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Michael Jackson's Mini-Me -- Tae Bo Royalty. 30-11-'10

The kid busting out the insane moves in Michael Jackson's new music video "Hold My Hand" has rhythm in his blood -- because the boy is directly related to Billy Blanks -- the King of Tae Bo.

9-year-old Michael Isaac Blanks is Billy Blanks' nephew -- and the kid has been performing as an MJ wannabe for years.

In fact, just last year Michael's MJ impersonation even caught the eye of "This Is It" director Kenny Ortega -- who called Blanks "a real prodigy" at a dancing event for Nigel Lythgoe's Dizzy Feet Foundation.

Judging from the footage we got at the MJ video shoot this weekend -- Kenny knows what he's talking about.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Katherine Jackson Kicking Baby Mama Out Of House. 30-11-'10

Katherine Jackson is looking forward to keep her extended family out of the Jacksons compound in Encino, CA. The legal guardian of Michael Jackson's kids are reportedly kicking out Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza aka the baby mama of Randy Jackson's three kids and Jermaine Jackson's two kids.

The banishing coincides with Katherine's plan to remodel the house. The 80-year-old woman is, according to TMZ, in the process of packing boxes and will leave the family home in early December. The renovations are quite extensive that the Jacksons are expected to be out of the house for several months.

Once the house is ready to be occupied, Katherine would only let in some of its former residences. She wants Alejandra and her kids from both Randy and Jermaine to clear out and move to a condo that Michael owned in San Fernando Valley. However, Katherine is said keeping Alejandra's eldest Genevieve.

This is not the first time that Alejandra is told to move out but she allegedly "wanted a lot more". If this time she is not accepting the offer, Alejandra would be forced to find someplace else to live. The latest word is, Alejandra and some of her kids have left for Japan.

Katherine reportedly do this because of the March incident where Jafaar, Alejandra's son, allegedly threatened to shock Blanket with a stun gun.

Source: aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

Director Talks About Making Billie Jean. 29-11-'10

Steve Barron, who came to fame directing videos during pop music's hayday in the 1980's, recently spoke about his experiences creating some of the most groundbreaking promos of the day, including 'Billie Jean.'

Barron, who shot videos for Adam Ant, Human League, David Bowie, Madonna, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson - just to name a few - truly helped to shape the landscape of MTV. Speaking about the 'Billie Jean' video, Barron said:

He'd seen the 'Don't You Want Me' video (Human League) - that's why I got the job.

And he wanted something cinematic, as well, and his management said he was really into Peter Pan and could we do something that was a little magical? I'd had an idea the previous year to do a Midas touch video with everything lighting up so the paving stone idea came from that.

The process was pretty straightforward really; we sent the idea to him and went out to LA and shot the video.

Before we shot it, he had a really nice idea for another little scene within it where mannequins come to life and dance behind him and I thought it was a great idea. We made the video before the album, "Thriller," had come out. It was like five weeks before 'Billie Jean' was going to come out and they wouldn't pay for the extra tailor's dummies and the dancers so we had to can that idea. Obviously, one month later he got anything he wanted for the rest of his life, but right then he wasn't quite in a position yet to demand what he wanted.

He was a really soft-spoken, sweet guy. Obviously, he was very curious about everything, he wanted to know what was going on with this and that and how that worked. Then suddenly… I was operating the camera for it as well and the moment he started to dance in that little chorus, it was just so dynamic, it was breathtaking. I remember the camera steaming up because it was pretty stunning. You knew that something special was going to arrive on the scene. This was one of the first videos by a black artist on MTV."

To read the entire interview about Steve Barron's work on videos of the 1980's, and to see clips of some of his gems, please click here.

Source: MJFC / bbc.co.uk / Billie Jean

MJ Music Video -- Little Michael Does His Thing. 28-11-'10

The music video for Michael Jackson's song with Akon features dozens of extras ... but only one of them is a pint-sized version of MJ.

TMZ obtained video and photos taken last week from the set of the video for "Hold My Hand." One Jackson fan was featured doing a few of MJ's famous dance moves. You can hear another fan say about the kid, "That there is the opportunity of a lifetime."

As we first reported, a group of MJ fans were recruited to walk into an open airport hangar -- meant to symbolize "walking into the light.

A source on the set told us the director was telling people the video would air on ABC on December 6.

Watch the video

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

With Chrysalis Part Of Michael’s Back Catalogue Is Sold To BMG. 27-11-'10

British music publisher Chrysalis has ended over 40 years of independence and is being sold for £107m. The London-based firm owns part of the back catalogue to a number of artists including Michael Jackson and David Bowie. It is being sold to the German company Bertelsmann Media Group (BMG) and private equity form Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR).

Chris Wright, co-founder and chairman of Chrysalis said: “Today’s deal marks the end of one era and the start of another.” Wright said the company lacked the scale to compete with the “music majors”.

“BMG have fantastic resources behind them with Bertelsmann and KKR. I can see, just from the resources they were able to throw at this transaction, how far off the pace we are. It was clearly going to happen at some point.”

Source: SkyNews / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Breaking News: Oprah Interviews Singer’s Surrogate Family. 25-11-'10

What to do when so many people question the truth? Go on “Oprah.”

I am told that the whole Cascio family appears on “Oprah” on December 6th to showcase Eddie Cascio’s tracks from Michael Jackson‘s new album.

Eddie is joined by his parents, Dominic and Connie, as well as brother Frank and sister Nicole.

The family talks with Oprah about their long relationship as Michael’s surrogate family, and the evolution of the music Michael made at their house in New Jersey in 2007.

Originally, the family didn’t want to go to the show, but Sony Music thought it best just to put the whole story out in the open. “Michael” the album is released on December 14th. The single, “Hold My Hand,” is already on the radio and on ITunes, featuring Akon.

Eddie Cascio has three tracks on the new “Michael” album–”Breaking News,” “Monster,” and “Keep Your Head Up.” There are nine more in the vault.

Also on the show is Michael’s long time producer Teddy Riley, who worked on the tracks and vouches for their veracity.

Source: showbiz411 / Billie Jean

Video Shoot Sabotaged? 25-11-'10

The New York Daily News is reporting today that the video shoot for the 'Hold My Hand' video was almost derailed by a seemingly official email telling participants that the production had been postponed.

According to a source for the Daily News, shortly before cameras got rolling at a former Marine Corps blimp hangar in Tustin, Calif., a seemingly "legitimate" email, purportedly from the "Michael Jackson Estate," was received by participants informing them that due to recent weather forcasts the shoot was being "postponed" until the following day.

The notice was quickly followed by two more emails instructing recipients to disregard the schedule change.

What is not clear is whether the first email was just an innocent mixup or a deliberate attempt to hamper the video shoot, which was directed by Mark Pellington of "U2 3D" fame.

"Michael," the upcoming album has been surrounded by controversy since its conception with the superstar's family and others challanging the authenticity of the vocals on several tracks; prompting Sony to bring in forensics experts and six of Jackson's former producers - all of whom concluded that the vocals are genuine.

A spokesperson for Sony did not respond for questions about the strange email, however a Jackson camp insider reportedly told the Daily News, "We've had a lot of fake documents shooting around."

At the video shoot, approximately 200 fans danced freestyle to 'Hold My Hand' for the cameras. They also released white balloons shouting, "We love you, Michael!" There was also a little girl dressed as an angel - which jibes with reports that extras were asked to walk through the darkened hangar toward a bright light — symbolic of an ascent to heaven.

It's being said that the video will premiere Dec. 6 on ABC, the same day Oprah Winfrey is to interview Jackson's friend and producer Teddy Riley, who has been outspoken about the controversy surrounding "Michael."

Source: MJFC / nydailynews.com / Billie Jean

MJ Producer Believes MJ Is ALIVE!!!!! 24-11-'10

Michael Jackson is NOT DEAD -- he's still alive ... just like Elvis ... this according to a famous music producer who worked with MJ all the way to the possibly not-so-bitter end.

Super producer Teddy Riley -- who worked with MJ on the "Dangerous" album and produced the song "Breaking News" on the upcoming Sony album -- has reignited the Michael Jackson conspiracy theory after twittering that he believes MJ is alive ... somewhere.

Riley wrote, "If people can think Elvis is still alive why the F#*@ I cant [sic] think Michael is still alive."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Akon Considers 'Burning' His Michael Jackson Tapes. 24-11-'10

Akon has a stash of recordings he made with the late Michael Jackson, but he's threatened to "burn" the tapes because he doesn't want to release any music which was left "unfinished".

The R&B star's duet with the Thriller hit-maker, Hold My Hand, is set to become the first single from Jackson's upcoming posthumous album Michael.

Akon admits he has plenty of other recordings they made together, but he doesn't want to hang on to them in case he is tempted to rework them - because his idol wouldn't have wanted him to release incomplete tracks.

He tells MTV.com, "Me and Mike worked on a lot of concepts before he passed. Hold My Hand was one of the records that was actually fully complete - the rest of the records are incomplete. They're just ideas, concepts, harmonies and stuff like that which the world will probably never see because I wouldn't want to put it out unfinished - so I might just burn it after this interview, 'cos I might just get tempted to do a remix!"

"I know at the end of the day if it wasn't fully complete, I don't think he would see it released that way. I probably wouldn't ever put myself in a position to make that choice."

Source: Starpulse / Billie Jean

'Hold My Hand' Release Date. 24-11-'10

Michael’s ‘Hold My Hand’ single taken from the album ‘Michael’ will be available from Monday, December 6th.

The track-listing for the CD is as follows:

1. Album Version
2. Vocals & Orchestra
3. Alternate Mix
4. Instrumental

Source: SonyMusic / Billie Jean

New MJ Music Video -- Go Towards The Light!! 23-11-'10

Michael Jackson's new music video for "Hold My Hand" will be to die for ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ a shoot for the MJ/Akon music video took place yesterday at an airplane hanger in Tustin, CA -- and it involved a whole bunch of extras ... and a very heavenly theme.

We're told the group of extras -- which included a bunch of die-hard MJ fans -- were asked to gather outside the hanger ... and when the giant doors opened, the place was pitch black ... except for one bright light at the end.

Our spies say the extras were then asked to walk towards the light ... symbolizing their journey into heaven.

Should be one hell heck of a music video.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael's Former Manager: I Was Honest, So Pay Up. 23-11-'10

The man who claims he was Michael Jackson's manager says he was so honest when he turned over a secret stash of MJ money ... the MJ Estate should return the favor by opening its books to him.

Dr. Tohme Tohme claims in new legal docs the Estate owes him 15% of Jackon's earnings while Tohme allegedly worked for him, but the big wigs who administer the estate won't open their books so he can figure out how much to demand.

Tohme says the Estate isn't giving him credit for turning over $5.5 million dollars of Michael's money shortly after he died -- money Tohme says he was secretly holding for the singer. And, Tohme boasts in legal documents obtained by TMZ, he didn't even deduct his fee. Tohme's argument -- being honest should have its rewards.

The Estate doesn't look kindly on Tohme, and they've shut him out.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Orchestra Of The Royal Netherlands Air Force ‘A tribute To Michael Jackson’. 23-11-'10

From February until May 2011 the Orchestra of the Royal Netherlands Air Force will be performing in Dutch theaters with A Tribute to Michael Jackson. In a full evening tribute, the audience meets the musical life of The King of Pop. Michael Jackson is the most successful entertainer of all time and has made an indelible mark on popular music and dance culture. A Tribute with: The Orchestra of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, a spectacular dancer and seven amazing singers.

The Show
Michael Jackson’s sound, style and dance moves were a source of inspiration for the creative team. After a Grand introduction, it is Michael Jackson himself who opens the Tribute with Never Can Say Goodbye. His original voice can be heard, live accompanied by the 7 singers and the Air Force Orchestra. After the soul of the Jackson 5, the huge successes from Michael’s solo career will be displayed with hits like Billie Jean, Thriller and Bad. The show ends with the This Is It mega mix in a surprising finale.

Source: Billie Jean

Amsterdam Release Party For ‘The Experience’ And ‘Vision'. 23-11-'10

If you’re in Amsterdam on Wednesday (Nov. 24th) evening you may want to attend the official release party for The Experience and Vision. To celebrate the release of The Experience and Vision Sony and Ubisoft are having an official release party in Fame, Amsterdam. Fame is opening its doors from 20:30 – 23:00 especially for these MJ releases.

Dress like Michael Jackson! 10 people will be selected as best dressed like Michael Jackson. They win the collectors edition of the Wii game and Vision. On top of that the first 100 buyers of the game and/or DVD will get a free goodie bag with nice, exclusive MJ gifts.

During the party there will be snacks and drinks, Vision will be playing and you can play The Experience as one of the first.

Source: Billie Jean

Justin Bieber Thanks Michael At American Music Awards. 22-11-'10

He might have thanked anyone in his acceptance speech of the night, but Justin Bieber took the opportunity to thank a legend during his second speech: Michael Jackson.

Said Bieber after accepting the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, “I want to thank Michael Jackson because without Michael Jackson, none of us would be here.”

Source: Billie Jean

Claude Kelly: Michael Recording ‘Hold My Hand’ Is Dream Come True. 21-11-'10

Claude Kelly talks about the song he co-wrote which also happens to be the new Michael Jackson single Hold My Hand with Akon. In a message posted on his Tumblr, Claude Kelly spoke of his experience co-writing Hold My Hand:

“In 2007, I co-wrote a song called Hold My Hand with Akon,” says Claude. “A good friend and dope engineer, Exit Goodchild made it sound like magic. My idol, Michael Jackson recorded it and made one of my lifelong dreams come true. It was slated to come out… what happened next the whole world knows.”

“It’s now 2010, and although the circumstances are bittersweet, I am still honored and proud that Hold My Hand will have its day in the sun. Grateful.”

Source: Billie Jean

Teddy Riley On Oprah. 21-11-'10

Seems Oprah Winfrey's not through with Michael Jackson yet. Yesterday, on his official Twitter account, Teddy Riley let it slip that he will be appearing on the Oprah show to talk about the King of Pop. Riley tweeted:

"On my way to Oprah to represent my mentor, big brother, & best friend. Michael J Jackson. Thank you for the times & greatness we shared."

Then, a few hours later Riley tweeted:

"I'm sorry yall, I got a call from my publicist I can't talk about the show til after it airs. Yall know I got a whole mouth fall [sic]. Yep Yep!!!"

"Ok this is all I can say, it will air on Dec 6th. I wish I can talk to yall but I can't...MJ fans much love to all of you."

You can follow Teddy Riley on Twitter at twitter.com/TeddyRiley1

Source: MJFC / twitter.com / Billie Jean

Dancers Allege Discrimination In MJ Video Shoot. 19-11-'10

The people casting the new MJ music video have made it clear they won't hire anyone belonging to a union-esque group called "Dancers Alliance" -- but TMZ has learned the DA is claiming it's pure "discrimination."

The casting notice for the "Hold My Hand" video calls for 10 professional dancers (ages 15-25) ... but specifically states that they won't hire anyone from the "Dancer's Alliance" ... a group dedicated to protecting dancer's wages and working conditions.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who tells us that cutting out D.A. dancers "suggests that the production is discriminating against dancers who are educated and support both their community and their agents."

The rep tells us that as long as a company offers "equitable rates" and the project has been cleared with the agents -- then the D.A. has no issues with allowing their members to dance.

Calls to the music video producers have not been returned.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Video: Quincy Jones Says “Joe Is A Liar” And Talks About Creating With MJ. 20-11-'10

Quincy Jones gave an exclusive interview to Roger Friedman. In the interview Quincy not really answers the questions about the new Breaking News song but he does respond to questions about the Jackson family. “Joe Jackson is a liar” when he says he was always in the studio with Michael. And still, as Quincy notes, “No one from that family has ever thanked me.”

Quincy made Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad with Michael. He gives Michael all due credit as a great songwriter but also adds that producers are a special thing: they create the sound.

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

'One More Chance' Video. 20-11-'10

The Greatest Entertainer God created, Michael Jackson lives on, and fans are elated the official visuals have finally surfaced. Even Though, the record company shelved this video in 2003, oddly they have approved it for viewing after Michael's death.

Check out the full length never before seen video, One More Chance….

Source: Billie Jean

Bahrain Company Didn't Get Memo On MJ's Death. 20-11-'10

Not that we're trying to flatter ourselves, but don't people in Bahrain get TMZ?

AQ Business Consultants has filed a petition in the Michael Jackson Estate case, asking the judge for permission to belatedly file a creditor's claim, on grounds it didn't know there was a time limit in asking for money.

AQ claims it helped Michael refinance $320,000,000 in loans, for which it was entitled to a $3.2 million fee. AQ claims it's still owed $1.2 mil.

The deadline for filing a claim has passed, but AQ claims it didn't get proper notice.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Estate, tells TMZ, "I don't believe the claim has any merit but they're late in filing regardless."

But here's the thing ... TMZ is big in Bahrain, so what's the deal?

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

‘Hold My Hand’ Is Climbing On iTunes, Help It Reach Number 1! 19-11-'10

In case you did not notice, Michael Jackson’s duet with Akon is now available on iTunes worldwide. Tell all your friends about it and get this great song to reach #1 all over the world!

Hold My Hand is climbing the iTunes top 10 charts worldwide;
Germany #5
Denmark #2
Finland #7
Italy # 7
Norway #6
Spain #6
Sweden #4

Source: Billie Jean

Akon Won't Release Unfinished MJ Songs. 19-11-'10

Although 'Hold My Hand,' Akon's duet with Michael Jackson was just released as the first official single of the upcoming album, "Michael," the singer says that he will never release any unfinished material the two worked on.

Akon says 'Hold My Hand' was completely finished before the King of Pop passed away and that is the only reason it is included on the new album. Speaking to MTV News he said, "I'm definitely excited about our single, because that was finished, complete, and I'm happy with the outcome. And I know [Michael] was [happy] 'cause we were there finishing the song together, so I'm really happy about what we accomplished on that record 'Hold My Hand.'"

Speaking about the concept of the song Akon said, "We was trying to find the unity, like what can we possibly translate that can bring the world together? It was a song I was previously working on that I eventually let [Michael] hear, and when he heard it, he fell in love with it. We clicked instantly when it came to it. That was the main concept: Let's figure out something we can leave behind, in 20,000 years later it can still be relevant."

It's a theme that ran throughout the work he and Jackson did together, not that anyone will ever get the chance to hear any of it.

"Me and Mike worked on a lot of concepts before he passed. 'Hold My Hand' was one of the records that was actually fully complete; the rest of the records are incomplete. They're just ideas, concepts, harmonies and stuff like that which the world will probably never see 'cause I wouldn't want to put it out unfinished," he explained. "I know at the end of the day if it wasn't fully complete, I don't think he would see it released that way.

Majority of the concepts we worked on, they were all international, worldwide," he added. "It was always the point of which everyone has to find some kind of relativity in it. That was always a challenge, and we found concepts that would do it. We just never got the chance to finish the songs, but 'Hold My Hand' was a prime example."

Source: MJFC / MTV.com / Billie Jean

Shanice WilsonShanice Wilson In Michael's 'Behind The Mask'. 18-11-'10

Shanice Wilson,the bubbly recording star who stole our hearts in the 90s with her number one hit, 'I Love Your Smile,' is joining the star-studded list of artists who will be on Michael Jackson’s newest album.

Epic Records, in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will be releasing a series of songs on a new album simply entitled, 'Michael'. Shanice sings with the King of Pop on the track entitled, 'Behind The Mask.' In addition to Shanice, the album features Akon, 50 Cent, Lenny Kravitz and more.

The Grammy nominated artist worked with MJ previously, singing back up on the hook of his song, 'Keep The Faith' on the 'Dangerous' Album. Now, she reunites with the King on track No. 9. At age 14, Shanice released her debut album, 'Discovery,' which produced two top ten R&B hits including '(Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance' and 'No Half Steppin.'

Shanice took time out to chat with The Black Star News, as she reflects on how Michael Jackson impacted her life.

Since childhood, it had always been Shanice’s dream to meet Michael Jackson in person, she told BSN. “Having the honor of being on his newest release is an amazing and sentimental experience for me.”

John McClain, the current executor of Michael Jackson’s estate, is also the man who discovered Shanice at age 11. Ultimately, McClain signed Shanice to her first record deal. Shanice vividly recalls during negotiations with A&M Records, the tween siren practically made meeting Jackson a term in the contract.

Michael and Shanice WilsonAt age 14, Shanice’s dream became reality. She had just gotten home from school when she got a call from someone at A&M Records saying, “Somebody would like to meet you today.” Shortly after, a limo arrived outside her home, scooped her up and delivered her to the set of Michael Jackson’s 'Moonwalker' video. “It was incredible,” reminisced the star. “We sat in the trailer for about an hour. We talked about Bubbles, ( Jackson’s pet chimpanzee) and how Bubbles was doing commercials. We talked about how we shared the same vocal coach (Seth Riggs). Michael was so down to earth. I have been in the entertainment industry for a long time and have met a lot of people and I can honestly say that Michael Jackson is the biggest star that I have ever met, but he was also the most down to earth of all.”

While the album was still in the production stage, John McClain reached out to Shanice via John Nettlesby to be a part of the project. Naturally, she was thrilled. The call took her back to her early childhood, an 8-year-old child in a state of uncertainty riding a Greyhound bus, moving from Pittsburgh to California. She had no idea the future would hold such good fortune. “People kept telling me I was going to Hollywood where all the stars were! I was so excited because I thought there would be stars everywhere, just walking down the street. As soon as I stepped off of the bus I asked, ‘Where is Michael Jackson?’ But to my disappointment I found out that the stars on the streets of Hollywood that people were referring to was the Walk of Fame,” she giggled.

Working on 'Behind The Mask' was poignant. Many of the songs on the new album were in their rough stages and had to be completed after the King’s untimely passing. Shanice had difficulty holding back tears in attempts to sing the song. “As soon as the music came on and I heard Michael’s voice, I would start to cry.” But the seasoned professional got it done with the support of others around her. John Nettlesby, for instance, who contributed to production of the vocals, eased the pain by chatting and sharing fun stories about Michael throughout the recording session.

Read the whole article here.

Source: Black Star News / Billie Jean

'Michael Jackson: The Experience' Gets A Complete Track List. 18-11-'10

All over the exclusive Michael Jackson gloves in the world won't be of much use to you without music to move them to. That's not an issue with "Michael Jackson: The Experience" after today, though, because Ubisoft has shared the complete lists of MJ tunes that are slated for playability when it comes out for the Wii, PSP and Nintendo DS on November 25 and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with Move and Kinect support in early 2011.

A total of 27 tracks made the cut for 'The Experience,' which is enough for a double disc greatest hits collection, but not overly generous in the scheme of music titles. Ubisoft may just be banking on the overall difficulty level of the moves required to play this game being hard enough to take as much time to conquer as the average dance game. They are all Michael Jackson songs, though, as you can see:

· Another Part Of Me (though it's exclusive, at least in the UK, to HMV and in a day one special edition)
· Bad
· Beat it
· Billie Jean
· Black Or White
· Dirty Diana
· Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough
· Earth Song
· Ghosts
· Heal The World
· In The Closet
· Leave Me Alone
· Money
· Remember The Time
· Rock With You
· Smooth Criminal
· Speed Demon
· Streetwalker
· Sunset Driver
· The Girl is Mine
· The Way You Make Me Feel
· They Don't Care About Us
· Thriller
· Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
· Who Is It
· Will You Be There
· Workin' Day And Night

This list comes from a European announcement, so we don't know where or if 'Another Part of Me' is going to be showing up in the U.S. yet. It's always possible that Ubisoft has different plans in store for North America.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Be Part Of The Video For MJ’s Latest Hit, 'Hold My Hand'. 18-11-'10


Be part of the video for Michael’s latest hit, “HOLD MY HAND,” filming this Saturday November 20 in Tustin, CA (approximately 35 miles south of Los Angeles). We are looking for his fans of all ages who want to be a part of this iconic event. There is no pay, but it will be a fun and celebratory video honoring Michael Jackson’s legacy. You will get to freestyle dance and enjoy the song. The time we would need everyone is approximately 12P-5P.

Unfortunately, we have to put a cap on the number of extras who will be able to participate, so please reply as soon as you know you can participate.

The email address to respond to is:

Please include your full name and a telephone number so we can reach you. Important note: Due to the chance of rain on Saturday Nov 20, we may need to change the shoot to Sunday November 21 or Monday November 22. In your email, please let us know if you are able to participate one, two or all three days. Thank you!!

Source: The Michael Jackson Estate / Billie Jean

Win A Personal Invitation To The World Premiere Of ‘The Immortal World Tour’ 18-11-'10

Cirque du Soleil : Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour will be an electrifying production! And you could be there when it all kicks off! Become a Cirque Club member today… And enter for your chance to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Montreal to see the premiere of Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour !

- Two (2) tickets to the world premiere of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour in Montreal
- Two (2) passes to the exclusive after-show party
- Round-trip airfare for two (2)
- 2 nights stay at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth
- CAD $500 cash

No purchase required. One entry per email address is admissible. Open to all residents of the US and Canada who have reached the age of majority (in their state/region/province) at the time they enter the competition. Contest runs from November 3rd to December 16th.

Source: Cirque du Soleil / Billie Jean

Charles Thomson Defends MJ. 18-11-'10

Last Tuesday, November 9th, British writer, Charles Thomson posted a blog chastising Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of the Sun newspaper. MacKenzie appeared on the British TV show, 'This Morning' and said that Michael Jackson was a child molester and his children are better off now that he's dead. If that wasn't bad enough, he added that he couldn't understand why the children had been born at all.

Thomson called MacKenzie's remarks "morally and ethically reprehensible" and said he "demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the justice system and also for the ethics of his profession." Thomson also pointed out that MacKenzie is a bigot and was in charge of the Sun back in the 1980's when the paper coined the derogatory, highly offensive term 'Wacko Jacko.' He then urged fans to complain directly to the television show and the broadcast company.

A few days later, on November 13th, Thomson posted another blog after Michael's nephew, Taj Jackson entered into the fray over MacKenzie's comments. Jackson took to his Twitter page about the incident, re-posting links to articles about MacKenzie's statements. The then wrote, "If we don't get an on air apology from ITV soon, my next step is legal. The time for bad mouthing & spreading lies about my uncle are OVER." Jackson then urged his 20,000 followers to complain to the station.

The station has since been bombarded with complaints by way of emails and phone calls from all over the world and at least one caller was told that the complaints were "being looked into."

To read the full blogs posted by Mr. Thomson, please click here and here.

Source: MJFC / charlesthomsonjournalist.blogspot.com / Billie Jean

Randy Jackson Goes Nuts Over Michael's Album. 18-11-'10

Randy Jackson went on a tear on Twitter Wednesday night, swearing some of the songs on Sony's upcoming Michael Jackson album are fake.

Jackson tweeted, "Some of the songs are him, and some aren't. I would be [sic] my life on that ... I know this may seem harsh, but this is the truth, as I know it..."

Pretty much every expert who has analysed the tracks says the voice is MJ's, but Randy is undeterred.

And he gets conspiratorial: "But what's worse then [sic] harsh is that my brother isn't here, and ll these people are more concerned about making money off his death...They could care less about why and how he died, or maybe they already know."

Randy also claims co-executor John McClain "didn't care about the quality or how complete the vocals were."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Ex-Bodyguard Seeks Dna Test Over Son. 17-11-'10

Michael Jackson's ex-bodyguard and a British actor are planning to take paternity tests to prove they are the biological fathers of two of his children.

Michael Jackson's ex-bodyguard is to take a paternity test to determine if he fathered one of the late star's children.

British Matt Fiddes, 31, believes he is the biological father of the 'Thriller' hitmaker's youngest son, eight-year-old Prince Michael II; known as Blanket, while another British man, Mark Lester, has also come forward claiming sperm he donated to the legendary King of Pop was used to father the singer's daughter Paris, now 12.

Both men - who plan to take DNA tests to prove they fathered the children - say they were in regular contact with the children until Michael's unexpected death from acute Propofol intoxication last June.

Matt told The Sun newspaper: "We are going to have DNA tests. It breaks our heart watching the kids on TV."

He added that he may seek custody of Blanket when his legal guardian, Michael's elderly mother, Katherine, 80, can no longer look after the boy.

Matt - a martial arts trainer, who had acted as Michael's bodyguard in the UK on a number of occasions-- is seeking the paternity test after he donated sperm when the singer said he wanted to have "athletic" children.

Mark, meanwhile, is godfather to Paris and her elder brother, Prince Michael I, 13, both of whom were born to Michael's' second wife Debbie Rowe.

Source: contactmusic / Billie Jean

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