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A New Documentary In Preparation, Entitled "PANTHER". 03-05-'20

A new documentary about Michael Jackson is being created by a Polish production team. Scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021, it would be called "PANTHER" and would be based on the story around the 'Dangerous' album.

We wanted to know more about this project, and from what we could find, the choice of title, which refers to the black panther of the clip of 'Black Or White', is based on the symbolism around this short film. A kind of transition between the first part denouncing racial, religious and cultural differences, and a second darker part, expressing rage and opposition to inequality and hatred.

This transformation of Michael Jackson into a black panther was also the pinnacle of the achievements of computer technology at the time of the shooting of this video clip. This documentary will therefore focus on the period from 1989 to 1993. It will mainly talk about the artistic work and the life of Michael Jackson but may also expand on the influence of the 'King of Pop' on the development of MTV or on its influence on future artists.

If 'Bad 25' had its documentary, "PANTHER" pursues the idea of ​​documenting a well-defined period of Michael Jackson's artistic life as a sort of 'Dangerous 25', since nothing has been done for the occasion.

While most of the speakers directly linked to Michael Jackson come from the United States, like Lavelle Smith for example, sources indicate that others could come from Switzerland, Germany, or even Poland. You could even find audio and video excerpts from Michael Jackson's original work as well as things never released before.

On the armchair, Lavelle Smith and Monika Bral, dance teacher. Behind and from left to right, Przemek Jurkiewicz, second operator, Mateusz Kuchciński, director and Andrzej Paszkiewicz main operator and deputy director.

Mateusz Kuchciński, director, screenwriter and co-producer of this documentary that we contacted, gave us some useful details in order to know a little more about this project. First, the main parties involved in the production are World Future Movies and the APK Film studio. But that's not all because other American producers and agents whose names he does not want to divulge, also cooperate with the team behind this documentary.

As for the speakers, if he does not give us names so as not to reveal too much for the moment, he explains that they are mainly people who have lived and worked directly with Michael Jackson as well as others musicians, journalists and producers revolving around the work of the 'King of Pop'. However, after heavy insistence that you can imagine, Mateusz still dropped two more names, it is Jennifer Batten and Popin 'Pete.

Mateusz Kuchciński hopes to broadcast this documentary "PANTHER" all over the world, or even broadcast in cinemas. But it depends on so many factors that he doesn't want to speculate on it yet.

Asked about the famous rights to use Michael Jackson's audio or video work, Mateusz informed us that they were in the process of obtaining the rights but also those to be able to broadcast things never published before.

Pending more information on the release of this documentary, you can see a very short trailer via the Facebook page of World Future Movies.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Abuse Accusers To Try And Sue Firms Linked To The Late Star. 03-05-'20

Wade RobsonWade Robson and James Safechuck are reportedly going to try and sue two companies related to Michael Jackson later this year.

Two men who accused Michael Jackson of sex abuse are expected to return to court next month to take action against firms linked to the late star.

Wade Robson, 37 and James Safechuck, 42 - who appeared in the documentary 'Leaving Neverland' last year - are reportedly going to sue MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures.

Both Wade and James claim they were molested as children by the late popstar.

According to The Sun, the men want to prove the allegations were true and reveal that firm bosses were aware, or should have been.

Michael Jackson's estate is still exempt from facing legal proceedings.

"We're finally back in the courtroom," their attorney Vince Finaldi is reported by the publication to have said.

James Safechuck"We were supposed to have a hearing a couple of weeks ago, but it has been delayed due to the coronavirus – so we have another date set for June.

"It will be the first hearing in the case. It's a new judge and it will be resolved one way or another. We are preparing for a trial later in the year."

Both Wade and James previously attempted to sue the companies in 2013 and 2014.

However, their case was thrown out in 2017 after a trial judge said they had waited too long to file the allegations.

At the time Californian law required claimants to file before they turned 26 - but Wade and James were both in their thirties.

This changed at the beginning of 2020, when a new law came into effect that allowed victims of sexual abuse to sue until they are 40 years old.

Both Safechuck and Robson detailed a string of abuse claims in the 2019 documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.

Michael Jackson's estate and his family have continued to deny the sex abuse claims.

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

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