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Moonwalker DVD Cover'Moonwalker' On TV In Belgium. 31-07-'21

With Michael Jackson's birthday coming, more and more TV Channels are planning to play different documentaries and movies about Michael Jackson.

In Belgium, the 2 channels Tipik and Auvio will be programming 'Moonwalker', the unique movie from 1988, on August 7th at 8:35pm (local time) and again on August 8th at 6:15pm (local time).

You are loving his music. You know his moves. Make now acquaintance with Michael Jackson like you have never seen him in 'Moonwalker', a magic, musical movie which brings and carry you back to the moon, an adventurously trip in company of the famous entertainers of the planet!

So the lucky Belgium fans will have the possibility to watch Moonwalker twice in 2 days! Enjoy!

Source: Tipik / Auvio / Billie Jean

Burn This Disco Out'Burn This Disco Out' Save The Date: August 28, 2021. 31-07-'21

As announced a week ago, the team behind Kingvention, the Michael Jackson Convention, organises a Michael Jackson Birth Day Celebration in London and the date is now set to Saturday 28 August 2021!

More information about the venue and timing will be soon released! So keep an eye out if you live in the UK!

Everyone will be welcome, full evening of pure Michael Jackson music!

Sign up here and be the first to gain access to tickets to celebrate Michael Jackson's Birth Day in London.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Estate Of Michael JacksonAfter Court Victories, Michael Jackson Estate Eyes Revival. 30-07-'21

Michael Jackson s musical legacy never left, but a kind of comeback is coming.

With a series of court victories that bring the end to serious legal crises, with a Broadway show beginning and a Cirque du Soleil show returning after a long pandemic pause, the Jackson business is on the upswing 12 years after the pop superstar's death.

Very recently, things looked grim. The 2019 HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland' raised child molestation allegations anew. The once-dead lawsuits brought by the two men featured in it had been revived by changes in the law. And a decision in the estate's appeal of a $700 million tax bill was taking years to arrive.

"I was always optimistic," John Branca, the entertainment attorney who worked with Jackson through many of his biggest triumphs and now serves as co-executor of his estate, told The Associated Press in an interview at his Beverly Hills home. "Michael inspired the planet and his music still does. There was never any doubt about that."

The optimism was warranted. A succession of court decisions came. One accusers' lawsuit was dismissed in October 2020. The other was tossed out in April. In May, a ruling in the tax case slashed the bill dramatically. The estate suddenly stands nearly clear of a dozen years of disputes. That means Branca expects that in the next 18 months it can finally be taken out of probate court and turned into a trust for Jackson's three children, who are all now adults.

And the focus of the estate can now shift back to presenting Jackson to the world.

The first priority is the revival of the Cirque du Soleil show, 'Michael Jackson: One' at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. It is slated to reopen Aug. 19 after a coronavirus closure of nearly a year and a half, in time for a major celebration there planned for Jackson's Aug. 27 birthday.

The Broadway show, 'MJ: The Musical', will follow quickly on its heels, the first of several planned projects.

Branca said the delay of well over a year, as happened for all of Broadway, was "frustrating" but he has renewed excitement about 'MJ: The Musical' and shared new details.

"It's not a chronological depiction of Michael's life," he said. "It's more impressionistic, inspired by Michael's life and his music. It takes place as Michael is preparing for a tour and MTV wants to get an interview. Michael's very press shy, and slowly but surely as they develop a relationship begins to talk about different parts of his life that then get enacted in the show."

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage wrote the show's book. Tony Award-winner Christopher Wheeldon is directing and choreographing. Broadway newcomer Myles Frost will star as Jackson, after Ephraim Sykes dropped out to shoot a movie. Rehearsals resume in September, and previews begin in December.

Branca said he's proud of the diversity the show will bring to the stage.

"The cast is obviously largely Black," Branca said, "In an era where that's sorely wanted on Broadway."

Successes aside, Branca feels lingering bitterness about director Dan Reed's 'Leaving Neverland' and what he felt were American media outlets that "don't have the time or the wherewithal to do the research to figure out what's true and what's not true."

Hence, the estate's last lingering lawsuit, now in private arbitration, is one that it brought itself, and one Branca very much wanted filed, against HBO over the documentary.

"I was very angry at HBO and Dan Reed and I still am because here's the thing: You can say anything you want about somebody who's dead. They're not here to protect themselves," Branca said.

The two men featured in the documentary are appealing the dismissals of their lawsuits. HBO has defended 'Leaving Neverland' as a valid and important piece of documentary journalism.

Ironically, the victory handed to the estate in its tax case came in part because the judge believed the value of Jackson's image and likeness had been severely diminished by such allegations at the time of his death, despite his acquittal at his 2005 trial for child molestation. It was one aspect of an all-around victory for the estate that's bringing a far smaller bill that's being calculated now.

Under the guidance of Branca and his more behind-the-scenes co-executor John McClain, the estate has brought in $2.5 billion in revenue in the past 11 years, and Jackson has remained the top earning deceased celebrity every year since his death at age 50 from a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol.

But Branca says the way Jackson's musical legacy echoes through modern artists may be his most impressive legacy.

"Kanye West, Drake, Beyoncé, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande — they all point back to Michael," Branca said. "His influence is really enormous."

Source: Independent / Billie Jean

Taj JacksonTaj Jackson Updates The Fans On h-His Project. 30-07-'21

After a long silence, Taj Jackson has some updates to give the fans and explains the reasons why the project has been on hold for a while and it is not only due to COVID.

Here his full statement:

"The past 2 years I have purposely not shared some things with you guys because I didn't want my personal problems to interfere or question your confidence in me and this project.

First, I have never lied about this project being one of the most important projects in my life. Nor have I ever lied about my love and dedication to it and my uncle. However, there are some personal stuff behind the scenes that I have had to deal with and it has definitely affected both my mental and physical health. I am doing much better now but I want to finally share 2 examples.

Ok, where do I start… Last year my wife and I came face to face with the horrors of a miscarriage. I didn't reveal it back then because we had no idea how to handle this loss. The effects were absolutely devastating for us.
That day, we went to my wife's OB/GYN(doctor) to finally find out the gender of our new baby. It was suppose to be an exciting day. Instead we found out that our little precious baby no longer had a heartbeat. Nothing prepared us for that shock. I hid this pain well from you guys and the public. I still did many interviews regarding my uncle and livestreams after that painful day. You would have never known what happened.

Which brings me to my next situation…
Well two months ago I went to my doctor for the first time in nearly a decade. I knew I hadn't been taking good care of myself and the results clearly showed.
Not only was my blood pressure and blood sugar super high, I also had some other health complications. Not to mention I was already 60 pounds overweight. Luckily everything was still fixable and not permanent. But I had a pretty decent health scare for awhile. So if I wasn't as active on social media as I had been in the past, or didn't answer or respond to your messages or comments, now you know why. I really had to focus on getting better and healthier…For my family, for the project, and for me.

Why am I telling all this.
Because it felt weird and hypocritical to be working on a series that humanizes my uncle by showing all the external crap and struggles he had to deal with, while at the same time I am hiding my own personal struggles and crap from you guys. I am also telling you this because I want you to fully understand that through out all this drama, my commitment to this project has never faltered. I have been constantly working and pushing things forward since I first put this Go Fund Me page up. Even with my hardships these years, I have always made time to fight for and defend my uncle's legacy. And I will never stop that fight until everyone learns and knows the truth.

Am I frustrated about the speed at which this series is moving, of course I am. But I could have never predicted that a world wide pandemic would slow down things everywhere and last this long. So unfortunately we have to be patient.

That being said…There is no doubt in my mind that this series will be finished and distributed globally . I'm ready to hit the ground running once it's safe to do so. I want to thank everyone for their continued support. Whether monetary support or emotional support, I am so thankful for my uncle's defenders and advocates. This series will be executed in a way that will forever vindicate my uncle Michael once and for all. It will cement his legacy as not only the greatest entertainer that ever lived, but one of the greatest and kindest human beings to ever walk this planet. My uncle, Michael Jackson, deserves that.

Yes this series is a huge undertaking, but as I said before, your support makes this possible. I truly thank you guys for believing in this project and me. We are going to make a difference for many generations to come.


Source: Go Fund ME / Billie Jean

Hiroshi Fujiwara & K.U.D.O. Presents Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes Album Is Reissued. 28-07-'21

Hiroshi Fujiwara & K.U.D.O. Presents Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes (re-issue) Album CoverHMV Japan informs us that the album 'Hiroshi Fujiwara & K.U.D.O. Presents Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes' is reissued in Japan on vinyl by Motown/Universal.

The Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes' album is put together by Hiroshi Fujiwara & KUDO. The album will be re-released on April 28 in Japan by Motown/Universal and features on the A-side regular remixes, and on the B-side dubbed tracks making the Jackson's music obscurely different from what your used to yet is a nicely expanded approach that takes this project past other efforts of a similar nature.

The straight remixes are dub heavy, but remain focused around the familiar structure of the originals… In all, each track nicely uses/has subtle bass-lines and a smokey Jamaican sound to add some really different changes to the work and sound of the Jackson's.

Released for the first time in 2010 on CD, then on vinyl in 2018, this compilation of remixes produced by Hiroshima Fujiwara and KUDO is in the reggae and ska style.

Track list:

1. We've Got A Good Thing Going (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Michael Jackson - 4:00
2. Never Can Say Goodbye (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:11
3. All I Do Is Think Of You (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:32
4. La La (Means I Love You) (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:19
5. It's Great To Be Here (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 3:50
6. Happy (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Michael Jackson - 3:49

1. Love Song (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 3:54
2. I'll Be There (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:12
3. I Want You Back (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 5:19
4. With A Child's Heart (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Michael Jackson - 4:29
5. Ben (HF Remix #3) - Michael Jackson - 3:30

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: PROT-7022
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 21 €

Order the album here at HMV.

Source: HMV / Billie Jean

OWSONOWSON x MJCN. 28-07-'11

China is the hot place to be at the moment! After PureArts' new Official MJ Statue, here comes another (fun) one but not official!

OWSON is a owl comic character popular in China, created by the Chinese cartoonist Waiwai and as the memorabilia and statues of characters are booming in the world, a company called DIVINE STUDIO (Zhushen studio) has created multiple figurines about this cute owl popular with young players!

After few designs, they have now showcased their latest version Michael Jackson Style!

OWSON is posing like Michael Jackson 'HIStory Statue' in a gold layer figurine.

More information will be available here.

Source: Keen Zhang / MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Estate And Sony Prepares Michael Jackson Song Releases In 3D Audio. 28-07-'21

Michael JacksonA never-before-heard experience is what the Japanese record label promises about songs from the 'King of Pop' music.

Sony will release a 3D audio system soon and the 'King of Pop's music catalog is on the Japanese company's priority list.

According to Humberto Gatica, Michael Jackson's sound engineer and producer on 'Thriller', 'Bad', 'We Are The World' and Invincible, the label's innovative system will allow fans to hear songs from the 'King of Pop' with surprising effects.

"'Billie Jean', 'Bad', 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough', 'Thriller' … You can hear some impressive effects. That's why Michael's Estate contacted me, as I know these files well and obviously I'm someone you can trust so that no file of any kind can escape and go smuggled to the market, which would be a mistake. . These are original files, and opening them after 30 years of recording was an impressive experience… Because the technical and musical quality are maintained until today. It never got old. Michael's voice, all the movements and all the noises he made when he was recording… He was a very rhythmic person. Rediscovering the scores and the sounds, the effects, was something super interesting and fun", said the producer.

No release date yet [rumors suggest in the fourth half of 2021 in order to publicize Michael"s show on Braodway] Gatica explains that Sony's technology will be a sensory experience.

"When you put the headphones on, you feel Michael's voice coming out in front of you, behind you, from the sides… a great experience… In my opinion is that if Michael had heard this he would have been happy. Because Michael was a person who always looked for the best of the best, and he climbed to the top, and when he was already at the top he wanted to climb even higher."

Source: Sony / The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Bad Single CoverMichael Jackson's 'Bad' Music Earns UK Gold Certificate. 27-07-'21

'Bad' was released on August 31st, 1987 worldwide and reached number one in several countries around the world.

The single 'Bad', by Michael Jackson released on September 7th, 1987 in the USA received this Monday (July 26) the gold certificate from BPI, the British Phonographic Industry.

To earn a single certification for a UK single, the track sold 400,000 copies, including paid downloads and music streaming.

The platinum, gold and silver certifications awarded by BPI in recognition of sales milestones include streaming audio data since June 2015, with 1,000 streams counting as a "sale".

'Bad' was released as the second single from the album of the same name, reaching number one in several countries around the world, including the United States, on the Billboard 100.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Advance Sales For Michael Jackson Broadway Musical 'MJ' Suffering Even Though 'King of Pop's Record Sales Are Soaring. 26-07-'21

MJ Musical'MJ: The Michael Jackson Musical' is suffering at the box office.

Advance sales are very poor so far because tourists are restricted from traveling to New York.

Most travelers from European countries, Britain, and many other countries are banned from entering the US right now depending on vaccinations, etc.

The result is all Broadway shows are suffering a lack of advanced sales. 'MJ' isn't alone, but the news isn't good.

Aside from a couple of well sold Saturday nights in December, the shows are largely empty so far. On Ticketmaster.com, the seat maps are seas of blue dots waiting for purchase.

A website called StacyKnows.com just sent out a message saying they have a chunk of tickets available for December 9th, for $140. The first preview, on December 6th, still has a number of seats for sale.

It's surprising, too, because Michael Jackson is on target to sell almost a million albums this year, half of which are copies of 'Thriller'. His popularity is not an issue.

But the tourism restrictions, the prices, and fear of sitting in theaters is clearly inhibiting audiences from making plans.

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

African Politician Teodoro Obiang Mangue Who Spent $275,000 On Jackson Glove Hit By Sanctions.

Teodoro Obiang MangueThe UK Government has slapped sanctions on an African politician who spent almost $275,000 on Michael Jackson's famous jewelled glove while a third of citizens in his country do not have access to basic sanitation.

Teodoro Obiang Mangue, vice-president of Equatorial Guinea, is one of five political figures and businessmen to be hit with asset freezes and a travel ban under the UK's anti-corruption scheme.

The Foreign Office believes Mr Obiang, the son of Equatorial Guinea's current president, has channelled millions in state funds into his own personal bank accounts.

The UK government statement said that "one of those designated spent millions of misappropriated funds on mansions, private jets and a $275,000 glove that Michael Jackson wore on his Bad tour.

The Bad tour took place in the late 1980s.

The statement accused Mr Obiang of buying a $100m mansion in Paris and a $38 million private jet and a luxury yacht and “most notoriously, a collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia including a $275,000 crystal-covered glove that Jackson wore on his Bad tour.

MJ GloveMichael Jackson's crystal-covered glove from the Bad tour.

Source: Independent / Billie Jean

Burn This Disco OutUK MJ Fans, Do You Want To 'Burn This Disco Out'? 22-07-'21

With Michael's Birth Day just around the corner, the Kingvention Team wanted to host a party to celebrate, as most of us cannot travel to Las Vegas for the official Michael Jackson Birthday bash due to the pandemic.

However, with the strong vaccine roll-out in the UK, easing of restrictions and methods to work safely, they're confident they can host a party – if that's what the UK fans want!

So a sign up form has been created to see if there is enough interest to the Michael Jackson Birth Day Party in London.

Date, times and location hasn’t been confirmed yet but if you live in the UK and you are interested to join the party.

Sign up here and be the first to gain access to tickets to celebrate Michael Jackson's Birth Day in London.

Source: KINGVENTION / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Is Having His Revenge From Beyond As Thomas Barrack, Who Snatched Away Neverland, Is Arrested And Jailed In Trump Scandal. 21-07-'21

Thomas BarrackThat Thomas Barrack has been arrested and is actually in jail today should come as no surprise to Michael Jackson fans.

Barrack's arrest now has to do with Donald Trump's 2016 Inauguration and possible influence peddling with the United Arab Emirates. Barrack is accused by the US of acting as that country's foreign agent.

But we know Thomas Barrack from before his dealings with Trump and the Arabs. He owns Colony Capital, the company that swooped in back in 2008 and bought Neverland out of the brink of foreclosure from Michael Jackson.

Tohme Tohme, who called himself a doctor, and became Michael's final manager, worked for Barrack. As Tohme ate his way through what was left of Jackson's life and career circa 2007-2008 and into the final year of his life, he acted as Barrack's agent. When I interviewed Barrack about Tohme in 2008, he sang Tohme's praises.

In the end, Barrack and Tohme caused the final upheavals in Jackson's life financially and otherwise. Tohme introduced Michael to Dr. Conrad Murray, who hastened the end of his and went to jail for it. Tohme also introduced Jackson to Barrack, who bought the note on Neverland and took control of it. The irony was that for a decade Barrack was stuck with Neverland, which he renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch. No one would buy it. In the end, Michael's friend, Ron Burkle, took it off his hands.

Tohme sued the Jackson Estate in 2012, claiming he was owed a 15 percent commission on compensation Jackson received during his last year of his life. He also wanted a cut of the concert film 'This Is It', which was released a few months after the singer's death, and a finder's fee for securing a loan that prevented foreclosure on Neverland Ranch.

And, of course, it was Barrack who provided that loan.

Tohme finally settled for $3 million in 2019, and was paid last year.  He and Barrack had done their damage.

So it was no surprise when Barrack turned up in 2015 as a Trump associate, now wheedling his way into what became presidential affairs. How ironic that first Murray was behind bars, and now Barrack. Michael Jackson is having his revenge after all.

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

Off The Wall Album Cover'Off The Wall' Reaches 700 Million Plays On Spotify. 21-07-'21

Michael Jackson is very successful on streaming platforms and on Spotify the numbers only increase! The album 'Off The Wall' has just surpassed 700 million reproductions on the platform.

'Off The Wall' was released on August 10th, 1979 in the USA by Epic Records, after Jackson's critically well received film performance in 'The Wiz'. While working on that project, Jackson and Quincy Jones had become friends, and Jones agreed to work with Jackson on his next studio album.

'Off The Wall' is a timeless album. It marked Michael's ultimate artistic maturation, typifying himself as the moment he divorced the Jackson 5's young talented image to become, ultimately, the best and most successful artist in the world.

Recognized by Rolling Stone as the 68th best album of all time and Grammy winner in the Best Male R&B Vocal Performance category, 'Off The Wall' has sold more than 10 million copies in the United States alone, and 35 million worldwide.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Smooth Icons 2021Smooth Icons 2021: Vote For Michael!. 19-07-'21

It is the time of the year again for Smooth Radio UK to crown their Smooth Icons!

Click here to vote for the most Iconic singers and bands, you are allowed to vote for 10 of them from the Smooth Radio Icons list.

The countdown will take place on Monday 30 August from 10am to 7pm and voting closes at midnight on Monday 16 August!

Last year, Michael Jackson topped George Michael to be crowned the winner. Can he claim the Smooth Icons throne again? It’s all down to you! So vote for Michael now! It will a great Birthday present!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson In The Top 10 Best Selling Solo Artist In The US. 18-07-'21

Chart Data has announced the top 10 Best selling soloists by total pure album sales in the US this year so far. And of course Michael Jackson is in the top 10 despite the cancel culture surrounding the 'King of Pop'!

Here the top 10:

1. Taylor Swift
2. Morgan Wallen
3. Carrie Underwood
4. Lana Del Rey
5. Harry Styles
6. Billie Eilish
7. Tyler, The Creator
8. The Weeknd
9. Michael Jackson
10. Ariana Grande

Not to mention that Michael Jackson has had no releases since 2017 with the Halloween compilation 'Scream' so this is really based on his back catalogue of albums!

Michael Jackson is also the only artist in this top 10 to be gone while all others are actively producing and releasing new material. 'king of Pop' rules!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Wiz'The Wiz' Back On Stage! 16-07-'21

This Christmas, Hope Mill Theatre are delighted to be staging the first new UK production of The Wiz: The Super Soul Musical 'Wonderful Wizard Of Oz' in 10 years. With music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls, book by William F. Brown and original orchestrations by Harold Wheeler, The Wiz is a retelling of L. Frank Baum's classic children's novel 'The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz'.

This new production will be directed by Actors Touring Company Artistic Director, Matthew Xia, Musical Supervision and Orchestrations by Sean Green and Choreography by Leah Hill.

Hope Mill Theatre are co-producing alongside producer Ameena Hamid and bringing on board Assistant Producer ChuChu Nwagu.

Customers can now register for priority booking by providing their details below, who will be contacted first when tickets go on sale later in 2021.

'The Wiz' opened on 21 October 1974, at the Morris A. Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore, and then moved to Broadway(s Majestic Theatre on 5 January 1975.

The 1975 Broadway production won seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical. It has since had revivals in New York, London, San Diego, and the Netherlands, and a limited-run revival was presented by Encores! at New York City Center in June 2009. A big-budget film adaptation of the same name was released in 1978, with Ted Ross and Mabel King reprising their roles. A live television production of the stage version, The Wiz Live!, was broadcast on NBC on December 3, 2015, with an encore presentation on December 19 of the same year.

Hope Mill Theatre will be operating with any current Covid measures that are in place at this time.

For more information and pre-book your tickets, click here.

Source: Hope Mill Theatre / Billie Jean

'MJ The Musical' Official Merchandise. 15-07-'21

While fans are waiting to see the musical on Broadway in New York, the Musical and the Estate have released a set of merchandise for all the fans to be able to purchase.

From T-shirt to magnets, passing by caps and jumpers, the range is pretty cool and more is apparently to come!

Prices vary between $70 and $10 so pretty reasonable for once.

MJ The Musical MerchandiseThe musical 'MJ The Musical' won't begin until December, but you can now purchase the merchandise released for the occasion. If caps, T-shirts, masks and much more are already available, more products should be added later.

You can now order them here and for tickets to the show click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

'Thriller' Turns 10 Years Among The Best Selling Albums In The United States. 15-07-'21

Thriller Album CoverMichael Jackson officially turned no less than 10 YEARS on the Billboard Catalog Albums chart with 'Thriller'.

Michael Jackson's sixth studio album was released on December 1st, 1982 on Epic Records following the critical and public success the 'King of Pop' had achieved with 'Off The Wall'.

'Thriller' will become the most successful album of all time with 7 hit singles, over 110 millions copies sold worldwide, 3 legendaries videos, 8 American Music Awards & 8 Grammy Awards!!!

'Thriller' spent 37 consecutive weeks at number one on the charts, with nearly 100 million copies sold worldwide, 33 million in the US alone.

The best-selling album of all time allowed Michael Jackson to break down racial barriers that existed in popular music with his appearances on MTV and also by meeting US President Ronald Reagan at the White House.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Laser Shows Back At The Planetarium Union Station Kansas. 12-07-'21

Due to COVID, most of the shows have been postponed but now, the Union Station Kansas City has announced that the laser shows are back!

The Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium at Union Station Kansas will hold a Michael Jackson Laser Show every Fridays and Saturdays throughout July and August.

Michael Jackson's amazing musical career is chronicled in this laser tribute the the 'King of Pop'. His timeless hits live on in laser light.

MJ Laser ShowDon’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough / The Way You Make Me Feel / ABC / Black Or White / Human Nature / Thriller / Man In The Mirror / Dirty Diana / P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) / Billie Jean / Bad / Smooth Criminal / Beat It.

Prices: General Admission $8, Union Station Members $4

You can buy your tickets here.

Source: Union Station / Billie Jean

MJ Exhibition Japan"MJ" A New Exhibition In Japan. 12-07-'21

As mentioned in our MJ Events calendar, a new exhibition has opened in Tokyo, Japan.

The photo exhibition of over 140 shots from the Jackson 5 to 'Thriller' is a repeat exhibition of few years ago and is taking place at the museum "Ek" KYOTO in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto.

It opened its doors on July 10 and will be on display until September 5.

The Exhibition is again supported by author, DJ and singer Gota Nona Reeves who has released multiple exhibitions, books and albums about the 'King of Pop' in Japan.

General tickets are 900Yen and to book your tickets, click here.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Admission deadline: 30 minutes before closing.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

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