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Thriller Live Auditions Begin. 27-11-'08

Thriller Live opens at the Lyric Theatre, London, in January, and open auditions are being held to fill the part of the young Michael Jackson.

It was snowing in London, but the young men, aged between 11 and 15, queued for hours, then practiced their performances and danced and sang for the director, producers and the musical supervisor.

Nerves overcame some of them as they sang either ‘Ben’, ‘I’ll Be There’ or ‘I Want You Back’. The number was then whittled down to 22 hopefuls.

The second stage of the audition was to dance the steps of “I Want You Back’, and the number was then reduced to 12.

They then had to learn another Michael Jackson song to sing before the decision was made.

Tony Rex, the show’s manager, told them that the decision was difficult because the standard was so high, and they needed more time to make up their minds.

Good luck to all the boys.

Source: BBC NewsBeat / Billie Jean

Michael Is In Excellent Financial Shape. 26-11-'08

There are rumours that Michael Jackson is said to be living on a diet of gravy, painkillers and

The cash-strapped star – who settled a £4.7 million court case against Sheikh Abdulla Al-Khalifa at the weekend – is apparently surviving on the bizarre diet after his spending habits spiraled out of control.

Jackson’s financial woes are said to be a result of him blowing £1 billion on luxuries such as a Ferrari car and the entire stock from antiques shops and comic book stores he has visited.

Sources close to the ‘Thriller’ singer say he is a “millionaire who lives like a billionaire”.

However, the 50-year-old’s family lawyer Brian Oxman insists the star is in excellent health and is not struggling financially.

He said: “Michael is in excellent financial shape. We should all be so fortunate to have his problems. “He lives a pretty simple lifestyle these days. The extravagances are in the past.
He is very low-key, but he is happy and doing well.”

Source: Wenn / Billie Jean

Jackson, Sheikh Settle Out Of Court. 24-11-'08

Michael Jackson has agreed an out-of-court settlement with an Arab sheikh over a $7 million lawsuit.

Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa (left), had already testified against Michael Jackson.

The settlement means Jackson will not be giving evidence at London's High Court as scheduled on Monday, his spokeswoman said.

In a statement Celena Aponte said: "As Mr Jackson was about to board his plane to London, he was advised by his legal team to postpone his travels since the parties had concluded a settlement in principle. Therefore, he will not be attending court on Monday."

Al Khalifa said he gave the singer millions and planned a series of collaborations following Jackson's acquittal on child molestation charges in June 2005.

According to The Associated Press, the 33-year-old said the pair even moved into the same palace in the Gulf state to work on music together. But Jackson dropped the project in 2006, leaving Bahrain and pulling out of the contract.

Jackson's lawyers maintained the money was a gift and argued that the musician wasn't bound by the deal because the contract was signed on behalf of 2 Seas Records, a venture which never got off the ground, AP said.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Sheikh Abdulla Testifies. 23-11-'08

Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad al Khalifa, second son of the King of Bahrain, testified in a London court on claims that Michael Jackson owes him a large amount of money.

The sheikh originally wanted Michael Jackson to honour his contract to produce an autobiography and stage play. But, Bankim Thanki QC, representing the sheikh, said his client was abandoning that part of his claim.

"Sheikh Abdulla does not want any collaboration in the future and nothing more to do with him. In essence, he wants to draw a line through the relationship and, in short, he wants his money back."

Sheikh Abdulla claims he collaborated with Michael Jackson on several songs which he wanted the star to record and perform. But in the witness box, he admitted he had no musical training other than playing the piano as a child.

"I write music with producers. I don't write music myself, no," he replied to questioning from Michael Jackson's lawyer Mr Englehart.

Mr Englehart also queried the sheikh's total claim of $7m. Sheikh Abdulla has said in evidence that this figure was agreed between himself and Michael Jackson when they signed a Combined Right Agreement in April 2006. The barrister said that at the time of the agreement, the total amount of the expenses was "well under six million" according to the sheikh's own schedule of costs.

The case continues next week.

Source: Sky News / Billie Jean

Grace Rwaramba Testifies. 22-11-'08

Michael Jackson's former personal assistant and nanny to his children Grace Rwaramba testified in London (UK) as a defence witness. She said that Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who is currently suing Michael Jackson, was a generous friend, eager to give Jackson money and other gifts. She also said that the sheik referred to Michael Jackson as his brother and frequently offered the singer gifts and money.

"He would say, 'What can I do for my brother?' 'What can I give the children?' Mr. Jackson had a back pain and he told me to get Tiger Balm for him."

Rwaramba said she considered the sheik's behaviour "sweet."

The money at issue includes sums of $35,000 and $1 million paid into Rwaramba's bank account by the sheik. Rwaramba said the money was intended for Michael Jackson, who did not have a bank account of his own. Rwaramba said she was "flabbergasted" when she received the first payment of $35,000, which she considered a large sum. She said the sheik "apologized that it was a little. He said next time it would be more." The court also heard that Al Khalifa paid for hotel rooms for Michael Jackson and his entourage and trips to Toys R Us to buy Christmas presents for the singer's guests.

Rwaramba said the sheik never suggested any of money would have to be paid back.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

‘The Jacksons Are Coming’ To Air In UK. 21-11-'08

‘The Jacksons Are Coming’ fly-on-the-wall series begins in the U.K. on Channel 4 at 9.00 p.m. next Thursday, November 27th.

We believe the series is based on Michael’s brothers trying to find a suitable home in Devon.

Source: MJWN / Billie Jean

"All Time Top 40" On MTV Base. 21-11-'08

On November 29, 2008, MTV Base - a digital pay tv music channel from the UK with focus on hip hop, R'n'B and reggae - will dedicate 5 hours to Michael Jackson.

From 6 - 11 pm, Michael's friend David Gest will present in the show "All Time Top 40" the 40 most successful hits of the King of Pop from official chart placements of past years.

Source: MTV Base / Billie Jean

Michael To Give Evidence. 20-11-'08

Michael will be in the London High Court next week to counter allegations that he’s breached a music contract with Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

Although there has been some health concerns relating to Michael appearing in court, he has now been cleared by his medical advisors.

Michael is expected to arrive in Britain over the weekend, probably Saturday, and will give evidence on Monday afternoon.

Even though the case has be brought by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa he said of Michael this week in court: “I regarded him in the same way as other businessmen. He is a person who is very switched on, a fantastic businessman and fantastic intellectual.”

Source: BBC / Billie Jean

'Off The Wall' 30th Anniversary Edition. 20-11-'08

After the huge worldwide success of the 'Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition' SonyBMG is planning to release a 30th Anniversary Edition of 'Off The Wall' in 2009. A final release date is not available yet, but it might be released around February or March.

I will keep you up-to-date.

Source: SonyBMG / Billie Jean

'Sick' Jackson May Not Attend Trial, Lawyer Says. 19-11-'08

Michael Jackson's attorney said Tuesday that the pop star might be too sick to travel to London to testify in a lawsuit claiming he owes an Arab sheikh $7 million.

Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, is suing Michael Jackson. Jackson is seeking to give his testimony by video link from the United States.

"It would be unwise for him to travel, given what's he's got now," lawyer Robert Englehart said, declining to elaborate "for the obvious reasons." Al Khalifa's lawyer, Bankim Thanki, said the medical evidence presented by Jackson's legal team was "very unsatisfactory" and Jackson's illness could be treated with a bandage "if the diagnosis is positive." "It's not the first time a sick note has been presented by Mr Jackson," Thanki said, also without elaborating.

The judge, Nigel Sweeny, said he would decide the matter Thursday to allow time for medical experts on both legal teams to talk.

Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the second son of the king of Bahrain, claims that Jackson reneged on a contract for an album, a candid autobiography and a stage play, after accepting millions from the sheikh.
Al Khalifa was in court Tuesday for the second day of arguments and testimony.

The case is being tried in London by mutual agreement, Al Khalifa's representatives have said. It is due to wrap up by the end of the month. Earlier Tuesday, Thanki told the court that Al Khalifa was shocked when Jackson's publicist called him to say the singer wanted out of a record deal the pair concluded in 2006.
He said his client paid millions of dollars to shore up Jackson's shaky finances and subsidize his lifestyle in the Gulf state. This support, he argued, was an advance on the proposed album and autobiography.

However Jackson's lawyers insisted the money was a gift and that the record deal is invalid.

The singer's finances fell apart following his arrest in 2003 on charges that he molested a 13-year old boy at his Neverland ranch in the U.S. He moved to Bahrain after being acquitted.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Sheikh Accused Michael Jackson Of Breach Of Contract. 18-11-'08

On Monday 17th, a trial started in the High Court of London (UK). Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, son of the King of Bahrain, is suing Michael Jackson for £4.7million (about US$ 6.9 million) for allegedly breaching a contract between the pair.

The Sheikh had housed Michael Jackson in Bahrain after he was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005. In return for his hospitality, the Sheik claims, Michael Jackson agreed to record new material and write an autobiography. Lawyers for the Sheikh said the money was given to Michael Jackson as an advance on the book and joint recording project with the sheikh, who is an amateur songwriter.

The court heard today how the pair developed a "close personal relationship" during Michael Jackson's stay. The Sheik's lawyer Bankim Thanki said a track Michael Jackson recorded would be played to the court during the 12-day trial.

Michael Jackson has contested that a deal was struck between the pair and said the financial donations were “gifts”. The Sheik's case is based on "mistake, misrepresentation and undue influence”, he added. Thanki acknowledged that Al Khalifa gave some gifts to Michael Jackson but said that most of what he received was part of a business deal.

Neither Michael Jackson nor Al Khalifa were in attendance as the trial opened. According to the BBC, an application has been made for Michael Jackson to appear via video link from the USA.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Akon: "He Is A Genius". 14-11-'08

In an interview to IGN Music, singer Akon had to answer a question about what it was like working with Michael Jackson:

IGN Music: One last thing, and I'm sure you've been asked this a million times, but what was it like working with Michael Jackson?

Akon: Aw, man, that was a blessing. Literally. I learned so much just from a conversation with him. He is a genius, man, I mean like literally. I can understand his success just by having a basic conversation with him. I can see why he was so big and why he is a legend today and will always have an impact when it comes to the pop world because of his contributions. It's just so crazy because sometimes you never really know what's in the person's mind until you have a basic, every day, heart-to-heart conversation with them. You know what I mean?

Source: http://uk.music.ign.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Writes Notes To Fans. 14-11-'08

Here are two handwritten notes from Michael Jackson, which were reportedly written in Los Angeles on November 10th and November 11th for the fans at the hotel in which he was staying. Below is a transcript:

"I truly love all of you; I am recording tonight, for all of you, you are my true inspiration forever. I am living for you, and the children. Be alive, be free, feel consciousness, subconscious, being God. I love you. M. Jackson and Family." (Nov. 10 2008)

"You make me sooo happy. I can feel your energy through the walls. The sky is the limit. Higher consciousness always. Working hard, as always. Music, film, performance. I love you. Michael Jackson." (Nov. 11 2008)

Source: MJTLS @ KOPD / Billie Jean

Neverland Valley Ranch Update. 13-11-'08

Michael Jackson has transferred his Neverland Valley Ranch to a company. On Monday, he filed a grant deed on the property that makes the new owner an entity called the Sycamore Valley Ranch Co. LLC, Tom Pearson of the Santa Barbara County clerk-recorder's office said Wednesday.

Reportedly, Sycamore Valley Ranch Co. is a joint venture between Michael Jackson and an affiliate of Colony Capital LLC. Tom Pearson said the deed did not indicate who owns Sycamore. A listing on the California secretary of state's Web site says the company filed with the state in June. It does not identify its owners, but the company has the same Century City address as Colony Capital LLC. Colony Capital is a Los Angeles-based real estate investment company run by billionaire Tom Barrack. It owns several properties in Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Hilton. Actually the Neverland property was called Sycamore Valley Ranch before Michael Jackson bought it in 1988 and was a working cattle ranch owned by Bill Bone.

Currently it is not known what the future of the 2,500-acre property in Santa Barbara County will be.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

100 Greatest Singers Of All Time. 12-11-'08

The Rolling Stone magazine conducted a list of the '100 Greatest Singers Of All Time' of the rock era. The list was compiled by a panel including Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards and Alicia Keys. Each voter was asked to list his/her 20 favourite vocalists from the rock era, in order of their importance. Those ballots were recorded and weighted according to methodology developed by the accounting firm of Ernst & Young, which then tabulated and verified the results for Rolling Stone.

Aretha Franklin tops the list, followed by Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson made it to #25.

Patrick Stump of the group 'Fall Out Boy' honoured Michael with the following words:

Michael Jackson is a perfect storm of innate talent and training. His singing as a child is astounding: He just nailed "I Want You Back" — there's maybe one bum note on that song, which is crazy to me, because he was only 11 years old.
One of the key elements of his style is how he uses his voice as an instrument. His signature grunts — "ugh," "ah" and all that — are rhythmic things that guitar players or drummers usually do. He's one of the most rhythmic singers ever — Prince emulated James Brown a lot more, but Michael Jackson approximated it more naturally.

And he has insane range. I can sing pretty high, but I had to drop "Beat It" a half step when I sang it. He sings this incredibly high note — I think it's a high C or even a high C-sharp, which no one can hit — on "Beat It," as well as "Billie Jean" and "Thriller." What people don't realize is that he can go pretty deep too. You hear that on "Burn This Disco Out," on Off the Wall — he goes deep into his range, which blows me away.

When somebody gets as big as he did, you lose sight of how avant-garde and revolutionary they are, but Michael Jackson pushed the boundaries of pop and R&B. Think about it: On "Beat It," you had an R&B singer doing a full-on rock song with Eddie Van Halen. Or the intro on "Man in the Mirror": He's got this reverb in his voice, and any time he goes "uh!" it goes for miles. To me, that's up there with some Brian Eno shit. That's how far out there it is.

Source: Rolling Stone / Billie Jean

Kanye West Comments On Being Famous. 11-11-'08

While in Liverpool (England) for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008 last week, rapper Kanye West talked to MTV Base. During this interview he talked about how tough it can be to be a celebrity:

"I have suffered a lot of hardships with trying to settle into being a celebrity. It is quite unsettling, and sometimes I'm onstage and I think I will never be normal again. I will never be able to just walk around normal again. I will never be able to just go to the grocery store again.

(When I released the) 'Flashing Lights' video, there were people who didn't like the fact that it only had three cuts in it. And I was like, 'F--- you, it's for me.' So everything I do at this point is for me. That's the only thing I can do to try and stay sane. ... You have got to realize I have sacrificed my life, my anonymity to be a celebrity and to give a lot of myself. People are so f---ing cruel!

Think about how much Michael Jackson has done for us, and every time you bring up Michael Jackson, usually people are joking about him. I'm one step away from that kid that just won a couple of awards, and a step away from Michael Jackson.

'Oh, he's so arrogant, he's so this, he's so that!' People don't even f---ing know me and have so much to say. Paparazzi, anybody who comes close enough to me, if I ask you not to take a picture of me, don't ask me something; just realize I am a real person. I am not a celebrity, I'm just famous and stuff, and I make good music. It's just a hard situation for me. I lost my mom, I lost my relationship, my hopes of some type of normality, hopes of a family, just so I could be on the stage."

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

"Hold My Hand" Appears On New MixTape. 09-11-'08

"Hold My Hand" is apparently not on Akon's new album Freedom, but on Akon's new mixtape with T-Pain.

The CD is entitled Boss Of Both World and is available in record stores.

The song is the same as the one that was leaked but in CD quality. The CD is distributed by Konvict Music and Nappy Boy Entertainment.

Source: Billie Jean

WMA's: Jackson Nominated For Best Male Pop Artist. 09-11-'08

Michael Jackson (Thriller 25) has been nominated as the "World's Best Pop Male Artist" for the 2008 World Music Awards, set to take place in Monaco on November 9, 2008. Other nominees in this category include Kid Rock (Rock 'N Roll Jesus), Enrique Iglesias (95/08), and James Blunt (All the Lost Souls).

If the winner is determined based strictly on worldwide sales for each artist's top-selling album or compilation in 2008, Michael Jackson will rightfully be named the winner since Thriller 25 has indeed sold more, worldwide, in 2008 than any of the other mentioned albums. The event will broadcast in the USA December 2nd on MyNetworkTV--and will air live in the Middle East and Africa. It will air in Ireland on Sunday, November 16th on RTE 2, and will air on Channel 4 in the UK, November 21st (with a repeat on T4).

Michael Jackson: Thriller 25 (2,238,500 Worldwide Sales) - #12
Kid Rock: Rock'n'Roll Jesus (2,153,000 Worldwide Sales) - #13
James Blunt: All the Lost Souls (1,047,000 Worldwide Sales) - #37
Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 Exitos (~800,000 Worldwide Sales) - Not in to 50

There has been no word yet with regards to Michael Jackson's plans for this event.

Source: WMA / Billie Jean

‘Thriller’ Back At The Top! 07-11-'08

Michael’s ‘Thriller’ album is back at the top of the American Album Charts. With a the help of Halloween and the ‘Thrill the World’ campaign the 25th Anniversary Edition of ‘Thriller’ has reached Number 1 on the Billboard Album Charts.

And just in case of you are in doubt…‘Thriller’ still remains the top selling album of all time!
Released in February 2008, Thriller 25 -- the newly-expanded deluxe 25th anniversary edition of Michael Jackson's Thriller, the world's best-selling album of all-time -- became America's #2 Top-Selling Album more than a quarter century after the album's original release. One of the hottest albums of 2008, Thriller 25 rocketed into the Top 5 (or better) in a variety of territories across the planet following its worldwide release the week of February 11 while entering the Billboard Top Pop Catalog chart at #1.

With more than two million copies of Thriller 25 sold around the world the new edition of Michael Jackson's classic collection hit #1 in France; #1 in Belgium; #2 in Germany; #2 in Australia; #2 in the Netherlands; #2 in Norway (Thriller's highest position ever in that country); #2 in Sweden; #2 in Switzerland; #3 in the UK; #3 in Denmark; #3 in New Zealand; #4 in Spain; #5 in Austria; #5 in Ireland; #6 in the Czech Republic; and #6 in Italy.
The Michael Jackson Thriller 25th anniversary celebration runs throughout 2008 with a multi-faceted global marketing campaign featuring high-profile television, radio and online events around the world and the major re-launch of Michael's official website, www.michaeljackson.com

Source: Legacy Recordings / Billie Jean

'Thriller Live' Performances In London. 07-11-'08

'Thriller Live', the touring musical celebration of the career of Michael Jackson, will begin performances at London`s West End's Lyric Theatre (UK) on January 2, 2009, prior to an official opening January 21. The limited run will play through April 12.

The show's performance schedule will include two Sunday showings every week at 3 and 7 PM, as well as Tuesday-Saturday evening performances at 8 PM and an additional Saturday matinee at 4 PM. The West End season is being produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music, and Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK in association with Adrian Grant for Key Concerts.

'Thriller Live' has previously enjoyed three U.K. tours as well as engagements in Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The production was originally created by executive director Adrian Grant.

"The show is a celebration of one of the greatest music catalogues in history. We are thrilled to be involved and there are obviously many promotional and marketing opportunities between the show and our catalogue."
The producers are launching a major hunt to find a young, undiscovered talent to sing the songs of the young Michael Jackson in the show. An open audition will be held at the Lyric Theatre on November 23 beginning at 10:30 AM London time.

Source: Thriller Live / Billie Jean

Jackson Books O2 For Concerts In 2009? 06-11-'08

Paul Martin of Irish Daily Mirror today indicated that Michael Jackson has already booked two nights at the new O2 at Point Theatre, in anticipation of several intimate solo performances at the venue set to take place next summer. Martin stated that a source close to Michael announced that he will release his new studio album early next year, and will follow it up with "the greatest pop tour ever staged." The source insisted that Michael Jackson is going to make an extraordinary comeback, but forewarned that ticket prices will be expensive. Last week, Michael Jackson released a statement denying his participation in a family reunion tour, while stating: "I am now in the studio developing new and exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon."

For more than a decade, Paul Martin has been writing a wide array of "exclusives" about Michael, some credible and some not. In 2006, Martin wrote exclusively about Michael's stay in Ireland. In 2007, Paul Martin accurately reported about Michael meeting Samantha Mumba in Los Angeles--and Samantha Mumba confirmed that Michael told her that he was considering a gig at some stage in Ireland. In July of 2007, Paul Martin initially reported about the alleged O2 concerts, stating that Michael Jackson planned on doing 10 dates at London's O2 Arena, as well as Ireland and other areas. Martin also reported on the unsubstantiated rumors that Michael Jackson was interested in purchasing an island off the Donegal Coast.

Source: Daily Mirror - Paul Martin / Billie Jean

Duet Not To Appear On Akon's Album. 05-11-'08

In an interview to Take 40, Akon stated that his duet with Michael Jackson - 'Hold My Hand' - will not be appearing as a track on Akon's new album.

Akon said that despite reports the track 'Hold My Hand' would feature on his album, it has now been canned from the final cut.

"The track 'Hold My Hand' was leaked on the internet and it spoiled a lot of things we had planned for the record.
Collectively we felt that, with a collaboration like that, and his (Michael Jackson's) first time coming back after a long time, it needed to be done properly. We decided we need to invest in the future and figure out another way to come, even if we have to come with a new record."

Source: Take 40 / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Makes A Second Visit To "Off The Wall". 03-11-'08

For the second time in just over a week, Michael Jackson has made another stop to the antique shop, "Off the Wall" in Los Angeles.

This time, Jackson was accompanied by his son Blanket and reportedly stayed in the shop for around an hour before leaving.

Source: Billie Jean

Chart Updates Positions. 02-11-'08

Michael’s ‘Thriller’ album is currently the Number 1 album on the USA iTunes charts! The album is currently on sale for only $4.99 (US) and includes the ‘Thriller’ video as a bonus.

The ‘Thriller’ (single) is also Number 14 on USA iTunes Top Songs chart.

Michael’s ‘King Of Pop’ - The Swedish Hit Collection’ is currently Number 10 on the Swedish Album Chart.

’King Of Pop’ is at Number 29 on the British Album Charts and ‘Thriller’ has risen sixty-three places to Number 35.

Global Track Chart, the official global hit list compiled and provided by Media Traffic, has the ‘King Of Pop’ album at Number 39 with sales of more than 26,000.

‘Number Ones’ remains at Number 6 on the Australian Music DVD Chart this week.

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson At KFC: Halloween Night. 02-11-'08

Michael Jackson and his three children were spotted going through the drive-thru at Kentucky Fried Chicken (one of Michael's admittedly favourite food stops) in Brentwood on Halloween night.

His children were again in traditional Halloween costumes, one of which was wearing a different werewolf mask than the one Prince had on the other night.

Source: NPG / Billie Jean

Jackson's A Top Dad. 02-11-'08

Jermaine Jackson says his superstar brother, Michael, is a strict parent - like their controversial father, Joseph.

"Michael is not one of those fathers that lets them do what they want and give(s) them everything they want," Jackson said.

"He is raising them the way he was raised. I think it's great because he wants them to be good people."

Michael Jackson has spoken of fearing his father's abusive ways as a child, but said he still loved him.

In a candid interview with the Sunday Herald Sun, Jermaine Jackson revealed:

DETAILS of a Jackson 5 reunion.

MICHAEL'S molestation accusations in 1993 and 2004 were a "conspiracy".

JOSEPH'S strict ways were for the good of the family.

Jackson rejected perceptions of Michael's so-called eccentric behaviour.

"They (the media) say, 'W@cko J@cko'. But he is a human being. He has children. They hear this and they hurt," he said.

Jackson said an incident where his brother appeared to dangle his son from a balcony was misconstrued.

"Michael was excited. He was showing fans his child. He wasn't tossing his baby over the rails. He loves his kids," he said.

He said Michael's children, Prince Michael I, aged 11, Paris, 10, and Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket, 5, were "wonderful".

"Prince is funny. He makes jokes. Paris is like a tomboy, but still a little lady. Blanket is adorable, cuddly and sweet," he said.

Jackson said the family super group, the Jackson 5, was in talks about recording and touring.

He hoped a planned tour would include Michael, superstar sister Janet, Tito's sons, R&B group 3T, and Jackie's son, rapper Dealz.

Source: heraldsun.com / Billie Jean

Thriller Award Won By Webmaster Dirk. 01-11-'08

Hello fans: I have joined on October 31st 2008 on the Belgium program Peter Live, like you could read before in the newsflash of October 29th was there a Thriller Award to win.

I have won this Thriller Award and goes this week to the banc safe, safety under lock and key.
I'm very pleased with it because having such an Award is the greatest item in a collection and stands at the upper end.

Like you know already I'm a big fan and my whole life goes around Michael Jackson. Every day I work on my site, dance are listen to his music. Michael is for me like God.

I thank Sony/BMG for this Thriller Award, the program Peter Live and of course Michael Jackson himself, my idol makes me happy.

Source: Billie Jean

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