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Simon Cowell: Stage Fright Rumour Not True. 31-05-'08

This week, the British tabloid The Sun published an article claiming that Michael cancelled a performance on 'American Idol' just 24 hours before the show due to stage fright. The story was repeated by media organizations worldwide.

On Friday, 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell appeared on the BBC2 radio show 'Steve Wright In The Afternoon'. Asked about the rumour he said that those rumours are not true:
"Not true, not true. We hear those rumours all the time."
Cowell also stated that they would be happy to have Michael Jackson on the show some time.

Source: BBC2 Radio / Billie Jean

MJ Sculpture Displayed In Koons Exhibition. 31-05-'08

Jeff Koons (53) is considered to be one of the most influential living contemporary artists. On Saturday, he opens his first major exhibition in the USA after 15 years at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The exhibition will run through September 21, 2008.

The retrospective show will feature about 60 paintings and sculptures spanning Koons' career from 1979 through 2007. One highlight is a 1988 porcelain sculpture of the King of Pop and his pet chimpanzee, called "Michael Jackson and Bubbles."

In an interview to the Associated Press Koons said about this art:

"Objects are metaphors of people. All the works are like children, you really put a lot of thought and care into them.

The core of my work is to have transcendence in life. You have to first be able to accept yourself. Then you can take a journey which leads you to the acceptance of others."

Koons was a pioneer in his field in the 1980s, setting the stage for numerous other young artists. At the same time, he has an intense commercial appeal. Until May 2008, he held the record for the highest price paid at auction for a work by a living artist. His "Hanging Heart" sculpture fetched $23.6 million in November 2007. Many of the works on display in the Chicago exhibition are so valuable that they were uninsurable.

Source: Yahoo News / Billie Jean

Promoter Jack Wishna Doubts Vegas Comeback. 30-05-'08

A Las Vegas promoter has poured scorn on reports Michael Jackson is planning a Las Vegas spectacular - insisting the pop superstar is incapable of performing ever again.

Jackson prompted speculation he would headline his own Sin City residency when an equity group linked to the Las Vegas Hilton helped him save his Neverland Ranch from foreclosure.

He has also made a number of personal appearances in the Nevada city of late - including at an Ultimate Fighting Championship match on Saturday.

But promoter Jack Wishna - who helped Celine Dion secure her successful stint in Las Vegas - insists Jackson isn't fit enough to return to the stage.

He tells the National Enquirer, "Sadly, Michael's incapable of keeping promises, because he hasn't got the will to even show up anywhere, much less get himself into shape for a world-class performance. He might drop by to wave at guests, or do a dance on top of a limo, but a long-term show? That dream will never come true, I'm afraid.

Source: Star Pulse / Billie Jean

Ne-Yo Says He Is Working On Songs For Michael. 29-05-'08

R&B singer Ne-Yo (real name Shaffer Smith) has stated that he is working on songs for Michael Jackson. Ne-Yo, who has previously written hits for stars like Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles, revealed that working with Michael Jackson is one of his most challenging jobs yet:

"I'm submitting songs for his new album. He's being very selective; very picky, but he's supposed to be. This is a going to be a really important album."

Source: WENN / Billie Jean

Brauer Museum Of Art Receives Warhol Photos. 29-05-'08

The Brauer Museum of Art at the Valparaiso University has received a gift of 151 photographs taken by Andy Warhol, one of the most influential US artists of the 20th century. The photos, which are a combination of Polaroids and gelatin silver prints, include shots of celebrities like Michael Jackson, golf legend Jack Nicklaus, fashion designer Gianni Versace, former Fiat president Gianni Agnelli, and Dolly Parton.

The photos were donated to Brauer Museum by the Pittsburgh-based Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts through its Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program.

An exhibition of the Warhol works is expected for December 13, 2008 - March 22, 2009. Admission to Brauer Museum is always free.

Source: http://www.nwitimes.com / Billie Jean

iTunes Presents: The World Of Michael Jackson. 27-05-'08

iTunes has recently unveiled a "World of..." section of their store, which showcases select artists who have significantly contributed to the music scene. Today, on U.S. iTunes, the newly released "The World of Michael Jackson" is featured on the iTunes store home page. Along with a powerful introduction to the musical genius of Michael Jackson and a list of recommended MJ essentials, the page also contains a wealth of related content which help illustrate just how significant Michael Jackson has been in the music industry for the past 40 years. From Michael's own roots and influences (including James Brown), to similar-sounding artists, to cover songs by famous artists, to tracks which sample Michael's music, to Michael's own groundbreaking music videos, and much more, this featured iTunes section acts as a hub in showcasing Michael's creative influence on others.

Currently, iTunes has created "World of..." pages for 22 different artists including Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, and others--with Michael Jackson's being the first on the list.

"The World of Michael Jackson" page:
Put down the tabloids. Turn off the TV. Allow us to reintroduce you to, arguably, the greatest pop star ever.

From the moment Michael Jackson first made contact with the stage--a pint-sized, fully formed human dynamo--he lit it up with 100,000 watts of pure star power...and we haven't been able to take our eyes (or ears) off him since.

Even before he stepped out on his own, he'd already sold 100 million records with the Jackson 5. But, oh, when he stepped, it was a moonwalk into magnificence. With the transcendent trifecta of Off the Wall, Thriller (the biggest album of all time), and Bad, Jackson became a master of reinvention, his every move making everything that came before totally irrelevant.

About those moves...youngest singer ever to top the pop charts; broke MTV's unspoken colour barrier; sold 750 million records. How? Why? Because Michael Jackson sounded like nobody else: with a sequin-spangled mash-up of rock, R&B, and dance, he united AM and FM, black and white, yesterday and tomorrow--single-glovedly touching the hearts and shaking the hips of planet Earth.

Forty years from when it all began, its that sound that compels us, once again, to be moved by the music behind the man.

Welcome to the world of Michael Jackson.
Click on the image for the site of iTunes.

Source: iTunes / Billie Jean

Michael Spotted At UFC 84 And Vegas Bookstore. 26-05-'08

After making a surprise appearance in Los Angeles to help celebrate Christian Audigier's 50th birthday this past Friday, Michael Jackson was subsequently spotted at an Ultimate Fighting Championship event (UFC 84) held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 24, 2008.

Michael Jackson and his three children were also spotted, and photographed, browsing a Las Vegas bookstore during the weekend. This flurry of weekend appearances and photographs mark the first in many months, and speculation continues by Las Vegas columnists that a new single is set for release next month (this rumour has yet to be confirmed by Michael Jackson's camp). Michael Jackson was wearing his typical disguise when photographed at both the UFC 84 and the bookstore.

Source: Assorted / Billie Jean

Michael Attends Audigier's Bday Party. 24-05-'08

On Friday evening, famous fashion designer Christian Audigier (Ed Hardy fashion line) celebrated his 50th birthday with a big party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles (USA).

The party was attended by a lot of celebrities including Britney Spears, Fergie, Snoop Dogg, and Pamela Anderson.

However, the biggest moment of the night und some kind of shock to all of the celebrities and partygoers was definitely, when Christian Audigier announced a top secret appearance.

While onstage addressing his guests, he suddenly announced that he had a surprise. And a moment later, Michael Jackson walked on stage waving to the crowd and wishing Audignier a happy birthday.

The designer called Michael Jackson the “King of Pop” with Michael returning the favor, calling Audigier the “King of Fashion.”

Source: Celebrity-Gossip.net / Billie Jean

Judge Denies Another Motion By Nona Jackson. 22-05-'08

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Robert Schneider denied another motion by Nona Paris Lola Jackson from London (UK).

In a filing last month, Nona Jackson had claimed she has "over 15 biological children with Michael Jackson," that she is legally married to Michael Jackson, that her own father is Satan and that she was born with white skin that later turned black. She also asked for a restraining order against Michael's former wife Deborah Rowe, whom she called a "busybody" who makes it hard for her to "concentrate" when she attends awards shows with Michael Jackson.

Previous motions by the same woman, where she had attempted to gain joint physical custody of Michael's children Prince and Paris, had already been denied.

Source: NY Daily News / Billie Jean

New York Birthday Tribute. 22-05-'08

A celebration to mark Michael’s 50th birthday and ‘Thriller 25′ will be held in New York, USA, on Saturday August 23rd 2008.

The event, called ‘Tribute To Michael Jackson’, will include a book signing by their special guest Aphrodite Jones with her book ‘MJ Conspiracy’ and there will also be performances, giveaways, merchandise, videos, food and of course lots of music and dancing.

For more information please contact Reva Thomas at revathomas@gmail.com or call her on 347-417-0711. Reva is also looking for amateur MJ performers to participate in the event. Below are more details of the day:

When: Saturday August 23, 2008
Where: Franklin H. Williams Caribbean Cultural Center, New York
Address: 408 W. 58th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019
Time: 8pm - 12 Midnight
Admission: $30.00 US Dollars (Advanced Ticket Purchase)

Source: Billie Jean

XtraJet's Request For Re-Trial Denied; Owes $20.25 Million To Geragos. 19-05-'08

On March 3, 2008, XtraJet was ordered to pay $20.25 million to Mark Geragos and his associate, Pat Harris. The majority of this award ($18 million) was ordered to be paid directly to Mark Geragos, after XtraJet and its owner, Jeffrey Borer, were found to have illegally recorded video of Michael Jackson and Mark Geragos in November 2003.

On May 19th, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Soussan G. Bruguera denied Borer's request for a re-trial, and again ordered that they pay the $20.25 owed to Geragos and company. Despite the victory, Borer's own attorney (Lloyd Kirschbaum) told the court that Geragos would be unable to collect the money from XtraJet, due to the fact that the company went belly-up several years ago and is now bankrupt. Speaking to Associated Press, Kirschbaum stated: "It's like trying to get money from Enron." It was also implied that appeals process will continue, although the odds of Borer being successful in lowering the awarded damages are very slim at this point.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson: New Single? 19-05-'08

Many rumors have been circulating throughout the media in recent weeks and months with regards to Michael Jackson's forthcoming studio album and musical endeavours. In February, Akon told Rolling Stone that he recorded a "global smash" single with Michael Jackson titled "Hold My Hand." The track was initially slated to be released in March or April of this year in anticipation of Akon's new album "Acquitted" in May, but these plans have all been delayed for numerous reasons. In March, MTV reported that, although the song had reportedly been recorded by the two, various "legal hurdles" might still have to be cleared before the anticipated single (feat. Michael Jackson) can get green-lit. Tape masters Inc. released a short demo version of "Hold My Hand" (with Akon-only vocals) back in January, and a lengthier version of the same demo in May. Whether or not Michael Jackson's vocals will appear on the final track or not remains uncertain.

Also, ever since news broke earlier this month that Colony Capital, LLC. had taken over the loan on Neverland, rumours about Michael Jackson possibly performing in Las Vegas were once again renewed. As columnists began connecting the dots, they discovered that Colony Capital, LLC. in fact owns the Las Vegas Hilton complex. This, combined with the statement by Michael Jackson that he was "in discussions with Colony and Tom Barrack with regard to the Ranch and other matters that would allow me to focus on the future," only increased this speculation. Also, one week prior to any news about the loan takeover by Colony Capital, on May 2nd, Norm Clarke of Las Vegas Review Journal explained that according to one of his sources, "Jackson has been in talks with a local hotel boss who wants to make a major statement." Norm subsequently speculated that Michael Jackson would be "launching a comeback on the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's historic comeback in 1969 at the Hilton." None of these Las Vegas rumours have been confirmed by Michael Jackson's camp, however.

More recently, rumours have surfaced that will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas (who has been collaborating with Michael Jackson since 2006) is going to feature Michael Jackson on a track off of his forthcoming studio album. In an interview with AllHipHop.com back in September of 2007, will.i.am had announced that his second studio album, "Black Einstein," had already been completed but prior to releasing it he was going to focus his attention on his 2007 album release, "Songs About Girls." According to will.i.am, "Black Einstein" will feature collaborations from numerous artists including at least Kanye West, Nas, Slick Rick, and Common. No release date has been announced for will.i.am's next album.

Finally, gossip columnist Robin Leach of Vegas Luxe Life--who, in 2007, was granted exclusive access to sit in on a dinner between Michael Jackson and Simon Fuller (of "American Idol" fame)--today reported briefly that Michael Jackson "will be releasing a new single next month," although no additional details were reported. Promotion of Michael Jackson's "Thriller 25" is also expected to continue throughout much of the year, with an official 136-page book being released on June 23, 2008. Thriller 25 remains one of the top 10 best-selling albums of 2008, with an estimated 2-3 million copies sold worldwide.

Source: Assorted / Billie Jean

New Album Buzz From Las Vegas. 18-05-'08

Producer RedOne is spending a lot of time in Las Vegas these days, supposedly working on an album with Michael Jackson, which he can’t talk about.

“Honestly, I’m not allowed to talk about Michael at all,” says RedOne, who was born Nadir Khayat in Morocco and now calls Los Angeles home. “I just love him. I’m a big fan of his. There’s something going on, but I can’t talk about it.”

What RedOne can say is he’s spending a lot of time in the recording studio at the Palms.

“The studio, it’s incredible. The sound is amazing,” he says. “And so is Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas. We get a lot of peace of mind in Las Vegas. It’s very nice. It feels good working in Vegas. It’s very convenient, so close to L.A. It’s like a dream world that helps you musically and creatively.”

Source: Las Vegas Sun / Billie Jean

WBSS2008 Press Release. 15-05-'08

Sony BMG have released the following press release, ahead of the forthcoming release of ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ 2008′ from the ‘Thriller 25′ album in the UK.

Epic/Legacy and RCA Label Group proudly celebrates the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the world’s biggest-selling album of all time, with a new version of the unmistakable classic, Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’. This track is set to become one the big tunes of 2008, with its sacred melody and proven hook.
The never heard before Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’ 2008 features R&B superstar Akon. The track is produced by both Akon and the legend himself Michael Jackson, who has not worked on new material for over 7 years.

Since the release in February 2008, this new edition of Thriller has been a Top 10 album all over again in nearly every country around the globe, while in the UK it entered the album chart at an impressive No.3 such is the demand for this piece of musical history.

Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’ 2008 is the second track to be taken from Thriller - 25th Anniversary Edition. This includes the original album in its entirety as well as eight bonus tracks and a DVD featuring Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking short films from Thriller (Thriller, Beat It, and Billie Jean) and the artist’s Emmy-nominated breakout performance of Billie Jean from the legendary Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television special (first broadcast on May 16, 1983).

The newly expanded version of Thriller premieres five tracks previously unreleased in any form: a new Kanye West remix of Billie Jean; a new 2008 version of Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ with Akon; will.i.am remixes of The Girl Is Mine and P.Y.T.; and For All Time, a rare unreleased cut from the original Thriller recording sessions, newly mixed and mastered by Michael Jackson.

Additional bonus material on this must have package includes Someone In The Dark, Carousel, and Michael Jackson’s original demo recording of Billie Jean.
Additional mixes come courtesy from Johnny Vicious.

Source: Sony BMG / Billie Jean

Thriller Considered Historically Important. 14-05-'08

The legendary album 'Thriller' is now officially considered important enough to keep for all time and has been added to the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry. The institution preserves recorded works (music as well as speeches and other recordings) that are considered culturally or historically important.

In 2008, Michael Jackson's successful album is one of 25 recordings who received this honour. Others include 'Oh, Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison, 'The Tracks of My Tears' by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Joni Mitchell's album 'For the Roses', the original cast recording of 'My Fair Lady', the first Trans-Atlantic broadcast from 1925, Harry Truman's speech to the 1948 Democratic Convention and the 'Sounds of Earth' disc prepared for the Voyager spacecraft in 1977.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Thriller Tribute On 'Dancing With The Stars'. 13-05-'08

One of the top US television programs, 'Dancing with the Stars', will feature a tribute to Michael Jackson’s multi-platinum album 'Thriller'. 17 dancers will take the stage alongside R&B artists Omarian and Mya to perform 'Thriler', 'Billie Jean', and 'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’'. The performances will be choreographed by famous and award-winning dancer and choreographer Travis Payne who has worked with Michael on various award shows, music videos ('Scream') and tours (Dangerous World Tour, HIStory World Tour) in the past.

The episode airs in the US on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 9 pm (EST) on the ABC network.

Source: Legacy Recordings / Billie Jean

Jeffrey Daniel Defends Michael. 12-05-'08

Jeffrey Daniel, an US dancer, choreographer and singer of the soul vocal group Shalamar, heavily defended Michael Jackson in an interview to the British The Voice. Daniel was involved in the Michael Jackson videos 'BAD' and 'Smooth Criminal' and served as a dance consultant on 'Ghosts'.

In the interview, Jeffrey Daniel said that he knows that Michael Jackson did not molest any children, that he did not deserve the ‘wacko Jacko’ label, and should not be portrayed as a child molester. He explained that he has watched Michael Jackson do many kind things for underprivileged children dying from multiple sclerosis, cancer and other terminal illnesses.

“I stayed at Neverland. I saw what is there. I saw the kids who were staying there, it just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense. As far as I know, he’s not that type of person.

Michael does not tell people, but I have seen what he does. His greatest crime is his humanitarianism and his humility. It backfires on him and these people have gone after him.

I just feel sorry that he’s such an open hearted person - that he didn’t grow a much harder shell earlier.

Isn’t it odd that the media can be so forgiving of people who are in rehabilitation, people who have been convicted and gone to jail? I just think it’s unfair that the media paint such a negative picture of a person who was not found guilty.”

Daniel is performing the hit records and dances which made him famous at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London (UK) on May 17, 2008.

Referring to debates over whether Michael Jackson actually learned the moonwalk from him, Daniel added:

“That is between the fans. Michael Jackson and I have nothing but love and respect for each other. I never feel slighted by Michael’s achievement with the dance because he’s one of my dance brothers.”

Source: The Voice / Billie Jean

Memorabilia Auction. 12-05-'08

Dominic Winter Book Auctions are holding an auction this coming Wednesday on May 14th in Gloucestershire, UK. They have have three items pertaining to Michael up for grabs.

Firstly is a ‘Smooth Criminal’ white fedora that Michael wore during one of his concerts, and is signed under the brim “All my Love Michael Jackson 1990″, and bears the words “Michael Jackson” in gold lettering inside, a standard feature with all of his stage-worn fedora hats. It’s estimated to fetch between £300 - £500.

The second item available at the auction is an ‘Artist of the Decade’ award, which is a nicely mounted display, limited edition Platinum Award (number 576 of 1000). It includes a Platinum record, list of albums, record sales, a pencil signed letter of authenticity from Michael Jackson, three miniature album covers and plaque, framed and glazed 65 x 59cm. It’s estimated to fetch between £150 - £200.

The third item is a group of three autographed items, including a signed colour reproduced photo mounted with an unused 1988 concert ticket, plus a nicely mounted colour reproduced photo of Michael holding a panther signed “Love Michael Jackson”. A certificate of Authenticity attached to reverse, plus a large mounted ‘Dangerous’ poster signed on the top left margin, with an inch closed tear to the top margin, various sizes, all framed and glazed, plus a ‘Dangerous World Tour’ official jacket, size XXL, large tour logo on the back with “Dangerous World Tour presented by Pepsi” on the front, leather sleeves. It’s estimated to fetch between £100 - £150.”

Source: Dominic Winter Book Auctions / Billie Jean

Michael Makes Statement Regarding Neverland. 11-05-'08

Today, Michael Jackson announced that the foreclosure sale of his Neverland Valley Ranch, which was scheduled for May 14, 2008, has been cancelled. Colony Capital, LLC cancelled the auction after just acquiring the existing loan on the property from an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group.

Michael Jackson said in the statement:

“I am pleased with recent developments involving Neverland Ranch and I am in discussions with Colony and Tom Barrack with regard to the Ranch and other matters that would allow me to focus on the future.”

Source: Las Vegas Business Press / Billie Jean

New UK Michael Jackson Single ft Akon. 10-05-'08

It's official, the next single from Michael Jackson to be released in the United Kingdom will be Wanna Be Startin Somethin ft Akon.
With "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008" appears now the 2nd single from the album "Thriller 25". It is a re-worked, updated version featuring Akon on lead vocals with Michael Jackson on backing vocals.
The new single is expected to be released in a physical format, release date is May 26, 2008.

Source: Sony / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Back With Manager Frank DiLeo. 09-05-'08

Famous for managing two of the worlds biggest selling albums of all time, Frank DiLeo is revealed as one of Michael Jackson's new managers in an interview with music producer Steve Pageot:

"What artists are you currently listening to for your own pleasure?

Right now, Michael Jackson. I love listening to Michael, you know. Actually, I just signed a management deal with Michael Jackson’s managers, Frank DiLeo and Terry Harvey. So they’re managing me now, and we’re in talks to bring me into the studio for Michael Jackson’s next studio album. I’ve been listening to a lot of James Brown lately and Stevie Wonder. I’m going back into the old school. There’s always something you can learn from it. You gotta know what happened in the past to go into the future."

Source: MagingTheMogul / Billie Jean

Neverland Auction Cancelled. 09-05-'08

According to the official auction listing registry at Priority Posting, the impending public auction of Neverland Ranch that was scheduled for May 14th has now been cancelled. No further details about the cancellation are available at this time.

Priority Posting is a posting service in California that publishes a list of area foreclosures.

Source: priorityposting.com / Billie Jean

German Radio Show A Big Success. 05-05-'08

The German radio show "HR1 Musik-Box", which focused on Michael yesterday (for reference see MJFC news item dated 29-4-2008), was a big success for Michael Jackson and his fans.

Fans worldwide were asked by the MJFC Family to participate in the show by submitting their favourite songs and their stories. Not only from Germany but also from countries like Egypt and New Zealand mails arrived at hr1 and of course they were full of praise for the King of Pop.

One team member of the JAM fan club (MJFC Germany), Bianca, even had the chance to do a phone interview and to tell her MJ story.

Within a few days, JAM is planning a more detailed report on the radio show. An update will follow! Special thanks to JAM for the report and the mp3 download.

And special thanks to the fans worldwide who participated! You can make a change...

Source: MJFC Germany (Jam) / Billie Jean

Will.I.Am Talks Briefly About New Michael Jackson Album. 03-05-'08

In a recent interview talking about his appearance in the new Wolverine film, American singer/song writer Will.I.Am spoke briefly about working on the next Michael Jackson album. Here's what he had to say:

"Have you enjoyed the filming?

It just doesn't seem real for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm sleepy.
Even working with Michael Jackson seemed real, even though it was, you know, surreal, but the Wolverine thing seems like a big dream.

When will we get to hear the songs you recorded with Michael?

The new stuff? Um, I don't know... Can you switch that tape recorder off..."

Source: BBC / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Drops Lawsuit Against Accountants. 02-05-'08

Michael Jackson has dropped a lawsuit against an accounting firm he had accused of making deals and hiring people without his permission, according to court papers obtained on Thursday.

The papers, filed on April 14, did not say whether Jackson had reached a settlement with the firm or dropped the litigation for another reason.

Jackson, through his production company, MJJ Productions Inc., sued the accounting firm of Bower, Fox, Whitman, Goldman and Sloan in December 2006, alleging negligence and breach of fiduciary duty.

The lawsuit alleged the firm did not pay workers' compensation payments on his behalf in 2004 and 2005 and was late paying taxes he owed, in addition to hiring people and entering into contracts without his authorization.

The accounting firm countersued Jackson the day after he filed his court papers, claiming the singer owed nearly $1 million (505,000 pounds) in unpaid bills. That action was dismissed.

Jackson has maintained a low profile since his June 2005 acquittal on child sex abuse charges in California. His lawyers could not immediately be reached for comment.

Source: Reuters / Billie Jean

Neyo Talks About Working On New Michael Jackson Album. 01-05-'08

Neyo has been rumoured to be working with Michael Jackson on his eagerly awaited new album, here's what the young star had to say on what it was like working with the King Of Pop:

"Uh, nothing that would get me in trouble. He was very adamant about nobody knowing what's going on. No explanations, not even song titles. But we are working together and it's coming along nicely. He's being very selective."

On what it was like to get the call from the King of Pop:
"I thought they were kidding! I didn't believe it. I don't really do the star struck thing, but when I met him and stood in front of the man, I was shaking like a leaf."

Source: Twincities / Billie Jean

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