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Michael Jackson’s Kids Mixing Books With Bodyguards. 31-08-'10

With their eyes no doubt creased by the first engagement with sunlight, the two oldest children of Michael Jackson have now started school.

We reported on Friday that after years of home-schooling, Paris, age 12, and 13-year old Prince Michael had begun taking classes last Wednesday at ‘The Buckley School,’ a very prestigious center of learning in the San Fernando Valley.

Founded in 1933, Buckley is a college preparatory day-school based in Sherman Oaks, The oldest co-ed day school in the entire LA area, it allows just 750 students, which results in class sizes of seventeen students or less.

But life for these two students could be light years from normal.

Sources tell Pop-Eater that Prince Michael and Paris were only allowed to enroll after one of the children of Michael’s brother, Jermaine convinced Katherine Jackson they would be safe. But bodyguards now patrol the school grounds, follow the two kids to each class, and even watch them during lunch.

And despite a roll-call that includes Nicky and Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Alyssa Milano and Melissa Gilbert, the two Jacksons are the first to have such a team of professional minders.

“The bodyguard situation is really intimidating to other kids,” one parent told reporters. “And that makes them hesitant to approach Prince and Paris.”

But some members of the Jackson clan are reportedly ‘very upset’ by the move. They believe Michael always protected his brood from the public and would never have allowed them to be at such risk.

“This is a huge change for both of them,” a family source told the scribes.

Meanwhile, Michael’s youngest child, Prince Michael II [aka, 'Blanket,'] is still doing home-school. Mamma Jackson thinks he’s too shy to attend even a day school, so he’s educated by private tutors at home…

Source: hotmommagossip / Billie Jean

Randy Jackson Paying Emotional Visit To Michael's Cemetery. 31-08-'10

Michael Jackson's brother Randy Jackson paid an emotional visit to the King of Pop's final resting place to wish the late singer a happy 52nd birthday on Sunday, August 29. Jackson arrived at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California with flowers and met with fans gathered at the cemetery.

And he took time to address the ongoing battle to seek someone responsible for his brother's June 2009 death. The superstar's physician Dr. Conrad Murray has pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter. His trial was recently set for the beginning of 2011.

Speaking outside Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Randy Jackson told X17Online.com, "I'm not real crazy about some of the things I read... some of the things he (Murray) says. I have good faith in our courts and judicial system, so I think justice will be served. I'm going to leave it in God's hands."

Source: aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Body To Be Exhumed? 30-08-'10

Michael Jackson’s body may be exhumed for further testing as part of the involuntary manslaughter trial against his former physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Tipsters tell British tabloid News of the World that Murray’s lawyers want to challenge the findings from the original autopsy — arguing that the King of Pop may have died from the misuse of other drugs rather than the overdose of Propofol which is claimed to have killed him in June 2009.

“If the tests don’t concur with the coroner’s findings, they have the start of a strong defence. The logical next step would be to exhume the body to make new tests,” whispers a spy.

Permission has already been granted to re-test the frozen samples taken from Michael’s corpse — the next step could be to exhume his body.

“This is a horrifying situation the family have been dreading. They laid Michael to rest and for him to return is just sick,” said a friend of the Jackson family.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Mixtape: J. Period Presents MJ: 'Man Or The Music'. 30-08-'10

DJ J. Period teamed with Spike Lee and 40Acres.com to bring us a tribute mix in celebration of what would have been Michael's 52nd birthday. J. Period conceived of the project on the evening of Michael's passing. The tape features classic hits mixed with rare demo versions and behind-the-scene clips.

The Michael Jackson limited edition "Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition) will be available to fans for free during Spike Lee's 2nd Annual Brooklyn Loves MJ celebration that is taking place in Prospect Park's Nethermead Field. Last year the event drew over 25,000 people. Additionally, J. Period has made the mixtape available for free download on his official site, www.jperiod.com/mj.

J. Period told AllHipHop.com,

This project originated on the night Michael passed last year, when I was asked by a few promotions companies to pull MJ tracks for a DJ blast. Once I started pulling records, I found myself unable to stop, and the next thing I knew I had stayed up all night making the original version of 'Man or the Music' -- astream-of consciousness mix very different from the usual process for making my tapes. The following morning, while the media was circling like vultures around every negative aspect of Michael's life, I made the mix available online and in less than an hour I had 15K downloads, and over 30K after the first 24 hours. One thing I found that we all have in common: No matter what we think of Michael Jackson's life, no one can front on his music. And that day, everyone needed their fix."

J. Period is currently working on new releases with John Legend and The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skillz, Q-Tip and others.

Source: MJFC / allhiphop.com / Billie Jean

Teddy Riley & Lenny Kravitz Work On The New MJ CD (Twitter). 30-08-'10

Teddy Riley & Lenny Kravitz have just confirmed on his Twitter page working on the new Michael Jackson CD.

Teddy Riley:

This is such a special day. I'm wishing my brother a Happy birthday. Michael, today is your day. Yesterday I was called to work on your lp!! / I know this is you sending down you blessing for me to be on the project. And of course I am honored to be working with you my big brother. / I can't wait to put my heart and soul on the new MJ project. This is it...Dangerous was the last biggest selling MJ lp. I am proud & bless.

Lenny Kravitz:

Happy Birthday Michael. I feel your spirit here with me as I am working on a new version of our track. Lenny.

Source: Billie Jean

Lionel Richie Still Grieving For Michael Jackson. 30-08-'10

Lionel Richie is still struggling to come to terms with the death of Michael Jackson. The veteran singer misses his pal "every single solitary day".

Richie enjoyed a long friendship with the "Thriller" hitmaker, who was godfather to his daughter Nicole Richie, and he was devastated when he passed away in 2009. And more than a year after the tragedy, Richie admits he is still grieving the King of Pop.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "I think about Michael every single solitary day. If you have ever lost a parent, you'll know that you'll do something and think, 'Oh I'll ring mum and tell her.' Then you remember you can't ring mum. It's the same with Michael. I think of something I want to tell him and then I remember. How can you even comprehend that? It's just too much. He was a big part of my life..."

Source: aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

Happy Birthday, Michael! 29-08-'10

Today, August 29th, 2010, it would bee Michael's 52nd birthday celebration... Today we celebrate the life, career and message of Michael Jackson: the Greatest Entertainer that ever lived and a great human being. Keep his legacy alive and spread his message of love, peace and heal the world every day!

Love you Michael, Gone Too Soon.

Webmaster Dirk.

Source: Billie Jean

This Is It! Michael Jackson's Drummer Tours In World Exclusive Tribute Concert. 28-08-'10

Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett has played drums for Michael Jackson and the Jackson family for 30 years and would have performed with Michael on his ‘THIS IS IT’ Tour.
Moffett began playing drums at the early age of 6 and at 12 earned the nickname "Sugarfoot" due to his fast and articulate bass drum work, playing 16th and even 32nd note figures within his funky and relentless grooves!

Jonathan has also performed and/or recorded with some of the world’s biggest artists including Madonna, George Michael, Elton John and Julian Lennon just to name a few. He has appeared on television shows such as Good Morning America, Saturday Nite Live and Arsenio Hall. Along with Jonathan's impressive list of credits, he is a proud inductee into the marquis 'Who's Who Journals' including: 'Who's Who in America'; 'Who's Who in the West' and 'Who's Who in the World'!

See, hear and experience the incredible Jonathan Moffett perform LIVE in a "Tribute to Michael Jackson". A once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed!

Monday Oct 4 - Brisbane @ 7.30pm
The Princess Theatre
8 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba QLD

Tuesday Oct 5 - Perth @ 7pm
Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre
Elliott Rd, Karrinyup WA

Wednesday Oct 6 - Adelaide @ 7pm
The Arkaba Hotel
150 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton SA

Thursday Oct 7 - Sydney @ 7pm
Allans Music + Billy Hyde
108 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW

Source: Billie Jean

New MJ Tribute Available On iTunes. 28-08-'10

Michael Bearden was the Music Director and close friend of King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Bearden scored, associate produced and acted as the music supervisor of the film, "This Is It." Now, as a birthday tribute to Jackson, Bearden has composed and produced a new profound song titled "One Last Goodbye," which is now available on iTunes.

Written and performed by Ayanna Irish, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to the MuisCares Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 by The Recording Academy that provides emergency health and human services to music people in need.

Bearden said, "I wanted to write something special to commemorate Michael's memory since his passing and recently created the most perfect song titled "One Last Goodbye." It is a genuine expression that best represents how I feel about my friend and colleague. The song pulls at your heart strings and immediately makes you feel loss and love at the same time. I believe it upholds the strong characteristics of MJ but also has elements that represent some of the daunting times he had to experience. Those particular times are a reminder of how we need to treat and embrace one another now and in the future and I believe that was one of Michael's greatest missions."

The song was recorded using a brand new harmonically unique, groundbreaking piano program called Ivory II by Synthogy which will be available in September of 2010. Michael Bearden is the first keyboardist to use this program in the studio.

Bearden will perform a live version of the song on UStream and will also engage fans by answering questions about his work with the pop icon.

"After Michael passed, I started receiving countless emails on my personal facebook page from Michael Jackson fans who wanted to learn about my untold experiences working so closely with the King of Pop. Ultimately I think fans really just wanted to connect with anyone who was directly linked to Michael Jackson. From this, I was inspired to launch and design my fan page as a place of refuge for fans to continue to talk and fellowship with each other keeping the spirit of Michael Jackson alive."

After downloading the song on iTunes please feel free to join Bearden's Facebook fan page and weigh in on your thoughts about the song.

MJ fans interested in viewing the live performance are encouraged to pre-register at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/michael-tribute

Source: hiphoppress / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Most Downloaded Artist Of All Time. 28-08-'10

Michael Jackson continues to set records even after his death. According to new records, the King of Pop is the most downloaded artist of all time.

Musicologist Geoff Roberts from Nokia's Ovi Music Store that conducted the search says, "Michael Jackson has always been a pop music legend. But the anniversary of his death and upcoming birthday celebrations seem to have revived Jackson fever as fans rediscover his songs - making him the most popular solo artist of all time."

He beats out Lady Gaga, Elvis, the Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna for the most downloads. But the U.S. still isn’t where he’s the most popular—it’s India!

There, Michael accounts for 26 per cent of the country's entire Ovi downloads, followed by the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Finland.

They don’t call him the King of Pop for nothing! Other artists may be at the top of the charts right now, but it takes a superstar to stay there even after death.

Source: hollyscoop / Billie Jean

Prince And Paris Attend School. 27-08-'10

TMZ is reporting this morning that Michael's two oldest children, Prince, 13 and Paris, 12 are now attending one of the most exclusive private schools in the country.

The pair started at the Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley on Wednesday. According to family sources, Prince really wanted to attend for the "social experience" but Paris was not so sure. She eventually changed her mind. Eight year old Blanket will still be homeschooled as Katherine believes he is still too young to venture out.

Source: TMZ.com / Billie Jean

“The Wiz” On Blu-ray In November. 26-08-'10

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that, on November 30, it will release the 1978 Sidney Lumet movie The Wiz, a re-imagining of the Wizard of Oz tale, based on the Broadway musical of the same title, starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. It will be presented in a single-sided BD50 disc, with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack.

The magical Land of Oz jumps out of the pan in this spectacularly musical based on the Broadway case success.
In this Motown-production Dorothy 's a shy nursery school teacher out of Harlem. During a heavy snowstorm she goes to look after her lost dog Toto and she's taken along with to a fairy-tale land where she should follow the yellow way.
Director Sidney Lumet wanted more than filming only the theatre production and has conjured New York City into the magical Land of Oz.
Diana Ross plays the beautiful role as Dorothy and is working together with stars such as Michael Jackson the scarecrow), Nipsey Russell (the tin man), Ted Ross (the cowardly lion), Lena Horne (Glinda the good witch) and Richard Pryor (the big magician of Oz).
With such a cast, splendid musical songs and fantastic visual effects "The Wiz" shall charm movie fans of different generations.

Starring: Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross
Director: Sidney Lumet

Technical Specs: BD-50 Blu-ray Disc
Video Resolution: 1080p/TBA
Aspect Ratio(s): 1.85:1
Audio Formats: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 / French DTS 5.1
Subtitles: TBA
Supplements: Wiz on Down the Road
Universal / 1978 / 135 Minutes / Rated G
Genres: Family, Musical, Adventure, Fantasy

Watch the trailer.

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Michael Jackson Tops The List Of Most Iconic Musicians In 50 Years. 26-08-'10

Last month, 20 influential musicians from around the world were shortlisted by CNN to take part in an online polling activity. The result was announced today. Michael Jackson, whose sudden death last year shocked the world over, took the top position. To our great honor as Chinese, deceased Leslie Cheung was also voted among the top three. This is truly a valued recognition conferred to Leslie.

In celebration of the airing of its new arts & culture show named 'Icon', CNN launched a series of online polling's last month, with the first being a survey on iconic music figures in the last 50 years. With the assistance from a music magazine 'Songline', CNN shortlisted 20 finalists, including, among others, two deceased Chinese singers, Leslie Cheung and Teresa Tang, for global netizens to select their top 5 icons.

Nearly 100,000 voters casted their votes during the polling period and the result was finally released. Michael Jackson, whose life ended abruptly in June last year with the responsibility of his death still unaccounted for today, won the poll as a top idol. Beatles took the second spot with their widely popular smashing hits of the 60s and 70s. Michael, given the continuing global interests in his music and dance talents, had good reasons to take the top position. The polling conducted online is also his winning factor, because his supporters tend to be active netizens.

The music figures taking the rest of the top five spots were familiar names to other polling activities. Trailing behind Beatles is Hong Kong-born singer Leslie Cheung, US rock legend Elvis Presley and Jamaican godfather of reggae music Bob Marley. Chinese singer Leslie Cheung is now seen as one of the top five classic music figures of the world, ranking above even Elvis Presley. No doubt on his global influence.

CNN has announced only the ranking of the top 6 most-voted-for singers. Madonna ranked the 6th, who won more votes than Teresa Tang. In fact, doubts had been raised as to the components of the candidate shortlist. CNN had set out its nomination objectives as impartiality and a globally balanced participation of candidates from Africa, Asia and North America. Despite that, it turned out finalists from the US and the UK, such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and James Brown, were in to tip the balance.

This seems to have violated the spirit of democracy. Other music icons of the last 50 years: Teresa Tang (Taiwan), Rolling Stones (UK), Bob Dylan (US), James Brown (US), Aretha Franklin (US), Gilberto Gil (Brazil), Juanes (Columbia), Celia Cruz (Cuba), Asha Bhosle (India), Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan), Khaled (Albania), Miriam Makeba (South Africa), Youssou N'Dour (Senegal).

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

MJ In Top 5 Of VH1's 100 Greatest. 25-08-'10

Music channel VH1 will revisit the age-old question, "Who is the greatest music artist of all time?" Determined by a poll of well-known music artists and music experts in the industry, VH1 will reveal this definitive (and sure-to-be highly controversial) list declaring who is the greatest of the great. Hosted by Jim Shearer (VH1's "Top 20 Video Countdown"), the 4-night special, VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time," will premiere Monday, September 6 at 10/9c with a 2-hour premiere.

Spanning all genres of music - from rock and pop to rap and metal - over the 200 musicians including Alicia Keys, Ozzy Osbourne, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Iggy Pop, Nas, Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Geddy Lee (Rush), Alex Lifeson (Rush), Michael Diamond (Beastie Boys), Daryl Hall, John Oates, Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Adam Levine (Maroon Five), 50 Cent, Nelly Furtado, Mandy Moore, Carrie Underwood, Adam Clayton (U2) and many more voted on who they believe deserves this highly coveted title.

VH1 launched this same list back in 1998 as the channel's first countdown special but now puts this debate up for vote again to see which rock pioneers still matter and which new artists are worthy of rating in this new age of "download-to-own" music and ever-changing pop culture.

Many things have changed since the last time VH1 asked this question but, most notably for Jackson fans, Michael Jackson was listed at number 40 in the first poll but, this time around the King of Pop is in the top 5!

TheGreatest.VH1.com will have exclusive extras like interviews and commentary. Additionally, online visitors will be able to participate by using VH1's voting tool that allows users to pick their own favorite artists, weigh in with their opinions and socially broadcast their take on the list through Twitter and Facebook.

Tthe Top 5 are listed in Alphabetical Order:

1. The Beatles

2. Bob Dylan

3. Michael Jackson

4. Led Zeppelin

5. Rolling Stones

Source: prnewswire.com / Billie Jean

Joe Jackson -- Dr. Murray Held MJ Drug Intervention. 25-08-'10

Joe Jackson has re-filed his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray -- and now claims Dr. Murray and AEG staged an intervention with Michael Jackson one week before he died.

Joe Jackson has re-filed his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.

According to the new documents, Dr. Murray and representatives from AEG went to Michael Jackson's home on N. Carolwood Drive on June 18, 2009 -- and said they were there for a "drug intervention."

The suit claims during the meeting AEG demanded Michael "stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him." They wanted Michael to "take only the medications being given to him by Conrad Murray."

According to the suit ... the intervention was intended to get Michael to adhere to Dr. Murray's drug regimen so he could get more sleep. AEG thought Michael was missing rehearsals because of medications from Dr. Klein and other doctors.

The suit also alleges that in the days leading up to Michael's death it was apparent he was getting weaker and weaker, at times seeming "drugged and disoriented."

The upshot of the lawsuit -- the intervention and general concern over MJ's drug use is proof Dr. Murray had no business administering Propofol and other drugs to the singer and that Dr. Murray knew he was playing with fire.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Planned. 25-08-'10

Officials in Michael Jackson's hometown of Gary, Indiana, are planning a birthday tribute on Saturday (28.08.10), the day before what would have been the late singer's 52nd birthday.

Michael Jackson's hometown is planning a birthday tribute to the singer.

The late 'Thriller' hitmaker - who died of acute Propofol intoxication at his home in Los Angeles on June 25 last year - will be honoured with a special 'This Is It' birthday party outside his childhood home in Gary, Indiana on Saturday (28.08.10), the day before what should have been his 52nd birthday.

Gary Mayor Rudy Clay said: "The passing of our favourite son, Michael Jackson, is still fresh in our hearts. A year later, on the day before his birthday, we honour his memory as a great and giving person and as the world's greatest entertainer."

Michael's father, Joe Jackson, will attend a cake cutting ceremony at the tribute, which will also feature a group 'Thriller' dance.

As well as the birthday celebrations, a separate four-day MJFanvention begins in the town tomorrow (26.08.10).

The main attraction at the fan event will be a special tribute concert on Saturday, featuring Tony Award-winner Melba Moore and the late singer's former tour guitarist Jennifer Batten, as well as impersonator Edward Moss and a choir of Indiana residents.

A stage production based on the life and music of the legendary singer entitled 'Yesterday, Today & Forever ' will also take place in the town on Thursday (26.08.10).

Michael's mother Katherine Jackson unveiled an 8ft granite plaque in his honour at the house in Gary on the first anniversary of the King of Pop's death earlier this year.

The Jacksons left Gary in 1969 after the Jackson 5 became a successful recording group.

The Jackson Family Foundation - headed by the late singer's father - is planning to build a multi-million-dollar museum, golf course and performing arts centre in Michael's honour in the town.

Source: earthtimes / Billie Jean

Trial Of Michael Jackson's Doctor Set For January. 24-08-'10

Los Angeles - The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray will begin on January 4, 2011, a judge decided Monday.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to an involuntary manslaughter charge stemming from the death in June 2009 of his world-famous patient.

Prosecutors have charged that Murray gave Jackson a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid, just before the former King of Pop was set to launch his comeback with a series of sold-out shows in London.

Following Monday's decision by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor, the January court date will start with a preliminary hearing in which Pastor will hear from both sides before deciding if there is enough evidence to go ahead with a trial.

Sources tell TMZ ... Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers will ask the trial judge today for an order allowing them to get fluid samples from Michael Jackson -- to help with their defense in the involuntary manslaughter case.

We're told Dr. Murray's lawyers want to re-test some of the fluids to determine the accuracy level of the Propofol found in Michael Jackson's body.

According to the L.A. County Coroner's report Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication.

We've learned the Coroner has fluid samples and we're told they've been preserved.

Source: earthtimes / TMZ / Billie Jean

Spike Lee, Brooklyn Ready To Celebrate Michael Jackson Again. 24-08-'10

When we interviewed Spike Lee last month, he told us, "we will be having our 2nd annual Michael Jackson birthday Brooklyn extravaganza in Prospect Park on August 29th. It's going to be bigger and better this year. People come the world over."

He was less enthusiastic when asked about the film he's working on, which shares a name with the event—Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson. He said he wasn't allowed to discuss it at the time, so for now, all you get is this video of Lee shouting names of MJ songs in Prospect Park.

The party falls on what would have been the King of Pop's 52nd birthday. If you want to celebrate his life, head over to Prospect Park’s Nethermead Field this Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Lee will be one hand, and DJ Spinna will be transmitting all of the pop star's hits. You are encouraged to don your favorite MJ look, and practice up on your moonwalk—you are also encouraged to send us photos! Here's a look back at last year's event.

Source: gothamist / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson House-Hunted For Lisa Marie. 23-08-'10

The multi-million dollar estate in Georgia recently purchased by entertainment mogul Tyler Perry has an interesting connection to the King of Pop.

The home, originally owed by Larry Dean and his family, is a 58 acre estate, complete with an 18 hole golf course, wedding chapel, band shell and formal gardens that were all hand designed with care. The building was completed in 1993 and put on the market shortly afterwards due to the Dean's separation. It was listed for an estimated $40 million dollars, and the Dean's dream of opening it up to the public for charity events was over.

Perhaps this and its Georgia location are what interested Michael Jackson who, in 1994 became interested in purchasing the home as a surprise for his fiancee, Lisa Marie Presley. Mr. Dean stated that when the media got wind of the plan and ruined Jackson's surprise for his bride, he did not sign the final contract.

Source: NYTimes / Billie Jean

‘Captain EO’ In Top 10. 23-08-'10

3D movies are everywhere right now and are taking over our movie screens, but not everyone is happy with the genre, nor are they satisfied with the quality of the technology. In response to this, Cinemablend.com decided to show filmmakers the best of the bunch, producing a Top 10 list. The first film featured on the list was Michael’s ‘Captain EO’ made especially for Disneyland and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

The report on the film reads:

Captain EO (1986)

When it debuted at Disney parks in the 80's Captain EO was regarded as the first 4-D film because it incorporated in-theater effects like laser lights along with the 3-D elements on screen. But really, it was just 3-D with lasers. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the short film starred Michael Jackson as the captain of a ragtag starship crew on a mission across the stars. The story was pretty silly, and since it starred Michael Jackson, prone to a lot of singing, but the movie’s special effects were stunning. Coppola’s groundbreaking 3-D camera tricks were so good that those 3-D effects still hold up pretty well today. In part that’s because Disney went all out when making it. Captain EO cost, on average, $1.76 million per minute to make. For that money Disney parks got the first ever 3-D movie that actually really worked in 3-D. It was so well done that more than twenty years later Captain EO continues to show at Disney’s parks around the world.

Source: cinemablend / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Fans To Hold Protest At Conrad Murray's Hearing. 23-08-'10

Michael Jackson's fans are planning to take to the streets of Los Angeles in protest when Dr. Conrad Murray arrives at court on Monday, August 23. The medic, who was the "Thriller" star's personal physician at the time of his death, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter amid accusations he administered the powerful drug that killed the singer last June.

Jackson fans descended on the Superior Court of Los Angeles in June when the doctor attended a court hearing, and they are planning to demonstrate again at his preliminary trial date. A representative for the late superstar's fan group Justice4MJ, tells TMZ.com that devotees will line the freeway near to the courthouse on Monday, and will follow Murray's convoy when it leaves the building.

Source: Billie Jean

MJ's Possessions As Art. 22-08-'10

Henry Leutwyler, a 48 year old Swiss born photographer, has published a book of portraits of some of Michael Jackson's personal possessions. The book, entitled "Neverland Lost: A Portrait of Michael Jackson", is a series of 60 photographs showcasing some of Jackson's stage props and clothes, some still stained with performance sweat. Other photos, each framed to showcase their individuality, include figurines and various objects Mr. Jackson purchased over the course of his celebrity.

Mr. Leutwyler feels that photographing the objects owned by a specific person gives valuable insight into their personalities and creates a special profile of that person. He plays a bit of a police investigator and archeologist while photographing a subject's items, trying to make the observer look at the item in a different way.

“Objects talk to you more than people do," Mr. Leutwyler states. "When you photograph a model, so many people are involved you are not in 100 per cent control. But to photograph an object, a still life, you are responsible for all your actions.”

Among the photos are the singer's collection of gloves, each positioned with the thumb on the left. There is a silver sequined one, along with gloves in various colors such as amber, mauve and various shades of blue. Other items photographed are a Capt'n Hook figurine, a jeweled key and a single glittery sock.

The items photographed in the book were taken from some 2,000 pieces, which were warehoused after Michael Jackson had left Neverland Ranch. The items were to be auctioned off last year, but the singer fought and won the right to keep his possessions two months before his death. “I am not a historian,” Leutwyler says. “I’ve never read Michael Jackson’s biography. But to me, the Neverland Ranch was the result of him not having a long-lasting childhood. It took him 15 years to build up the collection he had in Neverland. Then to see it all being sold! I told my assistant that if I had seen everything I felt about my childhood go on the block, as he did, I would be suicidal.”

Mr. Leutwyler's original intention was to shoot one of Mr. Jackson's white performance gloves before they were auctioned off, but he was inspired by the stories he felt were being told by the singer's memorabilia. He eventually was granted further access to the possessions and he realized he "wanted to tell a story."

"The sequence of the pictures tells the story," Leutwyler explains.

While not an MJ historian, Letuwyler said he was thrilled after touching Michael Jackson's signature glove and wanted to be respectful of the singer and his possessions.

"Because after the thrill of touching the glove," the photographer commented, "a certain sadness set in."

Go to Amazon

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Celebrate Jackson’s Birthday And The 23rd Anniversary Of Top Selling Album 'Bad'.

This August Celebrate Michael Jackson’s Birthday and the 23rd Anniversary of Top Selling Album 'Bad' by Learning and Dancing his Signature Moves.

In celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday (August 29th) and the release of one of the best selling albums of all time “Bad” (August 31st), learn some of MJ’s famed dance moves with his #1 dancer Kriyss Grant on Comcast On Demand’s instructional series “Get Up & Dance: Michael Jackson.”

As a tribute to one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Comcast is featuring ten, five-to-seven minute videos hosted by the young and talented Kriyss Grant – who breaks down such iconic MJ steps as the Moonwalk to the Legendary Spin in simple and easy to follow lessons. Now with the click of a remote, Comcast customers can pause, fast forward and rewind dance favorites from the “Billie Jean” tour to Human Nature’s “Liquid Groove.”

The service will be available free to Comcast’s more than 19 million Digital Cable homes across the country as well as with other cable operators under Music > “Get Up and Dance” > Michael Jackson.

Source: Billie Jean

Judge Dismisses AllGood Lawsuit. 20-08-'10

On Thursday a federal judge dismissed a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought by concert promoter, AllGood Entertainment against Michael Jackson over a failed reunion concert attempt.

U.S. District Judge Harold Baer Jr. granted a motion by Jackson Estate lawyers to dismiss the case, citing a lack of evidence that the King of Pop or his family were under any binding agreement to perform at a reunion concert.

AllGood Entertainment sued Jackson for $40 million on June 10, 2009, about two weeks before the superstar's death in Los Angeles at age 50. It claimed Jackson and his manager, Frank DiLeo, broke a contract for a Jackson reunion show. They later filed a creditor's claim with Jackson's estate claiming the potential value of the lawsuit was $300 million.

Baer determined that there was a letter of intent between Frank DiLeo and AllGood but noted that neither Jackson nor any other members of the family who were to be involved in the show ever signed a contract.

The judge also wrote in the ruling that if there was a breach in the contract, AllGood broke the agreement first by failing to issue a payment to Jackson before a required deadline.

"This case never had any merit and the claim was frivolous from day one," Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman said in a statement. "Michael Jackson never agreed to participate in a concert promoted by AllGood as the judge clearly found in his opinion."

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Parents Getting A Divorce. 19-08-'10

There must be trouble in the world of Michael Jackson’s family.

Rumors are swirling that Katherine Jackson and Joseph Jackson are getting a divorce. A friend close to Mrs. Jackson insists this is true.

Katherine Jackson has filed for divorce twice during her long marriage. Both times she decided it wasn’t worth it.

Joseph Jackson lives apart from his wife, mostly in Las Vegas. It’s been fairly well chronicled that he has at least one child from outside the marriage, a daughter by another woman.

Nothing is simple in the Jacksons’ marriage. Money is always at the root of every story. Katherine Jackson is one of Michael’s heirs. Joseph is not. It was Katherine who made the deal with Canadian online gaming whiz Howard Mann to market items from the Jackson warehouse he bought. Joseph was not in the deal.

If the Jacksons are getting a divorce, it makes total sense. If they’re not, it’s just a typical Jacksonian rumor leading up to Michael’s birthday on August 29th. He would have been 52.

Source: showbiz411 / Billie Jean

Experience The Michael Jackson Game's First Song List. 18-08-'10

Ubisoft today announced the first set of tracks licensed for Michael Jackson: The Experience, the multiplatform dance-n'-sing-along game coming this holiday. Only seven cuts deep, the list was accompanied by the publisher's assurance of "many more" -- eh HEE HEE! -- songs to be revealed:

•"Beat It"
•"Billie Jean"
•"Earth Song"
•"The Girl Is Mine"
•"Who Is It"
•"Workin' Day And Night"

The Wii Experience is indeed playable for the first time this week at Gamescom, but Ubisoft is focusing its marketing efforts on the company's so-called "proprietary Player Projection" technology -- sham on! -- featured in the Kinect version of the game. As it sounds, and demonstrated in the promo shot above, Player Projection superimposes the player into the game screen via the image captured by the Kinect camera. (It's not be specified whether this common effect will also be featured in the camera-equipped PlayStation Move version of the game.)

If you're hoping to avoid the rather unpleasant experience of falling flat on your face while watching yourself fall flat on your face, then you had best study up on some of MJ's dance tricks. Thankfully, the game will include -- eh hee-hee-hee -- the "Michael Jackson School" mode.

Source: joystiq.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Irish Hideaway Now Open For Public. 17-08-'10

Fans of Michael Jackson can now sleep in the King of Pop's bed - the Irish country mansion the late star and his kids once called home is now open to the public. Jackson retreated to Rose mount in County Westmeath in the summer of 2006 and spent months there working on new material with the likes of will.i.am.

Now, estate owner Paddy Dunning, who runs Ireland's answer to Madame Tussauds waxwork museum among other lucrative businesses, is offering holiday makers the chance to live like a King of Pop! For upwards of $1,500, fans can stay at Coolatore House for a weekend and sleep in Jackson's bed.

Dunning will also share stories of his most famous tenant's walkabouts - so those staying can follow in his footsteps. He tells The Observer Magazine, "Michael was interested in history and smitten by the intricacies of Irish music."

And he recalls Jackson was left a little shaken up during a walk around the grounds - when he came upon a waxwork statue of his late father-in-law, Elvis Presley, which Dunning retired to the estate. He explains he forgot to tell Jackson about the odd attraction, which he placed under a tree, and had to deal with a flushed pop star: "'Paddy,' he said, 'I just met my father-in-law in the woods!'"

Michael Jackson Bed

Michael Jackson's bed, he lived in Coolatore House for some of his time in Ireland. He read many books and spend time with his children.

In another news, Michael Jackson's father has won a deadline extension in his bid to file a wrongful death lawsuit against his son's physician - after his lawyer was injured in a freak fall on the day he was due to submit papers. Joe Jackson's legal representative, Brian Oxman, initially lodged documents against Dr. Conrad Murray in a California federal court in June, seeking unspecified damages in connection with the King of Pop's death.

In the complaint, Jackson alleges Murray withheld vital information from the doctors and emergency service operatives who were trying to save Michael's life on the day he died. But the suit was returned because of an error and the Jackson patriarch was given until August 13 to amend the papers.

Oxman was making his way down a flight of stairs to hand the new lawsuit to a messenger to submit to court - but he slipped and fell, suffering injuries, reports TMZ.com. Oxman was granted extra time to submit his brief as a result of his fall. Details of his injuries had not been revealed as WENN went to press. Murray is accused of administering a fatal dose of anaesthetic Propofol to his pop star client. He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Source: Aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

MJ's Western Fashion To Go On Display In LA. 17-08-'10

Later this month a new exhibit, "How the West was Worn … By Michael Jackson" will open August 17, 2010 at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles, CA (USA).

In the world of style, Michael Jackson’s willingness to try different patterns and designs made him truly one of a kind. Millions of people around the world saw his elaborate costumes, but very few realized the western influence in the design. The Autry National Center’s exhibit will show how Michael Jackson’s use of Western wear progressed over the years, showing his ability to use classic western styles in unique ways.

Featured items on display include:

Cowboy Outfit
Western-style belt and buckle
Steel cowboy boots
Red bib-front shirt with black trim
Designers Tompkins/Bush’s original sketch
Black 501 Levi’s jeans
Black fedora hat
Aviator sunglasses
Single white glove
This installation is made possible by the generosity of designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush. All of the artifacts are from their private collection. The Autry would like to thank them for their generosity and support.

Source: Autry National Center / Billie Jean

Former Landlord Talks About MJ. 17-08-'10

Michael Jackson's former landlord says the King of Pop would probably still be alive if he has stayed in Ireland longer.

Businessman Paddy Dunning opened his Coolatore House to the pop star and his children while Jackson was working on new material during the summer of 2006 and says he feels sure his famous friend would not be dead if he'd stayed a little longer.

Dunning says Jackson was fit during the time he spent in Ireland, ordering the staff at the retreat to keep his meals simple and plentiful. He ate traditional Irish porridge for breakfast and fish, chicken and vegetables throughout the day.

Dunning says he has many happy memories of Jackson, recalling, "One night we ended up in the studio [on the estate]. Michael was on the drums, I was playing guitar and (producer) Nephew was on the keyboards and we just started getting a rhythm together. Slowly but surely Nephew just creeped the song into Billie Jean. It was just mad playing Billie Jean with Michael Jackson - I never thought I'd do that."

The Irish getaway is now open to the public as a resort. The mansion is located in the Irish city of Rosemont. Now, for roughly $1,500 a night, you can live just like the King of Pop did. Dunning enjoys sharing his memories of Michael with all his guests.

Source: dimewars.com / Billie Jean

Marlon Speaks At Dance Induction Ceremony. 16-08-'10

The King of Pop became the 44th dancer/choreographer to be inducted into the National Museum of Dance Hall of Fame last night. As all other inductees have come from the world of ballet or modern dance, Jackson is the first ever figure from the world of Rock and Roll to be inducted.

As soft spoken as his brother, Marlon Jackson accepted the award in Michael's honor saying that he wished Michael could be there in person to accept it himself. Marlon said,

"I'm proud of him for what he accomplished in his life. That he's being recognized for his ability, his musical ability and dance ability, makes me feel good inside."

“He would’ve appreciated this,” Marlon said of his brother, saying he was the type of person who never took praise of his talent or his many accolades and accomplishments for granted.

The induction ceremony was an extension of a gala the previous evening called the National Museum of Dance Tribute to Michael Jackson. Tickets were $300 and included admission to the induction, which alone cost $50. Attendees stepped into the museum through an elegant entryway of black-and-gold drapes and were immediately offered a glass of champagne. They were then treated to Michael Jackson videos and dance tributes, including one by the Lombard twins, Martin and Facundo, who perform in the recently released dance film Step Up 3D.

Michele Riggi, president of the dance museum's board of directors, said Jackson's trailblazing style of dance and his impact on the world of dance qualified him for the hall of fame.

National Museum Of Dance Hall Of Fame

Marlon Jackson speaks on behalf of his family at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for his late brother, Michael, at the National Museum of Dance Sunday in Saratoga Springs.

"The moonwalk, I mean, he was the first to do that," she said. "And all his dance moves, from his robot dances to the moonwalk to all his gyrations and song and dance together, were such a unique style. Along with his music and dance, he was a complete person and so worthy of being inducted."

Riggi welled up with tears while reading a letter addressed to her from Katherine Jackson, Marlon’s and Michael’s mother, thanking the museum for the honor and recognition of her son’s achievements.

Jackson joins the ranks of such legendary figures in the hall as Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Jerome Robbins, Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor, Robert Joffrey, Fred Astaire, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Bob Fosse. Their plaques hang side by side in the order they were inducted. At the end, now, will hang one for the King of Pop.

Source: troyrecord.com / Billie Jean

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