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Michael Jackson Rhinestone Glove Has Sold For Almost $65,000 At Auction. 31-07-'15

The garment, one of several hand coverings the King of Pop sported onstage and in music promos, was given by the star to his personal artist Paul Bedard in 1984, and he later sold it to a private collector.

It went up for auction via Nate D. Sanders in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 30) and fetched an impressive $64,850 (£40,531).

The sale also featured a prototype of the iconic jacket Jackson wore in the video for his 1987 hit 'Bad', which attracted a top bid of $12,500 (£7,812).

MJ Glove

Michael Jackson personally owned trademark white sequined glove -- Gifted to the artist he commissioned for Neverland, Circa 1984.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Hamid MoslehiHamid Moslehi’s Pictures Now Available To Buy. 31-07-'15

Hamid Moslehi is now selling pictures from ‘United We Stand’ Concerts & MSG and over a dozen pictures of Michael Jackson are available to buy in different format!

More pictures from other celebrities are available and can be printed as Canvas, Prints of all sorts, Pillows, Duvet, bags and Shower Curtain!

You can purchase pictures here.

Hamid Moslehi is a Los Angeles based photographer since 1992. He was born in Iran and moved to Rome at the age of 16. After finishing high school in Italian language, at the age of 19, he found a new permanent home called USA. He is an art graduate in visual communications and has made few documentary movies including “Blue Roof” in which he gives us a rare inside look into the livers of the homeless by living amongst them on the streets. He photographed and worked with many celebrities including Michael Jackson.

United We Stand (21-10-2001)

Hamid Moslehi is now selling pictures from ‘United We Stand’ Concerts & MSG and over a dozen pictures of Michael Jackson are available to buy in different format!

For more information on Hamid Moslehi, please click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Ticket Office For Kingvention Will Close On August 14, Last Tickets Available. 30-07-'15

KingventionIf you are planning to attend Kingvention, the first European Michael Jackson Fan Convention, and you didn’t buy your tickets yet; now is the time to do it! Over 200 fans have already bought their tickets so there are only limited tickets available. After August 14 you can no longer buy tickets and tickets will not be available at the door.

Kingvention artwork Diana Walczak, Jonathan Morrish and Rob Hoffman will each take part in a live, on stage interview talking about their time working with Michael Jackson. Each guest will share their unique experiences with the audience, accompanied by personal photos, videos and special memories. The interviews will be followed by a pre-prepared question and answer session with the audience.

The latest exciting highlight will be a drum band from London will be performing “They Don’t Care About Us”. The owner of the group has worked with Olodum in Brazil and it will be a performance to not miss!

Other highlights are:
• Diana Walczak HIStory Collection
• Behind The Scream Gallery
• Rob Hoffman’s Personal Collection
• The Making of Moonwalker
• HIStory – Blast from the Past
• The Silver Screen
• They Don’t Care About Us – London Version
• King of Shop – MJ Market Place
• Get on the Floor!

Source: LMJ / Billie Jean

New 'Say Say Say' Remix On The Pipes Of Peace Album From Paul McCartney. 30-07-'15

Pipes Of Peace Album CoverAs said earlier this year, Paul McCartney is re-releasing few of his old album including ‘Pipes of Peace’ which is containing ‘Say Say Say’ & ‘The Man’.

The re-issues comes in a nice box set with a book including a picture of Paul & Michael but from the promotional video, you can hear something different about ‘Say Say Say’ which seems to have been mixed with different vocals from Michael! What a joy!

MPL and the Concord Music Group are proud to announce two more landmark installments in the multiple Grammy-winning Paul McCartney archive collection. On 2nd October, 2015, Paul’s early ‘80s back-to-back classics 'Tug Of War' and 'Pipes Of Peace' will receive lavish multiple configuration reissue treatment including exclusive 2015 remixes of both the entire 'Tug Of War' album and the 'Pipes Of Peace' classic collaboration with Michael Jackson ‘Say Say Say,’ a treasure trove of previously unreleased tracks and never before seen video, and much more.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson American Master Book (2nd Edition) By C. Mecca. 30-07-'15

Author C Mecca are exited to let you know the second edition of 'Michael Jackson American Master' book, which is going to be spectacular as it has within the cover an addendum and numerous pictures personally hand selected by Mr. Jackson exclusively for this second edition.

By the way both the first edition and the second are authorized by Mr. Jackson. The book is his tidal, because Mr. Jackson is proclaimed as a universal master and is joining the family of the past masters thru out history, by the way this is historical in an other way, as there will never be an other authorized book as he has now elevated to his permanent residence in the cosmos.

There has never been an unauthorized edition to my tome. Thank you for your loyalty to Mr. Jackson, because he truly loved and appreciated his fans. We would appreciate you joining hands with us in participating this historical proclamation.

Source: Author C Mecca / Billie Jean

Captain EO Is Coming Back To Disney World's EPCOT. 29-07-'15

As any child of the 1980s can tell you, Disney's 'Captain EO' ride -- starring the "King of Pop", Michael Jackson himself -- was one of the best attractions to ever grace the park. EO debuted at Disney World in Florida back in 1986 and ran for eight years before closing in 1994.

Now, 'Captain EO' is back (and not just temporarily like they did after he died). The ride has reopened at Disney World's EPCOT in all of its hokey, 3D glory. Michael Jackson's ragtag team of freedom fighters are set to "bring freedom to countless worlds of despair" -- and keep you entertained for 17 minutes with a mix of '80s futurism and 30-year-old nostalgia.

Captain EO Theater

Inside the "Magic Eye Theater" at Disneyland showing 'Captain EO'.

Over the past few months, the theater has been used for a variety of purposes, mostly to exhibit upcoming Disney features like Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland and Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out. 'Captain EO' couldn’t be more excited. It’s an attraction that feels so classically EPCOT, one that has one foot in fantasy and the other in science fiction; that is both futuristic and warmly nostalgic. It’s an attraction shares EPCOT’s view of the future as a place where anything is possible and everything is super fun. 'Captain EO' is the story of “a ragtag band led by the infamous 'Captain EO',” and almost 30 years later, it’s enough to make you smile … and dance.

Source: Disney Blog / Billie Jean

Pop-up Grevin Wax Work Of Michael Jackson In Seoul! 29-07-'15

Grevin Museum in Seoul has done a pop-up studio in front of Lotte Department Store Main entrance which of course includes a Michael Jackson wax work!

This pop up is to promote the new museum in town!

MJ Pop-Up Studio

For more information click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Father Joseph Rushed To Hospital After Suffering A Stroke. 27-07-'15

Joseph JacksonThe superstar's dad has been left temporarily blind as he was taken ill in Brazil on his 87th birthday just two days after his family threw a party to celebrate.

Michael Jackson's father Joseph has been left temporarily blind after suffering a stroke on his 87th birthday.

Jackson family sources have said he was rushed to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo after waking up feeling dizzy, with no vision on Sunday morning (July 26).

Joe, who suffers from diabetes was treated to a party in Brazil to mark his big day on Friday.

US website TMZ reports that doctors currently are doing tests on the former music manager to decide whether to fly him back to America for further treatment.

Father-of-11 Joseph was the man behind the Jackson 5 - the band that catapulted his son Michael to global superstardom.

However, his reputation was tarnished in the 80's when it was claimed he was abusive to his children.

Jackson, who died six years ago, claimed that he would endure whippings and name-calling at the hands of Joseph, though he admitted that his dad's strict discipline did play a part in his huge success.

Speaking openly of his childhood abuse to Oprah Winfrey back in 1993, Jackson told how he often cried of loneliness and would sometimes get sick vomit upon seeing his dad.

He confessed that Joseph would sit in a chair with a belt in his hand as Michael and his siblings rehearsed and say: "If you didn't do it the right way, he would tear you up, really get you."

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

'Seeing Voices' Full Version Leaked On The Internet. 25-07-'15

A short excerpt from the unreleased song 'Seeing Voices' appeared at the end of May on the internet. Today is a more complete view full version that leaked again on the canvas and this against all odds.

'Seeing Voices' is an unreleased song written in 1999 by Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Sidney Fine, recorded by Michael and Ray Charles, with Ray's choir on backing vocals. Mentioned during the recording of Michael's 'Invincible' album, but failed to make the final track listing.

When Sidney died in 2002 he left the his piano to Michael.

The song is based on the 1989 best-seller 'Seeing Voices' by Dr. Oliver Sacks.

A special presentation of the song 'Seeing Voices' was unveiled at the Ventura Club, 13920 Ventura Boulevard Sherman Oaks, California on May 28th, 1999 by Sidney Fine. The event was filmed by Michael's personal cameraman, but he did not appear at the event.

Sidney Fine is the husband of Rose Fine who was the teacher of Michael and his brothers in the 70's and that in occasion of their tours. Sidney Fine also worked in orchestrating the Disney movie 'Lady And The Tramp'. Rose Fine, she was also the teacher of children who turned in 'Mary Poppins'.

Listening to a song like that, it is all the Disney magic and that of Michael Jackson gathered that go back to our ears.


Source: Billie Jean

The Diana Walczak Collection. 24-07-'15

Here the first instalment of a brand created by Diana Walczak. Yes the same Diana that created the album cover of the 'HIStory' album for Michael Jackson!

The first item (and we are hoping for more) is a “Military style” T-shirt which resembles Diana Walczak’s creation.

Michael Jackson fans will finally be able to stand still like Michael at the beginning of the History World Tour or just making a fashion statement! You choose!

Here is the design:

The Diana Walczak Collection

Where best to launch this product than the First European Michael Jackson Convention, KINGVENTION in London on September 12!

This amazing T-Shirt will be only available at Kingvention and King of Shop with shipping starting from September 19 but Beware! THEY ARE LIMITED EDITIONS!

Order here

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Ahmed BestMichael Jackson Wanted To Play Jar Jar Binks In 'Star Wars'. 23-07-'15

The actor who played Jar Jar Binks in 'Star Wars' Episode I: The Phantom Menace has claimed that Michael Jackson originally wanted to portray the character in the film.

Ahmed Best recently spoke to Vice about the much-hated role, with the character widely regarded as one of the most annoying characters of film history.

In the interview, Best elaborated on comments he made on Reddit last year about Michael Jackson wanting to play Binks.

"That's what George told me," he said. "Me, Natalie Portman, and George's kids - we were at Wembley arena at Michael Jackson's concert. We were taken backstage and we met Michael. There was Michael and Lisa Marie Presley. George introduced me as 'Jar Jar' and I was like, 'That's kind of weird'. Michael was like, 'Oh. OK.' I thought, 'What is going on?'"

He continued: "After Michael had driven off, we all go back up to a big after party. I'm having a drink with George and I said, 'Why did you introduce me as Jar Jar?' He said, 'Well, Michael wanted to do the part but he wanted to do it in prosthetics and makeup like 'Thriller'.' George wanted to do it in CGI. My guess is ultimately Michael Jackson would have been bigger than the movie, and I don't think he wanted that".

During the same interview, Best says that he doesn't regret or feel guilty for his role.

"At the end of the day, it is the movie business, and if the character doesn't work for the people who watch the movie then the character doesn't work," he reasoned. "I can't take that personally".

Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks is a fictional character from the Star Wars saga created by George Lucas. A major character in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Source: NME / Billie Jean

20 Unfinished Michael Jackson Tracks Stored On Sound Engineer's Computer. 23-07-'15

Michael Durham PrinceMichael Jackson's sound engineer said he has 20 unfinished tracks by the late pop star on his computer -- but he isn't allowed to let anyone hear them.

"I don't have the right to write the song titles or to let people hear them for the moment," Michael Durham Prince told the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Months after Jackson's death in 2009 from a lethal overdose of sedatives, the entertainer's estate signed a $200-million deal with Sony recording company, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Under the agreement, Sony can bring out up to seven albums over a decade, including new or remixed Michael Jackson songs. Two posthumous albums have already been released, in 2010 and 2014, but Sony told AFP on Thursday that no others were currently in the works.

Prince, who was Jackson's audio engineer from 1995 up to his death, told Le Parisien in an interview from Germany: "I have on my computer 20 unreleased (songs) by Michael, all of them unfinished".

He explained that Jackson hadn't sung the choruses for the tracks, so "someone would have to be found" to perform them whenever they did get released, if Sony and Jackson's family gave the go-ahead. "That would mean duets," he said.

Prince added that he believed there would be further Michael Jackson albums in the future, "but for the moment, we are thinking more about bringing out new songs every six months".

Jackson died aged 50 on June 25, 2009 as he was readying to give a series of concerts in London.

His personal doctor, Conrad Murray, was jailed in 2011 for involuntary manslaughter but served only half of his four-year sentence because of prison overcrowding and good behaviour.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Wanted To Visit Irish Petrol Bomb Victims. 23-07-'15

Late pop legend Michael Jackson wanted to visit two Irish kids hurt in a horrific petrol bomb attack — but his Irish friend and plastic surgeon persuaded him not to.

Gavin and Millie Murray were just four and six years old when they suffered horrific burns after their Limerick home was petrol-bombed by three thugs in 2006.

Now Jackson’s Irish pal Dr Patrick Treacy from Fermanagh has revealed the siblings’ plight attracted the attention of the star.


“He read about the Murray children who had been injured in a gangland fire in Limerick,” Dr Treacy said.

“He said to me, ‘Those children are in pain’ and he asked me which hospital were they in. It turned out to be Crumlin Hospital and I’d worked there.”

But Dr Treacy said he persuaded Jackson not to go — as he was concerned about the headlines so soon after the star’s 2005 court case for alleged sexual abuse.

“It wasn’t for selfish reasons, it was more to protect him from the news reports,” said the doctor who has just published his autobiography Behind The Mask, which chronicles his career and his relationship with Jackson.

They first met in Ireland in 2006 when Dr Treacy appeared on the Ryan Tubridy show — and met a woman in the green room who said she represented a celebrity who wanted to meet him.

Gavin Murray

Gavin Murray and his sister Millie suffered horrific burns after their Limerick home was petrol-bombed by thugs in 2006.


“I had no idea who it would be,” said cosmetic doctor Treacy.

“We opened the clinic late at night to avoid the press but at this stage I didn’t know who to expect. When he arrived he said, ‘Hello I’m Michael Jackson.’”

He added that Jackson, who lived in Ireland for six months in 2006, was “incredibly funny [and] very interested in science and medicine”.

Source: The Star / Billie Jean

Neverland No More: All References To The King Of Pop Are Removed From Michael Jackson’s Ranch As Sotheby’s Still Trying To Sell The Renamed Sycamore Valley For $100m. 21-07-'15

Since the ranch has been put on the market last May, Sotheby’s International Realty has renamed it Sycamore Valley Ranch and the brochures sent out to potential buyers make no mention of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s memory has been stripped from his Southern California Ranch Neverland!

Here the description on the brochures:
Sycamore Valley Ranch is the ultimate ranch retreat and gated estate of approx. 2,698 acres located 5 miles north of the town of Los Olivos. The main residence of approximately 12,598 sq.ft. offers 6 bedrooms, including a large first floor master suite with a private loft and two master baths.

Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch – 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, California.

The home was designed by Robert Altevers for William Bone in a French Normandy-style and meticulously crafted to perfection in 1982. The home is nestled between extensively landscaped gardens and a four-acre lake complete with a waterfall, incredible pastoral views to the south and majestic mountain views to the north.

An expansive covered outdoor barbeque area is perfect for entertaining and is located adjacent to the inviting pool and nearby pool house and tennis court. There are multiple structures on the property including three separate guest homes, an approx. 5,500-sq.ft. movie theater with stage, several barns, animal shelter facilities, corrals and a maintenance shop.

When Michael Jackson lived in the property, it was home to a fairground and a zoo but these have long been removed. Only the 5,000 square-foot cinema remains as final hint at the property’s once flamboyant past.

‘We hope and trust that any new owners of Neverland will respect the historical importance and special nature of this wonderful property.

‘Michael’s memory lives on in the hearts of his fans worldwide,’ the singer’s estate said in a statement in May.

Source: Daily Mail / Sotheby's / Billie Jean

Do The Bartman Single CoverSomeone Just Paid $38.5k To Own A Michael Jackson Song. 21-07-'15

The full publishing and songwriting rights to 'Do The Bartman', the 1990 novelty hit from TV series The Simpsons, have been sold to an anonymous buyer for US $38,500, MBW has discovered.

Despite its jokey pop-rap style, 'Do The Bartman' is a serious piece of real estate: not only did the track become a No.1 hit in the UK, Ireland, Norway and Australia in 1991, but it was technically co-written by a certain Michael Jackson.

That’s ‘technically’ because Jackson’s name still does not officially appear on the credits of the song – or, therefore, the $38,500 package snapped up by its anonymous buyer.

In September 1990, Simpsons producer James L. Brooks issued a press release claiming that reports linking Jackson to the track were misplaced. He stated that 100% of the song was written by Jackson’s friend, Bryan Loren.

This was a lie.
In 1998, Simpsons creator Matt Groening finally gave the game away, confirming that The King Of Pop really had co-written and co-produced Do the Bartman alongside Loren.

The team behind The Simpsons were apparently forbidden from publicly giving Jackson any credit – whether for songwriting or backing vocals – because he was under a heavily exclusive contract to Sony Music as a recording artist.

'Do The Bartman' came out on rival Geffen and Jackson’s involvement remained a secret for the best part of a decade.

According to Variety, Groening told an audience at the Annual World Animation Celebration in Pasadena in 1998: “[It has] always [been] amazing to me that no one ever found out that Michael Jackson wrote that song…

“He was a big fan of the show.”

According to auction site Royalty Exchange, the new owner of the song just bought a 100% share of ‘both BMI and Sony Publishing royalties’.

The $38,500 lot also includes royalties for a collection of other songs by Bryan Loren.

The average yearly revenue generated by 'Do The Bartman' and Loren’s other songs between 2010-2012 was $4,357.

But in 2013, the last accounted-for year, they amassed less than $1,000.

In its heyday, 'Do The Bartman' sold over 400,000 units in the UK market.

It was never officially released as a single in the US, but reached No.11 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay chart.

So there you have it: Just $38.5k (around £25k) for a No.1 Michael Jackson smash.

Source: Musicbusiness World Wide / Billie Jean

Man Sues Michael Jackson’s Corporate Entities Over Alleged Child Molestation. 20-07-'15

Lawyers representing the corporate entities created by Michael Jackson Monday (July 20) urged dismissal of a civil suit brought by a dancer- choreographer who alleges he was molested by the singer, while the plaintiff’s attorney argued her client still has a viable case.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff previously dismissed Wade Robson’s separate complaint against the estate, finding that it was filed too late. He must now decide whether Robson can proceed in his civil complaint against MJJ Productions Inc. and MJJ Ventures Inc.

Beckloff did not immediately rule, taking the case under submission. He also said he wants to ponder further another motion by the lawyers for the corporations to examine a psychiatrist’s medical records concerning Robson, as well as notes and communications involving the plaintiff. The physician, who is not identified in the Robson attorneys’ court papers, evaluated the effects on the dancer of the alleged abuses by the pop star.

Robson’s attorneys say it is too early to seek the psychiatrist’s information, but lawyers for the Jackson entities say the data is needed to prepare a separate motion to dismiss the case if Beckloff gives the plaintiff’s a chance to amend the complaint rather than toss it now.

Robson, 32, alleged Jackson molested him between 1990-97, though he testified in the singer’s 2005 child molestation trial — which involved another boy and ended with Jackson’s acquittal — that the entertainer did not abuse him.

Attorney Jonathan Steinsaper, on behalf of the Jackson companies, told Beckloff that Robson’s civil case claims also are time-barred and that his clients cannot be held responsible for alleged behavior by the singer over which they had no control. He said the entire case should be tossed, just the judge did with the plaintiff’s effort to file a late creditor’s claim against the estate.

Wade Robson

Wade Robson, the choreographer who testified on behalf of Michael Jackson in the singer’s 2005 trial — and is now of saying the 'Thriller' singer molested him for seven years.

Robson needed a judge’s permission to bring a late probate court claim because his court papers were filed in May 2013, nearly four years after the entertainer’s June 25, 2009, overdose death at age 50.

“The complaint says nothing about what the corporations could have done,” Steinsapir said. “Here, the exposure to Michael Jackson has nothing to do with the corporations.”

He said the alleged abuses took place at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and that the corporate entities had no responsibility for what may have gone on there between the singer and Robson.

But lawyer Maryann Marazano, on behalf of Robson, said Norma Staikos, an employee of MJJ Productions at the time, exerted “an extraordinary amount of control” and could have stepped in to protect the plaintiff and others.

“There could have been many steps taken to keep Michael Jackson away from young children and be alone with them and molest them,” Marzano said.

Marzano said arrangements were made through the Jackson companies to bring Robson, who lived in Australia, and other youngsters to Neverland.

Robson says in a sworn statement that he did not realize until many years after the alleged abuses by Jackson stopped that he was a molestation victim. He says May 8, 2012, was a key date for him.

‘I began to recognize for myself that Jackson had molested me,” Robson alleged. “It was on that date in my therapy session … that I first spoke about the sexual activity I had with Jackson. This revelation initiated an enormous emotional, psychological and physiological upheaval in my life that continues until this day.”

Source: My News LA / Billie Jean

Raymone K. BainMessage From Raymone Bain RE: Supposed Emails To Be Leaked. 20-07-'15

Below is an email MJ-Upbeat received from Raymone K. Bain today, July 20th, 2015.

I’ve been advised that soon, supposed emails sent to Mr. Jackson from me, Raymone Bain, are going to be “leaked” or “posted” on the Internet. However, there is a problem: Mr. Jackson owned no laptop or computer nor did he have an external email address. Therefore, someone will be committing fraud if any such alleged emails are disseminated from me on the internet.

I have recently seen an email which I allegedly sent to Mr. Jackson in December 2007, resigning. This is false. No such email was ever sent to Michael Jackson.

I have to wonder why is this being done, and now.

For the last several years, there has been quite a bit of unethical and illegal behavior targeted against me, and others who worked for Mr. Jackson, via the Internet. With regards to me: hacking, dissemination of false information, slanderous and defamatory information, manipulated placement of articles, i.e., keywords changed in Meta Tag lines in articles to manipulate the Google server: cyber terrorism.

The question becomes: who or what individuals stand to gain by engaging in such unethical, cowardly, and despicable behavior and what firm(s) or individuals were hired to engage in such acts, and how much is being paid.

For years I ignored it. Now, my attorneys are going to aggressively begin dealing with it.

I don’t want Mr. Jackson’s fans duped.


Raymone K. Bain

Source: MJ Upbeat / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Still For Sale, No Mention of Pop Star’s Name in Listing. 18-07-'15

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch went on sale at the end of May for $100 million. That was widely reported. But now that it’s called Sycamore Valley Ranch, Sotheby’s makes no mention of the property’s history. Jackson’s name and all references to Neverland have been scrubbed. It’s now just a big property with lots of extras, but of course no zoo or carnival rides or movie theater. You’d think the Neverland mystique would help sell the property. But Sotheby’s obviously thinks it’s better not to mention it.

Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch – 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, California.

Source: Showbizz 411 / Billie Jean

Legacy: Tribute To Michael Jackson. 18-07-'15

Michael Jackson’s electric stage presence, dance moves, and unforgettable music has made his one of the world’s most recognizable entertainment icons. On Friday, August 7th, 2015, Spirit Mountain Casino is honored to celebrate a lifetime of musical magic with Legacy: A Tribute to Michael Jackson.

Jackson’s contributions to pop music began when he wasn’t even old enough to drive. At just eight years old, he and his siblings created The Jackson 5, which took the entertainment scene by storm. We’re sure you know all the lyrics to 'ABC,' 'I Want You Back,' and 'I’ll Be There.' His childhood fame became a lifetime of accomplishment as a musician and performer.

Jackson still holds the best-selling album of all time, which he’s successfully held title since 1982. Some other notable achievements include:

· The popularization of the Moonwalk.

· 13 Grammy Awards and 26 American Music Awards - more than any other musician in history.

· One of the only artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. He holds the crown as the most awarded artist in the history of music.

The Legacy Tour

William Hall, one of the best known Michael Jackson impersonators. Be ready to feel his music like never before as we celebrate the genius, the vision, and the legacy of Michael Jackson.

If you never experienced 'Thriller' live, or you’re dying to see a rendition of 'Beat It' or 'Billie Jean' on the stage, this is your chance. Legacy is the most faithful celebration of Jackson’s work. You’re in store for an evening of unforgettable music and epic performances.

Come out and celebrate the King of Pop with Spirit Mountain Casino at the Main Event Center! Tickets start at just $15 and are on sale now: Buy yours today to secure a spot at this extra-special event.

Event Details
August 7, 2015 8:00p
Doors open at: 7:00p
Tickets starting at $15

Source: Spirit Mountain / Billie Jean

Dangerous Collector'The Ultimate Collector Book Volume IV' In Preparation. 17-07-'15

Following the success of the 'Ultimate Collector Book Volume V' that regroups all the collectors and merchandise from the HIStory Era, Sixteen11 Media Group is prepping for the next chapter!

From their website and facebook group, the next Volume is about ‘DANGEROUS’ and fans are already impatient to hold this volume in their hands! Speaking with the authors Fabrice Ancellet & Sebastian Mille earlier this week, They told us that they are making great progress on different volumes but there is so much more to discover and they are hoping to have a bit of help from the fans! “It’s nearly impossible to know what’s out there really! We are discovering items every day and we are counting on the fans to help us to compile the volumes. Without their help, this project will not be possible!” told Fabrice.

Sebastian added “Those books are really for the fans! We are both working so hard to compile what has never been done before and it is really hard to get everything that has been done for Michael’s career. No surprise that Michael Jackson is a brand on itself! Fans’ help is essential to this project and it will take years before we get to see the end of it! The most challenging is to balance our personal work and life with the books as we are both volunteers.”

Today both are asking for a bit of help: “If fans think they have a very rare item, a collector, a never-seen-before merchandise or display, they can send them to us via email”

You can send your items to Sebastian at sebastian.mille@sixteen11.com

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

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