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The Jacksons Eighties Disco Albums Are Released. 30-04-'21

Epic Records and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment released expanded digital editions (featuring bonus tracks) of the group's last three Epic studio albums 'Triumph' (1980), 'Victory' (1984) and '2300 Jackson Street' (1989) will be released Friday, April 30 and available for pre-order starting today. Each album comes with three 'instant grate' tracks when preordered.

As part of the project, an exciting new remix of 'Can You Feel It' was created by producer/composer Greg Curtis (engineered by Jon Nettlesbey) and executive produced by John McClain:

'Can You Feel It' (The Jacksons X MLK Remix): Greg Curtis kicks off his production with a roaring drum line and bookends the mix with recordings from the late Martin Luther King's acclaimed 1968 The Drum Major Instinct speech at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Midway, excerpts from the great Barack Obama's first inauguration speech inspire. The production is capped with King's words, "Free at last, Free at last; Thank God Almighty, Free at last."

The Jackson's definitive album project:

The expanded digital releases of 'Triumph', 'Victory' and '2300 Jackson Street' are available alongside 'The Jacksons' (1976), 'Goin' Places' (1977) and 'Destiny' (1978), released on February 12. The six studio albums recorded by The Jacksons for Epic Records trace the group's spectacular leap from their Jackson 5 boy band roots to their role as avatars of an R&B/pop revolution (1976-1989). Each title includes the original album in its entirety, bundled with additional bonus tracks and may be ordered here:

Triumph (Expanded Digital Edition) Album CoverTriumph
1. Can You Feel It - 6:00
2. Lovely One - 4:52
3. Your Ways - 4:31
4. Everybody - 5:00
5. Heartbreak Hotel - 5:44
6. Time Waits For No One - 3:24
7. Walk Right Now - 6:29
8. Give It Up - 4:21
9. Wondering Who - 4:18

Bonus tracks:

10. Can You Feel It (Jacksons X MLK Remix) - 7:35
11. Can You Feel It (Island Remix)
12. Can You Feel It (Kirk Franklin Remix)
13. Can You Feel It (7" Version)
14. Lovely One (7" Version) - 3:48
15. This Place Hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel) (7" Version)
16. Walk Right Now (7" Version)
17. Walk Right Now (7" Version – John Luongo Special Remix)
18. Walk Right Now (12" Version – John Luongo Disco Mix) - 7:36
19. Walk Right Now (12" Version – John Luongo Instrumental Mix)

Order the expanded digital edition album here at Amazon.

Victory (Expanded Digital Edition) Album CoverVictory
1. Torture - 4:52
2. Wait - 5:26
3. One More Chance - 5:06
4. Be Not Always - 5:37
5. State Of Shock (with Mick Jagger) - 4:31
6. We Can Change The World - 4:45
7. The Hurt - 5:26
8. Body - 5:06

Bonus tracks:

9. State Of Shock (7" Version)
10. State Of Shock (12" Version – Dance Mix) - 5:40
11. State Of Shock (12" Version – Instrumental)
12. Torture (7" Version)
13. Torture (12" Version – Dance Mix) - 6:14
14. Torture (12" Version – Instrumental)
15. Body (7" Version)
16. Body (12" Extended Version) - 5:48
17. Body (7" Version – Instrumental)
18. Body (12" Version – Instrumental Extended)
19. Wait (7" Version)

Order the expanded digital edition album here at Amazon.

2300 Jackson Street (Expanded Digital Edition) Album Cover2300 Jackson Street
1. Art Of Madness - 5:06
2. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) - 5:22
3. Maria - 5:48
4. Private Affair - 4:10
5. 2300 Jackson Street - 5:05
6. Harley - 4:24
7. She - 5:01
8. Alright With Me - 3:25
9. Play It Up - 4:53
10. Midnight Rendevous - 4:24
11. If You'd Only Believe- 6:13

Bonus tracks:

12. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (7" Edited Version)
13. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (The Mix)
14. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Choice Dub)
15. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Extended Version)
16. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Sensitive Vocal Mix) - 5:58
17. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Bass World Dub)
18. 2300 Jackson Street (Short Version)
19. 2300 Jackson Street (The Family Mix Edit)
20. 2300 Jackson Street (The Family Mix) - 5:48
21. 2300 Jackson Street (Instrumental)
22. Art Of Madness (Vocal Mix) 7:01
23. Art Of Madness (7" House Mix)
24. Art Of Madness (12" House Mix)
25. Art Of Madness (Percapella)
26. Art Of Madness (Instrumental)
27. Please Come Back To Me (B-Side)
28. When I Look At You (B-Side)
29. Keep Her (Larrabee Mix – B-Side)

Order the expanded digital edition album here at Amazon.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Two New The Jacksons Remixes… 'Can You Feel Them'? 30-04-'21

Epic Records and Legacy Recordings have released the second wave of expanded digital editions of essential titles in The Jacksons catalog: 'Triumph' (1980), 'Victory' (1984), and '2300 Jackson Street' (1989). In addition to 'The Jacksons 'Can You Feel It' (X MLK Remix)' released on March 19th, the 'Triumph' re-release includes two additional new remixes of The Jacksons, 'Can You Feel It (The Kirk Franklin Remix) and 'Can You Feel It' (The Island Remix) featuring David Sanborn.

On Franklin's remix of the classic Jacksons recording, the Grammy Award-winning contemporary gospel artist reminds everyone that "the winds of change are blowing your way" while channeling a Sunday church service with gospel musicians and choir, the soulful vocals of the legendary Tamela Mann and Franklin's own call-and-response with Michael Jackson. This remix also serves as the electrifying soundtrack to a new music video set in a church and celebrating the inspirational soul-gospel vibe and message of the song.


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Grammy Museum Unveils New Motown Exhibit And Jackson 5 Costumes. 29-04-'21

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will reopen its doors to the public on Friday, May 21, with a new exhibition entitled 'Motown: The Sound Of Young America'. This exhibition will be the main exhibition on the second floor of the Museum until January 2022.

Presented by City National Bank, 'Motown: The Sound Of Young America' will trace the evolution of the famous American label by focusing on its main artists such as Temptations, Four Tops, Miracles, Supremes and many more, via the exhibition of stage outfits including that of The Jackson 5.

Grammy Museum
The stage outfits of The Jackson 5.

For more information on ticket reservations and the Museum's new security protocols, please visit www.grammymuseum.org.

Source: Soul Tracks / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Shoes, Glove And A Jackson 5 Stage Outfit On The Post-Tribune Front Page. 29-04-'21

Post-TribuneThe Post-Tribune newspaper, from Merrillville, Indiana, is making headlines today on the upcoming opening of Gary's new Hard Rock entertainment center, which we've been telling you about for a while.

The Post-Tribune therefore chose to illustrate its ONE with the presentation of a Jackson 5 stage outfit by Giovanni Taliaferro, the director of Memorabillia Design at Hard Rock International, as well as a photo of the shoes that Michael Jackson wore in the music video for 'Beat It' and a glove.

The entire article, which you can find on the Chicago Tribune site, features other photos such as that of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' jacket he wore when he was invited to a Lisa Minnelli show including a label, with a pass is always present inside.

Regarding the famous Joseph Jackson guitar that serves as the emblem of this complex and that we presented to you in our previous info on this subject, we discover in the article that it will also be represented by a huge illuminated chandelier.

The Hard Rock Entertainment Complex will open its doors to the public on May 14.

If we present this UNE to you today, it is because since the announcement of the rejection of the Wade Robson case against the Michael Jackson companies, we have scrutinized dozens of UNEs of American newspapers to see if the one of them was going to put forward this new court decision. We have unfortunately seen once again, that the media in general are more enthusiastic to bring forward allegations and other sordid stories concerning Michael Jackson without making any journalistic investigation rather than the court decisions made available to them.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Deborah King
Lawyer Deborah King

Did Michael Jackson Die Of A Broken Heart? 28-04-'21

Does a broken heart lead a man to death? In the case of Michael Jackson, this is what happened.

"I remember the time I lived in Santa Ynez, a few kilometers from the Neverland Ranch, at the time when Jackson was accused of sexual abuse. When I watched his trial I wondered if he was, in fact, a sexual predator. However, as a lawyer, I was appalled by the prosecutor's unethical conduct.

As the trial progressed, it became clear to me that prosecutor Thomas Sneddon was suing Jackson completely incorrectly for reasons of personal gain. My heart then went to Michael; it was obvious that he was being pursued, not prosecuted.

The trial was long and terribly exhausting (even for a strong person, which he was not). Michael stayed day after day.
I was happy when he was found not guilty because that trial was a farce.

When the trial ended, I continued to pursue his career with great interest. In researching his story, I realized the cruel physical and emotional abuse he suffered as a child; the stardom imposed on him at such a young age, robbed him of a childhood that he desperately tried to rescue as an adult.

The mechanisms he used to deal with his inner pain - with the conflict between the child who had no chance and the adult who could not face his reality - never worked. His on prescription drugs, which started with a burn in the late 1980s, was certainly aggravated by the trial and the various lawsuits he had to face.

I always wished Michael could have found some real help in erasing his childhood demons. Once again, the adult dysfunction resulting from childhood abuse stole everything Michael Jackson was and could have been very early on.

I believe his impact on us will be even greater after his death than it was in his brilliant life with just one glove."

Deborah King,

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Gilby Clarke Looks Back On His Appearance In Michael's 'Give In To Me' Music Video. 28-04-'21

Gilby ClarkeIn a new interview with the "Scars And Guitars" podcast, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke reflected on his appearance in Michael Jackson's music video for the song 'Give In To Me'. The clip was shot in June 1992 in Munich, Germany, just two days before the opening concert of Jackson's Dangerous World Tour, and it featured Clarke alongside Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash touring keyboardist Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis, Living Colour bassist Muzz Skillings and legendary session drummer Tony Thompson.

Speaking about how he came to be involved with the 'Give In To Me' video, Gilby said (as transcribed by Blabbermoutn.net): "[Slash, Teddy and I] were on tour with Guns in Europe, and Michael was in Europe, and he said, 'We're gonna do the video for [the song].' So he called Slash, and he goes, 'Put a band together.' And there was a moment when we actually were gonna do a mini-concert when we did that, so it was in front of a live audience. He asked myself and Teddy; Teddy had been playing keys in GN'R and stuff. Michael sent a private jet, and we went to Germany and we did it.

"What I remember is we're standing onstage," he continued. "It was Muzz from Living Colour, and Tony Thompson on drums. And we actually had our amps plugged up, and we were jamming a little bit and stuff. We actually weren't even playing that song; we were just jamming a little bit. And there was an audience — a real live audience. And Michael walks on stage, and the place just went — you hear that Beatles scream, that [shriek] that's just so deafening. And Michael came up to me, and he goes, 'What are they screaming at?' in this almost childish voice. And I was looking at him like this: 'Eh, 'cause you're Michael Jackson.' I couldn't believe he didn't get it. But he looked like he didn't know why these people were screaming at him. But it was a really fun experience. I'm so happy that Slash asked us to be a part of it."

'Give In to Me', which featured a guest appearance from Slash, was the tenth track on Jackson's 1991 studio album 'Dangerous'. The single peaked at No. 1 in New Zealand for four consecutive weeks, and at No. 2 on the U.K. singles chart. It was never released as a single in North America or Asia.

Source: Blabber Mouth / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Claim He Didn't Lighten Skin 'Untrue' Says Body Language Expert. 28-04-'21

Cliff Lansley
Body language expert Cliff Lansley.

Body language expert Cliff Lansley says Michael Jackson's micro-gestures when dismissing claims he artificially lightened his skin "seem to be suggesting that isn't true."

Michael Jackson"s claims that his skin lightened only due to vitiligo has been cast into doubt by a new documentary.

Body language experts have examined archive footage of the 'King of Pop' talking about plastic surgery and his skin, as shown in 'Michael Jackson: A Faking It Special' on discovery+.

Cliff Lansley, who calls himself a living "truth detector", said he believes unconscious signals in Jackson's body language reveal what really happened.

In a 2003 interview with journalist Martin Bashir, Jackson says claims he lightened his skin were "ignorant".

Analysing the footage, Cliff pinpoints several micro-gestures – such as a single-sided shoulder shrug – that signpost Jackson's lack of confidence in his answer, which he says is indicating dishonesty.

He says: "So, first we have a single-sided shoulder shrug. From his right shoulder, we see it raise slightly when he's talking about his condition.

"This is a partial gesture. In its full extent, a full gesture would be shoulders up and hands outwards, 'I've no confidence in what I'm just saying.'"

Furthermore, the tiny smile of pleasure Jackson displays is further evidence of deception, Cliff claims.

He says: "We've also got a smile appearing from his lips. It's not a full smile, it's this flash of pleasure, something that we call duping delight.

"Duping is fooling, and delight is pleasure, so is this the pleasure you get from fooling someone?"

Jackson then finishes the gestures with a micro-head shake, contradicting the positive statement he is making.

"We have this very, very tiny head shake 'no.' It's millimetres, just watch the tip of his nose," Cliff says.

He continues: "For two, three frames here, we've got a micro-head shake ''no,' so he's making an affirmative claim yet his body, and his smile, and his head, seem to be suggesting that isn't true."

For author Diane Dimond, while there is some truth to Jackson's claim, she believes that he did lighten his skin over time.

She says: "We know from his autopsy that Michael Jackson has vitiligo, this skin condition that causes blotches.

"It's obvious that Michael Jackson spent a lot of time bleaching his skin."

Source: Daily Star / Billie Jean

Innocent PosterMichael Jackson Forever, INNOCENT! 27-04-'21

"Today we once again reaffirm that Michael Jackson was, is and will remain INNOCENT!"

Again, yes, again, even after he left, Michael Jackson won again.

Two scammers who changed their testimonies countless times and created a network of lies that could not be sustained lost.

If they claimed victims to have their voices heard but had nothing to say, they undermine real causes and true motives in the battle against human evil.

A fraudulent documentary that gained strength at the hands of people like Oprah and caused radio stations to stop playing it, TV stations to cancel tributes and so many other things in its 10th year of departure. Even though I am only a tribute, I had 9 concerts planned in Europe, these 9 became 1. And what happened? We put 15,000 people in a stadium.

Little by little his music starts playing again and many realize that nothing has been sustained.

Even though there was a 10-year public dossier from the FBI made by more than 20 different nuclei, their voices were heard and caused this damage.

But that is not over yet, the next in line is HBO.

Today a part of the cleaning could start but the mainstream media will not talk because it doesn't click. Nobody likes to assume that he was cheated.

Today we once again reaffirm that Michael Jackson was, is and will remain INNOCENT!

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Body Language, Consistent Vocal Tone And Choice Of Words Suggest He Was 'Telling The Truth' When Denying Child Abuse Allegations, Behaviour Experts Claim. 26-04-'21

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's body language 'tips the scales in favour of him telling the truth' when refuting the child abuse allegations made against him, behaviour experts have claimed.

In shocking new documentary, 'Michael Jackson: A Faking It Special', which can be streamed on discovery+, experts in body language, speech and psychology examine video footage of the 'King of pop'.

They analyse in detail a 2003 documentary, fronted by Martin Bashir, where the singer allowed cameras unprecedented access into his Neverland Ranch to film 'Living With Michael Jackson'.

Among the topics discussed in the film was Jackson's relationship with children. Sitting down and holding the hand of a then 12-year-old Gavin Arvizo, Jackson reveals to Bashir that not only does he invite disadvantaged children to his ranch, but he also lets them sleep in his bed while he sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag.

And according to the experts, Michael Jackson's 'natural' body language - including spontaneous corrections and consistency of his behaviour, vocal tone and choice of words - are all reliable indicators he is telling the truth when refuting the child abuse allegations made against him.

Before his death in 2009, Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star on the planet. From leading the Jackson 5 as an 8-year-old singing sensation to forging his own glittering solo career as the 'King of Pop', Jackson was behind some of the bestselling records in pop history, earning himself millions of fans across the globe.

But off stage, Jackson's private life was marred by dark rumours for more than two decades; on two separate occasions, Jackson faced allegations of child sex abuse.

He was never convicted, but opinions are still divided to this day.

In one particular moment in 2003 documentary 'Living With Michael Jackson', as the singer speaks, Gavin corrects him, telling Bashir that Jackson would sleep on blankets pulled down from the bed, rather than a sleeping bag.

As body language expert Cliff Lansley highlights, both Gavin and the singer's behaviour point to the truth.

'So, this is a spontaneous correction, which is a reliable indicator of truth telling,' Cliff says. 'When someone makes a spontaneous correction to the fact that Michael Jackson says "I was in a sleeping bag," and then this young child has said "no, no, you pulled the blankets down and you slept on the blankets on the floor," is typical of the truth.'

Continuing, Cliff explains that the natural flow of the correction supports the validity of the claim, and that Gavin's body language suggests that appropriate boundaries were put in place.

'The fact that that child is making the correction is so natural and flows so easily, there can be a lot of confidence that Michael Jackson slept on the floor and this young boy slept on the bed,' he says. 'There is very little evidence that anything untoward went on between these two.'

Read the whole article here.

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Absolved: Second Accusation Of Molestation Is Dismissed By Court In Final Ruling.

Lawsuit'Leaving Neverland', the documentary in which two men accused Michael Jackson of child molestation, has been repudiated in court.

The Los Angeles Superior Court this morning ruled against Wade Robson in CASE NO. BC508502 in claims against corporations owned by Michael Jackson and/or the Estate of Michael Jackson and dismissed his case again. The Michael Jackson Estate is represented by the late Howard Weitzman and Jonathan Steinsapir of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump LLP. Statement from Mr. Steinsapir:

"As of today, a summary judgment AGAINST Wade Robson has been granted three different times by two different judges of the Superior Court.

"Wade Robson has spent the last 8 years pursuing frivolous claims in different lawsuits against Michael Jackson's estate and companies associated with it. Robson has taken nearly three dozen depositions and inspected and presented hundreds of thousands of documents trying to prove his claims, yet a Judge has once again ruled that Robson's claims have no merit whatsoever, that no trial is necessary and that his latest case is dismissed," said Jonathan Steinsapir, attorney for the Estate of Michael Jackson.

Previously, the case brought by James Safechuck against the Jackson estate was thrown out.

Robson and Safechuck not only sued Jackson but participated in the HBO documentary directed by Dan Reed in which they alleged molestation years after Jackson died. Oprah Winfrey bought their story hook, line, and sinker, and conducted interviews with them allowing the men to allege accusations without any solid evidence. Now the court has ruled against them. It's over.

Source: Roger Friedman; Showbizz411 / Billie Jean

MJ OneCirque Du Soleil's 'Michael Jackson ONE' To Return! 24-04-'21

While the world of Entertainment is slowly coming back to life after a tough year of pandemic, Las Vegas is slowly opening back up its hotels, casinos and now shows.

Cirque du Soleil has announced that "Mystere" at Treasure Island will reopen on June 28 and "O" at the Bellagio on July 1.

Asked about the other shows, Cirque du Soleil CEO Daniel Lamarre told the press:
"Assuming that the market is back at the pace we think it will be, we will then open one show at a time every month. So we will probably open "Love", at the latest, in August, but maybe before because now people at MGM feel that the market is much stronger than we expected. We were planning one every month, but it could be sooner than that based on what I'm hearing. The way it will work it will be "Love", "MJ", and "Ka"."

Cirque is looking to open one show at the time and all depending of the pandemic, "LOVE" should reopen in August and 'MJ ONE' in September but the CEO is confident that those following shows might actually reopen sooner!

While tickets for "Mystere" and "O" are now available to purchase, the 'MJ ONE' is yet to be reopen.

It is just a question of time (and also depending of the world situation and dealing with the pandemic).

Keep the Faith!

For more information about 'MJ ONE', click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Dirty Diana Outfit'Dirty Diana' Outfit On Display At MTV Turns Forty Exhibition. 23-04-'21

MTV marks its 40th anniversary on August 1 of this year, and the milestone will be celebrated with an exhibition at the Grammy Museum Mississippi in Cleveland, Mississippi.

MTV Turns Forty: I Still Want My MTV, opens Friday, May 14, 2021. Why is it in Mississippi? Because one of MTV's founders, Bob Pittman, is a native of that state.

In addition to exploring the history of MTV, the exhibit will feature memorabilia from some iconic performers who became superstars thanks to MTV exposure. On display will be the dress worn by Madonna in her video for 'Vogue' and the leather suit Michael Jackson wore in the clip for 'Dirty Diana', plus contracts from his other video shoots, including the making of the 'Thriller' video. Well after all, Michael Jackson made MTV with 'Thriller' so make sense!

The Exhibition will include much more items from other artist and will run through the summer of 2022 and will also travel nationally and internationally.

Artifacts provided on loan from Hard Rock include:

* The silky dress briefly worn by Madonna in her music video for 'Vogue'.

* The leather suit worn by Michael Jackson in the music video for 'Dirty Diana', plus contracts from other shoots, including the making of the 'Thriller' music video.

MTV Turns Forty* The Ibanez acoustic guitar played by Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon in the music video for 'Save A Prayer'.

* Dire Straits' 1986 MTV VMA Award for Video of the Year for 'Money For Nothing'.

* The Yamaha acoustic guitar played by Bret Michaels in the music video for Poison's 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn'.

And more...

* Additionally, MTV Turns Forty will feature artifacts such as:

* Memorabilia from Aerosmith and Run-DMC.

* Interview footage, notes, sketches and more about the idea for MTV from Bob Pittman and John Sykes.

* Artifacts from the MTV Video Music Awards.

* Initial exhibit sketches from the late Lucy Janoush, founding Board Member of the Mississippi Museum.

* Spotlights on the many pivotal moments in MTV's history, from Nirvana and 'MTV Unplugged' to 'Beavis and Butt-Head' and 'The Real World'.

And more...

For more information, visit the Grammy Museum Mississippi.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Earth Day: Michael At The Top Of 'Earth' Songs On The Official Singles Chart Top 40. 22-04-'21

Earth Song CD Single CoverApril 22 marks Earth Day, a day where millions across the world draw attention to the huge challenges facing the planet.

It's also a popular theme in pop; from artists singing hoping to bring peace on earth, to highlighting the climate crisis or musing about our brief time on the planet.

31 'earth'-related singles in the Official Chart's 75-year history have reached the Top 40, with two hitting Number 1: Michael Jackson's socially conscious 'Earth Song' in 1995, and Belinda Carlisle's breezy pop anthem 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth' in 1987.

'Earth Song' came on the first position with his 1995s number one single from the 'HIStory' album.

It would have been nice to also extend the list to the songs with a powerful message to save the world such as 'Man In The Mirror', 'Heal The World', 'Cry' and 'We Had Enough' but the title of the song needed to include the word "Earth".

Source: Official Charts / Billie Jean

Mario Mascot Dances To Michael Jackson In Viral Video Viewed 6 Million Times. 21-04-'21

Mario MascotPewDiePie has been trending on Twitter all morning, but not as much as Mario and Sonic. A random Sonic and Mario video dancing to 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson have gone viral over on the social media platform, which can't take its eyes off the moves of Sonic, and especially Mario. In less than 24 hours, the video has amassed 7.5 million views, 159,000 retweets, 739,000 likes, 3,200 comments, and 14,000 quote tweets. Not bad for a random video from someone with less than 3,200 followers and that is only a few seconds long.

If you -- somehow -- haven't seen the video yet, it's nine seconds long and features two people dressed up as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario dancing for a group of kids at what looks like a backyard pool party.

Right now, the only context we have is what's in the video. It's unclear who's in this video, when it was taken, or what the location is, but none of that matters. All that matters are the moves.

It's well documented that the Internet loves mascots dancing. And thus perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that Twitter can't get enough of the video.

Look here for the video.

Source: Comic Book / Billie Jean

Case Against Michael Jackson Brought By Wade Robson Tentatively Dismissed By Judge, Basis Of 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary. 20-04-'21

Mark A. Young
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young has tentatively dismissed the last of the cases brought by choreographer Wade Robson against the Estate of Michael Jackson. A final ruling will come after a hearing on April 26.

Robson's cases against Jackson, his Estate and companies were based on an out of left field claim that he'd been sexually harassed and abused by Jackson when he was a child. But Robson had testified in Jackson's defense in his 2005 child molestation trial and continued to sing his praises after he died. It was only in 2013 when Robson had been rejected by the Estate to do work on Jackson projects that he made the claims. The claims then became the basis of the documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.

Robson was joined in his lawsuit by James Safechuck, who also made the sexual molestation claims, appeared in the documentary, and so on. His case was dismissed last year.

Keep refreshing as I add some points from the case. But as you read through the judge's decision, you'll see the words "no triable issue." The case has been essentially tossed.

Source: Roger Friedman; Showbizz411 / Billie Jean

Paris Jackson Says She Will 'Always' Be Influenced By Father Michael. 18-04-'21

Paris JacksonSpeaking to the Evening Standard, the singer said that her father's art was always on her mind, even when she herself wasn't making pop music.

"I think he'll always influence everything I do in some way, whether it's subconscious or intentional," she said.

"I was around that creativity all the time, so I'm sure I learnt a lot of what I have from that."

Jackson also discussed growing up on the Neverland Ranch in California, describing how she was "very privileged" but still hard to "earn" treats like toys and rides at the amusement park.

"We were lucky enough to be raised with solid morals. He would be like, 'Oh, you want to go to Toys 'R' Us and get five toys? Great. You need to read five books — and I will test you on those books,'” she recalled.

"It was very clear to us that those rides and the zoo were for underprivileged children – children who were sick and couldn't go to Disneyland. If we were good, and we did our homework and we worked hard throughout the week, maybe we could go at the weekends, but we had to earn it."

Over the years, Paris has rarely spoken about her life with her father, who died in 2009 when she was aged 11.

However, in a recent interview with Naomi Campbell, the 23-year-old revealed that Michael made sure they were "cultured" and "educated".

"We saw everything," she said. "We saw third world countries. We saw every part of the spectrum."

Source: Independent / Billie Jean

Travis Payne and Stacy Walker'Remembering MJ' With Travis Payne & Stacy Walker. 18-04-'21

Travis Payne and Stacy Walker have been busy and kept the fans entertained with multiple dance classes and workshops online during the pandemic.

Last year, they held a series of livestreams for Japanese fans with discussions and interviews with multiple people who worked with Michael Jackson such as Kenny Ortega, Dorian Holley, Michael Prince and many more.

DISCYU CO., LTD, the company who organised this event is back but this time for the European Region!

A series of livestream video hosted by Travis and Stacy will includes over 30 people who worked with Michael Jackson talking about their experience with the 'King of Pop', stories about Michael, his talent, his music, his dance, his concerts, his videos, his movies…. All in with a monthly video.

The launch of 'Remembering MJ' EU session will start on May 1st and at this stage, it is not known how much the tickets will be or the agenda for all the sessions of the series!

For more information click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Ranked 2 Out 5 Highest Selling Pop Albums Of All Time. 18-04-'21

If you like Michael Jackson, you love Pop Music! Pop Music has evolved since 1926 when the terms "Popular Music" was introduced to the world.

A lot of controversy came around when Michael Jackson was crowned 'King of Pop' but the figures and data shows that HE IS THE KING OF POP!

And here the proof we needed – the 5 Highest Selling Pop Albums of All Time are:

5. ABBA - 'Gold: Greatest Hits' with 30 Million copies sold since 1992.

4. Madonna - 'The Immaculate Collection' with 30 Million copies sold since 1990

3. Adele'- '21' with 31 Million copies sold since 2011

2. Michael Jackson - 'Bad' with 35 Million copies sold since 1987

1. Michael Jackson - 'Thriller' with 66 Million copes sold since 1982

There is nothing else to say but "Michael Jackson is the 'King of Pop'".

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Billie Jean Single Cover'Billie Jean' Song Has Sold Over 2 Million Units In The UK. 18-04-'21

Another important brand for the 'King of Pop' music:

One of Michael Jackson's most memorable songs reaches a major UK brand, 'Billie Jean', recorded 2 million copies marketed on British soil and added another platinum to his collection of certified singles [according to Chart Data].

One of the greatest hits of 'Thriller', the album Jackson released in December 1982 and became the most successful album in the history of music, 'Billie Jean's short film, directed by Steve Barron is considered the video that led to MTV to become one of the most famous channels in the world, in addition to being the first clip by a black artist to be shown on the channel.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Cut & Sew Collection From Michael Jackson. 16-04-'21

A new collection has appeared on the official Michael Jackson store the day we were expecting the 'They Don't Care About Us' capsule as promised by the Estate.

But instead, the US gets a new collection called "Cut & Sew" … more "Copy & Paste" in my eyes! So the designer at the Estate in charge of the merchandise just took some pictures, mainly one from the 'Scream' short film set and stuck it on few T-shirts and hoodies. Not to mention that text in different languages from Wikipedia on Sweatpants, Zip-up, T-shirts, hoodies….

If you like a lazy copy/paste design, you can find and buy (price between $40 and $125) on the US store here. But if the quality is as good as the 'HIStory' capsule, not worth your money!

Cut & Sew Collecton
A new collection has appeared on the official Michael Jackson store.

Source: MJ Vibe / michaeljackson.com / Billie Jean

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