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De Getekende Biografie Book Cover'De Getekende Biografie' Book Is Released. 30-06-'10

'De Getekende Biografie' book (original title is 'En Bandes Dessinées') is released in Holland by publisher Silvester Strips. This book is the translation into Dutch by Vertaalbureau De Keulenaar.

The original title 'En Bandes Dessinées' was released on December 3rd, 2009 in France by publisher Petit à petit and written through author Collectif.

A man with a career as precocious as exceptional? The first black artist to be recognized by a white audience? The singer with seven hundred and fifty million records sold? The inventor of the modern music video? A magician of the scene and an outstanding performer? A personality as known for his interplanetary successes as for his extravagances? A destiny for stolen youth?

In a half-century career dedicated to music, Michael Jackson was all this, and much more! Through twenty-six comic book stories and a detailed biography, this book presents, as you have never seen it, the life of this man who became legend.

Michael Jackson drawing is a book that distinguished itself from the many existed biography's.

Publisher: Silvester Strips
Author: Collectif
ISBN: 9789058855497
Pages: 256
Guide price: 20 €

Order the book here at Silvester Strips.

Source: Silvester Strips / Billie Jean

Moonies Want Millions From Estate. 30-06-'10

Roger Friedman posted the following article today in his column, Showbiz 411:

As usual, everyone has this wrong.

Michael Jackson’s parents have been sued once again by a newspaper called the Segye Times in South Korea.

But the Segye Times is a front for Reverend Moon’s Unification Church. The church owns the paper, just the way they did the Washington Times.

This financial back and forth between the Moonies and the Jacksons has been going on since 1990. The Jacksons had not toured since the Victory Tour ended in 1984. Here’s what happened:

The Moonies wanted to underwrite a Jacksons tour of South Korea with Michael. According to sources, they contacted Joseph and Katherine Jackson and members of the Jackson family. They gave them all gifts and cash, ranging from Rolex watches to luxury cars. At one point, the group’s representative went to Frank DiLeo, Michael’s manager and brought two casher’s checks for $500,000 apiece. DiLeo refused to accept the money. He said, “If Michael wants to tour South Korea, we’ll call you.”

The truth was, DiLeo and Jackson did not want to be involved with the Unification Church.

The Moonies meantime made a deal with Joseph Jackson and the ever astute Jermaine for the tour. When it didn’t materialize, they sued for their money and gifts to be returned.

In the lawsuit, the Moonies claimed they were out $5.5 million. To avoid losing their Encino home, the Jacksons transferred ownership to Michael. (That’s the short version. The long version, including the parents suing LaToya, is too hard to explain here.)

Michael Jackson settled with the Moonies in 1992. But his parents were separate defendants, as was a concert promoter named Kenneth Choi. They never showed up for trial. In 1994, a trial judgment was filed against them totaling $4 million. In 1996, the Moonies filed to take possession of the home. That’s when they transferred it to Michael. Since then, the Moonies have just waited. And with interest, they say they’re up to $13 million.

This is interesting: according to sources, because of this judgment, neither Katherine or Joseph Jackson uses credit cards or can get credit. “Everything they do is in cash,” the source says. The judgment was reportedly part of the Jacksons’ 1999 bankruptcy filing for $24 million.

Now, of course, with Michael’s estate being the subject of so much press–and proclamations of earning so much recently–the Moonies are back to get their dough.

Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

Source: MJFC / Showbiz411.com / Billie Jean

Czech Residents Against The Erection Of Michael Jackson Statue. 30-06-'10

Plans to erect a Michael Jackson statue in the Czech Republic have been met with criticism by locals, who argue the late King of Pop had no real connection to the country. City officials in Prague have approved a request by a group of Jackson fans to place a six foot (1.83 metre) tall tribute to the "Thriller" hitmaker in Letna Park, where the singer performed in 1996.

The column, featuring a bronze bust of the superstar, was due to be unveiled on what would have been Jackson's 52nd birthday on August 29. But thousands of Czech residents are angry at the prospect of having a statue of the singer in Prague and local art gallery bosses have proposed installing a piece of work by a contemporary Czech artist instead.

Jackson died a year ago last Friday, June 25.

Source: Billie Jean

MJ's Albums In High Demand. 29-06-'10

In the 12 months since his death, Michael Jackson has sold over 9 million CDs in the United States alone with 800,000 of that being releases of work done with his brothers as the Jackson5 or The Jacksons and another 12.9 million digital track downloads.

Keith Caulfield, Senior Chart Manager for Billboard, told Access Hollywood recently that while there have been other popular musicians that have passed away in the last 20 years, the trauma caused by the death of Michael Jackson was unbelievable.

“Last year, when we saw the instant response from consumers waiting to purchase Jackson’s albums, there was nothing to compare it to,” Caulfield said. “This particular situation is unique — the reaction from fans, the reaction of the marketplace — all of that was uncharted territory.”

Caulfield added that from the yearlong demand for Jackson’s music, last week there was an even higher spike in sales as fans prepared to honor and mourn the anniversary of the King of Pop’s death.

For the year in total, Jackson has sold an estimated 35 million albums worldwide. According to Billboard, that is an unprecedented response to the sudden death of a musician.

Source: MJFC / thecelebritycafe.com / Billie Jean

BRAVO Visited Exclusive Michael Jackson's Mother Katherine In Los Angeles. 29-06-'10

Michael always loved this German magazine and usually received the award in a personal meeting with a reader of the magazine. Now he has been voted most popular male singer in 2009. The award has been handed over to Katherine in LA.

Nearly a year after the tragic death of her famous son, Michael Jackson, Katherine Jackson (80) meets BRAVO editor Alex Gernandt exclusively in Los Angeles. A real sensation, usually the mother of the "King of Pop" does not welcome any journalist, but "for BRAVO I make an exception," she says. "For I know that you were always fair to Michael!"

In an interview with BRAVO Katherine Jackson remembers her beloved son and reminisces, "I miss my Michael every day," she says with tears in her eyes, "and his children, of course!" "I do my best to ensure that the three can grow up as normal and carefree as possible." Then she betrays exclusively in BRAVO: "We even consider to register them for the first time at a private school in autumn!"

Bravo Magazine (30-06-2010)

Mother Katherine was always on the side of her successful son. She regularly accompanied him on tour. "And I would have also been in London at the 'This is it' concerts. I was and am probably his biggest fan!" In an interview with BRAVO Katherine Jackson is very touched by the loyal German fans and the pictures of the decorated Michael Jackson memorial at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. BRAVO-editor Alex Gernandt finally handed the gold BRAVO-Otto for her son to Katherine Jackson. Readers of Bravo chose Michael as their most popular singers. Katherine Jackson smiles and reveals: "It is good to know that the fans have not forgotten Michael."

The full interview appears in the latest issue 27/2010 BRAVO (EVT: June 30, 2010).

Source: Presse Portal / Billie Jean

Katherine Jackson -- The Buck Stops Here. 28-06-'10

Katherine Jackson has a problem she may not realize -- while she's raking money in from various Michael Jackson businesses, the judge in the MJ estate case could shut her out of a huge monthly allowance the MJ estate has been providing.

TMZ first reported ... Katherine and Joe Jackson sponsored a ritzy Michael Jackson event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday night -- with tickets going as high as $500 a pop -- and if there are profits, we're told some of that will line her pocket.

And then there's the book she hawking -- "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- co-authored by Howard Mann, who made a fortune off of nude, online gambling.

Mann tells us he's going into other businesses with Katherine as well. Roger Friedman from Showbiz411.com says he's seen a contract between Mann and Katherine which guarantees her $10,000 a month for promoting a book in the works, "The Katherine Jackson Story." Mann claims Katherine will net $10 mil from the book.

Now here's the problem. When the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case signed off on Katherine getting more than $26,000 a month, it was based on need. If she's making money on the side -- especially making money off her late son -- it's likely the judge will no longer see the need to fill Katherine's wallet.

So it's coming down to a "Let's Make a Deal" decision. Katherine, do you want door #1 or door #2?

Stay tuned ...

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

BET Awards: Chris Brown Pays Emotional Tribute To Michael. 28-06-'10

In honor of Michael Jackson who died last year, a touching tribute was performed by Chris Brown during the live telecast of BET Awards on June 27.
Introduced by the late King of Pop's brother Jermaine Jackson, he kicked off the tribute with "The Way You Make Me Feel".

Afterwards, the "Run It!" hitmaker performed "Billie Jean". The singer who is nominated for Best Male R&B Artist did Michael's every signature move, popping, spinning and moonwalking. Nearing the end, he broke down into tears and crumpled to the stage when delivering "Man in the Mirror".

Source: Billie Jean

Costume Designers Speak Of MJ's Funeral. 27-06-'10

Michael Jackson's longtime wardrobe designers and make-up artist spoke about teaming up to create a special look for MJ as he was laid to rest last year.

Dennis Tompkins, Michael Bush and Karen Faye were commissioned by the Jackson family to prepare the singer for his burial and confirmed that MJ was in full make-up and a special outfit for his final resting place.

"It was an honor... I knew how he wanted to look, so I did it for his family and his children," said Karen Faye, Jackson's long time make-up artist.

Stylists Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush spent nine hours on Michael's final outfit. Tompkins also created the crown that was placed on the singer's casket by his three children during the funeral. He recalls, "When the casket was brought in at Forest Lawn, Prince, Paris and Blanket lifted it [the crown] and put it on the center."

Bush added that the famous sequined glove was not with Jackson when he was buried. According to Bush, the glove represented the song, "Billie Jean", and not Michael Jackson.

Source: MJFC / AceShowBiz / Billie Jean

Jackson Family At Forest Lawn. 27-06-'10

On Friday, 6/25, Randy, Tito, Jermaine and Janet Jackson gathered inside the mausoleum at Forest Lawn to pay respects to their brother where he was laid to rest a year ago. Outside, thousands of fans came to honor Michael Jackson as well.

The family arrived about 11 a.m. PT and entered through a back entrance. The building, known as the Great Mausoleum, was designed based on the Campo Santo in Italy, a 13th century construction used for centuries as a burial ground for the Italian elite. The building remained closed to the public on Friday.

Michael's children, Prince, Paris and Blanket were not in attendance. According to reports, they were last seen in Hawaii with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, on Thursday. Randy Jackson published an apology to Michael on his Twitter account, saying, "Sorry Big Bro, for not getting ur children there on the anniversary of ur last day. I tried."

Katherine Jackson was in Gary, Indiana on Friday to unveil a marble monument in Michael's hometown. Randy commented further on Twitter saying, "I am not in support of the Gary event/trip or whatever it is. I'm tired but I promise to continue this discussion first thing in the morn."

Source: MTV.com / Billie Jean

Jackson's Estate To Keep Beatles Catalog. 27-06-'10

According to a source close to the executors of Michael Jackson's estate, they have reportedly decided to keep the song rights to more than 250 Beatles songs.

A 50 percent stake in the Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, which the estate considered selling last month to settle a debt, will now be used to refinance a loan that will be due later in this year.

Estate co-executor, John Branca, has repeatedly denied the possibility of selling the catalog, stating that the stake was not for sale in an e-maile that was sent only days following Michael's death. He noted then that the long term value and consistent revenue that was generated by the music catalog made it a valuable asset.

Michael's estate has earned more than $250 million in recording sales, documentary earnings, music publishing and merchandise income since his death last June.

Source: RTTnews.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Buried Without Signature Glove. 27-06-'10

Michael Jackson was buried in full make-up and wearing an outfit inspired by all the costumes the King of Pop wore during his career. On the one-year anniversary of his death, the pop superstar's longtime costume and wardrobe designers were commissioned to create a final image for the dead superstar - so he could go to the grave looking his best.

Dennis Tompkins, Michael Bush and Karen Faye teamed up as they had for 25 years to perfect Jackson's last look - the items he'd be buried in at Forest Lawn Cemetery. In a TV documentary, which will air in America on Friday night, June 25, Faye says, "It was an honor... I knew how he wanted to look, so I did it for his family and his children."

Meanwhile, Jackson's longtime stylists Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush spent nine hours creating the clothes for Jackson's funeral. Tompkins also designed a crown which was placed on the King of Pop's casket.

He recalls, "When the casket was brought in at Forest Lawn, Prince, Paris and Blanket lifted it (crown) and put it on the center." And Bush has confirmed the tragic singer's famous white sequined glove was not buried with Jackson: "To Michael, the glove was 'Billie Jean'. That represented that song. That's not Michael Jackson."

Source: aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Memorabilia Gone Under Hammer For Extraordinary Prices. 26-06-'10

Clothing, documents and furniture of the late King of Pop have been auctioned off in Las Vegas and the belongings' prices were whopping.

The world can't get enough of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop's memorabilia has gone under the hammer at Julien's Auctions 2010 Music Icons auction at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for extraordinary prices. The big sale of clothing, documents and furniture has only just started and already experts at Julien's Auctions have been left staggered by the prices items are fetching.

A custom-made jacket, which was expected to go under the hammer at $8,000, went for a staggering $120,000, while an autograph the late pop superstar gave to a fan the day before he died sold for $21,000, 26 times more than its estimate.

Also among the early highlights, Jackson's MTV Moonman award for the video of 'Scream', which went under the hammer for $43,750, more than six times its estimate, and the King of Pop's signed white fedora hat, which was expected to take in $3,000. That sold for a whopping $56,250. The auction took place on the first anniversary of Jackson's death.

Source: AceShowbiz / Billie Jean

Jackson's '84 Victory Tour Glove Sells For $190K. 26-06-'10

On the anniversary of Michael's death, bidders from around the world snatched up memorabilia to bring in an astounding result of close to $1 million. The bidding began on Friday (June 25) on more than 200 items at Julien's Auctions 2010 Music Icons auction at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

It was "unlike anything we've ever experienced," according to Darren Julien of Julien's Auctions who ran the auction. "It just shows you Michael Jackson is the most sought after and most collectible celebrity of all time. It was just phenomenal," he told the Las Vegas Review. "People flew in from Asia, Russia, all over. Now that he's gone, we now realize the true legend we lost," said Julien, who has not had a similar auction in his 15 years in the business. He predicted the sales would easily top $1 million by the finale on Sunday.

Victory Tour Glove
Jackson's Victory Tour glove sold for $190,000 at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

A huge purchase included the Swarovski-crystal-studded glove Michael wore on the 1984 Victory Tour that went for $190,000. That included the buyer's premium of $30,000, the standard industry fee that goes to the auction house. The glove had been expected to sell for $20,000 to $30,000. Similar items brought in ten times more than their estimated value.

The lucky winner of the glove was Wanda Kelley of Los Angeles, who also bought a number of Michael's albums at the auction. She said that she was prepared to go higher, if necessary. "Let's just say I wasn't walking out of here without that glove," she said.

A pair of Michael's stage-worn loafers that were listed originally at $2,000 to $3,000 brought in $90,000. The custom jacket that Michael wore during the interview with Barbara Walters listed at $6,000 to $8,000 and sold for $120,000. A white Smooth Criminal fedora sold for $56,260 while one of the last autographs Michael signed dated June 24, 2009 in his handwriting went for $21,000.

Single page of paper with handwritten lyrics written in black ink by Michael titled 'God Don't Love Us Anymore'. They read in part, …"Well they say that their [sic] the native people, tried to win or fight a losing war. They say that the white man knows what he's fighting for." There is a small section of writing at the bottom of the page reading, "note = as children stand there crying seeing their mothers or = asking what are we fighting for." Exact date of origin unknown. Sold by Julien's Auctions (Lot #500) for $4,864.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Stars Salute Michael Jackson A Year Later. 26-06-'10

From Marc Anthony to Paris Hilton, no matter what genre, entertainers today respect Michael Jackson. A year after his death, Jackson continues to inspire and influence.

Some big names sat down with "The Early Show" to share how the King of Pop continues to endure.

"I think one of the coolest things he told me was never limit yourself; the fact that if people can whistle your songs -- then they can understand it all over the world," said LL Cool J. "No matter what you want to say about him, his career always mattered. You don’t sell out a hundred shows in England and all over Europe because you are not relevant."

Complete Coverage: Michael Jackson's Life, Death, Legacy

Christina Aguilera said, ""I remember going to my high school talent show singing 'The Way You Make Me Feel' and being a huge fan of his album 'Bad.' I know all my dancers wouldn't be behind me dancing if it weren't for that."

"For a generation of people, they grew up with his ascension to stardom, people were affected by him when he was a child and they were affected by him as an adult and so we all kind of grew up with him," said director John Singleton.

"Everybody wanted to be like Michael Jackson. He's just that perfect," said Jennifer Lopez.

Aubrey O'Day observed, "He brought something nobody else did."

"There will never be another Michael Jackson," said Paris Hilton.

"What we didn't lose is his legacy and that incredible catalogue and body of work. We didn't lose any of that. At the press of button, we can still experience the magic," said LL Cool J. "We may have lost the man, but we didn't lose the legacy. The legacy is actually bigger than that one human being. That legacy touched millions."

Source: cbsnews / Billie Jean

Joe Jackson Lawyer: Conrad Was At Strip Club. 26-06-'10

Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, just went on TV and said he has spoken to the owner of a strip club in Los Angeles who told him Dr. Conrad Murray was in the club the night before Michael Jackson died.

Oxman, who filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Conrad Murray on behalf of Joe Jackson earlier today, was a guest on "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell." Oxman said the owner of the strip club, Sam's Hof Brau, told him the girls said Conrad Murray was indeed at the club.

As we first reported, one of the girls says Murray was indeed there ... but Murray's camp says the strip club tale is BS.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

John Landis Says Working With MJ Was "Fabulous". 26-06-'10

On CBS John Landis, director of Michael Jackson’s historic music video Thriller, sat down with Erica Hill on the Early Show to discuss some of his memories of working with the late King of Pop.

I had no idea it would become such a gigantic thing. The record company had no interest in making another video. It was (all) Michael. This was nobody's brilliant marketing plan, I want to stress that. It was just Mike wanting to turn into a monster” Landis said.

John Landis got to work closely with Michael Jackson, and said he was a professional at the tender age of 20.

"He'd been on stage since he was seven or eight. Confidence was not his issue," said Landis. "He was a professional."
Landis described working with Michael Jackson as "fabulous.”

He went on to say that he and Jackson had meant for "Thriller" to be a theatrical short rather than the fifteen-minute music video that it ended up being.

He was completely enthusiastic, he always wanted to do the best, he was a hard worker, he rehearsed," recalled Landis. "He was a joy. It was like working with a really brilliant, gifted 12-year-old."

When asked why Landis described Jackson as a 12-year-old, Landis said simply,

He really was like a kid. He was very sheltered-he was very, innocent childlike, Peter Pan. He was really like a kid. A brilliant kid, but a kid at the time."

John Landis said that he has many memories of Michael Jackson, but the one he treasures most is going on the "Back to the Future" ride at Universal Studios with Michael in disguise.

Source: MJFC / CBS / Billie Jean

Jackson Family Attend Memorial In Gary. 25-06-'10

It was jammed with people, but incredible! There were short speeches from Katherine Jackson, Mayor Rudy Clay, and Randy's daughter, Genevieve Jackson. There was so much press that it was difficult to take any pictures even though we were fairly close! They unveiled the statue which is amazing.

There was music, food, people singing--very up beat and positive. Katherine thanked the fans several times for helping them all get through the last year which she said has, "been very hard." She said the entire family and Michael's children were grateful for the fans' love and support and all the gifts and remembrances.

The house looked very nice. There were streets blocked off, police and security were there, but all was peaceful. A band played live and then there were CD's of Michael's music going the whole time. There was a big flurry when Eddie Griffin showed up and spoke for a moment. I couldn't see much because I got squeezed out like ketchup from a packet!! Jenna got up closer because she's smaller!! Everyone was trying to rotate a bit so everyone got a chance to see and take pics....but there were just so many people!

Michael Jackson Monument
The city of Gary, Indiana, unveiled a monument in honor of the late Michael Jackson. This 8 foot, 5,000 pound granite Michael Jackson monument will be sure to attract fans from across the world. The monument was actually a donation from a local company, and the value of the item is around $26,000.

It was upwards of 90 degrees, and people were just jammed together, but everyone was singing songs and talking and laughing. We met people from Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and right there in the neighborhood.

We got there about 1pm and Katherine spoke at approximately 2pm. After speaking, the statue was unveiled and then local politicians and other family insiders helped plant a tree in the front yard in Michael's honor, where it will "grow and live forever."

We left about 3:45. The memorial and candlelight vigil starts at 5.

It was a great place to be - so much love and laughter - on such a sad day.

Source: ABC / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's First Anniversary. 25-06-'10

Hi Michael Jackson fans,

As we all know, already, a year has passed since Michaels passing. A very sad, stressful, and eventful year for most of us. However how fast, or slow your year went, we here at Billie Jean hope the very best for everyone around the globe and hope you spend today well, celebrating Michael's life.

The news and media coverage over the following days again proved that the interest in Michael was there as documentaries were quickly (and somewhat shoddily) put together and memorial magazines flooded the shelves.

Michael Jackson's estate has generated at least $1 billion dollars in the year since the superstar's death last June 25th. That figure is thanks in part to a lucrative new record deal with Sony Music and the most successful concert film of all time.

Finallly, even in death Jackson has probably the most lucrative recording contract in the business.

Michael I shall miss you for ever, you get a place in my heart next to my beloved Rita and my 2 children.

Love you forever "Gone Too Soon".

Webmaster Dirk

Source: Billie Jean

Special Sunflower Delivery To Michael Jackson. 25-06-'10

A load of sunflowers were just delivered to Michael Jackson's mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Sunflowerguy.com just delivered 600 single-stemmed sunflowers with individual messages attached to them, along with 100 individual sunflower bouquets and 4,000 roses.

The flowers were dropped 100 yards from the mausoleum, because of construction on the grounds.

The first group of Michael Jackson fans have just arrived to Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California -- where MJ is entombed -- in preparation for the one year anniversary of the singer's death.

We're told the cemetery is expecting thousands of people to show up in the next 24 hours.

Forest Lawn officials tell us they're already preparing security efforts to keep the crowds under control.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Chef Says MJ Home Was Happy. 25-06-'10

Kai Chase is the woman who worked as a personal chef for Michael Jackson and his children in their rented Holmby Hills mansion in LA for four months before Jackson died last June.

In a recent interview Chase talked about what it was like inside the Jackson's home and about the children that became so special to her.

Chase recalled, "Paris is a huge lover of animals and nature, so we dug a vegetable patch and snuck out at night with flashlights to gather enough snails to build a snail farm."

"Prince, who was then 12, loved to read and was really into movies. He spent hours making animation films using apples in the kitchen.

"And Blanket was hilarious. Michael built a movie theatre for the kids and had movie nights for them. He liked them to watch black and white movies and little Blanket got really into the 1930s gangster film The Public Enemy. He'd run up to me in the kitchen, pretending to be James Cagney, mimicking his gangster voice perfectly. It was hilarious, especially as he was only seven."

Chase says that Michael would spend hours planning "Daddy Time" with the children and that the four of them loved to play practical jokes on her. On one occasion she says, the children beckoned her into the kitchen, saying, "Your boyfriend is here."

"I went in and they had dressed one of Mr Jackson's mannequins. It was so life-like and made me jump so high. Mr. Jackson was hiding behind the chair and jumped out, saying, 'Gotcha! He loved practical jokes."

"Those few months were so happy. Mr. Jackson was an almost Willy Wonka-style father, with his crazy sense of fun," Chase said.

She talked about how Paris cried tears of joy on one occasion when her Daddy planned a special surprise for her eleventh birthday, just two months before his death.

"Mr. Jackson had paid for members of the circus troupe Cirque du Soleil to perform throughout the house and garden. It was magical and one of the security team filmed the whole day. I know Paris keeps that tape close to her heart and watches it to remind her of her Daddy."

Chase, who has no kids of herown, revealed that the children have given her what they call a "Box Of Happiness" - a hand decorated shoebox that holds a stack of their letters, thanking her for cooking for them, for bringing them gifts and for being their friend.

She says, "I'll keep these letters close to my heart for as long as I live. They're incredibly special."

Source: MJFC / thesun.co.uk / Billie Jean

Commodores Re-record "Nightshift" As MJ Tribute. 24-06-'10

On June 25, 2009 the Commodores performed at Wembley Arena in London. After their show they got the sad news that Michael Jackson had died. The following evening JD Nicholas substituted the word Michael for Jackie in their performance of their Grammy Award winning song “Nightshift.” That one change brought the audience to their feet. That's where the idea began to re-write the song as a tribute to Jackson.

The group, along with Dennis Lambert - one of the original writers - rewrote the lyrics to the song and re-recorded it. It is truly a heartfelt, beautiful tribute. They would like everyone to play the song in honor of Michael on the first anniversary of his death.

The Commodores toured with The Jackson 5 in the seventies. Following is an excerpt from the new lyrics…

“MICHAEL, he was a friend of mine
For more than forty years, no brighter star did shine
MICHAEL, they call you, “King Of Pop”
But for your gentle soul, the pain would never stop…”

Source: MJFC / examiner.com / Billie Jean

Memorial PlaqueMemorial Plaque Is Unveiled In The Foyer Of The Lyric Theatre. 24-06-'10

Today a memorial is be erected at a West End theatre in London on the eve of the first anniversary of the death of US pop sensation Michael Jackson.

He died last year just 18 days before he was due to perform 50 sell-out dates at London's O2 Arena.

The plaque is unveiled on the foyer wall of the Lyric Theatre, where the show 'Thriller Live' is currently playing. It features a string of hits from Jackson's solo and Jackson 5 career.

The ceremony for the plaque is attended by Britain's Got Talent 2009 winners, dance group Diversity, who had been booked to appear at Jackson's London concerts.

Thriller Live's cast is also attend the event and, before Friday night's performance, six of the youngsters who have played Jackson in the production will sing 'Speechless' - The Tribute.

The song was originally recorded by Jackson and is being released this month in aid of War Child.

The show's executive director, Adrian Grant, said: "The sentiment behind the song, and what it now means to me in Michael's passing, truly reflects the emotions one feels due to his loss - those of sadness, but also remembering the joy he gave the world as we celebrate his life."

Memorial Plaque
Diversity attend a photocall to unveil a memorial to Michael Jackson on the 1st anniversary of his death in London, England..

Source: BBC / Billie Jean

Post A Tribute On The MJ Memorial Site. 24-06-'10

"No One Will Ever Fill His Shoes" says the memorial page for Michael Jackson. Fans can submit their tributes on the site, with the goal being 1 million tributes from 1 million fans.

Check out the MJ Memorial Site to post your memories, thanks and love.

Source: MJFC / Sony / Billie Jean

New Michael Jackson Pictures Up For Auction. 24-06-'10

PARIS — Twelve new photos of Michael Jackson taken in 1999 go under the hammer in Paris in December along with 700 contact sheets of the pop legend never before seen in public, auctioneers said Tuesday.

Auction house Pierre Berge & Associes said the photographs were taken in Paris in July 1999 by French photographer Arno Bani on a request from Jackson who had seen his work in the Sunday Times magazine, Style.

The pictures, which are to be published in October worldwide, were supposed to have illustrated his 2001 "Invincible" album but the record company finally used other shots for the album cover.

In the only photograph shown to reporters Tuesday, Jackson is wearing a shiny Yves Saint-Laurent dinner suit and has blue make-up on one eye.

Bids are to start at 1,000 euros a picture.

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Neverland Creditor's Claim. 23-06-'10

TMZ has obtained a new creditor's claim filed in the Michael Jackson estate case, in which a lending company is asking for $4,580,000 for services connected with the refinancing of Neverland.

Jon Divens, the lawyer for the creditor, tells TMZ ... Michael refinanced Neverland in 2007 and got $45,000,000. The lending company -- Genesis Group International -- claimed Jackson agreed to pay the Group 10% of the loan amount plus fees, totaling $4,580,000.

Genesis claims it made a demand for payment this year but never got paid.

There's an interesting history with the guy who owns Genesis -- Kevin Kinsey. In 2008, there were reports that Kinsey had falsely represented himself as a representative of MJJ Productions in an effort to secure funding to get the re-fi.

A source connected with the estate tells TMZ ... without commenting on the merits of the claim, Genesis missed the deadline for filing a creditor's claim.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Anniversary Plans -- Denied! 23-06-'10

Michael Jackson fans making extravagant plans for the anniversary of his death need a Plan B -- because Forest Lawn Cemetery and cops are putting the kibosh on most of the celebration.

A rep for Forest Lawn -- where MJ is buried -- tells TMZ fans will be allowed into the park on June 25, but not into the mausoleum itself. And the news ain't so good for these special requests:
- Releasing doves (DENIED)
- Releasing balloons (DENIED)
- Performing Jackson songs and dance routines (DENIED)

Sgt. Tom Lorenz says the Glendale PD has its own no-no list: no camping out the night before, no parking around Forest Lawn 24 hours prior, and no street vendor sales of anything ... including MJ merchandise.

The Forest Lawn rep says fans who behave will be allowed to pay their respects.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Jackson Estate Ready To Pounce On Profiteer. 23-06-'10

The lawyer for the Michael Jackson estate thinks the businessman who partnered with Katherine Jackson is hurting Michael's children -- and is threatening legal action if the dude doesn't stop.

Howard Mann -- whose business ventures include online nude gambling -- got Katherine Jackson to agree to publish the book, "Never Can Say Goodbye," scheduled for release this week.

Mann also told TMZ he and Katherine will make record deals for 273 unreleased Michael Jackson songs -- part of an MJ treasure trove he acquired in a fire sale after Joe Jackson failed to pay a storage bill.

But estate lawyer Howard Weitzman is ticked, claiming Mann "may be using his relationship with Mrs. Jackson to infringe upon Michael Jackson's copyrights ... to the detriment of, among others, Michael's 3 kids."

Weitzman says Mann has no right "to exploit any estate assets" and he will take "whatever action is necessary to prevent him from unlawfully profiting." TMZ translation -- the estate will sue his ass if Mann goes forward.

We're told Katherine Jackson is happy with the job the executors have done -- namely filling the coffers with hundreds of millions of dollars -- but sources say family members are in her ear, getting her to sign off on ventures that end up hurting the estate, MJ's kids, and Katherine herself.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

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