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The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Estate Cancels Chicago Musical Run. 14-02-'19

The Michael Jackson estate, facing questions prompted by a new documentary detailing abuse allegations against the singer, announced Thursday that it was canceling a planned Chicago tryout of a new jukebox musical about him.

The estate and its producing partner, Columbia Live Stage, said that they would instead aim to bring the musical straight to Broadway in the summer of 2020.

The reason for the change in plans, the producers said in a statement, was not the documentary but “scheduling difficulties” caused by a labor dispute. A five-week job action by Actors’ Equity, which was resolved last week, delayed a planned developmental lab for the show, and the producers decided they needed more time before staging the full show.

The musical, called 'Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough', has a highly credentialed creative team. The book is by Lynn Nottage, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning playwright with a history of deeply researching the subject matters she writes about, and the director and choreographer is Christopher Wheeldon, a prominent English artist who won a Tony Award for choreographing a stage adaptation of “An American in Paris.”

The show was announced eight months ago. It has already had at least one developmental lab to test out the material, and on Thursday the producers said they would schedule another workshop session in New York City this fall.

The cancellation of the Chicago premiere comes three weeks after the two-part documentary, 'Leaving Neverland', was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and two weeks before it is scheduled to debut on HBO.

The film, directed and produced by Dan Reed, details allegations by two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who say they were abused by Jackson when they were young. Both men had supported Jackson during a 2005 molestation trial, denying that he molested them, but then sued his estate after he died; the estate has denounced the film.

The show’s publicists have said that the musical will focus on the period of time leading up to Jackson’s Dangerous World Tour which began in 1992. The next year, Jackson unexpectedly stopped touring, citing an addiction to painkillers that he blamed on what he said was a false abuse allegation. It is not clear how the estate’s involvement will affect whether the musical will address that chapter of his life or other complex and controversial aspects of Jackson’s storied career.

The musical is unrelated to other stage productions featuring Jackson’s song catalog, including Cirque du Soleil’s 'One', running in Las Vegas, and 'Thriller Live', running in London and on tour in Europe.

Source: New York Times / Billie Jean

Dangerous Flying SuitMichael Jackson’s Dangerous Flying Suit Is Sold. 14-02-'19

Lot 41 (Out of the Ordinary, 12th February 2019)

MICHAEL JACKSON, a Michael Jackson stage outfit from the 'Dangerous' Tour, 1992-1993, a labelled ...

A Michael Jackson stage outfit from the Dangerous Tour, 1992-1993, a labelled Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush jumpsuit, a helmet, a pair of gloves and Reebok trainers is sold for £16,000.

Bought at a 'Gala Celebrity Night of Fashion' held at the, Park Lane Hotel on 12 December 1994 in aid of 'The Children's Village' rehabilitation centre.

This was bought by David and Anna Yallop. Michael Jackson personally donated this to the charity along with other celebrities, fashion designers and, artists, including Marlon Brando, Angelica Houston, Tony Curtis, Issy Miyake, Calvin Klein and Christian Lacroix.

The Dangerous Tour ran from June 1992 to December 1993 and was sponsored by Pepsi-Cola. The tour was originally scheduled to run into Christmas of 1993, but was cancelled due to the illness and stress Jackson suffered following the allegations towards him.

In the performance, Michael Jackson changes on stage, then reappears with, a jetpack attached to his back and proceeds to fly out of the arena - the illusion was complete, but he had swapped with a stunt double.

Sold with a letter confirming the authenticity from Caroline Kennedy, chairman and main organiser of the, 'Gala Celebrity Night of Fashion'.

Source: Sworders / Billie Jean

A New Collection Of 8 Michael Jackson Pins Are Release. 13-02-'19

The website of the London-based company Secret Dreamers Society offers 8 Michael Jackson pins for sale.

10% of the proceeds from the sale of these pins will be collected for the financing of Taj Jackson's documentary and 100% of proceeds from the sale of the "Innocent" pins will be donated. You can also make an extra donation when you purchase from Heal The World For Children Spain.

The 8 pins of Michael Jackson are: Always Believe in Magic, Scarecrow, Are you Scared Yet?, I am Peter Pan, Create Your History, INNOCENT (pre-order), You Are Who You Choose To Be and Bad.

MJ PinsWhen you wear this pins, Michael is always with you.

•Hard Enamel
•Black Nickel Platting
•1.99" height
•Secret Dreamers Society logo back stamp
•2 silver metal clutches
•Our backing card is a small tribute painting

Publisher: Secret Dreamers Society
Printed: UK
Guide price: 10 € for each pin

Order the 8 pins here at Secret Dreamers Society.

Source: Secret Dreamers Society / Billie Jean

The BE@RBRICK × Michael Jackson Are Released In Japan. 13-02-'19

The BE@RBRICK x Michael Jackson are released in Japan. The little (or bigger) bear toys are all over with different designs and a fashion collectible toy.

Bearbrick (rendered Be@rbrick) is a collectible toy designed and produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy. The name is derived from the fact that the figure is a cartoon-style representation of a bear and that it is a variation of Medicom's Kubrick design. The at sign in the place of the letter a is a visual device that is a part of the Bearbrick brand, and as such, a trademark of Medicom Toy.

So it is no surprised that the bear will get a Michael Jackson revamp!

OK! It’s weird and not very pretty! But weirdly enough, it is Official! 2 models have been made! 'Michael Jackson Thriller' and 'Michael Jackson Zombie Thriller'! Both models comes in different sizes and the price varies between £90 and £362!

You can get the 70mm/280mm ones or 700mm ones!

Unfortunately (or thankfully) those are only available in Japan for a limited time (from today to beginning of February) and shipping starts in July!

Bear ToysBE@RBRICK × Michael Jackson from Japan of course.

Michael Jackson TM;
Rights of the Publicity and Persona Rights:
Triumph International, Inc.
(C) 2019 Triumph International, Inc.
Licensing Representative:
Authentic Brands Group, LLC
BE@RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2019
MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

Order here the Bear Toy here at Bearbrick.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Prince JacksonBirthday Of Prince Michael Junior. 13-02-'19

Prince Michael Junior, today it's Michael Jackson's oldest son his Birthday and he may blow out 22 candles.

On Thursday February 13th, 1997 Prince Michael Junior has been born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

He was named after Michael's grandfather and great-grandfather, who were both called Prince.

We hope your special day is filled with love and laughter. We love you!

With Love,
Michael Jackson Fan Site Billie Jean

Source: Billie Jean

MJ Wax Statue DenmarkMichael Jackson Wax Work Back In The Danish Mall. 12-02-'19

After yesterday (February 11) outrage of Rødovre Centrum mall center in Denmak removing a wax statue of Michael Jackson due to the 'Leaving Neverland' documentary (and after a call from the press…), the fans have gone after the shopping center and their ethic!

And the fans have won this battle! Michael Jackson is back in the exhibition!

Here the full statement:

“The wax statue of Michael Jackson will be part of the vinterudstillingen in rødovre center.

The Rødovre Centre has found that it was an incorrect decision to remove the Michael Jackson wax work from the exhibition of figures of known idols set up by the centre in the wine sector.

Adm. Director Jesper Andreasen believes that it was an expression of unnecessary cautiousness when it was decided to remove the Michael Jackson figure, and he has therefore decided to reinstate the figure in the collection.

” it’s no shame to think about an extra time, and that’s what we’ve done. There are many and very different opinions about Michael Jackson, who were never known guilty of any of the accusations that were directed against him. That is why it was an overreaction to bow him in the exhibition – which is why we are making the decision on,” says jesper andreasen.

The Michael Jackson wax work can be seen at the mall from tomorrow d. 13/2 a.m. 10.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Niece Brandi Jackson Reveals 7 Year Relationship With King of Pop’s Accuser: “He’s Not A Victim. He’s An Opportunist”. 12-02-'19

Brandi Jackson is one of two children whose father is Jackie Jackson, a member of the Jackson 5 and Michael’s brother.

On Twitter today Brandi revealed that she once had a seven year relationship with Wade Robson, who now accuses Michael of molesting him during his childhood.

She wrote: “Wade: You constantly talked about wanting to be “relevant”. You’ve burned so many bridges that now the only time you are #relevant is when you headline with my family’s name next to yours. It’s time to stop these lies and live your own life.

“I found out Wade cheated on me with multiple woman who he hoped would advance his career. You might know one of them, because it was a huge pop music scandal. Wade is not a victim, he’s an #Opportunist,” she wrote.

Brandi continued: “Wade and I were together for over 7 years, but I bet that isn’t in his “documentary” because it would ruin his timeline. And did I mention, it was my uncle, #MichaelJackson, who set us up? Wade is not a victim, #WadeRobsonIsaLiar”.

Brandi finished with: “I pray he comes at me for these #truths cause I will happily put him in his place.”

She also posted a picture of her and Wade with Michael when they were children.

LA Gear Photoshoot (07-1990)Michael Jackson's 'LA Gear' campaign began to circulate in magazines in July 1990. His eight year old niece, Brandi, daughter of older brother Jackie, was featured in the promotion and appears in the TV ads.

The impetus for this is the airing on March 3rd and 4th of ''Leaving Neverland', in which Robson makes his claims. I don’t know how to reach Brandi. But she can email me at showbiz411@gmail.com. We’d love to hear the whole story.

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

MJ Wax Statue DenmarkMichael Jackson Wax Statue Removed By Danish Mall. 11-02-'19

Denmark's oldest shopping mall has removed a wax statue of Michael Jackson out of fears it could offend customers and may be vandalized because of accusations that the late pop star molested boys.

Charlotte Andersen, marketing manager for the Roedovre Centrum mall in suburban Copenhagen, told Denmark’s TV2 broadcaster that they had received about 15 complaints about the Jackson statue, mostly from families with children.

The mall had announced an exhibition with wax statues of major stars, including Marilyn Monroe and Julia Roberts, to coincide with Danish schools’ weeklong winter holiday that started Monday.

Michael Jackson’s statue was replaced with one of Brad Pitt.

The roughly 810,000-square-foot mall was the first to open in Denmark in 1966.

Source: NBC News / Billie Jean

Quincy Jones To Celebrate The Iconic Albums He Created With Michael Jackson With Orchestral Show At The O2 Arena. 11-02-'19

Quincy Jones ConcertA one-off orchestral performance of three iconic Michael Jackson albums has been announced, with the concert to be presented by legendary producer behind the records, Quincy Jones.

'Off The Wall', 'Bad' and 'Thriller' will be performed back-to-back by the Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Quincy himself, and Jules Buckley. Buckley was recently behind the recent hit Classic House albums with Pete Tong.

The show takes place on Sunday June 23, just two days before the 10th anniversary of Michael's death, and will be held at London's O2 Arena - the venue he was set to perform his 50-date residency 'This Is It'. Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, just weeks before his final live shows were set to begin.

Special guest vocalists still to be announced will take part in the show, with the event also featuring never-before-seen videos about the making of each album. 'Off The Wall' peaked at Number 3 in the UK, while 'Thriller' and 'Bad' both topped the Official Albums Chart. View Michael Jackson's complete UK chart history.

Jones commented: "It’s an absolute dream to present this music live, so I hope you’ll come join me for a hang-thang! It’s time to rock wit y’awl!"

O2 Priority pre-sale opens on Wednesday February 13 at 9am, while a Ticketmaster pre-sale begins on Thursday February 14 at the same time. General tickets go on sale Friday February 15 at 9am.

Source: Official Charts / Billie Jean

Casey Bloys
HBO programming president Casey Bloys.

HBO Boss Stands By 'Leaving Neverland'. 09-02-'19

Despite the amazing 10 pages long letter to HBO’s CEO, Richard Plepler from the Estate of Michael Jackson’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, HBO programming president Casey Bloys has confirmed 'Leaving Neverland' documentary will still go ahead!

To an interview given to Hollywood Reporter, here what HBO has to say in response of the Estate’s letter:

You’ve set a premiere date for 'Leaving Neverland'. Given the Jackson estate’s comments that it’s “a tabloid character assassination,” do you have any trepidation about airing it?

Not at all. All I would ask is that anybody writing or thinking about it would watch it and reserve judgment until they see it. It’s a very powerful documentary.

Are you prepared for potential backlash — or legal action — from the estate?

We have] no plans to not air it.

After the Sundance screening and the estate’s comments, was there a conversation with HBO CEO Richard Plepler or AT&T CEO John Stankey about sticking with the controversial doc?

No. Let’s be clear: What controversy? There were two protesters at Sundance. Reserve judgment and watch it and decide for yourself.

And if the protests grow louder?

We’re standing by it. It’s very, very powerful.

Will you meet with the Jackson Estate given their newly released 10-page letter and claims that it ignores journalistic ethics?

No. The letter doesn’t change anything. The show is airing. It’s not changing because of the letter and I ask that everybody watch it and decide for themselves. It’s a very, very powerful documentary and I think once they see it, they’ll understand.

So, you have no interest in taking a meeting with the Jackson Estate?

No. There are no plans to take a meeting. We are airing the documentary and the letter is not going to change that.

MJVibe is really disappointed by HBO’s reaction and actions despite all the evidence given that the two men are liars and plead all fans, family and friends to ban/boycott not only HBO but also Channel 4, NPO3, CanvasTV and VPRO.

For more information on how to battle this full of lies so called “Documentary, Check out our article “It’s time to fight Back“

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Jackson Estate Calls 'Leaving Neverland' “Sensationalist” In Letter To HBO. 08-02-'19

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson

The estate counsel denounces the film in a 10-page document sent to HBO CEO Richard Plepler.

Earlier today (February 8), HBO revealed the dates the network will air 'Leaving Neverland': March 3 and 4. The two-part documentary, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, follows two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck (now in their thirties), who say they were sexually abused in the 1990's by Michael Jackson. Now, Michael Jackson’s Estate has penned a letter to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, denouncing the film and its director Dan Reed.

The 10-page document refers to 'Leaving Neverland' as a “one-sided, sensationalist program.” The letter states that the Michael Jackson Estate was never contacted by Reed or anyone else associated with the film “to provide the Estate’s views on, and responses to, the absolutely false claims that are the subject matter of the program.” The Estate also claims that “no one else who might offer evidence to contradict the program’s premise was consulted either, as Dan Reed has publicly admitted.”

The letter claims that HBO and Dan Reed were selective in the selection of their interview subjects—choosing “not to interview anyone who would detract from their story” such as the Jackson family, people who worked with Jackson during the time period on which the film focuses, friends of Jackson, and several others.

The Estate goes on to refer to the documentary as “disgraceful,” and states that they would be “happy to meet with HBO to discuss a solution.” Read the full letter here via Deadline.

In a statement to Pitchfork, HBO said:

“Our plans remain unchanged. The two-part documentary, 'Leaving Neverland', will air as scheduled on Sunday, March 3rd and Monday, March 4th. Dan Reed is an award-winning filmmaker who has carefully documented these survivors’ accounts. People should reserve judgment until they see the film.”

'Leaving Neverland' has been criticized by the Jackson Estate in the past. Just days after it debuted at Sundance, the Estate issued a statement condemning the documentary and referring to the alleged victims as “perjurers.” Filmmaker Dan Reed later responded to the criticism, claiming that the statements from Jackson’s estate and family were “not consistent with having watched the movie.”

Source: Pitch Fork / Billie Jean

HBO Said To Be Reconsidering Showing Controversial Michael Jackson Documentary After Estate Complains. 08-02-'19

Leaving Neverland'Leaving Neverland' may not be ready for prime time, after all.

I’m hearing that Dan Reed’s controversial documentary that portrays Michael Jackson as a pedophile may not show up on HBO’s schedule as planned.

Apparently Jackson’s estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, according to sources, has sent HBO very tough communications about the downside of libeling the King of Pop even in death.

The documentary is incredibly one-sided according to those who saw it at Sundance. It gives only specious claims by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, includes no defense of Jackson or any kind of counterbalance.

HBO’s documentary division is so well respected that I’m told Weitzman’s criticisms, as well those voiced in other places including this column, may wind up killing the doc’s presentation.

No one would accuse HBO of caving in, but rather having a thoughtful re-evaluation of the material at hand. Robson and Safechuck could not find a court of law to help them. An unbalanced documentary would cause damage to Jackson’s reputation that the Estate would have to spend a lifetime correcting.

Also, there may be interference from HBO’s new owner, AT&T. They may not be so keen to see lots of bad press from claims that can’t be backed up. So far the only endorsements the doc is getting are from completely discredited former Neverland employees who were also bounced out of court in the 90's after selling their stories to the tabloids.

I saw revived claims yesterday from Adrian McManus, one of the infamous former Neverlanders who thought they could cash in after Jackson’s payoff to Jordan Chandler was revealed in the 90s. They are, like the stories made up by other staff who were kicked out at that time, ridiculous. Some of them testified against Jackson in 2005, and they were completely unbelievable. If HBO is going to rely on that gang, they should definitely reconsider.

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

ESC Distribution Will Soon Include The Film 'Ben' In Its Collection. 07-02-'19

Ben Blu-ray CoverESC Editions & Distribution is a French publisher and distributor of DVD and Blu-Ray with more than 800 titles.

On his facebook page, this publisher has just published an information according to which the 2 films 'Willard' and 'Ben' will soon integrate their collection entitled "The treasures of the fantastic".

This collection offers an original selection of titles "Fantastic" in its broadest sense: Thriller supernatural, science fiction, horror, horror / gore ... Curiosities, rarities or cult movies and these titles are all unpublished on Blu-ray in France.

If 'Ben's Blu-ray with the flagship title of Michael Jackson's solo career at Motown has already been released in Blu-ray in the US May 16, 2017, it has never been released in France. For the record, be aware that the last exploits of this film were made from the best copy of existing archive because it seems that nobody could get their hands on the original.

No release date has been announced yet, so this information is to follow.

Look here for the 'Ben' Blu-ray at ESC Distribution.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

San Antonio Artists Join YOSA To Revisit Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' In A Brand New Way. 07-02-'19

On March 11, the San Antonio Youth Orchestra will pay tribute to one of the greatest albums of all-time, Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller'.

Led by Troy Peters, music director of the San Antonio Youth Orchestra (YOSA), the album will be brought to life with lots of local help. Peters has reached out to singers and bands in the city to join his orchestra on stage and pay homage to various songs from the album.

Peters said only the most skilled youth from all over the San Antonio are able to join the orchestra.

“We select the best players from the city,” Peters said. “Every June, we host open auditions for young players that are under the age of 21. Around 700 kids will audition, but only 550 are selected. Those who are not selected are given professional advice about what to work harder on.”

Yosa Thriller LiveSan Antonio artists join YOSA to revisit Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' in a brand new way.

YOSA was established in 1949 by G. Lewis Doll, the music director of the San Antonio Independent School District at the time. Once known as the Greater San Antonio Youth Symphony Orchestras (GSAYSO) the organization opened beginning strings education centers in underserved areas around San Antonio. That became the foundation for YOSA’s free beginning music education program, now know as YOSA MÁS: Music After School.

“The program has grown in the last 10 years,” Peters said. “There are nine levels, ranging from elementary to the most advanced high school players.”

The event is part of the Classic Albums Live series, which got its start in 2015.

“This is our fifth event,” Peters said. “The first year we covered Radiohead’s OK Computer. It was quite the hit. Since then, the shows have brought in much larger audiences each year. It’s an exciting experience to work with and highlight local San Antonio musicians in celebration of legendary music.”

100 Auditorium Circle
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 223-8624

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Rare Interview With Michael Jackson And George Harrison Discovered. 07-02-'19

Michael in the studio BBC Radio 1 (09-02-1979)A rare recording of an interview with Michael Jackson and George Harrison has been discovered and restored.

The musicians appeared on BBC Radio 1 on February 9th, 1979 to review new releases from the likes of Foreigner, Nicolette Larson, and The Blues Brothers, and to share some of the stories behind their own songs.

The recording was discarded at the time, with only a short clip kept by the BBC. However, another recording of it has been found and restored, with snippets of it due to be broadcast this weekend.

When George Met Michael will find Jackson explaining how Motown refused to let him write his own songs and Harrison talking about being in the songwriting shadow of his bandmates John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Presenter David “Kid” Jensen said both musicians were “lovely guys to talk to”. “We knew we had a good show on our hands just by the general vibe in the studio before the mics went live,” he told the BBC. “It was like Juke Box Jury – people judging their peers. In the case of the Beatles and Michael Jackson, of course, it’s not quite their peers but certainly [people] in the same line of business.”

Only low-quality bootleg recordings have been available until now after a producer at BBC Radio Solent asked around collectors’ circles and was presented with a tape recording of the full show. The special programme will be aired on Saturday (February 9) to mark the 40th anniversary of the original broadcast.

Source: NME / Billie Jean

Mark Lester Brands New Documentary 'Leaving Neverland' "Disgusting". 06-02-'19

Mark LesterMark Lester, a lifelong friend of Michael Jackson, has called a new documentary about the singer "disgusting".

Lester was a child actor who most famously played the role of Oliver Twist in the 1968 film Oliver! and since became close with the King of Pop.

The documentary, 'Leaving Neverland', alleges that Jackson was a predatory sex offender and features interviews with two alleged victims of the popstar who said they were children when he groomed and molested them.

When the documentary was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival it attracted a small group of protesters.

Jackson’s estate criticised the documentary, issuing a statement, saying: "This is yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson."

Lester appeared on The Ryan Tubridy Show on RTÉ Radio 1 today defending Jackson, saying he has never believed any allegations against the singer.

"I don't believe any of it," Lester said. "I don't even know why it was made. I think it's disgusting.

"From what I gather the depth of the information is not in the public interest. I think it's revolting. I will not be watching it. I have no intention of watching it.

"It's sensationalist stuff. I don't understand why the Jackson trust, or whatever they are called, hasn't put an injunction out and stopped it. It's horrendous."

Source: Breaking News / Billie Jean

I AM KINGMichael Jackson To Get Musical Tribute In India In March. 02-02-'19

The Michael Jackson Experience is as close as you will get to seeing the King of Pop live in concert on March 30!

Featuring Michael Jackson tribute artists who can sing LIVE while mastering the intense dancing that Jackson was so famous for, 'I AM KING' takes the audience on a musical and visual journey into the world of the King of Pop.

The creators of 'I AM KING' have put together an incredible cast of talented musicians and Broadway and Las Vegas dancers to bring Jackson to life in an explosion of unmatched energetic perfection.

Source: Atwood Concert Hall / Billie Jean

Remembering A King Book Cover'Remembering A King' Book Will Be Released In October. 01-02-'19

Euphonious Poet has completed his book 'Remembering A King': a compilation of biographical poems written in tribute to “The King of Pop.” The book will be released on October 8th, 2019.

How can one describe something such of greatness as this book? Awe-inspiring, captivating, amazing, and insightful are just a few works to describe how I felt while writing this book. I hope you will feel the same way and more. Upon reading this book, I promise you your life will never be the same. Your thoughts, truths, and what you believed or heard to be true about Michael will be confirmed or made false. You will come to know the true person of who Michael was and always will be. Remembering a King is a collection of his last words and insights into his life from his perspective and his point of view. Those choice words are spoken directly from his heart. I am just the vessel chosen to be bestowed with the honor of carrying the torch of his truths. Here lies his truths, spoken truly from the heart of Michael Joseph Jackson, concerning his life and ultimately his death. Read with an open heart and an open mind. Allow his words to speak to you and wrap you in his love. You are what made his Never, Never Land of imagination into a reality. He lived before us. Keep his legacy and his wishes alive. Keep his dreams and music too.

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Author: Euphonious Poet
Pages: 110
ISBN: 978-1643501383
Printed: ?
Guide price: 12 €

Pre-order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

MJ and BubblesMichael Jackson Accused Of Assaulting Bubbles The Chimp. 01-02-'19

Michael Jackson has been accused of assaulting his pet chimpanzee Bubbles by one of the world’s most foremost primatologists.

Dame Jame Goodall says she believes that the animal was punched in the face and kicked in the stomach while living with the pop icon at his Neverland Ranch.

Jackson famously adopted the unlikely pet from an animal trainer in the late 1980's, before it became a frequent companion that travelled with him across the globe.

Despite appearing to live a life of pampered luxury, Goodall claims that Bubbles was frequently attacked and that Jackson lost his temper when she personally presented the theory to him.

“I went to see him and we talked about Bubbles. I ticked him off,” she previously told TMZ.

“Bubbles is still alive and he’s beautiful. But when he was with Michael he was being beaten.”

While Goodall didn’t specifically claim that Jackson was responsible for the apparent abuse, others claimed to have witnessed the attack first hand. Jack Gordon, the ex-husband of LaToya Jackson, claims that he personally witnessed the star attacking the chimp.

“I saw Michael punch Bubbles in the face, kick him in the stomach,” claimed Gordon.

Bubbles, who is now 35-years-old, now lives at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida after Jackson gave him away in the mid 1990's.

The latest controversy to face the star comes only a week after the premiere of 'Leaving Neverland'. The documentary features extensive testimonies from Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who both allege that they were sexually abused by the singer as children.

Jackson’s family have dismissed both of the claims.

Source: NME / Billie Jean

Street Graffiti Artist Leaves Michael Jackson On The Wall. 01-02-'19

Oh and this is not in Paris! But in Germany in the little town of Gasthof Zur Sonne in Hausen.

A fantastic Michael Jackson from the 'Billie Jean' music video was painted on a wall and some of the pavements were painted to represent the lighting floor under Michael’s feet when he dances.

Pretty cool and beautiful! A great tribute to the King of Pop!

The artist, Jamie Paul Scanlon from the UK was already known by the fans for leaving a smooth criminal Michael Jackson on a rock in 2013!

Jamie Paul Scanlon GrafittiStreet graffiti artist Jamie Paul Scanlon leaves Michael Jackson on the wall.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

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