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The Estate Of Michael JacksonEstate Requests Cancellation Of Autopsy Broadcast. 06-01-'14

Although it is not possible for the Estate to bring legal action to stop the broadcast of the program about the autopsy performed on Michael, the Executors want Michael’s fans to know that letters have been sent to the broadcaster and station owner expressing the Estate’s disgust at those who heartlessly work to profit from the most banal, salacious details of Michael’s death.

In part, the letter from John Branca and John McClain asks Channel 5 to show good taste and common decency by canceling Tuesday’s planned airing of Autopsy: Michael Jackson’s Last Hours. The letter also states: “Despite Channel 5’s cynical and disingenuous promotions claiming Autopsy ‘separates fact from fiction,’ it is nothing more than another sleazy tabloid program exploiting Michael’s tragic and untimely death…..Separating ‘fact from fiction,’ the Michael Jackson his friends and family knew was a loving father, a global entertainment icon and humanitarian devoted to making the world better. His children do not deserve to see their father’s death callously exploited out of greed because a new TV series desperately wants to attract viewers.”

The Executors share the fans hope that Channel 5 show the good judgment to cancel the broadcast of this distasteful program.

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Michael Book Cover1980's Collage Book Reproduced. 06-01-'14

Swiss artist David de Tscharner and Belgian artist Benoît Platéus have collaborated for more than a year to reproduce a comic book from the 1980's which tells the story of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The book is a limited edition of 450 pieces white linen cover and a limited edition of 50 pieces signed copies with red leather cover.

The book was recently presented at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair where it gained lots of interest. Some of the original collages are also available for purchase.

Publisher: Triangle Books
Author: David de Tscharner & Benoît Platéus
ISBN: 978-2-930777-02-3
Pages: 36
Guide price: 38 €

For more images and to buy the book click here.

Source: Triangle Books / Billie Jean

Channel 5 Focuses On MJ Autopsy. 05-01-'14

As you may or not be aware but Channel 5 in the UK will begin airing the first of their new three one-hour documentaries called “Autopsy: The Last Hour Of” beginning January 7, 2014 at 10:00 pm. Channel 5 will begin with none other than Michael with the episode being ”Autopsy: Michael Jackson’s Last Hours” on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. The description on their website is:

“In the first of three hour-long documentaries, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd investigates the death of Michael Jackson, ‘The King of Pop’. He was the biggest-selling recording artist of all time, but when he suddenly died at just 50 years old, he left $400 million in debts and more questions than answers.

The evidence revealed by his autopsy shows a severely sick man. Jackson was plagued by complications from his many plastic surgeries, suffered from two rare skin conditions and was riddled with arthritis. His lungs were severely damaged, he had an enlarged prostate, and was still suffering the effects of a horrific accident that left him partially bald.

The most startling evidence, however, uncovers the bewildering number of drugs that were coursing through his veins, bearing witness to a number of addictions that had spiralled out of control. It was Jackson’s desperate battle against insomnia, however, that would ultimately cost him his life”.

We know this is all lies and yet they air these falsehoods and continue to make money off the death of Michael Jackson. We also are aware that no MJ fan will watch this but many others will due to their interest in anything Michael Jackson. They believe what they see and hear and unfortunately will sop it up like sponges.

I am urging everyone to show their support against these documentaries and tweet or email politely but effectively and let Channel 5 and the directors, executive producers, etc know that we will not allow our King and other innocents to be maligned once again.

MJ Autopsy

Source: Channel 5 / Billie Jean

Rare Footage: Black Greeks Teaches Michael Jackson How To Step. 04-01-'14

Watch this footage of the King of Pop taking lessons from the Black Greeks on the art of stepping in 1993.

According to the video description, a group of Alphas, AKAs, Deltas and Sigmas were rehearsing for the “Is It Scary” project, an MJ song written for the 1993 film Addams Family Values that never made the soundtrack.

It starts off pretty slow, but Mike emerges at minute 4. So dope.


Video description: Step Masters Step by Step, Alpha phi Alpha,Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta and Sigma Gamma Rho introduced Michael Jackson to the art form of steppin' in 1993 at Sony Studios yes we were working on a project called Is This Scary which never took place because those of us that are true fans know that 93 for MJ we had to pray for our dear brother so anyway we end up choreographing and dancing on a different project as a result for the adams family video with the group Tag Team you remember whoop there it is! So this was a blessing because we actually shared a moment in history with this brother and when you operate in your gifts and talents you just never know where God will take you!

Source: The Root / Billie Jean

Eddie Van Halen And Michael Jackson Perform 'Beat It' Live In 1984. 04-01-'14

Yes, we’ve all heard Michael Jackson’s 1983 mega-hit, “Beat It,” which features Eddie Van Halen on guitar. But have you seen Eddie perform the song live with Jackson and his band?

We hadn’t — until we stumbled upon this pro-shot video.

According to the information provided with the clip, this performance took place July 14, 1984, in Dallas, Texas. Eddie (and his guitar) happened to be in town that night, so he joined Jackson on stage.

We apologize for the poor sound and audio quality, but take note that Eddie’s guitar is front and center in the mix during the solo.

Jackson screams, “You got it, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!” just as the solo kicks off. Enjoy!


In the all-new February 2014 issue of Guitar World, Eddie Van Halen looks back on Van Halen’s 1984 album and the creation of his home studio, 5150.

For an excerpt of the new interview, head here.

Source: Guitar World / Billie Jean

Judge Issued Tentative Ruling Against Granting A New Trial Jacksons VS. AEG Live. 04-01-'14

Yvette PalazuelosA judge issued a tentative ruling Friday against granting a new trial in a negligence case filed by Katherine Jackson claiming a concert promoter was financially liable for Michael’s death.

Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos did not immediately finalize the ruling after hearing more than two hours of arguments from lawyers.

A jury in October rejected Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit claiming AEG Live LLC negligently hired the doctor convicted of giving her son an overdose of anesthetic in 2009. Her lawyers argued the verdict form didn’t allow jurors to fully consider evidence in the case. Lawyers for AEG Live countered that there was no basis for a new trial.

AEG Live attorney Jessica Stebbins Bina told the judge it was actually Katherine Jackson’s lawyers who included the disputed language in drafts of the verdict form and instructions.

Jackson family attorney Deborah Chang, however, said the question that brought jurors to end the case couldn’t have been corrected and should have been excluded from the form.

Palazuelos did not indicate when she would finalize her ruling. If she stands by it, Katherine Jackson’s attorneys could pursue an appeal with a higher state court.

Source: Washington Post / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Company: Singer Fit To Perform Before Death. 03-01-'14

Ever since Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, there’s been almost nonstop action in courts. Last year, Katherine Jackson and the rest of the singer’s family pursued AEG Live on the theory that the concert promoter had pushed the King of Pop to the edge. The effort was unsuccessful, but get ready for another possible trial examining the circumstances surrounding the performer’s death.

This one puts the handlers for the Jackson estate on the same side as AEG Live. Together, they are defending a lawsuit brought by underwriters at Lloyd’s of London wishing to get out of paying a $17.5 million insurance policy on the “This Is It” tour.

Here, the Michael Jackson Company presents the singer in fine condition.

“As to the issue of Mr. Jackson’s fitness to perform, that is conclusively proved by the footage of Mr. Jackson rehearsing on June 23 and 24, 2009, immediately prior to his death,” says court papers filed on Dec. 31 by the Michael Jackson Company (an entity set up by the singer and now controlled by executors of his estate). “This footage, which was compiled into the motion picture This Is It clearly shows that Mr. Jackson was not only fit to perform in concert, but that he could still do so brilliantly.”

In the lawsuit, Lloyd’s of London asserts it was misled about the singer’s health. The insurance underwriters point to some of the same AEG Live internal emails that were presented to a jury by Jackson’s family last year. Those e-mails allegedly show that AEG tried to hide his deteriorating health. The insurer says it would have refused an “accident” policy had the singer’s true condition been revealed.

A trial is tentatively scheduled for February. First, a judge considers the plaintiff’s summary judgment motion and the defendants’ opposition.

According to documents in the case, AEG looked to secure cancellation insurance in January, 2009. The concert promoter went to a London-based insurance broker, which allegedly knew about the “almost daily” press about Jackson and so recommended the singer be examined by a doctor.

On February 4, Jackson was examined by Dr. David Slavit, a New York-based ear, nose and throat doctor who found the singer to be in “good health” and “excellent condition.”

The insurance broker then presented the This Is It risk to insurers in the Lloyd’s market and provided details about the planned concerts as well as a history of Jackson’s touring (including past concerts given and canceled by the singer).

Several underwriters responded. The insurers agreed to “accident” coverage but not “illness” coverage until Jackson could be examined by another doctor. An in-depth medical examination was scheduled to take place in early July, 2009. Of course, Jackson died first.

This Is It

A day after the singer’s death, an executive at one of the underwriters wrote in e-mail that an employee handling the coverage application “had taken a good decision on this risk in my view as he hadn’t believed the medicals.”

But the Michael Jackson Company believes that nothing about the “illness” coverage holdup did anything to negate the “accident” coverage. Further, the defendant says “the record shows that there is no evidence establishing that MJC made false representations to Underwriters.”

The only representations made by Michael Jackson, says his company, were to Dr. Slavit, retained by the broker, not the underwriter. According to the defendant’s legal papers, “Putting aside the issues of whether Underwriters in fact relied on the Slavit exam and whether it was material to the issuance of ‘accident’ coverage, there is no evidence that the purported representations about Michael Jackson being in good health and fit to perform were false. All of the evidence in fact proves them true.”

The Michael Jackson Company points to other evidence, including personal trainer Lou Ferrigno’s testimony that the singer “looked great,” the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office conclusion that Jackson’s general health was “excellent” prior to his death, and This Is It director Kenny Ortega’s testimony that the singer was fit to perform.

And as for Jackson’s reported drug addiction? From the court papers:

“MJC acknowledges that negative press, speculation and rumors have abounded about Mr. Jackson both before and after his death. Media speculation, rumors and opinions cannot be the evidentiary basis for a finding that Michael Jackson was abusing drugs in Feb. 2009 when he appeared for the Slavit exam, or in April 2009 when the Policy issued.”

On Friday, Katherine Jackson is due back in court in a motion for a new trial in her case against AEG Live. No matter what happens tomorrow, however, it won’t be the end of the legal fussing over Jackson’s death. Next comes a Jan. 15 summary judgment hearing in the insurance dispute.

In other words, right after one judge decides whether Jackson’s family gets another shot to prove AEG negligently hired and supervised Conrad Murray for administering him a fatal dose of propofol, Jackson’s estate will attempt to persuade a different judge that insurers have failed in demonstrating any wrongdoing by those preparing the This Is It tour.

Or, as the estate puts it, “Michael Jackson’s death was an ‘accident’ under the policy.”

Source: Hollywood Report / Billie Jean

Katherine Jackson Where's The Money You Solicited From MJ Fans? 02-01-'14

Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson has pulled the plug on her campaign to solicit money from Michael Jackson fans to pay for an MJ documentary ...TMZ has learned. The question -- Where did the money go?

TMZ broke the story last week ... Katherine -- along with Paris, Blanket and Prince -- made an online plea to Michael's fans to contribute money so she could license songs and images from the MJ Estate for a documentary she wanted to make.

We made it clear in our story ... the whole thing reeked of a scam, because the Estate was never contacted about licensing anything for Katherine's documentary and based on what we know ... there's no chance in the world the Estate would sign off on the project for any amount of money.

And here's what's really suspicious ... The website Katherine used allows her to keep the funds if the project is never made ... money contributed by MJ fans.

So almost immediately after we posted our story ... Katherine and/or her people pulled the plug on the project.

A source close to Katherine tells TMZ ... he's been told every cent of the money raised was refunded and Katherine got nothing ... but we can't confirm it.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ Katherine wants to do a documentary and she "fully anticipates the executors will see the artistic honesty of this project and help make [it] successful." She shouldn't hold her breath.

Here's the deal ... Katherine Jackson is fundamentally a good woman with good intentions, but it's apparent she is often manipulated by people with bad intentions and that's what happened here.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

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