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Murray Wants MJ Rehearsals To Show Warning Signs. 30-04-'11

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers have subpoenaed Sony for the raw footage from the "This Is It" rehearsals to show the jury ... Michael Jackson was a physical and mental mess before he died ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned Murray's lawyers want the tapes to show Jackson was slow, lethargic and weak in the days prior to his death. Although some of the video shows an alert MJ, other portions, we're told, clearly show something is wrong with the singer.

Murray's lawyers want to show jurors in the manslaughter case ... Michael was ill or even dying before the fateful morning ... so it wasn't really the June 25 Propofol injections that killed MJ.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Dr. Murray's Lawyer Goes Hog Wild. 30-04-'11

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers want to use a piglet to prove that Propofol can be ingested.

During today's court hearing, Judge Michael Pastor referenced attorney Michael Flanagan's suggestion to introduce evidence of a pig ingesting Propofol. Flanagan said he intended to use a vet as an expert witness -- presumably to discuss the ingestion of Propofol.

One of the defense's theories is that Michael Jackson fatally ingested Propofol while Dr. Murray was out of the bedroom.

The defense is also floating a theory -- that Michael may have fatally injected himself while Murray stepped out.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Katherine Speaks About Dr. Murray. 29-04-'11

Michael Jackson's mother said she has "mixed emotions" about the upcoming trial of the man charged in her son's death.

Katherine Jackson, matriarch of music's most famous family, says the pain of her son's death nearly two years ago still remains and the potential punishment for Dr. Conrad Murray doesn't seem to be anywhere near enough.

"Sometimes I think why have a trial if... the maximum sentence is only four years," she said.

Mrs. Jackson says she has every intention of being present each day of the trial, which begins May 9. She has not spoken to Dr. Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, although she has seen him often from her seat at pre-trial hearings in the case.

"I'll be there, but it just hurts me because my son is gone and for forever and this man is trying to get away and get off," she said. "He needs to be punished."

Mrs. Jackson said she went to Michael's home after his death to help clean up and she found several notes or reminders her son had scribbled to himself.

"He had notes around," she recalled. One of them reminding him to "Discipline with love."

Mrs. Jackson said the outpouring of grief and support from Michael's fans after he died meant a great deal to her. As did all the flowers.

She said the feeling that came with the flowers she received during that time is one of the reasons she agreed to allow her name to be attached to six bouquets being sold by the website sendherflowers.com.

"They felt my pain," she said. "It meant a lot to me. And at that time, I needed all of that to know the world was with me, the world felt my pain."

Source: MJFC / The Press Association / boston.com

Michael Jackson's Neverland To Be Recreated At Mandalay Bay. 28-04-'11

Daniel Lamarre is in talks with bosses at the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino about potentially reimagining Michael Jackson's fairground home as a sprawling entertainment complex in Sin City.

The project will feature an interactive memorabilia museum and a theatre, where tributes to the late star will be staged.

And Lamarre already has the backing of the Jackson family and the King of Pop's estate administrators - brother Jackie Jackson was present as the Cirque du Soleil leader launched the project on Thursday, and John Branca, the co-executor of Jackson's estate, insists the attraction will offer fans a permanent place to celebrate their hero.

He says, "Very few fans would ever get to visit Michael's Neverland Ranch because of its remote location."

The ambitious project is set to open in 2013.

Meanwhile, Cirque du Soleil's homage to Jackson, Michael Jackson, The Immortal World Tour, begins in Montreal, Canada in October.

Source: aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Tour Coming To Las Vegas. 28-04-'11

The music and dance of the King of Pop is coming to Sin City. The "Michael Jackson, The Immortal World Tour" is scheduled to stop at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in December.

Cirque du Soleil president Daniel Lamarre will discuss the $57 million show during a press event in Las Vegas Wednesday. The tour will kick off in Montreal in October and hit 30 cities before stopping in Las Vegas.

Excerpts from Jackson's music videos will be part of the 90-minute show, but no performer will represent Jackson specifically.

"Immortal" will also feature as-yet-unreleased songs that Jackson had finished before his death in 2009. A separate permanent production is expected to open next year at Mandalay Bay.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Conrad Murray May Testify Or Give An Interview After The Trial. 28-04-'11

Radar Online claims they spoke to Conrad Murray’s close friend who says Murray “will be playing an active role in his defense. Dr. Murray has made sure that his medical practice and patients are taken care of during the trial,”.

The source also says: “Dr. Murray wants to tell his version of events the day that Michael Jackson tragically died. Dr. Murray has maintained his innocence since he was formally charged. Dr. Murray’s lawyers will make the tactical decision when it’s their turn to present their witnesses at the trial about whether or not to put him on the stand. Dr. Murray truly has nothing to hide, and wants the jurors to hear what he has to say.”

If Murray doesn’t testify at the trial, his friend tells Radar Online: “Dr. Murray would probably do an interview after the trial, if his advisors approve it, to explain his story. There is so much that the public doesn’t know. Dr. Murray is hopeful that at an appropriate time, he can elaborate on misconceptions about him and his care of Michael.”

Source: radaronline / Billie Jean

Diana Ross Will Get Custody Of Michael Jackson’ Kids. 27-04-'11

Few reports have circulated as of late that claim that Michael Jackson appointed none other than Diana Ross as guardian of his children in the event that his mother, Katherine Jackson, passed away, and although it may seem a little unusual, a source close to the late pop icon's family are asserting that it's true!

Apparently, Michael was concerned that his mother's age may become an issue at some point, and named Ross as a secondary guardian in case anything happens to her. And although the icon has yet to have much involvement in Prince, Paris, or Blanket's lives, she is ready to if/when that time comes!

The source explains:

"Diana has made no moves whatsoever to not fulfill her role that Michael intended for her. Michael didn't trust anyone in his family besides, his mother, to raise the children. Michael loved Diana and chose her for a very specific reason. Katherine is a very doting, loving grandmother. She just isn't getting any younger and that is why Michael named a second guardian. She will step in if there's an immediate need to do so."

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Mom Talks About Motherhood, Family. 26-04-'11

Katherine Jackson doesn't celebrate Mother's Day or birthdays for religious reasons.

But Michael Jackson's mother, who turns 81 on May 4, said she does believe in the tradition of sending flowers to a loved one.

"It means love, 'I was thinking about you today, so I'm sending you these flowers,' " Jackson said. "Sometimes when you might be feeling down and you get some flowers, it perks you up."

Jackson, who rarely gives interviews, spoke to CNN about the Katherine Jackson Flower Collection, which launches Tuesday on SendHerFlowers.com, just in time for Mother's Day.

"Flowers make me feel happy," she said.

Perhaps she would have the strength later to talk about her differences with the men who now control her late son's estate or the upcoming trial of the doctor charged in his death, but not yet, Jackson said.

She dreads sitting in court for Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial, which is set to last two months starting May 9, she said.

But she will be there, listening to testimony about how her son died. The judge has already ruled that prosecutors can show photographs from his autopsy.

"A mother's job is never done," Jackson said.

She recently moved from the Encino mansion that was the Jackson family home for four decades and into a newly built mansion on a hilltop in Calabasas. Although the Hayvenhurst home is being remodeled, she hinted that she's not moving back.

Katherine Jackson, who raised nine children and is now caring for Michael Jackson's three children, shared advice about motherhood.

She called it "the most important thing in the world."

"One thing about mothers -- they have to really be there for their children when they need her," she said. "They should be there at all times and know where your children are at all times. You must make your 'yes' mean 'yes' and let your 'no' mean 'no.' That's really the way to bring your children up."

It's the mother who holds the family together, she said.

"Yes, she's the glue that keeps the family going," Jackson said.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

‘Thriller’ Voted Best Video Of All Time By Rolling Stone Readers. 23-04-'11

Rolling Stone recently asked its readers to vote for their favorite music videos of all time, and the results are in! According to the magazine, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is #1 and is “so iconic and influential that it’s not exactly a surprise that it won this poll by a landslide.

So much more than a promo clip for a song, this mini-movie practically invented the notion of the music video as a major cultural event.” It is also the first and only music video to be inducted by the Library of Congress into the National Film Registry, an elite collection of only a few hundred films. Check out “Thriller” at #1, along with the rest of the Top 10, at RollingStone.com.

Source: rollingstone / Billie Jean

The King of Pop Comes To Madame Tussauds New York. 22-04-'11

From now through June, the world famous Madame Tussauds wax attraction in New York will feature a very special exhibit celebrating Michael Jackson at three phases of his career beginning with The Jackson 5 through Invincible.

Michael Jackson was first sculpted in wax by Madame Tussauds’ artists in 1984 and had a second figure created in 1989. He has been immortalized in wax more times than any other celebrity in history and is currently featured at every Madame Tussauds wax attraction across the globe.

Madame Tussauds New York is located in the heart of Times Square at 234 West 42nd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. For more information, visit the site.

Source: madametussauds.com / Billie Jean

MJ Estate Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Howard Mann. 22-04-'11

A federal judge is allowing a lawsuit brought by the Estate of Michael Jackson to continue against the operator of a website that sells various MJ memorabilia. The lawsuit was filed last year against Howard Mann, who operates MichaelJacksonSecretVault.com, which sells rare artwork, photographs, sound recordings and other merchandise. Notably, Mann is a former business partner of Michael’s mother, Katherine, and the lawsuit represented an aggressive attempt to police Michael’s intellectual property and likeness after his passing.

In an order denying a motion to dismiss, Judge Dean Pregerson is allowing the lawsuit over whether Mann is trying to cash in on Michael Jackson’s legacy to continue. Mann attempted to dismiss the case based on a 2004 lawsuit that was dismissed at a preliminary stage, but the judge rules that the record in that case was “undeveloped” and the identity of the claims are subject to factual dispute.

Source: Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

Arnie Klein -- My Buddy Was Not Michael's Lover. 22-04-'11

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the dermatologist who loomed large in Michael Jackson's life -- has now changed his story and says his good friend and office manager -- Jason Pfeiffer -- did NOT have an affair with Michael Jackson.

Klein had told TMZ ... Jackson was gay but that Jason's alleged relationship with the singer was the only gay relationship MJ ever had. Klein told us Jason was "the love of [Michael's] life."

But now on his Facebook page, Klein says "Allegations about ... Jason being Michael Jackson's lover are ridiculous. That story was made up ... "

Klein also scoffs at allegations he contributed to MJ's death, saying, "I made two interventions on Michael's Propofol Abuse myself ..."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Mann's Motion To Dismiss Denied. 22-04-'11

A federal judge is allowing the lawsuit brought by the Michael Jackson estate to continue against the operator of a website that sells various, unauthorized Jackson memorabilia.

The lawsuit was filed last year against Howard Mann, the operator of MichaelJacksonSecretVault.com. The website sells rare artwork, photographs, sound recordings and other merchandise. Mann attempted to solidify his position by partnering with Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, however the lawsuit represented an aggressive attempt by the Estate to police the superstar's intellectual property and likeness after his passing.

In an order denying a motion to dismiss, Judge Dean Pregerson is allowing the lawsuit over whether Mann is trying to cash in on Jackson's name and legacy to continue.

Mann attempted to have the case thrown out based on a 2004 lawsuit that was dismissed in the preliminary stages, but Pregerson ruled that the record in that case was "undeveloped" and the identity of the claims are subject to factual dispute.

Source: MJFC / hollywoodreporter.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Autopsy Pics To Be Shown. 21-04-'11

A judge hearing the Michael Jackson manslaughter case says prosecutors can show jurors two images from the singer's autopsy.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor has ruled that prosecutors trying Dr Conrad Murray can show what Pastor described as benign photos that are not graphic or gruesome.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren says he intends to introduce photos during the upcoming trial that will be carefully displayed.

Advertisement: Story continues below Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Authorities have accused him of giving Jackson a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol in the bedroom of his rented mansion in June 2009.

Murray's lawyers have suggested in recent months that the singer may have given himself the fatal dose.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Statement From The Estate Regarding HTW. 21-04-'11

MJFC received the following statement just moments ago from the Michael Jackson Estate:

Please let the fans know that we are aware of the many questions from the fan community regarding the recent settlement of the HTWF lawsuit. The Estate will need at least ninety days to gather information, as well as all of the property that will be coming back to the Estate from Melissa Johnson and the HTWF. We want the fans to rest assured that all decisions on the use of a charitable foundation or, as an alternative, making direct contributions to recipient charities, and any and all personnel decisions, will be made with complete regard to Michael’s wishes and Michael’s legacy, which we intend to honor and perpetuate. We also value the opinions of Michael’s fans who, above all, have shown unwavering support for Michael and his legacy. We therefore want to assure the fans that all actions being taken by the Estate, past, present and future, will be guided by the paramount objective of doing the right thing by Michael.

John McClain and John Branca
The Estate of Michael Jackson

Source: The Official Online Team of the Michael Jackson Estate / Billie Jean

Fulham’s MJ Statue Gets Pink Glove To Sell Women’s Final Tickets. 21-04-'11

To mark tickets for next month’s Women’s Champions League final at Craven Cottage going on sale, the club (Fullham) have decorated their homage to the King of Pop with a pink glove.

The final between Lyon and FFC Turbine Potsdam is on May 26 and tickets are available at Fulhamfc.com/tickets – or the first 50 fans to email ‘Pink glove’ to enquiries@fulhamfc.com get freebies.

Source: Metro UK / Billie Jean

Behind The Mask / Hollywood Tonight (Vinyl Single). 19-04-'11
Released: 12-04-2011

This vinyl single is a collector's item released in Italy on the record label Sony/Epic. On the A-side 'Hollywood Tonight' and on the B-side 'Behind The Mask.

Both sides are remixes not album versions, previously unavailable. Limited to 4000 pressings.

Track lists:

A. Hollywood Tonight (Throwback Mix)
B. Behind The Mask (Edit)

Record label: Sony / Epic
Series number: 886978808370
Point price: ?

You find this vinyl single on Ebay, good luck.

Source: Billie Jean

Dear Michael - The Motown Collection. 19-04-'11

"Japanese original deluxe box set release from The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson including 12 albums, featuring cardboard sleeve jacket faithfully replicate the original US LP designs and the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players). Comes with an original tote bag and label cards that replicate the original US LP designs. Comes with lyrics and descriptions. Serial-numbered box.

Included albums;
The Jackson 5 "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 / ABC +1 (UICY-94292)," "Third Album / Maybe Tomorrow (UICY-94293)," "Going Back To Indiana / Looking Through The Windows (UICY-94294)," "Skywriter / Get It Together +3 (UICY-94295)," "Dancing Machine / Moving Violation +2 (UICY-94296)," "Joyful Jukebox Music / Boogie (UICY-94297)," "Christmas Album (UICY-94298)," and "In Japan (UICY-94299)."

Michael Jackson "Hello World: The Complete Motown Solo Collection (3CD set) (UICY-94300)" and "Pure Michael: Motown A Cappella (bonus CD)."

Release date: 08.06.2011
Price: 288,06 $

Source: cdjapan / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate Settles With Heal The World. 19-04-'11

The Michael Jackson Estate has settled its lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation, and the Estate is now copacetic with the charity using Michael Jackson's name.

The Estate had sued Heal the World, on grounds it had no right to use MJ's name to solicit money. But we've learned there was a secret meeting yesterday between Katherine Jackson's new lawyer, Perry Sanders, and Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman.

We're told the Foundation will transfer to the Estate all registered trademarks that relate to Michael Jackson. MJ's original Heal the World Foundation will be re-formed under the supervision of the Executors. Katherine Jackson will be a member of the board, as will Melissa Johnson, who headed up the most recent version of the foundation.

The lawyers are going to court this AM to dismiss the lawsuit.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Prosecutors Seek To Show Video of 'Active, Energetic' Pop Star Before His Death. 19-04-'11

Prosecutors in the upcoming trial of Michael Jackson’s personal physician want to show jurors video of the pop star singing and dancing hours before his death.

In papers filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, the prosecution said the rehearsal video captured by a documentary film crew shows Jackson as an “active, energetic 50-year-old,” countering suggestions by Dr. Conrad Murray’s lawyers that the singer was in a desperate state of mind and caused his own death.

The footage of Jackson performing “The Way You Make Me Feel” two days before his 2009 death and “Earth Song” the evening before show he “was actively involved in preparing for his upcoming tour ... and that he had every reason to want to live,” wrote prosecutors David Walgren and Deborah Brazil.

Judge Michael Pastor is to take up the request and other evidentiary motions Thursday at a hearing.

Murray is to go on trial next month for involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s fatal overdose from the surgical anesthetic propofol. He has said through his attorneys that the music legend gave himself the lethal dose.

Source: latimesblogs / Billie Jean

Tito Jackson Talks About MJ’s kids In US Magazine Interview. 19-04-'11

In an interview with US Magazine Michael’s brother Tito talks about his kids. Here is part of the interview.

USM: And what about Mike’s kids? Will you be taking them on tour at all?

TJ: “If they want to come out and hang out with Uncle Tito, that’s always welcome. I’m going to be taking them fishing this summer. I’m going to hang out with them a little bit when I get a chance.”

USM: That’s great. And how are they? This must be so hard for them. How are they coping?

TJ: “Well, they’re children and they have a way of not being okay, but being okay. They miss their pops dearly, but they are continuing to be children and do all the things that children do. They go to Disneyland and go to the movies and the park, things children do.”

Click here to read the complete interview.

Source: usmagazine / Billie Jean

D.A. -- Don't Sully Michael Jackson's Character. 19-04-'11

The L.A. County District Attorney has filed a motion asking the judge in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case to stop Conrad Murray's defense team from using any evidence involving the Nation of Islam.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, District Attorney Steve Cooley explains, "Evidence concerning the Nation of Islam ... is irrelevant to this case because it does not relate to the defendant's participation in Michael Jackson's death."

But there's a deeper storyline -- Cooley's move is a preemptive strike to keep the defense from trying to make Michael Jackson look like a weirdo ... and an unsympathetic character ... and connecting MJ to the N.O.I. would make him very unsympathetic with a jury.

And Cooley wants to prevent the defense attacking MJ's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez who claims he was ordered by Dr. Murray to hide evidence of Propofol in MJ's bedroom.

Alvarez had been convicted of a misdemeanor 11 years ago, which Cooley believes is irrelevant.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Another Murray Girlfriend Heard From. 18-04-'11

Stripper Michelle Bella, whom Dr. Murray met at the Spearmint Rhino gentleman's club in Las Vegas in 2008, said that the doctor sounded "tired" on the morning Michael Jackson died.

Bella, one of three girlfriends the married cardiologist was juggling at the time, told detectives that on June 25, 2009, Dr. Murray left a message on her phone at about 8:30 a.m.

She said Murray had mentioned Michael Jackson to her before and she told police, "I mean his schedule was obviously, you know ... I know that he was like up all hours because of his work so when - so when he called, you know, he sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep or whatever."

One theory surrounding the case is that Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time he should have been closely watching his patient and that he may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure.

This theory makes the defence's claims that Jackson killed himself sound even more doubtful.

An interesting side note here - Bella also told the police how she and Murray met at the Spearmint Rhino strip club.

"He came in there with his scrubs and he was there with like, a client of his," she said.

Bella, who was studying to be a chiropractic assistant at the time said, "We were just sharing some like, you know, medical knowledge and I know he was intrigued with me."

Murray must have been very impressed with her medical knowledge because, according to her, she "sat with him for about roughly like an hour and a half and he paid me $1,000."

Source: thehollywoodgossip.com / Billie Jean

Tribute Show In The Netherlands. 18-04-'11

Man In The Mirror is a tribute show to Michael which is going to be at the Amsterdam RAI Theater during May.

The below information has been translated and given to us by Loes Grolman – Thank you Loes!


Man in the MIRROR – The Michael Jackson Show – celebrates the great music of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in a vibrant, theatrical and spectacular show including the greatest hits from three decades of pop history.

In Man in the MIRROR an international cast of top artists plays Michael Jackson’s music with fantastic special effects, incredible multimedia applications, breathtaking vocals and explosive choreography.

This special musical show - with all Michael’s number one hits, takes the audience on a unique journey through the career of the greatest entertainer of all time.
The play-list includes: Bad, Thriller, Beat It, Black or White, Earth Song, Smooth Criminal, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Man in the Mirror, The Way You Make Me Feel, I’ll Be There, and more….

Man in the Mirror is the ultimate tribute to a pop icon who will never be forgotten.
If you like Michael Jackson’s music, you’ll enjoy this show! “Every Michael Jackson fan must have seen this show!”
Order your tickets now via this site or call number 0900-300 6000 (€0,45 cpm only for the Netherlands).

Thursday 19 May at 20:15
Friday 20 May at 20:15
Saturday 21 May at 15:00 & 20:15
Sunday 22 May at 15:00 & 20:15
Tuesday 24 May at 20:15
Wednesday 25 May at 20:15
Thursday 26 May at 20:15
Friday 27 May at 20:15
Tuesday 31 May at 20:15
Wednesday 01 June at 20:15
Thursday 02 June at 20:15
Friday 03 June at 20:15
Saturday 04 June at 15:00 & 20:15
Sunday 05 June at 15:00 & 20:15

Ticket fee*
Rang 1 (circle) €59,00
Rang 2 (circle) €52,50
Rang 3 (circle) €45,00
Rang 4 (circle) €37,50
*reservation and transaction costs are not included

Source: mitm-theshow.com / Billie Jean

Prints On Michael Jackson syringe 'Not Murray's'. 17-04-'11

Fingerprints found on the syringe whose contents killed Michael Jackson do not belong to Dr Conrad Murray, it has been reported.

Murray is due to stand trial over Jackson's death in three weeks time. He is accused of involuntary manslaughter after allegedly administering the Propofol that killed the popstar.

However, the News of the World reports that Murray's prints were not on the fatal syringe - supporting his defence that "Mr X" injected the drug before fleeing with more than $1m in cash that went missing from Jackson's home.

"The mystery fingerprints are the biggest breakthrough for Murray so far," a source said. "If it is handled right it would mean a jury cannot convict him. All the syringes were vacuum-packed and sterile before use. The fingerprints point to someone else being there and using the fatal syringe."

Furthermore, police have lost CCTV footage from the house on the day of Jackson's death. "The missing CCTV tape also helps the theory. Bodyguards say they handed over 24 hours-worth of footage from the day, which showed everyone who came and went," the source added.

Murray is said to be reluctant to take to the stand and will submit a statement claiming his innocence. He will also question why he would want to kill Jackson when he was being paid £90,000 ($147,000) a month to work as his personal doctor.

The fingerprints do not belong to any of Jackson's family or staff and it remains unknown whose they are.

Source: digitalspy.co.uk / Billie Jean

Katherine's New Lawyer To Estate: Let's Be Fair. 16-04-'11

Katherine Jackson has just hired a lawyer to repair the damaged relationship with the Michael Jackson Estate ...trying to unlock some of the money the Estate is raking in and give it to MJ's mom.

Katherine hired Perry Sanders, a big time litigator who, among other things, was pivotal in securing the publishing rights for the proper owners against Master P and the No Limit Records catalog.

Sanders tells TMZ ... he wants to work with MJ Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman to see if they can reach some sort of common ground.

As TMZ first reported, the Estate is already paying Katherine $26,000 a month. In addition, the Estate has paid off the mortgage to the Jackson family home, bought her a car, hired a cook and paid for various vacations and other expenses.

Katherine and her people feel they haven't gotten enough dough, given that the Estate has made hundreds of millions of bucks since Michael's death.

For his part, Weitzman tells TMZ, "If Mr. Sanders is in fact Mrs. Jackson's new lawyer, I will be glad to talk to him."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

New Book Of Michael Jackson - King. 15-04-'11

Richard Lecocq has released his newly published book, ”Michael Jackson KING”( 26 april), a detailed documentation of Michael Jackson’s historic solo career as the world’s number one entertainer from 1979 – 2009. Richard takes the reader through the exploration of how the albums, films, tours, TV appearances and collaborations with other artists were created and became a part of the legacy of this great entertainer.

”Michael Jackson KING” includes in-depth interviews with Steve Barron who directed the plate-shifting ”Billie Jean” video; choreographer Vincent Paterson of ”Beat It,” ”Thriller,” ”Smooth Criminal,” ”Black or White,” ”Jam,” ”Blood on the Dance Floor” and several TV performances; ”imagineer” Rick Rothschild who worked on Captain EO; Matt Forger, the sound engineer from Thriller to HIStory; Buz Kohan, writer of the TV shows Disney 25, Motown 25, Sammy Davis, Jr.’s 60th Celebration, Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th Celebration, and Tom Bahler, writer and arranger of ”We Are the World” and ”She’s Out Of My Life.”

In addition to those interviews Richard interviewed me regarding the creation of Michael Jackson’s image for the cover of his first hugely successful solo album, Off the Wall. The look Michael and I created together at that time was a graphic metaphor of his coming of age, of his stepping out as a man on his own. Those images, the black and white palette, the socks and glove and all the other trademark elements we came up with, were kept in some form as the symbol of Michael Jackson throughout his career. His branding.

Preorder here

Source: publibook / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Doc In Flirty Texts With 3 Women. 15-04-'11

Michael Jackson's doctor made flirty texts and calls to three women on the day he died, documents revealed yesterday.
Conrad Murray was wooing them when he should have been watching Jackon after giving him a cocktail of drugs, prosecutors claim.

They say he was distracted in the crucial moments before the singer's death on June 25, 2009.

Murray, 58, was on the phone to Texas cocktail waitress Sade Anding, 24, minutes before calling 911 to raise the alarm.

He also sent texts to Las Vegas stripper Michelle Bella at 8.30am.

A third woman - Bridgette Morgan - also called that day about a plane ticket he was buying her.

Murray's lawyers want his love life and trips to strip clubs banned from his trial next month.

But the papers, filed by prosecutors in Los Angeles yesterday, state: "The details of these relationships are relevant to show Dr Murray's level of inattentiveness and distraction while he was responsible for the care of Mr Jackson."

As part of their evidence, prosecutors want to admit a £300 cheque Murray wrote to Anding "after the two came back from a social outing".

They also have a £670 receipt showing what Murray paid at a strip joint the day he met Bella.

The doctor was living with Nicole Alvarez, 28, the mum of his young son, at the time of Jackon's death.

He has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter but admits giving Jackon drugs at his mansion in LA, although not the fatal dose.

Source: thesun / Billie Jean

Katherine Jackson Fires Her Lawyer. 14-04-'11

Katherine Jackson has just escalated her battle royale with the Michael Jackson Estate by firing her lawyer.

TMZ has obtained a letter Katherine sent to Adam Streisand, wishing him the best on the one hand ... and giving him the boot on the other.

The letter does not explain the reasons for the firing, simply saying, "... I have decided to move in a different direction."

But sources connected with Katherine tell TMZ ... she's upset that Streisand gave TMZ a statement yesterday in which he said Katherine "denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate."

The Heal the World Foundation had filed a declaration -- purportedly written by Katherine Jackson -- in which she accused John Branca of being a crook who stole from Michael.

Streisand told TMZ Wednesday, "She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors."

Sources connected with Katherine do not dispute Streisand's claim that Katherine never said or believed the executors were crooks. So it's unclear what got Katherine so upset that she fired Streisand.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... some of the people who have Katherine's ear have it out for the Estate and actually wrote the declaration with the accusations and were upset that Streisand blew the whistle on them.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Katherine Jackson: The Declaration Is A FRAUD! 13-04-'11

Katherine Jackson is furious about a declaration filed with the court -- purportedly signed by her -- in which she attacks the Executors of the Michael Jackson Estate. TMZ has learned ... Katherine insists she never signed that declaration.

TMZ reported this morning ... a declaration filed in the Estate's lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation makes shocking allegations against John Branca, calling him a thief.

But Katherine's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, "Mrs. Jackson categorically denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate."

Streisand adds, "She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors." And Streisand says, Katherine told him, "These are not my words."

Check out the signature on the declaration in question, dated April 6, 2011, and compare it to Katherine's signature from a legal doc on February 3, 2010.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

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