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Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Ill, But Not In Hospital. 30-03-'07

Michael Jackson is “a little bit under the weather,” but hasn’t sought hospital treatment, his spokeswoman said. “He is not in the hospital and he has not been in the hospital,” Raymone K. Bain said Thursday (March 29), denying reports that Jackson had been hospitalized with pneumonia… Bain said she spoke with Jackson from his home, where he was conducting meetings with business associates.

The 48-year-old pop star has been living in Las Vegas while he evaluates his options for a comeback deal. Jackson moved to Las Vegas late last year. He had been living abroad since his 2005 acquittal on child molestation charges.

Bain said a few members of the Jackson entourage had fallen ill after a recent trip abroad. “I don’t know how the doctors have diagnosed it,” Bain said.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Official Press Release. 29-03-'07

For immediate release contact: Raymone K. Bain

Rumour regarding Hospitalization of Michael Jackson true.

Washington, D.C. …….

In response to media inquiries, Mr. Michael Jackson is not currently in the hospital nor has he been hospitalized with pneumonia.

Thank you for your inquiries and your concern.

Source: Raymone K. Bain /Billie Jean

Nona Paris Lola Jackson Refiles Papers In Jackson Custody Case. 29-03-'17

Nona Paris Lola JacksonAn Englishwoman claiming to be the mother of Michael Jackson's three children has filed court papers in Los Angeles, seeking to share custody of the youngsters with the superstar. London-based Nona Paris Lola Jackson alleges she is the biological mother of Michael's kids, Prince Michael I, Paris Michael, and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket).

Jackson's ex-wife Deborah Rowe is generally acknowledged to be the mother of Jackson's two older children, but it is unknown who gave birth to Blanket. Nona filed papers last October (06) demanding a say in the custody arrangement between Jackson and Rowe, but her request was rejected last month (February 7) after a judge ruled she had no "credible evidence" to support her allegations and had failed to notify Jackson and his ex-wife of her claim.

In a motion filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday (March 27), Nona is requesting Jackson hand over his Neverland Ranch and another Encino, California home to her. Nona writes in court documents, "Debbie's hospital records will prove that my kids are not hers because of DNA." I gave birth through the means of water birth because I am technically a (sic) herbalist." Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone K. Bain has dismissed Nona's claims as "ludicrous". A court hearing has been set for 2 and 30 May.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson Turned Into 50FT Robot? 27-03-'07

Michael Jackson may build a 50-foot robotic replica of himself for Las Vegas if he decides to launch a regular show in the casino city, according to a US report.

The giant Jackson would be visible from incoming flights as it stalked the desert shooting laser beams, the firm behind the design told the New York Daily News.

The newspaper also reported that according to one source former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney was considering investing in the potential long-term show.

Andre Van Pier has apparently designed the Jackson robot and sketched out a stage set featuring a giant audience-interactive video game with human cyborgs controlled by the audience.

"Michael's looked at the sketches and likes them," said his partner at Luckman Van Pier, Mike Luckman.
He added of the robot: "It would be in the desert sands.

"Laser beams would shoot out of it so it would be the first thing people flying in would see.
"Neon is wonderful, but it's old school."

Last month Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone K. Bain confirmed he was "reviewing and evaluating" proposals for his future including several offers to perform in Las Vegas.

The star is currently living in the Nevada city. Ms Bain told the Daily News: "He hasn't made up his mind about whether a Vegas show is in the cards for him.

"He's been in the studio since November working on his music. He's been presented with various proposals. A Vegas show isn't a priority.

A spokesman for Sir Paul told the newspaper: "I don't comment on the business of his business."

Source: Metro / Billie Jean

'Thriller Live' A Musical Celebration Of Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5. 25-03-'07

Thriller Live'Thriller Live' UK Tour starts May 7th.

'Thriller Live' is the first audio visual spectacular specially created to celebrate the incredible career of the World's Greatest Entertainer - Michael Jackson.

This amazing show features over 40 performers including a full company of west end singers, children's ballet, gospel choir, live band and as you'd expect, fantastic dancer spaying tribute to the true King of Pop!

'Thriller Live' is above all else a celebration of the music of Michael Jackson. This sensational show features specially created choreography and brilliant vocal performances, in a brand new show that brings Michael Jackson's amazing songs and videos to life.

The show includes over two hours of hit songs such as 'I Want You Back', 'I'll Be There', 'Show You The Way To Go', 'Can You Feel It', 'Rock With You', 'She's Out Of My Life', 'Thriller', 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean', 'Earth Song', and many more!

'Thriller Live' coming to Glasgow on May 20th at the Royal Concert Hall. Tickets are prices at £32.50, £30, £27.50, £22.50. The show will start at 7.30pm in the Auditorium.

Source: Thriller Live / Billie Jean

Mesereau Rips Nancy Grace A New One Abt Jackson Trial Coverage. 23-03-'07

Nancy GraceIn case you missed it, Attorney Thomas Mesereau ripped Nancy (dis)Grace a new one when he commented on her rather atrocious coverage of the 2005 Michael Jackson trial. Mesereau called Grace’s coverage “buffoonery”. No arguments here. He also called her analysis “sub-moronic”. Again, no arguments here.

Grace was one of many hosts of various shows which relied heavily on… …agenda-filled, lopsided reports, often missing bombshell cross-examinations from the defense very early during the trial. Often, her coverage would vary wildly from facts which MJEOL and many other sites found out by actually reading the official courtroom transcript.

Mesereau certainly wasn’t the only person to note the shenanigans going on over at Grace’s shows (Court TV and Headline news), as many long time Court TV viewers heavily criticized the coverage. Specifically about Grace, Mesereau said:

“I think her coverage of the Jackson case was sub-moronic. She didn’t know the facts; she didn’t know the evidence. She didn’t know the witnesses. She didn’t know what was happening in the courtroom,” Mesereau said. “She tried to spin a verdict through a lot of emotional innuendo that was just buffoonery as far as I am concerned. When she was humiliated by the acquittals of Michael Jackson, she lashed out at jurors. I thought she was a disgrace. I thought she was the bottom of the barrel.”

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Michael Arrives In Los Angeles. 22-03-'07

Michael Jackson and his three children arrives in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (March 21) after a two week trip that saw Michael attend fan events in Japan and a visit to London, England.

There where a lot of fans at Los Angeles International Airport waiting to greet Michael upon his arrival adjudging by the photos, one lucky female fan got a hug from the King of Pop himself.

Michael arrives in Los Angeles
Michael Jackson arrives at Los Angeles LAX airport.

Source: Billie Jean

Beatles Catalogue Not For Sale. 20-03-'07

Despite recent reports to the contrary, "EXTRA" has confirmed that Michael Jackson is not selling his Beatles catalogue.

His spokesperson, Raymone K. Bain, tells "Extra" that "there is no truth to the rumour that Michael Jackson will be selling his Beatles catalogue… period… not back to Paul McCartney, or any other individual or entity.He has no intention, or interest, in selling his catalogue.

Source: Extra /Billie Jean

The Essential Collection (2CD Set) CD Album Cover'The Essential Collection' 2CD Album Is Released. 15-03-'07

The CD album 'The Essential Collection' of The Jackson 5 is released in Holland by Universal and contains previously released Jackson 5 material originally on Motown in the 70's.

The double CD album whose 36 tracks provide a good, all-round introduction to the work of young brothers, The Jackson 5 at Motown.

Sporting a sure and solid blend of soul, funk, pop and rock, the Jackson 5 transcended time, space, and barriers. Although it certainly requires more than one person to cement a group, there’s no question Michael was the star of the show. Aside from his unbelievably potent and heartfelt vocals, he was an amazing dancer.

Most of the early hits were written and produced by a specialized songwriting team known as 'The Corporation'; later Jackson 5 hits were crafted chiefly by Hal Davis.

Track list:

CD 1:
1. I Want You Back - 2:58
2. Who's Loving You - 4:00
3. ABC - 2:57
4. The Young Folks - 2:53
5. The Love You Save - 3:02
6. I Found That Girl - 3:18
7. I'll Bet You - 3:15
8. I'll Be There - 3:57
9. Goin' Back To Indiana - 3:29
10. Mama's Pearl - 3:10
11. Darling Dear - 2:36
12. Never Can Say Goodbye - 2:59
13. Maybe Tomorrow - 4:44
14. It's Great To Be Here - 3:10
15. Sugar Daddy - 2:32
16. I'm So Happy - 2:46
17. Medley: Sing A Simple Song / Can You Remember (At The Hollywood Palace) - 2:06
18. Doctor My Eyes - 3:12
19. Little Bitty Pretty One - 2:47
20. Lookin' Through The Windows - 3:39
21. Love Song - 3:25

CD 2:
1. Corner Of The Sky - 3:39
2. Touch - 2:59
3 .Hallelujah Day - 2:46
4. Daddy's Home (J5 Live In Japan) - 5:26
5. Get It Together - 2:47
6. Hum Along And Dance - 8:35
7. Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No) - 7:11
8. It's Too Late To Change The Time - 3:57
9. Dancing Machine (Original LP Version) - 3:28
10. Whatever You Got, I Want - 2:55
11. The Life Of The Party - 2:33
12. I Am Love - 7:27
13. All I Do Is Think Of You - 3:11
14. Forever Came Today - 6:21
15. We're Here To Entertain You - 3:02

Record label: Universal
Series number: 984733-4
Printed: Holland
Guide price: 20 €

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Michael Checks Into The Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel In London. 15-03-'07

Michael checks into The Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in LondonWhen Michael Jackson jets into London, the last thing he wants is to be spotted by his adoring fans. So the singer will usually do everything he can to ensure that his whereabouts are kept top secret even if it means pretending to be woman. He was so desperate not to be found that he checked into west London's posh Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel under a woman's name.

The King of Pop is currently holed up in the £3,000-a-night presidential suite on the 18th floor of the five-star hotel on Cadogan Place.

Michael Jackson In London but the staff there weren't exactly over the moon to see him. Since he has been there he has thrown the place into chaos.

Jackson would certainly give J Lo a good run for her money on the diva stakes by bringing a team of 10 security guards to look after him and his two kids - Prince, 10, and nine-year-old Paris Michael - on their whistle stop visit to London, which will end on Sunday.

He has placed two scary bouncers by the lift doors on the18th floor around the clock to make sure that nobody outside his entourage can get any access to them.

Our man with the tray added: "We have many big stars staying here, but Michael is very fussy. He has his own waiter and they stay with him the whole time.

"He has a massive group with him and they are taking up the whole top floor of the place and making our jobs difficult ...because it is all top secret and we have to make sure that nobody knows he is here."

Jackson had one staff member in such a tizzy she was tearfully overheard saying: "I was so worried, I couldn't find this place, I am scared that I am late and going to get into trouble."

Source: Metro /Billie Jean

Michael Arrives In London. 15-03-'07

Michael arrived in London yesterday (March 14) with less of a bang than he did when he arrived in Tokyo as not many people were sure when he would arrive.

I'm sure Michael and his children were very tired from the flight. As of yet, it hasn't been disclosed what he's there for. If there is one thing he's good at, it's at not being seen when he doesn't want to be.

Hopefully he'll come out eventually so all the fans in London can catch another glimpse!

Michael at Heathrow Airport
Michael Jackson and his children arrive at Heathrow Airport in London straight from Japan.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

The Beatles CatalogueMichael Jackson In Beatles Rights Threat. 14-03-'07

Michael Jackson is facing the prospect of losing his control of The Beatles back catalogue.

The singer, who snapped up the rights after outbidding Paul McCartney in 1985, looks set to relinquish his ownership by May 31st, 2008 after allegedly running up huge debts.

The move comes after Jackson sold part of his ownership to Sony last year with an option to buy his entire stake at a later date.

It is believed that he may also have to pay $250 million(£129 million) for expenses the company have incurred since taking over the partnership.

But under his current deal, Jackson is still expected to get an annual advance of $6.5 million and $2million under another clause, reports Fox News.

He bought the coveted publishing rights for $48 million in 1985. They are now thought to be worth $500million.

The 4,000-song catalogue contains more than 200 Beatles tunes.

Source: NME / Billie Jean

Jamie Foster Brown In Japan With MJ. 13-03-'07

Jamie Foster Brown, publisher of Sister2Sister magazine, was the sole press person traveling in Tokyo with pop star Michael Jackson and his entourage — which included his mother, Katharine Jackson, and his three children, Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Jamie, who like me hails from Englewood on the South Side, called this reporter from Japan and had this to say: “It has been amazing to see how people will risk life and limb darting in and out of traffic on foot to get a glimpse of Michael or to touch him. The fans in Japan literally inhale him,” Jamie said. “He is very accommodating … very happy, kissing and hugging folks and letting them hold him and hug him.”

“The $3,500 per person "Fan Appreciation" event brought out close to 400 folks, most of whom were corporate people with their children, and Michael took pictures with all of them,” said Jamie. “The drinks were free and the buffet dinner consisted of shrimp, chicken, beef, fish, veggies and a 12-foot long table full of Japanese desserts.

Premium VIP Party in Tokyo (08-03-2007)
Michael with Jamie Foster Brown at the Corporate VIP Event thrown in his honor in Tokyo, Japan on March 8.

“Complimentary tickets were provided to orphans, handicapped and physically challenged people. Michael went into the balcony to greet them all.

“The following day, there was another fan appreciation event that was $150 per person that brought out around 1,000. Fans are even spending $500 or more a night just to be in the Four Seasons Hotel where he is staying,” Jamie said.

On a fashion note, “Michael has been wearing Roberto Cavalli tailored suits,” she said.

I asked about his kids and, according to Jamie, Michael is a very attentive dad and she is finding the kids to be very well-mannered. And when they are in public, he still covers their faces.

Source: Sun Times / Billie Jean

Michael at Camp ZamaMichael Jackson Greets Troops In Japan. 10-03-'07

Michael Jackson dropped by a US airbase during his tour of Tokyo, meeting thousands of troops and their families. The singer has been in the country greeting fans at parties organised in his honour.

Michael Jackson wearing a classy black suit and shirt, he greeted thousands of U.S. troops and their family members at a U.S. Army base south of Tokyo Saturday (March 10), taking a break from days of parties with die-hard fans and well-heeled business people.

About 3,000 troops and their family members gathered at a fitness center at Camp Zama. Jackson walked around shaking hands and exchanging words to thank them for their service.

Jackson called the assembled troops at Camp Zama "some of the most special people in the world". "It is because of you in here today, and others who so valiantly have given their lives to protect us, that we enjoy our freedom," he told the crowd.

Michael watched some look-alikes copying his moves and music, and hears his songs played loudly over the loudspeakers at a fitness centre at the camp.

Jackson attended a ceremony to watch one army member being promoted, placing a pin on his uniform. In turn he was presented with a framed certificate thanking him for his visit from Col Robert M Waltemeyer, garrison commander of Camp Zama.

Michael Jackson will spend another three or four days in Tokyo.

Source: MJFC / AP / Billie Jean

Fan Appreciation Party TokyoMichael Jackson Hits Tokyo Nightclub Full Of Fans. 10-03-'07

After a $3,500-a-head gala the day before, Michael Jackson attended another party in Tokyo for his less affluent fans, more than 1,000 of whom crowded a popular nightclub Friday (March 9) for an evening with the reclusive pop star.

The Friday night tickets for went for $130, a fraction of the $3,500 that several hundred fans and business people paid for a chance to meet and greet Jackson the night before at a dinner held in his honor.

Jackson offered only brief remarks at the end of that six-hour party and did not perform.

Guests – most in the 20's or 30's – were treated to a stage show of gospel singers, Michael Jackson impersonators, but were not given the one-on-one opportunity that “premium” ticket partygoers got Thursday night March 8). Jackson watched the show from a second-floor VIP room.

Japan remains one of Jackson’s strongest fan bases, and Jackson fans have been out in force since his arrival in Tokyo on Sunday March 4.

A screaming mob greeted him at the airport and more crowded outside a popular electronics shop that gave him the run of the store after-hours the following day. Before leaving Japan, Jackson was also scheduled to tour a U.S. Army base just south of Tokyo on Saturday (March 10).

Jackson, one of the best-selling artists of all time, had lived abroad since his 2005 acquittal on child molestation charges, forsaking his Neverland Ranch in California for Bahrain, France and a castle in Ireland. He now lives in Las Vegas.

This is Jackson’s second trip to Tokyo in less than a year.

“Japan is one of my favorite places to visit in the world,” Jackson told the crowd Thursday, reading from a statement. “I want to thank all of you for making me the biggest-selling artist in Japan.” In comments to The Associated Press, Jackson said he is happy with his career, which he is trying to revive after his 2005 acquittal and a series of other legal battles over his personal finances.

“I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was 6 years old,” he told AP. “As Charles Dickens says, ‘It’s been the best of times, the worst of times.’ But I would not change my career.” Jackson, 48, said he was not bitter over his succession of difficulties.

“While some have made deliberate attempts to hurt me, I take it in stride because I have a loving family, a strong faith and wonderful friends and fans who have, and continue, to support me,” he said.

Source: The Denver Post / Billie Jean

Fan-deMoniUm - Chasing MJ Special'Fan-deMoniUm'- Chasing MJ' Special Airs On Fox TV. 09-03-'07

'Fan-deMoniUm'- Chasing MJ' was broadcast today on Fox TV, Michael Jackson arrives at Narita International Airport on March 4th 2007, he visits Japan for a series of fan events held in his honor.

A Corporate VIP Event thrown in his honor in Tokyo, Japan and appears at a fan appreciation party.

Also see we the U.S. Army Japan, Col. Robert M. Waltemeyer, commander of Camp Zama, presents Michael a certificate of appreciation to thank him for visiting about 1,600 service members, their families, and U.S. civilian and Japanese national employees at Camp Zama, Tokyo.

The special lasts in total 52:00 minutes.

Source: Fox TV / Billie Jean

Michael Attends Premium VIP Party In Tokyo. 09-03-'07

Michael Jackson was doing defiantly in his element as the guest of honor at the fan appreciation event in Tokyo. The party hosted about 400 people for a buffet dinner, a show featuring several MJ tribute performers and the opportunity to have your photo taken with Michael. More than 100 orphans and handicapped children were invited to attend for free.

Michael Jackson dispensed hugs and handshakes Thursday (March 8) to Japanese fans, who spent thousands of dollars (3,400 dollars) and an hour in the cold for a few seconds with the King of Pop.

Michael did not perform, but took to the stage toward the end of the six hour program. Dressed in a black and gold Roberto Cavalli suit and wearing sunglasses, Michael addressed the crowd with a prepared speech.

In his comments to the Associated Press, Michael reflected on his career. “I've been in the entertainment industry since I was six years old. As Charles Dickens says, ‘It's been the best of the times, the worst of times.' But I would not change my career.”

Michael seemed relaxed and comfortable and happy to be back with his fans. He said that he was not bitter over the past few years that have been fraught with difficulties.

Premium VIP Party in Tokyo (08-03-2007)
Michael Jackson with fans at the Corporate VIP Event thrown in his honor in Tokyo, Japan.

“While some have made deliberate attempts to hurt me, I take it in stride because I have a loving family, a strong faith and wonderful friends and fans who have, and continue, to support me,” he said.

The fans have been out in full force since Michael's arrival in Tokyo on Sunday (March 4).

A mob met Michael at the airport and tickets to the scheduled events sold briskly. Michael was also scheduled to tour a U.S. Army base south of Tokyo on Saturday (March 10).

Michael Jackson last visited Tokyo in May 2006 to receive a "Legends Award" at MTV Japan's Video Music Awards and to visit orphanages.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

"Definitive 200" By NARM And The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. 07-03-'07

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pleased to recognize this varied collection of some of history’s most influencial and popular albums, many of which are Hall of Fame Inductees.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame an the National Association of Recording Merchandisers names three of Michael's albums in their list of the definitive 200 albums everyone should own. 'Thriller' is at number 3, 'Off The Wall' is at number 80 and 'Dangerous' is at number 115.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson 'On Verge Of Reuniting' With Jackson 5. 07-03-'07

Michael Jackson is reportedly on the brink of signing a $487 million contract to reunite The Jackson 5 for a series of concerts over the next three years.

Jackson is said to be close to sealing a deal which would see The Jackson 5 performing 250 shows in Las Vegas over the next three years, with additional gigs planned worldwide - but the Michael has been blamed for delaying the new plans.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mail, "Initially there will be a best of album, two new tracks will be recorded, there will be the stint in Las Vegas, then the US and the world. They are already talking through product endorsements."The only reason no announcement has come yet is because Michael is a notoriously erratic individual."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Martin BandierMartin Bandier, Michael's New Business Partner. 07-03-'07

Michael Jackson has got a new business partner.

Martin Bandier, one of the most respected guys in the music business, is coming to Sony/ATV Music as president. Jackson still owns 50 percent of the company, and Sony has an option to buy out half of that stake at any time depending on Michael's level of financial desperation.

Bandier was head of EMI Music and turned it into the most successful of the music publishing companies. He's investing his own money into the venture, making him Michael's partner.

There's an irony here: Bandier was once partners, and remains friendly, with Charles Koppelman, who for three years helped run Jackson's roller coaster financial world.

Bandier knows Jackson better than he probably knows himself.He's considered an angel in a bad business, but he's no fool. Bandier will likely be less compassionate toward Jackson than the business people who were previously running Sony/ATV.

Source: Fox News / Billie Jean

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