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Glimpses Of Neverland Rediscovered. 28-02-'11

A few hundred people showed to view sixteen photographs of Michael’s personal items. It was a mix of enthusiastic guests many of whom were artists, friends and family of the hosts, and of course, MJ fans of all ages and walks of life. The gallery was buzzing in conversation of topics from how windy it was outside, to who’s who, to the curiosity of what Neverland must have been like. The favorite photograph seemed to be a picture of the sole of one of Michael’s dance shoes.

In February and April of 2009, Henry Leutwyler visited Neverland for the purpose of photographing some of Michael’s possessions before they left for auction. Some were already in the process of being wrapped for shipping. The photos in the book range from delicately placed miniatures of whimsical characters and soldiers, which were no longer standing, to Michael’s red velvet throne. I recommend the book to people who can appreciate a dear part of his life in still-life form. The best of the photos are the ones which depict the tactile quality of Michael’s former treasures.

Henry Leutwyler will return to the gallery for a talk with Hollis King, a former creative director of the Verve Music Group and design consultant, about the photos. The date is Thursday, March 17 from 7-8pm. Foley Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm , located at 548 West 28th Street and this show will be up through April 2nd.

Source: Billie Jean

Exclusive - The Behind The Mask Project. 28-02-'11

New York, NY – In the spirit of Michael Jackson’s pioneering videos that pushed the creative boundaries in capturing the look, feel and emotions of music, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music will provide everyone who likes music an opportunity to help create online a unique groundbreaking music video for the single “Behind the Mask”. Using the web in a truly innovative way, people from around the world on March 7 will come together to create an imaginative piece of Michael Jackson history in The Behind the Mask Project.

Led by the creative team at Radical Media and director Dennis Liu, participants will visit the website http://behindthemask.michaeljackson.com which will be loaded with simple tools that define the different roles one can play in this landmark project. First, users select a move, a lyric, or a crowd reaction; performers can even demonstrate their own moonwalk, the anti-gravity lean or the toe stand. Then, using the site’s split-screen template, contributors can shoot their move right on the website with their web cam (or their video camera) and upload their clip at the precise time it occurs in the video.

After the worldwide community has come together and done their part, the director will select the top clips and weave them into this historical work of Michael Jackson video art. The final results of The Behind the Mask Project will be unveiled during the first week in April.

“Behind the Mask” is a critic and fan favorite from MICHAEL – the unique collection of songs featuring Michael’s performances completed posthumously and released in December by the Michael Jackson Estate and Sony Music. MICHAEL was the #1 global album upon its release in December and has shipped over 3 million units worldwide making it one of the biggest albums of 2010. The album’s success continues to underscore Michael’s importance as a global icon and superstar, transcending cultures and languages.

Participate starting March 7, 2011 at http://behindthemask.michaeljackson.com.

Dennis Liu is an award-winning digital filmmaker at @radical.media. Dennis quickly made a name for himself winning awards for clients that include Apple and Microsoft and being honored in the renowned "Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase".

@radical.media is a global transmedia company that creates some of the world's most innovative content and the home to @radical.media design+digital. @radical.media's award-winning projects include the Academy Award®-winning documentary “The Fog of War”; the Grammy®-winning “Concert for George”; the Independent Spirit Award-winning “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”; the award-winning digital experience “The Wilderness Downtown” for Google Creative Lab and Arcade Fire; the Grammy-nominated “The Johnny Cash Project”; the Emmy® and Golden Globe®-winning pilot episode of the hit series “Mad Men”; the Emmy®-winning “10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America” for the History Channel; and five seasons of the critically acclaimed Sundance Channel series “Iconoclasts,” among others.

Source: The Estate of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

John Landis Talks About Thriller Video. 27-02-'11

Director John Landis, who worked on the iconic 'Thriller' video with Michael Jackson, recently gave an interview to AllMediaNY during which he discussed making the video:

ALLMEDIANY: At a time when MTV was only a few years old, a production as big as “Thriller” was unheard of. Did either you or Jackson have doubts that the network would run it?

LANDIS: No. People tend to forget this, but the album had been out a year, and had already been the number-one album of all time, had already sold more records than any other album in history. They had made “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” which were very, very successful films, and when Michael came to me, I thought, “Well, I don’t want to make a rock video.” Essentially they were commercials to sell records, and I thought, “I don’t want to do that,” but then I met with Mike, and he was such an extraordinary, brilliant performer. You know, when I made “The Blues Brothers,” I’d made a decision I regretted later, which was, because John [Belushi] and Danny [Aykroyd] were not professional dancers, I had shot all the numbers with amateurs, except finally I shot the church scene with professional dancers; it was one of the last things we shot back in L.A. So the opportunity of doing a really good musical number appealed to me, so I said to Mike, “Michael, instead of doing a video, can we make a theatrical short?” The intention was always meant to be that it would play in theaters. In fact, we had a deal with Disney, and it played with “Fantasia” before it was on TV.

ALLMEDIANY: Wasn’t it hard to fund it, though?

LANDIS: Sony and CBS said they wouldn’t give us any money – they thought the album was over. And Michael said he’d pay for it, and I said, “Absolutely not! I’m not going to take your money,” because it cost almost $500,000 to make – that’s very expensive. So we raised the money from a brand-new cable network called Showtime – we got half the money, and they got the exclusive right to show that and “The Making of ‘Thriller,’” which was an hour together. They used to call it “The Making of ‘Filler,’” because they had to come up with an hour. Then MTV went crazy and said, “How could you do that?!” We said, “OK, put up the second half of the money, and we’ll let you show it for a while.” And that’s what happened, but before they showed it, it played theatrically. In fact, I got kind of screwed by the record company, because Frank DiLeo, who was Mike’s manager at the time, told me many years later that he’s the one who did it, which is he did the right thing for the record but he kind of screwed me. What he did was, they duped “Thriller” and they made many, many copies of it, and then gave it free to television stations all over the world. It was on TV constantly, which meant it wouldn’t be playing in theaters anymore – which upset me – but it did make the album triple its sales, and it did establish MTV. I mean, it’s responsible for a lot of things, but it was no one’s brilliant plan – it was just Mike wanting to turn into a monster.

ALLMEDIANY: In “Thriller,” he goes from looking like a zombie to having his appearance go back to normal when he sings, only to turn back into his zombie self. What made it necessary to take off the makeup?

LANDIS: Nothing made it necessary – it was my choice. It was just an aesthetic choice, that’s all. You’re asking me to make sense of it, the whole thing doesn’t make sense. It’s a fantasy! It does not make sense! If you’re trying to come up with some reasonable, rational explanation for the fact that he suddenly turns into a zombie and then back again, and then at the end he’s a zombie – I mean, it’s completely silly. It’s not meant to make sense – it’s meant to be entertaining.

Source: allmediany.com / Billie Jean

King Of Facebook. 27-02-'11

According to the latest statistics, this week Eminem overtook Lady Gaga to become Facebook's second Most 'Liked' Artist. Obviously, Michael Jackson is still number one on Facebook, but Eminem and Lady Gaga are rapidly gaining popularity and approaching the King of Pop. As of today Michael Jackson has 29,246,390 “likes” and Eminem has 29,089,072 while Lady Gaga has 28,997,291.

Reports suggest that Eminem is currently averaging more than 500,000 Facebook "likes" a day, and could soon surpass the King of Pop and become the site's overall most-liked artist. Help keep the King of Pop the King of Facebook! Go to Michael Jackson’s Facebook Page and make sure to click the “like” button today!

Source: MJFC / mtv.com / facebook.com / Billie Jean

MJ's Kids Give Away $10,000 To Honor Dad. 26-02-'11

Michael Jackson's children definitely have the bug -- the one that makes you give away large sums of money -- because they just helped make a $10,000 donation to one of MJ's favorite charities.

Earlier this week, Prince, Paris, and Blanket presented a check for $10K to the L.A. Housing Corporation -- a group that provides shelter for homeless families. Sources tell us Michael used to take his kids to volunteer with the group.

We're told the massive chunk o' change came from grandma Katherine Jackson's memorabilia biz.

MJ's heirs made the donation on behalf of his Heal the World Foundation. All three of them joined the group's Youth Board of Advisors last year.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Jermaine Jackson Comments About AEG Lawsuit And Katherine. 25-02-'11

The following tweets were posted by Jermaine Jackson earlier today:

Re AEG lawsuit. We’re seeking justice with the best team. All cases face certain hurdles. It’s time for faith not defeatism.

What our mother is doing stems from love for a son she lost. She’s doing this with a good heart, and is doing her best. Pls support her.

Source: LMJ, Jermaine Jackson via Twitter / Billie Jean

AUDIO: New Barry Gibb Track ‘All In Your Name’ Featuring Michael Jackson. 26-02-'11

The following preview has been made available on Barry Gibb’s website. It is said that the Bee Gees member will release the song together with other new or unheard material soon. Click to play the preview here by way of YouTube.

After Michael died in June 2009 Barry Gibb wrote on his website:

“Michael was my friend, the only recording artist I truly knew and who truly knew me. He was the Godfather to my son Michael. We have lost a dear member of our family, we are devastated. Michael you will live forever in our hearts. Fly away butterfly take it to your journeys end. We will always love you.”

Source: Barry Gibb / Billie Jean

Prosecutor Says Defense Isn’t Sharing Info, Asks For Delay Trial. 25-02-'11

A prosecutor asked Thursday that the trial of Conrad Murray must be delayed because of what she said was the failure of the defense to share information about its planned case, including the findings of its star forensic witness.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor left the scheduled March 24 start of Conrad Murray’s trial in place, but said he shared the prosecution’s frustration and reminded defense attorneys that they could be fined or barred from calling witnesses if they did not comply with legal obligations to turn over the materials. “Dr. Murray is entitled to have a speedy trial, but it’s not trial by lack of information,” Pastor said.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Deborah Brazil complained that with only a month before trial, Murray’s lawyers have not handed over a report or notes about the expected testimony of Dr. Paul White.

The defense acknowledged in court that White, a Dallas anaesthesiologist with an expertise in propofol is its most important witness. But defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan insisted the expert had not prepared a report and had communicated his findings verbally. Those findings, Flanagan said, included the opinion that Michael was addicted to Demerol and that Murray did not cause Michael’s death.

Pastor urged Murray’s lawyers to provide more information about White’s testimony to the prosecution. “I’m just finding it very difficult to believe that a renowned forensic expert in any subject is going to take the stand without having documentation in front of him,” the judge said.

Source: LA Times / Billie Jean

Katherine Will Not Proceed With Some Lawsuit Allegations Against AEG. 25-02-'11

Attorneys for Michael’s mother say she will not proceed with some of the original allegations in her complaint against the promoter of the London concert series Michael was about to begin when he died, including fraud.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos ruled Feb. 2 that lawyers for Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren will have to provide more concrete evidence of fraud, negligent infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy, which the lawsuit alleges. She gave them 20 days to amend the complaint.

However, the attorneys filed papers Tuesday stating they “do not intent to amend the complaint.” That means the case is scheduled to go to trial for now on the remaining allegations of breach of contract, negligent hiring and employer responsibility.

The suit was filed on Sept. 15 by Katherine on behalf of herself and her son’s three children. The suit alleges AEG Live is responsible for the medical decisions made by Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal physician at the time, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in Michael’s death.

The suit originally alleged Prince suffered negligent infliction of emotional distress when he “witnessed his father suffering and accordingly has suffered great trauma and severe emotional distress.” But according to AEG, the Jackson family lawyers themselves do not allege the boy was present when Murray gave propofol to the singer, nor do they claim the boy was aware the physician was causing any harm to his father.

Palazuelos also said she had doubts about the civil conspiracy claim within the suit because there were no details stating AEG Live and Murray had an agreement to do something unlawful. Katherine also is dropping that allegation.

Source: Beverly Hills Courier / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Kids Visit Transitional Centre For The Homeless. 24-02-'11

Michael Jackson's three children are continuing their late father's philanthropic legacy - they visited struggling families at a homeless help organisation on Wednesday (23Feb11).

The King of Pop devoted much of his time and money to charities across the world, and founded the Heal the World Foundation in 1992, providing funds to benefit a variety of causes, including drug and alcohol abuse education and disadvantaged children.

Now the superstar's kids Prince Michael, 14, Paris, 12, and eight-year-old Blanket have picked up their dad's work for the needy, paying a visit to a Los Angeles-based charity which helps homeless families, according to U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America.

Reporter Robin Roberts was granted special access to interview the singer's children and their grandmother Katherine Jackson for a GMA special, which will air on Friday (25 Feb, 11).

During the chat, Katherine reveals the kids have "adjusted pretty well" to life without their beloved father.

Asked about their plans for the future, Prince tells Roberts, "I guess continue what our dad was doing."

And Paris, who has previously expressed her desire to become an actress, is already planning to test her skills onstage. She adds, "I'm thinking about auditioning for a play next week."

Source: contactmusic / Billie Jean

Kids Interviewed On GMA Tomorrow. 24-02-'11

Michael Jackson's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket will appear on Good Morning America tomorrow for an interview with show host Robin Roberts.

The children talk about their plans for the future with Prince saying that they intend to "continue what our Dad was doing," and Paris adding, "I'm thinking about auditioning for a play next week."

The children appear on the morning show with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who says that they all seem to have adjusted pretty well to life without their Dad.

You can watch a clip of the interview at the GMA website. That interview will air in it's entirety on tomorrow's show.

Source: abcnews.go.com/gma / Billie Jean

Hearing In Murray Case Today. 24-02-'11

The judge overseeing the Conrad Murray case will hear arguments Thursday on whether a new attorney with ties to Michael Jackson should be allowed to join the defense team.

An attorney from the Michael Jackson Estate is among those expected to weigh in on whether or not Nareg Gourjian, a former associate of celebrity attorney Mark Geragos, should be allowed to join the defense.

Geragos represented Jackson from 2003 until 2005 but left the singer's case before he was acquitted of child molestation charges. Geragos is also expected to speak Thursday about whether he thinks Gourjian should be allowed to defend Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.

Gourjian has said he did very little work on Jackson's case back then.

Murray is not expected to attend the hearing.

Source: MJFC / AP / abcnews.go.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Children Want To Get In Showbiz. 24-02-'11

king Michael Jackson's children want to move into the movie business.

The late singer's brother Jackie, 59, said Prince, 14, Paris, 12 and Prince Michael II (Blanket), eight, were all keen on a life in showbiz, reports dailystar.co.uk.

"Prince wanted to be a director and Paris an actress," Jackie said.

"I told them: "You'd better get busy, when we were your age we were selling out concerts," he added.

Source: newkerala.com / Billie Jean

Michael On UK Charts. 24-02-'11

Here are Michael’s Current Chart Positions in the United Kingdom. Sadly, his latest album ‘MICHAEL,’ is out of the Official Top 75 UK albums.

The Official UK Top 75 Albums Chart:

66 - Number Ones

UK Top 40 RNB Albums:

32 - The Essential (134 weeks on chart )

UK Top 40 Music DVD Chart:

2 - This Is It ( non-mover/52 weeks on chart )
10 - Moonwalker (re-entry/87 weeks on chart)

Source: BBC Radio 1 Charts / Billie Jean

Lawsuit Over Canceled MJ Auction Can Proceed. 24-02-'11

A judge ruled today that a collector suing the Michael Jackson Estate and Julien's Auctions for $5 million over a canceled auction of the singer's memorabilia can take his case to trial.

The decision by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Sohigian means that a jury will decide Richard LaPointe's case, which alleges intentional infliction of contractual relations and breach of contract against Julien's Auction House and the Jackson Estate, said LaPointe's attorney Andrew Krastins.

Krastins praised the judge's decision saying it means his client can seek punitive damages and that the executors of Jackson's estate may have to reveal the extent of the estate's assets.

The auction would have been the largest authorized sale of items associated with the King of Pop. However, it was canceled in April 2009 after the superstar reached a legal settlement with Julien's Auction House. Jackson died two months later at age 50.

The 1,400 items that were to be auctioned off included Jackson's large collection of antiques, art pieces, stage costumes, music awards and other items that were once in his Neverland Ranch mansion in Santa Barbara County.

LaPointe, who owns one of the world's largest private collections of Beatles memorabilia, filed his lawsuit in October 2009. The suit claims ownership of 82 items on which he bid online ahead of the auction. He was the only bidder for those 82 items, which include a replica classic automobile used by Jackson to provide transportation to celebrity guests at Neverland.

Source: MJFC / dailybreeze.com / Billie Jean

Celine Dion's Michael Jackson Tribute Will Also Appear In Las Vegas Show. 23-02-'11

The Charlie Chaplin tune Celine Dion will perform at the Oscars on Sunday (February 27) will also feature in her new show in Las Vegas – as part of a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Dion will perform 'Smile' as images of the celebrities and film technicians who have passed away in the last 12 months are flashed onto a screen behind her at the Academy Awards. But it won’t be a one-off performance – Dion, who was part of a tribute to the King of Pop at the 2010 Grammy Awards, will salute Michael during her new Sin City show with the song, a favourite of Michael’s.

She explains, “He changed my life. I saw him on TV and I wanted to sing in English because he was, so and I went to learn English and met with him and I sang with him and he came to see the show and he had a big impact on my life.”

Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson sang the Chaplin song at the King of Pop's memorial concert in 2009.

Source: Aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

Empire Magazine - Moonwalker Story. 22-02-'11

The monthly magazine of the cinema publishes a report on the slides of Moonwalker.

The magazine of cinema Empire (England) publishes in it last number an article of 7 pages devoted to the Moonwalker film.

De Smooth Criminal in Leave Me Alonewithout forgetting the sequence of opening on Man In The Mirror, the journalist Alex Godfrey take along the fans of the King the Pop and the film amateurs in the slides of the exploit!

Back Story: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker:
The ultimate vanity project, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is probably not the greatest monument to the pop star's career. A galactic ego, spiraling budget, a bunch of weird CG rabbits and Joe Pesci all contributed to a fiasco of Heaven's Gate-sized proportions. But it all started so promisingly, with a talented crew and Jackson, seemingly at the peak of his powers, heavily involved as exec-producer. So what went wrong? And just how wrong did it go? We sent our forensic specialists to the scene of the crime.

Source: empireonline.com / Billie Jean

MJ Music Video Shoot Takes Over Hollywood. 22-02-'11

The ghost of Michael Jackson upstaged the "Rock of Ages" show in Hollywood last night.

Sources tell TMZ Sony is currently shooting two Michael Jackson videos in Hollywood -- the one above is a music video for "Hollywood Tonight."

It wasn't exactly being shot on the down-low ... a crew of 60 lined the sidewalk and the street in front of the Pantages Theatre.

Look at the video

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Statement From John Branca (MJ Estate) Regarding Mijac Media Reports. 22-02-'11

We have received the following statement by John Branca:

I understand that you are being asked a lot of questions about Mijac.

Yes, there is a matching right that Michael granted to Sony/ATV but they only get to administer the catalog for a limited term AND only if they agree to unprecedented favorable terms. We will not relinquish ultimate control and ownership to anyone. We have favorably refinanced the loans on Mijac which will be paid off and the catalog WILL absolutely be passed to Michael’s children as long as we have anything to say about it.

Sony/ATV is a great company and the Estate owns half of it but no one, not even Sony/ATV, will ever own Mijac while John McClain and I remain in charge.

The current Sony team is the one Michael chose to work with on the Thriller 25 release and they are good partners. As stated in the recent court filings, they worked with us to refinance the burdensome debt that had been placed on Michael’s interest in Sony/ATV to very favorable terms, an important achievement which insures that Mijac and Michael’s masters remain secure for the benefit of Michael’s children for years to come.

John Branca
The Estate Of Michael Jackson
Los Angeles, CA

Source: MJ Estate – John Branca / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Nominated For Echo Award. 22-02-'11

Michael Jackson has been nominated for a German Echo Music Award in the category International Rock/Pop Artist.

The German music awards will be handed out on March 24, 2011 in Berlin.

Source: MJFC / michaeljackson.de / Billie Jean

MJ's Kids Talk About Him 'All The Time'. 22-02-'11

Jackie Jackson recently spoke to People Magazine about Michael's children and how they are doing, telling the magazine that his brother is still a constant presence in the youngsters lives.

"They are around their father 24 hours a day. They have pictures in the bedroom[s]. They talk about him all the time. They ask me stories about him. They want to know more about him."

Jackie says Michael's children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, are "doing really well," adding that they are interested in the entertainment business - Prince wants to be a director, while Paris wants to be an actress.

"I told the kids, 'You better get busy because when we were your age we were selling out concerts,' " Jackie joked, referring to the Jackson 5 days.

The children seemed to have embraced that era of their father's life, with Prince even sporting a J5 t-shirt to a recent Los Angeles Lakers game he attended with his Uncle Jackie. The black shirt is a part of the J5 collection that Jackson’s brothers launched late last year.

"We had thousands of photos that had never really been seen and we wanted to make use of them," Jackie said at the MAGIC fashion convention in Las Vegas.

The clothing line, now in its second season, takes rare images of the beloved group and puts them on t-shirts, tank tops and jackets. Michael's children especially love the shirts, Jackie said.

"They like to see us as little kids," he said. "We were the same age they are [now] and we were doing our thing."

Source: MJFC / people.com / Billie Jean

Birthday Of Blanket. 21-02-'11

Blanket, today it's Michael Jackson's youngest son his Birthday and he may blow out 9 candles.

Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as "Blanket", is the third child of famous pop-singer Michael Jackson. Born February 21, 2002, his mother is unknown to the public.

We are so proud of the upstanding young man you've become and we wish you a day full of laughter and love, surrounded by family and friends! Please know that you are in our hearts on this special day and always.

With Love,
Michael Jackson Fan Site Billie Jean

Source: Billie Jean

MJ's Kids -- Murray Couldn't Have Killed Our Dad. 20-02-'11

Michael Jackson's children refused to believe their dad died of a heart attack -- because MJ used to RAVE that Dr. Murray was the BEST doctor on EARTH ... TMZ has learned.

MJ's former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, spoke with LAPD investigators in the months after Michael died ... and explained how Murray became a "regular" around the house when the singer lived in Vegas ... coming by at least two times a week.

Grace told investigators Michael would constantly brag about Murray in front of the kids -- and that's why after he died, the kids would say, "There's no way daddy could have died of a heart attack because Dr. Murray is the best doctor in the whole world."

Grace also said Michael first met Murray through a member of MJ's security team ... and explained MJ felt he could trust Murray, because the security guy claimed he had some sort of mysterious leverage over the doc.

Grace offered no further explanation about the mysterious leverage.

And here's another bombshell -- Grace says that during a family trip to Florida, the kids called 911 when they discovered MJ "passed out" in their hotel room. It's unclear when the incident took place.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Defense Attorneys And Prosecutors To Discuss TV Coverage In Court Tuesday. 20-02-'11

Defense attorneys and prosecutors are set to discuss, among other topics, plans for TV coverage of the trial of Conrad Murray, who faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Murray has pleaded not guilty in the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009. A hearing Tuesday will deal with coverage plans, jury questionnaire issues and discovery of evidence.

Attorneys are also scheduled to present names of proposed witnesses. The trial is expected to begin March 24 and last about six weeks.

Source: TMC Net / Life / Billie Jean

Billy Ray Cyrus On First Meeting MJ. 19-02-'11

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, country singer turned actor Billy Ray Cyrus discussed his plans to "reach out" to Michael Jackson - but the King of Pop died before he was given the opportunity.

The singer met Michael Jackson at a Grammy Awards ceremony and he admitted he was intrigued by the musical icon.

Cyrus told GQ magazine,

He sat in front of me, in the front row, and a dime rolled out from under and hit my boot and I reached down and picked up this dime, and looked. He was going through his pockets, and I said, 'Are you looking for this?' (He said) 'Thank you.'"

"He took that dime and put it back in his pocket. I looked at my manager, I just said, 'Why did Michael Jackson have a dime?...' Nobody could tell me."

Cyrus said that he had hoped to invite Jackson and his three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, to a recording of his hit Disney show Hannah Montana, but failed to arrange the meeting before Jackson's sudden death in 2009.

He adds, "I was trying to reach out to Michael Jackson. I knew he had kids, and I was going to invite his kids down to a taping of Hannah - I just felt it would be good for Michael. I don't know why."

Source: GQ / Contactmusic / Billie Jean

How Janet Jackson Paid for Michael’s Funeral. 18-02'11

Janet Jackson indeed paid for her brother Michael’s “second” funeral in August 2009. According to papers just filed in the Los Angeles probate court by Michael Jackson’s executors, Janet wrote a check for just under $50,000 so that the Jacksons could stage Michael’s internment after the infamous Staples Center show earlier in the summer.

The funeral did indeed cost just over $1 million in the end, for which the estate wrote checks to Forest Lawn Cemetery. The funeral incurred a lot of other expenses, too, including $35,000 for Michael’s “funeral costume” and $21,455 for catering.

The estate’s records also show specific payments to Katherine Jackson, listed under different headings for “allowance.” For example, Mrs. Jackson receives $50,000 a month for her own allowance, plus all expenses reimbursed without question. This is all separate from mortgage payments on her home, payroll for her staff, and a brand new 2010 Escalade that cost approximately $83,000.

Line by line, the report–part of a petition to the court–shows that the executors and lawyers–who themselves have made millions in fees–have carefully attempted to clean up an estate that was in total disarray when Michael Jackson died.

Source: showbiz411 / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson 'Tried To Hire Personal Anaesthetist For London Gigs'. 18-02-'11

Michael Jackson tried to hire a personal anaesthetist for his London concerts because his drug addiction was severe, it has emerged.

The King of Pop, who died aged 50 from an overdose of sedative propofol in 2009, was desperate for someone to “take care of him” on tour, reports the Daily Star.

He contacted Las Vegas doctor David Adams, who had previously given him injections, about the job.

Despite Adams admitting he was interested, the post never materialised, it is claimed.

Now the doctor is expected to act as a defence witness for Dr Conrad Murray, who is facing a charge of “unintentional killing without malice” over the singer’s death.

“Dr Adams’s testimony will prove just how severely addicted to prescription drugs Michael was,” a source said.

Dr Murray’s lawyers are sure the evidence will help the jury realize Jackson was “his own worst enemy”.

The doctor is to stand trial in LA next month.

Source: newkerala.com / Billie Jean

MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died. 18-02-'11

The Michael Jackson estate has made more than $310 million since MJ died back in 2009 ... this according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

TMZ has obtained the first accounting that MJ executors filed ... showing exactly how much money Michael owed when he passed away on June 25, 2009 ... and how much the estate has made since -- and the numbers are astounding.

According to the documents, MJ had more than $400 million in various debts when he died ... but the estate has already made more than $310 million since.

Documents show executors have already spent roughly $159 mil paying back various debts, income taxes and other expenses such as providing "uninterrupted support for Mrs. [Katherine] Jackson and Michael Jackson's children as Michael intended."

The estate has also paid for Katherine to make "substantial improvements" to the family's famous Havenhurst estate in Encino, CA.

Executors have also shelled out cash to "pay last illness and funeral and memorial service expenses."

In addition to the $400 million in debt -- MJ's estate had $40 million in liabilities to concert promoter AEG stemming from the "This Is It" tour ... which MJ was rehearsing for when he died.

The documents show the estate received more than 65 creditor's claims -- with some of the debt accruing interest at "extremely high" rates.

The MJ executors admit the estate still faces several lawsuits in multiple countries.

The executors also claim they have "successfully rebuilt and enhanced Michael Jackson's image" since they've been empowered to run the estate.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Black History Timeline: Biggest Black Stories Of The Last Decade. 17-02-'11

We at NewsOne wanted to provide our audience with something fresh and original for our Black History Month campaign. We decided to look back in the last ten years and take the five biggest Black stories from each and create a timeline.

Everything from Aaliyah’s death, the “Jena Six” protests, Barack Obama’s election, Michael Jackson’s death, and the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina to name a few.

We hope you enjoy this timeline and encourage you to mention any events you believe we may have missed.

Source: newsone.com / Billie Jean

Michael's Catalog Moving To Sony/ATV. 16-02-'11

Roger Friedman posted the following in his column, Showbiz 411 today:

Exclusive: Michael Jackson, even in death, remains in the middle of the current musical chairs deals in the declining record industry.

For all these years, Michael’s MiJac Publishing has been administered by Warner Chappell, part of what is now Warner Music Group. MiJac includes not only Michael’s hits that he wrote, like “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” but a vast number of other hits including those of Ray Charles, Curtis Mayfield, and Sly and the Family Stone.

Warner Chappell doesn’t own MiJac but it administers the rights to it and collects hefty fees. With WMG for sale, and talk of Warner Chappell being sold off, MiJac would seem like an integral part of their story.

But there’s a hitch that I can reveal to you: MiJac is leaving Warner Chappell and going to become part of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the company that Michael Jackson’s estate co-owns with Sony and contains the Beatles catalog.

According to sources, this arrangement was written into the MiJac contract with Warner Chappell years ago. It would be triggered by the release of the next Jackson album–in this case, the recent “Michael”–and the repayment of loans.

The move by MiJac to Sony/ATV is a big deal for many reasons. With both WMG and EMI Music for sale, Sony/ATV could be kicking the tires of each company’s publishing divisions for purchase. But Warner Chappell might be less interesting to Sony ATV considering they’re already getting Mi Jac. And without MiJac, Warner Chappell–which just had a down quarter–might not look so good to other potential buyers.

What may happen now: the newer, and very hot, BMG Music Rights will likely make a play for EMI Music Publishing. EMI Music–the record company, which has the Beatles albums in its catalog–the physical albums and box sets–could then be merged with another record company like Sony Music or, more horrifyingly, Warner Music. Stay tuned.

Source: showbiz411 / Billie Jean

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