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Xscape CD Album CoverXSCAPE: New Album Coming May 13th. 31-03-'14

On May 13, Epic Records, in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will release 'Xscape', an album of new music by the internationally beloved music icon and King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The project features eight new tracks, which the world will be hearing for the very first time on the new album. For the ultimate fan experience, XSCAPE will also be available in a Deluxe Edition, which includes all of the sourced Michael Jackson recordings in their original form. The XSCAPE standard and Deluxe Edition's are available for pre-order beginning April 1 on iTunes.com/MichaelJackson and elsewhere, and available at all retailers worldwide on May 13.

'Xscape' is executive produced by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who, after an initial mining of Jackson's archives by the Estate, was granted unlimited access to the treasures representing four decades of material on which Jackson had completed his vocals.Reid curated the final list of recordings to deliver to the producers, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson's essence and integrity. It's a process Reid calls "contemporizing." The album's lead producer, Timbaland was one of a handful of producers Reid believed had the gravitas, depth and range to creatively engage with Jackson's work. Additional producers include global hitmakers Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, Jerome "Jroc" Harmon and John McClain."Modern music and artistry would look and sound completely different if not for the groundbreaking contributions Michael Jackson gifted to the world," remarked L.A. Reid. "Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with. We are extremely proud and honored to present this music to the world."

The title of this album honors Michael's album naming process. He always chose a song from the album to name his projects and, beginning with 'Thriller', used only one word titles, each with an edgy quality to them. This is true of the new project. Written by Michael Jackson and Jerkins, and produced by Jackson and Jerkins, 'Xscape' has further significance in that it is the one track on the album that was 'contemporized' by the producer who recorded it originally in the studio with Michael.

John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson said,

"Michael was always on the cutting edge and was constantly reaching out to new producers, looking for new sounds. He was always relevant and current. These tracks, in many ways, capture that spirit. We thank L.A. Reid for his vision."

'Xscape' is a long awaited collection of exciting new music that will thrill the legions of fans of one of the world's most revered and best-selling artists, as well as attract a whole new generation discovering his artistry for the first time. In conjunction with the release of 'Xscape', Epic / Sony Music will launch an unprecedented global campaign with the One Sony sister companies, Sony Corporation, Sony Mobile Communications, and Sony Network Entertainment International drawing from all of Sony's strengths and consumer reach. "Michael has long been a treasured member of the larger Sony family," said Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO, Sony Corporation. "Starting with the release of 'Off The Wall' in 1979, Sony Music Entertainment has since released all of Michael's recordings. We are thrilled and privileged to be collaborating as One Sony to celebrate Michael's latest legacy, and bringing his fans an exclusive experience through our upcoming initiatives with our products and services."

Source: Epic Records / Billie Jean

3T’s Emotion Tribute To Michael And Their Mother On The Big Reunion. 30-03-'14

EMOTIONAL scenes at the Hammersmith Apollo as Michael Jackson’s nephews 3T take to the stage.

Fighting back tears, Taj announces: “Our last song is very special to us.

“It’s a song we sang with someone that can never be replaced.”


Source: South Wale Argus / Billie Jean

Essential CD Album CoverEssential (CD Album). 30-03-'14
Release date: 25-04-2014

The record label Universal has released a compilation of Michael Jackson hits, the cd album features 20 tracks, all-time classic titles. The picture on the cover looks great, Michael in monochrome.

1. Ben (Single Version)
2. Just A Little Bit Of You (Album Version)
3. Wings Of My Love
4. With A Child's Heart (Album Version)
5. One Day In Your Life (Album Version)
6. People Make The World Go 'Round (Album Version)
7. In Our Small Way (Album Version)
8. Love Is Here And Now You're Gone (Album Version)
9. I Wanna Be Where You Are (Album Version)
10. Got To Be There (Single Version)
11. You've Got A Friend (Album Version)
12. Happy (Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues") (Album Version)
13. My Girl (Album Version)
14. Music And Me (Album Version)
15. We've Got A Good Thing Going (Single Version)
16. We're Almost There (Album Version)
17. Dapper Dan (Album Version)
18. Rockin' Robin (Album Version)
19. Ain't No Sunshine (Album Version)
20. Maria (You Were The Only One) (Single Version)

Record label: Universal
Series number: 0600753485460
Printed: ?
Guide price: 10,98 €

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Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Al SharptonAl Sharpton’s Michael Jackson Tribute. 29-03-'14

It was the mid-1970s. The nation was fresh off the heels of the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War was finally over and people began adjusting to a newly, fully integrated society.

Blacks and Whites worked side by side, and women and minorities slowly but surely began to crack open that all too visible glass ceiling in triumphant ways. As society progressed however, we waited – and yearned – for that one individual who could break the mold in mainstream pop culture and truly make it acceptable to not just speak of equality in all endeavors but transform it into an actuality. Someone who defied racial impediments and institutional barriers, and could finally normalize African Americans onto television sets and into living rooms across the country. That someone who possessed enough raw talent that even the most discriminatory of individuals could not help but respect and acknowledge his or her sheer gift. Little did we know then that the youngest member of the Jackson 5 was about to revamp our complete social, political and entertainment structure in unfathomable ways, and in the process reshape the perception of an entire race on the world stage.

I was a young teenager when I first met Michael. We were both blessed to have known the late great Godfather of soul James Brown, who, in many respects, was like a surrogate father to us both. Throughout the decades, we formed a close kinship that many may never be able to comprehend. During his 1984 Victory Tour, Michael and I began working together as I took on the role of his community relations director. In 2002, the King of Pop came to our National Action Network headquarters in Harlem, and he and I marched together to Sony Music along with hundreds of supporters as we fought for Michael’s ownership of his own music catalogue. And during his tough trials and legal bouts throughout the years, I openly supported Michael – and that itself will never change.

I was one of the lucky few to have known this Apollo legend and bear witness to not only an exceptional career, but to a compassionate, determined, driven individual whose greatest qualities are often underscored. A man who dominated the charts with sales of some 50 million copies of his ‘Thriller’ album alone, but who never forgot his humble roots of Gary, Indiana. An incomparable artist, dancer and entertainer who dazzled audiences on every corner of the planet, and still created and participated in countless charities. Penning humanistic, moving lyrics like ‘We Are The World’ and ‘Man In The Mirror’, Michael took his message well beyond the TV sets of America. He was a true groundbreaker who paved the way for many of today’s artists who often imitate his signature style, and a man who relentlessly opened endless doors for African Americans to be acceptable idols around the world. During the 1980s, music channel MTV refused to play videos by Black musicians, but it was Michael’s undeniable talent that won him heavy rotation for years to come.

We as African Americans, and people of all races as a whole owe a tremendous deal to Michael Jackson. He not only set the standard for excellence in entertainment, but maintained a positive outlook despite all his trials and tribulations. And in his sheer existence, he forced all of us – White, Black and Brown – to take a good look in the mirror at our own selves, our own truths and our own convictions. Many attempted to vilify and defame Michael; let us not repeat the same mistake after his passing. If he had any shortcomings, they in no way equaled his strengths.

When we suddenly lost the Godfather of soul in 2006, Michael was the only major artist who spoke at his funeral. I’ll never forget when he placed his hand on James Brown and said ‘I hope he gets in death what he didn’t get in life’. I pray the same now for my friend, my comrade and legend Michael Jackson. I hope history will serve him due justice and be more kind than some of our contemporary media. And may he finally attain eternal peace.

Source: National Action Network / Billie Jean

7 Musicians Immortalised As Peanuts. 29-03-'14

Ever wondered what your favourite musicians would look like as a peanut? Happy days - you’re about to find out.

Lovingly crafted by artist Steve Casino, aka Painter of Nuts, each sculpture takes him around 20 hours to construct.

From musicians to superheroes, he even takes custom orders for special occasions from his website and Facebook page.

Now, without further ado, take a look below to see seven music legends immortalised as peanuts!
Not just the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is the King of Peanuts too.

MJ Peanuts

See more.

Source: Metro.co / Billie Jean

Jeffrey HornadayJeffrey Hornaday On Working With MJ On Captain EO And More. 29-03-'14

While Jeffrey Hornaday may be forever remember as the choreographer on Flashdance, Dick Tracy and Captain Eo, Hornaday is now building a legacy directing successful TV movies on the Disney Channel. In fact, Teen Beach Movie earned Hornaday his second DGA nomination.

The director and choreographer broke away from his schedule to discuss this recent success, bringing the 60′s surfer movies back to the forefront as well as reflecting on his amazing projects with Michael Jackson, Madonna and even Paul McCartney with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio.

Hornaday worked with Michael Jackson on Captain EO and explained how the famous King of Pop approached choreography and collaboration.

“I kind of let him create this choreographic vernacular,” Hornaday explains while reflecting on the creative process as a means to develop a “library of moves” for Jackson.
Read more here.

Source: The Global Dispatch / Billie Jean

“Hollywood” Crocker’s MJ Interview. 28-03-'14

Frankie “Hollywood” Crocker was a famous New York radio DJ. He was nicknamed “Hollywood” because he had a keen sense of showmanship and self-marketing. He was as well known for his boastful on-air patter as for his off-air flamboyance. He also was Master of Ceremonies at the famous Apollo Theatre.

In 1979 when he was a DJ at the WBLS radio station in New York, he was lucky enough to interview 21 year-old Michael Jackson.


Source: MJJ Justice Project / Billie Jean

Update: One Rose For Michael J. Jackson! 28-03-'14

The One Rose event 2014 is now officially open!!

You can choose 1 of the 3 badges to be published with your #Message To Michael on the memorial page: Celebrating Our Beloved Michael.

Loving MJ fans from around the world will again blanket Michael’s resting place with beautiful red roses for the 5th anniversary of his passing.

You will never be forgotten, Michael! ♥

One Rose For Michael J. Jackson

Once more thanks to the commitment of loving, caring MJ fans who have worked diligently to make this a reality for Michael Jackson and Michael’s loving fans around the world, we will again be honored to blanket Michael with LOVE in the form of a sea of red Freedom Roses.

Each year this has proven to be an amazingly beautiful and vibrant statement of LOVE to the world that Michael is still LOVED beyond measure and will ALWAYS be in our hearts, NEVER forgotten.

Thanks to Robyn and Sarrah for all their incredible, hard work in making it possible for MJ fans around the globe to continue to show our LOVE to Michael in this most spectacular way on the June 25th anniversary each year since his passing.

Learn more here.

Source: One Rose for Michael J. Jackson / Billie Jean

Learn How To Moonwalk (Infographic). 27-03-'14

The ‘Moonwalk’ has got to be the most iconic dance move of the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson. It may seem simple, but it’s actually quite hard to pull off. Luckily for us, we can now learn this awesome move, thanks to this animated infographic by Jacob O’Neal.

Titled ‘How To Moonwalk’, the infographic breaks up the move into simple steps, and teaches how to slide our feet and when to distribute our body weight.

Click on the image here below to the enlarged version.


Source: Design Taxi / Billie Jean

MJ Painting One Of Featured Portraits At Artist Kai Guetta’s National Debut Of The “Now Royalty” Collection. 27-03-'14

Artist Kai Guetta’s exhibit is making its U.S. debut, includes ​works previously shown in the subway station at the famed Louvre-Rivoli museum in France.

“The ‘Now Royalty’ collection has brought my art into a new light,” said Guetta. “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the States where the musical geniuses in Row Royalty are revered by fans. I hope it will open some creative doors for me, which will allow me to get back in the studio and create more work. Whatever comes of it, I’ll be thankful for.”
A special reception will be held Starting March 28,2014, Kai’s “Now Royalty “ collection will be showcased at the LULU Laboratorium. A reception will be held on March 27th at 7pm. Hours of Operation for LULU are Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 12 pm to 8 pm. The laboratorium is closed on Sunday. (Address: 173 NW 23rd St. Miami, Florida 33127).

MJ Painting

About Kai Guetta:

Kai is an international artist that started at a very young age. He was constantly surrounded by graffiti and street work and decided that this was his passion. At age 14, Kai was dedicated to get his father to quit smoking so he began his first street art campaign, ‘Morons.’ He plastered the city with this image and he gained more and more attention, earning a reputation in the street art community.

At the age of 18, he was accepted into the most prestigious art schools in both the United States and France. He chose to attend CalArts and Ecole Nationale Superior Beaux Arts Des Paris. Kai’s style of art is a combination of major artists including: Damien Hirst, Banksy, and Koons to name a few. Kai followed with more work that addressed consumerism and society’s addictions. Los Angeles Magazine recognized him as being on the forefront of street artists.

Kai’s work has been shown in worldwide galleries including Los Angeles Lab Art, New York Taglialatella, and this month at Lulu Laboratorium.

Read more: Daily Candy

Source: Daily Candy / Billie Jean

Make-A-Wish Wisconsin Turns 30. 27-03-'14

‘Make-a-Wish Wisconsin’ is one of 61 chapters in the U.S. It’s constantly working to make dreams come true across the state.

The first dream was for Tina Scharf. Doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor at age 6. In 1984, when Tina was 11 years old, more than anything she wanted to meet Michael Jackson.

Make-a-Wish made it happen. It was the first wish ever granted by Make-a-Wish Wisconsin. Doctors had only given Tina a few years to live, but she is here today to remember that special event. Tina recalls, “I liked him. I thought he was cute.”

Patti Gorsky has been the Foundation President for 15 years.

“In the early days in fact, the board of directors used to put wishes and the expenses for those wishes on their credit cards. We don’t do that today,” she exclaims.

Patti believes in the magic of a wish. “It’s just a ripple effect. That’s what Make-a-Wish is all about. It is for that child and his or her family, but then there is whole communities of people that gather around to really make magic for the kids and their families.”

Tina Scharf 

30 years later, Make-a-Wish Wisconsin has a $5 million budget, three state offices, and 500 trained volunteers. It’s still not enough.

“We granted 340 wishes alone last year, and more than 500 children this year will be diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition… So we’ve got a ways to go,” Gorsky admits.

Over the years, the foundation has granted 5,000 wishes, by taking kids to a special place they’ve always wanted to go, giving them something they’ve always wanted, letting them be someone they’ve always wanted to be, or like Tina, by meeting someone they’ve always wanted to meet.

Click here below for the video.

Read more.

Source: 620WTMJ / Billie Jean

Lisa Dean'Dirty Diana' Costume Worn By Lisa Dean Up For Auction. 26-03-'14

This is the actual three piece leather outfit that was worn by Lisa Dean in Michael Jackson’s video 'Dirty Diana'. Lisa was well known as having the best legs in Hollywood, which is one of the reasons why she got the part in the video. Lisa passed away on December 1st, 2009 and had left all her possessions to a long-time friend, who she modeled with in New York and Italy.

The leather top, skirt and jacket comes with a letter of provenance from her friend as well as a newspaper clipping negatives, newspaper clipping titled “The Woman Above the Legs” featuring a picture of Lisa wearing the outfit. A set of original slides also accompanies this lot. Very good condition.

Read more here.

Other MJ items up for auction: Gotta Have Rock and Roll.


Dirty Diana Clothes

Source: Gotta Have Rock and Roll / Billie Jean

Patent Lawsuit Filed Over Michael Jackson Hologram (MJ One Show). 25-03-'14

Michael Jackson HologramTwo years ago, a hologram of Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Music Festival sparked the imagination about what might be next in concert possibilities. Now, the technology that created the spectacle has landed in the hands of a noteworthy billionaire — Alki David, the eccentric one who attempted to transform the television business with streaming technology before Aereo stole his thunder and TV broadcasters unleashed their legal guns on him.

Now, David finds himself on the flip side of the intellectual property coin. His FilmOn as well as hologram-maker Musion are the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed on Monday against Cirque du Soleil and MGM Resorts for allegedly infringing patents to create a hologram used in the final scene of Michael Jackson: One, the resident acrobatic production at Mandaley Bay Theatre in Las Vegas.

The complaint filed in California federal court begins with some history.

“In 1862, John Pepper and Henry Dircks invented ‘Pepper’s Ghost,’ an illusion technique, which, over the last 150 years, has appeared in movies, concerts, magic shows and amusement park rides,” says the lawsuit. “Today a new incarnation of Pepper’s Ghost exists — Musion Eyeliner technology. Musion Eyeliner uses a patented system to project three-dimensional images virtually indistinguishable from real life bodies.”

David was apparently impressed upon seeing the technology being used to create the deceased rapper Tupac appearing on stage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. He says he recently bought the exclusive license to Musion’s patent and has started up a company called Hologram USA with a showroom at the FilmOn Studios on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.

Why? He’s got plans. “We already agreed on hologram performances with Flo Rida and the late Amy Winehouse,” he says. “Many other shows are coming.”

But first comes some score-settling about who owns rights to hologram technology. David says he’s about to file a slew of lawsuits. This Michael Jackson one is the first.

The new lawsuit mentions two patents at issue: One for a device for displaying moving images in the background of a stage and one for a projection apparatus and method for pepper’s ghost illusion.

“Although it has been widely acknowledged that Defendants employ the technology to create a three-dimensional hologram of Michael Jackson in Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: One, Defendants do not possess a valid license to practice that technology.”

The show has been enormously successful and has helped the Michael Jackson estate reap almost a billion dollars in revenue since the King of Pop’s passing in 2009. The lawsuit claims that since the technology behind the Tupac hologram got so much press attention, the defendants knew or should have known the system was patented. The plaintiffs demand an injunction and maximum damages for willful infringement.

The hologram is the climax of the 26-scene show, which never has a performer portraying Jackson onstage. Instead, the show strategically uses video and audio footage of the singer throughout the plot’s peaks and valleys.

“His presence, even on video, is so powerful, that it can be very tricky to use him,” Welby Altidor, One’s director of creation, told The Hollywood Reporter just before the show’s opening in May 2013. “What we wanted to do in this show is build Michael’s presence through his voice and feeling his shadow, to feeling him progressively becoming more and more present throughout the show, until we can create the longing. And then the apex, the moment where we’ll really feel that he’s there and he’s still with us.”

THR has reached out to Cirque du Soleil and will update with any response.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

World Vitiligo Day T-ShirtsMJ Vee Tee Design Finalized For World Vitilago Day Fundraiser. 22-03-'14

Not only have you won complete bragging rights, but you have also won a prize pack of 10 Tees! The VRF Board has received 12 designs for the Vi-Tee contest and narrowed them down to two for a final vote. All the entries were amazing but unfortunately there was only one winner… Huge THANKS to everyone who participated in design contest. Stay tuned as the 1,500 T-shirts get manufactured and printed by the generous donor and we distribute inspirational Tees among vitiligo support groups before the World Vitiligo Day.

Earlier this year, the VRF announced a unique giveaway in which we asked community to design the T-shirt that will be handed out to vitiligo support groups before the World Vitiligo Day. We have received about ten T-shirt designs and have narrowed it down to the final two. Let’s take a look at the finalists. Last year’s dancing silhouette logo returned to compete against newcomer:

T-Shirt Contest

The Vi-Tee represents our first fundraiser, and we hope to repeat the competition each year. It is modeled on similar programs at other non-profit foundations that raise thousands of dollars annually. A thousand T-shirts featuring the winning design will be sold online for $15 plus shipping and handling. Five hundred customized T-ees will be sent to various vitiligo support groups and activists for the World Vitiligo Day 2014 campaign, free of charge. T-Shirts goes on sale in May.

The winning design was chosen by the Board on March 12, 2014, based on several criteria: the real creativity and ‘wow’ factor, while holding true to simple aesthetic that involves a great deal of thought and work.

Go to 25June.org

Source: 25June.org / Billie Jean

Photographers Capture Michael Jackson In New Exhibit At Equinox Sports Club. 22-03-'14

Timothy WhiteA collection of black and white images of iconic musicians by Timothy White and Stephanie Pfriender Stylander debuted at the West Los Angeles club on Thursday.

Some of the music industry’s most iconic performers have been captured in a new photography collection titled BLOWUP by Timothy White and Stephanie Pfriender Stylander that debuted at Equinox Sports Club in West Los Angeles on Thursday.

Now members of the flagship fitness club can be inspired in their workouts by towering black and white images of Bruce Springsteen, Bjork, Shania Twain, Nelly, a teenage Britney Spears — and even Keith Richards dragging on a cigarette — that are displayed in the lounge.

“I had done a few hotels including the Soho Grand in New York, the W in Hollywood and the Sunset Marquis hotel,” White told The Hollywood Reporter. “The scale of this club is like a hotel with big, high ceilings and voluminous space, so it needed a certain size to bring people to the lounge area and to make it exciting and somewhere other than working out.

“Music is a part of exercise and brings a kind of energy, so it broadens the experience of Equinox.

“I wanted to mix it up and show a variation of music styles,” said the photographer, whose exhibition with Pfriender Stylander is a blend of two unique visions, personalities and techniques. “My background started in music then it ended up in Hollywood,” added White, while his partner’s style is more fashion-based.

“Capturing a new side of them and creating a really different photograph is part of our challenge,” said White, of the stark images that feature many of rock’s most recognizable stars.

White’s previous exhibition at Equinox Sports Club featured Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman, who attended the opening in Jan. 2013, and he went on to explain the difference between shooting the two professions.

“The one thing about musicians is they are more open than actors to exploration and constant change of who they are. They are looking to be bold, more outrageous and willing to try things in a different way,” he told THR.

“My Michael Jackson photograph is such a raw, unique of image for him. It is kind of a skull and crossbones. All I got from him during the shoot was his vulnerability, and I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him it was all OK,” revealed White.

The BLOWUP exhibit is on display at Equinox Sports Club, and White’s work can also be seen at the Morrison Hotel galleries in Soho and West Hollywood.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

Bela FarkasBela Farkas: “Why Did You Choose Me?” 21-03-'14

Hungarian magazine “Story” published a surprising article about Bela Farkas, the young man from Hungary, whose life Michael Jackson saved 20 years ago. The story was prompted by a happy occasion: Bela recently became a father.

The young man on the picture is Bela, the same little boy whom Michael and his then wife Lisa Marie met in a children’s hospital in Budapest in 1994 (Bela’s story was briefly told in one of the previous articles). He never gave an interview before – this was his first conversation with journalists in 20 years.

Bela was born with a serious anomaly: an undeveloped hepatic lobe, a life-threatening condition that required a liver transplant. Such surgeries were not performed in Hungary at the time and were very expensive abroad. Bela’s parents abandoned him at birth, so he had no hope to get the money.

When Michael visited the hospital, he asked doctors why the boy was so thin and yellow in the face and was explained Bela’s condition. Michael immediately said that he would pay for the surgery. It was a rare occasion when Jackson’s charitable act received publicity and media coverage.

Michael himself recounted Bela’s story in documentary “Michael Jackson: The Private Home Movies” eight years later
What Michael didn’t mention in the film was that he not only found a donor for the boy and paid for the surgery, but also continued paying for Bela’s treatment for the next ten years. “I don’t even like to think about it,” says Bela. “The treatment cost $15 thousand a year. Michael spent over 50 million forints on me – just because he happened to meet me in the hospital.”

Shortly after his surgery Bela was adopted, so he grew up with loving parents eventually. This TV spot about Bela was made about a year after his surgery:

When Michael returned to Hungary in 1996 with his History our, he met with Bela again. The boy then said to him: “You are like my dad. Thanks to you, I was born for the second time.” Michael laughed and answered: “Then you are my son.”

They stayed in touch until Michael’s death. Michael sent Bela cards, birthday and Christmas gifts, and Bela answered with drawings and photos. When Michael passed away, Bela cried as if he had lost his dad.

Bela is 24 now, and in February 2014 he became a father of a healthy newborn girl. He says the doctors predicted he would not live past his 18th birthday, and here he is at 24 still doing well. He will always be very grateful to Michael. “If I could,” admits Bela, “I would ask him, ‘Of all children in that hospital, why did you choose me?’”

Source: MichaelJackson.ru / Billie Jean

Prince Jackson’s Love Of Animals ‘Comes From His Father’. 21-03-'14

Like father, like son: Prince Jackson appears to have inherited late dad Michael Jackson’s love of animals.

Days after being spotted leaving a Woodland Hills, Calif., pet supply store with his arms full, the king of pop’s son updated his fans with a Vine video showing off his latest pet project.

“80 hours of actual work in total 7 hours just today of work with 1hr of transporting the materials it should be done in a couple weeks,” Jackson, 17, captioned the video, which documents an in-the-works structure for reptile cages (and a parrot!).

“Prince has about 10 snakes. He started with them after his father died when he went to live with his grandmother. He’s got lizards, too,” a family source tells PEOPLE.

“He’s very, very serious about them,” adds the source. “It comes from his father and growing up around animals.”

Jackson displayed his DIY cages with another Vine video earlier this month.

“Finishing up cages with Jedi thoughts and opinions it’s not even decorated yet or painted so that will happen soon,” he captioned the video while telling fans about his various snake cages (anacondas, boas and pythons will be the lucky inhabitants).

Prince Jackson

Source: People / Billie Jean

Sony Wins Tax Break To Move Manhattan Jobs To New Jersey. 20-03-'14

Sony Music Entertainment gained approval for a $1.6 million tax incentive to move 50 jobs to Rutherford, New Jersey, rather than Long Island City, New York.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority unanimously approved the incentive March 13, according to Erin Gold, a spokeswoman. The annual credit would be $162,500 for 10 years.

The relocation from offices in Manhattan would bring 50 jobs with median wages of $100,000, according to Sony’s application. Liz Young, a spokeswoman for the company in New York, declined to comment on the plans when reached by telephone.

The company, which is owned by Tokyo-based Sony Corp., holds the full or partial rights to the work of artists including New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Sony is cutting costs around the world and “has indicated that the grant of tax credits is a material factor in the company’s location decision,” according to the application. A proposed location on Route 17 in Rutherford, about 14 miles (23 kilometres) west of Manhattan, would require a $5.85 million capital investment, it said.

Sony BMG

Source: Bloomberg / Billie Jean

Message By Raymone K. Bain Regarding The Tabloid Circus On The Issue Of Bubbles. 19-03-'14

Raymone K. Bain“It has been disturbing to hear accusations of Mr. Jackson abusing Bubbles, particularly since he is not here to defend himself. One has to question the timing of such an accusation, and unsolicited. We all know there is a big difference between abusing and disciplining. I am sure if Mr. Jackson were alive, he would unequivocally deny the accusations, because abuse and Michael Jackson are not even synonymous to each other. Mr. Jackson spoke lovingly to me regarding his animals, including Bubbles.

“Bubbles lived life better than most humans under Michael’s care…even having drank tea with Heads of State. The Michael Jackson I knew loved his animals.

The Michael Jackson I knew couldn’t even kill a mosquito without feeling bad about it.

“In fact, while not living at Neverland, Mr. Jackson spent upwards of $200K a month to maintain Neverland, and to provide care for his beloved animals. He refused to sell them for a long, long time, despite urging of his financial advisors, because he loved them so much. He paid a vet, who took good care of all of his animals, until he could relocate them.

“There were never any accusations of animal abuse. In addition, he had a very professional and capable Ranch manager, in his longtime employee and friend, Joe Marcus, who made sure Mr. Jackson’s property and animals received A-1 treatment. When his cash flow no longer allowed for the animals to remain at Neverland, he found a safe, loving environment for them. I make this point for the haters.

“I, and others who worked for Michael Jackson, find it unbelievable that he abused Bubbles…especially when he couldn’t kill a fly. I remember the savage attack by a chimp in Connecticut, who like Bubbles, I believe was a pet, too. Thank God Bubbles attacked no one, including Mr. Jackson.

“But, I find Ms. Goodall’s conversation ironic in that Bubbles continues to enjoy, what is reported, a good life in Florida, while regrettably, Mr. Jackson has passed on. I think people need sometimes to think, while putting things in proper perspective.”

Raymone K. Bain
Spokesperson/General Manager to Michael J. Jackson

Source: Raymone K. Bain / Billie Jean

Thriller LiveThrilller Live Extends Booking Period To April 2015. 19-03-'14

Thriller Live is going to Thrill the West End for at least another year – the hit show is extending its booking period by more than 12 months to Sunday 19 April, 2015.

Smashing all records, Thriller Live has now played 2,173 performances at the Lyric Theatre since it first moonwalked into the West End in January 2009.

Thriller Live was previously booking to September 24, 2014.

Nica Burns, Chief executive of Nimax theatres, said: “Thriller Live brings people together from all walks of life to celebrate the genius of Michael Jackson and his incredible music. They go home singing and dancing. No wonder the show holds the record for the longest ever run in the Lyric Theatre’s 125-year history. It may yet double its own record!”

Derek Nicol, of producers Flying Music, said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be announcing a new year-long West End booking period to Easter 2015. This recognises the fact we are now one of the West End’s longest running shows. With We Will Rock You hanging up its crown in May after a fantastic 12-year West End run, we are going to chase their phenomenal and enviable record!”

Thriller Live is a constantly changing spectacular concert-style show that celebrates the unforgettable music and iconic dance moves of the world’s greatest entertainer and undisputed King of Pop. It is still receiving nightly standing ovations and wowing the critics getting 5 star rave reviews – most recently at its 2,000th performance.

Now in its sixth continuous year in the West End, Thriller Live, directed and choreographed by award-winning Gary Lloyd, has now played 3,598 performances in 29 countries around the globe. A production is also currently touring Germany.

Thriller Live is produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music in association with Adrian Grant for Key Concerts, author of Michael Jackson – The Visual Documentary.

Source: Broadway World / Billie Jean

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