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Michael JacksonMJ's “Family Friday”. 28-11-'14

Although Thanksgiving is (obviously) primarily an American holiday, I have a couple quick thoughts.

Michael used to love “Family Friday” – mostly during the 'Bad' and 'Dangerous' projects, when all work would stop on those days for an hour or two, and everyone would gather for a giant meal, usually provided by the Slam Dunk Sisters – Catherine and Laura. The food was what I would describe as very traditional “Country Thanksgiving”, with roast turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, collards, corn, stuffing, rolls… and of course, banana puddin’. Catherine would also sometimes add roast beef, fried chicken, mac and cheese, etc. It was, in no small way, a feast – and it was very reflective of Thanksgiving. Except we did it every week.

I have written about this before, but I think Michael loved the family atmosphere of "Family Friday" – because it was so comfortable. Very often Bruce’s wife Bea would join us, or my wife Debbie. Michael was very generous to invite the studio technicians and runners in to join us periodically. There was plenty of food, and it was fun to share stories and hear about stuff other than current song status. Might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Even on MJ albums you would need a break from the music once in a while!

I rarely talk about Michael’s childhood – because I wasn’t there – but I know he was raised in a faith that doesn’t celebrate holidays, so in some ways Thanksgiving was likely unknown to him, except from what he had read or heard about. (Again – this is just an assumption on my part.) So “Family Friday” was perhaps his version of a Thanksgiving dinner? Who knows… all I know is that it was delicious, fun and relaxing. I remember afterwards we would all slump down in our chairs (or on the floor!) and wonder how or why we ate so much, and how or if we could get back to work.

I am learning that MJ fans are some of the most beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, generous, fun and friendly people I have ever known and continue to meet. Not surprisingly, Michael was – without a doubt – one of the most grateful people I have ever known or worked with. You guys learned well.

Whether your culture or family celebrates what we call “Thanksgiving” or not, I want to take a moment to say “Thank you.”

Blessings on your family, and I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Source: Brad Sundberg / Billie Jean

Steve Barron, Directed Of Michael's 'Billie Jean' Video Releasing A Book. 27-11-'14

Egg 'n' Chips & Billie Jean CoverSteve Barron, who directed Michael Jackson’s 'Billie Jean' video, talks to Rupert Hawksley about working with the Eighties’ biggest music artists and his new memoir, Egg ‘n’ Chips and Billie Jean: a Trip Through the Eighties.

“I was more excited about The Human League,” laughs Steve Barron, as he tells me about the time he was asked to direct the video for Michael Jackson’s hit single, 'Billie Jean'. “I was more disappointed about not doing The Jam’s Down in the Tube Station at Midnight.” This was 1982.

A decade later, the 'Billie Jean' video was inducted into the Music Video Producers Hall of Fame and now, some 32 years after the video was released, Barron has written a book, titled Egg ‘n’ Chips and 'Billie Jean': a Trip Through the Eighties. The music video that least excited Barron has, in many ways, come to define him.

The 58-year-old Dubliner has since directed a number of successful feature length films including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), Rat (2000) and the hugely popular Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001), a sequel to which is due to be released next year. He has also been nominated for 27 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes.

However, it is Barron’s creative output during the Eighties, when he was working with and producing music videos for artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Dolly Parton, A-ha (Magne Furuholmen from the band designed the artwork for the memoir), Paul McCartney and David Bowie, that forms the basis of this fascinating memoir, released earlier this month.

Let’s go back to how it all started. How did you arrive at a stage when Michael Jackson’s agent is calling you to ask you to direct the video for 'Billie Jean'?

SB: I left school early and became a camera assistant; a tea boy, really. I leaned to make a great cup of tea and got very involved with a lot of good film crews, who were doing a lot of good films. At the time I was really good at the tea and I think I was quite efficient at being perceptive of what might be needed.

Egg ‘n’ Chips and Billie Jean: a Trip Through the Eighties is available now: amazon.co.

Billie Jean Video Clip - On the Set (02-03-1983)

Michael Jackson and Steve Barron on the set of the video clip 'Billie Jean'.

Source: Telegraph / Billie Jean

Madame Tussauds And Sketchfab Team Up For 3D Print Of Michael Jackson And Others. 26-11-'14

MJ 3D PrintJust like 2D scanners became affordable and mainstream and saw a rapid increase in the quality of their capabilities two decades ago, the same is now happening within the 3D scanner space. If you ever have an opportunity to use a 3D scanner, it’s actually quite fun, and I must say, addictive. Capturing people, moments in time, and all sorts of objects, in a form which will put a picture to shame, the technology promises to transform how we preserve the past.

Already there are tens of thousands of 3D models of scanned objects available for those who wish to view them, or even duplicate them via a 3D printer. As 3D printing technology continues to progress, the ability to replicate cherished objects, museum exhibits, and whatever the heck else you want, will become ever more possible and higher quality.

We’ve already seen several museums jump on board the 3D scanning wave including the Smithsonian, Peabody, and the Met, among others. While almost all the objects have been artifacts and art, the technology is now being used at one of the more interesting museums out there, Madame Tussauds, to scan people… sort of.

If any of you have ever wandered into the Madame Tussauds Museum in London, or any of the other branches located in a number of major cities around the world, you may have felt like you were among some of the most important people to ever walk the earth. That’s because in a way you are. The museums feature dozens of famous people, from athletes to presidents to royals and more, all sculpted out of wax, presented as full size statues. The intricate detail of each piece is extraordinary, displaying details which could fool anyone viewing a picture of one of the statues into believing it’s an actual person.

Today Sketchfab, along with Madame Tussauds have released the initial scans of what should be a comprehensive collection of 3D models of the Madame Tussauds collection. The gallery is crowdsourced and asks users to “contribute to this gallery by tagging your work ‘madametussauds.’”

From Albert Einstein to Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Steven Spielberg, and Fidel Castro, there are currently over 30 models available for download. Once downloaded, any of these models can easily be 3D printed, allowing fans of various actors, politicians, and musicians to step up their fan hood, or should be say ‘obsession,’ quite a bit.

While it may be impossible to get many of these celebrities to set time aside to actually undergo the scanning process, not to mention many are no longer with us, scanning a wax model which is nearly identical to each person is certainly the next best approach.

Let us know you thoughts on this very interesting gallery at Sketchfab. Feel free to share with us any 3D prints you have done in the Sketchfab & Madame Tussauds forum thread on 3DPB.com.

Source: 3D Print / Billie Jean

Iconic Magazine 17 CoverIconic Magazine Issue 17 Unveiled! 25-11-'14

The brand new Michael Jackson Iconic magazine is now on sale!

'They Don’t Care About Us' issue features interviews with Spike Lee and John Isaac and much more articles about the two short films related to the title such as the difficulties encountered filming in the Favela, where is Olodum today and much more!

Also Featured:

- He is Here to Change The World
- The Difficulties encountered filming in the Favela
- Being a colour
- Step by Step of the Drill
- Olodum, The Rise of the Afro-Brazilian Group
- The Jacksonian’s Secret Santa (Back by popular demand)

Plus the usual News, Collectors Reference, 'In The Closet' Fashion, 2 A3 Posters and much, much more.

You can order your copy today here.

Source: King Of Shop / Billie Jean

Jackson Family Fears That Prince Michael May Be "Self-Destructive". 24-11-'14

The King of Pop's oldest son, Prince Michael, will turn 18 next year. However, there are people close to the Jackson family who have been spreading rumours that the family fears the trainwreck that could happen once Prince Michael will be an adult free from their control.

“As Prince Jackson gets ready to turn eighteen his family is concerned that he is growing up too quickly,” a close family friend have said. “There are also big concerns over his inheritance because he will be an adult with more money than one can even imagine.”

“He’s been distancing himself from his siblings for some time now. He barely speaks to his sister Paris right now.”

“Prince is young and arrogant and seemingly already considers himself to be royalty; he is very hot-tempered and does not like to be told what to do by Katherine and Joe.”

“Overall he is a good kid but he is definitely realizing the power he has – especially now that he is about to legally become an adult.” the family friend said.

Jackson Family

Source: ONTD / Billie Jean

Justin Bieber Recording With Michael Jackson's Son. 23-11-'14

Justin Bieber is reportedly teaming up with Michael Jackson's son Prince for a top secret music project.

The Baby hitmaker was introduced to the King of Pop's 17-year-old son by boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and they are now set to hit the recording studio together, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

A source tells the publication, "There is a mutual respect between them and it's an organic collaboration. One of Justin's favourite songs is (Jackson's hit) 'The Way You Make Me Feel' so it's natural that he wants to make music with Prince."

The duo is believed to be keeping the project secret before a planned release next summer (15).

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Clothing And Peripheral Products Of Michael Jackson Worldwide. 23-11-'14

MJB2C, whose headquarters locates in Hong Kong, is one of the earliest companies engaging in clothing and peripheral products of Michael Jackson worldwide. Products of MJB2C has been sold all around the world since 2005. At first, products of MJB2C were merely sold by agents on websites like eBay et cetera.

Now all the commodities you buy are sent from our factory directly by us.

You can obtain commodities with excellent quality and reasonable price because we eliminate costs of the agents and you do not have to pay any customs duty.

Shopping on MJB2C, you do not have to worry about security issues, because we use paypal to secure your transaction. If you do not have a paypal account, please do not worry, all you need is a credit card so as to use PayPal to pay.

Go to MJB2C.


Source: MJB2C / Billie Jean

KING OF SOUND: The Man Who Recorded Michael Jackson. 22-11-'14

Bruce Swedien is the sound engineer best known for recording Michael Jackson. This is his story...

Bruce Swedien is a legend in the music recording business. He has over 50 years experience recording many of the world's greatest artists but he is best known for recording Michael Jackson's hit albums including 'Off the Wall', 'Thriller' and 'Bad'. This film is his story - a story of music and love...

The Story:

"Early in my career I met a young dude at Universal Studios in Chicago by the name of Bruce Swedien, who seemed to share my excitement in creating recorded music that originated in our own imagination. We have been kindred spirits ever since” (Quincy Jones).

This documentary film is the story of the man who has been responsible for the sound of some of the greatest pop artists of the last 50 years – Bruce Swedien.

From Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Nat King Cole to Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, George Benson, Chaka Khan and more recently Jennifer Lopez – Bruce Swedien has been the man behind the legends. As America’s premier sound engineer, winner of 5 Grammy's and nominated for 13, with a 30 year partnership with the illustrious music producer Quincy Jones, Bruce is the man that major recording artists turn to in pursuit of the distinctive sound that results in top-selling albums.

It was Bruce, along with Quincy, who mixed and produced the biggest selling album of all time – Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller'.


Read more here.

Source: Indie Gogo / Billie Jean

Thriller LiveWin Tickets To Thriller Live. 17-11-'14

The King of Pop’s legacy lives on as the theatrical celebration of Michael Jackson’s music makes its way to Australia for the first time. 40 lucky readers have a chance to win a double pass to see the performance.

After six record-breaking years in London’s West End, Thriller Live will tour the country with a stop at the Sydney Lyric Theatre, The Star next year from February 26 to March 15. For tickets please visit www.thrillerlive.com.au

A touring company of 45 international and Australian performers, musicians and crew will bring a two-hour show of non-stop hits that pays homage to Jackson’s 45-year musical history.

The production includes all of Jackson’s favourite songs 'ABC', 'Can You Feel It', 'Beat It', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Bad', 'Billie Jean' and 'Smooth Criminal' along with the stunning choreography and innovative dance moves he was famous for performing.

We have 40 double passes to give away to see Thriller Live on Thursday, February 26 at 8pm at the Lyric Theatre.

To enter, click here.

Source: Daily Telegraph / Billie Jean

Brand New Michael Jackson Merchandise Arrived At King Of Shop! 17-11-'14

With Christmas around the corner, King of Shop has plenty brand new official Michael Jackson merchandise coming!

The first one has just been released by Pyramid/Bravado which is a nice Key Ring! Perfect little gift for Christmas!
Order here.

More to come! Stay tuned!!!

MJ Key Ring

Source: King Of Shop / Billie Jean

Weird Al YankovicMJ’s Signature Eats ‘Weird Al’s On The ‘Eat It’ Contract. 17-11-'14

Michael Jackson’s signature is so big, it exerts a gravitational pull stronger than the “Gargantua” black hole in Interstellar.

Earlier today, everyone’s favorite polka enthusiast found, scanned, and posted the signature page of his “Eat It” contract with the deceased “King of Pop” on Twitter.

Since the 1980s, Yankovic has parodied songs and music videos by famous musicians and bands. The champion accordion player is so well known for it, he even released eight new videos for eight days straight to promote last summer’s “Mandatory Fun.” It went on to become Yankovic’s first number one album in a career spanning three decades.

Jackson’s doodle is so big it could be weaponized for use by Virgin Galactic.

Eat It Contract

Source: Uproxx / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonHow Michael Jackson Made $150 Million In 2014. 17-11-'14

Elvis Presley boasts 12.4 million “likes” on Facebook (FB) and 187,000 followers on Twitter (TWTR) and recently released a duet with Barbra Streisand. Never mind that he died in 1977.

And that’s just the beginning for the King of Rock ’n’ Roll and other long-dead celebrities, Bloomberg Pursuits magazine will report in its Holiday 2014 issue. Reviving a corpse from a cryogenic deep freeze is still the stuff of science fiction -- and even Madonna is unlikely to be entombed like Lenin when she dies -- but every other promotional possibility is on the table. Jamie Salter, the branding guru who owns a majority of Elvis’s estate, is planning a “live” show in Las Vegas with Presley appearing as a hologram, much like the one of Michael Jackson that appeared at a show in Sin City earlier this year. Pinup queen Bettie Page, managed by dead-celeb superagent Mark Roesler, is slated for a holographic burlesque herself.

Today, deceased icons from pop culture’s heyday are enjoying unprecedented success, out-earning even their former flesh-and-blood selves, says Salter, one of the new breed of brand managers using technology to wring big bucks from superstars otherwise resting in peace (or so we hope).

These late luminaries are profitable in part because they first captivated fans in a pre-Internet age of truly mass media, dominating the popular imagination in ways few contemporaries can match, Salter says.

Indeed, dead musicians today regularly outsell even living ones. And no one crushes mere mortals like Michael Jackson. When he died of a lethal cocktail of the anesthetic propofol and the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam on June 25, 2009, the King of Pop was more than half a billion dollars in debt, according to a March filing in Los Angeles Superior Court -- much of it incurred from the upkeep of his 2,700-acre (1,093-hectare) Neverland Ranch, legal bills from defending child-molestation charges and legendary spending sprees on Rolls-Royces and almost anything else with a luxury label. If Jackson were an investment, he would have been a junk bond.

The singer’s savviest financial move was to name as his executors Los Angeles lawyer John Branca and music producer and family friend John McClain. With Jackson no longer dangling babies over balconies, Branca and McClain have been able to get down to business. In their hands, the Jackson estate made $250 million by extending the singer’s contract with Sony Corp. (6758), and more than $260 million from This Is It, a film cobbled together from footage of Jackson rehearsing for a series of concerts canceled in the wake of his death.

Read more here.

Source: Bloomberg / Billie Jean

Ultimate New Years Eve With The Jacksons In Dubai. 17-11-'14

The first big New Year’s Eve bash has been announced, and it will be a disco spectacular. In what is set to be a huge concert dedicated to the 70s and 80s, The Jacksons will headline a glittering eight-hour epic MasterJam show in the Dubai Media City Amphitheater.

The star-studded bill also includes Chaka Khan, Chic and Nile Rodgers, Gloria Gaynor, Jocelyn Brown, Kathy Sledge and Incognito. The artists will take the stage to perform their best-loved hits in what is sure to be a long night full of genre-defining tunes. Doors open at 6pm on December 31. Tickets go on sale on November 20 and prices begin at Dh295 from www.masterjam.ae.

The Jacksons

Source: Jackson Source / Billie Jean

American Music Awards (27-01-1986)The AMA’s: 10 Of The Most Iconic Performances Ever. 16-11-'14

The American Music Awards has been going for over 40 years, after it launched with Dick Clark in 1973, and it’s fair to say some of the world’s most iconic stars have graced the stage, giving monumental stage performances as well as super star musical collaborations.

The 2014 awards ceremony, which will be hosted at LA’s Nokia Theatre on November 23rd, looks like it could be the hottest performances ever – with its line-up that includes Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

One Direction, Imagine Dragons, 5SOS and Garth Brooks are all expected to perform this weekend, with Selena set to debut her new single, Heart Wants What It Wants on Sunday night. While country star Brooks will be performing live from Greensboro, NC as he’s currently on the road for his world tour.

Over the last four decades, stars including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, N'Sync (yes, they count) and Lady Gaga have put on such shows that it rivals The Grammy's for the biggest music night of the year.

Michael was voted at no: 6 for the performance of 'We Are The World.'

1. Whitney Houston (1994)
2. Beyoncé (2008)
3. N'Sync (2001)
4. Pink (2012)
5. Britney Spears (2002)
6. Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and more (1986)
7. Lady Gaga (2009)
8. Madonna and Baby Face (1995)
9. Psy and MC Hammer (2012)
10. Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson (1995)

Source: Daily Mirror / Billie Jean

Lionel Richie Returns A Moment About Writing 'We Are The World'. 14-11-'14

Lionel RichieIn an interview with billboard.com, Lionel Richie is back on his memories of writing the famous song 'We Are The World'.

Asked What do you remember about writing 'We Are The World' with Michael Jackson? The latter replied:

I'm on the floor in Michael's bedroom. I don't think he had a bed -- he just slept on the floor. There's a bunch of albums around the wall, and there's a carpet and a little bench. I'm writing the first verse -- "There comes a time" -- and I hear over my shoulder, hhhhhhhhhhhh. There was a goddamn f--ing python. A boa constrictor, a python, who cares what the hell it was. It was a big-ass, ugly-ass snake. I'm from Alabama -- what you do with a snake is you call the police and you shoot the damn thing.

I was screaming. And Michael's saying, "There he is, Lionel, we found him. He was hiding behind the albums. We knew he was in the room, we just didn't know where he was." I said, "You're out of your freaking mind." It took me about two hours to calm my ass back down. "You got any more animals in here I didn't know about?" Quincy [Jones], Michael, Stevie and myself got together, and we organized all these people in less than a month. That's crazy. But what I remember was the foolishness that I endured to get some lyrics out.

Read the whole interview here.

Sorce: Billboard / Billie Jean

The Jackson 5Unearthing A Jackson 5 Gem From Chicago Label. 14-11-'14

One day in July 1967 on Chicago’s Near South Side, a group of unknown brothers from Gary, Ind., stepped into a professional recording studio for the first time and taped a song called 'Big Boy.' Their father, Joe Jackson, would have been familiar with this Michigan Avenue record company, One-derful!, established by brothers George and Ernie Leaner. Within two years of that summer, the world would know that musical family as the Jackson 5.

“Michael Jackson, even then, was inquisitive,” says R&B singer Otis Clay, who also recorded at One-derful! “He’d follow you around all day asking you questions.”

The Leaners didn’t end up releasing 'Big Boy,' and, for decades, few could even attest to the recording’s existence. And, of course, the Jacksons’ subsequent success overshadowed that of their first producers. But, as a new compilation proves, the Leaners weren’t just a footnote to musical history.

The first volume of 'The One-derful! Collection,' released late last month by Secret Stash Records, includes several of the old label’s releases, and its liner notes document its history, including the rediscovery of 'Big Boy' (the Jacksons’ 45 is available with one of the installments in Secret Stash’s full subscription series).

The Leaners entered the record business almost by happenstance. In the 1940s, they both worked at their brother-in-law’s Chicago record store. A few years later, George and Ernie moved into record distribution, forming United Record Distributors and releasing jazz, gospel and soul singles and albums across the Midwest. It wasn’t until 1962, however, that they launched One-derful! to produce R&B

Read more.

Source: The Washington Post / Billie Jean

2 Kings Show Pays Homage To Michael Jackson And Elvis Presley. 13-11-'14

Bringing together the music and memory of both Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, “2 Kings” pays tribute to the King of Rock-and-Roll and the King of Pop with live performances of their hit songs, complete with the signature dance moves and clothing.

The show stars George Thomas as Presley and a performer who goes by the pseudonym Scorpio as Jackson, along with five backup dancers and a full band.

“It’s a brilliant concept because people have never seen Elvis and Michael perform together, and with the dancers and live band, it’s a very strong show,” Scorpio said. “People are loving it.”

The show opens with Scorpio’s performance of Jackson through the years. The audience hears songs that range from 'Beat It' and 'Billie Jean' to 'Thriller' and 'Smooth Criminal.' Scorpio, who has been a Jackson tribute artist for more than 20 years, not only resembles the star, but also has the voice and dance moves to match.

“Michael Jackson was a powerful performer. You can’t just get up there and do Michael — you have to have the spirit,” he said. “The singing is fast and hard, and the dancing is fast and hard. You have to be on point with every little thing.”

2 kings Tribute Show

What: “2 Kings”

When: 8 p.m. Thursdays-Sundays, through Jan. 10

Where: Harrah’s Reno, Sammy’s Showroom

Cost: $29.50-$40.50

Details: www.harrahsreno.com

Read more here.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal / All Things Michael / Billie Jean

Brooke Shields Writes About Michael Jackson In Her Book ‘There Was A Little Girl’. 12-11-'14

Brooke ShieldsIn her brand new book 'There Was a Little Girl', Brooke Shields writes about her friendship with Michael. The book is available in stores on November 18th.

Some media are reporting that Brooke disclosed something new by saying that Michael was terrified of dating. However, during Michael’s interview with Oprah Winfrey (1993) he already shared with a worldwide audience that this was a big deal for him.

The book does describe how the two met at the age of 13. Shields told People: “From the day we met, we saw something of ourselves in each other… We felt really safe. Together, we felt impervious to the craziness that swirled around us. We joked about how silly people were and watched movies and ate candy.”

She also tells that they were not romantically involved, saying “Of course we loved each other, but nothing really happened romantically,”. Their relationship was very special and something the world would not understand, she explains in the book.

Source: LMJ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Chased Freddie Mercury Away From Duet With Bubbles The Chimp. 12-11-'14

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson got together with Queen legend Freddie Mercury to perform a duet together, but Freddie Mercury allegedly had to call it quits after he was freaked out by Michael’s relationship with his pet chimpanzee.

Jackson and Mercury were collaborating on a track, 'There Must Be More To Life Than This', nearly 30 years ago, but Mercury refused to work on the track any longer and stormed out of a recording session, according to the New York Post.

Nearly three decades later, Mercury and Jackson fans were able to purchase the collaboration, which has been brought back to life on Queen Forever. With the help of William Orbit on production, Brian May and Roger Taylor were able to bring 'There Must Be More To Life Than This' out of the vault, according to Gigwise.

So what exactly kept this track hidden and unfinished for all these years?

Apparently, Michael Jackson had brought his pet chimp, Bubbles, to the recording studio. Jackson’s close relationship with Bubbles made Mercury uncomfortable, especially when Jackson would ask the creature if he was impressed by the sounds he was hearing.

Freddie’s close friend, writer David Wigg, uncovered the situation in his new book when he explained how Michael Jackson ticked Freddie Mercury off during the recording sessions.

“Freddie got very angry because Michael made Bubbles sit between them and would turn to the chimp between takes and ask, ‘Don’t you think that was lovely?’ or, ‘Do you think we should do that again?'”

The affection and attention Michael showed to Bubbles was extraordinary, and it left Freddie furious, according to Wigg.

“After a few days of this, Freddie just exploded… ‘I’m not performing with a f***ing chimp sitting next to me each night.'”

Freddie Mercury wanted nothing else to do with Michael Jackson’s chimp other than wanting to break free from it, and Mercury left the studio and beat it out of town.

“He phoned his manager and told him to ‘Get me out of this zoo.’ Freddie then flew back to London, leaving the track musically unfinished,” Wigg recalled.

Freddie Mercury may not have felt a kind of magic with a chimp in the studio, but luckily the music and magic lives on for Michael Jackson and Queen fans.

Source: Inquisitr / Billie Jean

Barry Manilow Duet Album: Refused By Frank Sinatra’s Estate And Couldn’t Find The Right Song To Sing With Michael Jackson. 12-11-'14

Barry ManilowVeteran entertainer Barry Manilow had to scrap plans to include a collaboration with the late Frank Sinatra on his new duets album after failing to obtain permission from the crooner’s estate.

The Mandy singer’s new album, My Dream Duets, features Manilow singing with a number of late legends, including Louis Armstrong, Andy Williams and Whitney Houston, but he couldn’t get clearance to sing with Sinatra, because the Rat Pack legend’s family are preparing to release a new project of their own to mark what will be the singer/actor’s 100th birthday next year (15).

Manilow explains, “Sinatra didn’t make the list because they wouldn’t give me permission to do it! This (coming) year is the 100th birthday and they’re putting out a big Cd box, so I couldn’t get permission to do it.”

Manilow also had to abandon his hopes of harmonising with Michael Jackson because he couldn’t find the right song, until it was too late.

He adds, “The only other one I should have done then was Michael Jackson. I tried, I listened to all of the wonderful Michael uptempo things and that didn’t sound good with me, but I didn’t think about Ben… I would’ve done Ben, it could’ve been a good duet.”

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

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