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The Jacksons Will Bring Their 50TH Celebration Tour To Cardiff. 28-02-'17

The Jacksons will play Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena this summer on Michael's death anniversary June 25th as they celebrate an amazing 50 years in showbusiness.

Tito Jackson said he's looking forward to coming.

"We're excited to bring our show to Cardiff this summer. The Welsh love their music and we can’t wait to share ours with them!"

The Motorpoint Arena show is promoted by UK Regional Promoter of the Year Orchard Entertainment, whose director, Pablo Janczur said: "The Jacksons are one of the most popular groups in the history of music, with a repertoire of material that formed the soundtrack to so many people’s lives, so we’re thrilled to bring them to Cardiff for what promises to be a memorable night.

Jackie and Tito were live on ITV's Good Morning Britain from Las Vegas through satellite to talk about the Jacksons gigs in the UK.

Tickets are available from 9am on Friday (March 3) from Motorpoint or Ticketmaster.

The Jacksons
The Jacksons will play Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena this summer on Michael's death anniversary June 25th.

Source: Wales Online / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Personal Photographer Reveals His Favorite Moments. 27-02-'17

Harrison Funk
Michael Jackson's personal photographer Harrison Funk.

While millions around the world know Michael Jackson as the King of Pop, a local photographer was able to see a different side of the icon as his personal photographer for 30 years.

Harrison Funk watched as Jackson evolved from teen idol to a bona fide superstar. Jackson became known as a perfectionist whose personality was very complex.

"What genius isn't complex?" Funk asked. "I would put him up there with Da Vinci and Michelangelo and Beethoven and Picasso."

Funk was the man tasked with documenting the life of the legendary pop singer. Funk said Jackson would ask him every night if he had "made magic."

"He couldn't wait to see the pictures because he wanted to see the magic," Funk recalled.

Looking over albums of photographs, Funk pointed to the moments in which Jackson performed in concerts with massive crowds.

"That was his overwhelming drive," Funk explained. "To perform for people. His show was absolute perfection."

Funk said that Jackson always maintained a sense of wonder.

"He knew the child within and he never wanted to lose that," he said. "That was part of the magic."

Jackson received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984. Funk said it was a huge day for Jackson as he was at the height of his career.

But a defining moment in Jackson's career came when he did the moonwalk on stage at Wembley Stadium in England.

Funk said Jackson actually learned the move from Jeffrey Daniel, who was in the group Shalamar. Daniel had performed it on the British show 'Top of the Pops', only he called it the backslide.

Jackson learned it, perfected it and re-branded it as the moonwalk.

"When Michael came out with it, people were just blown away," Funk said. "I've never seen any other artist that got that response."

Another big moment for Jackson was when he met Nelson Mandela. But, according to Funk, it was equally as big a moment for the world leader, who brought his entire family from South Africa just to meet Jackson.

Jackson and Mandela met in a penthouse in Beverly Hills along with actress Elizabeth Taylor. Funk said by the end of the day his photograph of the three icons appeared in more than 200 newspapers.

"Michael was looking to change the world. He didn't just record 'We Are The World' or 'Man In The Mirror.' He recorded music because he wanted to make an impact on people," Funk said.

When Michael died on June 25, 2009, Funk said it was hard to grasp that he was gone.

"It's hard to articulate," he said. "I think the whole world changed. It was the end of an era."

Source: ABC7 / Billie Jean

Leon WareSoul Legend Leon Ware Dead At 77. 24-02-'17

Soul and R&B singer-songwriter Leon Ware has died, NPR reports. The artist and producer who worked with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson passed away yesterday (February 23), his manager confirmed to NPR. He was 77 years old. While the cause of death has not been revealed at this time, Ware was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the mid-'00s.

Ware found his first success as a Motown songwriter, writing for artists such as the Isley Brothers and Donny Hathaway. He cemented his legacy with his hand in Marvin Gaye’s 'Let’s Get It On' follow-up 'I Want You', on which he produced and co-wrote every song. He also wrote hits such as Michael Jackson's 'I Wanna Be Where You Are' and Minnie Ripperton's 'Inside My Love'.

He worked also on 'Who’s Lookin’ For A Lover', 'If I Don’t Love You This Way', 'Christmas Won’t Be The Same' or 'It’s Too Late To Change The Time' from various Motown albums from The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson.

Source: Pitchfork / Billie Jean

Meet The Man Playing The King Of Pop In 'Lifetime's Michael Jackson'. 24-02-'17

Navi GoldThe Lifetime biopic 'Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland' has found its lead in M.J. tribute artist, Navi, and he sat down with ET to talk about the upcoming project.

The Trinidad native has had numerous plastic surgery operations, changing his nose, cheekbones and chin just to look more like the late King of Pop.

"I used to work for him as a decoy, and I performed at his birthday parties," Navi told ET's Nischelle Turner. "Even when he went through the trials, I stood outside the courthouse and I stood there with a sign that said, 'Smooth but not a criminal.' To me it was important that I wanted Michael to know I believe in him."

The TV movie, based on the bestselling book 'Remember The Time', will focus on the last three years of Jackson's life, as told through the eyes of his two bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard.

Jackson's 18-year-old daughter Paris previously voiced her distaste for the now-canceled episode of Sky Arts' 'Urban Myths' series centered on a road trip Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando reportedly took. Paris took issue with Joseph Fiennes' portrayal of Jackson, calling it "shameful." She has kept silent on Lifetime's upcoming movie, and while she has been invited to the set, Paris hasn't visited.

"I have spoken to the family in the past, but I haven't spoken to them about this project," Navi admitted. "But I believe that when this project is out, they will know it is a fair and true portrayal."

The movie will mark Navi's acting debut, but he told ET that when it's over, he will return to his true passion.

"I'm going back to pick up my glove, put on my shoes, and get back on stage," he said.

Source: Click 2 Houston / Billie Jean

Motown Seek Next Young Michael Jackson. 24-02-'17

The West End production of 'Motown The Musical' will hold open auditions on Saturday 18 March for the opportunity to portray the young Michael Jackson with the adult cast of the hit musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

Natalie Gallacher at Pippa Ailion Casting, Casting Director for 'Motown The Musical' said: “Since we opened the show here in London we have had the pleasure of working with some great children.

"We are now looking for the next group of boys to join us at the Shaftesbury Theatre to play one of the most iconic roles in the music industry. If you are male, black or mixed race, aged 8 to 13 years old with an unbroken voice, and you can to commute to London, then we would love to hear from you.”

Charles Randolph-Wright, Director of 'Motown The Musical', said: “We have previously found extraordinary talent to play Michael Jackson, as well as young Berry Gordy and Stevie Wonder. We are again looking for boys who have excellent singing and acting skills and of course, must also be able to move like Michael! I am excited to meet the next young cast members of 'Motown The Musical'.”

Motown The Musical
'Motown: The Musical' is a Broadway jukebox musical. the musical is based on the story of Gordy's founding and running of the Motown record label, and his personal and professional relationships with Motown artists such as Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson.

With music and lyrics from the Motown catalogue and book by Motown founder Berry Gordy, the production features a sixteen-piece orchestra playing 50 Motown tracks including 'Ain’t No Mountain High Enough', 'I’ll Be There', 'Dancing In The Street', 'Stop! In The Name Of Love', 'My Girl' and 'I Heard It through The Grapevine'. Charles Randolph-Wright’s production tells the story behind the classic hits, charting founder Berry Gordy's rise from featherweight boxer to heavyweight music mogul.

Open auditions will take place on Saturday 18 March 2017 at Hackney Empire, with registration between 9.30 – 10.30am. Auditions will commence from 10.15am and finish at 1pm.

Source: Official London Theatre / Billie Jean

Blanket JacksonHappy 15th Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II. 21-02-'10

Today it's Michael Jackson's youngest son "Blanket" his Birthday and he may blow out 15 candles.

It's the third child of famous pop-singer Michael Jackson. Born February 21, 2002, his mother is unknown to the public.

The youngest son still has pretty jet black locks, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II, has changed his name to Bigi, amid claims he was the subject of bullying after being affectionately nicknamed Blanket by his famous dad.

Paris Jackson has shared an adorable birthday tribute to Instagram to her younger brother Blanket on his 15th birthday. As of the time of writing, Paris and Blanket's older brother Prince, 20, has yet to publicly share a message to his brother.

Happy birthday, I love you.”

With Love,
Michael Jackson Fan Site Billie Jean

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Children Face £560m Tax Bill. 19-02-'17

Michael Jackson’s children could lose more than half their inheritance in a £560million legal battle with the US taxman.

The Internal Revenue Service, is demanding the cash in back taxes and penalties in a court case against the late King of Pop’s estate.

The verdict, expected in weeks, could plunge Prince, 20, Paris, 18, and Blanket, 14, into financial crisis for the first time since their father’s 2009 death from drugs, age 50.

Their inheritances are due to be paid in stages from the time each hits 21. Other family members, including the singer’s mother Katherine, 86, could also be affected.

Before he died, the 'Thriller' star was close to bankruptcy but his fortune is now worth at least £1billion.

The crux of the Federal Tax Court case is the value of Jackson’s name and image on everything from souvenirs to worldwide tours based on his life.

MJ Kids
Michael Jackson kids: Prince 20, Paris 18 and Blanket 14.

Soon after his death, executors John Branca and John McClain filed documents claiming the rights were worth just £1,680, claiming the star’s image was virtually worthless due to his drug use and other allegations.

IRS officials, however, say they were worth much more and that £347million is owed.

Penalties would raise the figure to £560million.

A Jackson family friend said that if the IRS wins it could “have a dramatic impact on a lot of lives”.

The case is being watched by lawyers acting for the estates of Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and country legend Merle Haggard.

Source: Express / Billie Jean

Tohme Tohme
Ex-manager Tohme Tohme takes the stand in tax trial.

Michael Jackson's Ex-Manager Takes The Stand In Tax Trial. 18-02-'17

Describing the relationship between Michael Jackson's estate and his ex-manager Tohme Tohme as adversarial is putting it mildly, and that tension was on full display Thursday (February 17) as he took the stand in a trial over the King of Pop's taxes.

Tohme, a former Colony Capital consultant, began working with Jackson in 2008 when he coordinated the buyout of a loan for Neverland Ranch. He says Jackson brought him on because of his relationship with Colony CEO Tom Barrack and, as a finder's fee of sorts, he was to receive 10 percent of the total value of the loan. At the time, he says he was receiving $20,000 a month in consulting fees from Colony -- plus a share of the deals he was involved in.

The $23 million loan buyout let Jackson avoid foreclosure on the ranch and sealed Tohme's position as the entertainer's manager. Since 2012 he's been involved in a contentious legal battle with Jackson's estate over his pay. (More on that later.)

He was called as a witness by the IRS, presumably, to show that Jackson had business suitors in the time leading up to his death despite allegations of child molestation. Specifically, he said there had been prospects of a "Moonwalker" shoe deal with Nike and a Broadway musical based on Jackson's songs.

Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman pulled no punches during his cross-examination of Tohme, making it quite clear his goal was to impeach him as a witness.

After going through the potential list of deals Tohme had mentioned and pointing out that none had come to fruition, Weitzman turned his attention to a series of documents that suggest Tohme was terminated in the spring of 2009. Tohme claims he worked with Jackson up until his death, but the estate has held that he was fired several months before that.

Jackson's ex-manager has been known to go by "Dr. Tohme," which led Weitzman to ask him about his resume. Did he attend medical school? No. Did he have a PhD in economics? No.

Weitzman then asked why Tohme had said during a deposition in a previous case, in which he was a witness, that he held those degrees.

"You tortured me in the media," Tohme said, claiming that the estate hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on him and that PI visited a woman he was briefly married to decades ago. "The reasons for these answers is I don't want you to know. I'm a very highly educated person. I speak many languages. I don't know what else to tell you."

The transcripts of that deposition were admitted to the record following an objection from the IRS, but only for the purposes of impeachment.

After a brief break so theater producer James Nederlander could take the stand to discuss the 'Thriller' play that never was before leaving town, Weitzman called Tohme back for round two.

Tohme discussed dumping painkillers, plans to buy the home of Prince Jefri of Brunei and convincing Jackson to move back to L.A. from Las Vegas.

Then Weitzman turned up the heat, asking Tohme about his replacement by Frank DiLeo. Tohme's exasperation was clear as he angrily asked, "Who's on trial here, me or the estate?"

It's worth noting here, impeachment came up so often during Tohme's questioning that during recess he asked someone in the hall what the term meant and why Weitzman kept saying it.

Eventually, Weitzman brought up the estate's pending litigation with Tohme. "Did you ultimately file a lawsuit against the estate?" he asked. "Yes," said Tohme. He then noted to Weitzman that he's been seeing him in court for several years and added coyly, "I like your company." U.S. Tax Court Judge Mark Holmes took full advantage of the lighter moment to quip, "You're under oath."

Chuckles echoed through the courtroom, as they would a few minutes later when Holmes had another burst of wit after Weitzman's final question.

Weitzman: Why do they call you Doctor?
Tohme: Why do they call me a doctor? You have to ask whoever calls me a doctor.
Weitzman: Is it in the same vein as Dr. J (Julius Erving) or Doc Holliday?
Holmes: Doc Holliday was a real doctor.
Weitzman: You don't have to answer.

Tohme decided to leave the matter "for another time" - which could likely be mere months from now during his own trial against the estate.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

New Leak - Michael Jackson 1993 Rare Private Singapore Tape. 17-02-'17

The full private Michael Jackson video tape from 1993 in Singapore has been bought by Michael Jackson fans in action and leaked. MJ loyal fans bid this video tape from auction and share with MJ fans all over the world.

This is Michael Jackson's personal home movies featuring Elizabeth Taylor at his hotel room in Singapore while he was on tour (also with her then husband Larry Fortensky), footage of Michael on his private jet, visiting a zoo and holding orangutans and more.

The Michael Jackson's personal home movies featuring Elizabeth Taylor were sold for $3,400.00 on Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 'Gotta Have Rock & Roll'.

Happy Watching!!!


Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

Yeardley SmithSimpsons Star Talks About Michael. 17-02-'17

Yeardley Smith, who pays Lisa Simpson on the long running hit TV show The Simpsons, has reminisced about the time Michael Jackson came to record for the episode 'Stark Raving Dad' in 1991.

Remembering what he looked like, the voice actress said:

“I remember he wore his fedora and he wore his high water pants and his white socks”.

She also spoke about how polite he was and how she was baffled that he turned his light off over his script, yet could still see.

Smith also recalled the moment Kipp Lennon came in to record the vocals for the song 'Lisa It’s Your Birthday', a track penned by Michael but due to contractual issues the King of Pop couldn’t sing himself. Lennon had to therefore imitate Michael right in front of the man himself.

Source: MJWN / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Mom Wants To Intervene In Lawsuit Against Singer’s Estate. 17-02-'17

Katherine Jackson
Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson’s mother is seeking a judge’s permission to intervene as a plaintiff in a lawsuit brought against her late son’s estate by four people who maintain they had interests in a company the singer created before his 2009 death.

Lawyers for the Jackson estate maintain the estate owns 100 percent of the Michael Jackson Co. because the singer was the sole owner when he was alive. However, in her court papers, 86-year-old Katherine Jackson agrees with the other claimants that she has a 10 percent interest in the entity. She says the executors, John Branca and John McClain, “failed to properly apprise her” of the proceedings.

“Mrs. Jackson has a right to intervene in this action to protect her 10 percent ownership interest in TMJC,” her lawyer, Ryan Baker, stated in papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. “Any resolution of this matter without Mrs. Jackson’s participation will impair her ability to protect her ownership interest in the TMJC.”

Baker further argued that the Jackson family matriarch was not able to try to become a plaintiff in the case earlier because she was only recently informed about the proceedings. Baker’s court papers do not identify who told his client about the case other than to state it was not the executors.

Attorneys for Qadree El-Amin, Broderick Morris, Raymone Bain and Adean King maintain that their clients collectively own about 15 percent of the company under a 3 a.m. deal Jackson made with them in a Tokyo hotel room on June 1, 2006.

The four claimants say it was Jackson’s idea to form the company and that he reserved 75 ownership for himself; 10 percent each to his mother and Bain, his general manager; and 1.68 percent each to El-Amin, Morris and King.

Judge Maria Stratton began hearing testimony in the claimants’ case during a non-jury, probate court trial that began in late 2015 and concluded with final arguments in mid-2016. She then took the case under submission and has not yet ruled on the estate’s claim that the Jackson estate owns 100 percent of the MJC.

The quartet’s lawsuit, which is pending in civil court, was put on hold pending the outcome of the probate court proceedings. The lawsuit was filed in May 2013 by El-Amin and Morris. Bain and King joined the case as plaintiffs later.

King worked at the time for Bain, who testified in a sworn declaration that she met Jackson through tennis star Serena Williams. El-Amin was the manager of the R&B vocal group Boyz II Men, and Morris was the chief operating officer of Positive Productions Inc., a Japan-based company that promoted concerts and other events in that country.

The four maintain they tried to help Jackson recharge his career through public appearances, performing on tour and making more music.

A hearing on Katherine Jackson’s intervention motion is scheduled for April 19. Her son died from an overdose death on June 25, 2009, at age 50.

Source: My News LA / Billie Jean

Original 'Dangerous' Album Cover Painting On Display In Malaga. 17-02-'17

The Original painting from Mark Ryden of the Michael Jackson’s 'Dangerous' album is currently on display at the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga in Spain!

The Exhibition includes various artistry from Mark Ryden as well as the so famous [for Michael Jackson fans] painting of the album cover!

The Exhibition has been running since December 16 and will end on March 5, 2017!

Dangerous Album Cover Painting
Artist Mark Ryden went all out on the symbolism for the album cover of Michael Jackson’s 1991 album, 'Dangerous'. The cover features Jackson peering from behind a circus-inspired foreground.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Guinness Heir’s Country Home, Michael Jackson Hideaway, For Sale. 16-02-'17

The Guinness family’s Irish country estate, Luggala, once used by Michael Jackson as a secret hideaway home, is now listed for around Thirty Million US Dollars.

The former hunting lodge which is snow-white in colour, manor is surrounded by 5,000 acres. Besides Michael, Mick Jagger, U2’s Bono and The Beatles have all stayed there.

The property hit international headlines when it emerged that Michael lived there for three months in 2006, but this information was only released after he’d left.

Part of Luggala’s charm is its secluded location, nestled in a cleft at the bottom of a glacial valley, 40km from Dublin. It is cloaked by dense woodland, lakes and silvery waterfalls, filled with deer and game. The current owner, Garech Browne, adds to the property’s allure.

Browne is the great-great-great grandson of iconic Irish stout maker Arthur Guinness but he also is the founder of Claddagh Records. Since 1960s, he has not only hosted famous artists but also poets and politicians. Now aged seventy-seven he has decided to put the estate up for sale. It is listed at a price of €28 million (US$30 million) through Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty.

Irish Hideaway
Part of the property’s charm is its secluded location, nestled in a cleft at the bottom of a glacial valley and surrounded by 5,000 acres of woodland.

Originally built in the 18th century, Luggala was acquired by Ernest Guinness in 1937 as a wedding present for his youngest daughter Oonagh, Garech Browne’s mother. The Gothic Revival, almost castle-like manor has three reception rooms, a drawing room, full office facilities and a formal dining room. There’s also the four-poster bed famously favoured by Michael throughout his stay.

The listing specifies seven bedrooms within the main house, four within a guest lodge and a further sixteen comprised within seven other lodges and cottages throughout the vast estate. Altogether, the accommodation within the estate extends to some 1,802-square-metres of space.

According to The Telegraph, Browne spent €6 million on restoring and renovating the grand home. It now includes a new library, stacked with 8,000 books and an indoor swimming pool. The Guinness heir has called for the state to buy the house to save it for heritage.

Source: Billionaire / Billie Jean

Riley Keough Opens Up About Former Stepfather Michael Jackson: 'I Loved Him'. 16-02-'17

Riley KeoughRiley Keough has nothing but good memories of the late Michael Jackson.

The 27-year-old actress talks about her personal connection to the King of Pop in a new interview with T Magazine, after her mother, 49-year-old Lisa Marie Presley, married Jackson in May 1994. Presley and Jackson split in 1996, after two years of marriage.

"I loved him," Keough says.

The American Honey star also recalls spending time at Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California.

"There were toys everywhere, animals everywhere, kids everywhere," she says. "It was like being at Disneyland all day."

Clearly, Keough -- who also spent a great deal of time at her grandfather Elvis Presley's iconic estate, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee -- had a pretty unconventional childhood.

"Looking back on it, I'm like, 'Wow, my upbringing was very intense,'" she acknowledges, adding that she had to be home-schooled due to her constant security detail.

As for her mother's other famous relationship -- her marriage to 53-year-old Nicolas Cage -- she has less than fond words. Presley and Cage married in 2002, but Cage filed for divorce just 108 days later.

"My mom's a tough b**ch," she says of the short-lived relationship.

Source: WKYC / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Has Now Been Certified 33-Times Platinum. 16-02-'17

Michael Jackson’s blockbuster album 'Thriller' just keeps on getting bigger. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has certified the set at 33-times platinum in the U.S., extending 'Thriller’s record as the highest certified album in history.

That means 'Thriller' -- released in December 1982 -- has earned 33 million equivalent album units in the U.S. That sum blends traditional album sales (one album sale equals one unit), tracks sold from an album (10 tracks sold equals one unit) and on-demand audio and/or video streams (1,500 streams equals one unit).

Thriller 33-Times Platinum
A plaque commemorating the milestone was presented at the home of Epic Records chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid over Grammy weekend, where Sony Music CEO Doug Morris, Columbia Records chairman and incoming Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer, Sony president, commercial group Richard Story, attorneys Karen Langford and John Branca toasted the certification.

The RIAA revamped its Gold & Platinum Awards Program on Feb. 1, 2016, growing from a pure album sales certification process to one that includes tracks and streams. That same day, Thriller’s certification was raised from 30 million to 32 million

'Thriller' continues to maintain its place as the highest-certified album ever, ahead of Eagles’ 'Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975', with 29 million. (It was last certified on Jan. 30, 2006.)

'Thriller' was released through Sony Music Entertainment’s Epic Records and spent 37 nonconsecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The mega-successful set was the first to generate a record seven top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including two No. 1s: 'Billie Jean' (No. 1 for seven weeks) and 'Beat It' (No. 1 for three weeks). In 2015, 'Thriller' was named the biggest album of all time by a male artist on the Billboard 200 chart, and the No. 3 title overall.

Simultaneous with 'Thriller’s raised certification, its follow-up, Bad, climbs to 10-times platinum (the RIAA’s Diamond award). Jackson is one of just 22 acts with more than one Diamond-certified album.

Representatives for Sony and Jackson’s estate say that Thriller has sold 105 million copies globally.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

'Smooth Criminal' And 'Dangerous' Figure Are Released. 15-02-'17

The dolls are released, the action of the doll market is out of control and in China are born quickly many brands trying to make their space in this market full of fierce competition. One such brand is just the King of Pop figures, a brand new 1/6 scale action doll dedicated to the King of Pop all time ... "Michael Jackson."

This models, scale 1/6, the sculpt is very similar to the Michael's face as the costume is a faithful reproduction of the original.


•Head sculpt with highly-emulation hair
•A bare body of approximately 31cm 1 set
•Hands: 4.5 pair
•Base plate: 1 set
•Sunglasses: 1 set
•Wireless headset: 1 set
•white hat: 1 set
•white suit: 1 piece
•white tie: 1 piece
•blue shirt: 1 piece
•white suspenders: 1 pair
•T-shirt: 1 piece
•Gold jacket: 1 piece
•Outwear: 1 piece
•Trousers: 1 pair
•Wrist band: 1 piece
•Metal waistband: 1 piece
•Metal belt: 3 piece
•Stockings: 1 pair
•shoe cover: 1 pair
•Leather shoes: 1 pair

Guide price: 200 €

MJ Doll
Michael Jackson 1/6 Figure by King Of Figure.

Order the doll here at Toys Heroes.

Source: Toys Heroes / Billie Jean

Magic In Motion: Michael Jackson Through Movies And Video Games Book Is Released. 15-02-'17

Magic In Motion: Michael Jackson Through Movies And Video Games Book CoverThe book called 'Magic In Motion: Michael Jackson through movies and video games' is released, written by Spanish Fan Toni Arias.

The book is retrospective of all the projects that Michael Jackson participated or rumored to through movies and video games. It is still unclear of the full content of the book but we will keep you posted.

Interesting in equal parts for moviegoers, gamers and admirers of the star, Magic on the move: Michael Jackson through film and video games immerses us in the history of pop in images, in dozens of unreached projects, in the chimera of the perfect script, and in the incursions into the pixel world of one of the most brilliant artists of the twentieth century.

The book will be full of pictures and stories and will be around 400 pages. The book will be in Spanish.

Publisher: ?
Author: Toni Arias
Pages: 400
Printed: Spain
Guide price: 18,95 €

Order the book here at Nafra Collection.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Jackson 5 MuralIndiana Arts Group Plans To Preserve Jackson 5 Mural. 14-02-'17

An Indiana group plans to preserve a mural depicting the Jackson 5 in Gary’s Miller Beach neighborhood.

The (Northwest Indiana) Times reports (http://bit.ly/2lDUjHo) Felix “Flex” Maldanado painted the mural of the pop stars and Gary natives two years ago at the Lake Effekt graffiti expo.

The mural is on a billboard in front of a burned-down building and its paint is fading. Meg Roman of Miller Beach Arts and Creative District says her group plans to preserve the popular landmark. The original artist will touch up the work.

The arts group sponsors the graffiti expo, a daylong fair where spectators can watch artists create their work. The graffiti expo is planned for June 17 this year. The group also holds a sandcastle festival in July.

Source: Miami Herald / Billie Jean

'Thriller Live' Has Audience Moonwalking In The Aisle At Norwich Theatre Royal. 14-02-'17

It was a music career which spanned 45 years and for audiences in Norwich, Michael Jackson’s legacy continued to wow the crowds at 'Thriller Live'.

It is the third time the show has graced Norwich Theatre Royal’s stage, having previously entertained audiences in 2008 and 2014, and in keeping with tradition it did not disappoint.

Since it first opened up in London’s West End in 2009, 'Thriller Live' has clocked up more than 5,100 performances in 32 countries and has performed to an audience of more than four million.

And it’s not difficult to see why it’s been such a success.

This two-hour marathon of non-stop pop, rock, soul and disco hits had everyone at last night’s show cheering at the numerous trademark crotch grabs, pelvic thrusts, and impressive break dancing from the cast.

The innovative and nostalgic choreography was executed with such flair and professionalism that even Jackson himself could not have resisted joining in with the well-deserved standing ovation.

Thriller Live
'Thriller Live' celebrating the music of The Jackson 5 and the solo work of Michael Jackson. The show was conceived by Jackson family friend and author, Adrian Grant.

Victoria Pasion, with her strong vocals, took the audience through many of Jackson’s early hits including those from the Jackson 5. While lead vocalists Shaquille Maurice Hemmans and Rory Taylor had the audience sitting on their edge of their seats with classics including 'Remember The Time' and 'She’s Out Of My Life'. And resident director and lead vocalist Britt Quentin pulled at the heart strings with his similar but original take on MJ’s look and sound.

Finally Sean Christopher created the illusion of watching the King of Pop himself. From the anti-gravity lean to an electrifying rendition of Thriller, the excitement and enjoyment just kept coming.

Highlights also included 'Blame It On The Boogie', 'Dirty Diana', 'They Don’t Care About Us', 'Billie Jean', and the uplifting 'Black Or White'. Ultimately the performance left the audience not only feeling as if they’d had an awesome night out, but also inspired and hopeful by the entertaining way Jackson’s messages were conveyed.

One thing’s for sure, if you haven’t got yourself a ticket yet you really must; 'Thriller Live' - you just can’t Beat It.

'Thriller Lives' runs at Norwich Theatre Royal until this Saturday, February 18. Here are the tickets.

Source: Fakenham Times / Billie Jean

Prince JacksonBirthday Of Prince Michael Junior. 13-02-'17

Prince Michael Junior, today it's Michael Jackson's oldest son his Birthday and he may blow out 20 candles. On Thursday February 13th, 1997 Prince Michael Junior has been born in Los Angeles.

You’ve grown into a fine young man who is making your dad proud as he watches you grow from Heaven. He is still struggling with the death of his father, Michael Jackson.

Over the years, Prince coped by taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a grief class in college.

Paris’ Instagram post was accompanied by a touching caption for her big brother.

“The coolest big brother ever and my bestest friend in the whole wide world is 20 today and I honestly can't believe how fast the time has gone by,” Paris wrote. “Thank you gooko for always supporting me and encouraging me to be myself. There's no one like you, you're my rock. happy birthday, I love you.”

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