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Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' Video Going 3-D In 2015. 29-09-'14

John Landis, who directed the 1983 short, is at work on the project following the end of a dispute with Jackson’s estate

Michael Jackson will soon be scaring fans from beyond the grave with the release of his iconic 14-minute 1983 film 'Thriller' — in 3-D!

The video’s original director, John Landis, is helming the project now that a dispute with the singer’s estate has been put to rest.

The revamped short film/music video is expected out next year. There’s even discussion of its running in theaters, as well as on Blu-ray and promotional outlets yet to be decided.

“That lawsuit went on for so many years, (but) we settled and they paid me finally,” Landis said of the legal dispute. “And so, actually there is something happening with ‘Thriller.’ ”

Landis tells us: “It is going to reappear in a highly polished and three-dimensional way that is very exciting on the big screen.”

Pressed on what fans can expect to see, Landis showed his scary side.

“I cannot tell you any more,” he joked. “I might have to kill you.”

A source close to the Jackson family confirms that “John has been secretly working away on this for several months now.

Thriller Video

“The iconic video has never been released on Blu-ray or seen in cinemas and 3-D, and that was always a vision Michael had. In fact, his 'This Is It' London show was meant to feature a segment which included a 3-D performance.”

We’re told there’s no end to where the 'Thriller' concept can go from here.

“The estate has been looking at gaming ideas, too, and 'Thriller' fits into the genre,” says our insider. “It could a be a dance experience or a zombie-style,shoot-’ em-up-style movie. There are so many possibilities with this creative masterpiece.”

Official paperwork from the Jackson estate — run by lawyers John Branca and John McClain — revealed that they’re working on ventures including “multiple albums,” “Internet games” and “film, documentary and a Broadway play about Michael.”

The reported $500,000 budget for 'Thriller' was more than 10 times the cost of the average video in 1983. Producers were able to justify Jackson’s risky vanity project thanks to the success of the 'Thriller' album’s hit songs, which also included 'Billie Jean,' 'Beat It' and 'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.

In 2009, the 'Thriller' video was inducted into the National Film Registry by the Library Of Congress — the first music video to receive the honor, which recognizes works that are “culturally, historically or esthetically” significant.

Landis was honored last week at the Eyegore Awards at Universal Hollywood Theme Park in L.A. His horror movie résumé also includes “An American Werewolf in London” and “Twilight Zone: The Movie.”

Source: New York Daily News / Billie Jean

Prince Says, “”Michael Got The Dance, I Got The Music” From Watching James Brown. 29-09-'14

What we learned during a seven-hour odyssey at Paisley Park:

— Prince is a mean pingpong player: A pingpong table is the centerpiece of the rehearsal space outside of the studio at Paisley Park, and it gets plenty of use. Prince shows he’s pretty deft player — he hits from wild angles, and it’s a wild sight, his white shoes with acrylic heels lighting up blue with every move. Alas, he loses his game by a few points.

— Prince goes to YouTube for music too: Some Prince fans who want to go to YouTube to pull up their favorite track or performance have long complained that Prince is overly aggressive in removing that music on copyright infringement grounds. So they might be surprised that he uses it to look up music and old performances of others. When the point is underscored as he watches an old James Brown estate, he says: “James Brown has an estate — so do I,” then adds: “People need to stop tripping.”


— He’s still a Jehovah’s Witness: Introduced to the religion by musician Larry Graham, Prince made sure to note that he’s still follows the doctrine, but adds that he student of the world, and notes that he’s been spending time reading, particularly African history.

— Yes, he thought Michael Jackson was pretty awesome too: Though the two were often pitted against each other in the media during the heights of their respective careers, he has utmost respect for the late legend. During one conversation, he marvels at the brilliance of then 10-year-old Jackson’s vocals on classics like “Who’s Loving You” and “I Want You Back,” and while watching an old James Brown clip, he notes that both he and Jackson were watching Brown as children: “Michael got the dance, I got the music.”

— He is an unfailingly polite host: During our visit, he gets concerned about whether we’ve eaten and an assistant picks up a soup at Houlihan’s. Once it arrives, it won’t do to eat it with disposable plastic utensils; he takes us to the kitchen area (bigger than most New York City apartments) and hands us proper silverware, and then, afterward, throws away the mess.

— You have to wow Prince to musically impress him: While it’s not without fun, it’s serious business: “The level of expectation is incredibly high; it’s always to play something perfectly and with a . wicked feel,” says 3RDEYEGIRL guitarist Donna Grantis.

— He’s a fan of today’s talent: While he dismisses some of today’s music – don’t expect a collaboration with artists Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea — that doesn’t mean there aren’t contemporary artists who wow him. He raved about Luke James voice; was mesmerized by FKA Twigs; talked about the potential of Rita Ora (who recorded at Paisley Park).

— He likes candles: In almost every room, candles are burning.

— Prince is still cooler than you: He’s the only person who can pull off wearing a shirt with his image — and look epic doing it.

Source: ABC News / All Things MJ / Billie Jean

SlashSlash Talks About Michael… 29-09-'14

Slash & Burn: The legendary guitarist pulls no punches.

Eoin Butler chats to one of the greatest guitarists of all time about getting sober, growing wiser and gigging with more “stable” collaborators. Eoin ash him about Michael:

And having had to fend off questions about a reunion that’s never going to happen for close on 20 years now, it’s hard to blame him.So I ask about another singular talent whose path he crossed several times in the course of his career: Michael Jackson. Although it’s odd to imagine the soft voiced King of Pop and the whiskey-swilling metaller bonding over much, when they met during sessions for Jackson’s Black or White single in 1991, the guitarist insists there was a genuine bond.”The first time we met, it was probably for a total of 10 minutes. He left me in the studio, gave me free rein to do what I wanted with the track and just took off. But it was on the road that a relationship developed.”Slash toured with Jackson in the early 1990s. Altogether they played over 50 times together, including a performance at the MTV Awards in 1995.

“At that point, Guns n’ Roses were getting pretty big, and beginning to live in the bubble that massive artists live in.”So it was interesting to see someone who was already entrenched in that world, albeit with three times the entourage. Everything just becomes bigger and bigger and less realistic. The amount of bullshit surrounding you. The amount of yes-people you have to deal with. And, you know, I felt for him. I really did. Because there was nobody in his entourage that he could 100% trust.”Word is that when Slash was recording his first solo album in the summer of 2009, he considered calling up his old friend and asking him to guest on the album. “Yes, that’s true.

The thought did cross my mind. And this was something he might have been interested to do.”Unfortunately, Jackson was in rehearsals for his ill-fated This Is It concert series in London at the time. So Slash never made the call. He put the idea on the long finger, figuring he could return to it at some later date. A couple of weeks later Jackson was dead. After Michael Jackson’s death, Slash went on record saying that he had been “hip to [Jackson's] issues”. Does that mean he was aware of the singer’s addictions? “Well, I don’t really like to be too specific in talking about that kind of thing. It’s none of my business. He and I certainly never discussed it. But I knew…”He pauses.”Let’s just say I could get a sense of the alienation he was experiencing. And I knew the kinds of things he might be doing to combat that. I mean, I knew my own habits. So there was something there that was unsaid between us.

“Considering the carnage this lifestyle has had on so many people around him, I ask, how would he feel if his own sons (aged 10 and 12) some day came to him and told him they’d like to be rock stars?He laughs. “If my kids wanted to get into rock ‘n’ roll, I’d say ‘Look, if you want to pick up an instrument, play it because you love the sound it makes. If you want to write songs and be in a band, that’s fine too. Just know there’s nothing to be gained from it except personal enjoyment.’”The chance of getting anywhere with it are so slim that you really need to be doing it for the love of it and not have any expectations. But they’re my kids, and I’m going to support them whatever they decide to do. Right now, I don’t see them headed in that direction. But then it didn’t click with me either ’til I was almost 15 years old.”I ask about Guns n’ Roses famous headlining performance slot at Slane in 1992. But his memory of the day is less than photographic. “I definitely remember the gig, because of where it was and how big it was. But as for the actual performance itself, my recollections are hazy if nonexistent.”But he promises his Irish fans a night that even he will remember this November at the 3 Arena, with songs plucked from the entire span of his near 30-year career.

“Our last gig at the Olympia was one of the best gigs we ever played. It was our last show of the European tour and it was awesome.”The Irish crowd is one that I feel very much at home playing to. So I’m really looking forward to this next visit. It’s going to be f***ing awesome. I promise you!”World On Fire is out now. Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators play the 3 Arena on November 10th.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Bust Of Michael Jackson Originally Intended For Letná Installed At Children’s Home. 27-09-'14

A bust of Michael Jackson has been unveiled at the Charlotte Masaryk Children’s Home in the Prague district of Zbraslav. Speakers at the unveiling of the monument to the pop star, who died in 2009, drew attention to his charity work.

The self-styled King of Pop visited the children’s home when he played a concert on Prague’s Letná Plain in 1996. Sculptor and Jackson fan Daniela Kartáková had campaigned to have her bust of the singer installed at Letná but the plan was dropped after objections from locals.

Bust of Michael Jackson

Source: Radio Prague / Billie Jean

Play Along In The 'A Place With No Name' Contest!. 26-04-'14

Fans outside the US, support your family and friends in the US in their efforts to get the their hometown selected and here’s your chance to play along in the 'A Place With No Name' Contest!

To celebrate Michael Jackson’s 'A Place With No Name' internationally, Tweet to get YOUR country flag to take over Michael Jackson’s socials! The country with the most tweets by November 3rd will get their flag featured as Michael Jackson’s Twitter header and Facebook’s cover photo for 48 hours. To enter, tweet your vote with #MJAPWNN and insert your country abbreviation into #CountryCodeXNoName. (or #___NoName) Both hashtags have to be used in order to be counted! Good luck!

Here are some examples:
To enter United Kingdom use both #MJAPWNN and #UKNoName
To enter South Africa use both #MJAPWNN and #ZANoName
To enter Brazil use both #MJAPWNN and #BRNoName

Source: MichaelJackson.com / Billie Jean

Tavis Smiley Talks To With Berry Gordy And Suzanne De Passe About Motown 25. 26-09-'14

Yesterday Tavis Smiley talked with Berry Gordy, the legendary founder of Motown, and Suzanne de Passe, the executive who moved the label into television and movie production, resulting in a slew of awards, including Emmys, Oscar nominations and a Peabody. One of their award-winning productions was the great television special Motown 25, which celebrated the brilliant array of talent nurtured by Motown, and is now available in a new DVD set. The chairman had been reluctant to do this special — at the time so many of his top artists, including Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson, had moved onto other labels and he resisted Suzanne’s commitment to the special, thinking his former artists wouldn’t show up.

In the clip below, the chairman and Suzanne remember the lead-up to the special and how so many of the artists Berry Gordy nurtured decided to let love rule the day and perform.


Source: Huffington Post / Billie Jean

TimbalandMusician Sues Over Timbaland-Produced Michael Jackson Song. 25-09-'14

An unknown singer/songwriter is taking producer Timbaland to court over a posthumous Michael Jackson song he believes infringes on his copyright.

Sidney Earl Swanson claims the track 'Chicago', from Jackson's recent 'Xscape' album, is a rip off of his own 2002 tune, Come Home On the Move.

According to the complaint, filed in Los Angeles federal court this week (ends 26Sep14), Swanson's lawyer writes, "Defendants copied and incorporated substantial, original portions of the infringed composition in ('Chicago')."

He is suing for damages from Timbaland, songwriter Cory Rooney, and bosses at Jackson's firm MJJ PRoductions and its parent company Sony Music Holdings, and is seeking an injunction to halt the continued sale of the track.

'Xscape', which features eight previously unheard tunes recorded before the King of Pop's death in 2009, was released in May (14). The songs were updated by a range of top producers including Timbaland and Rodney Jerkins.

Source: Contactmusic / Billie Jean

Berry Gordy To Hold Auditions At Motown Museum On October 21. 25-09-'14

Detroiters: Is that you singing 'Stop! In the Name Of Love' as if you were a junior Diana Ross? Or maybe you can croon 'What’s Going On' with some of the silky heartbreak of Marvin Gaye?

Now’s your chance to show off your Hitsville chops, as Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. and his co-producers of “Motown: The Musical” will hold auditions in Detroit at 9 a.m. Tuesday Oct. 21, at the Motown Historical Museum.

Gordy, Kevin McCollum and Doug Morris announced an open call casting search Thursday for African-American singers for both the Broadway production of “Motown: The Musical” (currently on hiatus), and the national tour. A London production will also launch in 2015.

The auditions will be held Oct. 21 at 2648 W. Grand Blvd., the historic Hitsville U.S.A. location, where so much Motown music was recorded in Studio A. Aspiring performers will audition in Studio A.

Producers are seeking African-American men and women, from their 20s to their 40s, “with exceptional voices.”

Motown The Musical

This theater image released by Boneau/Bryan-Brown shows, from left, Sydney Morton as Forence Ballard, Valisia LeKae as Diana Ross and Ariana DeBose as Mary Wilson of The Supremes in “Motown: The Musical,” performing at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in New York.(Photo: Joan Marcus, AP/Boneau/Bryan-Brown).

They are also seeking an 8-13-year-old African-American boy to play a triple role, enacting the young Michael Jackson, the young Berry Gordy and the young Stevie Wonder. Prior theatrical experience is not necessary, and all vocal parts are encouraged to attend.


■When: Tuesday, Oct. 21

■Time: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (sign-in begins at 8:30 a.m.)

■Location: Motown Historical Museum, 2648 W Grand Blvd., Detroit.

What To Bring:

■Sheet music for a song of choice from the Motown songbook that best features vocal range.

■A picture and resume including contact information (cellphone, email) stapled together. A recent snapshot is sufficient in the absence of a formal headshot. An accompanist will be provided.

For more information on the open call auditions, go to www.motownthemusical.com/casting.

For more details about what to bring and what to prepare, email casting@motownthemusical.com

“Motown: The Musical” will run at Detroit’s Fisher Theatre from Oct. 21 – Nov. 16, 2014. Single tickets are now on sale, available at all Ticketmaster locations, by phone at 1-800-982-2787 or online at www.broadwayindetroit.com.



Source: The Detroit News / Billie Jean

Quincy Jones Talks Chicago’s Mean Streets, Why Kanye West Is No Michael Jackson, And Bieber.

Quincy JonesThe most decorated man in music history is producer of the superb documentary Keep On Keepin’ On. He discusses his epic journey and the state of music.

Let’s talk about Michael Jackson. I remember being parked in front of MTV as a kid watching his videos.

Michael Jackson made MTV. He was the first black artist on there. They wouldn’t play black music on there and Rick James could never get “Super Freak” on there. We were down at the Time Warner villa in Acapulco and we’d just put out 'The Girl Is Mine' by McCartney, and Steve Ross asked me, “What are you coming up with next?” I said, 'Billie Jean' and 'Beat It,' and he said, “OK, that goes on next week.” And it was the first black artist on there.

Eight months later, we did 'Thriller,' and people didn’t know what the hell we were doing, man. We had Vincent Price narrating Edgar Allan Poe. Michael didn’t know what I was doing! That came out and took off all over the world. With 'Thriller', we took 800 songs and whittled them down to 9. Then, we took the four weakest out and replaced them with the four strongest: 'The Lady In My Life,' 'PYT,' 'Human Nature,' and 'Beat It.' We mixed that with 'Billie Jean' and 'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin', and BAM! You had a great album.

How do you feel the Michael Jackson Estate is handling his music? The last album was pretty disappointing.

[Sighs] I get in trouble every time I talk about it. I can’t. I don’t want to go there with Michael, man.

Do you see anybody even touching Michael Jackson? Kanye West has often compared himself to Michael.

Come on, man! Not even close. You see, as far as passing the baton down, Michael used to look at Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and James Brown. You need to look at the masters first. You don’t even know how to be mediocre when you start without dealing with some masters. Clark [Terry] always had the ability to put young kids on his shoulders.

Source: The Daily Beast / Billie Jean

From The Estate: Submit Your Entry For The 'A Place With No Name' Contest. 24-09-'14

A Place With No Name PetitionGreat news! There is still time for you or your American friends to participate in the contest for 'A Place With No Name!'

We are particularly excited about this because these tablets will give a leg up to students in lower-income neighborhoods in their education. Tablets have proved to be extremely effective tools in engaging students in learning material, encouraging further discovery, and helping students at different levels learn at their own pace. The distribution of the tablets also carries on Michael’s legacy of charitable giving and community engagement. It’s easy to participate!

If you live in the United States, visit http://aplacewithnoname.michaeljackson.com, upload a video of why YOUR community deserves to win, and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote!

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Thriller LiveThriller Live 20th Longest Running Musical In West End History! 24-09-'14

Celebrating its 6th record-breaking year at the Lyric Theatre and after selling more than 3 million tickets worldwide, 'Thriller Live' will soon overtake the West End records set by Grease and Oliver!

Thriller Live has entered the record books to officially become the 20th longest running musical in West End history!

Recently it overtook the records set by the legendary stage musicals The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady, who have now dropped forever out of the Top 20.

Thriller Live has played 2391 performances at the Lyric Theatre (as at Wednesday 24th September). It is just 138 performances away from overtaking the record set by the 1993 revival of Grease (which ran 2529 performances before closing) and just 227 from leap frogging the original 1960 production of Oliver! (2,618 performances). In 2015 it will beat the record set up Evita, which closed after 2,900 performances at the Prince Edward Theatre.

As it continues its sensational record-breaking 6th year in the West End, the producers of Thriller Live announced earlier this month that the show was further extending its booking period to 6th September 2015. It had been booking to 26 April.

Producers Paul Walden & Derek Nicol said in a statement today: “We are thrilled that Thriller Live has entered the record books and joined the exalted ranks of the 20 most popular long running shows in the history of the West End. We look forward to breaking more records in 2015!”

Thriller Live continues to set and break records and new territories around the globe. To date it has now performed to standing ovations in 28 countries from South Korea to Norway, and South America to China. The latest world tour will take in Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

In October, Thriller Live will open in the UK, playing Eden Court Theatre, Inverness (20 – 25 October), Festival Theatre, Edinburgh (27 October – 1 November), Alhambra Theatre, Bradford (3 – 8 November), Grand Theatre, Wolvehampton (11 – 15 November). The cast then move to Australia where it will premiere in Perth then play Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, then stop off for two weeks in New Zealand. More dates will be added in the regions.

In London, Thriller Live is the longest-running production in the Lyric Theatre’s 125-year history. It first moonwalked into the West End in January 2009 after three acclaimed UK tours. When Michael Jackson died, the Lyric became a focus for fans from all over the world, who created a massive shrine of flowers, candles, and tributes.

Thriller Live brings to life on stage the distinctive high-energy dancing and pulsating sound of many of pop’s greatest hits, blending eye- popping video footage and effects together with dazzling choreography by the show’s award-winning director Gary Lloyd.

Thriller Live was originally conceived and created by Adrian Grant, a long time associate of Michael Jackson, and author of Michael Jackson – The Visual Documentary. It is produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music in association with Adrian Grant for Key Concerts.

Source: London Theatre1 / Billie Jean

Janet Jackson’s ‘Runaway’ Was Originally Intended As A Duet With Michael. 24-09-'14

Janet Jackson's Runaway VideoIt’s difficult to imagine Janet Jackson‘s breezy 1995 hit 'Runaway' as a duet with brother Michael Jackson but it almost happened according to legendary producer Jimmy Jam.

The evergreen hitmaker was questioned about his use of samples in the song last night (September 23) on Twitter, which prompted him to reveal that the travel-inspiring anthem was almost a duet.

“No samples in ‘Runaway’ but the track was created for @JanetJackson & @michaeljackson duet,” Jimmy tweeted. “He chose the ‘Scream’ track.” Given everything Michael was going through at the time, it’s not exactly surprising that he went with this option. But perhaps they could have done both. Just imagine MJ dancing with Janet on the Eiffel Tower and Opera House!

Source: MJ-Upbeat / Billie Jean

SisqoSisqo Talks About That One Time He Met Michael Jackson. 23-09-'14

What was meeting Michael Jackson like?
I was maybe 4 or 5 years old when I saw Michael Jackson do the moonwalk and that’s when I was like that’s what I want to do. Michael Jackson flew me out to meet him in 2001 and he told me, ‘Man you’re really talented and you’re going to go very far in this industry.’ To be honest, after he told me that I was the s***, I didn’t really care about doing another album (laughs).

Like on some “Nobody could tell me nothing.”
They couldn’t and you know what’s the worst part about that? If you noticed after 2001, [there was] this negative connotation of who I am as an artist. That nobody could tell me nothing. Even though I never really said that, that may have been the aura I was giving off because I was like, ‘Michael Jackson flew me out.’

Where did he fly you out to?
It was Virginia Beach and me, him and Teddy Riley were down there together and hung out. I met his kids and that was when Teddy had worked with me on my second album. He did my first single “Can I Live” and I got the photo too.

So you mean to tell me Michael Jackson really bumped “Thong Song”?
He clearly knew my music but we didn’t talk about that. I was just wondering why he wanted to meet me, like, ‘Dude you’re freaking Michael Jackson.’ Everybody else goes to meet him. And just for the record, a lot of the preconceived notions of who Michael Jackson was as a person were literally upside down. His voice was deeper and when I went to shake his hand, he gave me a pound and he’s like a sturdy dude. He seemed like he could whip your ass for real. He was brolic. He was the first dragon. I’m the last dragon.

Source: All Things Michael / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Tribute Leggings. 23-09-'14

Shivura's Spring 2014 leggings feature the one and only Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. The pattern resulted from stitching together 100s of photos of Michael and layering those with even more photos of MJ until what was left was a psychedelically kaleidoscopic homage to the greatest entertainer that has ever graced our humble Earth.

The pattern also incorporates elements of many of Michael's more famous outfits, moves, tours, and videos.

The pattern is so large that not all design elements are on every legging, so if you want something specific on yours like the large blue portrait of Michael, please let me know when you buy them. You can see the entire design here.

Michael Jackson Tribute Leggings

Also check out the kids size 5T leggings for the young Moonwalkers in the family which actually fit children 18 months as pants (that would need to be hemmed) and kids up to about 6 years as leggings.

Small - 0-8slim up to about 130lbs
Medium - 6plus-10slim 130-160lbs
Large - 10plus-16 160-185lbs
XL - 16plus-20 185-220lbs

You can order the leggings here.

Source: Etsy / Billie Jean

Dangerous Book Cover'Dangerous' Book By Dr. Susan Fast (33 1/3). 22-09-'14

‘Dangerous’ is a must read for every Michael Jackson fan, non-fan, critic or music lover. Dr. Susan Fast meticulously researched Michael Jackson’s 1991 album in a way that has never been done before and in doing so she puts Jackson back where he belongs; in the spotlight as the highly talented black musician and artist he was… and he was dangerous too!

The book also makes readers want to re-listen to the music and re-watch the short-films again and again.

Dangerous is Michael Jackson's coming of age album. Granted, that's a bold claim to make given that many think his best work lay behind him by the time this record was made. It offers Jackson on a threshold, at long last embracing adulthood-politically questioning, sexually charged-yet unable to convince a skeptical public who had, by this time, been wholly indoctrinated by a vicious media.

Even though the record sold well, few understood or were willing to accept the depth and breadth of Jackson's vision; and then before it could be fully grasped, it was eclipsed by a shifting pop music landscape and personal scandal-the latter perhaps linked to his assertive new politics.

This book tries to cut through the din of dominant narratives about Jackson, taking up the mature, nuanced artistic statement he offered on 'Dangerous' in all its complexity. It is read here as a concept album, one that offers a compelling narrative arc of postmodern angst, love, lust, seduction, betrayal, damnation, and above all else racial politics, in ways heretofore unseen in his music. This record offered a Michael Jackson that was mystifying for a world that had accepted him as a child and as childlike and, hence, as safe; this Michael Jackson was, indeed, dangerous.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic (September 25, 2014)
Author: Susan Fast
ISBN: 978-1623566319
Pages: 168
Guide price: 12 €

Buy on Amazon

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

New 1980s Themed Pizza Restaurant Features Life-Sized Michael Jackson. 22-09-'14

Michael Jackson ReplicaFrom behind bright pink Ray Bans, Alex Morgan gets nostalgic about his new Fort Collins pizza place and decade-themed museum.

“Ohh,” he draws, “the eighties are the best.”

Morgan is a week away from opening Totally 80’s Pizza, a project he’s been working on for the last decade, by collecting a restaurant’s worth of 1980s-themed paraphernalia.

Formerly Amici Pizzeria, which closed in August as the owners moved back to Italy, the walls at 1717 S. College Ave. are now covered in pink and teal accents. Display cases hold Jem, Barbie and Pee-Wee dolls, My Little Pony, Care Bears and signed photographs like the one of Paula Abdul dancing with a cartoon cat in “Opposites Attract.”

“Everyone will notice something different,” Morgan says of the diverse collection that also includes empty pop cans and niche cereal boxes.

His most prized artifact? The original hand-written lyrics of A-ha’s one hit, “Take on me” (1985).

His most expensive piece? A handmade and life-sized Michael Jackson replica, complete with facial scruff, that Morgan commissioned.

“There are plenty of places to eat in Fort Collins, and plenty of places to eat pizza,” Morgan said. “We want to create an experience.”

Totally 80’s Pizza

What: 1980s-themed pizza place with an all-you-can-eat salad bar and local beer on tap.

Where: 1717 S. College Ave., Fort Collins CO

When: Opening Oct. 1

Read more here.

Source: All Things MJ / Coloradoan / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonCMT All-Time Top 40: Michael Jackson. 21-09-'14

Michael Jackson moonwalks in at No. 12 on the list of CMT All-Time Top 40: Artists Choice.

A list of the most influential artists in history chosen by country stars themselves, another honoree is revealed each week on CMT Hot 20 Countdown.

Chris Young, Charlie Worsham, LeAnn Rimes, Kenny Rogers and The Band Perry were just some of the country stars who cited the “king of pop” as a major influence.

“You know, there’s not a lot of people who have sold that many records or had an impact on music in general as much as Michael Jackson,” said Young. “I have a lot of Michael songs downloaded on my phone. It probably rivals any one country artist that I have, except for a couple of guys. I mean, I doubt anybody wouldn’t want to have the size and scope of his musical career, I don’t care what genre you’re in.”

“How can you not respect and love Michael Jackson as an artist,” Worsham agreed. “That’s a persona that didn’t exist until there was Michael.

“He was a part of so many different eras of music, and he’s one of those guys who it didn’t matter whether he was the most popular thing at the time or not, you had to take note of what he was doing. His influence on groove and beat and rhythm and the way he infused dancing and entertainment — not just being a fantastic musician and singer — is something I think we can all learn from, especially in today’s world. You can’t just get up and sing. You have to entertain people, and he was the quintessential entertainer.”

“I think I always seem to relate [to Jackson] in a lot of ways because I was such a kid, too, when I started out,” Rimes said. “To me, he is one of the best singers that’s ever lived and entertainers. He had the most insane voice of any 5-year-old that I’ve ever heard, and the way he connected with the crowd, the way he was so multi-talented and really good at every bit of it. His music … lived on and will live on forever.”

“I met and got to know Michael Jackson pretty well,” Rogers said. “There’s a guy that was so troubled, but he was so talented. I watched that This Is It documentary. The guy … had 19-year-old kids out of breath from dancing with him. … Music wasn’t just something he did. That’s what he was. He was his music. He not only sang great, but he danced great. He understood what his package was and how to do it.”

“Michael Jackson’s one of my very favorite performers of all time,” said Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry. “And actually, when we get ready to put together an ACM or a CMA Awards performance, we start by looking for Michael Jackson videos. We are always intensely inspired by his dancing but also just his presence onstage.

“You know our performance for ‘Done’ at the ACMs [in 2013]? There was this Michael video where he was starting his show, and he popped on to the stage somehow and just stood there. Now, we stood there for like five seconds for dramatic effect [during the ACM performance], but he stood there for about a minute. And the crowd was just roaring.”

“I think it got louder actually,” Neil Perry added.

“I think he’s so cool because he crossed all genre boundaries, national/international boundaries, race boundaries. Everybody was in love with this guy,” Kimberly concluded. “Just a phenomenal entertainer.”

Check out the rest of the CMT All-Time Top 40: Artists Choice list, and find out who will be announced each Saturday at 11 a.m. ET/PT on CMT Hot 20 Countdown.

Video link.

Source: MJ Vibe / CMT / Billie Jean

The Rock And Pop Museum’s Michael Jackson Exhibition Is Extended. 20-09-'14

Michael Jackson ExhibitionIn recent months, many fans of the King of Pop came to rock’n’pop museum. In addition to the interested museum visitors traveled all fan clubs with buses and even went costumes through the exhibition. To give the fans and music lovers a little longer time to get an insight into the life of Michael Jackson, the popular exhibition will be extended by four weeks. Thus, it only ends on 19 October.

Get to see the visitors an extract from the “Dittmar Collection”, the private collection of Chris Dittmar Julian, one of the largest and most valuable Michael Jackson collections worldwide. Hundreds of exhibits, the collector from his possession compiled., With the aim to bring visitors to both the private individual as well as the Mega Star closer, who held the world breathless for decades.

The book “Michael Jackson Memorabilia – The Dittmar Collection” was released on June 24th, 2014. It shows a selection of amazing memorabilia from the life and career of the King Of Pop. It has 80 pages with unreleased pictures of items like owned and worn clothes by Michael Jackson, RIAA Awards presented to MJ, Busts and Lifesize Figures, Tour Tickets from all around the world etc. . You can buy the new book here for 14,95 € + 4,95 shipping costs:

Among the items on exhibit include garments of the singer, including an original 'Billie Jean' jacket that he wore in Pensacola during rehearsals for his “BAD World Tour” in 1988, also a worn and signed by the artist shoe. Another eye-catching are several original awards, such as: a Platinum Award, the Michael Jackson was sold for 7 million records, CDs and cassettes of the album “Dangerous” presented. The skurrileren exhibits include an original invitation to the private funeral and burial of Michael Jackson, which was held in Glendale on September 3, 2009 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Video clips and audio round off the varied appearance of the exhibition. About audio guide, the visitor receives detailed information about the objects that are a little lift the self-imposed veil of legend.

Source: All Things Michael / Billie Jean

'Xscape' Goes Gold In The USA. 20-09-'14

It’s official! Michael Jackson’s album 'Xscape' has been officially certified Gold in the United States! That’s a total of 500,000 US sales to date since it’s release earlier this year.

Xscape Album Gold

Source: RIAA / Billie Jean

The Prince and Michael ExperiencePrince And Michael Jackson Experience – 250th Party. 20-09-'14

Oct 18 at Nectar Lounge in Seattle. Prince and Michael Jackson fans celebrate as DJ Dave Paul from San Francisco mixes music from the two artists and ancillary acts.

Collectively, Prince and Michael Jackson helped define the early-’80s era of MTV, revolutionized both R&B and popular music, and influenced thousands of musicians worldwide. This party pays tribute to two of the greatest artists of our time.

The music is far from the only thing happening at this party, there’s theme dancing, a face-off between guests repping The Purple One or The King of Pop, and much, much more. This is the perfect night out to lounge with your friends, make some new friends, get your drink on, dance your @ss off and have the time of your life.

“For ELEVEN years now, Dave Paul (proprietor of hip-hop label Bomb Records) has hosted and DJ’ed at the brilliant “Prince vs. Michael Jackson” parties. As selections of hits, rarities, and remixes from both artists are presented over the course of the evening, audience members square off in funky battle, holding signs bearing the mug of their favored entertainer to judge which one is the true king of pop. This sure ain’t the place for cynics, but Darling Nikki’s and Dirty Diana’s are all welcome to participate.”

Saturday, October 18

at 9:00pm – 1:45am in PDT

Oct 18 at 9:00pm to Oct 19 at 1:45am in PDT

Nectar Lounge

412 N 36th St, Seattle, Washington 98103

For more information, click here

Source: All Things Michael / Bomb Hip Hop / Billie Jean

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