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The Early Years (Limited Edition) [Vinyl And T-Shirt Set] Box Set Cover'Michael Jackson - The Early Years' Is Released. 31-12-'09

'The Early Years' box set of Michael Jackson is released in the USA in December, 2009 through Motown/Bravado Records.

This is a limited edition reissue with a yellow vinyl, boxed with a black T-shirt based on the album art.

The album features 10 of his hits from his early solo work and his work with the Jackson 5 by Motown. Side A features MJ solo Motown tracks, and Side B features tracks with the J5.

Track lists:

1. Got To Be There - 3:23
2. Rockin' Robin - 2:30
3. What Goes Around Comes Around - 4:26
4. Ben - 3:03
5. We've Got A Good Thing Going - 2:44

1. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 - 2:58
2. ABC - The Jackson 5 - 2:38
3. The Love You Save - The Jackson 5 - 3:01
4. I'll Be There - The Jackson 5 - 3:25
5. Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson 5 - 3:00

The Early Years (Limited Edition) [Vinyl And T-Shirt Set] Box Set

Order the box set here at Amazon.

Record label: Motown/Bravado
Series number: B0013767-01
Printed: USA
Guide price: 30 €

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Added To National Film Registry. 30-12-'09

Since his death on June 25, 2009, late pop icon Michael Jackson has been showered with accolades and honors for his 40-plus-year musical career. But on Wednesday (December 30), one of Jackson's most enduring legacies, the pioneering 1983 dancing-ghoul-filled video for 'Thriller', was inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

The Associated Press reported that the 14-minute mini-movie that revolutionized music videos and cemented Jackson's status as one of the most ambitious, innovative pop stars of all time, was one of 25 films that were inducted into the world's largest archive of film, TV and sound recordings.

The iconic video, directed by John Landis ('Animal House, The Blues Brothers), is the first music video named to the registry. It earned its spot because of the landmark nature of its achievements, which include Guinness World Record sales of over 9 million copies.

"Because of the way the recording industry is evolving and changing, we thought it would be good to go back to the development of an earlier seismic shift, which was the development of the music video," said Steve Leggett, coordinator of the National Film Preservation Board. 'Thriller' had been considered for inclusion in the past, but Leggett said following Jackson's death, the time seemed right to add the video to the list.

Thriller Video Clip
The World première of the video clip took place on December 02, 1983 on MTV.

The library works with film archives, movie studios and record labels to ensure that original copies of the works it enshrines for their enduring cultural, historical and aesthetic importance to U.S. culture are kept safe as well as acquiring copies for its own vault.

Among the other works entering the National Film Registry this year: 1979's 'The Muppet Movie'; the 1957 sci-fi classic 'The Incredible Shrinking Man'; Sergio Leone's epic spaghetti western 'Once Upon A Time In The West'; 1938's 'Jezebel', featuring Bette Davis' Oscar-winning performance; the 1975 bank-heist-gone-wrong movie 'Dog Day Afternoon', starring Al Pacino; 1940's 'The Mark Of Zorro'; and the iconic 'Little Nemo' from 1911, which mixed live action and animation and served as an inspiration for future animators, including Walt Disney.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Thriller Live Extends Shows At Lyric Theatre. 29-12-'09

Thriller Live, featuring the songs of Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5, has extended 5 months to Sunday 12 Sep 2010 at the Lyric Theatre.

The show opened at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Ave, on 21 Jan 2009, following previews from 2 Jan 2009, to generally good notices from the popular press: THE GUARDIAN says, "It's cute, kicking and retro." THE STAGE says, "Some of the set pieces, particularly the Billie Jean/Thriller/Bad set are, quite literally, thrilling." THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Thrilling, certainly, but empty, too." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "A glitzy concert of song and dance... a great night out." THE DAILY EXPRESS says, "A hugely enjoyable, gloriously upbeat, high energy show." THE INDEPENDENT says, "Immensely enjoyable. "

The show, originally conceived and created by Adrian Grant, is directed and choreographed by Gary Lloyd, with additional choreography by LaVelle Smith Jr. and and Kerys Nathan.

Source: MJFC / londontheatre.co.uk / Billie Jean

MJ's Brothers, Janet May Have Estate Claim. 29-12-'09

Michael Jackson's sister, Janet, along with brothers, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy, are all listed as possible creditors in the Michael Jackson estate case -- this, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

The docs do not state what Michael might owe Janet and his brothers. We do know Janet fronted some of the costs for Michael's funeral.

We spoke with MJ estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, who told TMZ Michael's brothers have an ongoing royalties claim and therefore were listed as potential creditors.

Also listed as a potential creditor -- Rev. June Juliet Gatlin, Michael's spiritual advisor.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

A Year Before 2005 Trial FBI Found Nothing On Michael Jackson’s Computers. 24-12-'09

The FBI files on Michael Jackson show a concerted effort by the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office to convict the pop star for child molestation in 2003-2005.

The DA even brought in the FBI for assistance. But the Bureau’s examination of all the computers seized from Neverland found nothing in April 2004 — ten months before Jackson’s trial. They went through a bunch of computers seized at the ranch, and ran “keyword searches” through them, looking for kiddie pornography. They came up with 18 pages of nothing.

Michael’s defence attorney Thomas Mesereau expressed surprise to me about the FBI files yesterday. “I never saw them,” he said. “Shouldn’t they have shared them with me?”

It didn’t matter. Mesereau’s masterful handling of the case got Michael acquitted of all charges in his 2005 child molestation/conspiracy case. But why did the DA go ahead with the case at all if the FBI turned up nothing?

Mesereau told me: “They heard all these stories, they read stories in the tabloids, there was the 1993 case. They had to proceed. Plus DA Tom Sneddon had gotten legislation passed since the first case making it impossible not to go ahead. And he did it because of Michael.”

Jackson was innocent of those charges. Whatever else happened to Michael Jackson in life, he was set up by Janet Arvizo to take a fall. Luckily, several people stepped in to save Michael.

Two of those people were Frank (Tyson) Cascio and his friend Vinnie Amen. They were working for Michael in the winter of 2003. Jackson put them in charge of catering to the Arvizo family right after Martin Bashir’s “Living with Michael Jackson” aired on ABC. All hell broke loose because Michael bragged about Gavin Arvizo “sharing” his bed. Gavin and his brother were featured on the program. Chaos ensued.

District Attorney Tom Sneddon, Michael’s nemesis from the 1993 case, determined to destroy Jackson at that point. He sought out Janet Arvizo, not realizing she was a welfare cheat, a pathological liar, and a big cup o’crazy. On the witness stand, Mrs, Arvizo told Jackson’s defence attorney, Tom Mesereau, she believed Michael was going to steal her children in a big hot air balloon, and fly away.

After that, no testimony mattered. We in the Santa Maria courtroom knew Michael would moonwalk home, free as a bird. And deservedly so.

Earlier that year, I wrote in my old column that when Frank and Vinnie brought Janet home to her L.A. apartment from Neverland, Sneddon’s card was under her door. She called the number. He invented her. Then he involved the FBI. The results are in the newly released files. Manpower was revved up, resources were used. And it was all for nothing. Regardless of Michael’s naive comments about children, or anything that might have happened years earlier, he was innocent. He was guilty, like Chris Tucker and a bunch of other people, of being conned by the Arvizos.

In truth, the Jackson-Sneddon feud had been fuelled by Michael. After the 1993-94 Jordy Chandler case, Michael fanned the flames by tautening Sneddon in song. It was a mistake. Sneddon was a no-nonsense guy. He didn’t wear designer suits. He reminded those of us in the court room of an old gym teacher. He wasn’t “hip.” And you could tell, he didn’t like the hip crowd one bit.

In the FBI files, you can see how Sneddon, using Court TV’s willing Diane Dimond, ginned up the anti-Michael cause. He even sent ADA Ronald Zonen — listed in the FBI files incorrectly as Richard — to New York to persuade Jordy Chandler to testify. Chandler declined, and threatened to fight a subpoena legally. The word was that he left the U.S. for the duration of the trial.

Sneddon et al had little luck getting anyone else from the so-called conspiracy to kidnap the Arvizos onto the stand. And Vinnie, I can tell you now, let me publish dozens and dozens of receipts he’d kept while babysitting the Arvizos. Eventually it all came out during the trial: rather than being kidnapped, the Arvizos were treated to movies, clothes, hotel stays, and spa treatments. Sneddon, of course, knew this. He just pretended that it never happened. Janet Arvizo received a full body waxing, courtesy of Michael Jackson. The FBI was taken to the cleaners.

Source: showbiz411 / Billie Jean

Culture Show SpecialMichael Jackson Special - The Culture Show. 22-12-'09

Tomorrow (December 23) on BBC Two Culture Show has a special about Michael Jackson.

The death of Michael Jackson was one of the biggest stories of 2009. Six months on from his death, this programme re-evaluates his impact on modern music. There are many stories that can be told about Michael Jackson - the court cases, the scandals, the bizarre behaviour. This programme ignores all that and instead tells the story of Michael Jackson's music.

Tracing his music back to his roots in the so-called 'Chitlin' circuit of the 1960's, musicians, producers and contemporaries assess Michael Jackson's position within African-American culture, his mainstream appeal and his massive contribution to pop music and culture across the world.

The programme tells the stories behind such Jackson 5 songs as 'I Want You Back' and 'ABC'; hits from the Jacksons like 'Shake Your Body'; and the songs that made Michael Jackson a global megastar including 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough', 'Rock With You' and 'Beat It'. The programme also looks at Michael Jackson's extraordinary performance of 'Billie Jean' at the Motown anniversary concert in 1983, in which he premiered the now legendary moonwalk.

With contributions from Smokey Robinson, Jermaine Jackson, Martha Reeves and record producer and DJ Questlove.

Source: BBC 2 / / Billie Jean

FBI Involved In Michael Jackson Molestation Trial. 22-12-'09

UPDATE: In our document search, we just found out why the FBI was involved in the Michael Jackson molestation case. According to one of the docs, the LAPD Sexually Exploited Child Unit contacted the FBI in 1993, asking the agency if it would be "interested in working a possible federal violation against Jackson concerning the transportation of a minor across state lines for immoral purposes."

The FBI was secretly involved in the child molestation case against Michael Jackson, according to documents just released by the agency.

In July, 2004, a memo was drafted stating that the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's investigation produced "collateral investigative issues, some of which potentially rise to the level of Federal Violations, in the New York and Miami Divisions as well as the Los Angeles Division." The memo does not elaborate on the nature of the alleged offenses.

According to the docs, FBI special agents from L.A., New York and Miami were assigned to assist Santa Barbara county prosecutors in their case against Jackson -- a case in which Jackson was found not guilty.

The memo says the special agents and prosecutors spent time discussing various strategies in the case.

There are also documents showing the FBI was involved in the 1993 molestation investigation. In one doc, there are notes which state Jackson was riding in a train with a boy whom Jackson identified as his cousin. The notes say, "He was very possessive of boy," and at night on the train a witness "heard questionable noises through wall."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Targeted With Death Threat. 22-12-'09

Someone threatened to kill Michael Jackson, and then-President George H.W. Bush, according to FBI documents just released.

Someone wrote a letter on July 6, 1992, that the FBI obtained, stating, "I decided that because nobody is taking me serious, and I can't handle my state of mind, that I am going to Washington D.C. to threaten to kill the President of the United States, George Bush."

It goes on ..."Michael [Jackson] I will personally attempt to kill, if he doesn't pay me my money."

One of the documents, written by the L.A. City Attorney's office, indicated on June 22, 1992, the author of the letter "arrives in Calif. at Jackson's . Threatens to kill."

The FBI says the person who wrote the letter was charged with extortion, pled guilty and was sentenced to prison in 1993.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

FBI Delays Release Of MJ Extortion Documents. 22-12-'09

The FBI will not release Michael Jackson documents relating to the molestation investigations as well as extortion attempts -- at least not today.

The 333 pages of formerly-classified documents were supposed to be released today but the snow in Washington D.C. has caused a delay of at least one day.

As for what's in the documents ... sources tell TMZ during the 1993 Michael Jackson child molestation investigation, the late great Johnnie Cochran contacted the FBI, claiming the accuser's family was trying to extort money from Jackson with false allegations. It's likely Cochran's contact with the agency will show up when the documents are released.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Music May Get Second Chance. 22-12-'09

Michael Jackson's estate executors want to breathe new life into an incredibly valuable asset -- the heavily-collateralized MIJAC Music Catalog.

The Catalog -- valued this year at around $100 million -- was used by Michael Jackson to secure at least two big loans.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, co-executors John Branca and John McClain have entered into negotiations with a bank to restructure the two loans with more favorable terms. The new terms could save the estate a fortune.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

MJ Beat It T-Shirt Sells At Auction. 21-12-'09

A t-shirt worn by Michael Jackson in the 1983 video of Beat It, is part of an auction of memorabilia of the late king of pop in Los Angeles today.

The sleeveless shirt, depicting cherubs and a heart, was given to Bradley Bennett, then 11, in 1983 after Jackson befriended him at the Jehovah's Witness Congregation in the San Fernando Valley.

Bradley visited Jackson several times at the singer's home in Encino and the youngster wore the T-shirt with pride when Jackson gave it to him just after the release of Beat It, the third single from the Thriller album.

The Beat It video showcased Jackson's innovative "mass choreography" where he wears the T-shirt.

The final winning bid for the t-shirt was $20,740.

Other items at the Bonhams and Butterfields auction include a rug featuring Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, which was given as a wedding gift to the couple in 1994.

Source: MJFC / Herald Sun / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Tribute Show Canceled. 20-12-'09

Jermaine Jackson's global tribute to his late brother Michael has been scrapped for the second time.

Organizers at World Awards Media, led by the King of Pop's older brother, canceled a Vienna, Austria concert in September after struggling to secure stars to perform at the event. The show was rescheduled for London next summer.

The latter concert appeared to be in trouble after an executive decision to dissolve the company behind the project was made last month.

Martin Schneider, liquidator for the organizers, said: "The company cannot sign any new contracts and will certainly not plan any new events."

Now Jermaine Jackson has declined to forge ahead with the show, which was to initially feature Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown and veteran singer Natalie Cole.

Source: Billie Jean

MJ Named MTV's Man Of The Year. 20-12-'09

Michael Jackson has been named the man of the year by MTV News, following a week-long countdown to the top spot. The top ten list was compiled by MTV based on music sales, box-office performance, MTVNews.com headlines and traffic and a few other factors.

"Michael Jackson was one of the all-time greats, the likes of which we'll probably never see again," MTV News said. "A man so big his death could stop the world. He was an innovator. He was a hitmaker. He was a pioneer. He was the unquestionable King of Pop, now and forever."

Other celebrities to make MTV's list of the top men of 2009 include Jay-Z at number two, Adam Lambert at number three, Taylor Lautner at number four, Lil Wayne at number five, Robert Pattinson at number six, Kanye West at number seven, Drake at number eight and Eminem at number nine.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's FBI File To Be Released. 20-12-'09

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will release 333 pages of Michael Jackson's formerly-classified file on Monday morning. Can we interest you in a little light reading?

The documents will relate to his 1993 and 2004 child molestation cases -- as well as any case Michael Jackson was the victim of ... including threats and extortion attempts. Nothing about Dr. Conrad Murray or Michael's death will be in the files.

Our guess -- the extortion attempts will be the most interesting.

The FBI did a similar thing back in October concerning files involving Anna Nicole Smith and a possible plot to kill the son of her 89-year-old husband, J. Howard Marshall II.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

The Disney Parks Blog Announces Return Of Captain EO. 19-12-'09

Twenty-three years ago, at the height of his phenomenal entertainment career, Michael Jackson joined forces with Disney to create “Captain EO,” a groundbreaking 17-minute 3D film experience.

We are excited to confirm that the classic musical spectacular that thrilled Disneyland park guests from 1986 – 1997, will return for an exclusive, limited engagement at Disneyland park beginning in February 2010!

The attraction’s return to Tomorrow land will provide new audiences the opportunity to experience the original 3D production for the very first time, as well as a nostalgic look back for longtime fans wanting to see “The King of Pop” in a rare performance created for the big-screen, just one more time.

Source: disneyparks / Billie Jean

Watch The Trailer For The 'This Is It' DVD. 18-12-'09

Taking the Stage on Blu-ray™ and DVD on 22nd February 2010, With Over 90 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Bonus Features Including Two Making-of Documentaries, Costume Featurette and Blu-ray Exclusives Including All-New “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller” Vignettes as well as movieIQ!

On January 26, 2010 in North America and on February 22 in the UK and Europe, Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Watch the trailer here below.

Source: Billie Jean

Classic Jackson 5 And MJ Albums Return To CD & Vinyl. 18-12-'09

Michael Jackson's Four Solo Motown Albums Also Reissued on Vinyl.

After being out of print individually in any format for many years, six of the phenomenal Jackson 5's original albums will be reissued on CD and vinyl, while all four of Michael's solo '70s Motown albums are being reissued on vinyl by Motown/UMe on January 5, 2010.

With this year marking the 40th anniversary of the debut of the Jackson 5, the recent release of I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters, an acclaimed 12-track album of previously unheard Jackson 5 material, and the Jacksons' new A&E series, The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, which offers unprecedented access to the personal and professional lives of Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon, the world has once again turned its attention to the brothers from Gary, Indiana.

The newly remastered Jackson 5 albums returning to CD, with their restored original artwork, are:

•Goin' Back To Indiana: Soundtrack to their 1971 TV special features excerpts from a triumphant homecoming concert; includes bonus track "Who's Lovin' You"
•Lookin' Through The Windows: 1972 album spun off the Top 10 hits "Little Bitty Pretty One" and the title track; includes bonus track "Love Song," a non-LP B-side
•Skywriter: Underrated 1973 gem with the hits "Corner Of The Sky" and "Hallelujah Day"
•Get It Together: Seamless and super-funky, this 1973 album boasts the No. 1 "Dancing Machine" and the title track.
•Dancing Machine: Highlighted by the single version of "Dancing Machine," this 1974 album also includes "Whatever You Got, I Want" and two-part hit "I Am Love."
•Moving Violation: A classic of the early disco underground, this 1975 album featured the No. 1 Dance/Disco chart hit "Forever Came Today"; reissue adds an alternate mix of that track. The last original album Jackson 5 album on Motown.
The LPs, imported from the U.K., are presented in their original 12x12 size. The vinyl albums from Michael Jackson are:
•Got To Be There: MJ's 1972 solo debut LP features the title track and "Rockin' Robin" and the Top 20 "I Wanna Be Where You Are."
•Ben: His second straight solo smash, featuring the title track, his first solo Pop #1
•Music And Me: A ballad-heavy album from a maturing Michael, this 1973 disc includes the Top 20 R&B "With A Child's Heart"
•Forever, Michael: From 1975, Michael's final solo album for Motown, featuring the Top 10 R&B dance classics "Just A Little Bit Of You" and "We're Almost There."
All of these albums, plus bonus material, are available collectively on Hello World: The Complete Motown Solo Collection, released July 2009.

The vinyl editions of Jackson 5 albums, also imported, are Goin' Back To Indiana, Lookin' Through The Windows, Get It Together and:

•Third Album: In 1970, their first ballad, "I'll Be There," became the group's and Motown's biggest Pop hit ever, #1 for five weeks (also #1 R&B). "Mama's Pearl" reached #2 R&B/#2 Pop. (ABC, their smash second LP, is already available on vinyl.)
•Maybe Tomorrow: This 1971 album contains some of the most-sampled and covered material in the group's catalog, including the title track and the #1 R&B/#2 Pop "Never Can Say Goodbye."

Source: Universal Music Enterprises / Billie Jean

Jackson Executors -- Beyond The Call Of Duty. 18-12-'09

The executors of Michael Jackson's estate have filed documents, explaining why they should be entitled to more than the statutory fee most executors get -- a big reason ... Joe Jackson.

According to legal docs filed with the court, co-executors John Branca and John McClain had to defend the estate from a steady barrage of attacks by Joe Jackson and, until recently, by Katherine Jackson.

They also claim they've been working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week since they were appointed. And, they claim, their "business reputations and the character and reputation of Michael Jackson were repeatedly assaulted by personal and unfounded attacks" which they were forced to correct publicly in order to protect the Michael Jackson brand.

Branca and McClain say at the time Michael Jackson died ... Michael and his businesses were defendants in 11 separate lawsuits and it only got worse after his death.

Branca and McClain want more than the statutory fee -- which is a percentage of the value of the estate. They're asking for "extraordinary compensation" for the work most executors never have to do.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

3 Classic J5 Albums (180 Gram Vinyl Remastered LP W/ Voucher For MP3) Are Released. 17-12-'09

Three classic Jackson 5 albums return this month to vinyl, the albums 'Third Album', 'Maybe Tomorrow' and 'Dancing Machine' of The Jackson 5 are re-released in Germany by Tamla Motown.

Three limited edition 180 gram vinyl LP album with a voucher to download MP3 version of the album and are generally identified with a 'Back To Black' logo sticker on shrink-wrap.

Third Album Album CoverThird Album

The album 'Third Album' was for the first time released on September 15th, 1970 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom in February 1971 by Tamla Motown.

Track list:

1. I'll Be There - 3:58
2. Ready Or Not (Here I Come) - 2:35
3. Oh How Happy - 2:14
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water - 5:50
5. Can I See You In The Morning - 3:14

1. Goin' Back To Indiana - 3:31
2. How Funky Is Your Chicken - 2:41
3. Mama's Pearl - 3:13
4. Reach In - 3:22
5. The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage - 4:21
6. Darling Dear - 2:38

Record label: Tamla Motown
Series number: 0602527230733
Printed: Germany
Guide price: 22 €

Order the 'Third Album' album here at CDON.

Maybe Tomorrow Album CoverMaybe Tomorrow

The album 'Maybe Tomorrow' was for the first time released on April 12th, 1971 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom in October 1971 by Tamla Motown.

Track list:

1. Maybe Tomorrow - 4:41
2. She's Good - 3:00
3. Never Can Say Goodbye - 3:00
4. The Wall - 3:01
5. Petals - 2:34

1. 16 Candles - 2:46
2. (We've Got) Blue Skies - 3:21

3. My Little Baby - 2:58
4. It's Great To Be Here - 3:00
5. Honey Chile - 2:44
6. I Will Find A Way - 2:57

Record label: Tamla Motown
Series number: 0602527228921
Printed: Germany
Guide price: 22 €

Order the 'Maybe Tomorow' album here at CDON.

Dancing Machine Album CoverDancing Machine

The album 'Dancing Machine' was for the first time released on September 5th, 1974 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom during November 1974 by Tamla Motown.

Track list:

1. I Am Love - 7:26
2. Whatever You Got, I Want - 2:55
3. She's A Rhythm Child - 2:37
4. Dancing Machine - 2:41

1. The Life Of The Party - 2:33
2. What You Don't Know - 4:21
3. If I Don't Love You This Way - 3:24
4. It All Begins And Ends With Love - 3:07
5. The Mirrors Of My Mind - 2:59

Record label: Tamla Motown
Series number: 0602527230627
Printed: Germany
Guide price: 22 €

Source: CDON / Billie Jean

Moonwalk Shoes Sold At London Auction. 17-12-'09

Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalking” shoes and hat sold today in London for 22,800 pounds ($37,343).

The items, worn at Michael Jackson's 2001 concerts celebrating his 30th anniversary as a solo performer, were offered by Bonhams with a presale estimate of 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds.

Michael Jackson had signed the black loafers in black marker on the soles, said Bonhams. He had inscribed them “Rock My World Billie Jean.” The fedora also had his name in gilt lettering on its band.

Michael Jackson can be seen wearing both in footage of his concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York, on September 7 and 10, 2001. The performance was broadcast by CBS on November 13, 2001 and attracted more than 25 million viewers.

Source: MJFC / Bloomberg / Billie Jean

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