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EMT: Murray Wouldn't Accept That Michael Was Dead. 06-01-'11

An EMT continued testifying after a recess, stating all of the emergency workers at Michael Jackson's house knew the singer was dead, but Dr. Murray wouldn't "call it."

Richard Senneff testified about facts that TMZ has been reporting for more than a year -- that when paramedics arrived at MJ's house, there was no sign of life and no chance of revival. Nevertheless, Senneff testified Dr. Murray claimed to feel a pulse and, as the senior medical person on scene, refused to pronounce MJ dead.

Murray ordered the EMT's to take MJ to the hospital. Senneff said the ride was "unbelievable ... like the Rose Parade. People running down the street, taking pictures, random cars passing the ambulance. It was insane."

Once at UCLA, Senneff said Murray was "spinning ... moving around, nervous, sweating, multitasking."

On cross examination, Ed Chernoff got Senneff to admit ... Jackson's skeletal, frail frame, along with his black/bluish feet, were signs of a drug addict.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Security Guard: Murray “Instructed Me To Remove The IV Bag From The IV Stand. 06-01-'11

Alberto Alvarez, a bodyguard who says he was Michael’s Director of Logistics, testified Dr. Conrad Murray instructed him to remove bottles from Michael’s bedroom – along with an IV bag with a milky-white substance, before calling 911.

Alvarez says he walked into Michael’s bedroom sometime after 12:17 PM and saw Michael laying motionless. He says Murray told him Michael had “an allergic reaction,” then ordered him to collect a bag of bottles and put them in a bag. Alvarez says Murray then “instructed me to remove the IV bag from the IV stand.”

For the record, law enforcement believes the milky-white substance in the bag was Propofol. Alvarez says there was a second IV bag – which is declared to be contained saline – and Murray told him to leave it there. Alvarez says only after the bottles and bag were collected did Murray tell him to call 911.

During cross examination, Ed Chernoff, Murray’s lawyer, got Alvarez to admit he never told the cops about Murray ordering him to remove the bottles. Alvarez also admitted he may sell his story.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael PromoBuy Michael's New Album For A Chance To Win An MJ IPad. 05-01-'11

The King of Pop showed once again that his music knows no borders as the Sony Music/Epic Records release 'Michael' – the first album in nine years of new Michael Jackson tracks. Get his new album at Astroplus, Odyssey and O Music for a chance to win a 16GB Apple iPad with Michael Jackson imagery. Other prizes at stake are Sony Ericsson Spiro mobile phone and a Sony NWZ-S540 Walkman.

'Michael' debuted globally at #1 in its first week of sales and shipped over 3 million units worldwide making it one of the biggest albums of 2010.

The creative process never stopped for the King of Pop who was always planning for his next album; unbeknownst to many fans around the world Michael Jackson was writing and recording songs continuously everywhere from a friend’s home in New Jersey to studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a small group of handpicked collaborators. Now, through the unique stories that will be told about the songs that comprise 'Michael', fans will get mind-blowing insight into how this artist worked and a chance to hear the songs he most recently created along with tracks that Michael had a desire to bring to fruition. It features the singles 'Breaking News' and 'Hold My Hand' (his duet with Akon).

Hailed by TIME as “a carefully assembled recreation of his finest moments as a solo artist and a reminder of why we cared about him to begin with,” 'Michael' clearly has been embraced not only by his most passionate fans in virtually every corner of the world, but a new generation discovering his recent artistry, collaborations and poignant gems featured on 'Michael'. Wrote Neil McCormick, chief rock music critic for the London Daily Telegraph: “It has the extraordinary confidence of a pop classic and presages an album that may well be Jackson’s best work since his Eighties glory days.”

Complete your Michael Jackson collection now. Promo period is from January 4 to 31, 2010. Visit your nearest Astroplus, Odyssey or O Music outlets. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 8531 Series of 2010.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

DiLeo Wants To Set Record Straight. 04-01-'11

Michael Jackson's long-time manager, Frank DiLeo says he wants to finally set the record straight about Jackson and he plans to do so in a new tell-all book.

DiLeo, who worked with the King of Pop from 1984 until 1989 says he will detail his time with Jackson in a new memoir. The book will reveal his dealings with Jackson in the 1980s, right up until after the superstar's death when he began working with the Michael Jackson Estate to help put together the posthumous album "Michael."

And DiLeo says he hopes the memoir will help put to rest rumours about the way the new album of previously unheard material came about, adding, "I'm tired of people slandering my name when it comes to this particular album."

Speaking to the New York Daily News about the project, DiLeo said, "[I'm] not holding back anything. The truth has to be told. There's so much misinformation out there about everything that I'm going to set the record straight once and for all."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Was Using Mystery Cream Before Death. 05-01-'11

A mystery cream Michael Jackson was using at the time of his death in June 2009 has become a big issue as a preliminary hearing into the King of Pop's passing gets underway in Los Angeles. The singer's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams took the stand in court on Tuesday, January 4 and recalled what went down between himself and Dr. Conrad Murray after Jackson went into cardiac arrest after an overdose of anaesthetic Propofol and died.

Williams told the court Murray called him to the pop star's mansion telling him Jackson had had "a bad reaction". He then accompanied Murray to the hospital, where Jackson was pronounced dead. Williams recalled telling the King of Pop's children that their father had died, but it was a strange request from the physician that caught the court's attention on Tuesday.

The assistant said, "He (Murray) said, 'Brother Michael, Mr. Jackson has some cream in the house that I knew he wouldn't want the world to know about...' It was an odd question, to ask to go to the house to get the cream."

Williams told the packed court Murray requested a ride back to Jackson's mansion, but he declined. The personal assistant was also asked how frequently he visited the bedroom where Jackson died, and whether his fingerprints may be found on vials, intravenous bags or syringes. Williams said, "I don't know how that's possible, I never touched any of that."

Source: aceshowbiz / Billie Jean

MJ Bodyguard -- Murray Asked, "Does Anyone Know CPR?" 04-01-'11

Faheem Muhammad, one of Michael Jackson's bodyguards, just testified he was in Michael's room after Murray noticed MJ stopped breathing. Faheem told the prosecutor, Murray was on his knees doing compressions on MJ in a panicked state, when he turned to Faheem and another bodyguard and asked, "Does anyone in the room know CPR?"

Faheem recalled how Prince and Paris were near the room and Paris was on her hands and knees crying. The nanny took them away.

Faheem also said after Michael was pronounced dead at UCLA, Dr. Murray told him he was hungry and wanted to leave. Faheem said he told Murray to eat at the hospital, but Murray left.

On cross-examination, Ed Chernoff got Faheem to admit Murray spoke with MJ's family and police before leaving.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Assistant Testifies. 04-01-'11

The prosecution began to paint a picture of Dr. Conrad Murray's reckless actions on the night MJ passed away ... by calling to the stand the Jackson assistant Murray telephoned before he called 911.

Michael Amir Williams testified that he received a frantic voicemail from Murray at 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009. Williams said Murray's VM said, "Where are you? Get here right away, hurry."

Williams says he then called Alberto Alvarez, MJ's security guard, and asked Alvarez to walk to the front door. Williams says he heard Murray's voice in the background, then Alvarez hung up.

Williams said that later on at the hospital, Murray approached him and said Michael had some cream in his room that Murray knew MJ wouldn't want the world to know about. Williams said he wanted someone to give him a ride back to MJ's house to retrieve it.

Murray's baby mama, Nicole Alvarez, was in court today -- but ordered to return on Friday. Murray was on the phone with Alvarez when he realized MJ was in trouble.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Akon: "Working With MJ Was Surreal". 04-01-'11

Singer Akon spoke to CBS recently on working with Michael Jackson and about the new album.

"He was a perfectionist," Akon said to CBS News in London. "He would never settle with one take, or with one ad-lib or with one idea. He would do thousands of those ideas and then we had to shuffle through them and find the best one. And if we didn't find it, he would go and do another thousand."

He described working with the King of Pop as surreal saying, "I never thought that I would be in the producer's seat, behind a mixing board telling Mike to sing the note like this," he laughed. "You know what I'm saying, it was crazy."

The singer said he felt "Michael," which was released in December, is an indication of the direction Jackson was headed to before his death.

"The way I look at this album is, this album is more something to commemorate him for his legacy. The little that he did leave behind for us before he could actually fully complete the project. So I wouldn't take this album and put it under pressure to even remotely try to compare it to a 'Thriller,' or an 'Off the Wall' or a 'Blood on the Dance Floor,' or whatever kind of album of Mike's before."

"We at least get a chance to understand where he is going. It's no different from 'This Is It' the movie - the tour wasn't done, they were still in rehearsal, but we just appreciated the fact that we got to watch what he was about to bring to us in progress. And that's all this is; its an album in progress," he continued. "We got to actually visit, hear and to understand where he was headed, but we will never know where the album [was] eventually going because it wasn't done."

Speaking about the influence Jackson had on music, Akon stated, "They're the reason why Im here," he said of Jackson's albums. "I was motivated by those records. The biggest artists alive today were all motivated by MJ and his records. You're going to look back to the videos and be motivated. He has done everything that an artist can actually do to motivate music."

Source: cbsnews.com / examiner / Billie Jean

People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray. 04-01-'11

Kenny Ortega Testifies.

Kenny Ortega, MJ's producer/director for "This Is It," was the first to testify, stating just days before MJ died, Dr. Murray was upset that Kenny sent MJ home from rehearsal on June 19. According to Ortega ... Murray felt only he should make such decisions.

According to Ortega ... Dr. Murray said during the June 20 meeting at MJ's home that Michael was "physically and emotionally fine," even though Ortega said MJ had the chills and was not well during the failed rehearsal the day before.

The June 20 meeting at MJ's home is important for prosecutors, who claim it shows Murray did not care about MJ's health.

And Ortega said June 23 and 24 were "two wonderful days of rehearsal" and that MJ was happy and healthy. The point -- that Jackson wasn't in distress the day before he died, and it was the Propofol that did him in.

During cross examination, Ortega denied he read Michael "the riot act" during the June 20 meeting.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

MJ's Family -- Michael Predicted He'd Be Murdered. 04-01-'11

Michael Jackson's family claims the singer predicted his own death shortly before he died -- telling TMZ, the King of Pop was paranoid he'd be murdered ... for his incredibly valuable Sony catalog.

The statement is in response to the story TMZ first broke in April -- that Dr. Murray's defense will argue MJ accidentally killed himself by self-injecting a lethal dose of Propofol.

But a rep for Michael's family tells us the Jacksons are "absolutely mortified" by the implication that MJ took his own life -- insisting, "Michael did NOT kill himself.

The rep adds, "What is incredibly ironic is that Michael told his mother shortly before he died that he thought someone was going to kill him ... and they were going to kill him for his catalog."

The family is also concerned that video surveillance of Michael's last living moments -- crucial evidence in Murray's trial -- is still missing.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Jackson Family Arrives At Court. 04-01-'11

Katherine, Jackie and LaToya Jackson just arrived at court for the first day of Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing -- where a judge will decide if Murray will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter for MJ's death.

On his way into the courtroom, Jackie told the media his family was hoping for one simple thing -- "Justice."

Conrad Murray pulled into court shortly after in a black Mercedes, driving into an underground parking garage.

We'll have UPDATES from the proceedings as they happen inside the courtroom throughout the day -- so keep refreshing.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

'This Is It' Producer -- Star Witness In MJ Prelim. 04-01-'11

Michael Jackson's producer/director for the "This Is It" tour will be a star witness for the prosecution in Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing which begins today ... sources tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us ... Kenny Ortega will testify that on June 19, 2009 -- a week before MJ died -- Michael complained he was cold, had the shakes and was unable to perform ... so the rehearsal was canceled.

The next day -- June 20 -- an emergency meeting was held at Michael's home. Kenny Ortega, several big wigs from AEG, Michael, and Dr. Conrad Murray were present. We're told the meeting was "intense, loud and argumentative." Kenny read Michael the riot act, imploring him to take better care of himself because the tour was imminent.

Ortega will testify, during the meeting, Dr. Murray said some "terrible things," showing a lack of concern and respect for Michael. Our sources would not reveal specifics, but we're told it's "damaging" to Murray.

Sources say rehearsals were canceled on June 21 and 22 so Michael could regain his strength. Ortega will testify ... when rehearsals resumed on June 23 and 24 -- the day before Jackson died -- Michael did a complete turnaround, wowing the backup dancers and others present with his moves and singing.

Ortega's testimony is important, because prosecutors will argue MJ was fine before Murray began pumping him with drugs the day he died.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Son Will Not Be Witness At Prelim. 04-01-'11

The prosecutor in the Michael Jackson manslaughter preliminary hearing -- which begins tomorrow -- will not call Michael's eldest son, Prince Michael, to testify about what he saw the day his dad died ... sources tell TMZ.

Dr. Conrad Murray has said after administering CPR he ran downstairs and asked the chef to send up Prince Michael, who saw his dad's lifeless body lying in the bed.

In fact, we're told no one from MJ's family will be called to the stand during the prelim.

As TMZ first reported, prosecutors plan to call 30 witnesses during the 2-week prelim ... many of whom will be medical professionals offering opinions about the standard of care administered by Dr. Murray.

There will be no "star witness" in the prelim. Sources tell us the various witnesses will form building blocks, making the case that Dr. Murray acted recklessly by administering Propofol and other drugs to Jackson the day he died.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson - Mesereau Disputes Jackson Suicide Claims. 04-01-'11

The defence attorney who represented MICHAEL JACKSON in the King of Pop's child molestation trial in 2005 has urged the jury members in DR. CONRAD MURRAY's upcoming manslaughter trial not to be swayed by allegations the dead pop star may have killed himself.

Murray stands accused of administering the dose of anaesthetic Propofol which killed the Thriller hitmaker and his lawyers will hit the courtroom on Tuesday (04Jan10), claiming Jackson was responsible for his own death - and may have committed suicide.

But the superstar's former attorney Thomas Mesereau insists that's just a ploy to keep their client from a conviction.

He says, "The defence lawyers have to do something and what they're gonna try and do is reflect attention away from their client and onto Michael Jackson. The reality is Michael Jackson was not suicidal, he was not self-destructive in the way they're trying to say, and hopefully their defence will not succeed.

"I'm sorry that the defence is going to have to bash Michael Jackson to try and divert attention from their guilty client. The reality is he was a nice, kind, decent individual; he wanted to change the world in a positive away... and unfortunately I think the defence is gonna try and attack his character, and hopefully it will not work."

Source: contactmusic / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Son Might Testify. 03-01-'10

Late singer Michael Jackson's eldest son Prince Michael might be asked to testify in court in his father's death case. The 13-year-old is likely to be called by defence lawyers for Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal physician, at a pre-trial hearing due to start in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Murray could be jailed for up to four years for involuntary manslaughter. He has pleaded not guilty.

Murray's lawyers claim that he gave Jackson only 25 milligrams of the anaesthetic propofol on June 25, 2009, the day he died, not the massive overdose that killed him and that the singer added more of the drug to his ­intravenous drip while Murray was in the bathroom.

The lawyers claim they will try to prove that Jackson had a history of "self-medicating".

"What Jackson's children may have seen in the past could be crucial to the defence. If they ever, even once, saw their father administer his own drugs, it will give veracity to Murray's claim," express.co.uk quoted a source close to the case as saying.

There's also a possibility that Jackson's other two kids Paris, 12, and Prince Michael II, 8, could be called to the witness stand.

The source said: "No one wants to put any youngster through the mill like that but what those kids may have seen could be key to whether there were precedents of Jackson self-medicating.

"The likelihood is that the eldest boy alone will be questioned under oath, with his siblings spared the ordeal of having to relive the most painful memories of their lives."

Source: community.livejournal.com / Billie Jean

VICTORY: Autopsy Show Cancelled!!! 01-01-'11

The Discovery television network said on Friday it has cancelled plans to air the re-enactment of Michael Jackson's autopsy, citing an upcoming court hearing and concern by the superstar's estate.

In a statement on the matter, Discovery Networks International said, "Given the commencement of legal proceedings beginning next week, and at the request of Michael Jackson's estate, the scheduled broadcast of the medical documentary related to Michael Jackson's official autopsy has been postponed indefinitely."

A Discovery spokesman declined to comment beyond the statement.

Source: MJFC / reuters.com / mjjjusticeproject / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Concert Tours On Trial. 01-01-'11

TMZ has learned ... Michael Jackson's weakened state during various concert tours throughout his life -- as well as preparations for the London concerts that never took place -- could become powerful evidence in the defense of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources connected with the criminal case tell TMZ ... there's "compelling evidence" that MJ was in weakened health whenever he went on tour. Specifically, people who went on various tours -- including the "Bad" and "Dangerous" concerts -- say Jackson was frequently "dehydrated, medicated, and sleep-deprived."

Just like with Dr. Murray, Jackson had a doctor who accompanied him during rehearsals and tours, attending to his needs.

The point ... the grueling concert schedules reduced MJ to a physical mess, prone to relying on and demanding drugs to sleep.

The "This Is It" London tour was especially grueling, because AEG added dozens of concert dates for Michael, who was already in an extremely weakened state and terrified he would fail.

All of this dovetails into a defense theory ... that Jackson felt enormous pressure to rehearse for the "This Is It" tour, and when he couldn't sleep he relied on Propofol to do the trick. The defense believes when Murray walked out of the room and Jackson woke up, he accidentally infused himself with a fatal dose of the drug out of frustration and fear.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

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