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J5 (Minus MJ) Coming To Gary. 31-01-'09

The Jackson brothers, minus Michael, are expected to come to their home town Gary (USA) to film a documentary, according to a statement of the mayor's office Friday afternoon.

LaLosa Burns, spokeswoman for the mayor's office, said A&E Television Networks contacted the mayor's office a week ago.

"They called and said they were coming to do a documentary and it includes the Jacksons. They're still looking for locations here."

However, it's not clear yet when exactly the documentary will be filmed.

Michael's elder brother Tito Jackson broke the news earlier Friday in a live interview on Vocalo, a Chicago (USA) radio station:

"I'm happy to announce that within a few weeks time the brothers are going back. We'll be there."

He said the documentary will focus on the 40th anniversary of the release of the Jackson 5 single "I Want You Back" and the 50th anniversary of the record label Motown. It will be a reality-type show based on the brothers' roots, how they coped and put them "right back in the house where they started at 2300 Jackson St.".

Tito Jackson added that Michael won't be coming back to Gary though.

"But we have the rest of the clan participating. We're going to be shooting a tv special and we'll visit different locations - high schools, and neighbours. It's premature to speak of a direct plan. I'm looking forward to coming back and see friends."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Ne-Yo's MJ Comeback Prediction. 31-01-'09

Singer Ne-Yo, who is currently on tour with the Pussycat Dolls, is predicting that the King of Pop's new album will be the 'greatest comeback ever.'

The R&B singer, who has been working on Michael Jackson's new album, said that he is incredibly excited about MJ's new material.

"I've been submitting songs and he's been picking the ones he likes. But I've no idea when the album will come out. That's a question for Michael. This is such a huge record for him so he can be as picky as he likes. It's either going to be the greatest comeback ever or a really sad attempt at recapturing old glories. And we don't want it to be the latter."

Ne-Yo also admits to being extremely nervous when he first met with his idol to discuss the new record.

"He is one of my heroes and meeting him was surreal. At first, I didn't know what to say but we soon broke the ice by chatting about music. Also it's no secret I hung up on him the first time he called. Someone calling himself 'Mike' rang me, and I hung up because I thought it was a joke. Ten minutes later, I got a call from his manager saying that Michael Jackson really did want to talk to me."

Source: Yahoo News / Billie Jean

Nederlander Sure 'Thriller' Feud Will Be Resolved. 30-01-'09

Broadway producer James L. Nederlander says he's hopeful a legal duel over "Thriller" rights can be resolved.John Landis, who directed the iconic music video, sued Nederlander and former collaborator Michael Jackson in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday. His lawsuit states that Landis owns half of the video's dramatic rights and says Jackson doesn't have the proper rights to pursue a deal with Nederlander to bring "Thriller" to Broadway.

In a statement Thursday, Nederlander said: "I'm confident that these past differences can be worked out."

Landis' lawyer said Wednesday the director will sue to stop the production if necessary.

An attorney who has represented Jackson hasn't returned a phone message seeking comment.

Source: abc3340 / Billie Jean

Landis Files Second Lawsuit. 29-01-'09

This Wednesday, filmmaker John Landis filed yet another lawsuit against Michael Jackson and Broadway producer James L. Nederlander, claiming the pair lack the proper rights to adapt a stage production based on the short film Thriller.

Nederlander had announced earlier this week that his company had acquired the rights to Thriller for a stage show. Landis' lawsuit seeks a judge's order that Michael Jackson lacks the adequate rights to transfer to Nederlander, and that the producer doesn't have the authority to create a stage show based on the video or documentary that Landis directed. Landis claims Michael Jackson was paid more than $400,000 for the rights.

Landis' attorney, Miles J. Feldman, said the director would seek to stop the show 'if it becomes necessary.'

This new lawsuit came only days after John Landis' company Levitsky Productions Inc. sued Michael Jackson, claiming they hadn't been paid royalties on Thriller for at least four years.

Source: The Daily Mail / Billie Jean

A Legal Thriller: Michael Jackson Sued By John Landis. 28-01-'09

Remember that Thriller musical we told you about yesterday? Seems Michael Jackson already has a sequel in the works.

This one will be playing out not on Broadway, however, but in a Los Angeles courtroom.

John Landis, the filmmaker whose credits include Animal House, The Blues Brothers and Trading Places, is suing over another of his best known hits—Jackson's "Thriller" video. Landis says Jackson owes him big bucks in royalties for the classic 14-minute clip.

Per the complaint, filed in L.A. Superior Court last week and obtained by E! News, the 58-year-old filmmaker accuses the 50-year-old Moonwalker of "fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct" for failing to fork over a check.

Landis says he's due 50 percent of the net profits from the groundbreaking video, which co wrote and directed, as well as an hour long "making of" documentary.

The suit doesn't specify the exact amount Landis is owed but it's thought to be around $1 million. In any case, the legal action comes at a fortuitous time considering Jackson just sold the rights to the "Thriller" video to theatrical wizards Netherlander Organization to stage a Broadway musical based on the horror spoof.

Jackson's rep, Dr. Tohme Tohme, was not immediately available for comment.

Speaking to the entertainment site The Wrap, Landis attorney Martin Feldman said the lawsuit was a last resort.

"I can't understand what they are doing to John Landis' company. It is such a straight ahead thing," he said. "It makes no sense at all to me."

As if the life of Michael Jackson ever made sense to any of us.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Thriller To Beat It On Broadway!!! 27-01-'09

Just like Abba's music was the inspiration for Mamma Mia! and Billy Joel's was for Movin' Out so will be the music of Michael Jackson for Thriller according to Broadway World. The Nederlander Organization acquired the rights to the musical based on Michael Jackson's Thriller that will include music from that album and Off The Wall!

Michael Jackson, through his spokesperson, Dr. Tohme Tohme, "The Nederlanders and Michael Jackson represent live theater and musical excellence, so let the music begin."

"I love the idea of making Thriller a musical. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, boy has big secret, now what…" says Nederlander.

Hopefully the musical will be done right because say what you want about him, his music from that era deserves respect! I know if it is done right I would go see it on Broadway, will you too?

Source: seriouslyomg.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Cousin? 26-01-'09

Well, this young man claims to be Michael's cousin, but we're not really seeing the resemblance… On two different days last week, photos snapped the boy coming and going from the king of pop's Beverly Hills home, and he even got a lift in Michael's chauffeured SUV!
On Thursday 23th October the mystery boy was dropped off in Culver City, and on Sunday he went to Hollywood and La Brea to buy comic books.

When we asked him about Michael, he didn't reveal too much, but he remained insistent that he was related to the music legend.

Source: x17online / Billie Jean

Jackson "Never Wants To See" Neverland Ranch Again. 23-01-'09

Michael Jackson "never wants to see" his Neverland ranch again. The "Thriller" singer moved into the 2,800-acre property - in which he built his own zoo and theme park - in 1988, but abandoned the fantasy home after being accused of child molestation in 2003, and according to his sister LaToya, he will never return to his Californian estate.

LaToya told fellow contestants on U.K. reality TV series "Celebrity Big Brother": "Michael still owns Neverland. He hasn't been there in about six years - not since the trial."

"He says he never wants to see it again. He doesn't want to be there. The memories are so awful."

Last November, following a series of refinancing loans, 50-year-old Michael transferred ownership of Neverland to Scamore Valley Ranch Company LLC.

The company is a joint venture between Michael - represented by attorney L. Londell McMillan - and an affiliate of billionaire Thomas Barrack's investment company, Colony Capital LLC.

Michael was eventually acquitted of all child abuse charges in 2005.

Source: icelebz.com / Billie Jean

Akon Interview. 23-01-'09

Recently, Michael Pilz, journalist of the German newspaper 'Die Welt', conducted an interview with Akon. During the interview Pilz asked the singer also questions about Michael Jackson:

On your most recent record "Freedom" we are missing the title "Hold My Hand", which you recorded with Michael Jackson and promised to the world.

Akon: But you know the track, right?


Akon: And where from?

Downloaded from the internet.

Akon: You see. That’s why it is not on my new record. There were 50 million downloads. For free. Everybody owns the song. It would have been irresponsible to publish "Hold My Hand" after that. It was supposed to be Michael Jackson‘s big comeback, after a long time. That would have needed to be presented properly. Big and overwhelming. We decided instead to invest in the future to bring about Michael Jackson’s comeback in a different way. Possibly with a new album of his own. See "Hold My Hand" as a gift to the world.

How did the collaboration with Michael Jackson come about?

Akon: It was the greatest experience of my life: To work with an artist who has inspired me the most. He influenced everyone, who came after him. And then I was together with him and saw who he is. Felt, how he thinks. He is brilliant, man! He is above everything.

How did this come about?

Akon: Well, I turned to Peter Lopez, who takes care of everything for Michael. He told me that Michael had been working on a new musical concept for a long time. I was joking: Wow, let me be a part of it. He really made the connection with Michael. I could hardly believe it. A dream. I don’t know, by the way, how Michael got the bad image that surrounds him today.

We haven’t heard from him artistically in a long time. Instead a lot of irritating activities were reported. Not everyone respects the artist as much anymore after this.

Akon: Did all of them talk to him? Were they close to him? Michael has always been like a ghost. You can’t touch him. He is protected. Nobody can really get to him. I think this causes mistrust in many people. He was so great in the eighties, that the only thing for him left to do was disappear. Everybody wants to see him, but nobody can. Only on pictures. And pictures lie. For many of my generation he has been beyond reality for a long time. I want to change that.

Evidently you have been observed when you visited a cinema in America with Michael. Jackson supposedly was wearing pajama's.

Akon: That is nonsense, internet nonsense.

You don’t have to be in the same room to record music.

Akon: I was in the same room with Michael. We were sitting next to each other in the studio and were working. He wrote, I produced. Side by Side.

How did you get to know Michael Jackson‘s music in your childhood. With "Thriller"?

Akon: Yes, sure. Everybody learned to love Michael Jackson at the same time. When he sang "Beat It" and danced the Moonwalk. Everyone suddenly moved like that. Everybody wanted to be like him. His videos were motion pictures. It was Michael mania. Before he retired in the late eighties.

What condition is he in today?

Akon: Yeah. He is in an incredible condition. He is healthy as hell. Healthier than all of us. I was totally shocked. Wow. If humanity could just see him like that. I’ve never before had the privilege to see such a complete human being. So humble and down to earth

But he is a freak.

Akon: Oh, no! Not at all. No, no, no. That’s the thing: He is not crazy or strange. He just simply stands far above everyone else. I wish more people could see him like I was allowed to.

Where does he actually live now?

Akon: I have no idea. And if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.

You only recorded one song, "Hold My Hand"?

Akon: Yes, just that one. Oh, how I love that record.

Do you know anything about a new album by Michael Jackson. There are rumours.

Akon: He decides that on his own. He is the creator. He could never stop to be creative.

Jermaine Jackson just recently talked about plans for a comeback of the Jackson Five. Would that be good for Michael?

Akon: Oh yes, that would be great. They don’t really have to do anything new. Just remind everyone, what a legend they are.The Jackson Five! Boy, boy! I would also like to celebrate a comeback. Actually, comebacks with new songs are nonsense.

Do you have any idea why Michael Jackson likes Akon of all people?

Akon: We have a lot in common. The same background.

What background?

Akon: Michael Jackson was sort of a god in Africa. I am from Africa, Obama is from Africa. That’s our connection: Africa. Today I am as famous there as him. Like Obama we represent both continents. All three of us have so much in common.

Only that Michael Jackson is not that black anymore.

Akon: Please! There are medical reasons for that, not cultural ones.

You could now feel yourself to be the Prince of Pop.

Akon: Whoever is serious as an artist, wants to be the greatest artist of all times. That’s what I pray for. But I would also like to move about freely, be able to go to the movies undisturbed and be a normal person. I am free.

But Michael Jackson is not free.

Akon: Oh, he is absolutely free! At least mentally. Physically surely not. He basically can’t go anywhere anymore. He is too big.

Source: Welt Online / Billie Jean

Tito Jackson Attend "Thriller Live" Premiere. 22-01-'09

On January 21, 2009, Michael Jackson's brother Tito Jackson attended the premiere of the UK hit musical, "Thriller Live!" According to UK reports, Tito signed autographs and met with the staff of the theater, and said of the show: "I'm very excited. It's a beautiful night."

Other celebrities spotted at the premiere include Jessica Taylor (Dancing On Ice), Nicholas Hoult (actor), Lucy Pinder (model), and Lulu (singer). Thriller Live "pays tribute to the musical hits and career of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5" and more details about the show can be learned by reading this previous MJJR.net news post. Michael Jackson did not attend the premiere, although he did watch a live showing of the 2007 show at Hammersmith Apollo.

Source: UK Reports / Billie Jean

T-Pain Confirms Three Track Collaboration With Michael Jackson. 20-01-'09

In a new interview published by CTVglobemedia, it was confirmed that T-Pain worked with Michael Jackson on three different music tracks. On the experience, T-Pain stated: "It was weird when I first saw him because, you know, he's Michael Jackson! And then, after he started talking, he was like a regular cool guy."

In October of 2008, T-Pain announced that he had finished two tracks with Michael Jackson, which indicates that the third track may have been recorded between November 2008 and now. Back in 2008, T-Pain announced: "I did two pieces with Michael Jackson, so I'm pretty much done; my list is all checked off... I just worked on [Michael Jackson's] new album. He actually invited me to his house. So I went to his house and it was pretty much that day where we just hung out. I never thought Michael Jackson would ever work with me.

He actually sent for me, so that was kind of weird and cool at the same time." Whether or not any of these collaborations will appear on Michael Jackson's forthcoming album is unknown at this time--the same holds true for all collaborations that Michael Jackson has done since 2005.

Source: Boombox Music Blog / Billie Jean

Adrian Grant Talks About Michael. 19-01-'09

Adrian Grant, author of 'The Visual Documentary' and producer of the tribute show 'Thriller Live', has been a fan of Michael Jackson since 1988. 'Thriller Live' will open in the West End of London (UK) next Wednesday. Additionally the touring version will come to Newcastle and York as well as Czechoslovakia and Poland celebrating the extraordinary music of one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Adrian Grant met Michael Jackson personally for the first time back in 1990.

“When I first went over to Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch and there was monkeys running around inside and a tiger, a giraffe, llamas and everything, I was thinking ‘this isn’t real’. His security guard told me ‘it is real for Michael Jackson, he’s grown up with that, that’s his reality’.

When you do spend time with him you realise he’s as very down to earth as much as I’m talking to you now. He’ll joke around and he’s very knowledgeable about his music and his craft, but away from all that he’s just a normal guy who has had massive success. His life has been lived under a microscope unfortunately and he’s been naive and been let down by people and made mistakes which he’d hold his hand up to.”

Grant says that his many meetings with Michael Jackson shows that the “reclusive” side of the singer is more of a media myth.

“At the end of the day he’s one of the most open pop stars I’ve met. Prince is reclusive, but Michael will open his doors to the public and fans. I once offered him a few dance moves which he laughed at. His advice to me was that you need rhinoceros skin to be in this industry.”

In the eighties Adrian Grant started by launching the Off The Wall fan magazine selling 200 copies. But subscriptions grew fast to 25,000 and led to an annual Michael Jackson tribute show from 1991 with the tenth anniversary event attended by Michael Jackson.

“We had over 3,000 people there and it came into my mind that it would make a stage show in its own right. At that time a one-off event cost us about £30,000 up to £100,000,”

So Grant gained the investment of the Flying Music production company in 2006 to develop the show. He admits it was hard handing over “his baby” to the commercial experts:

“On the creative side I work hand in hand with the director (Gary Lloyd) but he provides the choreography and staging.”

'Thriller Live' features several singers representing Michael Jackson over the decades of his career:

“We could never emulate Michael Jackson as one person because of the expansive career he’s had which has lasted 40 years so we’re going from having a young Michael Jackson and split his material across five lead singers including a female version (Denise Pearson of Five Star).”
Is the controversy surrounding the superstar a problem?

“The funny thing is that when one of his records, like Billy Jean, plays people aren’t talking about the allegations against him. We don’t touch on any of the controversy.

People are just dancing and having a good time. We’ve had people as young as five and as old as 70 dancing in the aisles.”
Michael Jackson hasn’t seen this latest version of the show but his older brother Tito visited last week “and was complimentary”. Meanwhile a taped version will be sent to Michael.

"When we first started touring he gave me a message of congratulations. Otherwise, there is no direct deal with Michael Jackson.

It’s a concept presentation of his music, not a book musical where you’d need planned rights. With tribute shows you’re free to put on a presentation.”

What does Adrian Grant expect from Michael Jackson this year?

“He’s going to come back bigger and better than ever. I’m looking forward to hearing his new material. He’s looking forward to putting this negative period behind him. In my case, it’s hard to go wrong with Michael Jackson’s music."

Source: The Nothern Echo / Billie Jean

King Of Pop - Portugal Edition. 18-01-'09

Portugal is the latest country to release the ‘King of Pop’ album. Their album will contain the following sixteen tracks:

1. Billie Jean
2. Black or White
3. Beat It
4. Bad
5. Smooth Criminal
6. You Are Not Alone
7. Thriller
8. Earth Song
9. Man In The Mirror
10. You Rock My World
11. The Way You Make Me Feel
12. Heal The World
13. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
14. Rock with You
15. Dirty Diana
16. Remember The Time

Source: Sony BMG Portugal / Billie Jean

Tito Goes To Thriller Live! 16-01-'09

According to an article on broadwayworld.com, Tito Jackson will be the special guest of honour at the opening night performance of Thriller Live at London's Lyric Theatre on January 21st.

As you have probably heard, Thriller Live is the amazing, high energy show that celebrates the music and career of the King of Pop. The show, which has already enjoyed three acclaimed UK tours and standing ovations across Germany, Holland and Scandanavia, will be making its West End debut next week.

Michael's older brother had this to say about attending the show:

I am delighted to attend the opening of the show and excited to see it after watching it grow out of the UK and European tours in 2007. Our music is very much alive and still relevant to the youth of today and it remains part of the fabric of modern day life. This show, with its talented cast, acknowledges and celebrates our music and the sort of entertainment that the Jackson family have created over the last 40 years. It is particularly fitting that the show is opening in the West End as Motown celebrates their 50th anniversary - Motown is where we all started and without Motown there may never have been a Jackson 5!"

Source: broadwayworld.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson In Beverly Hills. 15-01-'09

Michael Jackson was once again photographed by paparazzi agents as he exited a medical facility in Beverly Hills on, January 14, 2009.

Michael Jackson was wearing all black with a fedora, reading glasses, and a face mask. Before leaving, Michael Jackson took the time to sign autographs for the fans who had gathered around him. Inside of the vehicle, he could be seen holding a bag of Kettle Chips ("Death Valley Chipotle--The ULTIMATE Pepper Paradise" flavored).

Michael Jackson has been photographed at this same facility a number of times in recent months, and it is believed to be the facility of Dr. Klein (Michael Jackson's longtime dermatologist who has helped treat his condition of Vitiligo).

Source: MJ Dreams / Billie Jean

Motown 2009 Releases. 13-01-'09

On January 26, 2009,

The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 11B: 1971 (with the single versions of Got To Be There, Maria (You Were The Only One), Sugar Daddy, I’m So Happy)

January 27th 2009
Jackson 5 - Love Songs

1. I’ll Be There (Third Album)
2. Darling Dear (Third Album)
3. I Found That Girl (ABC)
4. Can You Remember (Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5)
5. All I Do Is Think Of You (Moving Violation)
6. Never Can Say Goodbye (Maybe Tomorrow)
7. Breezy (Moving Violation)
8. To Know (Lookin’ Through The Windows)
9. Touch (Skywriter)
10. I’m So Happy (Anthology)
11. Through Thick And Thin (Moving Violation)
12. It All Begins And Ends With Love (Dancing Machine)

February 2nd 2009
Michael Jackson - Hello World: The Complete Motown Solo Albums (remastered edition of all the Michael Jackson Motown solo albums)

March 2009
Jackson 5 - ABC (new edition of the original vinyl album, from the Back To Black collection)

March 30th 2009
Ain’t No Sunshine / The Love You Save (collector’s 7” single edition - limited to 2,000 copies

April 13th 2009
The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 12 (with the single versions of Little Bitty Pretty One, If I Have To Move A Mountain, Lookin’ Through The Windows, Love Song, Corner Of The Sky, To Know, Rockin’ Robin, Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone, I Wanna Be Where You Are, We’ve Got A Good Thing Going, Ben, You Can Cry On My Shoulder).

Source: MJ Dreams / Billie Jean

King Of Pop - Spanish Edition. 11-01-'09

On January 13, 2009, Sony BMG/Legacy Spain is going to release 'King Of Pop - Spanish Edition' (CB: 886974335122).

The fan-voted album will include 17 tracks:

Billie Jean
Beat It
Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)
Black Or White
Man In The Mirror
The Way You Make Me Feel
Remember The Time
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
They Don't Care About Us
Rock With You
Blood On The Dance Floor
Heal The World
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
We Are The World

Source: Sony BMG Spain / Billie Jean

Going To The Movies ... With MJ. 10-01-'09

Singer Akon gave an interview to the German newspaper FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung):

FAZ: One can barely listen to the radio without hearing any of your vocals. Even Michael Jackson asked you for your services recently.

Akon: That was one of the best and at the same time most embarrassing phone calls of my life. Of course I knew the voice. But would Michael Jackson call me? That must be a bad joke of my agent. "Stop pretending to be someone else", I said. Only after my agent and Michael talked at the same time I realized that this was serious.

FAZ: Then you went into the studio with Jackson to record some song written by you?

AKON: We were on the same wavelength, had the same ideas, were crazy about the same melodies. You are soon going to hear it on Michael's new album! I was especially surprised what a cool, humble guy Michael Jackson is.

FAZ: Did you feel being an equal partner?

AKON: Yes. I think we even became some kind of friends. One time Michael said:"Let's go to the movies." In a public movie theater! I had no idea how he wanted to do that without causing a crowd. But he put himself and his son a scarf around the face in bedouin style. And I did the same. That way the three of us passed the cash point of the movie theater without any problems.

Source: FAZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Gives Back Beatles Catalog... WHEN HE DIES! 07-01-'09

Former friends Sir Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson may have reconciliation in their collective futures. Jackson, who just recently started complaining of “dying” from a rare genetic lung disease, has begun to put his affairs in order before ascending to the heavenly throne of King of Pop. Now 50 and possibly wheelchair-bound, Jackson has drafted a new will with a specific clause stating that, should Jackson die, McCartney would regain control of his share of the Beatles catalog.

Jackson famously outbid McCartney with £350 million for the publishing rights to the entirety of the Lennon-McCartney songbook in 1985, which of course also marked the end of their brotherly goodwill and creative partnership. But Jackson is making it quite clear that he wishes to bury the axe, and an insider close to the pop star had this to say:

Michael is worried about his health so decided it was time to look at his finances. Most of his estate has been divided up between his three children. But Michael told his lawyers he was sad he no longer talks to Sir Paul and said he wanted to make things right.
Let’s hope this works out, because then they might write a sequel to the “Girl is Mine” song. I’ve always wondered who got to do the dirty deed with the lady at the end of the night.

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Leases Mansion In Bel Air. 07-01-'09

Michael Jackson's official spokesperson confirmed the well speculated rumours that Michael Jackson has moved into a $100,000 per month mansion in Los Angeles. Dr. Tohme told KTLA that Michael Jackson has moved into this residence so that he could be closer to "where all the action is" within the entertainment industry.

The lease is currently valid for one year, and Dr. Tohme suggested that Michael Jackson "might want to build his own dream house [during this time], although the real estate market isn't very good right now." The home was one of the most expensive properties for sale in Los Angeles in 2008. Over the past few months, Michael Jackson has been spotted regularly at various venues in Los Angeles, thus fuelling the rumours that he had relocated from Las Vegas. The furnishings are very reminiscent of Michael Jackson's interior decorations at Neverland Valley Ranch, as the pictures below illustrate. As some might say, the mansion is "fit for a King."

Here are some interesting facts and tidbits about this property. The lot was originally listed for sale with an asking price of $38,000,000, It contains seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 12 fireplaces. There are 17,171 square feet of living area and a lot size of 58,870 square feet. The property was conceived in 2002 by Richard Landry and is a French Chateau estate, with lavish European styling and decorations throughout. There is a wood paneled den with an adjoining library (with coffered ceilings), a high-tech and modernized kitchen with adjoining butler's pantry, a theater, a wine cellar, and a tasting room. There is one elegant guest house on the premise. It is a three story building. In addition, there is an art studio, a pool, and other integrated facilities. The residence includes a variety of built-in services including cable, a garbage disposal, and much more. The raw assessed value of the property itself was more than $20,000,000 as of 2008.

Source: LA Times / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Shops For Books On New Years Eve. 02-01-'09

On December 31, 2008, Michael Jackson was once again spotted shopping at a Santa Monica bookstore. Prior to arriving at the bookstore, Michael Jackson greeted fans from his vehicle, accepted gifts, and signed autographs.

As Jackson signed autographs while shaking hands and taking in fan gifts through the vehicle's window, he stated: "Oh, thank you [for the gifts]. It's good to see you! I love you. Love you. Watch your hands [as the window rolls up]. Happy New Years Eve! Bye. Love you,"

Wearing a fedora, reading glasses, and one of his trademark masks, Jackson browsed books for awhile while surrounded by an entourage of security who were, at times, shielding him from the paparazzi by an umbrella. Michael Jackson has routinely been spotted at bookstores in Nevada and California since returning to the United States just over two years ago.

Source: X17 Online / Billie Jean

'Thriller Live' Performances In London. 02-01-'09

'Thriller Live', the touring musical celebration of the career of Michael Jackson, will begin performances at London`s West End's Lyric Theatre (UK) on January 2, 2009, prior to an official opening January 21. The limited run will play through April 12.

Former 5 Star lead vocalist, songwriter and Brit Award winner Denise Pearson is making her West End debut in the show, which also features Ricko Baird, who co-choreographed Jackson's "You Rock My World," and doubled for him in the video. He was also lead dancer alongside Jackson on the award-winning "Dangerous" and on the "Michael Jackson and Friends" tour.

Three 13-year-old boys alternate in the role of the young Michael Jackson: Layton Williams (previously the first black Billy Elliot in London), Sterling Williams (Young Simba in The Lion King) and newcomer Kieran Alleyne...

Thriller Live, which pays tribute to the musical hits and career of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, has previously enjoyed three U.K. tours as well as engagements in Germany, Holland and Scandinavia.

Billed as a spectacular, high-octane show specially created to celebrate the career of the "world's greatest entertainer and undisputed King of Pop," the show's performance schedule includes two Sunday showings every week at 3 and 7 PM, as well as Tuesday-Saturday evening performances at 8 PM and an additional Saturday matinee at 4 PM.

The West End season is being produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music, and Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK in association with Adrian Grant for Key Concerts...

The production was originally conceived and created by executive director Adrian Grant, a long-time associate of Jackson's and author of "Michael Jackson -- The Visual Documentary." It is directed and choreographed by Gary Lloyd (who has previously worked with Leona Lewis, Will Young, Gareth Gates, Emma Bunton, Robbie Williams, Pink, Anastacia, Lemar, Rachel Stevens, Kelly Clarkson and Girls Aloud) and features additional choreography by five-time MTV award-winning LaVelle Smith Jnr. and Kerys Nathan.

Tickets for the show will go on sale November 7 at 10 AM London time. For details contact the box office at 0844 412 4661

Visit the official Thriller Live site for all of the details: http://www.thrillerlive.com/

Source: Thriller Live / Billie Jean

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