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Smooth Icons 2020Smooth Icons Top 100: The Winner Is Michael Jackson. 31-08-'20

As per our article few weeks ago, Radio station Smooth in the UK always do their top 100 Icons voted by their listeners.

Last year, the top Icon was George Michael. Michael Jackson came at #6.

This year, #10 is the Beatles. #9 is Prince. #8 is Elton John. #7 is Elvis Presley. #6 is Bee Gees. #5 is ABBA. #4 is Whitney Houston. #3 is Queen. #2 is George Michael and NUMBER ONE … is Michael Jackson!

To celebrate Michael being at the top, Smooth played 'Man In The Mirror' and 'Billie Jean'.

Source: Smooth Radio / Billie Jean

MTV Video Vanguard AwardThe Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award Is Gone. 31-08-'20

If you recall, last year VMA (Video Music Awards) dropped Michael Jackson name from 'Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award' following 'Leaving Neverland' and the channel got a lot of back lash from it.

Well, in this year VMA which was clearly pre-recorded and winners were clearly decided before hand (like that they could perform on stage with no crowd) MTV and VMA completely changed the award to MTV Tricon Award which Gaga won last night!

It seems that MTV, who would have been nothing without the breakthrough of Michael Jackson's videos, has decided to completely detached themselves from Michael Jackson based on false accusations.

With the change of the music industry and the less importance in the music video as a support marketing tool to promote music, is this anyway a sign of the end of MTV and VMA? Is dropping Michael Jackson’s name from the award will mark the end of the channel and its purpose?

In a way, we hope so. MTV is part of a glorious past for the music industry but the relevance of music video is just secondary in a world of streaming and consuming music like no tomorrow. Artists are making music at a rapid pace to stay relevant in a world where young music lovers are easily bored and always in a search for the next best thing.

While Michael Jackson's short films were made with care and love for the art, they will stand the passing of time and stay in the history books. The future of MTV is less glamorous.

So do we need to be infuriated by MTV's move to remove Michael Jackson's name? Maybe not! Michael Jackson made MTV what it was, in its whole glory. MTV is no longer that! MTV tries to stay relevant and try to be as politically correct in a world dominated by a "me too" movement that has been corrupted by many false allegations in a monetary gain. MTV is no longer taking risks or recognizing artists that are taking those risks. MTV is now a follower of trends. MTV is no longer making trends. Like many award shows, the winners are no longer recognized for their talent but more for their popularity or how big the cheque was for their contribution to the award show. So do we really want Michael Jackson's name to be attached to a fake, decadent and corrupted institution? I leave that to your own judgement but I made mine and the answer is hell to the no.

So thank you MTV for all your good work back in the days but today is the day I am saying goodbye to MTV and the VMAs. The lead of that coffin is closing slowly.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Video: 'They Don't Care About Us' 2020. 29-08-'20

Spike Lee just released with the Michael Jackson Estate a new cut of the short film 'They Don't Care About Us'.

The new video mixes both versions 'Prison' and 'Brazil' together with few unseen footage of Michael and additional footage from around the world about "Black Lives Matter" movement.


After the premiere during the Spike Lee's Brooklyn "loves" MJ Block Party, Lee schooled the world on the conditions that most colored people are getting from the systems and told that 'They Don't Care About Us' was a protest song created in the 90s and still relevant today! It has become an anthem for the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

He also told the world "If anybody thinks that Michael Jackson is no black people, crack is wack."

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Siblings Mark His 62ND Birthday: 'Miss You Big Bro', Sister Janet Says. 29-08-'20

Michael Jackson's siblings are paying tribute to their late brother on what would have been his 62nd birthday.

On Saturday, the singer's sisters Janet Jackson and LaToya Jackson, and brother Tito Jackson, celebrated the 'Thriller' artist's birthday on social media.

Janet, 54, honored her big brother with a sweet message. "I miss u big bro," the singer wrote over a blue background on Instagram, adding a kiss emoji.

LaToya, 64, shared a photo of Michael from early in his career. "A Big Happy Birthday To The Greatest Entertainer Of All Times," she wrote, adding several hashtags about her brother and the phrases, "King of Pop", "MJ4EVER", "RIPMJ", "Positive Vibes Only", and "Sending Love And Light", in the caption.

Tito honored brother Michael with a throwback family photo on Instagram. In the colorful photo, Michael is front and center and holding the balloons.

"Happy birthday, MJ!✌🏾🎁🎉🤗🙏🏾"�🧁🎈🍰 👑," Tito wrote.

"Happy birthday old man ♥️," Paris wrote on Instagram Saturday.

Source: People / Billie Jean

They Don't Care About Us 2020'They Don't Care About Us' 2020. 29-08-'20

The Michael Jackson Estate and Spike just announced they have worked on a new version of the short Film 'They Don't Care About Us' to be premiered at Spike Lee's Michael Jackson virtual Birthday Bash!

As you may know, based on our previous announcement, Spike Lee will be hosting his annual Brooklyn Loves MJ b-day party virtually this year. As we hope to shed some light in all this darkness, the Estate wanted to share with MJ Fans some additional news before everyone else finds out!

During the party, Spike will be premiering his new cut of 'They Don’t Care About Us' which has been titled 'They Don't Care About Us (2020)', which reflects what is currently going on in the world. Spike has combined existing footage from both the Brazil and Prison versions of the short film that he originally directed with footage from current events to create a short film that emphasizes the relevance of this anthem today. It will premiere during the live stream (at about 2 pm ET)! Afterwards, the short film will be available for everyone to see on Michael's YouTube channel.

Michael’s music brings people together in even the toughest times, and this live stream will be another way to connect with other fans during this time!

Source: Billie Jean

China Celebrates Michael Jackson's Birthday Unveiling Statues. 29-08-'20

Across China, the fans from MJJCN are paying tributes to the 'King of Pop' by revealing 10 statues of Michael Jackson to celebrate what would have been his 62nd Birthday.

As we reported last month, MJJCN has created 10 statues representing Michael Jackson's album cover of 'HIStory'.

MJ's Birthday Unveiling Statues
Keen Zhang from MJJCN with the statues of Michael Jackson.

Source: Keen Zhang from MJJCN / MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Would Have Been 62 This Year. 29-08-'20

On August 29, 1958 was born a star that will become the brightest that the earth has ever known. Today, August 29, 2020, all the eyes of the fans will look to the sky with as much admiration and emotions.

May the star of Michael Jackson shine forever in the sky and in our hearts...

Michael was the seventh child of a child rich family, that exist of the sisters Maureen, LaToya, Janet and the four brothers Jackie, Marlon, Tito and Randy.

He would have celebrated his sixty-two birthday today, but died on June 25th, 2009 at the age of fifty.

Michael will forever be remembered as the 'King of Pop' and his songs will be played for hundreds of years.

Michael you will never be dethroned in your fans' hearts!

I miss you everyday more and more.

Love you Michael, Gone Too Soon.

Webmaster Dirk.

Source: Billie Jean

Flashback: Michael Jackson’s Forgotten 3-Week Getaway In Hong Kong South China. 28-08-'20

Michael and Dr Penguin in Hong Kong (10-1987)
Michael and Dr Penguin in Hong Kong (10-1987).

When Michael Jackson visited Hong Kong: 3 weeks dodging paparazzi, riding roller coasters and learning about Chinese culture.

Midway through the record-breaking Bad World Tour, between stops in Japan and Australia, the 'King of Pop' took time out in Hong Kong – eventually passing 3 whole weeks hanging out, visiting famous tourist attractions like Ocean Park and filming at the Shaw Brothers Studio.

Michael Jackson, who would have turned 62 this month, visited Hong Kong only once in his lifetime – the autumn of 1987. The 'King of Pop' loved the city so much he stayed for several weeks, arriving on October 21 and leaving for Sydney on November 10.

It was during the singer's worldwide Bad tour, which kicked off in Japan in September of that year, but left a month off before heading to Oceania.
"I was working at Duddell’s on Duddell Street [a different version to the current restaurant]," says the Moroccan-born entertainer Dr Penguin, who became the star's minder and friend. His colleague Rick Mayo and the owners of the restaurant knew Jackson's personal travel agent. One thing led to another and they found themselves in the star's hotel room in Japan inviting him to visit Hong Kong.

"Michael was enthused with the idea as he had never been there and wanted to go. He loved Chinese movies, kung fu and Bruce Lee," said Dr Penguin. "They came back to Hong Kong happy with the idea but did not know when Michael was going to arrive. He did say there was one condition. If there was any press at the airport he would turn around and go back to Japan.

"On October 21, Jackson and his entourage arrived on a private jet, and I was in the office when my boss started freaking out," recalls Dr Penguin, who is now based in Thailand.
"I asked him what was wrong and he said, 'Michael Jackson is arriving and the press are at the airport. What are we going to do?' I said, 'That's easy. I have an idea.' I grabbed Peggy Johnson, who was our singer at the club. We rushed back to my place, I put on my costume. My wife dressed Peggy up as Michael Jackson with a hat, weird wig and dark clothing and we rushed off via the subway to get to Kai Tak Airport on time," says the magician.
"We come down the elevator to where the press were waiting – I look around wearing these dark glasses and I say – 'Where's the limo?' I look at her and said, 'Quick, Michael, run.' And we ran toward a taxi and there was only one policeman there. The press were throwing money at the taxi driver and the police did nothing, I was beating them off and yelling at the press saying 'let us go, let us go.' Finally we got moving and the press followed us into town.

"We went to the Mandarin [Oriental] hotel as we knew there were lots of different exits and it was close to Duddell's. We got rid of the press and we ran to Duddell's; by then it was midday – we had a couple of vodka tonics and laughed about it at the bar. When the papers came out we were everywhere – The Standard had a huge colour picture on the front page of me and Peggy with headlines 'Michael Jackson arrives in Hong Kong.' I had however called my editor friend Zelda Cawthorne at the South China Morning Post and gave her the story."

"Meanwhile the real Michael Jackson arrives and gets into his car with no press and goes to the Hong Kong hotel where he was staying. That night Michael came to Duddell's and we put on a special show for him downstairs in the cellar where the bank vault used to be, and which had been converted into a VIP area," he continues.

"His team were there first. We had jazz musicians, a stand-up base and piano. Just before Michael arrived Rick said, 'can you put a band together?' And we said, 'it’s a little bit late for that.' Rick then asked us to at least get a drummer, so I hired Sam, a Jamaican drummer who plays reggae. So the three of them, having never played together, were trying to keep the ambience going. Sam was able to play along with the jazz. We brought in acrobats and a kung fu show and I did close up magic. But during the evening, Michael got up and wanted to sing a song and it was hysterical because the band did not know any Michael Jackson songs or any song that he knew – it was an embarrassing moment," recalls Dr Penguin.

"Michael was a big fan of magic, so we ended up talking for an hour and a half. Michael wanted to see more card tricks and how to do them. Then we were talking about The Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers and arguing over which ones were funnier and he appointed me there and then to be his tour guide in Hong Kong. He asked me how long I had been here and where I had lived, which included Nepal and other places, and he was fascinated by it, so I agreed to take him around."

One sightseeing trip Jackson enjoyed was Ocean Park. "Michael was looking for a roller coaster to buy for Neverland [his home in California] so he wanted to test it out. We had a private tour, and were the last two on the roller coaster. Everyone else had bailed because they were throwing up but Michael and I kept going again and again," says Dr Penguin. "We took Michael antique shopping. He did a day trip to China and Macau, which he didn't enjoy too much, but he really loved going up to the Shaw Brothers Studio. He wanted to meet Sir Run Run Shaw who had lent us his Rolls-Royce to use and it was arranged for him to meet some of the stars which he went gaga over."

Ann Tsang was tasked to look after the star during his visit to the Shaw Brothers Studios in Clear Water Bay. "I had spent just two days in the marketing and PR department having moved over from programming at TVB when my boss called me in to let me about this special project. I had to meet with Jackson's team and it took four to five days to make the arrangements," says Tsang. "Michael wanted to dress is period costume and shoot some B-roll for laser disc in the Shanghai Street scenes at the Clear Water Bay studios," says Tsang, who still lives and works in Hong Kong.

"Only five people were allowed on the set and Michael had four and then there was me. His people had specific requirements to make things go smoothly. It took us two days in the wardrobe department to figure out how to put on the costume. We had a 5am call on the day," continues Tsang.

"Michael was humble, soft-spoken with no demands. He just wanted to dress up and play. He was curious about Chinese culture and wanted to wear the costume properly. It was a 12-hour shoot. I was not star struck, but I couldn’t comprehend it was happening."

Michael was supposed to come to Hong Kong in the early 1990s to do a concert at Sha Tin Racecourse during his Dangerous tour, recalls Andrew Bull, who was organising the concert. Sadly it was cancelled and Jackson never came back to the city before his death in June 2009.

Source: South China Morning Post / Billie Jean

Calendar 2021 CoverMichael Jackson Official 2021 Calendar Will Be Released. 27-08-'20

The official Michael Jackson 2021 calendar has just been revealed to Danilo, he will be released in September.

Michael Jackson was regarded as the 'King of Pop' and sprang onto the music scene with his brothers as The Jackson 5. In the early 1970s Michael also started to develop a solo career and by the end of the decade he was an established pop artist . To date Michael Jackson has now sold over 350 million songs worldwide.

Michael Jackson's back catalogue of album and singles brought many awards including Grammys and Brit awards and MJ was one of the most significant figures of the last century. Some of Michael Jackson's popular hits were 'Billie Jean', ''Beat It' and 'Leave Me Alone'. MJ was also an amazing dancer and his move called the 'Moonwalk' was special to watch. Likewise his music videos were well thought out and no one can forget the icon 'Thriller' video.

Buy today a Michael Jackson Official 2021 Calendar featuring the classic photos of the 'King of Pop'. This A3 calendar is a Michael Jackson poster calendar as well as an opportunity for you to write your 2021 appointments in the date boxes.

Publisher: Danilo
Height: 420 mm
Width: 297 mm
Product code: ?
Guide price: 11 €

You can now pre-order your official Michael Jackson 2021 calendar at King of Shop are Danilo.

Source: King Of Shop / Danilo / Billie Jean


KINGVENTION, the European Michael Jackson Convention which usually takes place in London around September is currently not planned this year due to COVID-19.

However, KINGVENTION just released a post on social media:

Though we're far apart, we can still Come Together.
While we can’t be together in person this year as planned, we can still enjoy some of the things that make Kingvention special.
Join Us for KV:GLOBAL – more details coming soon.

Called 'KV:GLOBAL', it is clear that the team behind the most popular MJ Event in Europe is planning something for the fans to enjoy!

We currently do not have further information but as soon as we have, we will of course let you know!

Go to the site of Kingvention here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

MIichael Jackson's Hand Written Notes From 1987. 24-08-'20

Michael Jackson took aim at The Beatles and Elvis Presley in a number of handwritten notes that criticised racism in the music industry.

The notes are believed to have been penned by Jackson in 1987, the same year his acclaimed album 'Bad' was released.

In them, he condemned music channel MTV and American magazines for "shunning" black entertainers in favour of their white counterparts, calling out a number of white artists to highlight his point.

Jackson wrote of The Beatles, "Yes these guys were good, but they weren’t better singers or dancers than the blacks."

He also declared that he would show Bruce Springsteen – commonly referred to by his nickname The Boss – "who's boss".

"Elvis is NOT King," wrote Jackson. "I am not prejudiced, it’s just time for the first Black King now."

MJ Hand Written Notes
Michael Jackson up in arms against The Beatles and Elvis Presley in unearthed letter.

Jackson vowed to use his huge influence to end racism beyond the music industry. The star divulged his aims to "end prejudice" when he was writing his 1982 album 'Thriller'.

He wrote, "My goal is to become so 'big', so powerful, to become such a hero, to end prejudice. To make these little white kids love me by selling over 200 million albums. Make them look up to me. I will change the world."

'Thriller' went on to sell 66 million copies but remains one of the most influential pop albums in recent history.

In a passage attached to a newspaper clipping about a 1987 Ku Klux Klan march in South Carolina, the singer wrote, "I want what's fair. I want all races to love as one."

The notes were allegedly found when police were searching Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in California after the pop star was accused of child abuse in 2003.

The 'Man In The Mirror' singer died aged 50 in 2009 from cardiac arrest.

Source: The Independent / Billie Jean

Why Michael Jackson Turned Down The Hit Justin Timberlake Wrote For Him. 22-08-'20

Michael JacksonThere's a lot of parallels between Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, so it only made sense that Timberlake once wrote a song for Jackson. Ultimately, the song became a hit for a different artist. Interestingly, audiences got to see Timberlake work with Jackson the same year the song came out.

Comparisons between Timberlake and Jackson are obvious. Both singers got their start in show business at a relatively young age and were part of famous boy bands. In addition, their solo career became huge off of their eclectic mix of pop, funk, and R&B. Likewise, MTV News reports Timberlake took lots of inspiration from Jackson's work.

Given all that, it makes sense Timberlake wrote a song for Jackson. Bustle reports the track was a ballad called 'Gone'. 'Gone' is a lot faster than many of Jackson's ballads, however, it features the sort of vocal acrobatics the 'King of Pop' knew how to pull off well.

However, Jackson's team turned down the track. After that, Timberlake recorded 'Gone' with his band NSYNC for their album 'Celebrity'. Timberlake opened up about the situation in an interview with Oprah.

"I guess Michael did hear it," Timberlake said, "and [he] called me on the phone and said that he wanted to cut the record, but he wanted it to be a duet between himself and I. And I said, 'Well, it's already out, we've already cut the song as an NSYNC record … could we do, like, an NSYNC featuring Michael Jackson, or Michael Jackson featuring NSYNC?' And he was very absolute about the fact that he wanted it to be a duet between himself and I." Jackson, however, had no interest in recording the song with NSYNC.

Ultimately, there never was a version of 'Gone' featuring the 'King of Pop'. NSYNC's version of the song managed to find chart success without Jackson's help, as Billboard reports 'Gone' peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, NSYNC performed with Jackson at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. Interestingly, NYSYNC and Jackson performed the former's hit 'Pop' rather than 'Gone'.

When Jackson died a few years later, Timberlake reflected on his legacy. He said he cherished his memories of performing with Jackson and getting to spend time with Jackson offstage.

"To create the things that he created with his music is untouchable," Timberlake told MTV. "He opened the minds of the world to be able to do that through his music… [it's] a feat not accomplished by many people, maybe only a handful of people. I don't think anyone ever did it like him." On top of that, who knows if we'd even have Timberlake's music if not for the 'King of Pop'?

Source: The Cheat Sheet / Billie Jean

Travis Payne and Stacy WalkerTravis And Stacy To Teach 'TDCAU' On Michael's Birthday. 21-08-'20

Travis Payne and Stacy Walker are doing a virtual dance class on August 29 and 30 to learn the steps and choreography of 'They Don’t Care About Us'.

Learn the old moves but also new ones followed by a chat with both choreographers answering questions from the fans with a special guest!

Saturday August 29 (6pm PST) or Sunday August 30 (10am PST).

Buy your tickets here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate Funko's Gotta Pull MJ Dolls - The Agreement's Over!!! 20-08-'20

Michael Jackson's Funko POP! dolls might belong on a shelf somewhere, but they had no business being on the company's site for years now ... and his estate just put an end to it.

Michael Jackson collectable toys by Funko has 5 Pop! Rocks Vinyl figures featuring the 'King of Pop' was released in December 2011 in China through Triumph International Inc. by manufacturer Bravado Merchandising.

One of them is Funko who created 5 little amazing figurines that are now going for over £200 each second hand and has not produced those items since 2013!

POP! Rocks Vinyl Figures Set of 5
Classic music videos, among the best ever made: 'Beat It', 'Smooth Criminal', 'Billie Jean', 'Bad' and the 'Soldier' outfit that he wore when he performed at the Grammy Awards ceremony 1984, wearing the signature sequined glove.

Sources tell TMZ ... attorneys for the MJ estate recently noticed Funko POP! was still using images of the rare Michael Jackson collection that hit the market nearly a decade ago on their website in what the estate considered a way to keep fans engaged.

Fact is ... we're told the estate did do a 2-year licensing deal with Funko in 2011, but that expired in 2013. However, Funko collectors could still access images of the dolls in the website catalogues ... a no-no for Mike's Estate.

As for the dolls, the original collection featured 5 -- one for 'Bad', 'Smooth Criminal', 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean' and one in a sequined jacket -- and they still do pretty well on the resale market. In fact, there's a 'Smooth Criminal' doll on Amazon for nearly $300.

In any case, Funko got the message, and agreed to pull the images of the MJ dolls ... so the MJ estate was satisfied.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

A New Michael Jackson Exhibition In China. 19-08-'20

A modern art exhibition themed around Michael Jackson and his imagery and work is taking place in Hangzhou, China between August 17 and 30.

Thanks to Keen from MJJCN, the Chinese fan club, we can report this for you as no information or other pictures have been found due to the restrictions in China.

Michael Jackson Exhibition In China
The modern art exhibition is taking place in Hangzhou, China between August 17 and 30.

Source: Keen Zhang / MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson.

The Estate Of Michael Jackson Updates The FAQ. 19-08-'20

The Estate sees all of the questions that come in from you, and they have decided it was a good time to update the FAQ page on MichaelJackson.com to address several of the more frequent questions that we receive from fans all around the world.

That's right! The Michael Jackson Estate has updated the FAQ on the official website and you will find some answers (no necessary the ones you wanted). They respond to the question why the Estate does not release more project with the list of project they have done since 2009 including the album 'Michael' and accepting the 3 songs were controversial!

"There is a theory – one that Michael subscribed to – that one shouldn't do too much, give the world a rest, and then surprise them with special projects. That remains the Estate's intention."

Another question that the fans have asked a lot since January: Where is 'HIStory 25'? and here the answer:

"In our opinion this album is Michael's most underappreciated and one of his very best. Although they were never announced, the Estate had plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 'HIStory' album this year, but because of COVID-19, those plans had to be modified. So, while we still have plans to celebrate 'HIStory' with appropriate audio and audiovisual elements, we don’t believe in making announcements until we are in a position to share all of the relevant details. It is our hope that the world will open up again soon, and allow our creators to finish their work."

Many more questions such as "Will the estate upgrade Michael's short films to 4K?" are answered by the Estate.

To view all the FAQ, click here.

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Tribute Now Has Navi And Jackson's Fave Guitarist. 18-08-'20

Navi and JenniferA tribute to Michael Jackson which is regarded as the best in the world is set to moonwalk into Bradford with a special guest.

Jennifer Batten, who was Jackson's guitarist, is starring alongside world-leading MJ lookalike Navi in all-singing, all-dancing show, 'King of Pop — The Legend Continues'.

The show is now scheduled for November 23 this year after being postponed from June.

Navi was hand-picked by Michael Jackson to act as his body double and was also invited to perform at two of the legendary musician’s lavish birthday parties, one in New York and the other Los Angeles.

Navi went on to star in Jackson tribute shows and eventually put together his own show 'King of Pop'.

In the latest version he is joined on stage by Batten, who performed with Jackson across the globe on all three of his record-breaking world tours — the Bad World Tour (1987-89), Dangerous World Tour (1992-93) and History World Tour (1996-97).

She also featured heavily in the iconic Super Bowl half-time show — regarded by many as Jackson’s most spectacular performance.

The guitarist was initially booked to play on the Bad Tour but Jackson was so impressed that she joined him on the road for the next 10 years, playing to more than 4.5 million fans worldwide.

Batten said: 'I'm really looking forward to playing Michael Jackson's music again with a top notch tribute in the UK.

"I remember the crowds in the UK were mad crazy for Michael. Not too many acts could fill Wembley Stadium day after day, and year after year."

Despite being on stage in front of full houses around the world, Navi says he was more frightened of playing his trade in front of just one person — Jackson himself.

Navi said: "To meet Michael was one thing, but to perform in front of the greatest entertainer of all time and to perform his songs was no easy feat and extremely nerve-wracking."

The show at St George's Hall in Bradford will be packed full of hits, including 'Thriller', 'Smooth Criminal', 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean', 'Black Or White' and 'Man In The Mirror', as well as Jackson Five classics in a show suitable for the whole family.

Source: Telegraph & Argus / Billie Jean

MJ Birthday BashSpike Lee's Virtual MJ Birthday Bash. 15-08-'20

Spike Lee just announced that the Annual "BK LOVES MJ", the MJ Birthday Bash usually taking place in Brooklyn will be a virtual one this year.

Also the MJ Estate has shared the news via Michael Jackson's Social channels.
Does that mean that the Estate has completely scrapped Michael Jackson Birthday day from their plans? – The Estate usually organise an event on Michael's Birth Day at 'MJ ONE', Las Vegas – But with COVID-19, this is not possible as 'MJ ONE' is still currently closed until (for now) September 2020.

Are we also getting a virtual event from the official body? Or anything official to mark the day? The Estate is still to answer those questions.

But it is clear that the Estate might have actually jump on Lee's event and join forces for the day as the official MJ social Media posts said "Join us" (meaning Lee and the Estate).

Virtual Event on Saturday 29 August from 12noon to 7pm on YouTube.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Estate Continues Celebrating 'HIStory 25' With 'You Are Not Alone'. 15-08-'20

Michael Jackson Estate carries on celebrating 'HIStory 25' with the anniversary of the release of 'You Are Not Alone' released on August 15th, 1995.

HIStory merchandise
The Estate of Michael Jackson is honoring and celebrating 'HIStory' with T-shirts, vests, face covering and jumpers.

Pre-order your 'You Are Not Alone' Capsule items here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

'Another One Bites The Dust' 40TH Anniversary: How Michael Jackson Influenced Queen Hit. 15-08-'20

Another One Bites The Dust Single CoverIt’s one of Queen's greatest hits and this week 'Another One Bites The Dust' celebrates its 40th anniversary. The 1980 track features on the band's eighth studio album 'The Game' and was written by bassist John Deacon. And now Queen's official Instagram account has paid tribute to the hit song, one that Freddie Mercury and the band have said that Michael Jackson is owed credit for.

John Deacon, bassist for Queen has been talking about 'Another One Bites The Dust' which celebrates its 40th anniversary this week!

Deacon spoke how the song came about but revealed that the hit single would never be a single without Michael Jackson!

"Michael Jackson actually suggested we release it as a single. He was a fan of ours and used to come to our shows." said Deacon.

Freddie Mercury even said once about the song:

"Credit for the song should go to Michael Jackson in many ways. He was a fan and friend of ours and kept telling me “Freddie, you need a song the cats can dance to." John introduced this riff to us during rehearsal that we all immediately though of Dicso, which was very popular at the time. We worked it out and once it was ready, played it for Michael. I knew we had a hit as he bobbed his head up and down and Michael said "That’s it, that’s the gravy. Release it and it will top the charts." The Queen singer added: "So we did and it did."

It is always amazing to hear such stories and also to see that Michael had a clear talent to recognize hits!

Source: Express / Billie Jean

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