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Unseen Footage Of Michael Jackson's Meeting With Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe. 24-09-'20

Michael visit Zimbabwe (17-11-1998)A bizarre video has emerged showing Michael Jackson meeting Robert Mugabe on a secret trip to Zimbabwe on November 17th, 1998.

The footage - which has never been seen before - shows the 'King of Pop' with the fawning despot and his wife Grace.

The video was shot in the State House in Harare and leaked to a member of the public by a former member of the Zimbabwean state security.

The controversial November 1998 meeting was organised in order for the star to discuss ideas for the development of a hotel in Victoria Falls.

But it never went ahead so the video has remained under wraps until now.

In the footage, Mugabe can be seen greeting Jackson warmly as he steps out of a red BMW with his security detail circling.

Jackson then kisses the hand of Mugabe's second wife Grace, before being led inside the compound.

In the video Mugabe says: “They would want to see if Zimbabwe, and especially the Victoria Falls, qualifies for a hotel, they want to establish a whole chain of hotels across the world, I suppose it's a Michael Jackson chain.

"And they say they have uplifted Las Vegas and they want to see if they can uplift the Vic Falls as well.

"So they are going to look at that...they think we have a good chance. But they didn’t make any firm promises."

Mugabe was finally deposed in 2017 after 37 blood-soaked years in charge of Zimbabwe, during which time he ruthlessly disposed of opponents and brought the country's economy to its knees.

During the surreal encounter he heaps praise on the singer, who's wearing his signature sunglasses and hat.

"We are very receptive, after all Michael Jackson is a favourite of all youngsters, my boy sings Michael Jackson, he wants to be like Michael Jackson," says Mugabe.

"Every young boy wants to be like Michael Jackson. If that can bring us also his hotels and his capital here we would be grateful, extremely grateful for it."

After the unlikely rendezvous the singer steps back into the BMW and struggles to close a wobbling window in the back of the car.

Jackson arrived in Zimbabwe without any advanced publicity and refused to talk to the media on the trip, it was reported at the time.

The star - who died in 2009 - reportedly came with a delegation from US-based United Pacific Holdings Group, in which he had a financial interest.

The source who leaked the footage said: "The video was taken on old tape and was never released to the media.

"Michael Jackson refused to speak with journalists during the trip and it was not publicized in advance. The hotel was never built, so the footage was never released."

Mugabe wed his former secretary Grace Marufu, who was 41 years his junior, in 1996, following the death of his first wife, Sally, in 1992.

The tyrant died on September 6, 2019 at the age of 95 after battling ill health in a five-star hospital in Singapore.

Source: The Sun / Billie Jean

Disgusting Auction Coming Up In Las Vegas. 24-09-'20

A Las Vegas Auction house called 'Memorabilia Expert' is currently selling some Jackson Family items.

Within the items, some Michael Jackson personal items such as jackets, photos, shoes, hats, the usual stuff we can find in auctions.

But it gets very disturbing when the collection which is apparently from Joe Jackson, who lived in Las Vegas, and allegedly "transfer the assets to" Marsha Stewart, a cousin of the Michael Jackson.

The collection includes dental prosthetic from Joseph Jackson's mouth, a wig from Michael Jackson and … hope you are sat… the I.V. which was still in Michael’s bedroom when he past.

Memorabilia Expert
Michael Jackson worn shoes loafers favorite for Moonwalk Jospeh Jackson Estate, a worn jacket 'This is it' Tour and Michael wig from his personal collection.

Now, we are not experts (funny that) but few red lights are raising: The document transferring the Joe Jackson's assets to Marsha… well, I could provide a better fake if you know what I mean! Secondly, all items in the Bed room concerning Michael Jackson's death was taken and sealed by the police as evidence. And as far as we know, those items are still sealed away.

And finally, the two individual, owners of 'Memorabilia Expert', Victor Moreno and Kieta (clearly a stage name) don't look the part. I would change pavement if I cross them in the street to be honest!

Now, we do not know if Marsha Stewart has legally the rights to sell those items or why she does sell them but we are hoping the Michael Jackson Estate will step in to stop this disgraceful auction.


Feel free to contact them on:

Memorabilia Expert
1801 S. Rainbow Blvd. #110
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Main: 702-659-7976
text; 702-296-6905
toll: 888-308-9714

Go to the website of Memorabilia Expert.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's Tik Tok. 20-09-'20

Tik Tok is a new social media created in China and used essentially to share little video of 3 to 15 seconds long.

As of today, this platform has been banned in the US and is also banned in India, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

But the Estate has released a statement that they are launching a Michael Jackson Tik Tok.

"Although there are no details to share with you yet, given the impending changes in the availability of Tik Tok to new users in the US, the Estate felt it was important to give MJ fans a heads up that Michael's catalog will be coming to the platform in the near future so that all fans in the US who want to be able to access the catalog on Tik Tok will be able to do so by downloading the app in the USA before tomorrow, Sunday, September 20. After that, it is unclear when the app will be back in the App Store on either Apple or Android or otherwise available to new users in the US. Fans that already have the app downloaded should not worry, as it won't affect you.

Make sure to share this information with other US MJ Fans so that all of his fans around the world, including in the US, will be able to create videos with Michael’s music on the platform when it does become available! We will let you know when the date has been confirmed."

It might be a better move to first control the other social media platform such as HQ photos on Twitter and Facebook or to give a 4k revamp to the YouTube videos before engaging to a new audience on a controversial platform, but that is another discussion to have with the Michael Jackson Estate.

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Jon Myron ClarkJon Myron Clark Passed Away. 19-09-'20

Guitarist, producer and songwriter Jon Myron Clark has passed away.

Fans might remember him from the Bad World Tour and 'Dirty Diana's' short film, Jon kept Michael at heart as he toured with Cirque du Soleil for 'Immortal'. He was a very talented guitarist.

We currently do not have any information on the circumstances of his passing but he will be missed greatly.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Jane FondaJane Fonda: 'I Skinny-Dipped' With Michael Jackson. 18-09-'20

Jane Fonda once swam naked with Michael Jackson.

The iconic actress bared all alongside the 'King of Pop' while she was filming 1981 drama 'On Golden Pond', explaining he came over to live with her on set for a week.

‘’I found him touching, a very interesting character," she revealed on Thursday (September 17), during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "I knew him pretty well. I skinny-dipped with him, how about that? Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Source: Calgary Herald / Billie Jean

BBC Radio's 2’s Ultimate 80S AlbumBBC Radio's 2’s Ultimate 80S Album. 17-09-'20

The iconic albums of the 1980s are being celebrated for this year’s National Album Day on 10 October. So what better time than now to find out which 80s album YOU love above all the rest?

Stadium rockers, pop megastars, New Romantics, synth-pop pioneers, indie gods, hip hop heroes, and beyond... the 80s had it all, in spades. We’ve whittled them down (and believe us, it was tough!) to a shortlist of 50 of the most celebrated albums of the decade.

The final 50 have been selected by a panel of music experts, based on the best-selling albums of the decade, alongside those that have endured to this day, as well as some slow-burners that are now considered classics of the era, allowing just one album per artist.

Now it’s up to you to vote for your ULTIMATE 80s album.

Voting opens midday on Friday 11 September, closing at midday on Wednesday 30 September.

The results will be revealed by Gary Davies in a Sounds Of The 80s Ultimate 80s Albums countdown special, on Radio 2 and BBC Sounds from 8pm on Friday 9 October.

Start voting… obviously for 'Thriller'.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Wiz Drive In For Charity Poster'The Wiz' Drive-In For Charity. 16-09-'20

Emagine Drive-in Cinema in Novi, Michigan will be showing 'The Wiz' on September 23 at 8.15pm in conjunction with Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan (BGCSM).

The magical Land of Oz jumps out of the pan in this spectacularly musical based on the Broadway case success.

In this Motown-production Dorothy 's a shy nursery school teacher out of Harlem. During a heavy snowstorm she goes to look after her lost dog Toto and she's taken along with to a fairy-tale land where she should follow the yellow way.

Diana Ross plays the beautiful role as Dorothy and is working together with stars such as Michael Jackson the scarecrow), Nipsey Russell (the tin man), Ted Ross (the cowardly lion), Lena Horne (Glinda the good witch) and Richard Pryor (the big magician of Oz).

The benefits will go to BGCSM to help youth to have a safe space to go to after school, developing programs to educate, inspire and empower the youth in Michigan.

So if you are not only interested to see 'The Wiz' on a big screen but also help local community, get your tickets here.

For more information on BGCSM, click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Fan Documentary: 'Loving Neverland'. 14-09-'20

As announced last month and with some delays due to technical issues and lisencing, the fans Nandita Raghav and Deboleena Aich have finally released their over 5 hours long documentary on YouTube.


We're not gaining any profit from this documentary. This documentary is totally fan based & we're not trying to abuse or misuse any content. All content are used under fair use for educational purposes.

"I'm taking back everything they took from me in LN. I'm gonna take back the 'Neverland' name. I'm not gonna let them dirty up a name. Cause Neverland was where some of the most charitable stuff was done." ~ Taj Jackson.

No one can deny that Michael Jackson was the biggest celebrity in the history of the mankind but at the same has been the most bullied, disrespected & tormented like no other. He sacrificed his life to make this world a better place. History will forever be kind and look upon with respect towards him when people finally start to realize how genuine & pure of a soul he was who channelized his music and ideals to not only entertain millions for decades as well as strive for world peace and harmony with his activie humanitarianism.

Produced by:
Nandita Raghav
Deboleena Aich

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

Bronze SculptureTreasures Ones Owned By Michael Jackson On Auction. 11-09-'20

On October 23, Guernsey's Auction will offer a huge collection of bronze and other items taken from Neverland Ranch in 2009.

The collection is made of multiple items, statues and personal items which were on the Neverland Ranch Property.

Another part of Michael Jackson's history going to be dispatched throughout of the world…

In 2009, a major collection of exceptional items owned by Michael Jackson, world famous entertainer and global icon, were to come to auction. Many of the items adorned Michael's fabled Santa Barbara ranch and amusement park. Legal issues arose and the auction cancelled. Michael's countless fans around the world were terribly disappointed to have lost the chance to acquire treasures owned by the legendary performer.

One fan was so upset at the missed opportunity that he pursued the matter legally and, after a multi-year effort, became the only person given access to Michael's Collection. He acquired a beautiful group of Michael's bronze sculptures and other assorted items. Now, more than a decade later, the collector has decided to share Michael's beloved items with the world and give other fans the chance to own a piece of Michael's legacy.

In an unprecedented auction, seventy of Michael's treasured bronze sculptures will be sold without minimum reserves. This is the only opportunity for fans to acquire such items. The auction will also include exciting original works of art Michael Jackson created himself. In addition to being an extraordinary entertainer, Michael was also a gifted artist.

The Collection of the 'King of Pop': Michael Jackson Auction in 2009 was slated to have been a "blockbuster". Although many of Michael's possessions may never be sold, this beautiful collection will be. On October 23, you'll have the chance to be amongst a handful of people around the world to own one of Michael’s beloved items.

Friday, October 23 – 12:00pm EST
Online auction

Online bidding:


Look here for the whole collection bronze and other items taken from Neverland Ranch in 2009.

Source: Guernsey's Auctions / Billie Jean

Calendar 2021 CoverMichael Jackson Official 2021 Calendar Is Released. 08-09-'20

The official Michael Jackson 2021 calendar is released by Danilo.

Michael Jackson was regarded as the 'King of Pop' and sprang onto the music scene with his brothers as The Jackson 5. In the early 1970s Michael also started to develop a solo career and by the end of the decade he was an established pop artist . To date Michael Jackson has now sold over 350 million songs worldwide.

Michael Jackson's back catalogue of album and singles brought many awards including Grammys and Brit awards and MJ was one of the most significant figures of the last century. Some of Michael Jackson's popular hits were 'Billie Jean', ''Beat It' and 'Leave Me Alone'. MJ was also an amazing dancer and his move called the 'Moonwalk' was special to watch. Likewise his music videos were well thought out and no one can forget the icon 'Thriller' video.

Buy today a Michael Jackson Official 2021 Calendar featuring the classic photos of the 'King of Pop'. This A3 calendar is a Michael Jackson poster calendar as well as an opportunity for you to write your 2021 appointments in the date boxes.

Publisher: Danilo
Height: 420 mm
Width: 297 mm
Product code: ?
Guide price: 11 €

Order your official Michael Jackson 2021 calendar at King of Shop are Danilo.

Source: King Of Shop / Danilo / Billie Jean

Chris Brown Showing Of His Michael Jackson's Artwork. 06-09-'20

Chris Brown, who has always been supporting Michael Jackson and tells people how he was inspired by the 'King of Pop', just posted a picture of himself from the back, wearing a MJ hoodie and looking at some MJ artworks in his home.

Chris Brown - MJ Artwork
The picture was posted on Instagram with no comment.

In the last couple of months, Brown posted few pictures of the artwork of Michael Jackson decorating his home. This gives an overview of the tribute he set for Michael.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Ranks Richest Dead Star As Late Singer Earns £46Million Annually. 05-09-'20

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson has been listed at the top of a dead celebrity rich list. The singer's estate is said to rake in upwards of £46 million a year thanks to his royalties.

Michael, who died at the age of 50 in 2009, is said to be raking in millions in royalties because of his music.

Michael's estate ranks at the top of a late celebrity rich list that contains stars such as Prince and David Bowie, reports the Sun Online.

The news comes shortly after late singer's family shared a collection of touching tributes on what would have been Michael's 62nd birthday.

According to the rich list, compiled by Partycasino.com, second in the rankings is writer JRR Tolkien.

His 'Lord Of The Rings' books are reportedly bringing in a whopping £38million a year.

Elvis Presley then comes in third place, with £30 million a year coming from his royalties.

Others in the list include Bob Marley, Dr. Seuss and Hugh Hefner.

The highest earning woman in the dead celebrity rich list was Marilyn Monroe, closely followed by Whitney Houston.

"If you think the amount celebrities make is excessive, wait until you hear the dizzying amount some continue to earn from beyond the grave," the rich list website added.

Alongside the findings, the website revealed that the data has been compiled thanks to data from Forbes.

The statistics were even broken down into time frames, revealing the exact amount that the celebrities were able to earn per second.

There is also a handy calculator for fans that want to calculate how long it would take for them to earn as much as their favourite late celebrity.

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

Miguel Wilson ArtworkMiguel Wilson's New Artworks Of Michael Jackson. 03-09-'20

If you recall in 2017, an artist called Miguel Wilson created a figurine of Michael Jackson which was revealed at Comic Con.

Miguel is back with a new MJ-like figurine which is a mix between Michael Jackson, superhero and video game character.

The doll called 'Torture' is already sold out:

Miguel also created some 'Captain EO' artwork and is currently offering badges and stickers!

There are some very talented people out there! Wandering if the estate would ever employ those talents? One can dream!

Disclaimer: Those items are not official Michael Jackson merchandise and are not licensed by the Michael Jackson estate.

Go to the website of Miquel Wilson.

Source: Miguel Wilson / MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

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