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Dennis Tompkins & Michael Bush To Be Introduced To The Walk Of The Stars Palm Springs. 14-10-'20

Dennis Tompkins and Michael BushMichael Jackson fans will know the names Dennis Tompkins & Michael Bush. The couple worked with Michael Jackson for over 25 years to create his costumes for short films, awards ceremonies, photo shoots and concerts. They created some iconic looks for the 'King of Pop' but also dressed other celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Denzel Washington’s wife Pauletta and Britney Spears.

In December 2011, Dennis has sadly passed away and to honor Dennis and Michael Jackson, Bush released a book 'The King Of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson' released on November 6th, 2012.

Nevertheless, Tompkins and Bush had great talent and created amazing and historical pieces for Michael Jackson and today, it has been announced that both designers will be inducted to the Walk of the Stars Palm Springs.

Michael Bush stated on social media:

I was recently surprised by my best friends who told me that Dennis Tompkins and I were approved for a STAR on the Walk of Fame in Palm Springs. The city of Palm Springs gave approval and over the coming months I will be working with them on the exact location as well as the actual date. I know if my partner Dennis was alive today, he would not believe that "Tompkins & Bush" would have a star and I can’t believe that this was given to me in my lifetime. This is a huge honor and I want all the people who I love including friends, family and fans of the celebrities we worked with over the past 30 plus years , know they are welcome to attend this ceremony. I will let you know the dates in 2021 when the city approves the ceremony as I want everyone to feel welcome when it is safe to attend. I am very grateful to the city of Palm Springs as well as my friends who nominated me and Dennis.
Michael Bush on Facebook (13/10/2020)

To be introduced to the Walk of the Stars Palm Springs, you will need to have lived or live in Palm Springs and be nominated.

The ceremony will take place in 2021 (date to be confirmed).

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael and PrinceThe Significance Of Oct. 13 For Both Michael Jackson And Prince. 13-10-'20

"It's been well documented that Prince and Michael Jackson were both personal and professional rivals during the height of their commercial success in the 1980s. But it turns out that both enjoyed significant career markers on the same date, 13 years apart.

On Oct. 13th, 1979, Michael Jackson's single 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough' topped Billboard's Hot 100 chart, becoming his second ever solo number one hit after 1972s 'Ben'. On Oct. 13, 1992, Prince released an album with a symbol on the cover that represented both his new professional name and defiant independence.

'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough' also represented independence for Jackson. It was the first track on his fifth studio album 'Off The Wall' in 1979, but more importantly, it was the first solo recording over which Jackson had creative control. Critics consider the track to be the first that also showcased Jackson's talent as a songwriter.

And who can forget the video, with its then state-of-the-art, 1979 green screen graphics and special effects showing Jackson in innovative triplicate.

'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough' went quadruple platinum, topped the chart in nine other countries and earned Jackson his first Grammy.

Meanwhile, the album that came to be known as 'Love Symbol' was actually an unpronounceable blend of the male and female gender symbols that Prince had featured on past album covers. He copyrighted an enhanced version of the image under the title 'Love Symbol #2', and began using it as his unpronounceable stage name from 1993 to 2001 in protest of his label, Warner Bros. Records. The label distributed the album, which was released on Oct. 13th, 1992 by Prince's own Paisley Park Records.

But Prince instead insisted that 'My Name Is Prince' be the lead single, arguing that its sound would appeal better to listeners that had enjoyed 'Diamonds And Pearls'.

The 'Love Symbol' album was actually a concept album featuring dancer Mayte Garcia, who would become his wife four years later. In visuals for the album, Mayte played an Egyptian princess who falls in love with a rock star (Prince) and entrusts him with a religious artifact, the 'Three Chains Of Turin' (or track 'Three Chains O' Gold'). She is eventually captured, then escapes from seven assassins, as referenced in '7'.

The original cut of the album had eight spoken segues to help tell this story, but most of them had to be cut for time when Prince decided to add one last song, 'I Wanna Melt With U', instead of making it the B-side to the '7' maxi single, as was the original plan.

MJ reportedly said that Prince was "nasty" and "one of the rudest people I've ever met." Although Prince and MJ were rivals, they were respectfully competitive. Prince's good friend Tavis Smiley told Conan O'Brien that Prince was devastated by Jackson's death and "[locked] himself literally in his room for days, and didn't come out. Didn't talk to anybody."

There are videos of Prince playing Michael Jackson songs in concert as a salute to the 'King of Pop' following his death.

Prince dips into the MJ song that reached number one on the very date that he would release his pivotal 'Love Symbol' album 13 years later.

Source: Eurweb / Billie Jean

MJ Musical'MJ The Musical' Delayed… Again! 09-10-'20

'MJ The Musical' which was supposed to open last July, originally postponed and cancelled from Chicago and now with the pandemic, the show was few times delayed until March 8, 2021. Today, the Broadway league announced further delay until May 30, 2021 which can again be reviewed depending on COVID-19.

Meaning the show will not open on March 8th, 2012 as shown on the website.

This is a huge stress for the nearly 97,000 workers who rely on Broadway for their livelihood and an annual economic impact of $14.8 billion to the city.

Depending on the level of the pandemic, this may change again. Ticket sales were already poor due to a low interest from the general public and the anger of many MJ fans against Lynn Nottage's comments in a couple of reputed press outlets confirming she believes the men in the fake documentary 'Leaving Neverland'. (Nottage wrote the book for the musical)

The MJ Musical confirmed it will now open in September 2021:

On the other side of the country, in Las Vegas, same story with no definitive dates of re-opening 'MJ ONE'. The musical master piece from Cirque du Soleil keeps postponing its re-opening which is now set for November/December but again, due to COVID-19, it is unclear if this will really be the date for fans to refill the theatre of Mandalay Bay Resort!

'MJ The Musical' website.

Source: MJ The Musical / MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Moonwalk'Moonwalk' Movie Inspired By Michael Jackson Mania. 07-10-'20

Indian Debutant Director AK Vinod just released a teaser for his new movie called 'Moonwalk'.

Based on true events, the film follows the story of a bunch of young men from a small town in India during the late 80s. The men, inspired by the Michael Jackson mania try to emulate his style and learn break dancing.

The movie will reflect on the 80s/90s, the passion of music and dance but also draw a picture of the economic situation of that time in the country where music and video cassettes were accessible to only a few affluent middle class people.

Michael Jackson and his art (music and dance) have influenced generations of people around the globe and this could be a nice way to show new generation how influential Michael was and still is!

Check out the trailer:


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Eddie Van Halen Dies At 65. 07-10-'20

Eddie Van Halen, whose innovative and explosive guitar playing kept the hard rock band that bore his family name cemented to the top of the album charts for two decades, died yesterday (October 6) of Throat Cancer at St Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, USA after a long battle with cancer. He was 65.

The famous guitarist and band leader of Van Halen was born in Amsterdam and moved to the US in 1962 and became famous in 1984 with the single 'Jump' of the album '1984'.

Michael Jackson fans will know Eddie for his guitar solo on Michael’s single 'Beat It' from 1983.

Before Eddie Van Halen agreed to add a guitar break to Michael Jackson's 'Beat It', he had to be sure the phone call from producer Quincy Jones wasn’t a practical joke.

Victory Tour (14-07-1984)
During the second concert in Dallas, Eddie Van Halen joins Michael on stage to play his solo guitar on 'Beat It'.

Rest in peace Eddie!

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Orianthi Recalls How Michael Behaved When She Joined His Band, Shares Opinion On Steve Vai. 05-10-'20

OrianthiIn a new interview with Ultimate Guitar's Justin Becknet, guitarist Orianthi speaks about working with Michael Jackson.

During the interview Beckner asks Orianthi about the MJ guitar that had been made especially for the 'This Is It' shows.

"That was actually designed with Michael Jackson and his clothing designer," she explains. "It was my guitar originally. It was just a blue Custom 24. We literally just created that guitar over the span of a month or so for the tour. That guitar was actually bought from me by a big Michael Jackson fan in China who wanted to display it. It was in a storage unit, in a vault, it was pretty much kept in the dark because I didn’t want to play it and lose crystals. I’d rather have it displayed somewhere for people to see than locked up in the dark somewhere."

Orianthi's then asked what Michael had planned for the 'This Is It' shows and if there were any surprises. "There were a lot of surprises," she says. "Obviously, we had to sign non-disclosure agreements and I don't know if they still stand or if I can talk about everything freely these days, but there were a lot of things that were going to be pretty epic. It was going to be one of the greatest shows on Earth! That's for sure." She then goes on to explain how she became chosen to work with Michael. "It was actually through MySpace. I was in the studio working with Diane Warren and I was putting some vocals down and I got an email through Myspace from Michael Bearden saying Michael saw me on the Grammys with Carrie Underwood and my YouTube videos and that I was exactly what they were looking for. He said in the email that he was going to call me that night with Michael. So they called me that evening and asked me if I'd learn 'Dirty Diana' and 'Beat It' and play it for them the next day because they were going to be starting something. So I did it and I didn’t know what to expect. They hired us all on the spot and we started working. It was pretty surreal."

Source: Ultimate Guitar / Billie Jean

New Official Michael Jackson Merchandise And More. 02-10-'20

The Estate of Michael Jackson just sent the below statement regarding new merchandise made in China to be released shortly.

While the statement does not say what collectible, we can reveal it will be a 'Smooth Criminal' 1:3 Scale statue of Michael Jackson.

The high-end item will be available from tomorrow at a high price but the Estate reassure that more affordable items will be also available. Prices on Purearts vary between $89 to over $1,000 for 1:3 statues!

Smooth Criminal Statue
The statue will come in 2 models. The one with the jukebox which will be priced around $1,700 and the one without the jukebox priced around $1,100.

See the statement from the Estate here:

The Estate has asked us to share some news with MJ fans. The Estate has been working with a company based in China, Pure Arts, which manufactures and distributes collectible figures for a variety of different brands and will now be creating a wide range of collectible Michael Jackson figurines to appeal to all levels of collectors. The Estate wanted to make sure MJ Fans knew before anyone else about the new products that will be coming.

The Estate also wanted to make sure that fans know that the roll out of the products will start with one large high-end limited edition piece being previewed at Wonderfest in Shanghai which starts tomorrow, October 3rd. While this piece is quite expensive, fans can be assured that subsequent releases will include options with much more affordable prices as well.

Keep an eye out to see what the Estate and Pure Arts put together!

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

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