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MJ Mausoleum -- Fans No Longer Welcome. 31-05-'10

The cemetery where Michael Jackson is entombed is launching a new crackdown on fans -- actively removing people hanging out in front of MJ's mausoleum.
According to sources at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, security has been informed that MJ fans are no longer permitted to gather on the patio of MJ's mausoleum. Those who loiter will be asked to leave.

It's unclear why Forest Lawn is making the move -- especially because fans have been visiting the burial site regularly since MJ moved in last year.

And now -- with the one-year anniversary of Michael's death fast approaching -- the Justice4MJ fan group is concerned about their plans to gather at the mausoleum on June 25.

A rep for the group tells us they hope Forest Lawn will "take into consideration" the hundreds of fans traveling from all over the world to pay their respects.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Major Move Forward In Jackson Museum. 31-05-'10

Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, Indiana is promising to announce a "major move forward" next week in plans for the Jackson Family Museum and Performing Arts Center in Gary.

Though Clay promised 10 acres in the 400 block of Broadway to Joe Jackson in a letter last year, he confirmed on Friday that developers are now looking at a site near Broadway and Interstate 80/94. This is the same area that has been a long-time target for advocates of a land-based casino and teaching hospital by Indiana University Northwest and Gilroy Stadium.

Concerning the upcoming announcement Mayor Clay kept mum on the details but did say that Joe Jackson, patriarch of the Jackson Family, is expected to attend next week's news conference along with Simon Sahouri, a Las Vegas promoter and president of the Jackson Family Foundation.

A news release from Gary's City Hall said the Jackson Museum project has the potential to bring 500,000 to 750,000 visitors to Gary and an annual income of nearly $150 million to the community. Gary mayors have talked about building a museum dedicated to the city's most famous family since the 1990s. Joe Jackson visited Gary in 2008 to promote the idea with Clay. But interest and excitement about the project grew enormously soon after the passing of Michael Jackson almost one year ago. Fans swarmed to Gary just to see the tiny house at 2300 Jackson St. where the King of Pop grew up.

In October of 2009 Clay joined Sahouri and Joe Jackson for a news conference at a Las Vegas hotel to announce new plans for the project and a fund-raising drive to get the museum built. A movie theater owner donated $10,000 to the cause at that time. Although not much has been said about it since October, Mayor Clay, Gary city officials, and the Jackson Family Foundation have been working tirelessly on the project for months.

When prompted by members of the Indiana Distressed Unit Appeals Board during a hearing last month, Clay said paperwork on the project could be finalized within a few weeks to help make the Jackson project a reality.

Next week's news conference will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Genesis Convention Center. Joe Jackson will also be a guest on Eye On Gary News on the city's public access channel at noon on Tuesday, according to a city news release.

Source: MJFC / post-trib.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Trust Lacks Trust In Kids. 31-05-'10

Michael Jackson apparently learned a lesson in finances -- his kids should not fall victim to consumer temptations that caused Michael himself to teeter on the brink of bankruptcy -- this, according to the details of the strings he attached to his children's inheritance.
News of the World got a copy of the Michael Jackson trust. TMZ broke the story ... under the trust the kids would get 40% of Michael's estate, Kartherine Jackson would get the use of 40% during her lifetime (when she dies the remainder of her share goes to the kids) and the final 20% goes to charity.

Here's what's interesting ... that we didn't know until now. Under the trust, Prince, Paris and Blanket have no control of the money until they are 30 years old ... until they turn 30 they just get income -- almost like an allowance -- determined solely by the trustee. When each of the kids turns 30, the trustees must then give them 1/3 of their share outright. When the kids reach 35, they get 1/2 of their share outright.

At age 40, the kids then get what remains of their share -- outright.
We've already published the will -- different from the trust. The will refers to the trust but the trust document has not been public until now.

As for how much the kids will get, that amount grows every month, as executors John Branca and John McClain wheel and deal in business ventures that include concerts, movies and song releases.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Fandag - Amsterdam, 29 Augustus 2010. 30-05-'10

In honor of Michael Jackson

Come and join us to remember and honor Michael Jackson on his birthday.

A celebration of love, spirit, unity, truth & faith. Celebrating his life, his legacy and his humanity.

Place to be:
Oostelijke handelskade 4
1019 BM Amsterdam

Tickets: € 7,50 kids (t/m 12 jaar)

€ 12,50 volwassenen

VIP: € 45,00

VIP-kaarten bestaan uit:

- Vervroegde Entree

- Luxe lunch om 12.00 uur

- Consumptie

- Verjaardagstractatie

- Goodie Bag

- VIP Pass

- Access tot speciale VIP ruimte

Vermelde prijzen zijn de prijzen in de voorverkoop tot 22 Augustus. Daarna zijn de tickets (indien voorradig) alleen nog maar op 29 Augustus te koop aan de kassa van Panama met een meerprijs van 2,50 eur p.st.

Dit wordt een dag vol verassingen. Een dag met optredens, verkoopstands, een loterij, een veiling, unieke filmpjes van Michael en nog veel meer... Kortom, deze dag mag je als fan niet missen...

It will be a day to remember where we celebrate our L.O.V.E. for a unique soul, human being and artist.


Aan de fans van mijn "Billie Jean" fan site, als jullie krijgen bij de betaling van het kaartje het code woord "Billie
Jean" vermelden dan krijgen jullie bij de bestelling van het kaartje een extra Michael Jackson sticker. Bestellen jullie in de maand Juni het kaartje dan krijgen jullie er ook nog eens een extra bonus item bij (Mystery promo kaartje). Dus in Juni een extra sticker en kaartje cadeau en als jullie in Juli of Agustus bestellen dan krijgen jullie alleen de extra sticker.

Source: mjj-tribute-events.com / Billie Jean

Tokyo Welcomes 'Captain EO'. 29-05-'10

Tokyo Disneyland recently announced the July 1st, 2010 opening of “Captain EO”, the 1980′s musical space film starring the King of Pop. In a temporary tribute to Jackson, Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California reopened “Captain EO” in their Tomorrowland earlier this year and Epcot in Orlando, Florida also recently announced plans to open temporary tribute viewing's as well.

The 18-minute film, which debuted in the mid-1980′s at all three Disney parks and in Disneyland Paris in 1992, quickly proved to be one of Disney’s most popular franchised attractions. The use of 3D imagery in theme park entertainment was a first for “Captain EO”, a film concept created by Michael Jackson and Walt Disney Imagineering. Featured in the show are two original Michael Jackson songs, “We Are Here (To Change the World)” and “Another Part of Me,” which also appeared on Jackson’s 'Bad' album.

The Tokyo Disneyland screening of "Captain EO" will be held in the original theater, replacing MicroAdventure! (“Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” in American parks), and will run through June 2011. Disney has not yet said if MicroAdventure! will return.

Source: MJFC / thecaliforniasource.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate -- Things Are Not AllGood. 27-05-'10

Michael Jackson's estate has fired back against the company that sued the singer for $300 million over the derailed Jackson family reunion concert.

You'll recall AllGood Entertainment claimed MJ promised through his rep ... the family concert would take place before any other live performance. The AllGood suit alleges Michael breached the agreement by subsequently signing to do the London concerts before the scheduled reunion concert.

Now Jackson executors John Branca and John McClain say the so-called Jackson rep -- former manager Frank Dileo -- had no authority "to bind Mr. Jackson to an agreement."

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Daughter 'Sacks Nanny'. 27-05-'10

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has reportedly had longtime nanny Grace Rwaramba fired after a series of arguments.

According to the News of the World, Rwaramba fought with Paris over homework and was finally asked by her grandmother Katherine to leave.

The Jackson children were said to be unhappy with the nanny after she spoke to TV interviewers about their late father's drug and money issues.

"We don't like her and we don't want her around," Paris said.

Rwaramba worked for the Jackson family for 17 years and is thought to have previous issues with Michael's sister Rebbie and other staff members.

Source: Billie Jean

Liza Minnelli Says She Questioned Michael Jackson About Wedding. 27-05-'10

Liza Minnelli shared intimate moments between herself and her late pal, music icon Michael Jackson, when she appeared on Wednesday's "The Joy Behar Show."

She said that after her marriage to David Gest didn't work out, she asked Michael, "Why did you let me marry this idiot?"

Liza explained that Michael responded, "I thought you liked him! You looked so happy; your dress was so pretty… I don't know!"

"I said, 'Michael, how could you?' and he said, 'It's over, relax,' and then we looked at each other and we started to laugh," Liza told Joy.

Source: ET / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Estate Heads To Japan. 27-05-'10

From the 24k gold engraved Neverland gate sign from Jackson's California estate to a sampling of his most recent industry awards, some of the most cherished personal possessions of The King of Pop will be on display at the Tokyo Tower just in time for the Golden Week Holiday April 29th. More than 280 estate owned items make up "MICHAEL JACKSON -The Official LIFETIME Collection", including the singers 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom, antique piano, and costumes from the 3D "Thiller" video shot for Jackson's "THIS IS IT" tour.

The only "official" Michael Jackson exhibition in the world to directly benefit the estate and Jackson's children, The Lifetime Collection reveals items that have been stored in Michael's vaults. The collection is expected to excite and draw fans from all over Asia for a rare look at many of Jackson's iconic stage and video costumes, props, industry awards, and the largest collection of crystal-encrusted gloves worn by the singer ever put on public display.

Since Michael Jackson's passing, the spontaneous outpouring of support from Japanese fans has sent Jackson back to the top of the charts. The documentary film "Michael Jackson's This Is It" has set new box office records and has become Japan's all time best selling DVD.

Only weeks away from the Japanese "Golden Week" holiday, local Japanese producers have joined with the Tokyo Tower to open up space for the unprecedented exhibition. All five tons of the famous "Neverland" gate sign that only months ago stood in front of the sprawling estate will mark the entrance of the exhibition at the Tokyo Tower.

The Tokyo Tower will show its colors in tribute to the late singer with special lighting throughout the duration of the exhibition expected to run for eight weeks. Produced by the original creative team from Juliana's Tokyo, the legendary Japanese mega-club of Japan's economic boom days in the 90's, the Tokyo Tower plans to stay open until 10:00pm each night to make the Lifetime Collection an entertaining once-in-a-life-time experience for fans.

"Holding the exhibition at the Tokyo Tower is the greatest tribute to Michael Jackson that Japan can give" said local event producer John Robinson, of Juliana's Urban Development Group. "It is the most photographed and televised icon in Tokyo, an appropriate place to celebrate Michael's life." Tickets are scheduled to go on sale early next week.

Source: michaeljackson.com / Billie Jean

Blanket, Prince, Paris First Autographs Up For Sale. 27-05-'10

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's three children did something recently they've never before done: signing their autographs on something to be sold.

Blanket, Paris and Prince Jackson put their names on a designer belt produced as a tribute to their late father and to raise money for the Jackson family museum planned for Gary, Indiana.

The merchandising deal for the crystal-encrusted belt is also a first -- the trustees of the Michael Jackson estate authorizing the Jackson family to produce and sell memorabilia in the pop star's name.

Katherine Jackson dropped her challenge for control of her son's estate last October, but her husband still has a legal objection pending in probate court.

"This is a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity," said Jerry Olivarez, the Jackson family friend who brought the deal together. "I know of no other item that has ever been made available to the public that has been signed by both the parents and children of Michael Jackson."

The youngest, who was born in 2002, signed his name in true "John Hancock" style, taking up the most room with large block letters spelling "BLANKET."

Prince, 13, helped his younger brother by adding "Jackson" below his first name.

Paris, 12, showed flair with her signature, using a heart to dot her "i" and giving her "r" a long, flowing branch.

Grandparents Katherine and Joe Jackson sat next to each other on a sofa in the Jackson's Encino, California, home to add their autographs to the "artist proof" of the belt.

The leather belt was designed by Simon Tavassoli and a limited run of 7,000 are being handmade at his Newport Beach, California, studio. Each unsigned belt will retail for $1,500, he said.

The only belt signed by the three children goes on auction Thursday night, Tavassoli said.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Elizabeth Taylor Blasts Michael Jackson's Doctor Over Gay Rumors. 26-05-'10

Rumors about Michael Jackson's sexual orientation have been circulating since he died last June. Now Elizabeth Taylor, longtime pal and confidant of the iconic performer, wants the rumor mill to stop.

Last month, Arnold Klein, Jackson's dermatologist and someone whom he called a "friend," publicly alleged that Jackson had an affair with his office manager, Jason Pfeiffer. Since the good doctor's big reveal, he, along with Pfeiffer, has been the target not only of angry criticism but death threats from die-hard Jackson fans. The Jackson clan and former bodyguards have also called Klein's allegations preposterous.

Taylor, a Hollywood legend who has stood by Jackson's side since he was a babe in arms, has blasted the doctor she once shared with the King of Pop.

The 77-year-old diva had some choice words for the doc, who claimed that his only reason for announcing that Jackson was gay was to put an end to rumors that he was a pedophile. In true 21st-century style,Taylor has joined the phenom that is Twitter by Tweeting the following in response to Klein's accusations:

"Dr. Arnie Klein declared on May 2 that he did not betray Michael Jackson by saying publicly that he had a homosexual relationship with someone in Arnie's office. ...It seems he supplies not only women [Debbie Rowe], but men, too ... how convenient."

"Just what we want in our doctors. And then to say he did not betray Michael's confidence. No wonder he has death threats," Taylor continued.

"I thought doctors, like priests took an oath of confidentiality. May God have mercy on his soul."

Taylor is using new technology to defend her old friend's memory. Tweet on, sistah!

Source: bvblackspin / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson: Silhouettes Posters. 24-05-'10

Here are the 3 brand new official Michael Jackson posters that are released this Tuesday (May 25, 2010), estate of Michael Jackson (Triumph International).

The posters have a dimension: 61cm x 91.5cm

The first poster is a Smooth Criminal (Silhouettes) COMMANDER (Play.Com)

The second is a King of Pop (Silhouettes) COMMANDER (Play.Com)

The last is Black or White (Silhouettes) COMMANDER (Play.Com)

Source: play.com / Billie Jean

In Japan, A Night With Michael Jackson Memorabilia. 21-05-'10

June 25 will mark a year since Michael Jackson’s death. And to pay tribute to him a Japanese promoter is holding a sleep over of sorts inside the Tokyo Tower where the Neverland Collection — a huge assortment of the singer’s personal objects including his 1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom, antique piano, clothes and costumes from his “Thriller’’ video — has been on view since May 1.

Reuters reported that starting on Sunday, people are expected to line up to buy tickets costing as much as $1,000 for the chance to sleep among Jackson’s belongings. Fans, to be selected at random, will enter the Tokyo Tower from 10:30 p.m. on June 25 and will be able to stay until 8:00 the next morning.

More than 300,000 people have flocked to see the Jackson memorabilia housed in the central Tokyo landmark since the collection went on display. “The idea may sound a bit odd to Western cultures,’’ said Hiroyuki Takamura of the Tokyo Tower, “but in Japan the tradition of being with the remains and possessions of passed love ones on the anniversary of their passing is an important ritual.’’

Source: artbeat.blogs.nytimes / Billie Jean

Global MJ Disney Day. 21-05-'10

We have had an update on the proposed Global MJ Disney Day in June, with dates and times of the planned events for fans to enjoy.

2010 -The Year Of Justice For Michael Jackson
Further information has been received on the date and timing of events at the Global MJ Disney Day on June 29th. The message from the organizers is clear and so obviously based on Michael’s own beliefs.

“All fans are invited to attend as we support one another, enjoy memories, and share in the spirit of L.O.V.E! To rejoice in the life and love of this man we all hold so close to our hearts. To recognize, rekindle and educate future generations on the magnitude of his influence and the awe inspiring genius that was Michael Joseph Jackson.”

Fans should meet at the Front Entrance of Disneyland at 8.00 a.m., in front of the Mickey Mouse flower portrait. The first group event should be to attend the first of the day’s showings of Captain EO together. Then fans can tour the park either in a large group or smaller groups, whichever is most pleasing.
Arrangements will be made for having lunch together at 12.30 p.m., and for 2 photo sessions at 2.30 p.m. & 6.30 p.m.

Full details of all relevant information is available by clicking here.

Source: globalmjdisneyday / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Appearance Triggers Suit. 21-05-'10

Even in death, Michael Jackson generates lawsuits ... this time it involves a douchey clothing designer, a car museum and a phantom gun.

Photographer Stephen Winick claims he was brutally attacked by security guards hired by Christian Audigier of Ed Hardy fame during his 50th birthday party. Michael Jackson attended the bash, which was thrown at the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.

In Winick's lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, he claims he innocently snapped a pic of Jackson, but Audigier was upset and wanted to delete the photo. So Winick claims Audigier unleashed his guards, who then allegedly beat the crap out of Winick.

Winick says one of the guards yelled "gun, gun" to amp up the attack.

In addition to Audigier, Winick is suing Ed Hardy, the museum and the guards. He wants unspecified damages.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

‘The Real Michael Jackson’. 20-05-'10

David Gest has been a Jackson family friend since he was a young man. He has now created a tribute to Michael, a four hour TV ‘popumentary’ called ‘The Real Michael Jackson’.

David has spent over six months interviewing Michael’s family members and some of his friends, such as Whitney Houston, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick and Petula Clark and he says of the project; “I believe this popumentary will entertain and educate in equal measures about who the real Michael Jackson was. I hope this will serve as a lasting testament to the compassion and love that he had for all mankind.”

Source: Contactmusic / Billie Jean

Battle Brewing At Michael Jackson's Burial Site. 20-05-'10

Randy Jackson's plan to let rabid fans flock to Michael Jackson's mausoleum is setting up a nasty battle ... with the family of another celebrity buried in the extremely private section of Forest Lawn Cemetery.
It's all over Randy's tweet, in which he said he was going to do his best to get MJ's fans "beyond the gates of Forest Lawn" to pay their respects on June 25 -- the 1-year anniversary of the singer's death.

It sounds like Randy is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, because normally non-family members can't access the mausoleum where MJ and a few other celebs are buried -- one of them being Clark Gable.

The legendary actor's grandson, Clark Gable III, told TMZ he's not down with Randy's plan ... saying the mausoleum "wouldn't be as sacred" if just anyone could go inside.

On the flip side, Randy has at least one supporter ... author Ronald J. Fields -- grandson of W.C. Fields, who's also buried there -- says he thinks fans should be allowed inside because it would be "moving to them."

Randy did not respond to our calls for comment.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

"This Is It" Nominated For BET Award. 20-05-'10

BET announced the nominees for the upcoming BET AWARDS ‘10 to air on June 27, 2010. The show will be hosted by Queen Latifah, “We are thrilled that Queen Latifah is going to host the BET AWARDS ‘10,” commented Stephen Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials, BET Networks.

Michael Jackson’s This Is It has been nominated for Best Movie in this years BET Awards.

Source: betawards.bet.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' Lyrics To Be Auctioned. 19-05-'10

The handwritten lyrics to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" are to go under the hammer at a memorabilia auction in California next month.

The late pop superstar gave his scribbled notes, signed by the King of Pop himself, to a producer pal.

Marc Kruskol, spokesman for auction house Profiles in History, says, "This piece has been in private hands since being written. It's an incredible piece from the legendary King of Pop and it's in fine condition."

The "Beat It" lyrics won't be the highlight of the memorabilia sale - the pink satin gown Marilyn Monroe wore in the "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" sequence in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" is sure to be the main lot.

Auction house bosses are calling the gown "the most important film dress to ever come to auction."

The summer sale will also feature The Wicked Witch of the West's hat, Johnny Depp's scissor hands from "Edward Scissor hands" and his Jack Sparrow jacket from "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Other items include Darth Vader's light saber from "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi," Julie Andrews' carpet bag from "Mary Poppins" and Bruce Lee's 'Kato' signature from "The Green Hornet."

The three-day auction will feature over 1,500 lots of Hollywood memorabilia.

Monroe's gown is expected to fetch between $150,000 and $250,000. Jackson's handwritten lyrics are expected to go under the hammer for between $4,000 and $6,000.

Source: Billie Jean

Diana Ross' Concert Tribute To Michael Jackson. 19-05-'10

Diana Ross has spent more than four decades as one of popular music's greats, so it was fitting that the 66-year-old's show Sunday night at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods was a big, showy affair that served as a trip across R&B history.

An 18-piece band backed Ross in her vocal mix of caress and punctuation in "More Today Than Yesterday." She surveyed her career in segments, highlighting a run of Supremes songs with a montage of archival video and photos.

Ross' five outfits were all delightfully excessive, including an enormous red gown she sported while finessing "Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)" and while closing her set with the ebullient 1970 chart-topper "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

Diana Ross also paid tribute to her longtime friend Michael Jackson with a soft segue from "Missing You" to "You are Not Alone." Click Here to watch a clip from YouTube.

Source: MJFC / Hartford Courant / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos Worth $5 Million Held By Police. 18-05-'10

Hitting all the Hollywood news sites today was a report that there were many photographs taken of the autopsy of Michael Jackson that the Los Angeles Police Department are holding unto and that tabloids are bidding up the price for them to be released.

When we called to confirm or deny that the photos exist, the L.A. Police Department spokesman said that there WERE such photos but that they were in the hands of the Los Angeles District Attorney.

The said "shocking'" photos were taken during the process of an autopsy to find out exactly what killed the Pop legend.

So we next called the D.A.'s office and you guessed it, "the LA Police Department are in charge of those."

One source who finally needed some cash told us to beware "Bogus Photos" that claim to be that of Michael Jackson's autopsy. "They have become desperate for the pics and are using trick camera work viewing the autopsy of some unknown person and making it look like Michael."

We were assured that none of the photos had been lost or stolen or sneaked out while either the police or the DA had them.

Meanwhile, would fans want to actually want to SEE these? Apparently, some are wagering $5 million dollars that they would.

Source: thespoof / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ Pants Up For Auction. 17-05-'10

Michael Jackson fans looking for more of “This Is It” will have the chance to own a piece of the concert film this Thursday.

Nate D. Sanders Inc. will auction several items from the late King of Pop this week, the company announced to Access Hollywood on Sunday.

Amongst them are a pair of orange pants the star wore in “This Is It,” the concert documentary depicting Michael’s rehearsals for his planned O2 Arena performances before his untimely death in June 2009.

The auction will be held on Thursday, May 20, and is expected to bring in “record bids,” a company rep told Access.

Source: MJFC / NY Times / Billie Jean

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