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MJ Estate Team: Vote For Michael! 30-06-'14

Dear Fans,

Hypetrak has just opened its mid-year poll for fans’ favorite albums of 2014 so far. Here’s your chance to vote for 'Xscape':

Let’s move Michael up the chart!

Source: Hypetrak / Billie Jean

MJ's 'Memorial Dance Party'. 30-06-'14

Michael Jackson was toasted by record executives at a music-filled memorial bash this week.

The New York Post’s PageSix reports 'Thriller' record producer Quincy Jones and LA Reid, the man behind the late star’s posthumous release, 'Xscape', were among those who gathered at the trendy 1Oak nightclub in Los Angeles for the “memorial dance party”.

DJ Cassidy reportedly spun for five hours, getting the crowd going with the King of Pop’s classics and some of his newly released music.

The club was apparently filled with music industry heavyweights.

DJ Cassidy

Record executive Andre Harrell, Richie Akiva, Miguel, Kevin Liles, Dallas Austin and Kidada Jones were also in attendance, according to the outlet.

The guests were apparently intent on celebrating Michael’s memory with a joyous occasion, five years after his June 25, 2009 death.

The late superstar has been back in the headlines for his music in recent weeks following the highly anticipated release of 'Xscape' and a hologram performance at the Billboard Music Awards, which made it look eerily like he was actually up on stage.

The visual projection captivated the audience, and got the seal of approval from Michael's older brother Jackie.

"I've been hearing about the hologram, and people were talking about it, but to see it with my own eyes was incredible, amazing," Jackie gushed to People last month.

"When he got up and started walking around – oh, my God … When he started dancing, unbelievable. It took me back. If Michael were here he would say thumbs up!"

'Xscape' features eight previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1983 and 2009, reworked by producers including Timbaland.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Harrison FunkHarrison Funk, MJ’s Photographer, Remembers Michael. 29-06-'14

Harrison Funk remembers being captivated by Michael Jackson’s eyes. “Michael had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever photographed,” he told me recently. “They were large. They were expressive. They were deep. I don’t mean that physically. It was a picture into his soul. I think Michael, he knew in every picture what he wanted to convey. Even when he was completely natural he could convey a message to the camera.”

Funk began shooting Michael in the early 1980s and continued on and off until his death five years ago on June 25, 2009. Funk was in his twenties when he made his first shot of Michael, before the singer launched his solo career. Funk had been invited to a party at New York City’s Tavern on the Green, and he found himself shooting pictures of Michael and the rest of the Jackson family backstage. Shortly afterward, Funk got a call from Michael’s publicist, inviting him to Los Angeles. Without promise of a job or even reimbursement, Funk got on the plane.

He remembers the day that he and Michael connected—really connected—for the first time. Tito Jackson’s kids were playing in a softball game, and while a couple of the brothers hung out on the sidelines, Michael sat by himself in a parked car down the block. When he saw Funk approach, Michael told him to get in and the two sat talking about “everything in the world, and baseball.”

Funk chronicled Jackson’s career, starting with the Jacksons’ Victory Tour in 1984 and Michael’s first solo tour, Bad (1987-89). “He taught me so much about observing, seeing the moment and capturing the moment,” Funk said. “He taught me so much about perfection and Michael was a perfectionist. He wanted everything to be just so, even when it was spontaneous, it was just so. That was part of his brilliance, the ability to make that happen without any effort.”

Access and trust are key to making documentary images, especially with publicity-conscious celebrities. “I was just myself," Funk said. "There was no pretense. I am who I am. I was open, and they knew that no picture would leave my hands without approval. And it got to the point to the middle of the tour where I was able to approve images. They trusted me."

Funk remembers vividly the day he photographed Jesse Jackson and Michael Jackson. Jesse was running for president, and he was planning to attend an NAACP convention the candidate near a location where Michael would be performing. The candidate asked for a meeting with the pop star to talk about how few black workers the pop star had on his crew.

Funk and Jesse Jackson's personal photographer, Bruce Talamon, sat on the floor shooting as the two Jacksons talked, and suddenly Jesse turned and dismissed his photographer. “’Alright, photo op's over.' Michael turns to me and says, ‘Harrison, stay.’” Turning back to Jesse, Michael said, 'My photographer shoots everything.'

Musicians started restricting photographic access in the 80s, Funk remembers. “They didn't want to be photographed snorting a pound of coke." But Michael Jackson and his family were different, and to them, Funk was a friend. They welcomed him onto the tour and into their lives.

“He liked to play practical jokes, and he liked to have fun. He was a big kid. There was one food fight where I wore a bucket of shrimp...after they poured it all over me,” Funk said.

Source: New Republic / Billie Jean

The Immortal World TourMichael Jackson The Immortal Cancelled Laredo TX. 28-06-'14

Cirque du Soleil announced Thursday it is cancelling the Laredo engagement of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour scheduled for August 1 & 2 at Laredo Energy Arena. As the tour enters its final leg, certain schedule adjustments were required to maximize efficient logistics and routing. These adjustments have an impact on the aforementioned cities.

Refunds will be available at the original place of purchase. Patrons must return their paper tickets to the LEA Box Office, Various H-E-B. locations, or other Ticketmaster outlet where the tickets were bought. Those patrons who purchased tickets online at www.ticketmaster.com or who charged by phone should contact Ticketmasterat1-800-745-3000regardingproceduresforobtainingafullrefund.For additional refund information please contact Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000.

Since its world premiere in Montreal in October 2011, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour has travelled to over 135 cities in 27 countries on 4 continents, seen by over 3 million spectators. It is currently the #9 top grossing music tour of all time, touring across North America through the summer. www.cirquedusoleil.com/MichaelJackson.

Source: Laredo Sun / Billie Jean

Jackson Family To Open Gift Shop In Gary, Indiana Next To 2300 Jackson St. Home. 28-06-'14

Gary IndianaMichael Jackson and Jackson family fans will soon have a place to get their gear and memorabilia locally, officials say.

A city official confirmed to the Post Tribune that Katherine Jackson is completing permits to open a business on the city’s near west side.

Trent Jackson, a nephew and traveling companion of Katherine Jackson, said the family will convert the house directly east of the family house at 2300 Jackson St. to a gift shop with plans to open Aug. 15. The annual Michael Jackson birthday celebration begins two weeks later.

The family will make a formal announcement in the coming weeks, Trent Jackson said, but the house will be a pick-up point for fans who buy merchandise online. There will be no money kept at the house, and the pick-up service will be for those who buy a certain amount of merchandise.

Trent Jackson, who lives in Calabasas, California, with other family members, declined to discuss the dollar amount of the purchases that can be picked up, and he did not offer details on the goods that will be sold.

The Jackson family will reinvest the proceeds into the neighborhood and, possibly, Roosevelt High School, which is directly west of the house.

“We want to keep the block looking nice,” Jackson said. “We want to help out with the neighbors here and help out with the school.”

On Wednesday, on the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, Trent Jackson and a woman could be seen cleaning the inside of the proposed shop. The lawn outside the small house is well manicured, and it appears much work has been done on the building. Like 2300 Jackson St., the property is surrounded by a high, black fence.

Chelsea Whittington, Gary’s communication director, could not offer details about the gift shop plans, but she said such a project would be “a great complement to the Fuller Center housing build” in the area later this summer.

From Aug. 24-29, the Fuller Center, a faith-based agency building low-income housing around the world, will host a house-building blitz in Gary, building two new homes and renovating two more.

Source: LMJ / Billie Jean

5 Crazy-Priced Pieces Of Michael Jackson Memorabilia. 28-06-'14

The King of Pop is dead, but his market value is only getting stronger.

This week marked the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death and it prompted a wide range of tributes across the music world, including a letter of remembrance from Beyoncé. But his fans are keeping his memory alive in a slightly different way, by bidding against each other on eBay for pieces of memorabilia and reaching some astounding figures.

These are some of the most expensive Michael Jackson items sold on the website during the last year.

MJ Memorabilia

Signed and used pillowcase with Jackson’s hair:

The price:$89,999.99

Full creepo-marks go to whomever spent almost two years of an average New Yorker’s salary to snap up this used pillowcase and hair combo, the highest-priced item to be sold on eBay in the last 12 months. Both were saved from the hospital that Jackson was treated in after suffering burns during a Pepsi commercial shoot in 1984.
Guaranteed to make your guests uncomfortable.

Signed, video-worn ‘Smooth Criminal’ fedora:

The price: $6,100

Jacko’s white-suit-and-fedora combo was first seen in 1988’s mobster-themed “Smooth Criminal” video (which was also part of the “Moonwallker” movie released at the same time). Not only was the hat an iconic new look for the singer, it bizarrely also became an integral part of the “Moonwalker” video game, in which you could use it as a projectile to kill the bad guys.

That’s one dangerous piece of head wear.

‘Billie Jean’ stage-worn rehearsal jacket:

The price: $20,001.00

Even though he didn’t wear it in the video for “Billie Jean,” Jackson frequently donned sequined jackets for live performances of the song, and this stage-worn example was enough to make one fan spend more for it than some people would spend on a brand new car.

Swarovski crystal glove:

The price: $7,000

The glittering glove was undoubtedly Michael’s signature throughout his solo career, and there were many versions. Although this worn one sold for a cool $7,000, it’s nothing compared to the one he had on during the Motown 25th anniversary concert in 1983, where he unveiled the moonwalk for the first time.

That one sold for $350,000 in 2009.

‘Thriller’ album and singles shadowbox, with signed letter:

The price: $12,999.99

We’re unlikely to see sales like those of Jackson’s 1982 album “Thriller” ever again, so commemorative discs are becoming rare sights. These discs mark one million sales for “Thriller,” itself, as well as its three biggest singles — “Thriller,” “Billie Jean” and “Beat It.”

MJ Memorabilia

Source: New York Post / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Documentary Featuring 'Private' Footage Triggers Lawsuit. 27-06-'14

Ebony Magazine Photoshoot (11-2007)The production company behind Michael Jackson: The Last Photo Shoot has filed a lawsuit against the executors of the late singer's estate.

At the center of this dispute is never-before-seen footage taken of Jackson in 2007, two years before he died.

Craig Williams, the film's director, has described the footage as having been taken at the Brooklyn Museum of Art for Ebony magazine as Jackson attempted to make a comeback and gave his first magazine interview in a decade. Michael Jackson: The Last Photo Shoot features interviews with the singer's friends, photographers and stylists as Jackson prepared. The documentary also shows, of course, images of Jackson.

But Howard Weitzman, attorney for the Michael Jackson estate, tells The Hollywood Reporter that the images are private.

"The makers of the documentary are attempting to exploit footage and photographs of Michael Jackson, which we believe are owned by his Estate," says Weitzman. "The documentary contains footage of Michael during private moments that he never agreed could be publicly and commercially exploited without his consent and/or involvement. Michael never authorized or approved the use of this material in the film.

Noval Williams Films asserts that it has validly obtained rights.

According to its complaint filed in New York federal court, the Jackson camp was offered the opportunity to purchase rights in 2011, but passed. In May, 2013, Williams stepped up to allegedly acquire rights. More deals were then made by Williams' company with distributors.

But about two months ago, Weitzman wrote a letter to the production company stating that the singer had allowed the footage be taken for his own use and that the footage was done as a "work-for-hire," meaning that Jackson should be considered the author for copyright purposes.

The production company responded that it had legally acquired rights, prompting the Jackson estate lawyer to make another demand to see the film.

Now, the documentary maker has decided to go to court seeking declaratory relief that it isn't infringing copyrights and that the defendant doesn't have a valid claim arising from the contracts by which the images were first created.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

The King Of Pop Remembered In A Colourful Way. 27-06-'14

Another day has gone

I’m still all alone

How could this be?

You’re not here with me

You never said goodbye

Someone tell me why

Did you have to go?

And leave my world

so cold?”

Kozhikode: He was the, and still continues to be the artist who tops the chart list posthumously. He continues to remain the most loved, most discussed and most imitated artist till date. Despite being at the heart of some of the worst controversies the world ever saw, for Michael Jackson fans, this is the fifth year of loneliness from the day their king left the world without saying goodbye!

June 25 was the fifth death anniversary of this legend pop singer, who conquered the hearts of crores of people around the world with his marvellous songs and out-of-the-world dance moves.

The entire world is observing his death anniversary in different ways. Kozhikode too has joined in to show its love and respect for this great artist who passed away too soon. It is the artists' group called fd's gallery that has come forward to conduct an art exhibition as a tribute to the king of pop.

Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery

They have exhibited around 20 gorgeous paintings, all of which uniquely express Michael Jackson alone. Shargeeth, Jain and Irfan are the three artists behind this expo. ”I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. I was already planning an exhibition as a tribute to MJ. And I chose his death anniversary as an occasion for that,” says Irfan, who has drawn the majority of pictures at the exhibition. The moves, the action and the gestures which are all unique to MJ, have been captured in oil paint, charcoal and acrylic paint for portraying.

This is their first art exhibition and Irfan claims that this is the first art exhibition in Kerala, being organised in memory of Michael Jackson. Actor Biyon inaugurated the exhibition. The inauguration was accomplished in ‘Jackson style.' Biyon shot the glitter papers to the canvas, which already sketched Jackson's picture with invisible gum, and it made Jackson's colourful portrait on the canvas with glitters. This reminded most of them of how MJ used to use ‘glitter shoots' and showers commonly in his music videos and during live performances. The expo will go on at the Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery till June 29.

Source: The New Indian Express / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Lives On eBay. 27-06-'14

Michael Jackson died five years ago, but the musical icon continues to lord over pop culture, as sales of the new 'Xscape' and box office for his Cirque du Soleil shows indicate.

He's no slouch on eBay either.

In the past 46 weeks, sales of Michael Jackson merchandise have generated $2.31 million from 86,385 items, according to Terapeak.

More than $7,87 million in Jackson goods were on the block, the ecommerce firm reports.

In the past 90 days, the most expensive item purchased was a Billie Jean rehearsal jacket owned and worn on stage by the King of Pop. It sold for $20,101.

Ranking second is a shadowbox with a Thriller album and gold singles accompanied by a letter signed by Jackson. Price: $12,000.

Source: USA Today / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Choreographer Sues Singer’s Costume Designer Over Unpaid Fees. 27-06-14

Travis PayneMichael Jackson’s family members aren’t the only ones fighting over his fortune ​ ​– the Gloved One’s longtime choreographer slapped the singer’s former costume designer with a $280,000 lawsuit in Manhattan on Thursday over unpaid fees.

The suit comes a day after the five-year anniversary of Jackson’s death by a drug overdose.

Former model Zaldy Goco, who fashioned Jackson’s wardrobe for the canceled “This Is It” tour, signed a four-year contract with dancer Travis Payne and manager Christopher Demers the month after the musician’s passing.

Goco promised Payne and Demers a 20 percent cut “from business activities relating to the famous musical celebrity Michael Jackson,” according to the duo’s Manhattan civil lawsuit.

But the Parsons-trained designer, who also worked with Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Richards, has not paid a cent of fees on upwards of $2.4 million of work connected to the King of Pop.

Zaldy GocoGoco earned $400,000 as a costume designer for the “Immortal World Tour” and between $1 to $2 million for the Vegas show “Michael Jackson ONE,” the suit says.

The Manhattan-based Goco, who also created a Swarovski crystal blanket for Jackson’s coffin, has refused to cough up the cash, and also blocked his partners from probing his finances.

The fee was based off Demers and Payne helping Goco get work from the late singer’s estate.

Demers has worked as a brand consultant for stars like Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z.

The Emmy-nominated Payne was the choreographer for “This is It” and first gained fame as a dancer for Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation tour in 1989. He’s also performed with Madonna, Ricky Martin and Prince.

Source: New York Post / Billie Jean

How Michael Jackson's Children Are Doing 5 Years After His Death. 27-06-'14

Katherine and Michael's KidsMichael Jackson died five years ago today, leaving behind three children: Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Today, the three Jackson children, who have been raised primarily by Jackson's mother Katherine, are doing their best to move forward with their lives.

"The children are really well-adjusted, normal kids, as normal as any child can be with the loss of a parent," a source close to the family told ABC News. "They are close to grandma and other cousins as well as certain aunts and uncles."

Now 17, Prince, who recently sported a goatee at a red carpet, is "deeply focused on his schooling," the source said. "Prince knows he can do things in the entertainment business and surely will, but school is priority. He has the grades to show it."

Paris, 16, who is said to have taken her father's death the hardest, is back in school "and finding her way again," following her hospitalization last year.

The youngest, 12-year-old Blanket, "is fabulous and focused in karate at a competitive level."

And while each may have his or her own passions and priorities, Prince, Paris and Blanket all have one thing in common: They still talk about their late father regularly.

"They rejoice in the memory of their father every day, whether they are speaking about him to each other or with family members or a complete stranger asks them how they are doing," the source said. "They handle themselves very maturely and when they speak of Michael. They are truly happy, but miss him dearly."

Source: Yahoo News / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Quiz: How Well Do You Know The King Of Pop? 27-06-'14

June 25, 2014, marks the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death at the age of 50. The legendary pop icon certainly made an impression on the world and is remembered for his personality quirks just as much as his groundbreaking music career. See how well you know the King of Pop.

Join the quiz here.

Source: Newsday / Billie Jean

Hundreds Of Michael Fans Have Paid Tribute To The Icon. 26-06-'14

Around 100 loyal followers, some dressed as the self-proclaimed King of Pop, arrived at the Forest Lawn cemetery outside Los Angeles yesterday to pay tribute to the singer, who died in 2009 while rehearsing for a comeback tour.

Fans travelled from Britain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the United States and many other countries to the cemetery, the final resting place of generations of Hollywood celebrities.

Impersonators also gathered to re-enact some of his iconic hits, including Smooth Criminal and Thriller, while flowers were laid on his pavement 'star' along Hollywood Boulevard.

'We love you Michael,' read a banner on a giant red heart placed outside the small mausoleum where he is interred in Glendale, north of Los Angeles.

Another message said: 'Five years without you - we love you more,' while others said simply: 'We miss you' or 'Thank you for continuously giving us reason to smile.'

Mikie, who came with a group of girlfriends from Japan all dressed in Jackson T-shirts, said it was her second time at the neatly-tended cemetery.

Yesterday, Conrad Murray, speaking to CNN on the anniversary of his patient's death voiced remorse but insisted he was not to blame. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after Jackson died.

'I am very remorseful that Michael has passed,' he said. 'Michael was a friend. I felt like a father figure to Michael.

He added that he treated Jackson not because of the $150,000 a month he was going to be paid, but as a result of his 'love' for the musician.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009 of an overdose of the clinical anesthetic propofol, administered by his doctor to help treat insomnia as the singer prepared for "This is It" shows in London.

MJ Fans

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 over the star's death and jailed for four years. He was released in October after serving two years.

On Wednesday, he recounted the final hours as he gave Jackson a series of drugs to help him sleep. But he insisted he did not know that another doctor had been giving the singer another drug, Demerol, for years to treat pain.

'Michael Jackson lived a life of pain, for so many years, decades .. I could not help but be sympathetic to this man,' said Murray, who added that he plans to appeal his conviction to the Supreme Court if necessary.

'I have suffered a lot ... my life is certainly a struggle. I'm doing my best to put it back on track,' he said, adding: 'I grieve for Michael every day.'

Jackson was planning a global comeback tour to help him stave off bankruptcy, five years after being acquitted of child molestation charges that left his career in tatters.

He had debts of up to $500 million before his death, but in the five years since, his executors have earned more than $700 million, according to the recent book 'Michael Jackson Inc.'

Money-making ventures have included the 'This is It' movie of rehearsals for the doomed tour, a touring Cirque du Soleil stage show and two posthumous albums so far, with more to come.

Carine Temmerman, from a Belgian Jackson fan club, picked through the carpet of messages laid out before the star's mausoleum. 'I've cried a lot, seeing what people have written,' she said.

'It's a sad day for most of us, but we decided to celebrate who the man was, and celebrate his legacy,' said Melanie Freeman from New York.

'Five years later, it just grows, it's not diminished at all,' she told AFP, adding: 'All the things that MJ used to do, we do it for him now.'

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Songs Since His Death. 26-06-'14

Michael JacksonIt’s been five years since we lost The King Of Pop. As a tribute to Michael Jackson, here’s the Top 10 songs his British fans have been buying since his tragic death in 2009.

In 2009, the King of Pop was set to embark on his comeback 'This Is It' tour, with a series of 50 concerts at London's O2 arena beginning in July of that year.
However, Jackson died at his home in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50 after suffering cardiac arrest.

The UK Official Charts Company has today revealed the ten most downloaded songs since the singer's death, with 'Man In The Mirror' topping the ranking.

'Man In The Mirror' was originally released as the fourth single from Jackson's Bad album in 1988, peaking at number 32 in the charts.

The track re-entered the charts at number 2 following the star's death along with twelve more of his tracks, and has since been downloaded 413,000 times.

'Thriller', the title track from Jackson's 1982 album, fared better than 'Man In The Mirror' on its initial release, and peaked at number 10 in the charts. It is the second most downloaded track since 2009 with 244,000 downloads.

'Billie Jean' is a close third with 224,000 downloads since Jackson's death, followed by 'Smooth Criminal' (189,000 downloads) and 'Beat It' (171,000 downloads).

'Love Never Felt So Good', the lead single from Jackson's recent posthumous album 'Xscape', is the seventh most downloaded track with 140,000 downloads.

The Top 10 most downloaded Michael Jackson tracks since his death are:

1.'Man In The Mirror'
3.'Billie Jean'
4.'Smooth Criminal'
5.'Beat It'
6.'Hold My Hand'
7.'Love Never Felt So Good'
8.'Dirty Diana'
9.'The Way You Make Me Feel'
10.'Black Or White'

Source: Official Charts Company / Billie Jean

Forever Michael 1970-1977, Collector's Book Dedicated To Michael's Young Days! 25-06-'14

This 52-pages collector's book (21×21 cm -- 8,26 x 8, 26 inches) contains 48 rare and never-seen-before full spread black and white pictures in a white heavy cardboard case. Each boxset (Size: 27×27 cm -- 10,6 x 10,6 inches ) contains a vintage photo print in A5 format. Each boxes is hand-numbered from 1 to 50.

Every buyer can chose his own vintage print from our 70 pictures personal collection. The first buyer will have access to the whole collection, the second to 69 pictures and so on. Each picture is a vintage original print from the 1970′s. Some of them might show slight alterations and marks, but they are all in great condition and the majority of them are available in our book selection!

Pre order here the book.

Forever Michael 1970-1977 Book Cover

Source: Funk U / Billie Jean

Family And Friends Pay Tribute To The Pop Icon On The 5th Anniversary Of His Death. 25-06-'14

MJ 5th Anniversary Of His DeathMembers of Michael Jackson's family have paid tribute to the pop icon on the 5th anniversary of his death.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50. He passed away in his Los Angeles home, after suffering a cardiac arrest. His untimely death preceded his planned This Is It tour, which was scheduled to kick off in London just a month after he passed away.

Five years after his tragic death, his sister LaToya Jackson paid tribute to Michael describing her brother as "the most incredible father, brother, son and the most talented performer this world has ever known."

According to E! News, she said in a statement: "If Michael were here today he would tell us to all celebrate his life and not to mourn his death. Michael was all about love and peace and in honor of my brother I ask you to please do something kind for someone today, and, blast and dance to all the beautiful music he left us all."

"I will spend the day celebrating his life by listening to his music, looking through old home photos, watching his videos and concerts. Michael I love you forever and if you were today I know you would say, 'I love you more!'"

She also tweeted a message to the star's fans saying: "Thank you for remembering."

Michael's elder brother Jermaine Jackson turned to Twitter to express his pervading sense of loss since his sibling's death.

In a series of emotional tweets he wrote: "Hard to believe it's been five years ... The pain never eases. Michael's absence is still hard to take. But let's find comfort in happy memories & HIS music.

"However you are remembering Michael today, much love to you all on this difficult day.

"Play his music. Cry. Light candles. Lay flowers. Smile. Dance. Reminisce. Be still. Celebrate Michael's life #youarenotalone"

Many of the celebrities who worked with the star and were among his friends shared their personal memories of the star.

Super model Iman, who featured with Michael in the Remember the Time video tweeted a photo on Instagram of herself with Jackson and Eddie Murphy from the music video, writing: "Remember The Time' with @MichaelJackson @eddiemurphy can't believe it has been 5 yrs since his passing #RIP."

Performer Lady Gaga wrote: "R I P Michael. We love you. Today the world and media will grieve your absence, and think deeply of how we could have treated you better."

MJ Fans

Source: Yahoo News / Billie Jean

Fans Flock To Burial Site For Death Anniversary. 25-06-'14

Michael Jackson's devoted fans made their annual pilgrimage to Forest Lawn Cemetery Wednesday to pay their respects on the 5th anniversary of his death.

Many of the fans wore iconic MJ threads as they placed flowers and pics near his final resting place.

The scene was decidedly more respectful than the sight of Conrad Murray thumbing his nose at the Jackson family.


MJ Fans

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Uri Geller Reveals Michael Jackson's Secret Album Tribute To His Kids. 25-06-'14

On the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, Uri Geller has revealed to the Gazette a secret tribute to the singer’s children which is woven into Jackson’s 'Invincible' album.

Talking to the Gazette yesterday about his plans to leave England and return to Israel, Geller said that he was ‘so glad’ that the superstar had asked him to design the cover for the album.

He said: “I designed Michael’s last ever CD 'Invincible'. If you open the book in the CD you will find my drawings.

“Very few people know that when I was designing the drawing for him he instructed me to sneak in the names of his children.

“I knew that the whole drawing would be scrutinised by Sony and they censored the symbols in the drawing but they missed the names Paris and Prince.

“So if you take a magnifying glass and you scroll through the drawing you will find the names of his children.”

Invincible Drawing

Mystifier Geller, who was a director at Exeter City Football club, famously took Michael Jackson to visit the club in 2002 and said that he still loved the city, describing at as one of the most beautiful cities in England.

Uri said: “I loved Exeter and I still do. Devon is just gorgeous and the people were always nice to me there.

“Michael agreed to come and do a charity talk at Exeter City Football Club and we went there together with David Blaine and stayed in the oldest hotel in Exeter and Mike himself loved it.

“I do still miss him - everyone misses him and when I heard the news I was totally devastated. I’m so glad that he told me to design his last album.”

Michael Jackson died at his home in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009.

Source: The Gazette / Billie Jean

Message From Michael Jackson’s Estate. 25-06-'14

On the 5th anniversary of Michael’s passing, his Estate has released the following statement:

Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael’s loved ones today as we remember the kind, gentle and giving spirit who generously shared his amazing artistic gifts with the world along with a limitless empathy for those in need. Time has shown that with each passing year the world’s appreciation deepens not just for Michael’s talent but also for his lifelong passion to spread peace, unity, love and hope across every culture and society. Michael’s friendship, kindness, humor and joyful warmth will always be missed. The world is a far better place for having known him.

– John Branca & John McClain, Co-Executors of the Michael Jackson Estate

Source: MichaelJackson.com / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonFive Years Ago (June 25th, 2009) Our Hero Michael Jackson Died. 25-06-'14

Hi Michael Jackson fans,

Today we remember this beautiful human being. Although we still feel the pain of this great loss every day, today we will celebrate his life. We are thankful for that we have witnessed his presence on earth.

When he died on June 25th, 2009, the singer was $500million in debt, but his estate turned its fortunes around, bringing him $1.5bn in the black.

We love you Michael!

Michael I shall miss you for ever, you get a place in my heart next to my beloved Rita and my 2 children.

Love you forever "Gone Too Soon".

Webmaster Dirk

Source: Billie Jean

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