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Paris Jackson Speaking To Naomi Campbell's YouTube Video No Filter. 31-03-'21

Paris Jackson has shared a rare insight on her childhood with her 'King of Pop' dad Michael Jackson.

The 22-year-old spoke to Naomi Campbell's YouTube video No Filter on Tuesday (March 30) and said, while she grew up in a life of privilege Michael instilled a strong work ethic and ensured they didn't take things for granted.

'My dad was really good about making sure we were cultured, making sure we were educated, and not just showing us like the glitz and glam, like hotel hopping, five-star places,' Paris said.

'It was also like, we saw everything. We saw third world countries. We saw every part of the spectrum.'

Naomi said how important it is to see 'how the other half live.' She went on: 'I know when I first met you, you were definitely very little. You were so sweet and polite and lovely little cakes.'

Naomi also said: "I knew your dad. I loved your dad very much. Respected your dad. He is a hero of mine. I never knew I will do a video with your dad […] It was an amazing experience… I treasure that very much" and Paris responded that Naomi reminds her of Michael Jackson by the way she presents herself and with her professionalism.

The supermodel went on to quiz her about the fashion world and how Paris has dipped her toes into modelling.


Source: Mail Online / Billie Jean

The Great Mouse Detective DVD CoverMichael Could Have Been In 'The Great Mouse Detective'. 30-03-'21

'The Great Mouse Detective' movie was released in 1986 and had Vincent Price doing the villain's voice of Professor Ratigan.

During the process, Michael Eisner was considering Michael Jackson to play a small role and sing a song.

Michael was supposed to play a character who would enter the saloon, confront Basil, and sing a song at the tavern, but the suggestion was met with uncomfortable silence for which Eisner withdrew the idea; Eisner later proposed for Madonna to perform the song. Eventually, Melissa Manchester was brought in; she wrote and performed 'Let Me Be Good To You', by which the rough animation had to be re-timed and often re-animated to properly sync with the song.

The soundtrack only came out in 1992 as Michael Jackson was still considered for a song but it never came to life!

Source: MJ Vibe / CBR / Billie Jean

ABC Single CoverThe Jackson 5's 'ABC' Single, Platinum In England. 29-03-'21

The British Phonographic Industry, better known by its initials BPI, has just updated its certifications, including the 'ABC' title of the Jackson 5, now certified Platinum Disc with the sale of 600,000 units.

If the BPI started counting sales of this title from June 25, 2006, you should know that it was certified Silver Disc (200,000 units) on June 19th, 2015 and Gold Disc (400,000 units) on September 7th, 2018.

It should be noted for the BPI certification that since 2014 (Singles) and 2015 (Albums), the sales count has reflected consumption via audio streaming and in April 2018, the certifications were renamed from the BPI Awards to the BRIT Certified Awards, with the Eligibility for video streams added shortly thereafter.

" When a single or album has reached the appropriate level of sales as measured by Official Charts, the tracks are now "automatically certified" by the BPI. Streams now count towards album and singles certifications and are measured according to the chart eligibility rules established by Official Charts."

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Michael Bush Tell-It-All In New Podcast. 28-03-'21

We all know Michael Bush, the wardrobe designer and dresser for Michael Jackson.

He recently did a podcast for 'That Pop Culture Show' Podcast hosted by Kody Frederick and Jason DeBord.

Bush talks about his life and career, and how he came to Los Angeles to become one of the most accomplished and inventive designers in the world of pop culture, working with Michael Jackson for 25 years as his designer, stylist and friend. With his award-winning book, 'King Of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson', Bush shared amazing photography and background of the costumes that he and his partner, Dennis Thompkins, had created. He also provided additional insights into his work and the world of Michael Jackson and the origins and concepts behind some of the famous costumes that came to life through this collaboration with Michael Jackson, Dennis Thompkins and Michael Bush.


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Wuhan Unveils A Michael Jackson Statue. 28-03-'21

The Michael Jackson fans in China have placed another Michael Jackson HIStory-like statue in the city of Wuhan, the city where patient zero of the pandemic COVID-19 is from.

The fans in China have placed statues of Michael Jackson in the 'HIStory' album cover pose around the country and Wuhan is the latest city to hold one! hundreds of fan gathered to celebrate the 'King of Pop' yesterday night (March 27).

HIStory Statue Wuhan
'HIStory' statue, a replica of Diana Walczak's work for the 'HIStory' album cover.

Source: MJ Vibe / Keen Zang / Billie Jean

See Unpublished Video With Michael Jackson And Actor Corey Feldman. 27-03-'21

Michael and Corey FeldmanActor reveals that there are 45 minutes of unpublished filming with the 'King of Pop'.

A previously unreleased home video shows Michael Jackson in the company of actor Corey Feldman.
The recording apparently took place behind the scenes of video recordings of the video clip 'In The Closet' in 1992 [although the video describes the month and year, January 25, 1994; Corey answered questions from the Make That Change fan club about the origin of the video and revealed that there is much more than 20 seconds:

"There is more than just that. In fact, I have a 45-minute recording of the two of us talking when I was 14 and I just finished [filming] for ' Stand By Me', and he had just finished his Victory tour and was enjoying the success of the 'Thriller' era. It's an amazing and fascinating time capsule!"
Asked if he could share this rarity with fans, Corey responded about plans for a "project in the future."

"Maybe one day …… I have a very creative idea of ​​how it could be released in a way that truly honors his memory and the memory of the friendship we once had. But we'll see if I can do it one day. This is not EVER, but just one ... we should see what happens."

Look here for the video.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Teddy Riley On Michael Jackson's Sexual Abuse Allegations – 'It's All Lies'. 27-03-'21

Teddy RileyMichael Jackson's career can be viewed with a sense of duality. On one hand, he's lauded as the greatest entertainer of all time. But allegations surrounding the sexual abuse of children would plague his legacy in part.

Jackson denied any wrongdoing and his family maintains his innocence even after his death. Another person who believes in Jackson's innocence is his friend and music producer, Teddy Riley. Riley says the allegations against Jackson are fabricated.

Riley worked closely with Jackson on his 1991 album, 'Dangerous'. He served as the albums Executive Producer, crafting out a new sound for the 'King of Pop' with hits including 'Remember The Time', 'In The Closet', 'Jam' and 'Dangerous'.

During a recent interview (March 16) on Bevy Smith's podcast Bevelations, Smith asked Riley what his perception of the charges and allegations against Jackson was.

"My view was that it was all lies," Riley said firmly. "A lot of stuff that was going on in his life – especially with me being the one to know him as a friend and as a brother and spent the time with him – you can't tell me nothing. All of those things are lies. Now it's coming to the forefront. Everything in the dark always comes to light."

Riley also insinuates that Jackson's addiction issues came as a result of the stress associated with the media scrutiny and allegations surrounding him. "This whole thing was just wrong. This guy always wanted to see something great happen with America and of course, the devil got into the midst," he said. "With his addiction, he was just trying to stay alive. He was in pain every day."

The producer also believes that Jackson's skin disorder, vitiligo, also affected him, fueling his addiction. "It kept eating at him but people don't understand that…they don't understand that he's going through it," Riley continued.

Source: Cheat Sheet / Billie Jean

The Jacksons Live (re-issue) 2LP Album CoverThe Jacksons Live 2LP Album Is Re-Released. 26-03-'21

Epic Records and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, re-released the double classic album 'The Jacksons Live' (1981, recorded on the Triumph Tour) in honour of 'The Jacksons Live's 40th Anniversary.

'The Jacksons Live' is the fifth and a live album by The Jacksons, recorded during their North American tour in fall 1981, known as the Triumph Tour, and released in November 1981 in Holland by Epic.

The live double remastered album housed in a gatefold picture sleeve was culled from recordings made in August 1981 on the tour's stops in Buffalo, NY; Providence, RI; Atlanta, GA; and New York City, NY. The live album would go on to sell over two million copies worldwide.

The live show featured songs from the group's Epic catalog, a medley of their Motown hits, and five songs from lead singer Michael's solo album 'Off The Wall'.

'The Jacksons LIve' double album was for the first time released on November 11th, 1981 in the USA by Epic and in the United Kingdom in November 1981 by Epic.

Track list:

LP 1:
1. Opening/Can You Feel It - 6:04
2. Things I Do For You - 3:38
3. Off The Wall - 4:00
4. Ben - 3:52

1. Heartbreak Hotel - 4:40
2. She's Out Of My Life - 4:48
3. Movie And Rap, Including Excerpts Of: I Want You Back/Never Can Say Goodbye/Got To Be There - 3:04
4. Medley: I Want You Back / ABC / The Love You Save - 2:55

LP 2:
1. I'll Be There - 3:12
2. Rock With You - 3:59
3. Lovely One - 6:28

1. Working Day And Night - 6:53
2. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - 4:22
3. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - 8:33

Record label: Epic/Legacy
Series number: 19439848271
Printed: USA
Guide price: 22 €

Order the double album here at Amazon.

Source: Rolling Stone / Amazon / Billie Jean

iMichael JacksonUnpublished Footage Of Michael Jackson. 25-03-'21

Photographer reveals collection of unpublished files with young 'King of Pop'.

"There is a video of Michael Jackson that is locked in a safe - he has been in storage for 35 years. Unlike home movies or extra behind-the-scenes images, this unprecedented record is a vision of his life that few fans know about."

The above statement is by legendary photographer Norman Seeff in an interview with CBS 60 Minutes program. Norman is known for filming all of his photo shoots and Michael Jackson's is only one in hundreds.

As if that were not enough, there is also a chance that he has materials that includes the Jackson 5.

If we will ever see these rarities? No one knows for sure. Norman Seeff said in his interview that he would need $ 500,000 to successfully recover all the films he made when photographing some of the greatest legends of American music.

Interestingly, there are no online crowdfunding sites created to help Norman Seeff develop his film.

In addition to immeasurable value for fans, there is also archival value. For example, in 2013, the photo of Diana Ross with Michael Jackson of Norman Seeff was in a collection called 'Photographs by Norman Seeff: The Lost Archive', was auctioned by Christie's for $ 9,375.

Norman Seeff's photographs were essential in Michael Jackson's career and it would not be hard to believe that his pictures in the near future could win a documentary.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

'Hiroshi Fujiwara & K.U.D.O. Presents Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes' Album Will Be Reissued.

Hiroshi Fujiwara & K.U.D.O. Presents Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes (re-issue) Album CoverHMV Japan informs us that the album 'Hiroshi Fujiwara & K.U.D.O. Presents Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes' will be reissued on July 28th, 2021 in Japan on vinyl by Motown/Universal.

The Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes' album is put together by Hiroshi Fujiwara & KUDO. The album will be re-released on April 28 in Japan by Motown/Universal and features on the A-side regular remixes, and on the B-side dubbed tracks making the Jackson's music obscurely different from what your used to yet is a nicely expanded approach that takes this project past other efforts of a similar nature.

The straight remixes are dub heavy, but remain focused around the familiar structure of the originals… In all, each track nicely uses/has subtle bass-lines and a smokey Jamaican sound to add some really different changes to the work and sound of the Jackson's.

Released for the first time in 2010 on CD, then on vinyl in 2018, this compilation of remixes produced by Hiroshima Fujiwara and KUDO is in the reggae and ska style.

Track list:

1. We've Got A Good Thing Going (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Michael Jackson - 4:00
2. Never Can Say Goodbye (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:11
3. All I Do Is Think Of You (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:32
4. La La (Means I Love You) (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:19
5. It's Great To Be Here (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 3:50
6. Happy (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Michael Jackson - 3:49

1. Love Song (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 3:54
2. I'll Be There (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 4:12
3. I Want You Back (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Jackson 5 - 5:19
4. With A Child's Heart (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix) - Michael Jackson - 4:29
5. Ben (HF Remix #3) - Michael Jackson - 3:30

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: PROT-7022
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 21 €

Pre-order the album here at HMV.

Source: HMV / Billie Jean

Smooth RadioSmooth’s All Time Top 500: Vote For Michael! 20-03-'21

I am not sure why we keep asking you to vote for Michael when there is a major poll as it is obvious, if you are visiting this website, for sure you will vote for Michael Jackson!

One major UK Radio Station is doing one of their yearly polls. Last year, Smooth Radio crowned Michael Jackson as number one in their Smooth Icon Top 100 and Michael's songs were hugely present in Smooth's All Time Top 500 songs.

The latest is back for 2021! Last year, 20 Michael Jackson songs appeared in the Top 500 with two songs in the Top 10. Not far from Number one but not yet Number one!

So it is time to vote for this year Smooth's All Time Top 500!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Tito JacksonTito Jackson: Michael Was 'Squeaky Clean'. 19-03-'21

The 'Thriller' hitmaker was accused of sexual abuse by James Safechuck and Wade Robson from childhood to their early teenage years in the documentary 'Leaving Neverland' and was also acquitted following a 2005 trial of molesting another young boy, Gavin Arvizo, but his siblings have insisted they will always support their late brother, who they are adamant was innocent and proven by a court of law to be.

Tito Jackson told The Sun newspaper: "We can't help but support him. He's my brother. We have the same last name. The blood inside him is inside me.

Of the allegations against him, he added: "It's very simple for me. You've got a person who's been investigated by the highest office, the FBI, for over a decade (1993-2005) and they couldn't find one thing. He's squeaky clean.

"My brother was so talented and when you're on top, there are always those who want to destroy you.

"People just couldn't understand how this one kid could have all this success and keep on coming up with hit records."

His brother, Jackie Jackson, added: "It was running them crazy."

And the Motown legends believe the 'King of Pop' is still looking out for them.

Tito, 67, said: "I know he's watching over everything. But losing him was devastating . . . absolutely devastating."

The brothers insisted they never felt overshadowed when Michael stepped away from their family band to become the biggest popstar in the world.

Tito said: "It wasn't like that. People don't usually say, 'I like Michael', they always go, 'Michael Jackson'. So we had a Jackson in there and we couldn't help but support that.

"I feel that Michael's success is part of my success. It's the family's success. We're a family of music."

And Jackie, 69, "always knew" Michael would be a global star.

He said: "I always knew Michael was going to have a huge solo career.

"I knew the kind of person he was. He would write on his mirror in the bathroom that he was going to sell this many records.

"He read a bunch of books and set goals for himself. He was a real hard worker."

Source: Female First / Billie Jean

The Jacksons 80s Disco Albums To Be Expanded. 19-03-'21

Epic Records and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, announce the second wave of titles in The Jacksons definitive album project. Expanded digital editions (featuring bonus tracks) of the group's last three Epic studio albums 'Triumph' (1980), 'Victory' (1984) and '2300 Jackson Street' (1989) will be released Friday, April 30 and available for pre-order starting today. Each album comes with three 'instant grate' tracks when preordered.

As part of the project, an exciting new remix of 'Can You Feel It' was created by producer/composer Greg Curtis (engineered by Jon Nettlesbey) and executive produced by John McClain:

'Can You Feel It' (The Jacksons X MLK Remix): Greg Curtis kicks off his production with a roaring drum line and bookends the mix with recordings from the late Martin Luther King's acclaimed 1968 The Drum Major Instinct speech at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Midway, excerpts from the great Barack Obama's first inauguration speech inspire. The production is capped with King's words, "Free at last, Free at last; Thank God Almighty, Free at last."

The Jackson's definitive album project:

The expanded digital releases of 'Triumph', 'Victory' and '2300 Jackson Street' are available alongside 'The Jacksons' (1976), 'Goin' Places' (1977) and 'Destiny' (1978), released on February 12. The six studio albums recorded by The Jacksons for Epic Records trace the group's spectacular leap from their Jackson 5 boy band roots to their role as avatars of an R&B/pop revolution (1976-1989). Each title includes the original album in its entirety, bundled with additional bonus tracks and may be ordered here:

Triumph (Expanded Digital Edition) Album CoverTriumph
1. Can You Feel It - 6:00
2. Lovely One - 4:52
3. Your Ways - 4:31
4. Everybody - 5:00
5. Heartbreak Hotel - 5:44
6. Time Waits For No One - 3:24
7. Walk Right Now - 6:29
8. Give It Up - 4:21
9. Wondering Who - 4:18

Bonus tracks:

10. Can You Feel It (Jacksons X MLK Remix) - 7:35
11. Can You Feel It (Island Remix)
12. Can You Feel It (Kirk Franklin Remix)
13. Can You Feel It (7" Version)
14. Lovely One (7" Version) - 3:48
15. This Place Hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel) (7" Version)
16. Walk Right Now (7" Version)
17. Walk Right Now (7" Version – John Luongo Special Remix)
18. Walk Right Now (12" Version – John Luongo Disco Mix) - 7:36
19. Walk Right Now (12" Version – John Luongo Instrumental Mix)

Order the expanded digital edition album here at Amazon.

Victory (Expanded Digital Edition) Album CoverVictory
1. Torture - 4:52
2. Wait - 5:26
3. One More Chance - 5:06
4. Be Not Always - 5:37
5. State Of Shock (with Mick Jagger) - 4:31
6. We Can Change The World - 4:45
7. The Hurt - 5:26
8. Body - 5:06

Bonus tracks:

9. State Of Shock (7" Version)
10. State Of Shock (12" Version – Dance Mix) - 5:40
11. State Of Shock (12" Version – Instrumental)
12. Torture (7" Version)
13. Torture (12" Version – Dance Mix) - 6:14
14. Torture (12" Version – Instrumental)
15. Body (7" Version)
16. Body (12" Extended Version) - 5:48
17. Body (7" Version – Instrumental)
18. Body (12" Version – Instrumental Extended)
19. Wait (7" Version)

Order the expanded digital edition album here at Amazon.

2300 Jackson Street (Expanded Digital Edition) Album Cover2300 Jackson Street
1. Art Of Madness - 5:06
2. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) - 5:22
3. Maria - 5:48
4. Private Affair - 4:10
5. 2300 Jackson Street - 5:05
6. Harley - 4:24
7. She - 5:01
8. Alright With Me - 3:25
9. Play It Up - 4:53
10. Midnight Rendevous - 4:24
11. If You'd Only Believe- 6:13

Bonus tracks:

12. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (7" Edited Version)
13. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (The Mix)
14. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Choice Dub)
15. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Extended Version)
16. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Sensitive Vocal Mix) - 5:58
17. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (Bass World Dub)
18. 2300 Jackson Street (Short Version)
19. 2300 Jackson Street (The Family Mix Edit)
20. 2300 Jackson Street (The Family Mix) - 5:48
21. 2300 Jackson Street (Instrumental)
22. Art Of Madness (Vocal Mix) 7:01
23. Art Of Madness (7" House Mix)
24. Art Of Madness (12" House Mix)
25. Art Of Madness (Percapella)
26. Art Of Madness (Instrumental)
27. Please Come Back To Me (B-Side)
28. When I Look At You (B-Side)
29. Keep Her (Larrabee Mix – B-Side)

Order the expanded digital edition album here at Amazon.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

'Can You Feel It' (Jacksons X MLK Remix)'Can You Feel It' (Jacksons X MLK Remix). 19-03-'21

The brand new remix of the Jacksons's 'Can You Feel It' has been released. Called 'Can You Feel It' (Jacksons X MLK Remix), the remix is a mix between Martin Luther King's speech "I Have a Dream" and the famous Jacksons's song 'Can You Feel It'.

The remix appeared on the 'Triumph' expanded digital edition album, order the album here at Amazon.

The Jacksons announced the remix on March 7 via social media.

"I Have a Dream" is a public speech that was delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28th, 1963, in which he called for civil and economic rights and an end to racism in the United States.

The song deserves a single release and we hope the radio stations will pick it up! 

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Irish Hideaway Goes On Sale With A €6.35 Million Price Tag. 18-03-'21

Ballinacurra House's owner Des and Lisa McGahan seek to sell on high end 25-acre exclusive rental property mix after 20 years, saying Covid-19 has driven international demand for private retreats.

THE PRIVATE Co Cork estate where the late singer Michael Jackson stayed for weeks with his three children when scouring for an Irish hideaway of his own back in 2007 has been put up for sale – with a suitably celeb-sized price tag, of €6.35 million.

Ballinacurra House, on the edge of Kinsale in Co Cork has been operating as an exclusive, compact 25-acre private estate and corporate venue, renting at up to €40,000 per week, to the notoriously shy, and typically very wealthy range of international guests and corporate entities.

Ballinacurra HouseBallinacurra House itself has 14 bedrooms, and 18,400 sq ft, with Georgian roots.

The closely-guarded guest list behind its screening boundaries has included A-list actors, European royalty and brewery heiresses, musicians, and corporate behemoths, as well as being voted Ireland’s Best Wedding Venue, in 2017, beating 600 other finalists.

A few years earlier, its owners revealed they had to refuse an approach for accommodation from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when they honeymooned in Ireland in 2014 as they had a ‘house full,’ with a private wedding already booked in, one of about 60 a year they can do.

Now, the fully restored 14-bed and 18,400 sq ft Ballinacurra House, plus cottages bringing to 25 the total number of rooms possible – has just been put on the open market with a €6.35m price tag via international agents Knight Frank, for owners for the past 20 years Northern Ireland-born Des McGahan and his Australian wife Lisa.

With its €6.35m price tag, the Co Cork ‘Irish Riviera’ riverside property comes to market just months after the €3.5m sale of West Cork’s LissArd Estate on 165 acre with two large period houses to US buyers for exclusive hospitality uses, and last year’s €5.5m sale of the 150 acre Horse Island’s in Roaringwater Bay, believe to be to an Asian buyer.

Source: Irish Examiner / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Exceeds 10 Billion Views On YouTube. 18-03-'21

Michael Jackson achieved an impressive 10 billion views on his official YouTube channel.

In comparative terms, the 'King of Pop' also has a more popular channel than contemporary artists like Drake with 8.2 billion views on his YouTube channel, Billie Eillish (7.3 billion), Cardi B (5.4 billion) and Justin Timberlake (5.2 billion), to name a few.

Jackson's most watched video on the platform is 'Billie Jean': with 950 million hits.

But the 'King of Pop' has four other videos over 500 million plays: ' They Don't Care About Us', ' Thriller', 'Beat It' and ' Smooth Criminal'

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

Prince Jackson Opens Up In Rare Interview About Memories Of Dad Michael. 17-03-'21

Prince JacksonThe oldest child of the late pop star spoke about how he learned his dad was famous, and as well as a "guiding principle" he still lives by.

Prince Jackson has opened up in a rare interview about what it was like growing up as the son of late music legend Michael Jackson.

Jackson, 24, who is the oldest of the pop icon's three children, spoke to Fox Soul about the advice his father gave him when he was younger, as well as when he realized the extent of his father's fame.

Jackson died at 50 in 2009 when Prince, whose given name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., was 12.

"You know, there are so many nuggets there that are just so close to my heart that I feel like they’re applicable at all times," Jackson said. "But the one that is my guiding principle is that you never stop learning. I graduated, and that doesn't mean that I stopped learning.

"And my father also would say something along the lines of, 'The minute that you stop learning is the minute that you're going to start dying."'

Jackson graduated cum laude from Loyola Marymount University with a business degree in 2019, celebrating the proud moment with his younger brother, Bigi Jackson, 19, who joined his brother to cheer him on.

Jackson spoke with Fox Soul about occasionally switching between using "Prince" and "Mike" while in school. Bigi was actually born Prince Michael Joseph II and was called "Blanket" by his father, but the older Jackson has long gone by Prince.

"Sometimes 'Mike' is nice for anonymity, but I also take a lot of pride in that because it's obviously my father's name," he said. "It was just easier for me to say 'Mike' instead of 'Prince'. I just switch it."

Jackson also shared how he eventually learned his father was an international superstar. He said there wasn't one single "a-ha moment."

"It's really more like there was little seeds, as I was growing up and getting older, and I saw that people would follow us around, people would just want to reach out and touch my dad," he said.

It hit home when he was about 10 or 11 and saw a video of one of his father's concerts.

"He was performing outside and you just see this sea of people, and there's people fainting in the audience," he said. "I asked my dad I'm like, 'Why were they fainting? I see you every day and I don't faint.'"

That's when he had a realization "that people really loved my father."

The late pop star's legacy, of course, has been tarnished in recent years.

In the 2019 HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland', two men accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing them as children. The Jackson family estate denied the claims and called the film "a tabloid character assassination." The estate also sued HBO for $100 million.

Michael Jackson was acquitted of criminal charges related to the alleged sexual molestation of a 13-year-old boy in 2005, and repeatedly denied wrongdoing during his lifetime.

The Fox Soul interviewers didn't ask Prince Jackson about the documentary or the molestation claims made against his father.

In recent years, the younger Jackson has turned his attention to philanthropy through his work with the Heal Los Angeles Foundation, a charity to help inner-city youth in Los Angeles through educational initiatives and healthy meals for those in need.

"I would hope he would be proud of the work we've done so far," Jackson said.

Source: Today / Billie Jean

Time For Action: Cancel Netflix. 17-03-'21

A few weeks ago, fans appear to have caught what looked like a test run for 'Leaving Neverland' on Netflix UK.

While a campaign started to get the fockumentary off of the platform, we thought we won the battle as many of us received communication that it has been removed and Netflix's useless customer service confirmed that it would not be added to the platform.

Were we naïve to be believe them? We could hope for some clear answer from a company many of us pay a monthly subscription to, but…

Dan Reed (aka Tom Sneddon 2019!) announced on his social media that the Channel 4 short version (that's the version that they hastily edited after they were exposed for manipulating footage, would be coming to Netflix UK (We couldn't see as he blocked us).

After some telephone shouting, Netflix provided a link to its media centre and weirdly the movie is not on the listing.

So now what?

Netflix has quietly put the 2-part fake documentary on their UK platform this week.

Here's a suggested plan of action if the hit piece is announced:

Contact Netflix directly to ask them why that movie is on Netflix UK – be sure to specify you're enquiring about Netflix UK. If you opt for web chat, select the option that allows you to receive a copy of the transcript to your email.
Cancel your subscription to Netflix giving your reasons.
Netflix has been struggling to find new movies and shows as the rise of other content platforms have emerged and platforms like Disney+ have been pulling its contents from Netflix to put on their own.

In the month where the documentary 'Framing Britney Spears' on Sky have raised questions about the press/media assault on an artist, it is a shame to see Netflix going towards trash to get content and not getting a real documentary like Amazon Prime which features 'Square One', a real documentary based on facts about the Michael Jackson allegations.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Neverland RanchCarousel Returns To Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. 16-03-'21

Rob Swinson, Michael Jackson's personal consultant for the construction of the Neverland amusement park, was recently hired by Ron Burkle [current owner of the property] to bring the place back to its glory days.

"Never in the history of our world has anyone's home been so totally dedicated to something so wonderfully created primarily for the beneficial healing of underprivileged, disabled and terminally ill children," Recalls Swinson.

Rob Swinson confirmed that the locomotives (Katherine and CP Huntington) have returned to the tracks of Neverland. The Magic Carousel and the toboggan will also arrive soon at the ranch.

Rumors suggest that the restoration is due to the beginning of the filming of Michael Jackson's biographical feature, however, there are still no requests for authorization for filming.

Source: MJ Beats / Bille Jean

Michael Jackson Video Clip Recorded In Brazil Reaches 800 Million Views On YouTube. 16-03-'21

"Michael, Michael, they don't care about us!" Says the voice of Angélica Vieira at the beginning of the video clip 'They Don't Care About Us' directed by filmmaker Spike Lee and recorded at Largo do Pelourinho, in Salvador and on the hill in Rio of Dona Marta in Rio de Janeiro in 1996.

Michael Jackson's Brazilian video clip reached 800 million views on YouTube and consolidates itself as Michael Jackson's second most watched video clip on the platform behind 'Billie Jean'.

They Don't Care About Us Video Clip (Brazil Version)The World première of the video clip took place on March 22, 1996 on many TV channels throughout the world with the exception of the U.S.A.

More than twenty-five years after its release on the album 'HIStory', 'They Don't Care About Us' continues to give voice to the social issues of our time, serving as the soundtrack for all those who call for positive change for the planet.

"Music, in fact, is about the pain of prejudice and hatred and is a way of attracting attention to social and political problems.
I am the voice of the accused and the attacker.
I am everyone's voice.
I'm the skinhead, I'm the Jew, I'm the black, I'm the white."

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

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