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Dr. Conrad Murray Requesting Dismissal Of Wrongful Death Lawsuit. 30-06-'11

Dr. Conrad Murray is asking a judge to throw out the wrongful death lawsuit that Michael Jackson's father, Joe filed against the King of Pop's one time physician, Radaronline.com can exclusively report.

Lawyers for Dr. Murray filed the legal docs last Friday, arguing that Joe Jackson doesn't have legal standing to even file the lawsuit -- Michael left his father, Joe out of his will and did not support him financially.

The legal docs state: "Joe Jackson further has no standing to sue pursuant to...in that he was not dependent upon the decedent for support and therefore Joe Jackson has no subject matter jurisdiction, alternatively, in personam jurisdiction to sue....Defendants request that the Plaintiff's case be dismissed, alternatively, that the Plaintiff go forth without recovery from these Defendants."

Source: radaronline / Billie Jean

Premiere Props To Auction Items From Michael Jackson. 30-06-'11

Premiere Props announced today that they will be auctioning iconic Hollywood memorabilia on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31 at their headquarters in El Segundo, CA. There will be a preview from 9-11am PT with the live auction beginning at 11am PT.

Items include:

•Michael Jackson’s signature Swarovski crystal glove from his “Thriller” era; a stage-worn Swarovski crystal helmet from his “Triumph” tour (1981); a black fedora from his stage performance of “Billie Jean”; sunglasses from the “Victory” tour and a Jacksons inscribed crystal belt from his early Motown years.
In total there will be over 1000 items going up for auction.

Source: financialpost / Billie Jean

MJ: The 400 Million Dollar Man. 30-06-'11

During the last two years, U2 has earned $320 million, due in part to their hugely successful international tour. This makes them the highest-paid living musical act in the world. However, the top-earning musician honor - dead or alive - goes to Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop's estate has earned a whoping $400 million since Jackson's untimely death two years ago and, according to court documents filed earlier this year, Jackson’s estate took in $310 million from July 2009 through December 2010. And FORBES estimates that another $90 million has rolled in since then from worldwide sales of the posthumous album MICHAEL; DVD sales of the concert film 'This Is It,' other licensing deals and robust publishing revenues.

“The continuing overwhelming worldwide interest in Michael confirms his status as the greatest entertainer of all time,” said John Branca, Jackson’s longtime attorney and co-executor of his estate. Branca added that the estate has generated over $1 billion in retail sales over the past two years.

It isn't just Jackson's own music and likeness that is earning such copious amounts of money. His most valuable asset is made up of other artists’ work. Back in 1985 Jackson shelled out $47.5 million to purchase a publishing catalog that included 250 Beatles songs. Ten years later Sony paid Jackson $90 million for half the rights, forming the joint venture Sony/ATV.

Today, the Jackson estate and Sony still share ownership of the catalog, which now boasts half a million songs including titles by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Eminem and others. Music industry insiders place the catalog’s value somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion, based on estimated proceeds of $50 million to $100 million per year. The Jackson estate gets half the profits.

With the $310 million earned through December 2010, the estate used $159 million of it to pay off much of Jackson’s debts, to support his children and to cover funeral and memorial service expenses, according to court documents. Branca and John McClain, his co-executor, have also renegotiated and restructured existing financing arrangements and sought out new deals to generate more income.

There is no doubt that Jackson's estate is still benefiting from the massive wave of nostalgia that was set into motion by his tragic death and maintaining the current $200 million-per-year average income seems unlikely. However, with a number of other substantial deals in the works – including a very lucrative international Cirque du Soleil tour set to launch this fall – it’s conceivable that earnings could level off around the $75-$100 million annual range. That would be more than Justin Bieber, Katy Perry or Kanye West has ever earned in a single year.

“The cash flow on an annual basis is tremendous,” explained Donald David, an attorney who handled the postmortem finances of fallen rapper Tupac Shakur. “Sure, it’s going to decline eventually, but it’s going to be a huge amount in the foreseeable future. [Jackson's] kids are going to have grand kids before that money’s gone.”

Source: MJFC / forbes / Billie Jean

Janet Jackson's One Last Duet With Michael. 29-06-'11

Janet Jackson will perform a virtual duet with her late brother Michael Jackson when she is on stage in London for June 30 concert -just days after the second anniversary of his tragic death.

It was the two-year anniversary of Jackson’s death on Saturday, June 25, 2011.

Janet is taking her ‘Number Ones’ tour to London’s Royal Albert Hall on Thursday night and has announced she will play her 1995 collaboration ‘Scream’ with late superstar sibling.

Janet Jackson will perform her parts of the single, while Michael’s vocals will be played for his section of the song.

Janet claims that the collaboration makes her feel closer to her brother.

She tells Britain’s Heart FM, “It’s therapeutic, you know and it makes me smile inside. I mean the energy of the song is fierce but it makes me smile inside when I hear him, when I hear his voice.”

Source: celebdirtylaundry / Billie Jean

Jackson Tribute Announced At Riveria Theatre. 29-06-'11

"Who's Bad" -- The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute will be staged at 8 p.m. Sept. 16 in the Riviera Theatre (67 Webster St., North Tonawanda). Tickets for "Who's Bad" are $20 adult and $10 for children ages 10 and under.

The Riviera also has announced a double bill of '80s music with the Human League ("Don't You Want Me") and Men Without Hats ("The Safety Dance") at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 20. Tickets are $27 and $32.

Tickets for both performances are currently on sale through the Riviera Theatre box office or online at www.rivieratheatre.org. For more information, call 692-2413.

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The Fulham FC Soccer Club’s MJ Memorial Statue Line Of Gifts And Memory Ware. 29-06-'11

British soccer club Fulham FC was the center of an odd mini-controversy earlier this year, when the team’s owner, Mohamed Al Fayed, unveiled his curious, and perhaps completely out-of-place, memorial to the King of Pop:

The statue was—surprise—the subject of a fair amount of derision. To which Sayed reacted thusly:

“If some stupid fans don’t understand and appreciate such a gift, they can go to hell.”

Well those stupid fans are probably even more (or not very, depending on your opinion of Sayed’s business-related cogency) stupefied by his next move: selling Michael Jackson Fulham FC Memorial Statue Memorabilia.

Source: thedailyswarm / Billie Jean

Kathy Hilton: “Fans Were Waiting In The Rain, Michael Send Them An Umbrella”. 29-06-'11

Katy Hilton's favorite moment with Michael would have to be when we were hunting for Easter eggs. One of the memorable times was him taking me to spend the day with Elizabeth Taylor. She’s my idol and reminded me so much of my mother. As kids, we would make prank phone calls and do silly things.

He taught Kyle how to do the moonwalk when she was 4 years old. He was completely misunderstood. When he was at the Waldorf [hotel in NYC where the Hiltons lived], there were fans waiting outside in the rain with photos and I told him about them. He had a big meeting to attend but he signed pictures for them and even sent out an umbrella. That’s what he was like – so lovely. He raised beautiful, sweet children too. I will truly miss him.

Read the full article here.

Source: celebuzz / Billie Jean

Kento: “Michael Selected Me For 'This Is It', Madonna Refused To Let Me Go.” 29-06-'11

The amazing story of Kento Mori is not only inspirational but also attests to the lingering magic of Michael Jackson, the music icon of the century.

In a very special way, Kento’s twisted fate brought him worldwide recognition from the death of the King of Pop. He dreamed of working with Michael Jackson all his life, instead, he ended up dancing as the King of Pop for Madonna’s world tour!

Kento was born on March 3, 1985 in Aichi, Japan. Michael Jackson had a huge following – adored, loved and cherished by Japanese fans. As early as his childhood years, Kento had been obsessed with Michael Jackson. He loved everything about Michael and dreamed of dancing with him. With a supporting family and a loving grandfather (his hero), Kento pursued his dream. Even after making it as a professional dancer in his twenties, Kento said in an interview that the goal of his life was to work with Michael Jackson.

Kento’s own meteor rise in the dancing field was phenomenal. At the age of 21, he danced his way to the top. Three years later, he signed a two-year contract with Madonna, the Queen of Pop, to dance with her in a world tour in 2008. She told Kento that he danced like Michael Jackson.

When Michael Jackson announced his final world concert tour of his life, Kento wanted so badly to audition for his “This is It” concert. Interestingly enough, Michael Jackson selected Kento to join his concert tour but Madonna refused to let him go.

Heartbroken over his broken dream of working with the King and his beloved grandfather’s death, Kento reached the lowest point in his life. When Michael suddenly died on June 25, 2009, Kento was devastated. Fate dealt him a cruel blow when he lost both men he loved – his idol and his hero.

In his darkest hours, Kento got a shocking phone call from Madonna. She wanted him to dance like Michael Jackson in a special tribute to the King on her Sticky & Sweet Tour concert!

On July 4, 2009, Kento had a fated opportunity to be Michael in front of millions of viewers. Dressed in one of Jackson’s trademark outfits, including a fedora and shortened black pants, he WAS Michael Jackson in the spotlight, dancing to a roar of the crowd with a medley of Jackson hits.

Michael Jackson’s inspiration and magic touched Kento and catapulted him to the limelight as a dancer. His dancing career took off and he has worked with other celebrities, such as, Chaka Khan and Chris Brown.

In the spirit of Michael Jackson, he taught many children to dance to the beat of Jackson’s songs.

Kento was blessed to be a dancer wanted by both the King and the Queen of Pops. Kento’s autobiography, “Dream & Love”, tells this incredible story.

Look at YouTube for the video.

Source: mathaba / Billie Jean

Thomas Mesereau Speaks At Michael Jackson Auditorium. 28-06-'11

Michael’s’ former defense attorney, Thomas Mesereau appeared at the Michael Jackson Auditorium (MJ’s old school) in Los Angeles, to pay tribute to the King of Pop, on the 2nd Anniversary of his death. He spoke to fans, and posed for pictures for the 1st time since the trial back in 2005.

It is moments like this, that we feel the proudest to be part of the Michael Jackson community of justice fighters. Tom Mesereau, an amazing man in his own right has always been a Vanguard for Michael and speaks from his heart in a fierceness fuelled by his affirming belief in Michael's total innocence. 

Source: Billie Jean

Bad Tour ’88 Voted Wembley’s Second Greatest Event Ever. 28-06-'11

In 1988 Michael filled Wembley Stadium for a record seven nights. The run brought him a record breaking total Wembley audience of 504,000 spectators. Now 57,869 people have voted for Wembley’s Greatest Event Ever. The results are in and Michael’s Bad Tour has been voted Wembley’s second greatest event ever.

British pop band Muse was crowned Wembley’s Greatest Event Ever.

1 - 2007 Muse (H.A.A.R.P Tour)
2 - 1988 Michael Jackson (Bad Tour)
3 - 1986 Queen Live at Wembley)
4 - 2009 Take That (Circus Tour)
5 - 1966 World Cup – England v Germany

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'Simpsons' Bombshell -- The TRUTH About MJ Song!!! 27-06-'11

Michael Jackson hand-picked an MJ voice impersonator to sing the famous "Happy Birthday Lisa" song featured on "The Simpsons" back in 1991 ... this according to Lisa herself, Yeardley Smith.

Smith was outside the Red O restaurant in L.A. this weekend, when she explained, "[Michael] was not allowed to sing on the show, so he literally hand-picked a guy to sing like him."

During the famous episode, "Stark Raving Dad," Michael provided the voice to a mental patient who thought he was MJ ... but according to reports, Jackson's record label blocked MJ from singing the Lisa birthday song.

MJ ultimately selected a man named Kipp Lennon -- and Yeardley explains, "How unnerving would it be to sing like Michael Jackson in front of Michael Jackson?"

We called Kipp to find out -- so far, no response.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

MJ Still Rocks Record Sales. 27-06-'11

A little thing like death can't stop the King of Pop's record sales. According to Billboard, the music sold since Jackson's death accounts for 33 percent of all the cumulative sales of his catalog in the Soundscan era (since 1991).

Through the week ending June 19, 2011, Jackson has moved 32.3 million albums total. Since his passing, the singer has sold 10.6 million units.

The biggest-selling albums since his death are "Number Ones," which moved 2.74 million since June 2009. Followed by Jackson's 2009 "This Is It" soundtrack album to the hit movie with 1.67 million. Then there is "Thriller" (1.49), "The Essential Michael Jackson" (1.38) and "Bad" (550,000).

As for single tracks, Jackson sold 16.3 million copies since 2009. Led by "Billie Jean" with 1.26 million, the top five bestsellers are "Man in the Mirror" (1.23), "Beat It" (1.11), "Thriller" (1.04) and "Smooth Criminal" (872,000).

According to Billboard, the bulk of those sales came in the six months following his death (11 million tracks; 8 million albums). In 2010, he sold 3.7 million tracks and 2.1 million albums. It is estimated that he will sell 3 million tracks and 1 million more albums by the end of 2011.

Source: MJFC / examiner.com / billboard.com / Billie Jean

Benji Madden On MJ. 27-06-'11

Like so many other music celebrities, singer Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte took to Twitter yesterday to express his feelings about Michael Jackson. Madden was quite frank in his Twitter post, discussing the media's treatment of Jackson during his lifetime.

He wrote, "If only EVERYONE was this loving to Michael Jackson when he was alive. He made this cruel world a better place & there will never be another."

He later wrote, "Ok my MJ tweet was pretty emo [emotional]. I'm just saying the entire media world shit on MJ when he was here. While he brought so much good to the world."

Madden ended his tweets on MJ by writing, "MJ you are the man. RIP."

Source: examiner.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Jacket Goes For $1.8 Million. 27-06-'11

A famed black-and-red calfskin jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the classic 'Thriller' video has sold at auction for $1.8 million.

Darren Julien, president and CEO of Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills, said the jacket was purchased Sunday (June 26) by Milton Verret, a commodities trader from Austin, Texas.

The jacket is one of two Jackson wore during the filming of the 1983 'Thriller' video. The other one, in scuffed condition, is owned by the Jackson estate.

The jacket was designed by Deborah Landis, the wife of 'Thriller' director John Landis. Jackson presented it to the vendors, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, his longtime costume designers.

"It is one of the most important pieces of rock 'n' roll memorabilia in history," Verret told Reuters. His collection also includes another Jackson jacket and guitars signed by members of U2.

Thriller Jacket

The black-and-red calfskin jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the classic 'Thriller' video will initially be put on display at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, Texas.

Jackson wears the jacket in a scene with a troupe of zombies who rise from their graves and break into a dance routine. The 14-minute clip is considered one of the most influential music videos ever made.

The 'Thriller' jacket will be put on display at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, before sending it around the world to display during as a fundraising tool for children's charities.

A portion of the sale price will go to the Shambala Preserve, a big cat sanctuary caring for two tigers Jackson one owned.

Source: Today / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Fans From Around The World Descend On Gravesite. 26-06-'11

Fans descended on the Forest Lawn Memorial-Park cemetary in Glendale on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.

People from around the world turned out to pay their respects to the "King of Pop," including several Jackson impersonators. Shutaro Kurauchi, 10 of Yokohama, Japan, performed his dancing skills at fan memorial outside Holly Terrace where Jackson is buried.

At one point fans formed a large circle and sang. They left flowers, cards and hand-drawn notes and artwork at the cemetery. Beverly Sykes and Louise Bryant of England held up a sign that read "Michael Jackson Lives In Our Hearts Forever."

The Glendale News-Press has a full photo gallery from Saturday's remembrance.

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MJ Exhibit At Grammy Museum. 26-06-'11

The Grammy Museum unveiled a Michael Jackson exhibit on Saturday, the second anniversary of his death.

Featuring artifacts from throughout the King of Pop's career, the new permanent display includes two of Jackson's famous sequined gloves and iconic wardrobe pieces including elaborate full suits and beaded jackets.

The exhibit, which is located on the museum's third floor, also includes original costume sketches, "We Are The World'' sheet music and other memorabilia related to the entertainer.

Source: nbcnewyork / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream. 26-06-'11

Two years ago this afternoon, Michael Jackson died. The only person present was Dr. Conrad Murray. He administered propofol to Michael, something the singer had done before, many times. He started using the anesthesia to “sleep” on his Dangerous tour in 1992, and never stopped. Some accounts of this will surface, I am told, in a startling and revelatory new book due early this fall from Jackson’s longtime family friend and assistant, Frank Cascio.

Back in 2005, I wrote that another longtime Jackson associate, Frank DiLeo, had visited Michael at Neverland during his child molestation trial. He found a set up in Michael’s bedroom of an IV. DiLeo told me at the time it was clear that something was being administered to Jackson. He thought it was a tranquillizer. We were too naive or clueless to think that someone was allowing Michael Jackson to be given a potent drug that no other person in the world, literally, was receiving at home — and without proper supervision.

It doesn’t matter, however, how many times Michael had propofol from different doctors. In the end, if Dr. Murray was giving it to him, and didn’t do it properly, a jury will decide if he killed the most famous person in the world. Jackson obviously knew Dr. Murray’s weakness: money. He had women and children to support. He had a lifestyle. He expected a crazy salary of $150,000 a month. Luckily, he never received it. Michael Jackson was killed before the payments could be processed.

Michael knew how to administer his own injections. In 2003 he said he had a spider bite on his ankle. But that was actually an injection that had gone wrong. I was told then that he’d done it to himself. Did he try to do this again on June 25, 2009? It’s unlikely. Injections are one thing. IV needles are another. But Michael certainly knew his way around easing his own pain. He had a sustained addiction to pills, and drank a lot. He drank wine from soda cans–”Jesus juice”– to avoid being detected. During his 2005 trial for child molestation and conspiracy–which ended in acquittal on all counts–he was zonked every day.

But who could blame him? The trial was handled expertly by Thomas Mesereau, his defense attorney, despite the legal team being saddled by an incompetent (Brian Oxman) and a local lawyer (Robert Sanger) who suggested to the judge one day that Jackson’s kids weren’t his biologically. “The circumstances that relate to the birth of the children wouldn’t be admitted for the truth of the matter,” Sanger said to a mostly drowsy, sparsely attended court on May 30, 2005. “Only his love of the children.” Oxman slept in open court. Mesereau finally fired him.

Most days, Katherine Jackson came to court. Sometimes, Joseph Jackson did, too. Michael was frightened of his father, and now he was vulnerable to him. Two years ago, Joe Jackson turned up at the BET Awards–just four days after his son had died–with a Michael Jackson imitator. Jackson told press people on the red carpet that he was starting a new record label which, of course, never materialized. In 2001, on the eve of Michael’s 30th anniversary concerts at Madison Square Garden, his father told the press (me included) that he was starting an online video company. It also never materialized. But every time Michael made news, his father showed up to exploit it. You wonder what kind of pain he was in that he constantly asking to be put to sleep.

Last month, in Cannes, Joe Jackson turned up at the Carlton Hotel. He walked the red carpet and entered a private dinner held for Sean Penn and his Haiti relief programs. Jackson had new associates with him, backers from Vietnam. They didn’t speak English except for one. Jackson’s latest scheme: a Neverland style resort hotel in Vietnam, as if Neverland, Michael’s fortress away from his father, was Joe Jackson’s idea.

Hamlet, haunted by his father, considers suicide. “To sleep, perchance to dream–ay, there’s the rub.” Michael Jackson is dreaming now. His nightmares are over.

Source: showbiz411 / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Fans Gather Outside Neverland. 25-06-'11

Hundreds of Michael Jackson fans made the pilgrimage to Neverland Ranch today to commemorate the anniversary of his death -- even though there was no actual event planned.

We're told some fans camped outside the gates of Neverland on Figueroa Mountain Road last night. The fans show up in waves throughout the day -- gathering for a bit, bringing flowers, holding signs, singing songs ... then they eventually leave.

Source: Billie Jean

Prosecution And Defense To View Same Footage. 25-06-'11

Lawyers for both the defense and the prosecution in the involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray will both view the raw footage that did not make it into the 'This Is It' concert movie.

The attorneys for both sides wish to show excerpts from the movie to demonstrate Michael Jackson's physical condition before he died. Unfortunately, this sets the stage for Jackson to become the posthumous star for the upcoming trial.

At one point during the hearing, which came just two days before the two-year anniversary of Jackson's death, Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor asked if prosecutors wanted to show the entire movie to jurors but, the issue was tabled for later discussion.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren had initially asked to show excerpts of the actual concert film, which was compiled from rehearsals two days before Jackson's death on June 25, 2009.

Walgren said prosecutors wanted to see the same raw footage that is viewed by opposing counsel but, defence attorney Nareg Gourjian objected to the prosecution's request to sit in on the private screening, saying the subpoena was issued by the defence.

Walgren countered that it would be "silly and a waste of time" for him to get a separate subpoena and Judge Pastor agreed saying that both sides can go to Sony studios beginning on Tuesday and view 21 boxes of audio-visual materials that have been estimated to capture 100 hours of rehearsal time. Jackson was preparing for a much anticipated London series of concerts and died just before he was to leave for Britain.

Source: MJFC / ninemsn.com.au / Billie Jean

Music Celebs Tweet About MJ. 25-06-'11

Its been two years and fans are still saddened; many of us still in shock. But Michael Jackson had many celebrity fans as well and today, some to them took to Twitter to express their feelings:

Rihanna: MJ We miss you, We love you…often imitated, NEVER duplicated!!! You will live on forever!

Ciara: Long live the 1 and only KING of POP: Michael Jackson! His music and legacy will continue to inspire. He can never be replaced!

Justin Bieber: #RIPMJ

Chris Brown: I love you MJ

Diddy: RIP Michael Jackson

Bruno Mars: Now playing- I Wanna Be Where You Are by The Jackson 5.. Michael was and still remains The Best!

Monica: M.J we love u forever

Mack Maine: R.I.P. To the greatest!!! You still live on thru your music…..#MJ

Jermaine Dupri: on this date 2 years ago we lost the M in music as far as I’m concerned

TJ Jackson: Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you. I love and miss you more than one could believe. Your heart epitomized perfection. -Meho

Janet Jackson: I MISS U. I LUV U.

Melody Thornton: 2 yrs ago today we lost a Legend. Michael we love u forever. I still cry thinking about u! We miss and love u #MJ

DJ Cassidy: Where were you when you heard Mike had died?

Usher: MJ….REST THE DEAD!! You live on through what you blessed us all with. Your compassion and dedication compels us to be our greatest…URIV

Claude Kelly: MJ all day on the radio!! 2 yrs since we lost the best in the biz. still sorely missed. nobody did it better. the greatest. #RIPMJ

LeToya Luckett: I miss my MJ….. #RIP

Timbaland: r.i.p to the greatest entertainer in the world michael jackson will forever miss you. #kingofpop #kingofmusic #michaeljackson #mj

Toni Braxton: Still hard to believe we lost such a great artist. Michael Jackson, you still continue to inspire. Billie Jean is still one of my favorites!

?uestlove of The Roots: Michael Jackson. Forever. Uh Hee Hee Hee.

Estelle: RIP MJ


Source: rap-up.com / Billie Jean

Flowers For Michael. 25-06-'11

At approximately 12:00 noon on Saturday, Little Bee Flowers in Glendale, California delivered four huge, stunning sunflower arrangements to Forest Lawn cemetery for Michael Jackson. Those flowers came from you, the fans.

UPDATE: Little Bee Flowers actually delivered eight arrangements to the cemetery because there were so many sunflowers!! See the pictures below.

Thanks to your outpouring of love, these amazingly beautiful sunflower arrangements made their way to the Great Mausoleum where Michael rests. Each arrangement sported a card with a separate message of love written on it:

"Your artistry, humanity and love for mankind will never be forgotten. Love, The Michael Jackson Fan Club.

"We will forever be grateful to God for the gift of you. Love, The Michael Jackson Fan Club."

"Our love for you will never die. It will never fade, nor will it ever be extinguished. Love, The Michael Jackson Fan Club."

"You will forever be the sun that lights up our sky. We love you! The Michael Jackson Fan Club."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

M Poetica: Michael Jackson's Art Of Connection And Defiance. 25-06-'11

Author Dr. Willa Stillwater has recently written a wonderful new book exploring Michael Jackson's art and reinterpreting his short films. The book is called 'M Poetica' and it takes an 'in-depth' look at many of Jackson's greatest videos, delving deeper than just what we see on the surface, and offers readers a fresh and insightful new approach both to Jackson's artistry and to the man himself.

Beautifully written, and thoroughly researched, Dr. Stillwater attempts to give the reader, both fans and non-fans alike, the tools they need in order to begin looking at Jackson's work from a purely artistic point of view.

However, Dr. Stillwater's book is only being offered for sale in electronic format at the moment because she was told by several publishers that books about Jackson "aren't selling anymore." A couple of them even told her that Jackson fans were not "sophisticated" enough to understand her book and that the people who are "sophisticated" enough, simply don't care about Michael Jackson.

Go here to order this book.

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2nd Anniversary Of Michael Jackson's Death. 25-06-'11

Hi Michael Jackson fans,

Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 on June 25th 2009, after suffering heart failure at his home in Beverly Hills.

However how fast, or slow your year went, we here at Billie Jean hope the very best for everyone around the globe and hope you spend today well, celebrating Michael's life.

Jackson still has after his death a hard sell in the whole world and that will be also in the future.

Jackson is credited for transforming the music video into an art form and a promotional tool, four of his solo albums are among the world’s best-selling records: 'Off The Wall' (1979), 'Bad' (1987), 'Dangerous' (1991), 'HIStory' (1995), 'Blood On The Dance Floor' (1997) and 'Invincible' (2001) while his 1982 'Thriller' is the world’s best-selling record of all time with sales of over 50 million. Guinness World Records list’s him as one of the “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time”, with 13 Grammy Awards and 13 number one singles.

Today I'm feeling sad, but I know that he will be always in my hart. The hole day long I will be playing Michael's music, candlelight into the night and let go white balloons into the sky.

Through my web site I keep his fans informed and will continue to do this as long as I live.

Michael I miss you everyday.

Love you forever "Gone Too Soon".

Webmaster Dirk

Source: Billie Jean

MJ's Vegas Home -- Fans Can 'Walk Where He Walked'. 25-06-'11

The home where Michael Jackson lived during his stint in Vegas is opening it's doors to fans for the FIRST TIME EVER tomorrow to commemorate the anniversary of MJ's death ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the home tells us ... "the Estate will be opened to the public, for the first time, for only four hours for those who wish to pay their respects and to mourn his loss on this, the Second Anniversary of [MJ's] passing, June 25, 2011."

The rep explains, "We will strive to give you a glimpse into his private life and home; to allow you to walk where he walked, to see what he saw, to breathe the same air that he breathed and…to be inspired."

We're told "strict security measures" will be in effect -- and water will be provided ... because it can get pretty hot in the desert.

The rep adds, "Your messages of love, prayers, gifts and flowers will be lovingly preserved in situs until Sunday."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

All In Your Name (mp3). 25-06-'11

As a present to all Michael Jacksons fans around the world, the song 'All In Your Name', a duet with Michael Jackson & Barry Gibb, is now officially available for download.

Click here to get the song.

"All In Your Name " is dedicated to all of Michael's fans all over the World. Michael and I both love it. We hope you do to.


Let's celebrate Michael Jackson's unique legacy in music. He is the one and only King of Pop... Forever.

Source: BarryGibb.com / Billie Jean

Madame Tussaud's New York Invites Michael Jackson Fans To Celebrate The King Of Pop. 24-06-'11

As a Special Tribute, Michael Jackson’s Wax Likeness Will be Featured in the Lobby of the Attraction Through the Weekend.

In recognition of the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s tragic death, Madame Tussaud's New York invites fans to celebrate the “King of Pop”. Jackson’s wax figure will be featured in the lobby of the attraction on Friday, June 24 until Sunday June 26 at Madame Tussaud's New York, 234 West 42nd St. (b/w 7th and 8th Aves.), Manhattan.

With a medley of Jackson’s signature songs wafting through Madame Tussaud's’ lobby, fans will be able to pay their respects, take photos with his wax likeness and lay flowers at his feet.

With more than 750 million album sales, Jackson is one of the most revered artists in the world. His iconic music has inspired millions of people and multiple generations of artists and performers.

Madame Tussaud's New York is located in the heart of Times Square and is open 365 days a year.

WHEN: Friday, June 24, 2011 through Sunday, June 26, 2011

WHERE: Madame Tussaud's New York Times Square, 234 West 42nd Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues)


Source: Madame Tussauds / Billie Jean

Sonu Nigam & Jermaine Jackson - 'This Is It' (A Tribute To Michael Jackson). 24-06-'11

Indian pop singer Sonu Nigam and Jermaine Jackson are sending some serious love to the late, great Michael Jackson. In town for the IIFA 2011 Awards, both singers will sing a tribute to MJ, who has inspired countless music and dance impersonations/copies in Bollywood cinema.

Both singers will take the stage at IIFA Rocks, a fashion, music and charity event that hosts Bollywood celebrities, musicians and designers. This year, the show will be hosted by TV gossip host and film director Karan Johar, who's joined by up-and-coming starlet, Anushka Sharma (did you see her in Band Baaja Baaraat? Adorable). Designs by Sabyasachi, Vikram Phadnis and Rajesh Pratap Singh, all accomplished Indian designers, will featured on the runway by actresses like Bipasha Basu, Dia Mirza, Neha Dupia and Mallika Sherawat.

Sonu Nigam is one of India's most talented playback singers, with a voice that travels between Mohammad Rafi-esque emotional ballads to peppy pop songs like Michael Jackson's. A huge MJ fan (who isn't, really?), Nigam was featured in the international Michael Jackson tribute album, The Beat of our Hearts. He'll be joined by Jackson's elder brother, Grammy-award winning artist Jermaine, who was also a member of the Jackson 5.


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Fan Shows LOVE To Michael With Special Gift To His Children. 24-06-'11

Just before the two-year anniversary of the passing of Michael, his children received a special gift from a fan.

Michael’s oldest son, 14-year old Prince and 13-year old daughter Paris received two customized motorcycles that were dedicated to the ‘King of Pop.’ Looking at the images of this motorcycle, it is clearly evident that this was a fan with a great love for Michael.

The front shows MJ circa the Jackson 5 era sitting on a throne sporting an afro. Other images on the bike show MJ wearing his trademark sunglasses. Michael’s trademark poses were lovingly portrayed, making it truly a work of art.

The music industry and the world just doesn’t seem the same since Michael died on June 25, 2009.

There will be naysayers and what some MJ fans refer to as “haters,” but all he wanted in the world was love. With this gesture, it is clear that MJ was more than loved in this world. It’s just too bad that he wasn’t shown that when he was alive.

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Sony Agrees To Show 'This Is It' Raw Footage To Lawyers Of Murray. 24-06-'11

Sony Pictures Entertainment has agreed to allow lawyers for Conrad Murray to view some 100 hours of raw footage of Michael’s rehearsals for his “This Is It” concert. But they are not allowed to make public statements about what they see.

A stipulation filed with a Los Angeles court on Thursday said that the lawyers and Murray will be able to view the contents of 21 boxes containing audio visual recordings of Michael’s rehearsals, which became the basis for a concert movie after his death. Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the superstar’s June 25, 2009, death from an overdose of the anesthetic propofol and other sedatives.

His lawyers are seeking footage that they believe may show Michael was not well in the days before his death.

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MJ Tribute In Gary. 23-06-'11

The city of Gary will mark the second anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death with a memorial tribute on Saturday at his childhood home.

“The world can expect a tribute to Michael every year in June in Gary, Indiana, and the world is invited," said Mayor Rudy Clay in a press release about the event.

Gary will honor its favorite son from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday at the tiny, one-level house at 2300 Jackson St. where the King of Pop lived before he and his family left Gary for California in 1969.
Admission is free and the tribute is expected to include vendors selling summer treats such as ice cream. The event will certainly also include Jackson's music. A candlelight vigil at dusk will conclude the tribute and those participating in the vigil are being asked to bring their own candles.

The Jackson salute will also showcase Beautiful Soul, which features local Gary talent, according to LaLosa Burns, mayoral press secretary and Gary’s special events director. Burns also said local officials will speak, including Mayor Clay.

Burns said she hopes the turnout throughout the day will reach around 2,000 people.

In addition to recognizing the anniversary of Jackson’s death, Gary is also planning a bash in August that would again be centered at his childhood home on Jackson Street.

“It is the city’s plan to host a Michael Jackson tribute and birthday celebration,” Burns said. “That’s in the planning stages. We’re working to have sponsors for that.”

Source: MJFC / posttrib.suntimes.com / Billie Jean

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