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KV GLOBALKV:GLOBAL, More Information… 30-10-'20

We announced last August that the team behind KINGVENTION, the European Michael Jackson's Convention will organise an online event this year.

Due to COVID-19, the convention will not take place in London this year but to keep the fans entertained, KINGVENTION has decided to bring the event to your screen directly! And Free of charge!

Today, KINGVENTION announced the following:

We are super-excited to reveal that KV:Global – the 2020 online edition of Kingvention, features an exclusive interview with the incredible Bill Bottrell.
Pez Jax speaks with Bottrell about working on the 'Bad' Album, creating for 'Dangerous', the original 'Blood On The Dance Floor', 'Earth Song' and beginning Michael's 2006 comeback album. More details soon!

It seems the first guest of KV:GLOBAL will be Bill Bottrell, the famous record producer, songwriter and multi Grammy Award winner for working with Madonna, Electric Light Orchestra and of course Michael Jackson!

First worked with the Jacksons for 'Victory', he also worked on Michael Jackson's 'Bad' & 'Dangerous' albums but mostly known for his songs like 'Streetwalker', 'Monkey Business', 'Black Or White', 'Give In To Me', 'Who Is It' and 'Earth Song'.

Other guests and more information including the date of KV:GLOBAL will be communicated soon.

Source: KINGVENTION / Billie Jean

Paris Jackson Releases Solo Debut Single And Music Video 'Let Down'. 30-10-'20

Paris Jackson is following in her famous father's footsteps. She released her first solo single and music video, 'Let Down', from her upcoming debut album 'Wilted' that will be out November 13.

Paris describes her acoustic sound as alternative folk. 'Let Down', a song that she wrote in her bedroom with only her guitar, tells the story of a breakup that was inspired by her own personal life. Paris formed The Soundflowers with musician boyfriend Gabriel Glenn in 2018. They split in August this year.


Source: Jackson Source / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Elementary School In Despair. 29-10-'20

It's 1963, Michael Jackson is only 6 and going to the Garnett Elementary School only 2 blocks away from his Gary home in Indiana.

The same school where he sang for the first time in public for the school talent show by performing 'limb Ev'ry Mountain' from the 'Sound Of Music' musical.

One of the rare school where Michael Jackson was just a kid but soon, his talent will be noticed and he will soon being doing schooling on the road with his brothers.

It's 2020, The Garrett Elementary School still stands but abandoned, dilapidated, vandalized and emptied.

Garnett Elementary SchoolThe school is today still standing at 2131 Jackson Street just a 5 minutes walk from 2300 Jackson Street where stand Michael Jackson's childhood home.

Chilling photos of the dilapidated grade school show classrooms with loose textbook pages strewn about the floor, whose dusty and dirty tiles have been lifted and peeled back for decades.

Graffiti is scribbled on some of the classrooms' chalkboards.

Other shots revealed how some fixtures and fittings have remained in tact throughout the years.

Although the school may have been defunct for years, the memories created by Michael and his siblings live on.

In 2009, one of Michael's teacher at the Garnett Elementary School, Felecia Childress recalled:

"I think I remember his eyes because he was so happy and he was almost bouncing around the room…and I remember Michael was the center of a lot of attention,"

"Michael had this stammer, but when he sang he would not miss a note and his pitch was perfect. He must have had an excellent ear because his little voice was just right on tune and everything you know and he was happy,"

"My heart ached for him because I remember the joy that he had mixing with his little friends, but it was so short lived. He didn't have time to be a child. H e just had to leave all of that behind and go to the serious part of life. And, that bothered me because I felt you know that’s the way you learn so much about your relationships; is how you play."

While the 'King of Pop' did not stay long in the school, it is still sad to such HIStorical buildings disappearing.

Source: MJ Vibe / The Sun / Billie Jean

Discover Michael THE BOOK Book + CD Album Cover'Discover Michael THE BOOK' Book + CD Album Is Released. 29-10-'20

Gota Nishidera is a musician and producer in Japan and he is a huge Michael Jackson Fan.

In the last few years, Gota has been busy releasing cover versions of the 'King of Pop', podcasting and written few books about Michael.

His latest book 'Discover Michael THE BOOK' is a successful 368 pages long story about the 'King of Pop' including a CD with 4 covers:

1. Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save (NONA REEVES)
2. I Can't Help It (Asako Toki with NONA REEVES)
3. Human Nature (NONA REEVES with Asako Toki)
4. Smooth Criminal (NONA REEVES with Asako Toki)

The book is full of illustrations of Michael Jackson made by Gota Nishidera and in November 13 to 25, an exhibition will take place in the book & Cafe Bar "BAG ONE" in Shibuya, Japan showcasing those Illustrations!

Publisher: Small Publishing
Author: Gota Nishidera
ISBN: 978-4905158967
Pages: 368
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 26 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon.co / Billie Jean

China To Unveil Another Michael Jackson Statue On Halloween. 28-10-'20

Chinese fans will unveil another Michael Jackson statue on October 31, with a Thrillerween celebration look.

The 6th statue will be placed in the city of Chengdu in China.

The unveiling of the statue will be Halloween themed with Dancers and celebration of the 'King of Pop'.

Source: Keen Zhang for MJJCN / Billie Jean

Paris Jackson Following In Father's Footsteps And Launching Her Own Solo Music Career. 26-10-'20

Paris JacksonParis Jackson has announced that her first single as a solo artist, 'Let Down', will drop this Friday (October 30), and now every Michael Jackson fan is waiting with bated breath to see whether or not the legend's daughter has inherited his musical talent.

Jackson took to Instagram to share the exciting news with her fans. "F--king stoked to announce that my first single as a solo artist, 'Let Down', will be released this Friday," she writes. "So thankful to my close friends, family, and work colleagues for always supporting me and encouraging me to do what makes me the happiest, and that is making music.

The preview of the track only reveals an instrumental clip—no vocals. But Jackson, 22, is masterfully building suspense by providing a backstory before its release.

"[Grateful for] the people here online who have been so kind and supportive and loving," she continues. "This song means a lot to me because even though it's a small part in a much larger story, I poured my heart and soul into it. This song is my baby and I've found so much hope and healing through creating this, and I hope it brings joy to others."

Source: Gossip Cop / Billie Jean

Ghosts Video Clip'Ghosts' Coming To YouTube This Halloween. 24-10-'20

The Michael Jackson Estate will release 'Ghosts' on YouTube for a LIMITED time.


"With the spooky season coming up soon, the MJ Estate has some exciting news for this year! The Estate is putting the full-length version of Michael Jackson's 'Ghosts' on the MJ YouTube channel for Halloween. The video will be available on Thursday, October 29, and remain up until Sunday, November 1st."

It is unclear if the short film will be HD quality or why this is a limited time only.

The last time the Estate has released 'Ghosts' was in some cinemas in 2017 with the release of 'Scream', the Halloween compilation with a 'Thriller 3D' version.

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Michael and Prince AzimBrunei's Prince Azim Dies At 38. 24-10-'20

Brunei's Prince Haji 'Abdul 'Azim died today at the age of 38 after a long illness.

The Prince was close to Janet Jackson and also met Michael on May 26th, 2007 at Stapleford Park Leicestershire for his lavish Birthday Party that year.

All our condolences to the people of Brunei, his family and friends.

Rest in peace Prince Azim!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

New Michael Jackson Podcast: 'MJ News Digest'. 23-10-'20

A new Michael Jackson Podcast has arrived: 'MJ News Digest'.

'MJ News Digest' was already available on YouTube for just over a year now and the aim to the YouTube channel is to give fans all the news found in the world wide web and digest it… as the name suggests.

'MJ News Digest' also created videos about specific topics or "from the archives" with behind the scene footage. You are able to see special report of 'Captain EO' or 'Stranger In Moscow'.

MJ News DigestYesterday (October 22), Tony, the owner of 'MJ News Digest' has created a Podcast due to popular demand.

We highly recommend both, the 'MJ News Diggest' YouTube Channel and the 'MJ News Digest' Podcast.

Source: MJ News Digest / Billie Jean

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq: Michael Jackson Tried To Buy My House. 22-10-'20

On October 3rd, 2020, arguably the greatest center of all-time, Shaquille O’Neal revealed something incredibly interesting. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and clarified that the 'King of Pop', Michael Jackson, tried to purchase his house at one point.

He says Jackson showed to his house "wearing overalls and a big hat," and only let him in "because it was Michael Jackson." Jackson reportedly stayed upstairs in Shaq's bedroom watching television in his bed for hours. When Shaq came to his senses, he went upstairs to confront him, and says Jackson told him "I wanna buy your house." He respectfully declined due to the fact that his house was not for sale. Jackson then left the house and the two went their separate ways.

Jackson apparently wanted O'Neal's house so bad, that two years later, he reportedly showed up to his doorstep and asked to purchase it for a second time!

Source: Talk Basket / Billie Jean

Smith WordesSmith Wordes Dies At 65. 22-10-'20

Smith Wordes passed away on October 19 from late stage cancer. She was only 65 and was surrounded by her loved ones.

Smith Wordes worked on multiple projects with Michael Jackson as a dancer and choreographer.

First seen in 'Captain EO' in 1986, then 'Moonwalker' in 1988 and 'Black Or White' during the morphing sequence.

Fans will remember her from her amazing dancing skills on 'Moonwalker' where she was one of the ladies of the club 30 during the 'Smooth Criminal' segment.

Smith Wordes worked also with Madonna and was also an actress appearing on 'Beverly Hills Cop III', 'Star Trek: First Contact' and many more.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Rest in peace Smith Wordes.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate Tries To Block Documentarian From Filming ‘Finding Neverland’. 21-10-'20

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's estate is reportedly trying to keep the 'Finding Neverland' director from reporting on more allegations from the two men who accused the late pop star of sexual assault when they were minors.

Dan Reed has been film a sequel to the Emmy-winning documentary in the Los Angeles Superior Court as Wade Robson and James Safechuck pursue legal cases against Jackson's estate, but the singer's lawyers are trying to hold up the production and discredit Reed as biased, Deadline reported Wednesday.

Jackson's companies claim Reed is not a "legitimate journalist", according to Deadline, and demanded that he turn over all of his material. Lawyers have also tried to ban Reed from court, where he has been following the proceedings by Robson and Safechuck.

"The follow-up documentary for which I am currently filming in these cases is about current events taking place partly in public view and will be an unfolding narrative with multiple points of view," Reed said in his formal response.

The director also argued that he invited Howard Weitzman, a lawyer with MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, to appear in the new documentary, but was rejected.

"Understandably, the MJJ companies are not happy with 'Leaving Neverland' or the making of the follow-up documentary," Louisa Compton, head of news and current affairs for Channel 4, which aired the original documentary, said, according to Deadline.

"It is easy to see why they do not want the subject matter of these films to be reported to the public. However, as much as they may dislike the messages that are being conveyed by these documentaries, we strenuously oppose their efforts to 'shoot the messenger.'"

The 2019 'Leaving Neverland' gave air to Robson and Safechuck, who claimed Jackson subjected them to repeated sexual assault at Neverland Ranch when they were both children.

Jackson's estate filed a $100 million lawsuit against HBO in February 2019, accusing the network of violating a 1992 agreement never to disparage Jackson’s public image. Several of the late singer's friends, including Madonna, continued defending him.

Source: Daily News / Billie Jean

James SafechuckJames Safechuck Court Case Dismissed. 21-10-'20

The judge Honorable Mark A. Young has dismissed James Safechuck's case against MJJ Productions Inc and MJJ Ventures Inc on October 20 in the Superior Court of California. Safechuck is ready to appeal.

All failed to prove any wrong doing and Safechuck failed to give hard evidences of his saying.

In his recently amended complaint, Judge Young determined that the claims against MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures have not been adequately argued and that Jackson's corporations could not be held responsible for the alleged actions of Michael Jackson himself. It is Safechuck's third time being dismissed by a California court. It is also the second judge to review their cases and rule a dismissal. Wade Robson, whose claims and arguments are almost identical to Safechuck, is likely to be dismissed as well. Both men have continuously added to their claims over the years, even though corroborating witnesses and evidence have consistently failed to materialize.

While Safechuck can of course appeal the court decision, this decision will be again considered in any future appeals. Hopefully Wade Robson's case will get the same treatment! And it seems Dan Reed will have some difficulties to do a 'Leaving Neverland 2' when the truth has been exposed by the court!

A hearing on Reed's motion to quash the subpoenas is scheduled to take place on April 9 next year. LA County Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young dismissed Safechuck's lawsuit on Tuesday (October 20). Robson's case goes to trial on June 14th, 2021.

Source: MJ Vibe / Deadline / Billie Jean

Cirque VirtualCirque Du Soleil Going Digital. 19-10-'20

With the pandemic, all Cirque du Soleil shows have been halted including 'Michael Jackson ONE' in Las Vegas.

Cirque also filed for bankruptcy protection last June and so far only one show has re-opened in China 'X: The Land of Fantasy'.

Now Cirque is looking at different way to entertain its fans until all shows resume.

Started on October 14, Cirque created a new platform called 'CirqueClass' where fans can explore the creative thinking of the creators and artists of the shows through in-depth intimate masterclasses with a wide range of subjects such as art, creation, inspiration, imagination, performance and so on.

The series will be presented every 3 weeks. The upcoming episode will include costume designer for Rupaul, Zaldy Goco who designed the costumes for 'This Is It' and 'Michael Jackson ONE'.

Other content such 'Cirque Up!' offering children a chance to learn the tricks of the trade starting October 25, and 'Cirque Me Out', a series of work-out classes that fans from around the world can join to train and exercise with real Cirque du Soleil artists starting October 15.

"While our fans are eagerly waiting for us to get back on stage, we want to keep providing original, and exciting content for them, all in one place," said Sebastien Ouimet, Director of global content and strategic partnerships at Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group.

"'Cirque du Soleil's mission is to invoke the imagination, provoke the senses and evoke the emotions, and CirqueConnect's programming embraces this in a genuine way as it aims to bring a bit of the extraordinary to the life of our fans all over the world."

Originally launched in March 2020, the CirqueConnect content hub provides a source of high-quality entertainment for fans to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. To date, it has attracted some 60 million views and offered more than 50 original programs.

Its aims to offer fans of all ages "a new way to experience the unparalleled content" from its iconic vault, as well as a chance to view newly-produced series that go beyond the big top and the company's various live entertainment creations.

It is not clear yet if more content from 'Michael Jackson ONE' will be included in the virtual Cirque du Soleil but you can get CirqueConnect here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Lenny_KravitzKravitz And Prince ‘Messed With’ Michael Jackson. 20-10-'20

Kravitz appeared on Naomi Campbell's YouTube vlog as her latest celebrity guest and the two old friends chatted about their personal and professional lives. Campbell asked Kravitz to share his story about being in the studio with Prince and Jackson.

He said that Prince called him and said, "I need you to be ready in 30 minutes. I'm coming to get you." Curious, Kravitz asked where they were going and the purple one responded, "We're going to mess with Michael."

They drove over to Sony Studios in New York where Jackson was working at the time. Kravitz said he booked the entire place for himself. "Prince and I went there and we hung out with him all afternoon and just had fun—made fun of each other, laughed, hung out."

Kravitz added that he felt normal sitting between the two of them as the "ruffian". "I've got my dreads and I'm unshaven, probably a little funky," he joked. "Prince and Michael are pristine. The hair is done. The makeup is done. Every crease is in place."

He said there are no pictures or videos that captured the special moment, but he was highly entertained by the two.

Roughly 10 years ago, a leaked Michael Jackson track hit the internet called 'Another Day', a rumored collaboration between him and Kravitz.

Kravitz later confirmed that he wrote and played instruments for the unreleased song and Jackson sang it. The leak caught him off guard. He issued a statement to say that he'd work to get the entire song released.

He also teamed up with Prince in the studio and the pair worked on multiple songs together. Where are they? In Prince's famous vault.

According to his interview with Sirius XM, Kravitz said Prince called the songs souvenirs and put them away. He has a copy of one of them which he may share with the world one day.

Source: The Cheat Sheet / Billie Jean

NTV Japan Interview December 1996. 18-10-'20

One of the things that gives Michael's fans such joy, is watching videos of his glorious big smile light up a room and hearing his infectious laugh. Over the years, while there's many clips that come to mind, there's perhaps none as funny or beloved as watching Michael constantly break down in giggles during his December 1996 NTV Japan interview, during promotion for his HIStory World Tour.

For years you've been able to go to YouTube and watch a fuzzy and grainy version of the interview; but now the HD version of the 24 year old video has surfaced online, which means we can now sit back and watch that big loving smile once again shine light into our lives.


Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

The GloveMovie: 'The Glove'. 16-10-'20

The first look at a new comedy movie called 'The Glove' has been revealed.

The movie will be filmed next year (due to COVID-19) and will be starring comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer who also been writing the script for the last decade.

'"The Glove' is a comedy road movie about two best friends in search of Michael Jackson's glove. The pair own and live in a junk shop which is financially struggling. The Landlord gave them an ultimatum: Eviction or find him the famous glove.

Speaking to British Comedy Guide in August, It has been confirmed: 'The Glove' is happening. With this virus, everybody's projects have been pushed and everybody who is going to be in it, scheduling this movie around our director, our cast, it’s one of those things where you’ve got to get it right. And to get it right, it means that we're going to shoot it next year."

So it seems it is pretty positive with some humor. We will update you as soon as we have more information on the cast and release date.

The movie poster was made by comic book artist Lee Garbett who worked on Batman and Judge Dredd.

Source: British Comedy Guide / Billie Jean

'The Ultimate Collection' (Lavender And Sea Glass Vinyl) 2LP Album Will Be Released. 15-10-'20

The famous American distribution chain Walmart will be offering from November 6 an exclusive edition of 'The Ultimate Collection' of the Jackson 5, in colored double vinyl.

The years 1969-75 belonged to the Jackson 5, and 'The Ultimate Collection' duly concentrates on this period. The one exception is the group’s remixed version of 'It’s Your Thing' from 1995. Originally written and waxed by the Isley Brothers, the Jackson 5 recorded the song in 1969, but never received a proper release until appearing on 'Soulstation'! 'The 25th Anniversary Collection' in 1995. The Jackson 5’s initial take of 'It’s Your Thing' is included on 'The Ultimate Collection' as well.

All 21 songs that let you hear the sound that was completed despite being bubblegum soul. There are 4 solo songs from Michael and 1 song of Jermaine.

Unfortunately, Walmart only ships to the US and Puerto Rico. If we learn more about this colored double vinyl we will be sure to let you know.

The Ultimate Collection (Lavender and Sea Glass Vinyl) (2LP Set) Album Cover'The Ultimate Collection' of the Jackson 5, in lavender and sea glass vinyl.

If the song list isn't posted on Walmart, here's the one that appeared on the original 1996 CD edition:

Track list:

LP 1:
1. I Want You Back - Jackson 5 - 2:59
2. ABC - Jackson 5 - 2:58
3. The Love You Save - Jackson 5 - 3:04
4. I'll Be There - Jackson 5 - 3:58
5. It's Your Thing - Jackson 5 - 3:41
6. Never Can Say Goodbye - Jackson 5 - 3:00

LP 1:
1. Mama's Pearl - The Jackson 5 - 3:14
2. Who's Lovin' You - Jackson 5 - 4:02
3. Maybe Tomorrow - Jackson 5 - 4:47
4. Got To Be There - Michael Jackson - 3:24
5. Sugar Daddy - Jackson 5 - 2:32

LP 2:
1. Rockin' Robin - Michael Jackson - 2:32
2. Daddy's Home - Jermaine Jackson - 3:03
3. Lookin' Through The Windows - Jackson 5 - 3:39
4. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson - 2:57
5. Get It Together - Jackson 5 - 2:49
6. Dancing Machine - Jackson 5 - 2:37

LP 2:
1. I Am Love - Pts. I & II - Jackson 5 - 7:28
2. The Life Of The Party - Jackson 5 - 2:35
3. Just A Little Bit Of You - Michael Jackson - 3:13
4. It's Your Thing (The J5 In '95 Extended Remix) - Jackson 5 - 5:57

Record label: Motown
Series number: B0032584-01
Printed: USA
Guide price: 26 €

Pre-order the double album here at Wallmart.

Source: Wallmart / Billie Jean

Thriller Album CoverBBC Radio 2 Ultimate 80S Album – Revealed! 15-10-'20

Last month, BBC Radio 2 asked their listeners to vote for the Ultimate 80s Albums and the top 10 has been revealed!

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album came 4th in the list. Ok, this is not the first place we wanted but considering BBC Radios have muted Michael Jackson during a good part of 2019 (no worries, Michael is back on most radio programme's, not as much as it used to be but it is a start!), coming 4th is still a winner!

Not to mention that the radio has given 50 albums to chose from and from what we understand, the top 10 came very close to each other!

A little disappointing to not see 'Bad' in the list as the 2nd Michael's 80s album did not make the cut, even in the top 40.

2019 fashion was based on the 80s, while most High Street shops offered T-shirts of the above artists, Michael Jackson's merchandise was pretty much erased from the shops' shelves due to the fake documentary. Musically, the trend was 80s pop-rock based which justify U2's first place.

Despite all those factors, 'Thriller' still made it to the top 10 and shows that Michael Jackson is still present in the general public's hearts! Clearly Danny Boy didn't manage to mute Michael!

Source: BBC Radio 2 / Billie Jean

Larry NimmerLarry Nimmer To Also Film In Court. 14-10-'20

In April, we told you that Dan Reed, self-proclaimed filmmaker, was granted to film in court for the court cases with Safechuck and Robson against the Michael Jackson Estate.

Today, Larry Nimmer, who is well known from the fans for filming Neverland Ranch during the Trial of 2005 and which helped Tom Mesereau demonstrating few inconsistencies in the trial; filled court papers to be also in the court room filming.

Larry always defended Michael Jackson from what he experienced and filmed and even released a documentary in 2019 called 'Michael Jackson: A Case For Innocence'.

As we all know Reed is good at distort the truth so having just him filming in court meant he had all power to edit whatever he wanted to fit his agenda. Now with Larry on site, the truth can no longer be distort! A real Documentarist!

It is unclear if Larry Nimmer is filming on the request of the Michael Jackson Estate or Tom Mesereau or for his own film company. But for sure, this is a great news!

You can find all information on Larry Nimmer's website here including amazing documentaries on Neverland Ranch.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

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