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Stephen KingStephen King's Forgotten Michael Jackson Movie Explained. 31-07-'20

In 1996, Stephen King, the 'King of Horror', teamed up with Michael Jackson, the 'King of Pop', to create a music video/short film called 'Ghosts'. Of all the people in pop culture for King to work with, Jackson seems kind of out of left field, at least on paper. The two don't exactly seem like they would've run in the same social circles. Yet collaborate they did, at least to an extent. Sadly, they didn't write a book together, although that would probably have been quite interesting too.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about the King and Jackson collaboration is how few people seem to remember it. Perhaps that's due to the same time period in the mid-1990s not being great for Jackson, as he dealt with his first of two very public trials on charges of child molestation, and was basically convicted in the court of public opinion despite being acquitted. While a large portion of Jackson's fanbase stayed loyal, it's impossible to deny that much of the 1990s was spent with Jackson as the butt of jokes related to his odd relationships with children.

That said, Jackson remains an iconic figure in pop culture history, as does King, and the fact that they worked together is worth remembering. Here's a look back at their joint project, 'Ghosts', and how it came about.

As Stephen King would discuss publicly following Michael Jackson's death in 2009, it was the 'King of Pop' that approached the author to work with him on 'Ghosts'. Jackson had a story idea, and wanted King to write it. 'Ghosts' would be both an extended music video for several of Jackson's songs, and a short horror film. Jackson called King to request his participation in 1993, while King was on the set of 'The Stand' miniseries. King agreed, intrigued by writing a musical for the first time. King's pal and frequent collaborator Mick Garris was set to direct. Then, after a few weeks, production was suddenly halted, for reasons King isn't sure of.

Three years later, Jackson got 'Ghosts' moving again, but Garris had to bow out, as he was busy directing King's TV remake of 'The Shining'. Special effects legend Stan Winston took over as director. The music video/short film stars Jackson as a strange character called The Maestro, who the mayor of Normal Valley (also Jackson) wants to run out of town for supposedly doing something untoward with the local children. The Maestro proclaims his innocence, and challenges the mayor to a contest where the first to get scared loses. The mayor ends up running away after The Maestro turns into a demon, which is honestly a bit of an odd way to prove one isn't a threat.

As many have since pointed out, the storyline of 'Ghosts' reads very oddly when one considers its parallels to Jackson's real-life issues with child abuse allegations. For King's part, he says what ultimately became the final product of 'Ghosts' was pretty far from his original script, which makes sense, as King is only given a story credit on the finished film, with Winston and Garris credited for the screenplay. Those curious can check out the full 40-minute version of 'Ghosts' on YouTube.

Source: Screen Rant / Billie Jean

The Genesis Of Thriller'The Genesis Of Thriller - A Michael Jackson Documentary'. 29-07-'20

Damien Shields, an Australian Michael Jackson fan and author of 'Michael Jackson, Songs and Stories from the Vault', has created an audio narrative about Michael Jackson most popular album 'Thriller'.

Re-discover how 'Thriller' was made with stories spoken directly from those who created the songs including interviews from different sources with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bruce Swedien, Rod Temperton and many more.

Here what you will hear for 1 hour and 42 minutes:
"Taking listeners inside the recording studio with Michael Jackson and his production team, 'The Genesis of Thriller' tells the story behind the creation of the biggest selling album in music history. Using rarely heard Jackson demo tracks, work tapes and outtakes, combined with archival interviews of those who worked on the album, the documentary is a captivating exploration of what inspired them to create 'Thriller', and the process they went through to bring their extraordinary vision to life."


Source: Damien Shields / Billie Jean

Slash Reveals Why He Felt Bad For Michael Jackson During 'Dangerous' Era. 29-07-'20

SlashSlash has often spoken fondly of his brief early-'90s collaboration with Michael Jackson, when the pair teamed up on the 'King of Pop's' 'Dangerous' album and for a handful of shows on the ensuing tour.

The Guns N' Roses guitarist quickly came to appreciate the professionalism of Jackson and his associates. Even though he was only 26 years old, he didn't take for granted the opportunity to work with a music icon.

"I'd do some shows here and there and it was fun because he was such a pro, and he was such a f---ing talent from on high," Slash recalled in a conversation with Kerrang! "That was the main thing: he was so amazingly musically fluid. Such a treat to be around."

When he was performing, Jackson thrived of course. But offstage presented more challenges.

Jackson had absolute power and control in his own circle, and Slash said it was apparent that the singer struggled with the unnatural dynamics of his personal life.

"Onstage, his whole professional thing was really where he clicked," the guitarist recalled. "When he wasn't working, or in production or whatever, it was then you could see that he was sort of at the mercy of his own success. All the people he had around him, the tugging, and the yes people, you could tell that he knew 90 percent of them were full of shit. I felt sorry for him in that sense."

Seeing Jackson's live production at work was awe-inspiring, Slash continued; it dwarfed Guns N' Roses own big-budget production. But he never got the feeling that Jackson was able to appreciate his accomplishments.

"The only time I really felt like he was in any kind of comfort zone was when he was actually onstage," Slash added.

Source: IHeart Radio / Billie Jean

'Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind' (7Singles) Box Set To Include MJ & J5 Is Released. 24-07-'20

Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind (7Singles Set) Box Set CoverMotown released a 7" box set named 'Lord Finesse Presents: Motown State Of Mind'.

Motown classics remixed by the legendary golden era Rapper, Hip-Hop Producer, and D.I.T.C. member Lord Finesse.

The box set featuring 7 x 7" singles, one of Michael Jackson and one of The Jackson 5:

Track list:

A1. Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Underboss Remix) - 3:57
A2. Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are
B1. Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Underboss Remix) - 5:23
B2. Marvin Gaye - I Want You
C1. DeBarge - I Like It (Soul Synopsis Mix) - 5:47
C2. DeBarge - I Like It
D1. Switch - There'll Never Be (Solidified Soul Mix) - 3:13
D2. Switch - There'll Never Be
E1. Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk (TBG Mix) - 4:48
E2. Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk
F1. Sisters Love - Now Is The Time (The Mack Revisited Mix) - 3:21
F2. Sisters Love - Now Is The Time (The Mack Revisited Mix) [Instrumental]
G1. Jackson 5 - Tribute Medley (Underboss Remix)
G2. Jackson 5 - Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save - 4:41

Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind (7Singles Set) Box Set
'Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind' box set including 7 x 7" singles, one of Michael Jackson and one of The Jackson 5.

Record label: Motown
Series number: 0832266
Printed: ?
Guide price: 88,55 €

Order the box set here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Defended By Daughter Paris Against Abuse Allegations In Unearthed Clip. 24-07-'20

Paris JacksonParis Jackson claims that allegations that her dad, Michael Jackson, had abused children were lies as she hit out at his accusers in an unearthed interview.

The 'King of Pop' had been accused of child molestation but in a rare video clip, daughter Paris is seen denying the allegations made by Gavin Arvizo.

She also dismissed other claims abuse that had been levelled at the singer as "lies" in the clip that hasn't been seen on TV.

In recent times, Paris, who is now 22, has not been drawn on abuse allegations against her dad but The Sun has reported that when she was 14, she gave an interview for the Jacksonology TV YouTube video channel in which she claimed that her father was 'misunderstood' and "innocent" of the claims.

Paris said during the interview: "I mean a lot of people are jealous of him.

"They will do anything to put him down, whether it is make up rumors, take him to court with lies. Everyone wants something."

The model and singer added: "I will always defend him."

Michael Jackson was cleared of all counts against him in the Gavin Arvizo case in 2005.

Paris revealed to Sonia Lowe in the clip: "He told us that there were a lot of bad people out there, and he taught us a little about conspiracies and things like that.

"The older we got the more we figured things out and stuff.

"Not a lot of people really did not understand him."
Paris looked to debunk some of the crazy theories surrounding Michael's life, saying: "He was really normal. He was just kind hearted, always generous...

"He is like a dove. I would say a dove is one of my favorite animals.

"And he is innocent and he is just a sweetheart."

The interview comes from a documentary which was never completed or aired and Paris shared that she had some happy times when growing up, though said that Michael had to have a makeover to be able to enjoy time out with her.

She said: "I would probably say he was happiest when he was in disguise.

"Like we went to Disneyland several times, we would be in disguise and he could be normal - there would be no one bothering him."

A spokesman for Jacksonology told The Sun: "These clips are taken from an exclusive and unprecedented series of interviews conducted by Sonia Lowe, who collaborated with Mrs Jackson on an unreleased documentary that tells the story of Michael Jackson, the artist, and the humanitarian, by the people who knew him best.

"Paris speaks directly about the allegations with Sonia in her first ever recorded conversation on the subject and speaks from the heart, without it being a forced or abrasive questioning.

"You can really see her sincerity and how ferociously she will defend her father."

Look here for the interviews of Paris, also Prince and "Bigi" Jackson.

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

'Facts Of Life' Star Mindy Cohn Claims She Sang Backing Vocals On A Hit Michael Song. 21-07-'20

Mindy Cohn'Facts of Life' star Mindy Cohn claimed she sang backing vocals on a legendary Michael Jackson tune in a new interview with DJ Mad Marj, aka Marjorie Gubelmann's Saturday tea dance party on Twitch (July 19), reported Page Six. The former television star spilled the tea of her association with the singer after Marj played the song 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)' as part of the tunes she featured on the show.

Mindy remarked that she sang, alongside his sister Janet Jackson, on the track.

"Me and Janet. And I’m the kids at the end, too. We went to listen to the record and Quincy Jones put us on the mike," she explained.

The award-winning producer included the tune on the multimillion-selling album 'Thriller', which was the 'King of Pop's most successful of all time.

"Have to post the pic on Instagram of the session … It’s kinda wild!" Mindy said during the virtual session with Marj.

She did not explain why she was at the studio during that period of time. Mindy was 16 when she reportedly sang on the iconic tune.

According to the credits, the female voices reportedly featured at the end of the song were the late entertainer's sisters Janet and LaToya, Becky Lopez, and Bunny Hull.

In a 2018 interview with Billboard, the 'Rhythm Nation' songstress talked about singing on the iconic song as one of the 'P.Y. T.' girls. She did not mention that Mindy was one of the women she harmonized with. Michael's sister said that she was thrilled to participate and said she was 16 years old and in between her first two records.

Source: Inquisitr / Billie Jean

Riley Keough's Close Relationship With Stepdad Michael Jackson And Bubbles The chimp. 20-07-'20

Riley KeoughActress Riley Keough is the daughter of Elvis Presley's only child Lisa Marie Presley, who was married to 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson from 1994 to 1996.

The actress was born into a super famous family.

Her mum Lisa Marie Presley is the only child of 'The King' Elvis Presley and her dad is singer-songwriter Danny Keough.

Following their divorce in 1994, Lisa Marie married 'King of Pop' Michael.

Her children, Riley and Benjamin, who tragically died in a suicide last week, were just youngsters when they got to know the legendary singer, who was married to their mum for two years.

Speaking about her famous family on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2017, she said: "I didn't know Elvis, but I did know Michael.

"He'd get me lots of toys and things I wanted."

She added: "One time he got me this really nice watch. We were at Disneyland. He bought me this really nice watch. It was a Beauty and the Beast watch — It was a really special one."

Riley even once took one of Michael's chimps to school.

His most famous pet was Bubbles the chimpanzee.

Riley said: "[He] was great. There was like a few different chimps that I remember. I don't remember which one is which. I remember one pulling on my curtains in my house and then one went to school with me one time, which was pretty cool."

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

L'Histoire D'HIStory Book Cover'L'Histoire D'HIStory' Book Is Released. 20-07-'20

'The Story of HIStory' book of Michael Jackson is now available in French and called 'L'Histoire D'HIStory', released by publisher Sixteen 11 Media.

For the first time, Sixteen11 Media Group Ltd has released a book in a different language and the French fans are the first to get it!

Sixteen11 Media Group Ltd released Pez Jax's 2nd book 'The Story Of HIStory' and as the title is self explanatory, yes, this is all about 'HIStory' album, in the making to hitting the music stores.

'L'Histoire D'HIStory' book tells the fascinating story of how Michael Jackson created the most important album of his career, addressing racial prejudice, social injustice, accusations, media intrusion, environmental issues and mental health.

More than ever, this album is so important to our culture and society. Jax will guide you through the making of this incredible album, song by song and explain how relevant this album is today.

This is the 2nd book from Jax. The first was about 'Off The Wall'.

Publisher: Sixteen 11 Media
Author: Pez Jax
ISBN: 978-0-9931780-6-1
Pages: ?
Printed: ?
Guide price: 13 €

Order the book here at Sixteen 11.

Source: Sixteen 11 / Billie Jean

Redemption Movie'Redemption', The Movie. 19-07-'20

We all know the book 'Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation' by Geraldine Hughes who was also featured in the documentary 'Square One' by Danny Wu.

For a while, Hughes wanted to do a movie about her book and it seems that it is finally coming to life [first mentioned in 2013].

It is unclear when the "movie" will be released as it seems it has not even been filmed yet.

The company producing the movie is 3HPFILMS, a sub-division of 3HP Promotions, a company that promote and market mainly unknown black artists and ministries (churches).

3HP Promotions is pretty amateur in what they are doing but director Troy Edwards has been putting some imagery and videos from other artists like Sergio Cortes and French Street Dancer Salif Lasource to start promoting his new venture with Hughes on Instagram and facebook.

Hughes's book is an essential part of understanding the 1993 case and how Michael Jackson was scammed for money but we should not get too excited about the movie as it might not become a best seller or even be a good one.

It is also unclear if the Estate has given rights to Michael Jackson's imagery for the movie or promotion of the movie. It's pretty sure they haven't.

Not to mention that Hughes came under light few months ago about her view on Gay people. She has made few homophobic comments publicly on her facebook account and has alienated a part of our community.

While we recommend the book, we doubt that the movie will be made with "L.O.V.E." or will be even good. [nothing good will come from someone who promotes hatred]

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Memorabilia Auction. 17-07-'20

Paul Fraser Collectibles are auctioning superb pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia in our July sale. The items are on auction this month on the Invaluable website.

Items such a Glen Burton electric guitar, signed by Michael Jackson and guitarist Orianthi in silver marker, 'Thriller' LP autographed by Michael Jackson, comes with Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing it for a lifetime but also Michael Jackson 'Invincible' RIAA Gold Album Award presented to Michael Jackson, etc.

MJ Memorabilia
Invaluable are auctioning superb pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia in our July sale.

For more information on this auction go to Invaluable.

Source: Invaluable / Billie Jean

Professor XMichael Jackson Wanted To Play Professor X In 'X-Men'. 16-07-'20

When Patrick Stewart appeared as Professor Charles Xavier in the first 'X-Men' film, it was a slam dunk piece of casting. The British actor completely looked the part of the classic comic book character and mentor to the team of extraordinary mutants. However and according to the filmmakers behind the 2000 blockbuster that birthed a superhero explosion that's still going strong after two decades, Stewart didn't even want the part, but there was someone else who did: Michael Jackson. (Yes, that Michael Jackson.)

In a wide-ranging retrospective on the making of 'X-Men' for its 20th anniversary, the Observer reports that Jackson was one of many random stars who'd routinely show up to Fox studios eager to appear in the film. But while the 'King of Pop' was petitioning to play Professor X, the studio knew Stewart was the perfect choice for the part. Unfortunately, the Shakespearean actor wasn't exactly champing at the bit to spend the whole production in a wheelchair, which became a sticking point as the filmmakers tried to woo TV's Captain Picard into playing the powerful psychic:

"Patrick Stewart didn't want to [play Charles Xavier]. It took a long time to convince him," [screenwriter David] Hayter said. "Terence Stamp told me, 'You know why Patrick doesn't want to do it? Because of the chair. He doesn't want to be stuck in the chair. But I don't mind. In fact, I also look excellent bald.' Everyday I was surprised by the faces coming in. Like, I'd find Mariah Carey sitting in my office wanting to go talk to Bryan about being Storm or something. So that's always shocking."

Obviously, Jackson was never in serious contention to play Professor X even if Stewart had turned down the role. Then again, none of the filmmakers specifically say that, so try not to dwell on a Professor X that moonwalks into people's minds and dance-fights Magneto. As awesome as that may be.

Source: Uproxx / Billie Jean

Jackson's Estate's Battle With Ex-Manager Tohme Tohme Ends As Court Enforces $3M Settlement.

Michael and Tohme TohmeMichael Jackson's ex-manager Tohme Tohme's longstanding legal war with the 'King of Pop's' estate has ended as a California judge ruled that he's owed the $3 million he was promised in a 2019 settlement even though the deal was never finalized in writing.

Tohme first sued the estate in 2012. He claimed he's owed a 15 percent commission on compensation Jackson received during his last year of his life, plus a cut of the hugely successful concert film 'This Is It', which was released a few months after the singer's death, and a finder's fee for securing a loan that prevented foreclosure on Neverland Ranch. It seemed the feud was ending a year ago when the parties reached a settlement mid-trial in May 2019 — but they struggled to agree upon a written version and Tohme sued again.

According to a court filing, which was improperly redacted, Tohme will received $3 million as part of the settlement. The estate hasn't paid, but it argued that's because they never executed their agreement in writing and the deal required a mutual release. Through that release both the estate and Tohme would "irrevocably, unconditionally, release, acquit and forever discharge" any and all claims against each other. The estate in its response filing argued such an agreement was necessary because the "intent of the settlement was to finally put to rest all of Tohme's claims, so that the Estate is not burdened by future litigation of old claims."

Tohme in November (19) sued John Branca and John McClain, as representatives of the estate, for breach of contract in an attempt to get the court to force them to pay up. He claims the draft of the agreement the estate sent him included terms he hadn't agreed to and it was never signed, but that doesn't matter because they made an oral agreement.

He moved for summary judgment and the estate pushed back arguing that the parties had mutually understood the deal wouldn't be final until the ink was dry and it was Tohme who breached their agreement by refusing to sign the agreed upon release.

L.A. County Superior Court judge Mark A. Young on Tuesday (July 14) granted Tohme's motion. He found that the parties had formed an oral agreement and the evidence presented by Tohme suggests the estate, in refusing to pay, didn't keep up its end of the deal.

"Here, the parties orally agreed to all of the terms and conditions of a settlement agreement," finds Young, noting specifically that their oral agreement included a mutual general release of claims. "Defendant fails to produce any evidence that parties intended for there to be a binding contract after a writing was produced, such that there exists a material issue of dispute fact."

Although it's Tohme who prevailed on the motion, the decision isn't a really loss for the estate as the court found the oral agreement regarding the mutual release to be binding as well. So Tohme will get his $3 million and the estate will get the assurance that they won't be engaged in anymore litigation with him.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Channel Launching On SiriusXM. 15-07-'20

The 'King of Pop' is joining The Boss and Old Blue Eyes on SiriusXM satellite radio.

The month-long Michael Jackson channel was announced Wednesday by the singer's estate.

The channel will feature music from Jackson's albums and from live performances, including his 1988 concerts at London's Wembley Stadium on his Bad Tour.

Around-the-clock 'King of Pop' programming will begin at noon Eastern. Jackson joins SiriusXM channels devoted to artists like Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles.

Playlists created by singer Akon, Jackson's brothers and fellow Jackson 5 members Jackie, Marlon and Tito will also be featured.

It will also include music that influenced Jackson from artists including James Brown and Sly & the Family Stone, and artists that Jackson influenced including Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Usher.

The Michael Jackson Channel
The channel will be available for 30 days on the SiriusXM app and streaming devices, and on the satellite radio network's channel 50 for a week.

Journalist and author Steven Ivory, a family friend who interviewed Jackson often, will provide the voice of the channel, telling stories, introducing discussions that chronicle the history and career of Jackson and sharing his own Jackson playlist.

Ivory said the music and message of Jackson, who died in 2009 at age 50, are especially fitting for the world in a moment of trouble and turmoil.

"Michael's music has always rallied the world to acknowledge historical anguish in songs and videos such as 'They Don't Really Care About Us' and 'Black Or White'," Ivory said in a statement. "At the same time, he aspired to unify and lead the world with inspiring anthems like 'Heal The World' and 'Earth Song' which addressed issues that were important to him such as the care of our planet."

The 'Now More Than Ever King of Pop' playlist premiers on Friday, July 17 at 7pm ET. The Michael Jackson Channel will be available on the SiriusXM app in the Pop category. Channel 50 will also become The Michael Jackson Channel from Wednesday, July 15 at 12pm ET through Tuesday, July 21.

More information here.

Source: Stamford Advocate / Billie Jean

This Is It CoinA 'Michael Jackson Coin' Is Released. 14-07-'20

An US company created a collection of coins called "Legends of Music Collection" which came out today.

The series featuring portraits of some iconic musicians was created by artist Sid Maurer who is known for painting legends of the music world.

6 different 1-ounce.999 silver coins have been created featuring Mick Jagger, Madonna, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Bob Marley and of course Michael Jackson and limited to 10,000 copies.

While all artists have been painted on a coin and represented with a portrait and a vinyl record background, the Michael Jackson one is more aloof with not a portrait but a painting of the 'This Is It' figure.

While the coin comes with a nice presentation box and tag price of $99.95, this product is a bit of a disappointment and of course not official nor supported by the Michael Jackson Estate.

If you are still interested to purchase it, click here.

Source: PR Newswire / Billie Jean

Why Michael Jackson And Whitney Houston Never Performed A Duet. 13-07-'20

Michael and WhitneyA duet between Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston undoubtedly would have dominated the pop charts like few songs in history. Both Jackson and Houston stayed popular for many years and made music in the same genres. A duet between them probably would have worked musically and commercially. However, plans for a Jackson/Houston duet fell through twice.

The story of why Jackson and Houston never collaborated begins with … Barbra Streisand. According to The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits, Jackson wrote a ballad called 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'. The track was included on his 1987 album 'Bad'. He wanted it to be a duet between himself and Streisand. Jackson's manager, Frank Dileo, said Streisand turned down the song simply because she didn't like it.

Then, Jackson discussed performing 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' with Houston. According to Pop Crush, Houston's label, Arista Records, thought that, if she performed on the song, it might detract from the promotion of her sophomore album, 'Whitney'. Ultimately, a different singer duetted with Jackson on 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You': Siedah Garrett. Interestingly, Garrett co-wrote another one of Jackson's ballads called 'Man In The Mirror' and performed backing vocals on it. Garrett remains known primarily for her work with Jackson to this day.

'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' could have brought Garrett's career into the stratosphere but it didn't. Perhaps this is because Jackson never made a music video for the song. To this day, 'I Just can't Stop Loving You' doesn't get as much airplay as other songs from 'Bad'. However, many fans feel it is a beautiful ballad.

Jackson and Houston came close to duetting together a second time. The book 'Michael Jackson: All the Songs' says producer Rodney Jenkins later wrote a song for Jackson called 'If I Told You That'. He wanted Jackson and Houston to record the song as a duet. Jackson initially liked the idea, but sources differ as to why he never recorded the song.

'Michael Jackson: All the Songs' book says that, after news of the collaboration leaked, Jackson changed his mind about recording 'If I Told You That'. However, Smooth Radio reports Jackson was simply unavailable to record the song. Regardless, he missed the opportunity to perform 'If I Told You' with Houston.

Houston instead released a version of the song with a different 1980s pop icon: George Michael. According to AllMusic, Houston released the song on her 2000 album 'Whitney: The Greatest Hits'. Billboard reports the song did not chart at all in the United States, which reflects how Houston was not as prominent as she was in the 1980s and 1990s. Perhaps 'If I Told You That' would have performed better if Jackson had been on the track. Although Jackson and Houston never worked together, they still made lots of great music.

Source: The Cheat Sheet / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Voice Upon A Time Book Cover'Michael Jackson Voice Upon A Time' Book Is Released. 10-07-'20

For our English-speaking friends who sometimes read these lines, know that Isabelle Petitjean's book 'Michael Jackson Il Était Une Voix' is available in English under the title 'Michael Jackson Voice Upon A Time'.

Prefaced by Bruce Swedien, this book is available in printed format and dimensions 17.5 x 25.5 cm on 312 pages, as well as in E-book PDF format.

Michael Jackson's voice was first heard in a maternity ward in Gary, Indiana, on a summer evening of 1958. It was last heard on a warm summer morning in 2009 under the sunny sky of California. Still…

It was soon clear that Baby Jackson had much more to say than most toddlers of his age. It was soon clear that his voice would be heard for a long time, that it would haunt, resonate, support, accompany, awaken, as it had always done, our lives and those of future generations. What is this voice? Where does it come from? Is it a gift from heaven and nature? Is it a work shaped by labor? If so, for what message? What words did it choose to embody? What is the Good Word it wanted to spread?

From Motown to Bruce Swedien's (Michael Jackson's regular and emblematic sound engineer) studio, the author helps us discover the voice of the artist. A voice that managed to cross boundaries, as the entire work of the 'King of Pop', trans-stylistic, transracial, transgenerational, transcultural and transdisciplinary. Between lyrical pen and technical analysis, the author highlights different aspects of this hard-working and seasoned artist who was also a genius and a messenger, whose leitmotiv was the respect of his talents and his public, and the wish to win and deserve an unconditionnal love. As secular icone, he tried to enlighten the collective consciouscness and to challenge us, singing to us with a voice that will continue to resonate globally for a very long time.

Publisher: Deltour France
Author: Isabelle Petitjean
ISBN: 978-2-7521-0406-9
Pages: 312
Printed: France
Guide price: 29 €

Order the book here at Deltour France.

Source: Deltour France / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Bombshell Never-Before-Seen Diary Unveils Plans To Be 'Immortal'. 09-07-'20

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson was fixated on becoming "the first multi-billionaire entertainer-actor-director" shortly before his death, his diary reveals.

An explosive book tells how Jackson, 50, hoped to become a movie star as well as playing concerts in Las Vegas just months before his death in June 2009.

The musings show the performer grappling with his desperation to be "the greatest ever" and "immortalized", like idols Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney.

According to the diary, Jackson was hoping to earn $20million a week and listed opportunities including Cirque du Soleil concerts, a deal with athletics brand Nike and Hollywood films.

He had been weeks away from gigs at London's O2 Arena before his death.

He planned to hire "a merchandising guy", and remake movie classics such as '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' and 'The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad'.

"If I don't concentrate on film, no immortalization," he wrote.

The journal also shows how the singer was trying to take back control of his assets and cut loose managers and advisers he felt were taking advantage.

"I want to sign all cheques over $5,000 now. Hire an accountant I trust now and lawyer. I want to meet him," he wrote.

Jackson was suspicious of his manager at the time, Tohme R. Tohme, and didn't want him "on plane or in my house."

His physician, Dr Conrad Murray, who administered the sedatives that killed him, gets a mention. He wrote: "Conrad must practice now, I can't be tired."

At the time, Jackson was taking huge doses of ­painkillers that had no effect on him. He became so immune to his ­medication, he demanded to be dosed ­intravenously, which was a fatal mistake.

The book 'Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation into The Michael Jackson Cover-up' was released in the US this week. The author, Dylan Howard, pieced together how, by the early 1990s, he was reliant on anxiety meds, painkillers and sleeping pills.

By 1999 he was taking painkiller Demerol intravenously. Three years later he was slurping zombie cocktails of the drug mixed with wine.

Family and friends feared for his safety and many attributed his bizarre behaviour to his addiction, such as the time in 2010 when he dangled his baby son, Blanket, over the balcony of his fourth-storey Berlin hotel suite.

Photos taken in the LA house where he was living when he died show a pharmacy of medication, such as Diazepam, Lidocaine and Propofol.

Dr Murray was paid $100,000 a month to obtain and administer his medication At first the doctor secured "downers" including Xanax, Restoril, Ativan and Versed. Jackson racked up a $100,000 bill at a Beverly Hills ­pharmacy, and to prepare for his concerts in London's O2 Arena, he had his doctor buy 5,000ml of sedative Propofol, which Jackson called "milk".

It was enough to anaesthetise all the pre-op patients in a hospital for a week and it was this drug, administered intravenously, that killed him.

Darker ramblings in the diary show the sad star had become paranoid.

"I'm afraid someone is trying to kill me," he scribbled. "Evil people ­everywhere. They want to destroy me and take my publishing company. The system wants to kill me for my ­catalogue… I'm not selling it."

Howard says: "While the facts of Michael's demise don't add up to suicide, they certainly reveal an ­overburdened man who slowly killed himself through drug use.

"And those who surrounded him took advantage of his helplessness."

The book again raises questions about the singer's relationship with boys. One video being touted for sale in Hollywood was seen by the author and shows Jackson and two boys playing weird games in his bedroom.

In it the older boy is standing on his four-poster bed with arms wrapped around a beam like a martyr on a cross. Jackson stands in front of him staring while the second child films.

Jackson orders him down and the child hurls abuse and begins to pant and roll his eyes. Jackson then grabs the boy by his T-shirt. More swearing follows and the child pretends to spit on the pop star before Jackson walks away.

Howard admits he was unsettled by the video, saying: "The scene was worrying and baffling... the level of foul language and simulated abuse cannot be ignored. Although Michael and the kids were engaging in what was clearly over-the-top theatrics, their preferred subject matter was without a doubt age-inappropriate.

"Even if they were playing out some kind of intense-bordering-on-disgusting role play scene, the words and actions are inexcusable on a certain level, but much like Michael, they are not always what they seem."

Howard documents how, in November 2003, Santa Barbara County Sheriff officers raided the star's Neverland home after ­allegations he had abused children.

They confiscated computers, photographs, secret videotapes, pornographic magazines and medication. He says: "A multitude of books contained photos of children and young adults in varying stages of undress. Authorities believed material like that could have been used by Michael to desensitize kids."

Police also reportedly seized a ­Disneyland bag that contained ­children's clothes and bloodied linen.

Jackson was cleared of child abuse charges in 2005, but last year, two alleged victims, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, appeared in Channel 4's 'Leaving Neverland', claiming they were abused over several years.

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

'Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation Into The Michael Jackson Cover-Up' Book Is Released. 07-07-'20

Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation Into The Michael Jackson Cover-Up Book CoverHe was the 'King of Pop', a superstar without equal, the idol of millions of young people around the world. But was Michael Jackson also a sexual predator without equal, someone who preyed on the very fans who adored him?

'Bad' book is the revelatory untold true story of the strange and larger-than-life career of Michael Jackson, the 'King of Pop'. In the wake of the controversial two-part documentary 'Leaving Neverland', which told the stories of two young boys who were befriended by the singer and have claimed they suffered years of agonizing abuse, Dylan Howard set out to investigate Jackson's life and death in unprecedented depth, to determine—as one lawyer suggested—that the pop star ran "the most sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has known."

After all the highly publicized trials and unfounded accusations, stunning new information has finally come to light: irrefutable evidence that one of the best-known, best-loved figures in the world was a monster behind closed doors—a foul-mouthed, abusive, drug-sodden freak whose deeds and the reasons for those deeds are revealed now for the first time.

A dramatic narrative account based on dozens of interviews, Howard shares Jackson's own riveting personal journal—obtained exclusively for this book—interviews with family members, multiple first-person sources—some of whom have asked to remain anonymous—as well as thousands of pages of court documents. What he uncovers is a man who was both naive and Machiavellian, unorthodox, a devoted father, shrewd businessman, and drug addict whose life was cut short but whose sound and style have influenced artists of various genres and generations.

Remarkably though, in death, there remains two portraits of Michael Jackson: the reigning 'King of Pop', and a pedophile whose pattern of abuse ruined his reputation. Fans and individuals alike will forever be asking if the insidious claims being made about MJ are true. This is the new narrative and the sad legacy of one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Here is his life story, told for the first time with stories and testimony that will leave you shaken.

Publisher: Skyhorse
Author: Dylan Howard
ISBN: 978-1510755093
Pages: 288
Printed: USA
Guide price: 22 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Travis Payne and Stacy WalkerTravis Payne And Stacy Walker Doing Digital Group Sessions. 07-07-'20

After the success of Travis Payne and Stacy Walker's Online Dance sessions few weeks ago, the pair are now offering customized group sessions.

With COVID-19, it has been hard to learn dance moves but Stacy and Travis have found the perfect way to still learn and be in the comfort of your house.

The idea is great and already few impersonators have now taking the offer and giving fans dance sessions with the 2 MJ choreographers.

If you are interested to hold some sessions with Travis and Stacy for your friends and family, you can email at INFO@ICOACHDANCE.COM.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Naomi Campbell Reflects On Michael Jackson's Drastic Move To Land Her For Music Video. 05-07-'20

Naomi CampbellSupermodel Naomi Campbell has a career that's not limited to the runway or glossy magazines. Besides gracing catwalks, she's been in TV shows, helmed charitable initiatives, released a couple records, and snagged a few acting roles.

One of her latest endeavors is running her YouTube channel, but the model recently took the time for an interview with rapper Lil Wayne yesterday (July 4) on Young Money Radio and shared a story about her time working with Michael Jackson.

Most people know her for her modeling career and her occasional cameos in TV shows or movies, but Campbell has been in music videos too. While her first modeling gig was at 15, she was in grade school when she was in the video for Bob Marley's 'Is This Love'.

Her entire class appeared in the 1978 video, and she loved it. During an appearance on Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio podcast, Campbell spoke about how Marley's music was part of her household growing up and how she was a bit starstruck. "I never thought I'd meet him at 7 years old or be doing a video, and I just remember he was an incredibly beautiful man."

She was also excited about working with Boy George and Culture Club in 'I'll Tumble 4 Ya', George Michael for his 'Freedom!' video, and of course as Michael Jackson's leading lady in 'In The Closet'.

Jackson pulled more than a few strings to recruit Campbell for the memorable 1992 video, and it was a last-minute switch.

Originally, Madonna was supposed to play opposite Jackson, but according to his friend Babyface, she started making too many demands on set and he cut her loose from the shoot. Jackson then placed a call to Campbell.

She wasn't expecting it, and it was her first time speaking to the singer. Jackson asked her to play the lead part, and Campbell initially turned it down because of her hectic schedule.

She told Lil Wayne:

When Michael actually called me I said to Michael, 'Thank you so much but I can't do your video because I've got 30 shows to do in Paris, and I've made my commitment and I can't cancel them.' And then Michael said, "Well, I'll pay out the shows so you can come and do the video."

Boom. She was caught off guard and didn't want to just blow off her duties, but Campbell said she went out and did the shoot with Herb Ritts in Los Angeles. They worked something out. Lil Wayne reacted with surprise but admired that Jackson flexed like a boss.

In a video for her YouTube vlog, Campbell recounted her experience for 'In The Closet', and said the video shoot was fun and Jackson was "amazing". She called him a perfectionist and said he knew how he wanted everything to look.
"We just had so many laughs. We were like kids," she said. Campbell said he was a genius and on set, he was also a prankster. They cracked jokes and played around with water guns.

After meeting on set, Campbell and Jackson remained friends up until his death in 2009.

Source: CheatSheet / Billie Jean

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