angeles. He lost that case. Shaffel and Wiesner each have the same attorney: Howard King.

In D.C., Michael appeared bright and confident, dispelling the recent stories we have published of him being drugged or isolated.

"He was in very good shape," an observer said. "He seemed very lucid."

In fact, he was so chirpy that sources say he was an excellent witness for Wiesner.

"He said he didn't know why they weren't still in business together," a source said. "He said he liked all of Dieter's ideas."

After the deposition was over, Jackson and Wiesner spent a few minutes together in a private conversation. No one knows exactly what was said, but Jackson apparently blamed his falling out with "the Germans" on Leonard Muhammad, head of the Nation of Islam and son-in-law of Louis Farrakhan.

"He just kept saying over and over again he didn't know what happened," a source said.

Of course, Jackson replaced Wiesner and Konitzer with the Nation of Islam in December 2003, a month after his arrest. Jackson never spoke to "the Germans" again and let the Nation force out the rest of his advisers.

Jackson, by the way, doesn't seem to know whether he is living in Virginia or Vegas. And what's not being addressed is the home schooling of his three children.

"If he keeps moving around, he probably thinks no one can touch him on that," one insider said.

But the truth is that 10-year-old Prince, 9-year-old Paris and 5-year-old Prince II, aka Blanket, have probably not received any formal education at all.

As for why the depositions had to take place in Washington, Mundell wrote in an early motion to the court: "Mr. Jackson is not just relaxing in the Washington, DC area. He is busy working on several important projects."

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

Samantha MumbaSamantha Mumba Is Michael’s New Best Friend? 30-07-'07

Michael Jackson wraps his arms around pop babe Samantha Mumba - after vowing to save her pop career.

A mutual friend of the pair set up the meeting and Jackson spent two hours talking to the24-year-old Dubliner. Now 'Thriller' star Jackson has swapped numbers with her and said he will pen her a comeback hit. A source close to the pretty singer told the Irish Daily Mirror: “She has always idolized Michael and was thrilled when the meeting was set up.

"They spent ages talking about music and dancing and then they started to talk about her recording a new album. Michael said he had a few songs he has written that he would be prepared to give her. This could be the biggest thing that has happened to Sam. They have been calling each other up and arranged for lunch again next month. Samantha can’t believe Michael’s her new pal. She can’t wipe the grin off her face."

It is five years since her last hit single, when 'I’m Right Here' reached No5 in the UK.

Source: Daily Mirror / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Spotted At Washington Law Offices Of Venable LLP. 29-07-'07

Michael Jackson was spotted Wednesday evening (July 28) in the downtown law offices of Venable LLP in Washington. One spy said he looked exactly like, well, himself: black sunglasses, black jacket, white shirt, black pants, white socks, black loafers, a pair of oversize bodyguards.

For those lucky enough to glimpse Jackson, his appearance explained a memo the firm had just put out, warning staffers not to gawk at clients.

What was he doing there? All we know is what Jackson's D.C.-based rep, Raymone K. Bain, told Washington Post last month when he showed up on Maryland's Eastern Shore, that he's looking for real estate (no word of a purchase yet) and that he had to meet with East Coast advisers. Bain didn't return calls yesterday; Venable reps said they couldn't discuss any visits to their offices "out of respect for the privacy of all our clients."

Source: Washington Post / Billie Jean

will-i-amMichael Jackson's Birdie Song. 26-07-'07

Michael Jackson sings like a bird, according to rapper-and-producer will.i.am.

The Black Eyed Peas star is working with Jackson on the 'Thriller' singer's new album and says he is amazed with his unique voice.

Will.i.am said: "Man, he still sings like a bird. He could go anywhere. We have a real opportunity to do something here. It's either going to be really big or nobody's going to care. Ain't no middle ground on this one."

The music star, who is producing Jackson's first studio album for six years, recently revealed he was completely shocked to be asked to work with the former 'King of Pop'.

He said: "Michael called up and I thought someone was joking. I hear, 'Hello, its Michael,' and I was like, 'Yeah right, stop playing!'

"Then he said, 'I want to congratulate you on all your success. Do you mind if I call you in a couple of days at 4pm?' Then he started ringing me every day at 4pm. So I started working on music for him on the tour bus."

Source: UK Lifestyle / Billie Jean

PrinceMichael Jackson's Prince Advice. 24-07-'07

Michael Jackson is being advised on how to save his career by former chart rival Prince.

The eccentric star has reportedly turned to Prince, who he battled for pop supremacy in the80s, for help with his comeback.
The 'Purple Rain' singer is said to have told Michael to play a series of acoustic shows in Las Vegas to prove to the world he is still an amazing talent.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Prince has been suggesting that Michael play a sequence of unplugged concerts in Las Vegas - just Michael and the microphone. No gimmicks, no costume changes, no smoke or mirrors, just his voice."

It seems Prince has had a change of heart towards his one-time rival.

Earlier this year, the diminutive star snubbed Michael's offer of a joint tour to help him re-launch himself on the world stage.

Prince was said to be concerned that the hype surrounding Michael's comeback would over-shadow the concerts, and he wasn't prepared to be the 'Beat It' singer's support act.

Michael's career has been in free fall since his 2003 child sex abuse trial.

Although he was acquitted on all charges, he has struggled to regain his once huge fan base and has been plagued by rumours his once massive fortune has dwindled.

Source: Top Ten Sources / Billie Jean

JXN Entertainment Presents MJ Birthday Event 2007. 20-07-'07

Sunday August 26th 2007 Audiomaniacs, Haarlem (Holland).

When: Sunday August 26th 2007
Time: 13.00 - 17.30 hours
Where: "Audiomaniacs" Stephensonstraat 43
Place: Haarlem
Entrance: € 10,00 for people living outside Holland.

What can you expect?
* Performances
* Michael Jackson concert on BIG screen
* Birthday cake
* Best "hee hee" competition
* Merchandise
* Lottery
* and more...!

Send an e-mail to order tickets mark@jxn-entertainment.com
Tickets need to be ordered & paid in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door.

Source: JXN Entertainment / Billie Jean

Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian MuseumJackson's Family Visit To Smithsonian. 19-07-'07

Superstar Michael Jackson brought his three children on a private tour of Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian museum on Wednesday (July 18).

Michael took Prince Michael I, 10; Paris Michael, nine; and Prince Michael II (Blanket), five; to the National Air and Space and American Indian museums before they were opened to the public.

The star's spokeswoman Raymone K. Bain says, "He wanted to show them the sights."In recent weeks, Jackson has been spotted hunting for a vacation home on America's East Coast, focusing on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

XtraJetJudge To Decide Award In Secret Taping In Michael Jackson Case. 18-07-'07

The owner of a charter jet company says he'd like a judge to decide how much he should have to pay Michael Jackson in connection with an incident during the pop star's arrest on child molestation charges.

The owner of the jet set up videotaping equipment to record Jackson and his lawyers during the flight from Las Vegas to his surrender in Santa Barbara, California.

The matter ended up in court and the jet's owner is now the target of a civil lawsuit. The jet company wants the judge to set punitive damages without hearing from witnesses who would have testified about his financial worth.

The judge has heard testimony in the two million dollar invasion-of-privacy suit, but hasn't ruled on it yet.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

A Prison Thriller. 17-07-'07

A video clip on YouTube has received thousands of hits, as 1500 inmates of a Philippines prison have recreated the wonderful choreography from Michael’s most famous epic video ‘Thriller’.

The men in the prison, all dressed in orange prison uniforms, dance along to the music in a thoroughly entertaining interpretation of Michael’s dancing.

Watch the video here below:

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

LawsuitLas Vegas Judge Rules Michael May Get Belongings Back. 17-07-'07

Michael Jackson may get his belongings back after a decision was made in court Monday. A judge ruled that the business, Universal Express, was in contempt of court and must return the items.

Universal Express held an auction in May for a collection of Jackson family materials it had previously purchased, but the company held some items back.

Jackson now faces another court date with Universal Express Friday (July 19) in New Jersey. If the judge rules in favor of Jackson, he will get his belongings back next week.

Source: Klas-TV / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson Sued By Law Firm. 16-07-'07

Michael Jackson has been ordered to pay $256,000 in overdue fees to a California law firm, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles.

Michael has been ordered by Torrance Superior Court to pay the fees to law firm of Ayscough and Marar after failing to compensate for their services following his 2005 sex abuse case.

It is believed Jackson's lawyers have agreed to pay the outstanding fees. Last month Jackson settled a breach-of-contract lawsuit with financial company Prescient Acquisitions Group over $48 million brokerage fees for the singer's multi-million dollar loans.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

The Beatles CatalogueBeatles Songs 'Save For Now'. 11-07-'07

I have been telling you for some time now that on May 31, 2008, Michael Jackson will lose the Beatles catalog. Sony has the right to buy it all out from him thanks to a 2006 refinancing deal.

But sources tell me that Sony isn't so eager to pony up the $300 to $600 million this purchase would entail. For now, at least, my sources say,"the company is happy with its passive partner. Michael isn't bothering us and we're not bothering him."

Recently, Sony/ATV Music Publishing has made some excellent strategic purchases thanks to new president and financial partner Martin Bandier.They picked up the Famous Music catalog and will continue to expand in the next year. So Jackson is safe, but this also means he can't raise cash against the catalog anymore. He would have to go back to work to do that.

And stories about Jackson on the Maryland shore last week were amusing. But Jackson was also buzzing around Virginia, as this column reported.For the first few days, he was in northern Virginia's 540 area code checking out shopping malls.

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

Raymone K. BainFire In Forest Near "Neverland". 10-07-'07

We have been advised by Joseph Marcus, Manager of Neverland Ranch, that Mr. Jackson's property is fine and that the brush fires are now about 10-12 miles away from the Neverland Ranch.

We pray that the fires cease and that Mr. Jackson's neighbors, and those in the surrounding area, experience no loss or tragedy.

Thank you.
Raymone K. Bain

Source: Raymone K. Bain / Billie Jean

Sony BMG Seeks Michael Jackson’s Backing For Move To Sign Songwriters. 05-07-'07

Sony is in talks with Michael Jackson to renegotiate the terms of their music publishing joint-venture, which would allow Sony BMG, the sister company, to sign songwriters for the first time.

A clause in the existing agreement between the 'Thriller' singer and the Japanese electronic giant prevents Sony backing a music publisher to rival their Sony/ATV venture, which has the copyrights to all 252 Beatles songs in its catalogue.

If Sony can persuade its volatile and cash-strapped business partner to relax or even erase the clause as part of the negotiations, that would allow Sony BMG, the recorded music concern, to become a part-competitor.

Sony BMG is desperate to enter the music publishing market because it would help to offset the collapse in recorded music and would.

Recorded music sales are expected to be off by as much as 11 per cent this year, but publishing has been more stable because it generates income from growing areas, such as radio airplay and use of music in advertising as well as CD and download sales.

Rolf Schmidt-Holz, Sony BMG’s chief executive, said in May that “we will do everything to reenter the market for music publishing”.

His remarks surprised rival executives, who knew that a decision to go into publishing was not within his power. However, the existence of the previously unknown discussions explains his confidence. Discussions between Sony and Jackson are at an early stage and could collapse.

Relations between the two have been strained in the past. Sony/ATV has faced problems making acquisitions because contacting the controversial star quickly enough to agree bids has been difficult. Jackson recently agreed to allow Sony/ATV to expand aggressively under Marty Bandier, the newly appointed chief executive.

The company now also has an option, which it has so far declined to exercise, to buy a further 25 per cent of the business from its partner. It is unclear how far the shareholder agreement between the two parties will be relaxed.

There are hopes that Jackson will not have to be paid, although if that is the case he is likely to insist that Sony BMG can only sign up a handful of songwriters. Half-owned by Sony and Bertlesmann, of Germany, Sony BMG is the second-largest recorded music company in the world, but it is unique because the company does not include a publishing arm.

The music business is traditionally split into two halves. Recorded music operations find, develop and promote artists, while music publishing units handle and manage songwriter copyrights. Its rivals Universal, EMI and Warner Music all conduct both activities. Sony and Sony BMG declined to comment.

Source: The Times / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Searches For Vacation Home In Maryland. 03-07-'07

Raymone K. Bain has confirmed that Michael is indeed scouting out some summer- house properties. Michael was in the Eastern Shore of Maryland last week for about 24 hours. Michael hasn't purchased any property as of yet as some reports are circulating the internet.

Michael has not limited his search to the Chesapeake region. He has reportly gone up the coast still searching for a vacation home.

Jackson came east with his children about 10 days ago to attend some meetings with his advisers and attorneys who live in the East coast. Michael has always enjoyed the East Coast because there is lots of land.

The Easton Star Democrat, citing "inside sources" said that Jackson spent the previous night at the historic Inn at Perry Cabin. The inn's managers declined to comment on wether Michael was staying at the inn. A wave of news reports followed, but no actual sightings. WBAL-TV captured video of sheets shrouding the path from the inn's exit to a waiting limousine . . . which certainly seemed like vintage MJ.

Ms. Bain was asked what Michael's meetings were about and she answered: "A laundry list" of issues, Bain said. "He's head of a vast corporation."…

Source: Washington Post / Billie Jean

Jackson "Too Incapacitated To Appear" At BET Awards. 03-07-'07

Michael Jackson was supposed to appear on the BET Awards a week ago. However, when the show producers approached his people (Raymone K. Bain and Grace Rwaramba, the nanny), they were told Jackson was too incapacitated to appear.

Jackson's people will go crazy when they read this today, but it's 100 percent true. The BET Awards are produced by Ron Weisner, an old Jackson friend who was on the scene with Freddy DeMann during the 'Thriller' era.

Source: Huffington Post / Billie Jean

Raymone K. BainRaymone K. Bain Ansers On The Mail. 01-07-'09

An on-going feud with a Fox News reporter has led Michael Jackson’s manager to reveal the star’s future plans exclusively to MJ Star.

Jackson’s manager, Raymone K. Bain, has spent the past few days wrangling with Fox News reporter Roger Friedman.

Friedman alleged in a column on Wednesday (June 27) that Jackson had fabricated claims that he was working on a new album, claiming the the star was actually bed-ridden and addicted to painkillers.

The infamous columnist, despised amongst Jackson’s online fan community, further alleged that Jackson would be forced to sell his half of the notorious Beatles Catalogue within the next year.

Bain swiftly released a counter-statement claiming Jackson had no intention of selling the catalogue. She added that Jackson was not bed-ridden and was, in fact, putting the finishing touches on new music.

Bain concluded her statement with the threat of legal action.

Today saw Friedman attack Bain once more, labelling her a liar and claiming his allegations were supported by legal documents he had obtained.

Speaking exclusively to MJ Star this afternoon, Bain responded to Friedman’s attack with the following statement:

“[Roger] could do no more than to create a subterfuge. I stand by my release. If you go back and look at Roger’s past reports, he defended me, now he attacks me…I expected it.”

When quizzed by MJ Star as to the true status of Jackson’s new album, Ms Bain exclusively revealed;

“He is going to release several singles prior to the album being released. He’s finishing up the first 3-4 now.”

She added that these singles will be released before the end of 2007.

MJ Star asked whether Jackson would promote these singles with either music videos or live performances.

As yet, Bain has declined to comment….

Source: Raymone K. Bain / Billie Jean

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