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Joe Jackson Manages To Get Michael Jackson’s Medical Records. 28-02-'10

How Joe Jackson was able to receive the medical records from UCLA for his son Michael Jackson is anyone’s guess given that lawyers for the Estate of Michael Jackson argued his medical records were private and all Joe wanted them for was to beef up his case against the estate for monthly cash support and make some additional cash. The additional cash is supposed to come from the fact that Joe wants to sue various media outlets for publishing photos of Michael being wheeled out of his home on a gurney on the day he died.

Joe explains that getting the records were “necessary to evaluate [the] wrongful death claim for purposes of determining the likely cost of pursuing that action.” And that the records will also “provide the necessary foundation for evidence he will present at the family allowance hearing about his overall ongoing financial needs during the course of estate administration.”

This just looks like Joe trying to make money. Sad.

Source: woodenspears / Billie Jean

Paul Anka Sings 'This Is It' As Michael Jackson's Tribute. 27-02-'10

Paul Anka paid tribute to Michael Jackson at a concert in Chile on Monday, February 22 - by performing their song "This Is It". The "Lonely Boy" hitmaker contacted his lawyers in 2009 after learning the track was to be marketed as the King of Pop's first posthumous release - because it was actually a song he and Jackson wrote in 1983, called "I Never Heard".

The matter was resolved after Anka struck a deal to receive 50 per cent of the profits - and he proved there is no ill will by singing "This Is It" live at a gig in Vina del Mar and dedicating it to Jackson. Sitting at his piano, an emotional Anka told the crowd, "Many years ago a young man came to my home. He was 21 years old and he said he wanted to write songs with me. We spent many weeks together in my studio writing, preparing for the album, but unfortunately we never got to do the project".

"Recently this man died very tragically. They went to his home and they found this song in his drawer and they thought it was a new song and they got very excited and released it as part of a film. But they found out very quickly it was not a new song but one that I wrote with him many years ago."

"We didn't have any legal problems because in respect of him, I wanted things to be smooth, so I gave them permission to go ahead with the song that we wrote together. His name was Michael Jackson and this is it."

Anka then began the ballad for the audience, who cheered as images of Jackson flashed on a video screen and his vocals were played aloud.

Source: Billie Jean

Ortega: MJ's Kids Excited About Concerts. 27-02-'10

Director Kenny Ortega recently said in an interview that not only were Michael's fans thrilled about his upcoming return to the stage but, his children were excited about the 'This Is It' concerts as well.

"The kids would've finished their school term and so they were going to be invited to come to rehearsals and spend more time with us," Ortega said. He added, "They did visit us on the set. They came when we were shooting the Smooth Criminal sequence. So they were able to see Dad working as a filmmaker and in front of the camera as well."

However, Ortega would not speculate on whether the children would follow in Daddy's footsteps by also becoming entertainers.

"Oh, I have no idea," Ortega said.

"They're young and they're bright and they're getting a great education. They're lovely, smart kids. I had a chance to get to know them a little. But Michael kept them apart from the work because they were in school."

Source: MJFC / uk.news.yahoo.com / Billie Jean

"This Is It" DVD / Blu Ray Special Features. 26-02-'10

• 2 Making-of Documentaires
• 4 Documentaires: “The Gloved One – Costumes”, “Memories of Michael”, “Auditions: Searching for the World’s Best Dancers”, en “The Unfinished Rehearsals”
• Theatrical Trailer

EXTRA’S OP DVD STD-2 National Disc Special Features
• 2 Making-of Documentaires
• 4 Documentaires: “The Gloved One – Costumes”, “Memories of Michael”, “Auditions: Searching for the World’s Best Dancers”, and “The Unfinished Rehearsals”
• Theatrical Trailer
• 3 Documentaires: “Meet the Dancers”, “Meet the Band” and “Meet the Vocalists”

• 2 Making –of Documentaires
• 8 Documentaires: “The Gloved One – Costumes”, “Memories of Michael”, “Auditions: Searching for the World’s Best Dancers”, “Meet the Dancers”, “Meet the Band”, “Meet the Vocalists”, “The Unfinished Rehearsals” and “Dancing Machine – Choreography”
• Michael Jackson’s This Is It: The Photo Collection
• Theatrical Trailer

• Thriller and Smooth Criminal Vignettes (in 5.1 audio)
• Documentaire: “Making Smooth Criminal”
• BD LIVE with movieIQ with a “This Is It” interactive playlist

Source: Billie Jean

TMZ Sued Over Leaked Debbie Rowe Interview. 25-02-'10

TMZ is facing a lawsuit for broadcasting allegedly stolen and confidential footage of an interview with Debbie Rowe soon after her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, died last June.

The details of the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in California District Court by F. Marc Schaffel Prods., raise interesting and serious questions about the gossip website's news operation, their copyright issues, and the boundaries between an entertainment clip and a fair-use news product. TMZ's news-gathering practices will be put under the microscope.

In the complaint, Schaffel claims to be the owner of a 2003 filmed interview with Debbie Rowe. Portions of the interview were aired in 2003, but others were held back as private and confidential, subject to a joint consent agreement between the interviewer and interviewee.

When Jackson was indicted for child molestation in December 2003, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff obtained and executed a search warrant on Schaffel's home and seized the interview in the process. Two years later, the County Sheriff indicated that he had returned the property and had not released the "confidential outtakes" to anyone.

However, last July, TMZ broadcast those confidential outtakes that included a conversation where Rowe talks about needing sedatives. Schaffel says that Rowe's comments were made in the context of a joke about stage fright, but twisted by TMZ to tie past drug use to Jackson's death from a prescription-drug overdose.

After TMZ aired the interview, Schaffel and Rowe demanded that the confidential outtakes be removed. TMZ first claimed the video was sourced to them from a British TV station, but later said that it came from the Santa Barbara Sherriff's Department. Shaffel says that when confronted, TMZ rescinded the story and claimed its source was confidential.

Schaffel is now seeking damages from TMZ over copyright infringement and conversion. He says the confidential outtakes have "an estimated value of potentially millions of dollars, the exact amount of which shall be proved at trial."

TMZ may try to claim that its use of the clip was "fair use" and the court may apply the "four factor" test and look into the purpose and character in which the clip was used by TMZ. Other questions will be does an allegedly stolen entertainment clip need to be cleared or does any broadcaster have the right to broadcast footage in the name of "news" without need to obtain consent? Will a judge apply the rare so-called "fifth" factor of fair use that takes a moral evaluation of the goodness or badness of TMZ into account? And does TMZ as a news outlet get statutory protection from revealing sources of news if they are trying to protect allegedly stolen media?

Challenging questions from a case that will undoubtedly be of great interest to other news outlets in the future.

Source: MJFC / reuters.com / Billie Jean

Fire Officials: MJ Emergency Tape Is Bogus. 25-02-'10

Another Michael Jackson hoax -- this time it's all over a recording that's being reported as a transmission from the paramedics who took MJ to UCLA on the day he died.

The recording features a man saying "Patient is Michael Jackson, the pop star singer ... we should be there in five minutes. It doesn't look good."

But TMZ spoke to L.A. City Fire Dept. Captain Steve Ruda who told us, "It is not our conversation. It is not any of the paramedics who treated Michael Jackson."

We're told there are several indicators on the tape which show it could not have originated from an L.A. City Fire employee.

We're told officials are not supposed to name the patient and the terminology used in the recording is not consistent with terms used by the department.

Source: TMZ /Billie Jean

Michael Jackson '911 Call' Released: Report. 24-02-'10

A dramatic recording revealed today is believed to detail the moment paramedics broke the news of Michael Jackson's death.

A voice is heard calling ahead to a hospital on a tape which has emerged online.

It could become new evidence in the trial of Jackson's personal doctor.

The recording is believed to feature a Los Angeles Fire Department medical worker calling the UCLA hospital. The voice says: "Patient is Michael Jackson, the pop star singer. No pulse, no breathing. Unresponsive. Tried to resuscitate him. Unsuccessful.

We've done everything we can. We should be there in five minutes. It doesn't look good. It doesn't look good" The tape, which emerged on an ambulance workers' web forum, may be the first time the 50-year-old's death was announced last June 25.

An LAFD spokesman said of the recording: "I couldn't confirm that is one of our workers. It could be. They refer to 'pop star Michael Jackson' but it is not our practice to name names."

Source: jam.canoe.ca / Billie Jean

Captain EO Returns To Disneyland Today. 23-02-'10

If you're a Michael Jackson fan and happen to be in the vicinity of Disneyland in California today, be sure to call in sick, drop everything and head to Tomorrowland, because "Captain EO" makes its triumphant return to the rotation at the happiest place on Earth. The film hasn't been shown at the park since 1997, but in honor of Jackson's passing last year, Disney decided to bring back the 3-D movie with enhanced sound.

"Captain EO" made its debut in 1986 and starred Jackson as the titular captain of a spaceship. He and his crew (including "Bad Santa" star Tony Cox as the bumbling elephant-like alien Hooter) are given the task of delivering a package to the evil Witch Queen (played by Oscar winner Anjelica Huston) on her home planet. When they arrive, they are captured and sentence to torture, and only the power of EO's singing and dancing can save them. The film closes with a performance of an early version of "Another Part of Me" (which later appeared on Jackson's 1987 album Bad). It simultaneously opened at Disneyland and at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World, then later had runs at Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

When it was first released, "Captain EO" contained some 3-D effects that were absolutely state-of-the-art, though whether or not they hold up in this post-"Avatar" world is anybody's guess. Still, the Francis Ford Coppola-directed, George Lucas-produced film is fun, has great energy and delivers a positive message (and marks Jackson's best film work outside of "Thriller").

Source: MTV.com/ Billie Jean

Kourtney Kardashian Parties With Jackson Kids. 23-02-'10

Kourtney Kardashian's infant son Mason just went to his first birthday party. The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star was seen getting out of a car at the Jackson family home in Encino on Sunday afternoon. The party was held for one of Tito's grandsons and Michael's children were also in attendance.

How did Kardashian score an invite to this private family event? Seems the two families go way back. Kardashian once dated Taryll Jackson, the birthday-boy's father. The two began dating back in 1999 and stayed together for five years.

Kourtney's sister Kim also dated one of the 3T guys. Kim dated Taryll's brother TJ back when they were in their early teens. Kim even celebrated her 14th birthday with the Jackson family at Michael's Neverland Ranch. She described the experience to People magazine saying, "That was the most magical place on earth."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate -- Claim For $300 Mil. 23-02-'10

The company that sued Michael Jackson for allegedly torpedoing a family concert has just filed a $300,000,000 creditor's claim against MJ's estate.

AllGood Entertainment claims it had a deal with Jackson to put on a Jackson family concert and alleges the deal was broken when Jackson committed to the London series of concerts. In the $300,000,000 federal lawsuit filed in October 2009, AllGood was asking for profits from "This Is It" along with revenues from the Sony catalog.

AllGood claims Michael Jackson and his agent, Frank Dileo, "secretly teamed up with AEG [Live] to produce a concert or series of concerts in London."

AllGood Entertainment filed the claim Friday.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the Michael Jackson estate, tells TMZ, "AllGood's creditor's claim and its underlying lawsuit are frivolous and wholly without merit."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Janet Finally Agrees To Jackson 5 Reunion. 23-02-'10

The Jackson 5 will set off on a world tour this year in honor of their late brother Michael Jackson with sister Janet Jackson making five.

Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Jackie Jackson mounted the effort to pay tribute to their brother's "This Is It" comeback tour that never was, even incorporating some of the sets that were not used into the new show. Janet now has decided to step in to substitute for Michael.

"Janet will be joining us. We're all talking about it now. She has never played with us before so that will be very special. She definitely wants to do it," Jermaine said. "We had a conference call and Janet has agreed to join us on tour."

After her stellar opening performance at the AMAs, Janet, pictured in London on Saturday, will surely do her brother proud. The Jackson's are also united against Conrad Murray whom they claimed responsible for Michael's death and got charged with involuntary manslaughter this month.

Source: Billie Jean

Guitarist Jennifer Batten Pay Tribute To MJ. 22-02-'10

Guitar ace Jennifer Batten yesterday told of her heartache at the loss of her superstar mentor Michael Jackson.

The guitarist was Michael Jackson's "right-hand woman" on three sell-out world tours - with the Bad star responsible for creating her famous hair-do.

Now she is to pay an emotional tribute to the King of Pop on her first Scottish concert tour.

In 1987, Jennifer was hand-picked by the singer from 100 guitarists who had auditioned to play on his Bad tour.

Michael Jackson was so impressed that she joined him on the road for the next 10 years, playing on his Dangerous and HIStory tours to more than 4.5 million fans.

But the New York-born musician still hasn't come to terms with the death of her friend.

"I was in LA when a friend called to say Michael had died," said Jennifer, 52. "I'd heard so many rumors over the years that I didn't believe it, but when I turned on the news I found it was true.

"It was a huge shock. Michael had so much to live for.

"He was so into being a good father to his children. He wanted nothing but the best for other people. I miss him."

Jennifer plays The Inn at Lathones in St Andrews on Friday with other gigs in Glasgow and Strathpeffer over the weekend as part of her first solo tour of Scotland.The highlight of her show will be an emotional 12-minute medley of Michael's songs.

Jennifer, who has also played with Jeff Beck, Brian May of Queen and Natalie Cole, still can't believe Michael Jackson plucked her from obscurity to set her on the road to stardom.

"I heard Michael was looking for a guitarist and had organized an open audition." she said.

"I went into a rehearsal room in Hollywood and was surprised to see there was no band, it was just me playing alone. I played Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller, note perfect. It was videoed and Michael chose me from 100 other guitarists."

A few weeks later, Jennifer came face to face with Michael in a massive production hangar in Los Angeles.

"Michael walked in with his manager Frank Dileo to watch a run-through by the band," said Jennifer.

"I'd been told if he was happy with the music he'd start dancing and he did a few steps right away. Next thing I knew I had a ticket for the opening night of the Bad tour."

For the video of smash hit Another Part Of Me Michael Jackson devised a complete image makeover for his new guitarist and Jennifer's distinctive big hair and sci-fi-style costumes were born.

"Michael had an artist draw a new image for me and had a team of wardrobe people make my costumes," she said.

"Two huge extension pieces were sewn into my own hair to add volume. It certainly worked- my hair was almost as big as the guitar I was holding. "I didn't have any problem with it because I understood the show was pure theater and I was playing a role.

I'll always be 'the girl in Michael's band with the big hair'. A lot of people only know me for that, and that's no bad thing. It helped me immensely."

On each Michael Jackson tour, Jennifer had to sign a confidentiality deal not to reveal how his stage stunts were done.

Inevitably, there were nights when things went pear-shaped.

"During the routine for Beat It I had to wear fibre optic laser lights in my hair, costume and around my guitar so that I lit up during the song," she said.

"I was attached to a 100 foot cable which was linked to a computer so the lights changed color. As I ran across the stage, somebody stood on my cable, the lights went out and I got whiplash."

Jennifer was disturbed by the child sex abuse allegations which dogged Michael's life and led to a court case in 2005.

He was acquitted on all charges and the guitarist believes he was a victim of his phenomenal success.

"I think Michael was innocent. You get a creepy vibe from people who do things like that, but I didn't with him. Michael was just a big kid," said Jennifer.

"I don't know anybody who could have stayed mentally healthy after all the accusations thrown at him. But people are obsessed with extortion. It gives them power. Once lawyers and the Press get involved the stories run on their own."

Michael Jackson will be in Jennifer's thoughts when she performs in Scotland next week. It's the first time since she's played here since the Dangerous tour at Glasgow Green on August 18, 1992.

Jennifer said: "Playing with Michael for 40,000 fans in Glasgow was a whole new experience. I flew first class and stayed in the best hotels. It was like a fantasy.

"I'm very proud of touring with him.

Just having the name 'Michael Jackson' on my resume helps a lot.

"Sadly, we won't ever see him realize his true potential. He was such a talent, there's no telling what he could have done next."

Source: MJFC /dailyrecord.co.uk / Billie Jean

Attention Fellow Michael Jackson Fans! 22-02-'10

On Mar. 1 ­ 10th, 2010 Gotta Have It will be hosting an online auction that will feature never before seen Michael Jackson wardrobe presented by The Golden Closet, a reputable vendor of authentic entertainment memorabilia.

The Golden Closet has acquired iconic Michael Jackson wardrobe worn by the legendary performer during stage and video performances as well as personal wardrobe worn during television appearances and in promotional photos.
Detailed information and images of these iconic pieces may be currently found in the New Items section.

Featured Michael Jackson items include:

* A custom tear away jumpsuit worn during the 1984 Jacksons ³Victory² Tour

* A beaded costume worn during the ³Victory² Tour and utilized in the most publicized promotional photo of his career

* Wardrobe worn during the Japanese leg of the ³Bad² Tour

* Custom made garments worn during recording sessions

* An extremely rare production book for the controversial music video ³Black and White², which includes the script and detailed story boards.

Direct links to the Gotta Have It Rock And Roll Auction website appear at the bottom of each item¹s page on The Golden Closet website.

Source: goldencloset / Billie Jean

Happy 8th Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II. 21-02-'10

Name: Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II

Date of Birth: February 21, 2002

Parents: Michael Jackson

Siblings: Paris Michael Katherine (04/98) and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr (02/97)

- He is most commonly called "Blanket"
- He was carried by a surrogate mother
- He's currently in the custody of his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and is living at her Encino, California home with his siblings
- He enjoys attending his Karate lessons along with Paris and Prince

"It's a wonderful way for the kids to see their father memorialized, and if you want to see the real man, magnify that over a hundred times." - Debbie Rowe, on whether Michael's children should see their father's final film, This Is It.

"Blanket adored [Michael's sons]. He could easily be the next Michael Jackson. He loved to dance with his dad and Michael taught him to do the moonwalk." - A family friend, on Blanket's love for his father's music.

Source: Billie Jean

Celebs Record "We Are The World" In Spanish. 21-02-'10

Emilio and Gloria Estefan and other celebrities gathered to record a Spanish-language version of "We are the World" on Friday to raise money for Haiti earthquake victims.

Emilio Estefan said he was talking with Quincy Jones about the importance of the Spanish market when the idea developed.

"You know, Latinos always want to do things in a positive way, to show the world that even we come from different places, we wanted to definitely help," he said. "I think now is the best time because people forget."

Actor Andy Garcia was also participating and said that as soon as Estefan called him, he said he would take part.

"You wish you wouldn't have to do a fundraiser for Haiti," he said. "It's going to need attention for quite some time ... It's not just a question of raising money today and everything is going to be all right."

Other singers who were to participate in recording the track include Banda El Recodo, Carlos Santana, Chayanne, David Archuleta, Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano.

The song, "Somos El Mundo," was adapted by the Estefans, who partnered with Jones, Univision and the not-for-profit We are the World Foundation to gather the artists to record the song. Univision is underwriting, co-producing and doing distribution of the song, which goes on sale in March. All of the artists volunteered.

"I just feel real good. I am not here as an artist. I am here as a human being," said Cuban-American singer and actor Jencarlos Canela.

"I think that the world needs to realize that we cannot wait for a tragedy to happen to come together and to be united."

Singer Chayanne said he was moved by the opportunity to work on the song.

"You do it from the bottom of your heart and you really feel great to do something like this with Emilio and Gloria," he said.

Singer Milly Quezada called it a chance to reach people who had not yet been moved by the events in Haiti.

"It is a divine opportunity for us to stand together in solidarity. Obviously, this song is a beautiful song. Gloria made a beautiful translation," Quezada said.

Singer Ednita Nazario said she was "flabbergasted" when she saw images of the quake's aftermath on TV.

"I think you do what comes straight from your heart. Its important to keep Haiti in people's minds and heart. This is a long term situation because it's not rebuilding a building, its building a whole country that needs help," she said "The difference is that Haiti has nothing."

David Archuleta said it was great to see how many celebrities were willing to come together for the cause.

"I love this song. It's just great to be able to be a part of it in Spanish," he said.

Jon Secada called it a "momentous recording."

"As a music community to be able to have the opportunity to come together and to do something that really matters, and give something back, it's important," he said.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Fashion House Honors King Of Pop. 21-02-'10

Stella Luna Fashion Inc. is paying tribute to Michael Jackson with its new line of designer shoes.

Stephen Chi, creative director of Stella Luna Fashion Inc., says that what sets this series apart from other collections inspired by the King of Pop is that it is “designed as homage to the great performer, not necessarily a dissection of photographic imagery and wardrobe references, but a celebration of an idol from deep-rooted personal admiration and viewpoint.”

The series, which is aptly titled “Long Live The King,” is not only influenced by Jackson’s unique style or music, but by the man himself.

“Many performers follow fashion rather than create it, but he was self-styled. This individuality and uniqueness is a thread that weaves through the whole Stella Luna canvas, and is the soul of the collection,” Chi says.

The series is not a completely literal take on MJ’s style, but rather Stella Luna’s own interpretation of the persona that is the King of Pop.

Chi says that contrast is a key feature of this series which uses couture-like beauty in a palette of bold reds and blues, Michael Jackson’s signature colors early in his solo career.

Speaking of the eclectic mixture that he says defines this collection of shoes, Chi elaborates on the design of each pair saying, “Each story reveals a multi-layered personality, [such as] a full-bodied ankle boot with open multi-zipper detailing paired with a subtle but sexy zip detail peep toe, or a military buttoned platform peep toe with multiple straps paired with a more formal but fashion-forward ballerina.”

Simply put, Chi says the defining characteristic of this collection is that of a superstar — “showmanship, eclecticism and individuality.” Much like the great legend that Michael Jackson is. He was never afraid to make or break the rules.

Source: MJFC / lifestyle.inquirer.net / Billie Jean

Will.i.am Talks About MJ Recordings. 21-02-'10

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Will.i.am, leader of the chart-topping pop-rap group the Black Eyed Peas discussed a range of topics ranging from his new tour, Michael Jackson and Barack Obama.

WSJ: You also worked on the recent remake of “We Are the World.” What did you think you could bring to that to make it connect to the 21st Century?

Will: I didn’t produce that—I just added some new lyrics to it. That song is timeless, it will always be relevant. But if you’re going to benefit Haiti, I wanted to add lyrics that would represent what is actually happening there. I came from a perspective [of] what would Michael [Jackson] have said—not sung, cause I can’t sing like him—but what would he have been proud to acknowledge in a piece of art. My part got edited, altered a bit, but it still kept the essence of what I was trying to say.

WSJ: I know you recorded some material with Jackson when he was alive. Will the public ever get to hear that? Will it get released from the vaults?

Will: I’m not gonna release it.

WSJ: Why don’t want the public to hear it?

Will: I don’t think it’s fair to release unfinished material to capitalize on him passing. It’s not right. We didn’t put it out when he was alive so why should we put it out now that he’s gone?

WSJ: How many songs did you do with him?

Will: We wrote about six songs.

Source: Wall Street Journal / Billie Jean

Captain EO' Returns To Disneyland. 21-02-'10

"Captain EO," a 17-minute 1986 3-D musical adventure film starring Michael Jackson, will return to Disneyland beginning Tuesday, park officials announced.

"Captain EO" will be shown in the Tomorrowland theater, where it was shown from 1986-97. It replaces the 3-D film "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience."

A new 70mm print of "Captain EO" will be shown "and it will sound better than ever thanks to acoustic enhancements made to the theater since the film last played there in 1997," Heather Hust Rivera, Disneyland Resort's manager print and social media, wrote on the Disney Parks Blog.

Some special effects elements from the original presentation cannot be replicated, Rivera said.

"Captain EO" stars Jackson as a captain leading a spaceship on a mission to deliver a gift to a wicked alien leader (Anjelica Huston). It was directed by Academy Award-winner Francis Ford Coppola. George Lucas was its executive producer.

Source: MJFC / LA Times / Billie Jean

Arnie Klein In Jacket Flap With Michael Jackson. 20-02-'10

Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's longtime dermatologist and friend -- has filed a claim against Michael Jackson's estate ... but this time it's not about money -- Arnie wants his jacket back!

Dr. Klein claims Michael borrowed a Gianfranco Ferre green jacket from him several months before he died -- a jacket Klein claims is worth $10,000.

According to the claim, "The jacket has not been returned prior to death and has not been returned after death (although demand has been made)."

Klein is not asking for any money, but wants his threads back.

Klein filed another claim against the Michael Jackson estate back in October -- for $48,522.89 for medical services.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Joe Jackson Gets Access To Medical Records. 20-02-'10

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Mitchell Beckloff, ruled on Friday that Joe Jackson can receive his son's medical records from the hospital where he died. The Judge will review the records first before releasing them to Mr. Jackson's attorney, Brian Oxman. Beckloff also said the men can only receive records generated on or after June 25 — the day Michael Jackson died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Oxman sought access to the files as part of an effort to obtain a monthly stipend for the Jackson family patriarch. He said during a hearing last week that he also needs the records to decide whether to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

Judge Beckloff's order states that a medical expert hired by Joe Jackson can review the files, but not copy them. The order also states that anyone who sees the records will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement beforehand.

Michael Jackson's estate had sought to suppress subpoenas that Oxman issued for the files. Attorneys for the estate argued during a hearing last week that Beckloff should review the files first. They also argued that the files should not be released until after the results of a May hearing on Joe Jackson's stipend bid.

Howard Weitzman, an attorney for Jackson's estate, said the Judge's ruling on Friday properly incorporates suggestions attorneys raised last week.

"The estate feels the court's order adequately protects Michael's interests," Weitzman said.

Beckloff is going to verify the records do not violate doctor-patient confidentiality. Oxman said he didn't expect that to be an issue.

"We are very certain based on prior records that we have from the paramedics that Michael was long deceased and that there were no communications [with doctors]," Oxman said.

Oxman said he was pleased with the ruling and expects to have the records soon.

Source: MJFC / usatoday.com / Billie Jean

cNoteArt Turns WATW Into Fine Art For Haiti. 19-02-'10

cNoteArt is donating the proceeds from a Special Collector’s Edition cNote of the Michael Jackson / Lionel Richie song, “We Are The World,” to Haitian earthquake relief charities, such as the We Are The World Foundation.

A cNote is a musical image. It is Music turned into Fine Art. Each colored rectangle in this image represents a musical note. Wider rectangles equal longer note durations. A rectangle’s color indicates a note’s pitch. C notes are Green, D notes are Blue, E notes are Violet, etc.

Artist Erik Rosen discovered cNote when he was quarantined in a hospital room for 35 days for a stem cell transplant. While in the depths of the procedure, he "saw" music emanating from his stereo. There was no sound, just an opiate-laden kaleidoscope of colors on the wall. "I was obsessed with this project when I got out of the hospital," Erik said. "Everyone was there for me and now I would like give something back."

Proceeds from this Special Collector’s Edition cNote will be donated to Haitian earthquake relief charities.

- Museum Quality Print
- Hand Signed and Numbered by the Artist
- Limited to Only 500 Prints
- Size: 16” x 20”

Source: MJFC / PR.com / Billie Jean

Memories Of Michael. 19-02-'10

During the 1980s, Susan Blond became the first woman vice-president of Epic Records. She worked with Tina Turner, Prince, Boy George, James Brown and Iggy Pop. She also worked with Michael Jackson. Blond, one of New York’s best-known publicists, recently opened the doors to her office and her memories of Michael.

“We would go to clubs like Studio 54 or Regine, and I would say, ‘Michael, let’s dance’, and he would say, ‘No dancing, that’ s work.’ I thought that was a major statement,” said Blond, sitting in her chic Midtown office.

She helped Jackson’s 'Thriller' become the biggest selling album of all time. Did she know from the start that he would be such a big success?

“Yes! That record is that great,” Blond said. “Sometimes you don’t know, like for Britney’s first album."

“I adored Michael,” said Blond, who attended the King of Pop’s funeral. “He was like a child, and yet the most sophisticated person on Earth. He knew what he wanted. I’m happy I didn’t have to represent him during all these years when all went wrong.”

Source: jam.canoe.ca / Billie Jean

Rebbie Jackson To Perform At Haiti And MJ Tribute. 18-02-'10

RTJP Events, LLC in cooperation with Lackawanna College, The City of Scranton, Lackawanna County Arts, Normandy Holdings, LLC, Council for Community Affairs and several sponsors presents: A Nod To Greatness: Motown and Michael Jackson, a very special concert to benefit Haiti Earthquake relief efforts and scholarships at Lackawanna College.

For the first time since the death of megastar Michael Jackson, family members of the King of Pop, led by older sister Rebbie Jackson, will perform a full-fledged concert which will include a very special nod to the late Thriller singer. The show also will feature Tribute’s Damon Harris Temptations, the historic Motown group that spawned such hits as “Papa Was A Rolling Stone,” “Just My Imagination,” “My Girl,” and “Get Ready.” As lead singer for the Temptations from 1971 to 1975, Damon Harris sang a special duet with Michael Jackson at Jesse Jackson’s Operation Push benefit in 1972. Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond presented Mr. Harris and The Temptations with a Grammy for “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.”

“As everyone knows, my family and I have had a difficult year, but I’m looking forward to getting on stage in Scranton and giving the audience a great show,” said Ms.Jackson. “There is going to be some surprises, so be there.” Ms. Jackson, who has already donated money for Haiti earthquake relief, said seeing the images from Haiti and knowing the suffering of the people has really had an impact on her. She said she looks forward to doing even more for those who have been less fortunate than she.

Ms. Jackson said she and her family choose Scranton for the first Jackson concert since Michael’s passing because “I’m a low key person and when you do something so special, it’s often best not to make too much of it.” Mr. Harris, who has also been at the forefront of raising awareness to prostate cancer, said he too looks forward to performing and plans to sing a special “Never Can Say Goodbye” homage to Michael Jackson. “I’m happy that the Jackson family is coping pretty good,” Mr. Harris said. “I have so many memories of little Michael and how he dubbed me ‘The Voice’ when we were at Motown. This is going to be pretty moving. Pretty special.” Tickets for the show went on sale Monday, Feb. 15, 2010. The price will be $50.50 and $30.50. The concert will be held at The Mellow Theater, 501 Vine Street, Scranton, PA. 7 p.m. Saturday, April 24, 2010.

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'This Is It' DVD Release Event In London. 18-02-'10

The Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' DVD Release will be launched in London on Sunday with director Kenny Ortega, choreographer Travis Payne and the dancers.

The launch and signing session is at HMV's flagship store at 150 Oxford Street on February 21.

The event kicks off at 10pm with dancers performing the routines from the This Is It show.

Between 11pm and midnight, Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne and the This Is It dancers will meet fans and sign copies of the DVD and Blu-ray which are officially released on Monday, February 22.

'This Is It' was a planned series of 50 concerts by Michael Jackson to be held at The O2 arena in London. They were scheduled to begin in July 2009 and continue through March 2010.

Source: Coventry Telegraph / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Mural Plan Moonwalks Into Brooklyn. 17-02-'10

A downtown Brooklyn memorial to the late Michael Jackson is being planned after all.

The New York Post reported last week that the owner of the building above the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway station is amenable to having a mural of Jackson painted on his building wall.

The move comes several months after City Councilmember Letitia James advocated for some type of recognition at the subway station commemorating Jackson’s video masterpiece, “Bad,” being filmed there.

The 18-minute video filmed in 1987 was written by author Richard Price, directed by Martin Scorsese, starred Jackson and Wesley Snipes, was choreographed by Jeffrey Daniel and featured Jackson with a chorus of singers doing an extended a capella call-and-response vocal.

The video topped video and music charts for several weeks worldwide.

The MTA turned down the request, saying plaques and memorials as per station guidelines are prohibited.

downtown Brooklyn Partnership President Joe Chan reportedly had success in convincing the owner of 45 Hoyt Street, which is above the station, to allow a mural of the King of Pop.

We are encouraged that the property owner at the gateway to the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway station is willing to entertain the concept of a public art tribute to Michael Jackson,” said Chan, adding the owner, Manhattan-based Benenson Capital, has veto power over the design.

As of press time, it was unclear on what criteria will be used in selecting the artist, and James told reporters she would like it to be a Brooklyn artist.

Meanwhile, Chan also sees the mural as another way to promote downtown Brooklyn.

“We believe that calling attention to the subway station’s role in one of the most prominent pieces in music video history will bring new visitors and their pocketbooks to downtown Brooklyn,” he said.

Since the mural will be on private property is not need the city’s Public Design Commission to approve it.

Benenson Capital could not be reached for comment at press time.

Source: nypost.com / Billie Jean

Jermaine Talks About Michael's Children. 16-02-'10

Jermaine Jackson, who was in Sydney Australia to promote 'The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty,' spoke to reporters about Michael's children saying,

"They go to the [Kingdom] Hall with my mother. We want to keep their feet on the ground. We want to make sure that [our] success doesn't go to their heads."

He also confirmed that the children have been in grief counselling saying, "with the first passing of Michael they had to have someone to explain that to them."

Speaking about how his 79 year old mother is coping with the lively bunch (Blanket is 7, Paris is 11 and Prince just turned 13), Jermaine said,

"It's easy for her - she brought us up. My mother is very much alive, she's very smart. She knows the name of every type of tree."

He says Michael's children spend time playing with his son Jermajesty and Tito's grandchild Royal.

Speaking about Michael he compared his brother to Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa, saying, "He's special and he's a gift from God. I saw what he did with the blessing that God gave him. He's in the Guinness Book Of Records."

Source: MJFC / heraldsun.com.au / Billie Jean

International Filmmakers Continue Visiting Gary, IN. 16-02-'10

Interest continues around the world about the life of Michael Jackson, bringing film crews from overseas to his Indiana hometown nearly eight months after his death.

Production crews working on documentaries for Japanese and German television were in Gary over the weekend visiting spots from Michael Jackson's boyhood.

The Japanese crew filmed at the small house where Jackson grew up and at the former Mr. Lucky's nightclub where he and his brothers first performed as the Jackson 5 in the 1960s.

Among those interviewed was Steve Manning, who was president of the Jacksons 5's first fan club. Manning says he wishes Michael Jackson could see how much he was loved.

Source: MJFC / AP / Billie Jean

MJ Fans Got Talent. 15-02-'10

Who's bad? Show us what you got.

On March 21st, 2010 it is Show time in Holland's biggest Michael Jackson Talent show. In two audition days the fan club will search for MJ fans with extraordinary talents, those who are inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. A Jury of experts will judge all candidates on originality and talent.  If you want to see the outcome of this talent show, then buy your ticket for this extravaganza NOW!

So we are looking for Michael Jackson fans with Talent. Whether you can sing like Michael, dance or just looks like him, you can participate. Maybe you write poems, you draw or make paintings, any kind of art? We are looking for you!

Auditions will take place on Sunday March 7th and 14th in the Challance 2.0 in Hoofddorp (Holland). Winners will get an MJ Goody bag!!! To apply for audition mail: fansgottalent@hotmail.com

Interested? Then check the following pages for more info:
Hyves http://www.fans-got-talent.hyves.nl/
Twitter http://twitter.com/fansgottalent
Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/fansgottalent

MJ Fans Got Talent Show time
All the candidates who have been approved by the Jury will get to show 
their talent on the annual Michael Jackson fan meeting on March 21st 
in the Challance 2.0 in Hoofddorp (Holland).

Source: fansgottalent / Billie Jean

Tape Could Clear Jacko Doctor. 15-02-'10

The tape of a voicemail left by Doctor Murray as King Of Pop Michael Jackson "lay dying" could be the key piece of evidence in the star's death trial.

The News of the World has obtained the recording - which incredibly will be used by BOTH the defence and prosecution to try and win their cases.

Dr Conrad Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter, left an 18-second message for a patient on the morning of Jacko's death in June last year.

In the recording - which can be heard here - Murray, 56, sounds calm as he informs patient Bob Russell about a heart scan.

Source: newsoftheworld.co.u / Billie Jean

Lionel Richie Talks To Oprah About WATW25. 15-02-'10

On Friday, February 12, 2010 Lionel Richie sat down with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey to discuss the release of the We Are the World 25 to help benefit Haiti.

It's been 25 years since Lionel Richie wrote "We Are the World" with Michael Jackson to help end hunger in Africa. With producer Quincy Jones on board, musicians like Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen were eager to lend their talent to the cause. The single skyrocketed to the top of the charts, won four Grammy's and raised millions to help those in need.

After the devastating Haiti earthquake, Lionel and Quincy decided it was time to bring back "We Are the World." More than 80 of the world's most talented singers joined the project—including Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Pink, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Jay-Z, Jennifer Nettles, Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga. "I've never seen so much excitement—Tony Bennett, Snoop Dog talking to each other. Lil Wayne, Barbra Streisand talking to each other," Lionel says. "Everyone stepped up, and it's beautiful.

When the original single was recorded in 1985, there was a sign at the studio that read, "Check your egos at the door." This time, Lionel says everyone's egos disappeared once they were reminded why they were there. "It lasted for about 20 minutes," he says. "Once you see the kids standing on top of their homes, on top of their families—because they're still in the rubble. ... Now, the egos stop. You absolutely know what you're supposed to do when you're there."

Despite the amazing talent in the room, Lionel says many of the performers were actually nervous. "You get in there and realize the new group can't really perform in the circle. In other words, they're nervous," he says. "We had to have three separate rooms [for soloists to record in]."

The plan, Lionel says, was for the new recording to remain a secret.. "Right after we finished the first verse, everybody's Twittered."
Lionel says the new performance brought back memories of working with Michael Jackson back in 1985—and shares a story he's never told publicly. "We're writing the lyrics of 'We Are the World' the first time," he says. "I'm lying on the floor, and I see out of the corner of my eye some records falling over. There's a python."

Lionel was rattled, but Michael was excited. "[He says]: 'Oh, there he is, Lionel. I found the snake,'" he says. "It's an albino python that he couldn't find in the house."

To honor his friend, Lionel found a way to put Michael in the video. "He had to be in it," he says. "So what we did was we have Michael singing [his] exact same part with the footage, and Janet, his sister, singing along with him.

Source: Oprah / Billie Jean

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