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Total Legal Costs Payable By Wade Robson. 05-06-'21

This Wednesday, June 2, 2021, State lawyer Jonathan Steinsapir wrote a brief on the legal costs to be reimbursed by Wade Robson according to the decision of judge Mark A. Young on May 5.

The amount of these court costs is $ 112,960.

Document Court document Wade Robson to Pay Estate of Michael Jackson.

Source: MJJ Repository / Billie Jean

Martin Bashir To Be Removed From Wall Of Fame At King's College, London. 05-06-'21

Martin BashirA spokesman for King's College London, where Bashir studied religious history as a postgraduate, said: 'We feel that, in light of the recent events, it is no longer appropriate to include his profile in our display.'

For nearly two decades, Michael Jackson fans have been denouncing Bashir's conduct to obtain and release the interview with the 'King of Pop' for the programme 'Living With Michael Jackson' which aired in 2003 and which was the starting point of the trial of 2005.

Many UK based fans living in the capital always regarded the mural on King's College's windows as an offence when passing by.

The Bashir picture was often the subject of complaints by Princess Diana & MJ supporters – though King's College never listened to their request to remove the picture of the corrupted journalist.

We also launched a petition to demand ITV to open an inquiry in to Bashir's conduct. The petition has already over 7,500 signatures and if you haven't done so yet, sign here.

The aim of the petition is to show the general public that Michael Jackson was also a victim of Bashir's greed of fame and finally get an apology from the channel to the Jackson's family.

Today is a slight victory when many corrupted and fake/wannabe journalists have been asking to remove all Michael Jackson imagery following Dan Reed's fake documentary 'Leaving Neverland'; not only Michael is still well present in the public eye but now, those who lied for decades about the 'King of Pop' are paying the price.

Hoping that others like Bashir will follow and fall. Justice and the truth will come knocking at their doors one day or another.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Remembering MJ Special 'This Is It' With Travis Payne And Stacy Walker. 04-06-'21

Further to our news of April 18 concerning the posting of videos evoking the memory of several collaborators of Michael Jackson, know that the video of this month of June is devoted to the memories of 'This Is It'.

These videos, calling on several people who have worked with Michael Jackson, each episode of which is sold at a price of 10 €, are reserved for Europe. They are available at discyuglobal.com.

* The videos will not be available for download but only for streaming.
* Once purchased, the content will only be available for 24 hours.
* In addition to the episodes, a live zoom chat will take place once a month to answer your questions.

As you know, Travis Payne and Stacy Walker have worked with Michael Jackson from the short film 'Ghosts' to 'This Is It'.

The activities of the company Discyu Global, founded in 2018 and based in Japan, aim to pay tribute to artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna or Britney Spears through live performances, talk shows, media appearances or workshops. dance so that not only fans of the artists, but also the generations who do not know them, can feel their charm.

Here is for you, a message from Travis Payne and Stacy Walker inviting you to watch a video trailer of these web series.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

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