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Additional Items For Auction By Julien's. 31-08-'09

Julien's Auctions have listed 13 additional lots which will be offered for sale as part of their 2009 Music Icons Sale.

The items will be sold as part of a "Music Icons" auction by Julien's Auctions on November 21 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York's Times Square (USA). Proceeds from the sale will benefit MusiCares, a group supporting members of the music community in times of need.

Other Items not pictured her include:

2001 Back Stage Ticket Proofs
Michael Jackson Handwritten Letter Regarding “Moonwalker”
3 Michael Jackson Signed Photographs
Michael Jackson History Tour Aloha Stadium Poster Display
Michael Jackson Signed “Thriller” Display
Handwritten Letter & Stage Worn Scarf From Jackson 5 Era
We Are The World Signed Poster
Michael Jackson And Elizabeth Taylor Signed Painting By Leon Jones
Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley Wedding Souvenir Chocolate Bar
Michael Jackson Thriller Video Fang Mold
Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 Unreleased Interview Recording From 1978

Source: MJFC / Julien's Auctions / Billie Jean

Las Vegas Pays Tribute To MJ On His Birthday. 30-08-'09

Michael Jackson spent some of his final years in Las Vegas and now he'll forever be cemented in the city's legacy.

The King of Pop was posthumously awarded a star on the Palms Casino Resort's Walk of Fame Saturday – which would have been his 51st birthday – while his father, Joe Jackson, and a smattering of fans looked on.

"I wish he was here to see this take place," Joe Jackson said.

With the sounds of "Thriller" coming from the speakers and a drum line playing, the patriarch of the Jackson family smiled and posed for pictures as the star was unveiled in front of the Brenden Theatres.

The ceremony was actually two years in the making, organizers said, adding that Michael Jackson wanted to coordinate the unveiling with some type of major event.

"The plan was that Michael would accept the star after the run of London shows," said emcee Robin Leach.

TMZ has also posted some video from the event here

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Fans Mark His Birthday. 30-08-'09

Thousands of Michael Jackson fans danced the rain away in a Brooklyn park Saturday at a party hosted by filmmaker Spike Lee, marking what would have been the 51st birthday of the late pop star.

Crowds of partygoers streamed into Prospect Park on Saturday afternoon, many wearing fedoras, sporting white gloves and showing off other Jackson-esque outfits. DJs spun Jackson's hits one after the other as people danced and sang along. Dozens of hawkers wandered through the crowd with T-shirts, buttons, posters and homemade memorabilia.

"I was just like everyone else. I loved his talent," said Lee, who directed two music videos for Jackson in 1996. He also reminisced about how Jackson had visited him in his home in Brooklyn to talk about their music-video collaboration.

The day was also designated Michael "King of Pop" Jackson Memorial Day by Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz.

The party offered a brief respite to the most recent development linked to Jackson's death in late June: His death was ruled a homicide last week. He is scheduled to be buried in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Edna Robles, of Brooklyn, was on her feet all afternoon. In a red baseball cap and flip-flops, she closed her eyes and swung her hips, pivoting in the grass and mud to the beats of "Thriller."

"It could be thundering, I don't care," she said. "I watched him through the years and I think he's the best. I love him."

The event, originally planned as a block-party-style gathering for 2,000 in Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park, was moved to Prospect Park to accommodate a bigger crowd.

Peter Brodie and his wife, Corrine Rodriguez, brought their daughters, 3-month-old Astrid and 2 ½-year-old Makeda, to the party. Rodriguez danced with Makeda to "Beat It" while Brodie swayed side to side as he held Astrid in his arms.

"I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. I was 9 years old and he opened up a whole new world of music and dancing to me," said Brodie, who said it was a shame that such a spirited celebration of Jackson's music came only after his death.

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Being Interviewed By Brett Ratner. 29-08-'09

Today is a video uploaded on YouTube where Michael being interviewed by good friend Brett Ratner in February 2004 before the stupid allegations. He talks about his inspirations, favorite artists, and albums.

I must advert you that on the first 2 minutes of the video you won't see anything but a black screen BUT after 2 minutes the image of Michael speaking wearing a cap, (very casual dressed) appears. The video is split into 2 parts.

Over the years, Ratner and Jackson spent an enormous amount of time together. They would film each other, with Jackson asking Ratner about how he became a film director and Ratner asking Jackson about how he became an entertainer. "I have hours of footage of us, sitting around in our pajamas, with me asking him about what kind of music he loved as a kid, what kind of books he had on the wall as a kid.

When you were with him, you really felt like God was within him. He was an amazing, superhuman kind of person, but he always treated you as an equal. He would be your friend and he never asked for anything in return."

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Lives On At Madame Tussauds. 29-08-'09

Michael Jackson gained immortality Thursday at the world-famous Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. Read on for details…

A wax figure of the King of Pop was unveiled to pomp and circumstance, just two days before what would have been his 51st birthday, and ET was there!

The museum turned the occasion into a big celebration, with a DJ spinning the Grammy winner's timeless tunes and Jackson imitators strutting their stuff, including a Moonwalk demonstration.

Crafted in London and shipped to the States under tight security, the wax figure's price tag is said to be $300,000.

Source: ET / Billie Jean

Personal Photographer's Memories Of MJ. 29-08-'09

It's been two months since Michael Jackson died, but for the photographer who captured Jackson during some of his most iconic, explosive moments, accepting the fact that the King of Pop is gone is hard.

"I think that there's no reason that Michael shouldn't be here, and I think it's very sad," said Harrison Funk, who was Jackson's personal photographer for over two decades.

The pain is especially raw since Saturday would have been Jackson's 51st birthday.

"It boggles my mind that he's not here anymore, and it's going to be a very sad day for a lot of people," he said.

Funk first met Jackson 25 years ago, when he was asked to take photos of the Jacksons on their Victory tour. It was Jackson near his popularity apex, with "Thriller" becoming the best-selling album of all time. While Funk described Jackson as "a bit quiet, maybe even shy," he knew what he wanted in a photo.

"Working with Michael was a visual collaboration. He didn't dictate terms but you knew he knew what he wanted visually," said Funk, whose photos were featured in The Source magazine's special tribute to Jackson. "He really had a vision for himself and his brothers."

And while Jackson had a reputation as an artistic perfectionist, Funk said he wasn't controlling when it came to letting him get his shot.

"Michael's big understanding of how to work with a photographer is to let a photographer do his job," he said. "He understood the craft very well, and I loved that about him, and I thought that was amazing."

While some stars may be camera-shy, Jackson wanted to cameras documenting his moves: Funk says Jackson's desire to have cameras around him came from advice Paul McCartney gave the superstar to "document everything."

"And Michael loved that, he loved to document everything."

Funk's photos of Jackson ranged from onstage portraits to meet-and-greets backstage to elaborate publicity shots. He recalls a photo he took of Jackson with Nelson Mandela; the South African leader was as excited to see Jackson as Jackson was to meet the legendary activist. Another photo captured Jackson doing one of his signature dance moves.

But Funk says one of his favorites is of a photo he took of Jackson three years ago, when he was accepting an award at the World Music Awards, and Jackson reached his hand out to touch a fan.

"I love the spirit, I love the way Michael just walked over to his fans and started reaching out to him," Funk said.

Funk refused to talk about any personal details about Jackson's life, citing confidentiality agreements. He also said he didn't want to discuss Jackson's personal troubles, and expressed disappointment at Jackson's troubled image.

"That is probably the thing that bothers me the most about how people perceive Michael, because they never got to know Michael as a person, and to know Michael as a person was to laugh and have fun and share an understanding of humanity," he said.

Funk was slated to work with Jackson on his "This is It" comeback concerts in London in July; Jackson died on June 25.

"I was looking forward to seeing these shows, I thought these shows were going to be one of his greatest, if not most momentous tours," he said. "I think Michael had a very definite game plan, but Michael always had a definite game plan. I'm devastated that he's not going to be able to do it."

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Commemorative Coins. 28-08-'09

Michael Jackson fans can soon carry a little bit of the singer with them wherever they go with the release of a commemorative coin collection.

Debuting exclusively on HSN on August 29th, what would of been the singer’s 51st birthday, the coins are set to be a sure fire hit with the King of Pop fans all over the world.

There’s various coins to be had including colorized quarters with images of Michael Jackson throughout his career, a silver eagle dollar with Jackson in his “military uniform” at the height of his fame and a multi denomination collection tracing Jackson’s life.

You can snap up the coins during special shows on HSN at 2am and 7pm.

Source: RadarOnline / Bravado / Billie Jean

BET Pays Tribute To MJ's Birthday. 28-08-'09

BET Networks will honor the memory of Michael Jackson's birthday with a weekend of specials devoted to the King of Pop, beginning Thursday, August 27, with MICHAEL JACKSON: LIFE OF A SUPERSTAR. A full schedule of programs can be found below.

Premiere: Thursday at 10 PM/9C.
Encores: Sat. at 1 PM/ noon C, 6 PM/5C and 9 PM/8C
Sun. at 4 PM/3C and 7 PM/6C.
This one-hour documentary focuses on Michael Jackson’s music career at a young age and gives a view of his solo years. It also reviews how his collaboration with Quincy Jones yielded one of the best-selling albums of all time. Watch interviews with Janet Jackson, Brooke Shields, Liz Taylor, Quincy Jones and Jermaine Jackson.

Premiere: Friday at 8 PM/7C.
Encores: Sat. at 7 PM/6C | Sun. at 5 PM/4C and 9 PM/8C.
See rare footage from 1980s interviews with Jermaine Jackson, Latoya Jackson and Quincy Jones that have not been seen for 25 years. This special also features thoughts from Nelson Mandela and the late Princess Diana.

Premiere: Friday at 10PM/9C.
Encores: Sat. at 12:30 PM/11:30 C | 10:30 PM/9:30 C | Sun. at 8 PM/7C.
This half-hour special from BET Music will reveal 10 things viewers did not know about the pop icon. True Michael fans won’t want to miss it.

Sat. at 2 PM/1C and 6 PM/5C | Sun. noon/11C
This two-part, four-hour special reflects on Michael Jackson and his impact on music and pop culture. Hosted by Terrence, Rocsi, Toccara and Alesha Renee, the show will feature his most popular videos and include celebrity commentary on the King of Pop.

Premiere: Saturday at 10 PM/9C.
Encore: Sunday at 8:30 PM/7:30 C.
Watch exclusive footage from Jackson’s December 2007 Ebony Magazine cover photo shoot. Special features include shots of Michael during the photo shoot, the outfits he wore and interviews with those who were there.

Source: BET / Billie Jean

Police Warn Fans To Stay Away From Burial. 28-08-'09

Police in Glendale, California have warned Michael Jackson fans not to head to the city on the day of his burial because they will be kept well away from the private ceremony.

Michael Jackson will finally be laid to rest on September 3, 2009 at the Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

The burial was originally scheduled for August 29 on what would have been the singer's 51st birthday, but the date was pushed back twice to allow the family more time to put together plans for the proceedings.

Police authorities in the area have announced they will be on high alert on the day of the service, to make sure no uninvited Michael Jackson fans get near the family funeral.

Police will organize street closures, security perimeters, and overhead helicopter surveillance, and they have told devotees not to bother coming to town to mourn Michael Jackson.

Sergeant Tom Lorenz told TMZ.com, "Don't even try and come, because you won't even be able to see the green of the Forest Lawn."

Source: MJFC / KSNT / TMZ / Billie Jean

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson Claims King Of Pop Was His Father. 28-08-'09

A 24-year-old San Francisco, California man is requesting an official DNA test to prove he's Michael Jackson's son.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson filed a creditor's claim in Los Angeles on Tuesday, insisting he's due a share of the King of Pop's fortune.

The 24 year old submitted a birth certificate, which lists a "Michael Joseph Jackson" of Indiana as the father and Zerline LaVette Dixon as the mother, with his claim.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ.com, the Jackson family pressured Prince Michael not to reveal his true identity.

Source: starpulse / Billie Jean

Dr. Klein Backing Away From Role In Children's Lives. 28-08-'09

Lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan speaking on the behalf of client Dr. Arnold Klien says that Klien is no longer planning to petition a court for a role in the lives of Michael Jackson's children.

During a court hearing earlier in August, he said that Klein wanted to be involved in the children's lives. A judge then ruled that Klein did not have any legal standing to intervene, but told the doctor that he could file a motion later if he still had concerns.

Kaplan said that the doctor wanted to be certain that Michael's children did not have a show - business upbringing and were afforded a formal education. He claimed that Michael told him he wanted this for his children.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Pre-Order Michael Jackson Birthday Shirt. 28-08-'09

On August 29, 2009 Michael Jackson would have celebrated his 51st Birthday. The outpouring of affection from Michael’s fans around the world has been nothing short of amazing. His legacy is certain to live forever. To honor Michael, Bravado is pleased to release this limited edition Commemorative Tribute T-shirt. It is available in sizes Small through XX-Large while supplies last.

Bravado, the world's leading global music merchandising company, entered into an agreement with the estate of Michael Jackson to be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of merchandise.

Click here to enter the official Michael Jackson merchandise store.

Source: Bravado / Billie Jean

Largest MJ Tribute Set To Connect Millions Of Fans Worldwide. 27-08-'09

In what is being dubbed the world’s largest tribute to The King of Pop, celebrity artist David Ilan, with support from Michael Jackson fans worldwide, as well as some of Jackson’s closest friends and family, is set to begin a unique interactive portrait of the late superstar. The one-of-a-kind work of art will be created using a series of dots in a technique called pointillism. A special, invitation-only ribbon cutting ceremony will be held this Friday, August 28 at the EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, California at 12 Noon (PST).

The first dots will be drawn on the blank portrait canvas at the ceremony – the very first for Michael and then one for each of his children. VIP guests attending the event will also be honored, including Don Wilson, Director /Producer of the “Man in the Mirror” video; Kishaya Dudley, the lead dancer with Jackson in the “Rock My World” video; Azia Pryor; Lou Ferrigno; and celebrity choreographers Shane Sparks and Brian Friedman from Fox Network’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” Master of Ceremonies for this event will be Gary Owens, MC for the Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremonies.

Two years ago, David Ilan created the idea to associate each dot in his drawings with a real person and their message on any given topic. Each dot in Jackson’s portrait will represent a fan. “Behind every single dot I place on the canvas, there is a fan who loved Michael and is mourning his death,” Ilan said. “It’s very fitting that the portrait of Michael will be created by dots representing his fans. Michael loved and respected his fans as much as his fans loved and respected him.”

In order to start the Michael Jackson Tribute Project, the artist needed a quarter of a million fans to sign up online to ensure support. In just the first three weeks following the announcement, more than 100 thousand fans from more than150 countries visited the pre-registration site to sign up. At least one million dots are needed to complete the image of the King of Pop, and fans worldwide are invited to become part of Jackson's legacy by getting a free dot in his portrait in their name.

“A portrait like this, where one dot = one fan, will take a few months to complete, so we can make sure that fans around the world have an opportunity to hear about it and join. We want to reach as many people as possible from every country. It’s what Michael was working for his entire life; people forgetting their differences and coming together.”

A dot is drawn on canvas each time someone signs up for it, with all of the dots eventually coming together to form Jackson’s image. “It’s a way for fans to feel like they’re part of something that’s going to be timeless,” said Deborah Dannelly, Michael Jackson Fan Club President and lifelong friend of the superstar. “The portrait will be around forever, and they can always be a part of that. Each fan is one dot for eternity. The one thing that Michael loved more than anything else besides his children was his fans, and he was always very, very appreciative of his fans. For there to be a portrait that’s going to be done with each dot representing a fan, oh he would love it! He would absolutely just be over the top with that.”

Don Wilson added, “This tribute and the actual portrait are a unique, touching and ever-lasting way for those who knew, worked with and loved Michael Jackson to have a timeless connection to him and his spirit.”

Michael Jackson broke through barriers and touched the hearts of millions with his music. He was not only considered by many to be the greatest performer of all time, but he was the greatest celebrity humanitarian in the world. Through this interactive work of art, fans all over the world can continue to connect with their idol and be a part of his legacy. This one-of-a-kind project is a way for Jackson’s fans to not only honor him, but be part of the tribute themselves.

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is a partner of many major international fan clubs, including The Michael Jackson Fan Club (http://www.MJfanclub.net), the largest such fan club in the world, which was established by the King of Pop. The organizers of this tribute have the support of a number of those who were close to Jackson, including Joy and Wade Robson, and Ken Kragen, organizer of “We Are the World.”

At the conclusion of the debut event, fans can go to http://www.MichaelJacksonTributePortrait.com to sign up for their free dot, witness daily progress of the portrait as it grows to completion, and connect with other fans. Additionally, the artist will be in the courtyard of Mann’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood at noon on Saturday, August 29 (MJ’s birthday) to meet fans and add their dots in person.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

This Is It' Movie Website Launched. 27-08-'09

Sony Pictures has launched the website for the upcoming release of 'This Is It', documenting the final stage performances of Michael Jackson. Fans can go here and register to be alerted when tickets will go on-sale.

Source: MJFC / Sony / Billie Jean

Apollo Theater Hall Of Fame. 27-08-'09

The Apollo Theater, in Harlem, New York, was the scene of one of the Jackson Five’s first appearances in the Big Apple, and has shown great respect to Michael. Shortly after his death a vigil was held there for Michael’s fans to gather and grieve in their own particular way.

It has now been announced that there will be a series of follow-up celebrations of his life. The first to be named is his induction into the Apollo Legends Hall Of Fame, which will take place at a gala next year.

Michael will also have a spot on the Apollo’s Hall of Fame, due to be constructed in the autumn, followed by a memorial plaque in the spring, installed in the theater alongside fellow inductees James Brown and Ella Fitzgerald.

The Apollo, which is non-profit making, has also taken possession of a 100 foot long blue plywood wall outside the theater which was used by Michael’s fans to leave memorial messages after his death in June. The wall was donated to the Apollo by the owners of the adjacent property.

Source: New York Times / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson: Our Icon (BET & EBONY). 27-08-'09

Join the party with EBONY and Black Entertainment Television (BET) to celebrate the King of Pop's life on his birthday!

The exclusive TV debut will air on BET and showcase Michael Jackson’s last U.S. magazine cover shoot PLUS never-before-seen photos, videos and interviews.

The broadcast special will feature a star-studded tribute from several insiders including “This is It” Music Tour Director Michael Bearden, Questlove of The Roots, R&B singer Brian McKnight, TV Star Fonzworth Bentley, and DJ Rashidafrom America’s Best Dance Crew.

The world’s No. 1 Black magazine, EBONY, will also offer perspectives from CEO Linda Johnson Rice, Acting Editor-In-Chief/ Creative Director Harriette Cole, Senior Writer Clarence Waldron and Senior Photo Editor Dudley M. Brooks.

“We developed this partnership with BET to further engage our readers in a significant way as we pause to remember the life of an incredible music figure,” said Chairman and CEO Linda Johnson Rice. “EBONY is extremely fortunate to have built a solid relationship with Michael Jackson during his phenomenal career span, and we’re proud to share that history with the rest of the world.”

Source: EBONY / Billie Jean

MJ's 'Thriller' Date -- Jackson Estate Must Pay. 26-08-'09

The woman who starred in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video now claims MJ's estate owes her big-time for the infamous vid.

Ola Ray sued Michael for breach of contract back in May, claiming she was stiffed out of her cut of the "Thriller" profits.

Since Michael's not around anymore, she wants the estate to pay up -- filing a creditor's claim in L.A. County Superior Court on Friday.

Although it's been almost four months since she first filed the initial papers against MJ, she still doesn't know how much money she's owed.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Jackson Family Project to Air As Reality Series. 26-08-'09

ET can exclusively confirm that a Jackson family project is coming to TV as a reality series.

The project was announced previously, but it was unclear which format it would take. Now, ET can confirm that it will air as a reality series. A&E is expected to release the air date for the weekly series shortly. The project, culled from months and months of footage, will follow the ups and downs of the Jackson family as they attempt to get together for a reunion.

Although Michael Jackson did not appear in the footage, some of his siblings and mother, Katherine Jackson, were filmed in material shot at the Jackson family home.

Source: ET / Billie Jean

Tito Jackson To Perform Tribute in Virgin Islands. 26-08-'09

The ET news desk has the latest on the Michael Jackson tribute being planned by his brother, Tito Jackson.

A rep for the singer tells ET that Tito will be performing in the U.S. Virgin Islands on what was to be Michael's 51st birthday. Michael was originally going to buried on that date.

"With Michael Jackson's burial now being switched to September 3, his brother Tito will be celebrating MJ's 51st birthday with a tribute concert in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands this Saturday, August 29," his rep says. "He will be performing Michael Jackson songs, as well as Jackson Five hits. Marlon Jackson will also attend the concert, which will benefit the Reichhold Center For The Arts at the University of the Virgin Islands."

Source: ET / Billie Jean

La Toya Jackson To Sit Down With Barbara Walters. 26-08-'09

La Toya Jackson will tell all to Barbara Walters about why she thinks her brother Michael was murdered.

The just-announced "20/20" interview, described as no holds barred, will also touch on La Toya's relationship with her brother and his children.

La Toya told ABC news of the latest developments in the investigation into her brother's death: "I am thankful to the investigators for uncovering the truth to the world, and I look forward to the day that justice will be served to ALL the parties involved in my brother's homicide."

You can catch the revealing interview when it airs on September 11 on "20/20." La Toya will also appear on Walters' ABC chat show, "The View," on September 16 and 18 as a co-host.

Source: ET / Billie Jean

The Remix Suite - Out October 20. 26-08-'09

New York, NY – Universal Motown Records presents MICHAEL JACKSON: THE REMIX SUITE I. It is available now on Itunes. It is the first batch of music to be unveiled from Universal Motown's innovative five-part digital suite of remixes paying homage to the most thrilling entertainer of all time.

MICHAEL JACKSON: THE REMIX SUITE I boasts five exclusive new renditions of beloved tracks by Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 remixed by five of the hottest producers in the game: Stargate ("Skywriter"), The Neptunes ("Never Can Say Goodbye"), Dallas Austin ("I Wanna Be Where You Are"), Polow Da Don ("Dancing Machine"), and Salaam Remi ("ABC").

"It's no secret that Michael Jackson's phenomenal talent inspired countless entertainers," says Universal Motown President Sylvia Rhone, who spearheaded the making of MICHAEL JACKSON: THE REMIX SUITES I-V. "But his music also inspired many of today's finest producers. That's why we thought it would be exciting to invite them to put their own unique spin on his work. From Michael's amazing vocals to the great melodies, grooves, and arrangements―the material they had to work with is so incredibly rich. It's inspiration feeding inspiration and the results are fantastic."

Upcoming installments of MICHAEL JACKSON: THE REMIX SUITE series feature remixes by everyone from Akon, Swizz Beatz, and Q-Tip to Ryan Leslie, Rodney Jerkins, and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182, among many others. Each volume contains five exclusive new tracks, which will be released online every two weeks from August 25th to October 20th. Look for upcoming releases from this historic five-part digital suite coming soon to online music retailers:






MICHAEL JACKSON: THE REMIX SUITE is not a somber tribute to an iconic legend gone too soon. It is a fun, fresh, and funky testament to the infinite mass appeal of the early works of Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 that will inspire, uplift, and electrify listeners for generations to come. Complete your listening experience and your collection with the album, MICHAEL JACKSON: THE REMIX SUITES I-V, in stores October 20th.

For more on MICHAEL JACKSON: THE REMIX SUITES I-V, please visit:

Source: Motown / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Died Of Lethal Dose Of Propofol. 25-08-'09

Michael Jackson died from a lethal dose of propofol, officials say in a search warrant.

In a search warrant affidavit unsealed today in Houston, TX, a report from the L.A. County coroner's officials indicated that they found a lethal dose of the drug in his system.

The search warrant details how Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, administered drugs to the fallen pop star. According to the document, he told LAPD detectives that he had been treating the singer for insomnia and had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of propofol every night using an intravenous line, but worried the singer was forming an addiction and tried to wean him off the drug.

On the morning of Jackson's death, Murray tried to induce sleep without using propofol, according to the affidavit. Murray said, according to the document, that he gave Jackson valium at 1:30 a.m., but it didn't work. According to the affidavit, Murray later injected lorazepam intravenously at 2 a.m. and administered midazolam at 3 a.m..

Murray continued to give him drugs over the next few hours, the warrant says. According to the document, the doctor claims that Jackson continued to demand propofol, which he administered at 10:40 a.m. -- and when he next checked in, Jackson was not breathing.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Statement From Dr. Murray's Lawyer. 25-08-'09

Stradley, Chernoff & Alford, Attorney's for Dr. Conrad Murray have released the following statement on their website:

Much of what was in the search warrant affidavit is factual. However, unfortunately, much is police theory. Most egregiously, the timeline reported by law enforcement was not obtained through interviews with Dr. Murray, as was implied by the affidavit. Dr. Murray simply never told investigators that he found Michael Jackson at 11:00 am not breathing. He also never said that he waited a mere ten minutes before leaving to make several phone calls. In fact, Dr. Murray never said that he left Michael Jackson’s room to make phone calls at all.

We will not comment on the “anonymous” law enforcement source that claims that Michael Jackson’s death will be ruled a homicide. Most of the reports by “anonymous” sources have been proven wrong. We will be happy to address the Coroner’s report when it is officially released.”

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Nanny Departs: Grace Is Gone. 25-08-'09

The nanny who raised Michael Jackson’s kids, then turned on him and sold him out when she was fired, is finally history.

Grace Rwaramba is out of the lives of Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson after having an actual fist fight, sources say, with Rebbie Jackson.

Grace started at Neverland in the administrative office in 1994. Once source says she was introduced to Jackson by Deepak Chopra. She worked her way up to nanny in 1997 when Prince as born, and never let go. For years she was Jackson’s sole confidante.

There are often rumors that she and Michael Jackson were lovers, or some such nonsense. But Grace was married in 1995 to Stacey Adair. Last December 2008, she married again, to a fellow Ugandan who’s in the oil business.

Over the years, Rwaramba appeared to be fiercely loyal to Jackson. But last spring, when she was fired for the last time, by Tohme Tohme, she sold her story to Israeli interviewer Daphne Barak. They taped the interview just before Michael died. She quickly returned to the Jackson home, but the interview was revealed. Since the children have lived with their grandmother, Grace clashed with Katherine Jackson over how to raise them.

I am told Rwaramba is still in London, where she’s been trying to stop Barak from selling her interviews. In the meantime, she’s lost her status as the Jackson nanny.

Source: Showbiz411.com / Billie Jean

Lethal levels' Of Anesthetic Propofol Killed Michael Jackson. 25-08-'09

Michael Jackson died of "lethal levels" of the powerful anesthetic propofol, according to a search warrant affidavit unsealed today in Houston.

The court documents quote the L.A. County coroner's office as reaching that conclusion after an autopsy of the pop star.

The documents address one of the major unanswered questions surrounding Jackson's death. But they also raise new questions about how Jackson was treated, particularly in the hours before his death.

Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal doctor, told detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department that he had been treating Jackson for insomnia for about six weeks. He had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of propofol every night using an intravenous line, according to the court records.

But Murray told detectives that he feared Jackson was forming an addiction and began trying to wean the pop star off the drugs. He lowered the dosage to 25 milligrams and mixed it with two other sedatives, lorazepam and midazolam. On June 23, two days before Jackson's death, he administered those two medications and withheld the propofol.

On the morning Jackson died, Murray tried to induce sleep without using propofol, according to the affidavit. He said he gave Jackson valium at 1:30 a.m. When that didn't work, he said, he injected lorazepam intravenously at 2 a.m. At 3 a.m., when Jackson was still awake, Murray administered midazolam.

Over the next few hours, Murray said he gave Jackson various drugs. Then at 10:40 a.m., Murray administered 25 milligrams of propofol after Jackson repeatedly demanded the drug, according to the court records.

Although Murray acknowledged to police that he administered propofol, authorities said they could find no evidence that he had purchased, ordered or obtained the medication under his medical license or Drug Enforcement Administration tracking number. However, police detectives saw about eight bottles of propofol in the house along with other vials and pills that had been prescribed to Jackson by Dr. Murray, Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Allan Metzger.

Other drugs that were confiscated in the search included valium, tamsulosin, lorazepam, temazepam, clonazepam, trazodone and tizanidine. They also found propofol in Murray’s medical bag. Murray told detectives that he was not the first doctor to administer the powerful anesthetic to Jackson.

At least two unidentified doctors gave Jackson propofol in Germany. Between March and April 2009, Murray said he called Las Vegas doctor David Adams at Jackson’s request to arrange for Adams to administer propofol. Murray said he was present at a cosmetologist’s office, where Adams used propofol to sedate Jackson. Since he began treating Jackson, Murray said he repeatedly asked the pop star what other physicians were treating Jackson and what drugs they were prescribing. But Jackson declined to provide the information, Murray told authorities.

Murray said he noticed injection marks on Jackson’s hands and feet. When he asked Jackson about them, the pop star told him he had been given a “cocktail” to help him. In addition to Murray, authorities subpoenaed medical records from Dr. Arnold Klein, Dr. Allan Metzger and Dr. David Adams, the affidavit states. They also asked for medical records from Dr. David Slavitt, who conducted the independent medical examination of Jackson for Anschuntz Entertainment Group, Dr. Randy Rosen and nurse practitioner Cherilyn Lee. They also subpoenaed records from Dr. Mark Tadrissi, who stored medical records with Adams.

Jackson’s doctor told authorities he left Jackson’s bedside for no more than two minutes before returning to find the pop star not breathing. Jackson reportedly fell asleep at 10:40 a.m.

Murray said after monitoring Jackson for 10 minutes, he left to use the restroom. When he returned and saw Jackson wasn’t breathing at 11 a.m. He immediately began attempting to revive Jackson, administering CPR as well as a drug to reverse the effects of the sedative. But police are questioning that account. Cellphone records for the morning of June 25 show Murray made three separate phone calls for approximately 47 minutes beginning at 11:18 a.m.

He called Jackson’s personal assistant to request that they send security upstairs. After a few minutes without a response, Murray told authorities he ran downstairs to the kitchen. He asked the chef to send Jackson’s eldest son, Prince Jackson, upstairs. Murray said he continued CPR and waited for the arrival of paramedics.

Murray has already acknowledged obtaining and administering propofol to Jackson the morning that the pop star died. In an interview with police, Murray told them that he had left Jackson alone under the influence of the medication to make telephone calls to his Houston office and family members.

When he returned, he discovered Jackson was not breathing. He performed CPR, and one of Jackson’s staff members called 911. The 50-year-old pop star was rushed to UCLA Medical Center, where he was later declared dead. Much of the investigation has focused on propofol -- a drug typically administered by anesthesiologists during surgery -- and whether Murray’s decision to give it to Jackson as a sleep aid outside a hospital setting reaches a level of negligence required for an involuntary manslaughter charge.

Source: L.A. Times / Billie Jean

The Definitive Collection CD Album CoverThe Definitive Collection CD Album Is Released. 25-08-'09

'The Definitive Collection' is a compilation album of Michael Jackson released in the USA by Motown/Universal and is the fourth album to be released since his death.

It is a 19-track collection of highlights from his Motown recordings, including the hits he had with his brothers in the Jackson 5. This emphasizes Michael's solo hits over the Jackson 5's -- there are ten cuts of him alone, nine with his brothers -- which skews this a little bit toward puppy love over bubblegum, something that may be a little too syrupy for some listeners, but there's no denying that for fans lacking a collection of Michael's earliest hits.

This definitive collection features original hit recordings including 'I Want You Back', 'ABC', 'I'll Be There', 'Got To Be There', 'Rockin' Robin', 'Ben', 'One Day In Your Life' and plus the much-talked about B-side, 'Who's Loving You' and a Bonus (Minus Mix) of 'I'll Be There').

Track list:

1. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 - 2:58
2. ABC - The Jackson 5 - 2:57
3. The Love You Save - The Jackson 5 - 3:02
4. I'll Be There - The Jackson 5 - 3:56
5. Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson 5 - 2:59
6. Maybe Tomorrow - The Jackson 5 - 4:44
7. Got To Be There - Michael Jackson - 3:23
8. Rockin' Robin - Michael Jackson - 2:31
9. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson - 2:59
10. Ain't No Sunshine - Michael Jackson - 4:10
11. Ben - Michael Jackson - 2:44
12. With A Child's Heart - Michael Jackson - 3:32
13. One Day In Your Life - Michael Jackson - 4:13
14. We're Almost There - Michael Jackson - 3:44
15. Dancing Machine - The Jackson 5 - 2:37
16. Just A Little Bit Of You - Michael Jackson - 3:11
17. Farewell My Summer Love - Michael Jackson - 3:41
18. Who's Lovin' You - The Jackson 5 - 4:00
19. I'll Be There (Minus Mix) - The Jackson 5 - 3:54

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: 0602527147833
Guide price: 10 €

Order the CD album here at Amazon.

Michael Jackson's Mother Praises Vienna Tribute. 24-08-'09

The King of Pop's mother said in a letter made public Monday that next month's global tribute for Michael Jackson in Vienna is "a wonderful idea" and an event that her son would have loved.

The Sept. 26 concert -- being planned by Jackson's brother Jermaine -- will take place in front of a 17th-century palace in the Austrian capital. The performers haven't been announced, but the event is expected to draw thousands of people.

"An event of this dimension not only keeps Michael's spirit alive, more than that: It gives millions of fans the opportunity to experience his music and celebrate the life of my son," Katherine Jackson wrote. "I am sure Michael would love it."

The hand-signed letter is dated Thursday and was made public by the Austrian event promoters, World Awards Media GmbH.

Michael Jackson died aged 50 on June 25.

Event promoter Georg Kindel has said the tribute was originally planned for London's Wembley Stadium on Aug. 29, which would have been Jackson's 51st birthday, but that Jermaine Jackson decided instead on Vienna. Austria is home to many castles, and Jermaine has said Vienna was chosen as the venue because his brother "loved castles."

In the letter, Katherine Jackson said she immediately considered Jermaine's plan -- announced several weeks after he visited Vienna to receive an award in his brother's honor -- "a wonderful idea."

"I fully support Jermaine's endeavors to spread Michael's important message of making a better world for us all," she wrote.

Jackson's mother also reached out to fans, saying she was "overwhelmed by the worldwide love and support that my beloved son Michael has received over the past month."

Last week, fans swamped the Web site offering tribute tickets, with prices ranging from 63 euros ($90) to 518 euros ($742).

Nina Ellend, head of publicity at World Awards Media GmbH, said thousands of tickets have been snapped up and that the sale was happening in stages.

Austrian media have reported that Madonna, U2, Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston might be among the performers. However, the tribute's Web site says only that the lineup will include "some of the most popular contemporary artists."

Source: boston / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Children Spend Weekend In Las Vegas. 24-08-'09

With their grandma by their side, Michael Jackson's children had a splashing good time over the weekend in Las Vegas.

Prince Michael I, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II (a.k.a. "Blanket"), 7, were spotted at the Palms Casino Resort's pool sipping on virgin strawberry-banana daiquiri's on Sunday. They, along with three friends, dunked each other in the pool and swam around for more than two hours. Blanket, wearing a life preserver, even showed some of his moves, dancing on the edge of the pool before jumping in the water.

Katherine Jackson kept a close eye, accompanied by a friend and nanny, and smiled over the pool-side antics.

It wasn't all fun in the sun, though, as the children dined in fashion, too. With their uncle Jermiane with them on Saturday night, the family had dinner at Vegas hotspot N9NE Steakhouse's private dining room.

It may have seemed like just a quiet weekend at home to them though – the kids lived at the Palms Hotel with their father for about two months in early 2008.

Source: people / Billie Jean

Spike Lee's Jackson Birthday Bash Could Draw 10K. 23-08-'09

New York City officials want to find a larger place for Spike Lee to hold his celebration of Michael Jackson's birthday.

The filmmaker had planned to mark the late King of Pop's birthday with a block party-style bash in Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park on Aug. 29, when Jackson would have turned 51.

However, a spokeswoman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that city officials and Lee are looking at other sites because crowd estimates have grown.

The event's original permit envisioned 2,000 people attending. But because of nationwide publicity, organizers now expect the crowd to exceed 10,000. The city says Brooklyn's Prospect Park is a possible alternative.

Lee collaborated on Jackson's video for "They Don't Care About Us."

Source: starpulse / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Kids Could Turn Preppy. 23-08-'09

The home schoolin' days may be over for MJ's kids -- we've learned Katherine Jackson is "seriously considering" sending the golden children to one of the most elite private schools in LA.

Family sources tell us the Jackson matriarch is talking about enrolling Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince in the Buckley School -- the same place Tito's three kids attended, as well as several other members of the Jackson clan. In fact, Tito's deceased wife, Dee Dee, once served as president of the Buckley Parent's Association.

Our sources say the family has talked to friends and school reps about enrolling the kids.

We're told Grandma Katherine used to show up for different events at the school and just loves the place -- great education, it's close to their Encino home, and it's heavily protected.

Problem is ... the school ain't so easy to get into. Plus, classes start really soon -- as in this Wednesday -- and it's unclear if the kids have even applied yet.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

London First Stop For Jackson Exhibit. 22-08-'09

A judge on Friday (August 21) firmly approved a deal between Michael Jackson's estate and a concert promoter to exhibit the King of Pop's memorabilia, praising the arrangement that the singer's mother had fought in court over her concerns that it could harm the singer's legacy and wasn't competitively bid.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff approved the deal that's expected to earn Jackson's estate up to $6 million, saying after four hours of mostly closed-door testimony that there was "no question in my mind this agreement is in the best interest of the estate."

Beckloff noted the lack of a reasonable alternative presented by Katherine Jackson's attorneys, alluding to a mention made of a company starting up in the Middle East that might be able to handle the exhibitions.

"The most foolhardy thing the administrators could do is connect with some startup company from the Middle East," he said.

AEG Live, the company that was preparing Jackson's 50-concert comeback tour when he died June 25, plans to open the exhibit around the Oct. 28 release of a film using footage of the singer's final rehearsals. Attorneys for Katherine Jackson had tried to block the deal, arguing it should have been competitively bid, and that the estate should have a larger cut of the proceeds than the 50-50 split negotiated with AEG.

John Schreiber, an attorney for Katherine Jackson, suggested there was no need to hurry or conduct "a fire sale" of the memorabilia. But the judge chided his "hyperbole about rushing to judgment and fire sale and giving away the store" as inappropriate, and said he was convinced the negotiations were above board.

London O2
The O2 Arena has the second-highest seating capacity of any indoor venue in the UK, behind the Manchester Arena.

Meg Lodise, an attorney appointed to represent the interests of Jackson's three children, agreed that the deal was in the best interests of the youngsters, who are entitled to 40 percent of their father's estate. Katherine Jackson is the beneficiary of another 40 percent, with 20 percent going to unnamed charities.

Specific details of the exhibit have not been completed, attorneys for AEG said Friday. But the plan calls for a three-city tour spread over two years and could feature items from Jackson's Neverland Ranch as well as items slated for the 'This is It' shows in London.
"It will be spectacular," said AEG attorney Kathy Jorrie, who noted in closing arguments that AEG has gone from being a potential creditor to Jackson's estate with millions of dollars in claims to becoming a partner in its success.

She said some of the costs of Jackson's public memorial at the Staples Center are factored into the agreement, but that the exact amounts are confidential.
Burt Levitch, one of Katherine Jackson's attorneys, said he hoped AEG would show sensitivity in how it portrays Jackson. The contract approved Friday requires the promoter to collaborate with the administrators of Jackson's estate, but Katherine Jackson may not have a formal say in how it is crafted.

"Mrs. Jackson still feels there are certain aspects of the AEG deal that could have been improved upon," Levitch said.

Katherine Jackson's attorneys have also filed a motion seeking Beckloff's permission to contest the ability of attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain — who were named as co-executors in Jackson's will — to administer her son's estate. A hearing on that motion is scheduled for September, but Levitch told Beckloff Friday that he preferred to "let the dust settle" from Friday's hearing before pursuing the matter further.

The president of the company planning the exhibit of Michael Jackson's memorabilia says the show's first stop will be London's O2 Arena.

The venue is where Jackson was scheduled to open his 50-show 'This is It' concert before he died in Los Angeles on June 25.

Arts and Exhibitions International President and CEO John Norman says that in addition to the arena, the O2 has a 20,000 square foot exhibition space where he previously put on a King Tut exhibit. He says the other two venues would be decided later and that Los Angeles would likely be among the top contenders.

Norman says he doesn't yet know what will be on display, but indicated that there are multiple warehouses filled with material.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

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