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Tito "Will Definitely Be There" In London. 30-04-'09

Tito Jackson said in a recent interview that he will definitely attend one of his brother`s concerts at the O2 Arena in London (UK) this summer. And he even hopes that there might be a chance of The Jacksons performing again together on stage:

"I will definitely be there to watch Michael.

I hope he would invite his brothers on stage, if they (the brothers) are all ready, willing and able. We will be here and supporting our brother.

If we're invited (to perform on stage) we definitely will. Yes, I think somewhere in his heart there's a space."

Source: WENN / Billie Jean

Black Eyed Peas Hope To Serve As Michael Jackson's Opening Act. 30-04-'09

Black Eyed Peas want to open for Michael Jackson when the pop singer starts his "This Is It" concert series at London's O2 Arena. Revealing the Peas' interest of becoming Michael's opening act was one of the group's members, will.i.am.

"We've never played there, but Michael Jackson's hogging all the freakin' days!" so will.i.am shared during the Los Angeles premiere of his movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" on April 28. "So I'm gonna call him up and be like: 'Yo wassup Michael, let us open up for you!'"

Predicting what Michael may say concerning the request, will.i.am said, "He might be like: 'Alright, well let me think about it.'" He concluded his statement gushing, "So hopefully he'll let us do some stuff."

Michael Jackson will kick off his concerts in London on July 8 and finish it up on September 29. After that, he is rumoured to fly to Japan in 2010 for several live appearances in the country and then return to America a year later for other concerts.

Up to date, there haven't been any musicians signed to support Michael's O2 Arena concerts. But, those who attend the gig may be treated with a showcase of new songs from the pop singer as rumours have been circulating that he has worked on new materials for his comeback effort.

Source: aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

Thriller Live Extends To 2010. 30-04-'09

Due to its immense popularity, Thriller Live will extend its stay at London’s West-End through 2009. The show was originally scheduled to play until September 27, 2009 but now it will play through January 3, 2010. 100,000 additional tickets for the new shows will go on sale on May 4, 2009.

Recently, Thriller Live celebrated becoming the highest grossing weekly show in the history of the Lyric Theatre.

Thriller Live is a musical celebration featuring the hit songs of Michael Jackson & the Jackson 5.

Source: Broadway World / Billie Jean

Canyon Crest presents The Michael Jackson BAD Figures. 29-04-'09

2 brand new Michael Jackson figures are to hit the shelves to celebrate Michael Jackson's 50th Anniversary.

Each figure is presented in a deluxe hard cardboard box (dimensions : H: 20.5cm x L: 15cm x P: 13cm).

2 versions are available:

- Regular International Edition (release date to be announced soon).

- Japanese Limited Edition (release date: May 07th, 2009).

Pre order here

Source: Triumph International / Billie Jean

Bad Tour Costume On Auction. 28-04-'09

A Michael Jackson costume from the 1988 Bad Concert Tour is offered in an auction of the Hollywood Way Museum at Live Auctioneers.

The costume includes the black leather motorcycle jacket which is festooned with 11 gold police-style badges on the chest, gold crests on the upper sleeves, multiple buckles at the cuffs, and studded epaulettes. The extravagant, highly detailed belt features the oversize crest buckle with "Bad" in red enamel, and is decorated with dozens of small amber crystals, and circled with six additional smaller crest emblems. Also included are his black leather pants and black boots with gold shield appliances over the toe and top.

Michael Jackson presented these pieces to the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum while being honoured there. The signature attire was custom-made by Los Angeles costumers and stylists, Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins, who have been making clothing for Michael Jackson for many years.

The guide price for this costume is $30,000 - $50,000 and bidding starts at 30,000.

For the first time in its 44-year history, the world-famous Hollywood Wax Museum is offering hand-sculpted wax figures and original costumes for auction. The170 lots include top stars, musicians, athletes and historical individuals that have been seen by millions of visitors in Hollywood, California and Branson, Missouri from the 1970s to present.

The auction takes place on May 1, 2009 at 6:30 pm.

Source: Live Auctioneers / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson And His Kids In Hollywood. 28-04-'09

April 27th, 2009: Michael Jackson was spotted taking Prince I, Paris, and Prince II shopping Monday afternoon. The whole family donned their respective face masks the whole time.

They first stopped in at "Off The Wall Antiques", later, the crew popped over to Ed Hardy. The singer mingles with workers in the store, takes a picture with a customer and waves and flashes the peace sign to photographers. They loaded up on bags and bags before heading out.

Source: Billie Jean

Jackson Manager: Pays Price For Mistake. 26-04-'09

Roger Friedman has always been a thorn in the side of many Michael Jackson fans. Over the years he has left the MJ fan world with a bitter taste in their mouths for his investigative reports on Michael Jackson. But truth be known, he also often seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else on a story and his ability to get to the heart of a story was often uncanny.

Then, in a flash, he disappeared from FOX411.com and the world of Michael Jackson fans sighed a sigh of relief!!! Well, he's back... It seems Friedman has found a new outlet for his investigative reporting on www.showbiz411.com. And it seems he hasn't forgotten Michael Jackson...

Michael Jackson’s most recent manager, Tohme Tohme, sometimes known as “doctor,” has paid the price for his big mistake.

I’m told that Jackson—whose SUV had a fender bender of little importance the other day in Los Angeles—has kicked Tohme to the curb.

“He won’t return his calls, and he’s changed all his numbers,” says one source close to the situation. Another source confirmed it.

Tohme has paid big time, though, for making the mistake of putting Jackson’s Neverland Ranch tchotchkes up for auction. I’m told that Tohme himself put up more than $2 million to stop the auction with Julien’s Auction House. Today would have been the final day of the auction, with the really juicy stuff going up on the block including Macaulay Culkin’s artwork and gifts from Elizabeth Taylor.

A couple of weeks ago a judge ruled in favour of Julien’s, when Jackson tried to sue to stop the auction. Another court date had been set for last week, but the parties settled in advance of that. It was fairly certain that the second court date would have ratified the first, in which case Julien’s was set to go ahead.

Instead, Tohme—in a panic—came up with the necessary dough to satisfy Julien’s for the money they’d already spent and pay them their commission. Where he got the money is another story. Some say it may have come from Colony Capital, Jackson’s partner in Neverland. Tohme—who’s been disproved as a physician and also as an ambassador at large to Senegal– has been their agent in the Jackson story for over a year. Still unresolved is where MusiCares, the Grammy charity, received their due and promised percentage.

As part of the deal with Julien’s, all the Neverland items have been on display at the former Robinson May store in Beverly Hills. The exhibition goes on all this weekend, with a $20 admittance fee. Next week, Jackson’s people will come and haul all the Neverland souvenirs away. It’s uncertain whether they’ll be unpacked back at the ranch or put into storage in nearby Buellton, California.

What is certain is that Tohme caused a rift between himself and Jackson. And at the same time, Arab investors are circling to close their deal on buying Neverland with all those souvenirs – as I told you in my old column a few weeks ago. That deal should be coming to a close soon. Sources say that there’s recently been a lot of activity at Neverland, with what look to be construction workers coming in to do renovations. Considering the seedy conditions the Julien’s staff found the place in last summer—the descriptions in their depositions were not pretty—this may be required before the imminent sale.

So is there any good news for Jackson? I am told that despite the auction action, the faded pop star has been rehearsing for his London concerts out in the San Fernando Valley, working out, hiring dancers and musicians, and is generally pumped right now to get his 50 shows ready. He’s already brought back long time show director Kenny Ortega, and the word is loyal ex-make up artist Karen Faye is coming back to the fold, too.

Source: Showbizz 411 / Billie Jean

New MJ Book - Chosen To Entertain (Italian Book). 25-04-'09

To all the non-Italian fans: although this book is written in Italian for charity purposes, it's meant to be considered more like a visual book, with dozens of full-color unpublished photos of the King of Pop for true collectors! A must-have for every true MJ fan! Thanks for your support!

The Italian Edition of the book ‘Michael Jackson - Chosen To Entertain’ includes: more than 50 unpublished official photos of the undisputed ‘King of Pop’ (Victory Tour, Bad Tour, Dangerous Tour, HIStory Tour, Backstage, Making Of, Awards, Charity Events, with other Celebrities and more...), exclusive interviews and rare documents e.g. the full-color Billboard MJ50TH Ad, parties and stories from the fans and much more..!

The book is available on pre-order at www.mjjshop.com where it is exclusively sold as a combo incl. the book plus mega poster.

Source: MJJSHOP / MJFC-Italy / Billie Jean

One Night In Japan (2CD Album). 24-04-'09

These double CD Album is amazing, Michael Jackson at the peak of his 1980's success - in a live Tokyo concert that showcase all the heat, emotion, etc...

Michael performed in Japan in the Yokohoma Stadium on September 26th 1987. These two CD's have a good sound quality,  a must for the the fans.

Source: Free Record Shop / Billie Jean

Tickets Still Available At Viagogo. 24-04-'09

Many great seats are still available at reasonable prices through our ticket partner Viagogo. Ticket prices start as low as £109 for many shows. Be sure to click here if you are interested in purchasing tickets for any of the 50 sold out concerts at O2 Arena in London.

Viagogo is an online ticket exchange that allows fans to buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way. They have partnered with Michael Jackson for his 'This Is It' Tour and are the one and ONLY Official "fan to fan" ticket exchange of the tour and the official Premium Ticket Partner. And now, they have partnered with MJFC in order to bring you this exciting service. As an added bonus, those fans that go through MJFC to purchase will have a portion of their money donated to charity!

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's SUV Crashes With Ambulance. 23-04-'09

Michael Jackson has possibly been involved in a strange hit-and-run with an ambulance in Beverly Hills after another round of antique shopping for Jackon. The incident took place Wednesday afternoon when emergency medical technician Jamin Mauro and his partner were hit inside their van while idling outside Cedars-Sinai hospital.

The vehicle that hit the ambulance was a black Cadillac Escalade, which sideswiped the emergency van and knocked off one of its mirrors. EMT Mauro claims, "We were hit by the Escalade, and I was taking pictures for my company insurance. About 30 seconds after, Jackson walked out of a medical building. He jumped into the Escalade and they sped off."

The Beverly Hills Police Department's statement about the accident does not mention the King of Pop and states, "The suspect's vehicle was being followed by a group of paparazzi at the time of the collision." So, it's not clear what legal steps will then be taken.

Needless to say, I'm actually quite surprised that Michael drives a Cadillac Escalade and not a windowless van.

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Shops At Arté, World's Finest Antiques. 22-04-'09

Michael Jackson goes shopping for antiques in 95 degree California weather around Beverly Hills on Tuesday (April 21).

At one point, the 50-year-old King of Pop was holding a document, Entry of Margaret of Parma into Antwerp, 1567 which is a historical painting by Piet Van Der Ouderra.

Michael has been rehearsing for a come-back tour that was announced earlier in March. The tour will consist of 50 dates at the O2 Arena in London.

Source: Billie Jean

O2 Ticket Dispatch Update. 22-04-'09

Ticketmaster has just released the following information concerning the dispatch of the tickets for the upcoming Michael Jackson concerts at the O2 Arena in London (UK).

"Your tickets will be dispatched closer to the event date.

Whilst Ticketmaster aims to dispatch tickets as soon as possible we are not able to be specific with exact dates of dispatch. Please allow as much time as possible for your tickets to arrive. If your tickets have not arrived five days before the show, or if you are traveling, five days before you leave, please contact us. Please include your reference number and the name and postcode the booking is under.

Ticketmaster only posts tickets to the billing address of a credit card. If the address in your booking does not correspond to that held by your credit card company, we may cancel your tickets.

Source: Ticketmaster / Billie Jean

The Making Of The MJ Exhibition. 21-04-'09

The Julien`s Auctions web site features several videos about the making of the Michael Jackson exhibition. To view the videos, click here.

They also feature images of the exhibition, which can be viewed here.

The museum-quality exhibition of Michael Jackson property, which was to be a prelude to the planned auction 'The Collection Of Michael Jackson', features some really unique items from Michael Jackson's extraordinary career and from his personal collection. The exhibition can be seen at 9900 Wilshire (adjacent to The Beverly Hilton, California, USA) until April 25, 2009 (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. daily; $20.00 per person for the week).

Source: Julien`s Auctions / Billie Jean

Dance Auditions Detailed by Attendee. 19-04-'09

Many more details are surfacing about the private process of selecting backup dancers for Michael Jackson's upcoming "This Is It" concert series.

One female blogger who recently auditioned described the experience in detail, and yes Michael Jackson was present for the auditions and screening process. Notably, the female auditioning process began with 250+ hopefuls and after a series of auditions ultimately two females and one alternate were selected. Smooth Criminal was one of the choreographed dance sequences showcased. Furthermore, six male dancers along with four backup male dancers were selected. Thus, assuming these calculations are correct, there are now eight primary backup dancers and five alternates chosen for the concerts, reportedly with a two-year contract.

Source: Billie Jean

Lewis Would Love To Perform With MJ. 18-04-'09

According to press reports, singer Leona Lewis ('Bleeding Love') said that she would love to perform alongside Michael Jackson.

When asked about recent rumours that Lewis might perform with Michael Jackson during his O2 concerts in London (UK), she said with a smile:

'I don't know, I'd love to perform with Michael Jackson. So we'll see.'

Last month, it was claimed Michael Jackson wants Leona Lewis to perform his sister Janet's part from their duet 'Scream' for his 'This It It' shows.

In 2006, Leona Lewis (24) won the UK reality TV talent show 'The X Factor' and celebrated worldwide success since.

Source: Billie Jean

"This Is It" Concert Details? 17-04-'09

John Meglen, President of AEG Live/Concerts West, recently spoke with Robin Leach at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. They spoke about Michael Jackson's upcoming shows at the O2 in London and this is what Meglen had to say:

“Michael is at the very beginning stage with Kenny Ortega, who is creating the staging. They are finishing up with the musical director and starting to talk about what musicians they want.

Michael is working on a lot of dance stuff at home.

The work at the studio right now is more about planning meetings: the initial stages of production, then the rehearsals, all get going in L.A.

Once everybody is set, we will ship everything to London in the beginning of June and continue over there. It’s not far out now, just six weeks. It comes up fast. It seemed much farther away, but July 8 is now right around the corner.

There will be special effects, explosions and definitely magic. I can’t say who he’s worked with.

Michael and Kenny came here to Vegas. They went to Le Reve at the Wynn, and Kenny went to see the Criss Angel show. There will definitely be magical elements in the show.”

Meglen also said that the stage for the 'This Is It' shows will be set up as an end stage and not in the round configuration as Prince did at the 02 Arena.

Source: vegasdeluxe.com / Billie Jean

Dancers Audition For 'This Is It' Tour. 16-04-'09

MJFC has learned that dancers from all over the United States have flown into Los Angeles in order to audition for the King of Pop. The backup dancer hopefuls have had almost daily rehearsals, with the male and the female dancers being auditioned separately.

Several dancers who took part in the audition process shared details of their experiences on their Twitter pages. According to Twitter, the female dancers not only had to learn the "Smooth Criminal" choreography but also had to learn how to walk and strut like Naomi Campbell.

Those dancers who were hired have been told that they must be free for two years for a national and international tour.

Rehearsals begin next month and then move to London (UK) in June.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Billboard Publishes Top Selling List. 15-04-'09

US magazine Billboard has published their list of the three hundred Best Selling Albums Of All Time. Not surprisingly, ‘Thriller’ was top of the list with 72,400,000 units sold. ‘Bad’ was Michael’s next entry at Number 9, with 33,200,000 units and ‘Dangerous’ was came in at Number 20 with 30,000,000 units.

‘HIStory’ came in at Number 71 with 19.600,000 units and ‘Off The Wall’ featured at Number 75, with 19,000,000 units sold.

These remarkable sales just prove yet again, that Michael is the best selling artist of all time with over 174 million albums!

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Successful in Effort to Stop Auction. 15-04-'09

It's official, Michael Jackson and all parties on both sides have reached a confidential agreement which has effectively canceled next week's widely publicized auction from taking place--and in turn giving Michael Jackson back all of the items originally scheduled for auction, orchestrated by Julien's Auctions.

The highly anticipated auction of Michael Jackson’s property from Neverland Ranch will no longer proceed as scheduled.
While the auction will not continue, Julien’s Auctions exhibition will remain open to the public until April 25, 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA (USA). Following this, all items will be returned to Michael Jackson.

Although a court hearing on the matter had been scheduled for April 15, 2009, the parties reached a settlement ahead of time and released a joint statement, saying in part: "There was so much interest from so many of Jackson's fans that instead of putting the items in the hands of private collectors, Dr. Tohme and Julien's Auction House have made arrangements that will allow the collection to be shared with and enjoyed by Jackson's fans for many years to come.

"The approximated 1,400 item collection included hundreds of arcade games and amusements, awards, costumes, furniture, outdoor and indoor statues and ornaments, Disney memorabilia, and a variety of personal items including gifts to Michael from fans, his children, Elizabeth Taylor, and other celebrities. Michael Jackson's attorneys contested that Julien's Auctions violated the original plan, which would have allowed Michael Jackson to manually review and select which items he wished to keep and which ones he wished to auction off. The collection is currently on display in Los Angeles. Speaking over the phone to LA Times, Dr. Tohme added, "I think we are going to have a beautiful museum someday for Michael." Both Michael Jackson (MJJ Productions) and Julien's Auctions will still make a "substantial" donate to the MusicCares charity.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

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