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Mark Lester Talks About His Friendship With Michael. 26-03-'08

In a recent interview, Mark Lester (49) talked about his long-time friendship with Michael Jackson.

Lester once was the most famous English child actor and was cast in the musical film Oliver! (1968) where he played the lead in the multiple Academy Award-winning adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel.

But the days of fame and fortune are long gone. Today, the only reminder of his former life is his enduring friendship with singer Michael Jackson. He even offered to stick up for Michael at his trial after his pal was charged with alleged child abuse.

"Michael is one of my best friends. I talked to him just a couple of days ago. I've stayed at Neverland countless times. We met more than 30 years ago when he was on tour here with the Jackson Five. His agent rang me up and said: 'Michael's favourite film is Oliver! He'd love to meet you.' "We went for a coffee and we've been pals ever since. I'm just so proud of him He's managed to turn his life around after all the claims and he's just trying to get by.

We have so much in common. We were both thrust into the spotlight at a very early age. If you haven't experienced that, it's impossible to fully understand."

Source: Sunday Mirror / Billie Jean

King Of Pop To Move Back In Neverland? 26-03-'08

Moving vans, furniture trucks, landscapers, swimming pool repair men, have been seen over the weekend entering the gates of Michael Jackson’s home, Neverland. The speculation is the King Of Pop is planning to move back home soon.

Source: Sun / Billie Jean

Former MiJac Manager In NY Post Story By Mistake. 26-03-'08

Frank DiLeo wrongly-quoted in article about Jackson family's financial issues.

A scathing story about the Jackson family in Sunday's New York Post claims most of the famous brothers are financially strapped and waiting on the next handout from Janet, but EUR has learned that a source quoted in the article claims to have never spoken with either of the two Post writers.

"In a series of interviews with three of the nine Jackson children, two relatives and a current and former employee - over the last three years and as recently as last week - The Post learned in stunning detail just how down and out the Jacksons are," wrote The Post's Stacy Brown and James Fanelli.
They go on to claim that Marlon, 51, is currently stocking shelves at a Vons supermarket in San Diego, and "had to temporarily move into an extended-stay hotel." Randy, 46, reportedly "does odd jobs, including fixing cars in a Los Angeles garage owned by a family friend. He recently claimed Michael was going to give him $1.7 million – 'a pipe dream,' said another brother last week."

Brown and Fanelli say that Jackie, 56, "is struggling to manage his son Siggy's aspiring rap career after an Internet clothing business start-up and attempts to produce music failed." They claim that Jermaine, 54, "shuttles back and forth from his girlfriend's home in Ventura County, Calif., to his parents' mansion in Encino, where Jackie and Randy still bunk."

"Tito, 55, is the only brother still making music, but it's a meagre living," the article claims. "The guitarist fronts a blues and jazz band that plays small venues and nets him $500 and $1,500 per occasional gig - a far cry from the days when the Jacksons could pull in 50,000 people at $30 a ticket."
As for Papa Joe, the 79-year-old, according to the article, "spends most of his waking hours conjuring up schemes he hopes will replenish a bank account that once had more money than the FDIC cared to insure." Frank DiLeo

EUR's Lee Bailey has spoken with Michael Jackson's former manager Frank DiLeo, who was quoted during a portion of the article about the possibility of a Jackson reunion tour to generate funds.

DiLeo was quoted as saying:

"Michael was not going to work with the family again. He was concerned only about building his legacy. He had to be bigger than Elvis."
But DiLeo tells us he never made that statement. Furthermore, he contacted the article's co-writer, Stacy Brown, to complain. According to DiLeo, Brown said the quote was meant to be attributed to Bob Jones, MiJac's former director of communications and the author of "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask."

DiLeo told EUR:

"Stacy Brown called because he wanted me to speak at the University of - somewhere up there [in NY] - and I told him I lived in Nashville and I wasn't able to do it, and that was the end of it. He said, 'How are things going,' I said, 'Fine.' We talked about our business in Nashville."

Next thing DiLeo knows, he's being quoted in the New York Post regarding Michael Jackson.

"And I don’t know what [Brown] got into with Bob Jones or whatever, but I'm not a part of that whole crew," he said. "I never make statements and I don't make any comments. Why they put my name in that and where they got it from – it could've been something from 30 years ago, for all I know."

Source: EUR / Billie Jean

Rhymefest Makes Peace With Unhealthy Michael Jackson Obsession. 24-03-'08

Our general regard for Chicago’s Rhymefest extends far beyond the actual impact he made when he came out a couple of years back, even with the help of Kanye West. I mean, dude had some great stuff to say about the state of hip-hop on My Block Chicago.

Anyway, the Mixtape Monday crew got up with him last week to talk about this Michael Jackson thing he has going on now.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Tom Meighan Buys MJ Puppet. 24-03-'08

Tom Meighan, front man of the British alternative band Kasabian, spent £4,000 (about US$7,928) for the Michael Jackson puppet from the hit 80s show 'Spitting Image'.
According to The Sun, a source said:

“Tom has had his eye on Spitting Image memorabilia for a while.

He was scouring the internet to see what he could get his hands on. The (Jackson) puppet came up on eBay and he made his move.

The Kasabian tour manager did all the negotiating for Tom so he wouldn’t get too carried away with the bidding.”
Apparently, Tom Meighan was given a countdown over the phone as the time for making final bids ticked away.

The puppet will receive a place of honour in his living room alongside the BMX bike ridden by ET and Elliott in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 sci-fi blockbuster.

Source: The Sun / Billie Jean

Thrillicious' Thriller 25 Campaign In Full Force. 21-03-'08

During the 2008 Super Bowl, SoBe Life Water's "Thrillicious" commercial was broadcast for the first time to an audience of around 100 million. The commercial went on to become the most viewed viral Super Bowl commercial online, with an estimated 4 million views across several different video sharing sites. The commercial--which stars Naomi Campbell and a clan of Thriller-possessed lizards--has since continued airing in both 60-second and 30-second instalments across many television networks and during many key shows and events.

On March 19th, the second chapter of "Thrillicious" was born--in a big way! Huge billboards and LCD displays of the "Thriller" dancing lizards have now been deployed in New York and will continue throughout the country, and that's just the beginning! Also included in the "Thrillicious" promotional campaign (spearheaded by Peter Arnell; designer of Jackson's "Invincible" cover art) are stage performances and impromptu dance-offs to Michael Jackson's Thriller around the streets and cafes at major city locations. Three such events have been recorded in New York City, one such video can be seen at the bottom of this post.
Furthermore, the Thrillcious site predominantly displays an integrated virtual poster for Thriller 25; clicking on the poster takes the visitor directly to the Sony BMG Web site where they can then order the album. Between the Thriller-based Pepsi SoBe Life Water promotion and Sony's own Thriller 25 worldwide promotional endeavours, this year promises to reacquaint the world with the musical genius and global significance of Michael Jackson.

Source: Thrillicious.com / Billie Jean

Jackson's Brother Denies Neverland Auction. 20-03-'08

Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine has denied the singer's Neverland Ranch was ever for sale - insisting the property would go on the market "over my dead body". The California estate was reportedly scheduled to be sold off if Jackson failed to pay $24.5 million (GBP12.25 million) he owed in property taxes by 19 March (08).

The Thriller hit maker was believed to have saved his home by agreeing a deal with an investment group that will allow him to retain ownership. But Jermaine has insisted the property was never under threat.
He tells TMZ.com, "It's very simple. It's not for sale. Not over my dead body. It's not for sale." And when asked if the property would be sold if it went into foreclosure, he added, "That's a myth."

Source: wikio.com / Billie Jean

Keith Harris Speaks About Working With Michael Jackson. 20-03-'08

Speaking in a brief video interview with andPOP, producer, musician, and Black Eyed Peas drummer Keith Harris spoke about what it's like working with Michael Jackson. According to andPOP, Keith Harris is acting as a co-producer on Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston's forthcoming studio albums. A transcript of the MJ-related portions of the interview follows:
andPOP: What do you feel your greatest achievement so far has been?

Harris: I think it is working with Michael Jackson! Just having my name alongside Michael Jackson. I mean, that's, that's big.

andPOP: Is he one of your idols?

Harris: Oh, of course!

andPOP: What's it like working with Michael Jackson?

Harris: It's great. It's just like, you know, just the awe factor. Like, "I'm sitting next to Michael Jackson right now." I mean like, he's talking to me. "Hey," you see, he's talking to me. (Laughs) And I mean, just knowing all the things he's accomplished in his life. And, you know, I mean, starting out as a kid, just killing it with his vocals. And just his musicianship alone is just something to be in awe of. And just his aura and the positive energy that he brings to the studio is great. And, a lot of artists don't do that, you know, "because I'm such and such and such," but he's really, really cool. Really nice guy, so it's an honour to work with him.

Source: Hits Daily Double / Billie Jean

T25 Selling Better Than Janet's 'Discipline'. 19-03-'08

In the USA, Michael's 'Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition' is still selling very well with 49,795 copies being sold last week, placing it at #5 on the overall album sales chart at Hits Daily Double. Thus, sales were as high as last week with even another +1% increase.

For comparison: 'Discipline', the new album of Michael's sister Janet, only sold 36,670 copies last week (-29%), dropping from #3 to #9.

Source: Hits Daily Double / Billie Jean

Michael's Animals Moved To Arizona. 19-03-'08

Michael Jackson’s Neverland menagerie is alive and well — and living just a hop, skip and jump from the Grand Canyon.

Voices of the Wild Foundation (VWF), a non-profit organization based in remote Page, Arizona (USA) that provides sanctuary to exotic animals, has adopted the bulk of Michael’s zoo — including four giraffes, nine parrots and three giant pythons. VWF said the animals arrived "in good condition, with no signs of mistreatment". Two caymans and two anacondas (now living in Oklahoma) are also set to join the herd in the coming months.

At the moment the animals are living in temporary quarters. But VWF says it plans to build a new preserve to house them, as well as other needy creatures like tigers and zebra. The multimillion-dollar, 185-acre Banjoko Wildlife Preserve will feature sprawling habitats, a reptile house, an aviary and a veterinary clinic.

The VWF is encouraging Michael Jackson to visit his former pets in Page anytime he wants. Preserve manager Marc Chandler said in an interview:

“It's not that he gave them up because he didn't want animals anymore. It was a financial situation and they were caught in the middle of it.
Michael is welcome to be a part of their lives.”

Source: pagesix / Billie Jean

More Videos From 'America's Best Dance Crew'. 17-03-'08

Lately, the MTV show 'America's Best Dance Crew' paid tribute to Michael's album 'Thriller'. Videos of that performances can be found on the MTV web site.
Each week the dancers demonstrate their most innovative choreography and dance skills. The crews are asked to recreate the moves seen in the hottest music videos and movie scenes. In the end, only one team will be crowned America's Best Dance Crew, winning a cash prize and a coveted touring contract.

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Beat It
The decision

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

'Preferential Treatment' Case Against Jackson May Not Go Forward. 17-03-'08

KSBY Action News is reporting that the "preferential treatment" civil case filed against Michael Jackson and Marian Medical Center may not continue, as the plaintiffs did not show up for a court hearing today. According to the attorney for the medical center, the plaintiffs (Maria Ortiz, Rosa Meraz, Marcos Meraz), the accusing family does not have a lawyer secured to argue the case.

Marian Medical Center issued a statement about the case, which states: "Patient care and safety is always our first priority at Marian. We have always been confident the care provided to Mrs. Ruiz was exceptional. We continue to express our sympathy to the Ruiz family."

MJJR.net Trivia: This case stems from the February 15, 2005 incident in which Michael Jackson was admitted to the Santa Maria Marian Medical Center for what Dr. Chuck Merrill described as a flu-like illness. Another physician, Dr. Eric Ellis, informed judge Rodney Melville at the time that Michael Jackson was ill with the flu and could not make it to court on that day, whereby the jury deliberation in the criminal trial was postponed for one week.

Exactly two years later on February 15, 2007, a group of family members and relatives of Manuela Ruiz filed a civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson in Santa Barbara, accusing Michael Jackson, Marian Medical Center, and Catholic Healthcare West of "Abuse of Celebrity Status." The initial complaint put a great deal of emphasis on Michael Jackson and accused him and the hospital of many outlandish and factually inaccurate claims. The complaint alleged everything from intentional infliction of emotional distress, to elder abuse, to false imprisonment and conspiracy, to negligent infliction of emotional distress. The preceding judge of this case was Judge Rodney Melville.

On August 22, 2007, it was ruled that the case could not continue as-is and the family of Manuela Ruiz was given the opportunity to re-file an amended complaint. The judge agreed with the defence in that the facts of the case did not support the initial complaint. In November of 2007, the case was again re-filed.

The next hearing in this case is scheduled for April 8, 2008 at 8:30 A.M., in which Judge Rodney Melville will consider a demurrer, a motion to strike the case, and a motion for sanctions.

Source: KSBY / Billie Jean

T25: Over 1 Million Copies Sold Worldwide. 15-03-'08

According to Global Track Chart, the official global hit list compiled and provided by Media Traffic, ‘Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition’ remains at #3 in the Global Album Chart this week with sales of more than 185,000.
The album has now sold more than 1,024,000 copies worldwide.

Source: Global Track Chart / Billie Jean

Neverland: Update. 15-03-'08

A public auction of the Neverland Valley Ranch in central California (USA) had been scheduled for next week after Michael Jackson went into default on the $24.5 million he owes on the property. However, the auction was postponed until May 14, 2008 by "mutual agreement" of Michael Jackson and his creditors, said Julie Wagner of Financial Title Co. of San Francisco, the firm that filed the default papers.

On Friday, Michael Jackson's attorney, L. Londell McMillan, told The Associated Press:

"That allows us to refinance or sell the property. We expect to have this matter resolved well before May 14."
In 1988, Michael Jackson bought the property in the bucolic rolling hills of Los Olivos, 150 miles north of Los Angeles, from real estate baron William Bone. He brought in more than a dozen amusement park rides, including a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel and roller coaster and installed a zoo. He left Neverland after a jury acquitted him of molestation charges in 2005.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Quincy: God Made Thriller. 14-03-'08

Quincy Jones refuses to take credit for producing the legendary album 'Thriller'. Jones claims he and Michael Jackson never planned the LP and claims God has a hand in every piece of music made.

He told Interview magazine:

"People kill me when they say, 'How do you sit down and plan to do an album like Thriller?' Give me a break. You have to let go and let God deal with things.
As I get older, I realise, about music or whatever, how little we have to do with anything. You write the script and then God comes and rewrites it."

Source: Contactmusic / Billie Jean

Neverland: Auction Will Go Forward. 14-03-'08

The following was reported on Roger Friedman's column on Fox411 today:

No matter what you heard or what was said, issued or spun yesterday, here is the real story about Neverland: it is still in foreclosure and proceeding to a public auction on May 14th in Santa Barbara, California.
Michael Jackson’s reps did not, I repeat, did not, make a deal with Fortress Investments. A premature statement yesterday by one of his lawyers was incorrect. Fortress agreed only to a two month extension, so that Jackson or someone in his camp can untangle this mess.

That does leave the door open for Jason Castro's group from Los Angeles. They have fully funded an escrow account with $46 million and still want to make the deal happen. I am told they are worried that Jackson’s real reps will feel they are tainted by their nearly getting conned in a weird side deal that collapsed into chaos the other day.

Maybe someone should rouse Michael Jackson from his childhood reverie and tell him what is going on. He’s almost 50 years old, for god’s sake. The idea that he’s really 12 because he never had a childhood is no longer valid.

Meanwhile, that crazy scheme that almost devoured Castro continues to have reverberations. Jackson’s former manager, Raymone Bain, has hired an attorney to deny her involvement in this separate refinancing. Michael Ross refers in his letters of protestation to an incriminating document he says implicates Bain but is indeed fake. He insists this letter bears Bain’s forged signature.

Only one problem: no one has ever heard of this letter. Ross was the first person ever to bring it up, or to distribute it. Neither this reporter, nor any of the people involved, has any idea what he’s talking about.

Did Bain know about Castro's refinancing plans? It would seem like it. Her name appears in a February 6th email — which this reporter has obtained — among all the parties who participated in a conference call that day to discuss the situation. There were several other people on the call who believe they dialed into a special number, and that Bain was one of the participants.

More to come…

Source: Fox News / Billie Jean

Jackson Lawyer: Neverland Ranch Saved. 14-03-'08

Michael Jackson has refinanced Neverland ranch in time to save his famed California spread from a public auction that was scheduled for later this month.

Jackson attorney L. Londell McMillan told The Associated Press on Thursday that the pop star has worked out a “confidential” agreement with Fortress Investment Group, LLC. The deal allows him to retain ownership of the famed property in Los Olivos, Calif.

“Neverland and MJ are fine,” McMillan said.
An auction date had been set for March 19 because of $24.5 million the singer owed on the 2,500-acre spread northwest of Santa Barbara.

A source close to the singer who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter said it’s not clear whether Jackson will keep Neverland. Jackson has not lived there since his acquittal on child molestation charges in 2005.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Woman Arrested At Neverland. 12-03-'08

The song clearly spells out that 'Billie Jean' is not his lover. But that didn’t stop a Santa Maria woman named Billie Jean Jackson (60) from allegedly trying to get through the gates of Michael's Neverland Valley Ranch on Monday evening.

The woman told a security guard at the front gate of the ranch that she was Michael Jackson’s wife and this was her ranch, too, reported the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. The guard, who had arrested her multiple times before on suspicion of trespassing, turned her away. However, she moved a few yards down the road, climbed over a fence and was then detained by security.

Deputies responded to the ranch shortly after 6 p.m. for the trespassing call and the woman was booked into County Jail on suspicion of trespassing. Her bail was set at $2,500.

Source: Santa Maria Times / Billie Jean

"Thriller 25" Is Heading For Gold Certification With The RIAA. 12-03-'08

The "Thriller 25" album has sold better than anyone imagined. A month later, the revamped package is holding its own in the top 10. Last week, "Thriller 25" was one of the few CDs that actually increased its sales, by 20 percent. It sold almost 50,000 copies. In this economy, with the record biz dead, that’s quite an accomplishment.

At a total 300,000-plus, "Thriller 25" is heading for gold certification with the RIAA. That would be quite an accomplishment for a CD that’s been reissued several times. It also might be a sign of how bad things are in the marketplace. Good music is being drunk like water in the desert!

Source: Billie Jean

Jacko's Neverland Ranch Needs Some TLC. 11-03-'08

These photos depict Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in a sorry state. The Daily Mail has a series of photos showing the neglected grounds, near Santa Barbara, California. Seen here at left is the ripped tent over the bumper car rink. At right is an animal enclosure for his once famous menagerie. Jackson has to pay off $25 million in debt by next week or Neverland will go on the auction block. According to the NME, two wealthy fans may bid on it in a last ditch effort to bail Jacko out.

Source: boingboing.net / Billie Jean

Play Mobil Of Michael. 11-03-'08

Ever wonder how MJ would look like if it was a Play Mobil figurine? Well, wonder no more!! Check it out.
Raging popular in Japan, these Play Mobil of Michael Jackson. Pay attention especially to the speaking eyes. Children gladly play with Michael Jackson.

Source: boingboing.net / Billie Jean

Bubbles: Where Is He Now? 11-03-'08

For nearly two decades, a wide variety of rumours about Bubbles' whereabouts have circulated amongst the media. Starting way back in late-1989, rumours were already surfacing that Bubbles had died in a barn fire at Neverland-while it is true that there was a fire in a giraffe barn in December 1989, no animals were harmed in the incident.
Similar false "death" rumours continued being spread by tabloids and book-writers up through 2002, although Michael Jackson's camp had long confirmed that Bubbles was relocated to a sanctuary. In 2002, Bob Dunn confirmed that Bubbles had been living well at his animal ranch in Sylmar, California and that Michael Jackson and his children would frequent the ranch to play with the animals, especially the baby chimps.

Now, Bubbles (approximately 25 years old) is living peacefully in a Florida-based animal sanctuary and has been described by the sanctuary's employees as both "sensitive and dramatic."

Source: Mother Jones / Billie Jean

Dancers In The Crowd Bring Back ‘Thriller’. 10-03-'08

Following are excerpts from an article that appeared in today's New York Times:

FROM their seats on the rumbling London Underground, a group of stony-faced passengers rose at random and burst into the jerky slide kick of a zombie dance before melting away without a word.

The response of British passengers — stiff gazes, nervous silence and tepid applause — was, naturally, videotaped and posted online, and it quickly spun off into zombie dance sequels at the central Copenhagen train station, in Chinatown in London and on the street outside the Sydney Opera House.

The article points out that, by now all of these videos have been viewed more than a million times, much to the pleasure of Sony BMG, which staged the scenes to promote the 25th Anniversary of the 'Thriller' album.

In Britain, Sony BMG executives videotaped professional dancers in everyday settings — like the Tube and a Tesco supermarket. The results had a gritty street reality that mirrored amateur tributes like the video made in a Filipino prison, where more than a 1,000 orange-suited inmates performed “Thriller” as their daily exercise. That clip has been viewed more 11 million times on YouTube, about twice as many times as Mr. Jackson’s original version on that site.

“It’s really guerrilla marketing,” said Roger Menz, vice president for international strategic marketing for Sony BMG. “You go in, do your thing and leave as fast as you can. There was never any intention to hand out leaflets and say ‘Thriller’ is coming out again. It’s just bringing ‘Thriller’ back in the minds of people, but without the hard sell.”

Source: nytimes / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Company Denies Beatles Coming To iTunes. 10-03-'08

The company that owns the rights to a vast majority of The Beatles music catalog has questioned reports that the Fab Four have cut a deal with Steve Jobs.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the joint venture owned by Sony and singer Michael Jackson, has thrown cold water on newspaper stories out of London that The Beatles catalog would soon be available on iTunes. A spokeswoman for Sony/ATV Music Publishing told CNET News.com that the reports are "untrue."

Sony/ATV is a pretty good source. While EMI Group owns the recording rights to The Beatles catalog, Sony and Jackson own the rights to the vast majority of the catalog's publishing rights. Had a deal been cut, Sony/ATV would "absolutely be informed," the Sony/ATV spokeswoman said.

Source: news.com / Billie Jean

Video From 'America's Best Dance Crew'. 09-03-'08

This week's episode (March 6, 2008) of the MTV show 'America's Best Dance Crew' paid tribute to hits from Michael Jackson's legendary album 'Thriller'.
Kaba Modern, one of the dance crews competing in the contest, performed a special and excellent version of Thriller.
After scouring the USA for the top street and studio dance crews, MTV selected 12 of the very best. These crews need to impress a panel of judges, including JC Chasez, choreographer Shane Sparks, host Mario Lopez, and American Idol's Randy Jackson (not referring to Michael's brother Randy).
Each week the dancers demonstrate their most innovative choreography and dance skills. The crews are asked to recreate the moves seen in the hottest music videos and movie scenes. In the end, only one team will be crowned America's Best Dance Crew, winning a cash prize and a coveted touring contract.

Source: MTV USA / You Tube / Billie Jean

Become The Star In Michael Jackson's Thriller Video! 06-03-'08

For the first time ever and through the magic of technology, anyone can now star in the greatest music video of all time - Michael Jackson's Thriller - as part of the album's worldwide 25th anniversary celebration! Michael Jackson and Epic/Legacy Recordings (Sony BMG) have partnered with innovative media company Big Stage and YouTube to bring this landmark entertainment experience to the world. Central to the tribute is the ability for fans to easily create a life-like 3-D version of themselves that literally replaces the role of Michael Jackson in the music video. This cutting edge technology was developed by Big Stage and is currently in Beta.

With Big Stage's 3-D capture technology, users take three simple pictures of themselves with a digital camera and upload them to the Web, where they will be quickly converted into a life-like 3-D avatar called an @ctor (tm). Big Stage's proprietary technology will automatically map the contours of a user's face to generate an incredibly accurate replica of the user, fully equipped for animation. In under a minute, your @ctor will be born and fully alive through realistic movement and gestures. Users can then style it with a host of accessories, from hair to eyeglasses, tattoos, hats and more.

After users create and style their @ctors, they can drop them into the library of Big Stage-enabled user and professionally created content or Scenes. These highly personalized Scenes can then be shared by users across everything from famous movie scenes, TV shows and video games, to music videos, short video clips, virtual worlds, still images, user-generated content, instant messages, e-mails, social networks and more.

Source: Sony BMG / Billie Jean

T25 Remains #1. 06-03-'08

For the third straight week, ‘Thriller: 25th Anniversary Edition’ remains #1 in the US Top Pop Catalogue chart.
On the French Album Chart, 'Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition' still keeps the #1 position!
Also 'Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition continues to be # 1 on the Album Chart in Argentina while reaching # 2 this week in Chile. This is the first time Michael Jackson ever remains at the highest position in Argentina for 2 consecutive weeks.

More than 600,000 copies sold so far, currently making it GOLD in Argentina. 400,000 copies sold in Chile so far.
As the advertisement promotion continues, Thriller 25 has been sold out in Argentina.

Source: Billie Jean

Encino Home Will Not Be Foreclosed. 06-03-'08

Michael Jackson's Encino home, where many Jackson family members are living, is no longer under threat of foreclosure. Public records had shown that the entertainer owed money to mortgage lender Indy Mac Bancorp as part of a loan he took out on the property.
The Pasadena-based company originally issued a notice of default, but then vacated it. According to columnist Janet Charlton, "the family compound has narrowly avoided foreclosure several times before," and mortgage payments were made "at the LAST minute" this time as well.

Source: E! Online / Billie Jean

Jackson lawyer Wins 2.25-Million-Dollar Damages. 04-03-'08

Michael Jackson's lawyer Mark Geragos won a damage award of 2.25 million dollars Monday from the owner of a private jet company who secretly taped the troubled singer and his defence attorney in November of 2003. The incident occurred when Geragos and Jackson flew from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara for the pop star's surrender to face child molestation charges, of which he was later acquitted in a criminal trial.

Geragos had called the taping "one of the most outrageous acts I have seen in my 20 years of practicing criminal law" and filed an invasion of privacy suit against XtraJet, claiming the company videotaped the flight and tried to sell the tapes to the media for a sum in the high six-figure range. The lawsuit claimed the recordings violated Jackson's right to privacy.

The settlement could provide a much-needed boost to Jackson's finances. He is currently facing foreclosure on his Neverland Ranch after failing to make mortgage payments.

Source: earthtimes.org / Billie Jean

Will.i.am: "Michael Records Out Of My House". 04-03-'08

French-based music/radio site, Dario.fr, has been releasing various video segments from an interview with will.i.am throughout the month of February. Just several days ago, a new video was posted on the Web site, believed to have actually taken place in mid-January, in which will.i.am describes the experiences of working with Michael Jackson. In part, will.i.am states:

You know, working with Michael Jackson is cool, you know? It took a long time for him to get comfortable. You know, I went to talk to him when he was in Bahrain. Then I flew in to work with him in Ireland. Then worked with him in Vegas. Then talked with him when he was in D.C.. And he trusts me in the studio, so, at my house I have this big-- I turned my house into a big studio. So, now he records out of my house, finishing up the 25 anniversary of Thriller. And, you should see him at my house. You know, he gets all [starts groovin'] you know? And I have, I have his voice--I recorded him. It was crazy.

Source: dario.fr / Billie Jean

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