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'This Is It' DVD Behind The Scenes Clips. 15-01-'10

Earlier this week, Sony Pictures announced the Worldwide Release Date Schedule for Michael Jackson's This Is It on DVD, Blu-Ray and PSP.

Check out the video which will be released on the Blu-Ray below.


Source: Sony Pictures / Billie Jean

LaToya Jackson Attended The Semperopernball In Dresden, Germany. 15-01-'10

Semper Opera BallMichael Jackson is awarded with a posthumous prize for his worldwide charity work at the 5th Semper Opera Ball in Dresden, Germany. LaToya Jackson accepts the 'St. George's Great Medal of Gratitude' honouring her late brother Michael.

She stole the show at the Semper Opera House as expected all: LaToya was the uncrowned queen of the ball. She came in a tight-fitting silver dress. The ball made the splendor of the city back to life and gives hope for the future of Dresden.

Director of the ball, Hans-Joachim Frey, danced with the Jackson sister and shook it on the dance floor, although probably not to 'Beat it' or 'Thriller'.

Hans-Joachim Frey, said the King of Pop would be recognised for his humanitarian efforts at the glittering society event in the restored Baroque city of Dresden.

Semper Opera opens its gates for the fifth time and celebrates the most beautiful night of the year. More than 2000 guests will celebrate the little anniversary inside the opera. The ball’s concept is equally unique: Dresden is the only place of joint celebrations both indoors and outdoors.

One of the highlights of the evening is the announcement of the three recipients of Semper Opera Ball’s Dresden medal of St George: The 1st Semper Opera Ball’s Dresden medal of St George for politics is awarded to Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf. The 2nd The 1st Semper Opera Ball’s Dresden medal of St George for arts and culture is awarded to famous tenor Jose Carreras. The 3rd The 1st Semper Opera Ball’s Dresden medal of St George for outstanding global charity endeavours is this year awarded posthumously to Michael Jackson and will be presented to his sister LaToya. The laudations are spoken by Wolfgang Güttler, Peter Maffay and Mariella Ahrens.

"Michael Jackson supported 39 foundations and charity projects, set up his own foundation (Heal the World Foundation) and donated more than 300m US Dollars in total" Frey explained.

People who have announced their attendance include: Mariella Gräfin von Faber Castell, Katja Burkhard, Lothar and Thomas de Maizière, Eva Habermann, Astrid Frohloff, Gülcan Kamps, Frank Matthée, Sara Nuru, Anouschka Renzi, Maximilian Schell, Jan Sosniok, Carsten Spengemann, Edmund Stoiber, Wolfgang Stumph and Dieter Wedel.

Source: Dalje / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Kids - Best Allowance Ever! 15-01-'10

Michael Jackson's kids just got their allowance upped -- from $60,000!

TMZ obtained court documents showing that Wednesday, the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case increased the monthly allowance, which totals $60,000 for Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

Sources tell TMZ the reason for the change -- the accounts guardian and lawyers underestimated the monthly expenses.

We don't know how much they're getting now, but it's a good bet Prince won't be slinging newspapers on your front porch anytime soon.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Worldwide 'This Is It' DVD Release Dates. 14-01-'10

Worldwide release dates are now available for Michael Jackson's This Is It on DVD and Blu-ray®

Argentina 27-Jan-10
Australia 3-Mar-10
Belgium/Dutch 22-Feb-10
Belgium/French 1-Mar-10
Brazil 26-Jan-10
Bulgaria 26-Jan-10
Canada/English 26-Jan-10
Canada/French 26-Jan-10
Chile 28-Jan-10
China 25-Jan-10
Colombia 26-Jan-10
Croatia 26-Jan-10
Czech Republic 25-Jan-10
Denmark 23-Feb-10
Egypt 26-Jan-10
Estonia 26-Jan-10
Finland 24-Feb-10
France 1-Mar-10
Germany 25-Feb-10
Greece 15-Feb-10
Hong Kong 26-Jan-10
Hungary 26-Jan-10
Iceland 25-Jan-10
India 26-Jan-10
Indonesia 28-Jan-10
Israel 26-Jan-10
Italy 23-Feb-10
Japan 27-Jan-10
Jordan 26-Jan-10
Lebanon 26-Jan-10
Malaysia 26-Jan-10
Mexico 26-Jan-10
Netherlands 22-Feb-10
New Zealand 3-Mar-10
Norway 24-Feb-10
Philippines 26-Jan-10
Poland 26-Jan-10
Portugal 24-Feb-10
Romania 26-Jan-10
Russia 26-Jan-10
Serbia 26-Jan-10
Singapore 26-Jan-10
South Korea 27-Jan-10
South Africa 26-Jan-10
Spain 23-Feb-10
Sweden 24-Feb-10
Taiwan 27-Jan-10
Thailand 29-Jan-10
Turkey 26-Jan-10
U.S./English 26-Jan-10
Ukraine 26-Jan-10
United Kingdom 22-Feb-10
Unitedrabmirates 26-Jan-10
Uruguay 28-Jan-10
Vietnam 26-Jan-10

Source: michaeljackson.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Kids Spent Christmas With Surrogate Family. 13-01-'10

Roger Friedman: I can tell you something now that I knew a couple of weeks ago: Michael Jackson’s three kids didn’t spend the holidays with the Jackson family at their Hayvenhurst Rd home in Encino, California.

Even though Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has custody of Prince, Paris and “Blanket,” the three kids weren’t with her on Christmas or New Year’s.

Instead, nanny Grace Rwaramba arranged to take the kids for an extended visit with family friends. This is contrary to reported stories that the three were with their aunt, Janet Jackson, in New York. That was a decoy story. It’s amazing how every blog from Perez Hilton to the most insignificant picked up that story on Christmas Eve and ran it without checking a single fact. Imagine what that means for other celeb blog “exclusives.”

“They were extremely happy and they had a great time,” says a source of the no-Jackson holiday. “It wasn’t a big deal Christmas with elaborate gifts. It was very humble.”

The reason? Katherine Jackson, a Jehovah’s Witness, doesn’t celebrate holidays. If the kids had remained with her in Encino, they would have been deprived, a source says, of their annual Christmas celebration. Katherine, they say, was wise enough to sign off on the visit, and allowed Rwaramba to make the arrangements.

And the word on the kids? “They seemed fine, well adjusted, they’re doing their school work. They don’t talk about Michael’s death but they do mention him.”

Source: showbiz411 / Billie Jean

Two Of Michael Jackson's Giraffes Die. 13-01-'10

The owners of two celebrity giraffes -- which once belonged to Michael Jackson and roamed freely in Neverland -- are crying "foul play" after the animals mysteriously died.

PETA sounded alarms this morning when news broke of the giraffes deaths, pointing fingers at the Banjoko Wildlife Preserve in Page, Arizona -- where the giraffes had been living since 2006 -- claiming the preserve was responsible for the deaths due to "improper feeding and/or exposure to cold temperatures."

TMZ spoke with the Banjoko Preserve founder, Freddie Hancock, and she tells us -- "We suspect foul play with the giraffes. There is no other explanation for their deaths. There is currently a police investigation going on. Someone has hurt these giraffes, they were healthy."

A necropsy is currently underway to establish an official cause of death -- but Hancock insists the animals were well taken care of: "There is no sign of infection, abuse, or neglect."

The giraffes -- named JJ and Rambo -- had been at the center of a vicious legal battle between Banjoko and the local city council over a $100,000 bond to cover the animals in case of emergency.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Court Overturns Award In Michael Jackson Taping. 12-01-'10

An appellate court on Monday overturned a $20 million award against a defunct charter jet company for secretly videotaping Michael Jackson and his attorneys during a 2003 flight.

The 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled the amount was excessive, and XtraJet and its owner Jeffrey Borer shouldn't have to pay it to attorneys Mark Geragos and Pat Harris.

"The amount awarded to the plaintiffs was so great that it shocks the conscience," the panel wrote in its ruling.

The case was sent back to the trial judge who last March found in favor of the two lawyers.

The panel said a new trial could occur on damages alone unless Geragos and Harris would share a reduced award of $750,000.

Brian Kabateck, an attorney representing Geragos, said he was leaning heavily toward a new trial.

"The judges acknowledge the behavior here was reprehensible," Kabateck said.

Borer and an associate pleaded guilty to conspiracy two years ago for videotaping Jackson and his lawyers as they flew to the pop star's surrender on molestation charges. A jury later acquitted Jackson of 14 charges in the case.

Superior Court Judge Soussan Bruguera ordered XtraJet and Borer to pay the amount for invading the privacy of Geragos and Harris in order to sell the video of Jackson to the media.

The appellate court noted in its ruling that Geragos and Harris weren't severely affected by the contents of the tape because it was never publicly released and didn't contain any audio that would violate attorney-client privilege.

XtraJet attorney Lloyd Kirschbaum was pleased with the ruling.

"It's outstanding," he said. "You can't be damaged by a tape no one has seen."

Geragos, Harris and Michael Jackson filed the invasion-of-privacy suit against Borer and XtraJet in November 2003. Jackson dropped out as a plaintiff in April 2005.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Barbados Music Awards 2010Barbados Music Awards Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson. 11-01-'10

The fifth Barbados Music Awards was a fantastic event.

Patrons arrived at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on Sunday night (January 10) bedecked in the latest fashions for a five-hour show which paid tribute to Barbados’ music community, the late Michael Jackson and featured international star, Fantasia Barrino. Red Plastic Bag, Edwin Yearwood and the band Krosfyah captured the majority of the awards that night. Red Plastic Bag won Song of the Year, Soca Mid-Tempo Single (Male) and Best Social Commentary. Edwin Yearwood won Entertainer of the Year and Soca Up-Tempo Single and the band Krosfyah won Band/Group of the Year and Band/Group of the Decade.

Singing sensation Fantasia was awarded with an International Award of Excellence and Joseph Jackson received an International Icon Award and the International Lifetime Achievement Award (in memoriam) on behalf of his son, the late Michael Jackson.

The first half of the awards ceremony was punctuated by outstanding performances by Barbados’ best. The show opened with Natahlee, TC and Edwin Yearwood singing their hits from 2009. Ria Borman, who looked stunning in a green outfit, paid tribute to Marvo Manning. Livvi Franc sang ‘Now I’m That Chick’ and Jaicko performed ‘Oh Yeah’. Other local performances came frRuby Tech, Richard Stoute Teen Talent winner Jalissa Greaves, Terry ‘Mexican’ Arthur and John Roett.

The show was taken to another level in the tribute to Michael Jackson. The dancers of the Love Life All Stars dance group must be commended for an outstanding performance to some of Jackson’s songs which earned them a standing ovation from the hundreds in attendance at an almost packed gymnasium.

The well-coordinated tribute ended with singers such as Ria Borman, Dwane Husbands, Ronnie Morris, TC and Alison Hinds singing some of Jackson’s songs. Hinds ended the set with a rendition of ‘Earth Song’ which also earned another standing ovation.

Source: Billie Jean

MJ's Thriller Costume From “This Is It” Tour. 11-01-'10

This Is It was a planned series of fifty concerts by Michael Jackson to be held at The O2 arena in London. They were scheduled to begin in July 2009 and continue through March 2010.

Less than three weeks before the first concert date, and with all concerts sold out, Jackson died after suffering cardiac arrest. During CES 2010, Sony had a special glass booth that showed off Michael Jackson’s Thriller Costume (designed by Zaldy) for the “This Is It” Tour. It also had a shirt worn by Michael Jackson in rehearsals, courtesy of the Michael Jackson Estate.


Source: sonyinsider.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Was 'Murdered'. 11-01-'10

'King of Pop' Michael Jackson's death certificate has been revealed which claims that his death was a 'murder' after all.

British newspaper News of the World has obtained a copy of the original document and an amendment to it.

In the original certificate dated July 7, deputy coroner Cheryl MacWillie does not cite the cause of death. But the certificate was later amended on August 31 by medical examiner Christopher Rogers, who gives the cause as "homicide".

He concludes that the 50-year-old pop icon died from "acute Propofol intoxication" due to an "intra-venous injection by another".

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Police department has finished its investigation into the circumstances, which led to the death of the 'Thriller' hitmaker on June 25 last year.

His personal physician Dr Conrad Murray [ Images ], who is reportedly being considered responsible for the death, has hired a lawyer in case he is charged.

Murray already has a Houston law firm building his defence. Police affidavits say he admitted loading up Jackson with Propofol and other drugs in the hours before his death.

"We are all keeping our faith with the police. We want them to do this case properly and put away the man, who we feel is responsible for Michael's death," said a Jackson family source.

Source: movies.rediff / Billie Jean

Jackson Doc Hires Attorney With Self-Professed Experience Handling Propofol Case. 11-01-'10

ET has learned that Michael Jackson's former personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, has hired a new attorney.

Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff tells ET: "J. Michael Flanagan was added to Dr. Conrad Murray's defence team this past week."

Flanagan told the Associated Press that he once handled a case involving Propofol years ago and has represented cases with heavy media attention before.

Citing a source, the AP reported earlier Friday that prosecutors will seek an involuntary manslaughter indictment of Dr. Murray related to the June 25 death of the King of Pop.

Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff told ET Friday in part, "We have refused to comment on stories involving unnamed sources and will continue to do so. However, we can confirm that we have not received notice of an impaneled grand jury and Dr. Murray has not been invited to testify."

Source: ET / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Dominated 2009 Album Sales. 10-01-'10

It should not be any surprise that according to the year end figures released by Nielsen Soundscan, Michael Jackson was the top selling artist in 2009, having sold 8.2 million albums for the year.

The top 3 selling albums in 2009 were Taylor Swift's Fearless, Susan Boyle's I Dreamed A Dream and Michael Jackson's Number Ones.

Source: Billie Jean

'This Is It' To Be Released On USB Flash Drive. 09-01-'09

Kingston Digital announced an agreement with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to deliver Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT on a special Kingston Data Traveler USB flash drive.

Timed to the DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT, the limited edition drive will be available on http://www.kingston.com/shop and at major U.S. retailers on 26 January, 2010. The film can be backed up on up to three PCs and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Windows Media Player is required for viewing.

"Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is dedicated to exploring new distribution channels, and we are pleased to work together with Kingston on a program that introduces consumers to Flash memory as a vehicle for enjoying their favorite movies on devices like net books and PCs," said Sony Pictures Home Entertainment senior vice president digital distribution Joe Arancio.

"We are humbled and excited to present this movie starring Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer of all time, on Kingston Flash memory," said Kingston vice president consumer markets group Rick Webb. "Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is a leader in providing quality content and this collaboration into digital media adds unique value to our memory offerings. This Data Traveler USB flash drive is destined to be a collector's item."

Source: MJFC / businessofcinema.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Death Investigation Complete. 08-01-'10

The LAPD investigation into Michael Jackson's death has been completed and the case will go the D.A. within weeks, law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... and, we're told, it's all but certain Dr. Conrad Murray will be criminally charged in MJ's death.

Our sources say detectives completed their investigation late last month and the case will be formally presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney as soon as scheduling allows. Turns out ... the presentation will draw quite the crowd. A number of members of the LAPD and the D.A.'s office will be present, and finding a date when everyone can show is a little tricky ... but we're told it will happen in a matter of weeks.

One very informed source says the LAPD investigation was "exhaustive" and "extremely thorough" and the D.A. has enough evidence to pull the trigger on a criminal case against Dr. Murray. That said, we're told the case is complicated, in part because Dr. Murray did not break any laws in administering Propofol to Jackson.

One law enforcement source connected with the case notes the D.A. has been actively working with the LAPD and it's all but certain the case will be filed. As for the charge -- a decision has not been made, but our sources say the likelihood is involuntary manslaughter, which requires a showing of gross negligence.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Lady GaGa Producer To Release New Michael Jackson Songs. 08-01-'10

During an interview with the swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” producer RedOne (who is behind some of Lady Gaga’s mega-hits Paparazzi, Just Dance, Bad Romance etc.) revealed that he wants to release songs he and Michael were working with before MJ passed away.

“I have the songs. But I don’t want to release them and take the money for myself. I’m waiting for an option so that they can help the poor”. Nadir “RedOne” Khayit also states that he has started talking with Michael Jackson’s lawyers “Yes, I have talked to his lawyers. We have only concluded thay I have the songs, and we will sit down and talk more later.”

RedOne also believes that this is what Michael would have wished for: “Michael was an amazing and wonderful human being. I believe this is what we would have wanted.”

Source: Billie Jean

Taxpayer Revolt Over Michael Jackson Memorial. 07-01-'10

A Los Angeles man who says he's a tax-paying citizen has filed a multi-million dollar creditor's claim against the Jackson estate, arguing that the estate -- and not the city of Los Angeles -- should foot the bill for the King of Pop's extravagant public memorial last year.

Self-described tax-paying citizen Jose Freddie Vallejos says he believes the city shelled out about $3.3 million in police expenses and other resources for Jackson's July 2009 public funeral at the Staples Center.

Vallejos says these expenses are chargeable to the estate because, he contends, they were a reasonable funeral cost, and the estate "directly benefited from the expenditure." He also asserts that the expenses were "an illegal gift of public funds in violation of the Constitution of the State of California."

He asks the funds be repaid to the city's public treasury.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

The 100 Best MSG: Top 20 Results Are In! 07-01-'10

Round 3 of the 100 Best: The Greatest Madison Square Garden Shows of All Time ended today! Michael Jackson appeared twice on the list for his 1988 BAD Tour concert and his 2001 30th Anniversary Shows. See the Results Below!!

1. Michael Jackson 1988 29.1%
2. Michael Jackson 2001 28.6%
3. Led Zeppelin 1973, 12.3%
4. Whitney Houston 1987, 11.9%
5. Janet Jackson 1990, 4.5%
6. Barbra Streisand 1994, 2.1%
7. Phil Collins 1985, 1.82%
8. Duran Duran 1984, 1.81%
9. Peter Gabriel 1986, 1.80%
10 Village People 1979, 1.79%
11. Elvis Presley 1972 1.10%
12. Luther Vandross 1991 0.81%
13. Mariah Carey 1995, 0.78%
14. Celine Dion 1998, 0.70%
15. Rolling Stones 1975, 0.13%
16. Shakira 2006, 0.06%
17. Christina Aguilera 2007, 0.059%
18. Dixie Chicks 2003, 0.058%
19. Jay-Z 2009, 0.058%
20.Concert for Bangladesh, 0.058%

The top-ten finishers will move on to the finals. Voting begins THURSDAY, January 7, 2010 Here at noon!

Source: MSG / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service Nominated For NAACP Award. 07-01-'10

Even in death, the King of Pop is still raking in the awards.

Michael Jackson's funeral has been nominated for an Outstanding Variety award by the NAACP Image Awards.

ABC, BET, CNN, MTV, and NBC broadcast Jackson's memorial service from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 7th, almost two weeks after the 50-year-old singer died of cardiac arrest.

Attended by thousands of fans, the star-studded service, which proceeded a smaller gathering for family members inside a Hollywood Hills chapel, lasted 90 minutes and featured touching tributes by Magic Johnson, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Al Sharpton, Jennifer Hudson, Brooke Shields, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Usher, and John Mayer, as well as Jackson's family members.

The most emotional moment came when the King of Pop's 11-year-old daughter, Paris, took the microphone and told the audience, "Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine."

"And I just want to say that I love him so much," she added, before bursting into tears and burying herself in the arms of her aunt, Janet Jackson.

Jackson was laid to rest as extravagantly as he lived. His bronze casket, which reportedly cost close to $20K, featured 14-karat gold plate handles and a velvet-lined interior.

But the funeral was not without controversy.

Three thousand police officers were on hand to ensure events proceeded smoothly, costing the city of Los Angeles between $2 - 4 million. A Los Angeles tax payer recently sued Jackson's estate for $3.3 million to cover the costs of the singer's memorial.

Regardless of cost, the memorial service turned out to be quite a spectacle.

Akamai Technologies, a company that monitors Internet traffic, noted that at some points during the funeral, global Web traffic was 31 percent above average.

It's main competitor for the NAACP Image Award appears to be President Obama's Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, but anything featuring Jackson these days makes money and wins awards.

The documentary "This Is It," which featured video footage of the tour Jackson was set to embark on when he died, is the highest grossing musical documentary of all time, having taken in over $250 million.

The NAACP Image Awards air live on Fox Feb. 26 at 8PM EST.

Source: NY Daily News / Billie Jean

“This Is It” Michael Jackson PS3 Bundle. 06-01-'10

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. responsible for business operation in Japan, today announced that a “PlayStation®3 ‘Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT’ Special Pack” will become available in Japan on January 27, 2010, concurrently with the release of Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT on Blu-ray™/DVD discs. This special bundle pack, produced in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, will include the PlayStation®3 (PS3®) computer entertainment system with 120GB Hard Disk Drive and Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT on Blu-ray Disc and will be a limited offer at a recommended retail price of 33,500 yen (including tax).

Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his final concerts that were to be held in London from summer of 2009 to 2010. This blockbuster film was drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind-the-scene footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing a number of his songs for the show.The disc also includes Blu-ray Disc exclusive vignettes of Thriller and Smooth Criminal which were re-taken specifically for the concert as well as a special wallpaper for the PS3 system.
With the “PlayStation 3 ’Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT’ Special Pack”, SCEJ continues to deliver the entertainment experience only possible on the PS3 system and further expands the platform to the gaming fans as well as to those new audience who are seeking for the ultimate entertainment platform for their home.

Source: Gamespy.com / Billie Jean

New Collectible Memorabilia To Feature MJ. 05-01-'10

Bravado, the world's leading global music merchandising company, has completed an agreement with Playmates Toys whereby they will create a signature line of figures and dolls for the most successful entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson.

"We are delighted to expand our successful line of Michael Jackson collectible memorabilia by working with Lou and his innovative team at Playmates Toys," stated Tom Bennett, Chief Executive Officer of Bravado. "This new line truly celebrates Michael's unmistakable style and irreplaceable talent. Bringing in Playmates as a licensee only further cements Michael's retail visibility and helps commemorate and preserve the legacy that is Michael Jackson."

"Michael Jackson as a global icon leaves a legacy in music, dance and fashion that remain unrivaled," added Lou Novak, President of Playmates Toys. "We will honor his talent and his art expression by delivering a spectacular, highly detailed product line to inspire fans, collectors and new found enthusiasts."

Michael's incomparable style comes to life as Playmates rolls out an authentic collection replicating iconic images with cool "Michael" dance poses, music and embellished fashions. First wave will launch in 2010.

Source: PRNewswire / Billie Jean

Lenny Kravitz Responds To Leaked Michael Jackson Track. 05-01-'10

Lenny Kravitz takes to nets to ’set the record straight’ about the leaked Michael Jackson track “Another Day”.

In the video he confirms that he did produce the record with the late King of Pop, and in fact played most of the instruments on it too. However, he doesn’t understand how the record leaked as it’s been sitting in a ‘vault’ since it was recorded. 

He goes on to say that the snippet which hit the internet was not the mastered/finished version and that recording with MJ was “one of the most amazing musical experiences that I’ve ever had”.

Source: Billie Jean

Plans For Tribute To Michael Jackson Expand. 05-01-'10

The plans that began with a Jackson family museum, a center for the performing arts and a 300 room hotel are growing in the Jacksons home town of Gary, Indiana. Slated to be built on a 100 acre plot of city-owned land that is currently vacant, the project is break ground sometime this year.

New additions to the plans are an amusement park incorporating characteristics of Neverland Ranch and Chicago's former Riverview amusement park and a golf course. The amusement park will have roller coasters, trains and other rides familiar those who ever visited the old amusement park or was a guest at Michael's ranch.

There has been discussion as to whether offer bus tours of the Jackson family home and local places of Jackson history or to build a replica of the house.

"Everything is in the planning stages at this point, but we're moving on a fast track and we're looking forward to actually breaking ground sometime in 2010," says Odie Anderson, president of the project.

The project could cost $1 billion over a 10-year construction period with private donors paying the bulk of the bill. Anderson also said that he is looking to Gary for tax incentives. He did not report how much has actually been raised since October, when Gary mayor, Rudy Clay, announced two new foundations dedicated to raise money for the project.

"We're trying to extract the best and come up with a combination that made Riverview so attractive for kids of all ages as well as [have] special themes of Neverland that would be reminiscent of the Jacksons," Anderson said.

Source: MJFC / LA Times / Billie Jean

MJ Creditors Claims -- Tens Of Millions Of $$$. 03-01-'10

Michael Jackson's estate may be making serious money, but they are also dealing with claims upwards of $20 million, sources tell TMZ.

We're told the best guess is that when the door finally shuts on people who claim Michael Jackson owed them money, the grand total will exceed $20 mil. That includes a $5 million claim from a memorabilia collector, a $1 million claim from someone who wants a cut of the "Thriller" music video, a $2.3 million claim from Dr. Tohme Tohme and a $1.5 million claim from a law firm (there are a number of other law firms that want a piece of the estate).

That does not mean -- by any stretch -- the estate will pay all the claims. We're told some of them are patently bogus and lawyers for the estate will not pay, unless a judge orders them to ante up.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Feat Lenny Kravitz – “Another Day”. 03-01-'10

An unreleased song called "Another Day" is making the rounds, an alleged duet with Lenny Kravitz. The verse Michael sings seems to be the same as from an older Kravitz song called "Storm."

Kravitz gave an interview with Spinner shortly after Michael's death where he mentioned working with him on a song that hadn't been released. Kravitz called it "the most amazing experience I've had in the studio."

It’s just over a minute long, so here’s hoping we get the full version soon…

Source: Billie Jean

'Thriller' Preserved By National Film Registry In The Library Of Congress. 01-01-'10

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video was inducted into the 2009 Library of Congress National Film Registry. Jackson's video is the first music video ever to receive the honor.

This is not the first year that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was considered for the honor. The National Film Preservation Board coordinator, Steve Leggett said "Because of the way the recording industry is evolving and changing, we thought it would be good to go back to the development of an earlier seismic shift, which was the development of the music video,"

The 14 minute "Thriller" video was first released on Dec. 2, 1983. This extraordinary video helped shape the future of music videos. To date no music video has received as much fanfare. Many children of the 80's remember staying up late to watch the "Thriller" premier on MTV.

Here is the complete list of 2009 Library of Congress National Film Registry

1) Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
2) The Exiles (1961)
3) Heroes All (1920)
4) Hot Dogs for Gauguin (1972)
5) The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
6) Jezebel (1938)
7) The Jungle (1967)
8) The Lead Shoes (1949)
9) Little Nemo (1911)
10) Mabel’s Blunder (1914)
11) The Mark of Zorro (1940)
12) Mrs. Miniver (1942)
13) The Muppet Movie (1979)
14) Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)
15) Pillow Talk (1959)
16) Precious Images (1986)
17) Quasi at the Quackadero (1975)
18) The Red Book (1994)
19) The Revenge of Pancho Villa (1930-36)
20) Scratch and Crow (1995)
21) Stark Love (1927)
22) The Story of G.I. Joe (1945)
23) A Study in Reds (1932)
24) Thriller (1983)
25) Under Western Stars (1938)

With this years addition, the Library of Congress National Film Registry now has 525 films.

Source: AP / Examiner / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Dad Wants Medical Records. 01-01-'10

Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, has subpoenaed medical and other records from the UCLA Medical Center because he believes the records could reveal evidence of foul play in Jackson's death -- and the subpoena has outraged MJ estate lawyers ... TMZ has learned.

Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, sent 2 subpoenas to the UCLA Medical Center -- the hospital where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25. Oxman is asking for a number of documents, including medical records, autopsy reports, autopsy photos, medications and prognosis assessments.

Joe Jackson tells TMZ his entire family is behind the subpoenas -- Katherine, the brothers and sisters, along with him. He says they all believe the medical records will show what was in Jackson's body when he passed and they believe the information will expose foul play.

We've obtained a letter sent to Oxman by estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, in which Weitzman calls the subpoenas "clearly improper." Weitzman claims the subpoenas violate Jackson's right of privacy and the physician/patient privilege. Weitzman also says the subpoenas are irrelevant to Joe Jackson's only legal claim -- a financial allowance.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

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