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3 Years On… Thank You IMMORTAL! 31-08-'14

Everything has an end! Even if we don’t like it! For 3 Years, The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil has given us a magnificent Tour in memory of Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour!

What a journey! Across the globe (426 shows!), fans enjoyed the music, the dance, the Acrobats, the mimes and of course Michael Jackson!

We would like to thank every single one of the people who worked on the show – Not only the artists but EVERYONE!!!!

The cast of Michael Jackson ONE is sending love and best wishes to Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour for its very last performance!


Source: MJ Vibe / Cirque Du Soleil / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Children Paris, Prince And Blanket Flock To Their Late Father's Indiana Home To Celebrate What Would Have Been His 56th Birthday. 31-08-'14

He may be gone but he's certainly not forgotten.

The late King Of Pop Michael Jackson would have turned 56 years old on Friday.

And in honour of the late pop star's birthday, his beloved children Prince, Paris, and Blanket flocked to his hometown of Gary, Indiana for an intimate family celebration.

This is the first time the three have been seen together in months, as Paris spent the past year at 'therapeutic boarding school' Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah until just recently.

The 16-year-old was reportedly pushing to spend the summer with her mother Debbie Rowe at her ranch in Southern California after leaving returning to grandmother Katherine Jackson's home in Calabasas, California in June.

But the 84-year-old - who shares dual legal guardianship of all three children with their uncle TJ Jackson - was said to be uneasy with the suggestion.

MJ Kids in Gary Indiana

Paris has been in a fragile state since her shocking failed suicide attempt on June 5 last year.

But she insists she's back on track and is said to have begged her grandmother not to send her back to Utah once the school holidays are over.

RadarOnline reports that the teenager is now on the mend and now 'closer than ever with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and her brothers.'

And that certainly appeared to be the case during the late 'Thriller' hitmaker's celebration, as Paris was spotted smiling and signing autographs as she spent time with her siblings and extended family.

She even prepared for the party, dressing up in a summery sheer white blouse and sporting a slick
of crimson lipstick.

Brothers Prince, 17, and Blanket, 12, also got into the spirit of the occasion, smiling as they remembered their father warmly rather than dwelling on his death, which came far too soon at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009.

Even the city of Gary felt the need to honour the legend by hosting a Michael Jackson Tribute Festival Of The Arts which began on August 28.

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

MJ ArtArt Created By Michael Jackson For Sale! 31-08-'14

Michael Jackson's love for art started at a very young age and continued until his untimely death in 2009. He loved to draw, sketch and paint. He would spend a lot of time creating unique pieces while trying to perfect his skills. He would often consult, study and work with other artists trying to further learn and enhance his ability.

The pieces we offer here are some examples of his creative genius. Each piece offered includes a certificate of authenticity from REAL/Roger Epperson. Each piece will be sold first come first serve.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art please contact us at: info@thememorabiliavault.com.

We also have some other great items still for sale on our website: www.thememorabiliavault.com.

We are also still accepting consignments for our next auction. If you have anything you would like to consign please email us at: consign@thememorabiliavault.com

We are offering an interest free payment plan for up to 4 months on the items featured in this email. The purchase price plus shipping and any taxes will be split up into 4 equal payments with the first payment due upon purchase. Please email us for more details.

Source: The Memorabilia Vault / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Vinyl Museum, Archive And Library: 1,000 + MJ Records. 31-08-'14

No copyright infringement intended. All right reserved Michael Jackson Estate, Sony Music, Epic, and Motown/ Tamla Motown. This video is commentary for the purposes of education and historic chronological archive of the highest selling recording artist of all time, through the lost medium of vinyl.

Jared Bradshaw

Songs included are only snippets and cuts, no entire recording.

There is no monetization or profit from this video.

This video was created to add new expression, meaning and to emphasize Michael Jackson's endless artistic achievements in his matchless career.

I recommend you explore Michael Jackson's catalog for sale at these outlets: amazon.com itunes.com michaeljackson.com

Songs contained within include only snippets, no full recordings:

7" records and 12" records, special thanks to Bill Selby for video segments at the end.

Source: Vimeo / Billie Jean

Queen Waiting For Clearance From Michael Jackson’s Estate On Unreleased Freddie Mercury Duets.

Arguably the most eagerly awaited tracks to be found on Queen‘s next album, ‘Queen Forever,’ are the official release of some duets Freddie Mercury made with Michael Jackson. However, drummer Roger Taylor says that Jackson’s estate is currently holding up the proceedings.

“[Yes], if we could get a decision from the Michael Jackson estate, who seem to be, well, difficult,” Taylor told the London Evening Standard. “William Orbit did a really nice mix of one of our tracks with Michael and I’m pretty certain that will be on ‘Queen Forever.’ But it’s been like wading through glue.”

Taylor and guitarist Brian May have been working with Orbit on completing unfinished music that in their vaults and debuted one of the possible songs, ‘Love Kills,’ this summer while on the road with Adam Lambert. While they hope to have it ready by Christmas, Taylor admitted that he’s still a bit vague on the details.

“I’m not quite sure what’s on it yet,” he continued. “We’ve got some great new tracks that haven’t been heard and there’s an interesting selection of older stuff.”

Michael and Freddie

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Remembered On Social Media For His 56th Birthday; Fans Urged To Share Ideas For Making The World A Better Place With Hashtag #MJWeAreOne. 30-08-'14

Michael JacksonIt has been five years since Michael Jackson’s death, and he would have been 56 years old on August 29.

Millions of fans are posting their tweets and greetings on social media for the King of Pop’s birthday celebration.

Michael’s Facebook page this has message for everyone: “Today we spread Michael’s message of unity, harmony and hope for a better world. Help celebrate Michael’s birthday by joining this annual worldwide movement.”

On the site birthday.michaeljackson.com, fans are urged to be part of the “Michael Jackson We Are One Worldwide Birthday Celebration” by posting their own “Instagram video to honor Michael Jackson on his birthday by sharing your idea for making the world a better place.” The hashtag #MJWeAreOne is to be used.

The King Of Pop

His career rocketed for his famous hits 'Billie Jean' and 'Beat It'. His album 'Thiller' is the best-selling album in history.

Although an unlucky number for others, thirteen would be a lucky one for Jackson. “Thriller” won thirteen Grammy Awards, and thirteen of his songs reached #1 on U.S. charts.

After this success, it was hit after hit for Michael.

The 50-year-old performer had dazzled the world with his signature moves like moonwalk. He is considered to be the greatest performer this world had ever seen.

Aside from his breathtaking dance moves, Michael wowed the people around the world for his outlandish stage outfits.

Source: Franchise Herald / Billie Jean

5 Michael Jackson Songs That Charted Higher Internationally Than In The US. 29-08-'14

Michael JacksonToday (August 29) would have been Michael Jackson‘s 56th birthday. It boggles the mind to think what treasures the King of Pop could have created if he were still alive but his legacy is so incredibly vast that there’s always something new to discover. To celebrate the life of the gloved genius, I’ve put together a list of five singles that performed considerably better overseas than at home.

It’s hard to fathom how classic tracks like 1995's environmental awareness-raising 'Earth Song' could be the highest-selling MJ single of all time in the UK but not chart on the Billboard Hot 100. That has a lot to do with the way charts were compiled in the ’90s and the lack of a physical release but it still feels completely wrong. Discover over such cases after the jump.

1. 'Heal The World'

The sixth single from 'Dangerous' only reached number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992 but the inspiring ballad performed considerably better in Europe. It peaked at number three in Germany and number two in France and the UK.

2. 'Give In To Me'

The next single from 'Dangerous' received even less love stateside, where it didn’t garner an official release. However, the rock anthem received a lot of attention around the world. It peaked at number one in New Zealand, number four in Australia and number two in the UK.

3. 'Earth Song'

As I mentioned earlier, 'Earth Song' wasn’t given an official released in the US in 1995. Meanwhile, it’s MJ’s highest-selling single in the UK where it spent six weeks at number one. It also topped the charts in Spain, Switzerland and Germany.

4. 'Stranger In Moscow'

This is one of my all-time favorite Michael Jackson songs because I think it gives astonishing insight into the loneliness (and perhaps paranoia) he was feeling at the time. The 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I' single reached number 91 on the Billboard Hot 100 but topped the charts in Italy and Spain. It also reached number four in the UK and 14 in Australia.

5. 'Blood On The Dance Floor'

The lead single from the pop icon’s 1997 Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix remix album, 'Blood On The Dance Floor' stalled at number 42 in the US but reached number one in New Zealand, Spain and the UK.

Source: Idolator / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson. 29-08-'14

Beloved singer, entertainer, and songwriter Michael Jackson and his unfortunate passing in June of 2009 shocked the globe, with fans across various nations still mourning the loss of the “King Of Pop.” With his brand still strong and his legacy largely intact, Jackson was as enigmatic as he was talented. While today (August 29) would have marked his 54th birthday, NewsOne fondly remembers Michael Jackson as a peerless superstar that has influenced some of music’s biggest current stars. Below, we list 10 facts that casual fans may not have known about the notoriously private Michael Jackson.

1. Michael Jackson Is The Highest-Earning Deceased Artist: Besting the vaunted Rock and Roll artist Elvis Presley and former Beatles member singer-songwriter John Lennon, Michael Jackson has been recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records in a new category for Highest-Earning Deceased Artist, gaining the top honor. In the first year after his passing in 2009, Jackson’s estate raked in a reported $1 billion.

2. Michael Jackson Was A Shrewd Businessman: While many viewed Jackson as a boyish and playful figure, Michael Jackson birthday underneath that exterior was the mind of a man who made investments that continue to pay off to this day. In 1985, he wisely purchased the rights to 250 Beatles backlogged songs penned by Lennon and Paul McCartney for $47 million. In 1995, Jackson sold a portion of the catalog to Sony for $95 million, resulting in the powerful joint venture music publishing company Sony/ATV, with annual revenues hovering around $1 billion. This doesn’t include his many endorsement deals, licensing, and other streams of revenue Jackson has generated from his name.

3. Michael Jackson Owns The Distinction Of Having The Biggest Recording Contract Ever: Nine months after his passing, the estate of Michael Jackson signed a deal with Sony Records that gives the company access to a vast vault of unreleased recordings for a whopping $250 million. Ten albums are expected to be released by 2017, including the recent soundtrack to the tour documentary 'This Is It.'

4. Hackers Broke In To Online Servers And Got Access To 50,000 Michael Jackson Tracks: Michael Jackson’s music was a victim of an online hacker attack, with the thieves downloading 50,000 songs not intended for the public. Sony quickly plugged the hole in their security and vowed to move ahead with the release of new music.

5. DJs And Clubs Nationwide Have Sparked Off Annual Parties In Michael Jackson’s Name: From Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; New York City; and all points in between, big name DJs have crafted themed parties in honor of Michael Jackson. Celebrated producer and hip-hop artist DJ Spinna has also taken his well-attended (and friendly) “MJ vs. Prince” dance parties all across the nation.

6. 'Billie Jean' Was First Video From A Black Artist To Air On MTV: 'Billie Jean' was the second single from Michael Jackson’s sixth solo album, 'Thriller.' Produced by Jackson and the legendary Quincy Jones, the track got the video treatment and sparked off a revolution of sorts. Fans nationwide would seek to imitate Jackson’s hairstyle and dance moves and the clip is considered largely responsible for putting MTV in to the mainstream conversation.

7. 'Thriller' Wasn’t The Only Hit Album In Jackson’s Catalog: Five of Michael Jackson’s solo studio albums count among the highest-selling records of all time. 'Thriller’s predecessor, 'Off The Wall, which was released in 1979, has sold a worldwide 20 million, which pales considerably next to 'Thriller,' sitting at 110 million sold. The albums 'Bad,' 'Dangerous,' and 'HIStory' have also sold well into millions as well.

8. Michael Jackson Is The Most-Awarded Artist Of All Time: With 23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammy's, and 26 American Music Awards, Michael Jackson has won more awards than any other musical artist. Jackson has also received congressional honors for his humanitarian outreach efforts.

9. Michael Jackson Inspired Artists Outside Of His Genre: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber owe a great credit to Michael Jackson and have all called him an influence. But even rockers, such as Adam Lambert, Green Day, and female superstars like Beyoncé and Madonna, have all said they’ve looked up to Jackson. Even the brash Diddy called Jackson a “hero” of his.

10. Michael Jackson’s Death Shifted MTV’s Programming In Tribute: In the hours after his death, media giant MTV – which had largely moved from its original music video-only programming – went back to its roots and aired hours upon hours of Michael Jackson videos and footage. The in-house news team even took time away from talking usual celeb fare and focused solely on the career of Jackson. Few other stars have commanded such a response.

Source: Praise Indy / Billie Jean

Quincy JonesQuincy Jones Shares His Memories Of Michael Jackson. 29-08-'14

It’s been five years since the passing of Michael Jackson, who would’ve been 56 years old today. To honor his life, we’re looking back to a recent VH1 exclusive interview with his close friend and collaborator, legendary producer Quincy Jones.

Jones recalls first meeting 12-year-old Jackson during his family band days, but the two crossed paths again years later on the set of Sidney Lumet’s film, 'The Wiz'. It was there that Jackson first approached Jones looking for someone to produce his next album. Preoccupied with his own work on the soundtrack for the film, Jones dismissed Jackson’s request. But it wasn’t long before Jones was won over by Jackson’s stellar talent and uncompromising work ethic on the movie set.

Jones signed on to work with Jackson to create 'Off The Wall', released in 1979. Three years later, they teamed up again for 'Thriller', and the rest is zillion-selling history.

The pair went through a whopping 800 songs to get down to nine that would be used for 'Thriller'. And the tenacity didn’t stop there. “You look at the nine you have and very honestly say, ‘What are the four weakest songs in the company of these nine?’ And you take those out and try to make those your four strongest on the album.”

The effort certainly paid off. With 'Thriller', Jones and Jackson defined an era of music and set a high standard that artists still strive toward today. For Jones, working with Jackson on 'Thriller' left him with memories to last a lifetime. “With Michael, it was an amazing love…and trust,” shared Jones.

Source: VH1 / Billie Jean

LaToya JacksonLaToya Jackson Writes To Michael Jackson On His Birthday. 29-08-'14

LaToya Jackson has penned a touching message to her brother Michael Jackson, who would have turned 56.

The 'Billie Jean' hitmaker passed away in 2009 and his elder sister LaToya took to Twitter.com on Friday to reveal she still feels the pain of his loss on what would have been her brother’s birthday.

She writes, “A lost is such a pain u can Never recover from (sic)! Such an emptiness 2day (sic)! I want 2 call & say Happy Birthday but I can’t (sic)! I’ll always love you!”

Socialite Paris Hilton also honoured the star by posting a snap on Instagram.com showing herself as a child with the singer behind the scenes of his Bad music promo shoot.

She writes, “Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! Love & miss you lots! You will always be special to me & close to my heart. I will never forget this day being on set with you for your music video. Thinking of you on your birthday.”

Jackson’s mother Katherine is marking the occasion with the fifth annual Michael Jackson Tribute Festival of the Arts event, which takes place in the family’s hometown of Gary, Indiana and began on Thursday (28Aug14).

Source: Contactmusic / Billie Jean

Unreleased Mix Of 'She Was Lovin’ Me' Produced By Taryll Jackson Surfaces Online! 29-08-'14

As fans around the world celebrate what would have been Michael Jackson’s 56th birthday today, an unreleased version his song “She Was Lovin’ Me” has surfaced online. Two versions of this track – the original demo as Jackson recorded it in 1999 and a ‘contemporised’ version remixed by Timbaland in 2013 – have already been released as part of the ‘Xscape’ album under the title 'Chicago'.

This never-before-heard version of 'She Was Lovin’ Me', produced by Taryll Jackson, takes more of a “rock” approach than previously-released versions of the track, featuring powerful drums, electric guitar, finger clicks and the echoey use of Jackson’s warm-up vocals to create a more mysterious mood throughout.

The full story on this song can be discovered in my previously-published article – newly updated to include additional relevant information. Click here to read the article. Just for fun I have whipped together a video that fans can watch while listening to the track. The video took me four hours to storyboard and edit together, and was my first-ever attempt at using Final Cut Pro (so go easy on me!) Watch the video featuring “She Was Lovin’ Me” produced by Taryll Jackson below:


Source: Damien Shields / Billie Jean

SoundExchange Releases List of Top Streamed Michael Jackson Recordings Of All Time. 29-08-'14

SoundExchangeSoundExchange announced this morning a Top 10 list of the most streamed Michael Jackson recordings of all time. The list is based on data reported to SoundExchange during the past decade of streaming from non-interactive digital radio services including Internet radio, satellite radio, and cable TV music channels.

The list is being released today in conjunction with and in celebration of what would have been the King of Pop's 56th birthday. It features some of Michael Jackson's most popular recordings including 'Billie Jean' (#1), 'Beat It' (#7), and 'Thriller' (#10). The complete Top 10 list can be found below.

Top 10 Most-Streamed Michael Jackson Recordings of All Time.

1. Billie Jean
2. Rock With You
3. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
4. The Way You Make Me Feel
5. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
6. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
7. Beat It
8. Workin' Day & Night
9. Human Nature
10. Thriller

Source: SoundExchange / Billie Jean

Tribute Michael Jackson Book CoverMichael Jackson In New Audio Comic Book! 29-08-'14

Bluewater Productions is proud to announce a new audio comic book about the life of superstar Michael Jackson. The updated release, Tribute: Michael Jackson is in celebration of what would have been the King of Pop’s fifty-sixth birthday on August 29th. In conjunction with the audiobook, an expanded edition of the original comic book, Fame: Michael Jackson, a 40-page graphic novel, will be available in print and digital formats.

Several Jackson family members have expressed their appreciation regarding this touching tribute to Michael.

Michael Jackson’s reign as the King of Pop is celebrated in the latest biographical comic book from Bluewater Productions. The newest addition to the publisher’s critically acclaimed library features a cover and foreword by artist and friend of Jackson’s Giuseppe Mazzola. The life of the world’s most popular entertainer was infused with fantasy and tragedy. His discography is legendary. His legacy is complicated and unparalleled.

In a partnership with Colonial Radio Theatre, one of the top, award-winning producers of audio drama, Bluewater has produced audiobooks based off three pop culture subjects of their sold-out comic book series. These updated versions of the comic books have been written by writer Michael Frizell. Audiobooks featuring Princess Diana, One Direction, and Justin Bieber were released earlier this year, while Selena Gomez, Demi Lovat,o and Taylor Swift audiobooks will be released later this fall.

“The stories, and legends, behind the real people featured in Bluewater titles continue to grow. In order to keep the stories timely and current, the scripts had to be expanded. Longtime readers will find something new and up-to-the-minute here, while new readers will be immersed in the topics,” said Frizell.

Fame Graphic Novel Paperback CoverThe Fame series was launched in 2010 as a companion piece to the successful Female Force and Political Power biography titles. The comic series allows Bluewater to delve into the celebrity culture and understand how a person rises to fame, deals with the newfound celebrity status, and continues to produce in the public eye. Individual issues spotlight actors, sports figures, recording artists, and the British royal family.

Bluewater Production’s biography comics have been embraced by the media and featured on several television news outlets including The Today Show, MTV, and on CNN. Their comics and graphic novels have also been featured in publications such as Forbes, Vanity Fair, Time Magazine, and People magazine.

Print copies of the graphic novel of Fame: Michael Jackson as well as the comic book edition can be ordered at Comic Flea Market here: http://bit.ly/18OSz4A. The audio books cost $3.95 and are available through Audible, iTunes and Nook.

Download the comic to your e-reader from iTunes, Kindle, Wowio, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play, My Digital Comics, Overdrive, Iverse, Biblioboard, Flipkart, Axis360, Epic!, Blio, Entitle, Comicblender.com, Wheeler, Scoop, Nook, Kobo and wherever eBooks are sold.

Source: Bluewater Productions / Billie Jean

5 Reasons Why We'll Always Remember Michael Jackson. 29-08-'14

We find it really hard to believe that it's been five years since Michael Jackson passed away, especially with the release of his second posthumous album, 'Xscape.' Who hasn't listened to "Love Never Felt So Good" a thousand times already?

As we exchange stories about the very first MJ concert we attended and our failed attempts at doing the "moonwalk," our conversation shifts to his iconic style. So in celebration of what would have been his 56th birthday today, here are five reasons why we'll always remember him fondly.

1. How he always looked so badass in those Balmain jackets with the sharp shoulders. Shamone!
2. The way those few curls always fell into his face... and he smiled anyway.
3. How he caught the light -- and every woman's attention -- with all of his shiny regalia.
4. The way he melted our hearts while wearing aviator sunglasses. Swoon.
5. How he even got men to kiss his single sequin glove. #Bowdown

Source: Huffington Post / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Would Have Been 56 This Year. 29-08-'14

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson, today marks the day you would have been 56 years old. We celebrate your life, music, and the legacy you have left behind.

Michael Jackson died at age 50 on June 25th, 2009. Michael will forever be remembered as the KING OF POP and his songs will be played for hundreds of years. He was one of the greatest artists of our generation, despite many controversial incidents in his life.

A simple person, honest, naive, full of ingenuity - a hero; a powerful hero because his armor innocence, a hero who defended me often "punched" get out of life with purity and innocence of a hero whom say with so much love: Michael Jackson.

Happy Birthday

Thank you Michael Jackson for everything ... thank you today, but thank you tomorrow and every day of our lives ...

Love you Michael, Gone Too Soon.

Webmaster Dirk.

Source: Billie Jean

King Of Pop Is Startin’ Somethin’ At Empire City Casino. 28-08-'14

The King of Pop is back for an encore at Empire City Casino. Bally Technologies Inc. has unveiled a follow-up to its Michael Jackson King of Pop slot machine. The exciting, interactive new game called 'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ hit the casino floor this week.

The highly anticipated Michael Jackson 'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ video slot will electrify players with more gaming excitement from one of the greatest performers of all time. This encore to the popular Michael Jackson King of Pop game features familiar gameplay and all-new bonuses set to five of Michael Jackson’s most iconic hits: 'Bad', 'Billie Jean', 'Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', and 'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.

The game is highlighted by a U-Spin Platinum Record Bonus Spin that prompts players to touch the game screen to spin a platinum record with their fingers for bonus credits or to activate one of three special free games bonuses. Hit the right bonus and you’ll be treated to a personal concert by a digitized King. During free games attached to the songs 'Billie Jean' and 'Bad', Jackson’s music video pops up on the screen.

The high-energy game also offers some features from the original Michael Jackson slot, including a surround-sound chair. Empire City guests will find the new video slots on the first floor of the casino.

King of Pop Slot Machine

Source: Rockland Times / Billie Jean

A Place With No Name CD-Single Cover'A Place With No Name' Available On September 26th, 2014. 28-08-'14

'A Place With No Name' is the second single taken from Jackson's album 'Xscape' that will be released as CD-Single with 3 tracks on the Epic/Sony label.

Michael re-envisioned America’s 1972 classic 'A Horse With No Name' to convey a narrative following a man whose car breaks down and is led by a mysterious woman to a utopian place where “no one is in fear” and “no people have pain”.

It was a collaboration with Elliott Straite [Dr. Freeze] done in 1998 at Record Plant Recording Studio.

Track list:

1. A Place With No Name (Radio Edit) - 3:58
2. A Place With No Name (Album Version) - 5:35
3. Slave To The Rhythm (Audien Remix Radio Edit) - 3:14

Record label: Epic/Sony
Release date: 26-09-2014
Series number: 8875018402
Printed: EU
Guide price: 7 €

Pre-order at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson ONE Celebrates 'A Place With No Name'. 28-08-'14

Inspired by the lyrics to 'A Place With No Name', dancers from Michael Jackson ONE celebrate the release of the second single from Michael’s album, 'Xscape'. Michael Jackson ONE is a permanent show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas so be sure and catch a performance of the show on your next visit to Las Vegas and pick up your copy of 'Xscape' which, in addition to being currently available through all normal channels, is also available at the Michael Jackson ONE Boutique, adjacent to the theater.

For tickets and show schedule visit cirquedusoleil.com


 Source: Cirque Du Soleil / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Family To Honor Their Brother At Tom Joyner Sky Show. 28-08-'14

Tom Joyner*Tom Joyner’s annual evening celebrating family will feature an interview on Michael Jackson’s birthday with The Jacksons.

The brothers will honor their the “King of Pop” during Tom Joyner’s Sky Show® event along with performances by KEM and Eddie Levert.

The live broadcast is open to the public and takes place on August 29 from 6am – 10am ET.

The Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion will be held at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, and throughout the weekend will feature concerts from The Jacksons, Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, Tank, Syleena Johnson, and more including a Gospel Explosion all day Sunday with Yolanda Adams and James Fortune.

There will be seminars, activities, and more and appearances throughout the weekend with celebrities including Michael Baisden, Kandi Burruss, Don Lemon, Syleena Johnson and Porsha Willliams.

More info here.

Source: Eurweb / Billie Jean

Thousands — And MJ’s Kids — Expected For King Of Pop Celebration. 27-08-'14

King Of Pop CelebrationCelebrations for Michael Jackson’s birthday have grown from a block party around his boyhood home to a three-day festival set to start Thursday in what local officials and event promoters hope will become an annual affair.

The Michael Jackson Tribute Festival of the Arts will focus not only on the the famous musician, however, but also on encouraging new artists.

“[We want to] let them know it’s a good thing to develop the arts,” event promoter Karvin Johnson said. “Develop your creativity.”

Previous events celebrating Jackson’s birthday Aug. 29 have centered around the former family home at 2300 Jackson St. This year’s event — the fifth since he died in 2009 — has grown to encompass the nearby Roosevelt High School campus and will feature local and new artists.

Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, spearheaded the event, Johnson said, and she and other family members, including Michael Jackson’s children, will attend.

“She wants to set something in place that will be something to commemorate and celebrate Michael’s legacy,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he expects about 5,000 people a day at the festival, including people from Brazil, Canada and China.

The festival will kick off Thursday with an orchestra and choir made up of Gary students singing and playing a medley of Michael Jackson songs. The Gary Community School Corp. conducted an audition last week for the lead singer.

“Michael Jackson has always been one of the most beloved if not most beloved artists in R&B history,” school district spokeswoman Charmella Greer said. “Students, whether young or older, it doesn’t matter, they’re excited about [the festival].”

The musical performance will be followed by a ceremony at Roosevelt High School on Thursday afternoon, which will include remarks by local officials.

Other highlights include a stage next to the former Jackson home for new and emerging artists, a chance to scratch records and play drums, and a trivia competition that will, of course, focus on the Jackson family. Saturday will include a car show and a dance competition judged by Michael Jackson’s children, Johnson said.

The festival will conclude Saturday night with a live performance by Mindless Behavior and fireworks.

“The main thing is to encourage kids that you can express yourself through art,” Johnson said.

The event will have 24-hour private security to help Gary police officers, he said.

Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said she sees the festival as a key piece to a week of events in Gary, including the Fuller Center Build, a service project that will build four homes in the area of the Jackson family’s former home.

“It provides a new look, a positive look [for Gary],” Freeman-Wilson said.

Both Freeman-Wilson and Johnson said they would like to see this event continue and grow each year. Johnson said the event promoters hope to add even more events in coming years, including possibly a circus.

Another event promoter, Sharon Chamber, a Gary businesswoman who became involved after the Jackson family contacted her about home insurance for the house at 2300 Jackson St., said she would love to see the event become a regular tourist attraction like Graceland, Elvis Presley’s former home.

“I was just kind of hoping this becomes an annual thing — a national tribute to Michael,” she said.

Freeman-Wilson said she would like to work with the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority to find a way to quantify what the festival brings to the city, including in money spent.

“We know it’s going to be a positive thing,” she said. “The question then becomes what does it look like and how much.”



Noon: Gary School Marching Band enters Jackson Street toward 2300 Jackson. Dance troupe performs tribute to Michael Jackson. Opening ceremony with opening remarks from Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and city officials. Festival Village opens at Roosevelt High School Football Field.

1 p.m.: Dedication of homes by Fuller Center for Housing of Gary, CEO remarks; Introduction of the family and presentation of key. Closing remarks by Phyllis Barlow.

1:30 p.m.: Artist performances on all stages. DJs play Michael Jackson mix in the Festival Village and at 2300 Jackson St.

3:30 p.m.: Special ceremony in the Roosevelt High School Auditorium, hosted by Deborah Chang.

Ceremony will play on the big screen in the Festival Village.

5:30 p.m.: Special ceremony ends. Artist performances on all stages.

9 p.m.: End of day’s events.

Kids Pavilion: Corner of Festival Village, open from noon-7 p.m.


Noon: Festival Village opens at Roosevelt High School Football Field. Artist performances on the small stage and in Festival Village. DJs play Michael Jackson mix in the Festival Village and at 2300 Jackson St.

Kids Pavilion: Corner of Festival Village, open from noon-7:30 p.m.; petting zoo open from 2-6 p.m. and 6:30-7:30 p.m.

7 p.m.: Dancing on the lawn with music provided by a DJ followed by a live band.

8:30 p.m.: Live band performs.

9 p.m.: End of day’s events.


9 a.m.: Car show starts.

Noon: Artist performances on the small stage and in Festival Village.

3 p.m.: Car show winner announced on main stage.

6 p.m.: Winners of all competitions and headliners start performing.

8 p.m.: OMG Girlz

8:30 p.m.: Mindless Behavior

8:55 p.m.: Fireworks

9 p.m.: End of day’s events.

Kids Pavilion: Corner of Festival Village, open noon- 7 p.m.; petting zoo open noon-4 p.m.

Source: Post-Tribune Sun-Times / Billie Jean

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