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Neverland RanchMichael Jackson's Estate Plans A museum In Neverland? 15-03-'21

The estate responds about the sale of the Neverland Ranch to Ron Burkle and the possibility of building a museum.

The Michael Jackson Estate answers questions from fans in the FAQ section of the official website:
"Neverland was managed by Colony Capital, not the Estate. This is due to a contract that Michael Jackson signed in 2008. The Estate explored with Colony Capital a number of potential options for Neverland, including donating to the state of California for preservation for historical purposes and special events, but it was not feasible, and as As a last option, Colony decided to sell the ranch."

Neverland has always been and will continue to be a very expensive property to maintain. So, with no viable option to generate income from the property, Colony Capital's decision to find a buyer was understandable. Before Colony Capital accepted Ron Burkle's offer, they informed the estate that he, in turn, informed Michael's children. After discussions between the Estate and Michael's children, the decision was made that the Estate would not buy Neverland and would allow the sale to go to Ron Burkle. Given Ron's friendship with Michael and his children, the Estate believes that Mr. Burkle will respect the historical significance and nature of this wonderful property.

It is important to note that, as magical and beautiful as Neverland was during the years that Michael lived there, it was not his home in the last years of his life and he publicly declared that he would NEVER be home again.
Michael's music, vision and messages are always present in us - the artist, the creative genius and the caring human being with an incomparable passion for the planet and the people who inhabit it. His love is immortal and will inspire generations to come.

Why is Neverland not open to the public?
Unfortunately, Neverland cannot be opened to the public. Its location and zoning regulations prohibit its opening to the public. In life, Michael explored this possibility and was faced with the fact that it could not be done.

Will there be a Museum in Neverland?
We hope that there is, yes, a Museum for Michael Jackson. We explored and will continue to explore that possibility. We are also investigating the possibility that the Hayvenhurst [Jackson Family Mansion] property may be open to the public and we are optimistic about that possibility. Although this is not imminent, it is something we would like to do.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonWere Michael Jackson Songs Recorded For Release? 12-03-'21

What's new in the Michael Jackson Estate?

As reported, 14 unpublished songs by Michael Jackson have been registered with ASCAP, the American Association of Composers and Authors. In the past six months, rumors have surfaced on social media of a new Michael Jackson album in progress as well.

But let's take a look at what it really means.

First, although a record may indicate an intention to release, it is not a guarantee. Many songs are recorded years before a release, and often songs are recorded only for the purpose of keeping records up to date, even if there is no intention to release them.

But, maybe the fact that this happened alongside rumors of a new project means that there is an intention to launch?

Well, we investigated a little more and, unfortunately, there is also evidence that this is not the case. We don't have access to ASCAP, so we can't search the listings, but we do have access to PRS (the UK equivalent). We decided to check the information there.

The songs recently registered with ASCAP are: 'Be Me 4 A Day', 'Descending Angel', 'Endt It', 'I Have This Dream', 'Kreeton Overture', 'Man In Black', 'Promise', 'Remember This Night', 'Seven Digits', 'Shut Up And Dance', 'Splipped Away', 'Stay', 'Veredict' and 'You're The One'.

Some of these song titles will be familiar to fans!

First, let's take a look at 'Kreeton Overture'. She is credited to Michael, Patrick Leonard (best known for his work with Madonna), Jai Winding (keyboardist) and Marty Paich (a jazz pianist who died in 1995, and father of David Paich of the band Toto). According to the PRS, this was recorded in 2018.

'Shut Up & Dance', '7 Digits', 'Be Me 4 A Day', 'Promise', 'Veredict' and 'Man In Black' are not registered with PRS. Descending Angels was recorded in 1998 and is not a new song. It is part of the soundtrack of the short film 'Ghosts'.

'Endt It' (not a typo), was registered in 2009, and the list updated again in 2018. Michael is the only author with credit, but only in a 50% split, suggesting that perhaps it may not be complete.

'I Have This Dream' is a title that has been known for some time. It is co-written with David Foster and Carole Bayer Sager. The PRS database was originally registered in 2012.

'Remember This Night' is another interesting song. According to the records, it was co-written by Paul McCartney, Dominic King and Bradley Knox Walker. This was also a recent record - originally recorded in 2019 and updated in 2020. Could this be an unknown duet of MJ and Paul McCartney dating back to the era of 'The Girl Is Mine' and 'Say Say Say' (before their well-publicized disagreement?)

'Slipped Away' was registered in 2018 and is credited to Michael and his brother Marlon Jackson as writers.

'Stay' is a song that can be worrisome. There are two lists under this title. One is credited to Michael, Eddie Cascio and James Porte. You must remember Eddie and James as the duo behind the three fake songs that appeared on Michael's 2010 album 'Michael'. But the good news here is that this song was recorded in 2011. We assume that the Estate and Sony have learned the lesson since then, since the last thing we need is more fake music.

But the interesting thing is there is another song of the same name and it is credited to Michael and Bryan Loren.

And finally, 'You’re The One', co-written by Michael Jackson and Buz Kohan.

You must remember that Michael and Buz wrote 'You Were There' and 'Scared Of The Moon' together, as well as another new song called 'Make A Wish'. Again, this song was originally recorded in 2009 and was updated in 2018 on PRS. This song is not new - it was given to Jennifer Holliday. Although, it is possible that there is a version with Michael's vocals.

So, what does all this mean? Well, we can first establish that the ASCAP and PRS records do not happen in sync!

At the moment, we do not believe that these records point to these particular songs being worked on for release anytime soon.

However, we believe there is likely to be a new album in the works.

If any of these songs are going to appear on it, only time will tell. Still, it is interesting to analyze the data and, no matter what happens, we will be waiting for a new project with breath and hoping that the Estate will not disappoint us.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Travis Payne and Stacy WalkerTravis Payne And Stacy Walker To Teach The 'This Is It' Audition. 12-03-'21

Travis and Stacy are planning a series of virtual dance classes with 'I Coach Dance' named 'In Case You Missed It'.

The first session will take place on March 22nd, 2021 and will be the actual 'This Is It' Audition. The Web conference will be around 1hr15 and tickets can be purchased for $40.

Both were present and doing the auditions for Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' concerts which would have taken place in 2009 in London.

The second episode will be on April 5th, 2021 and the pair will teach 'In The Closet'!

For more information and tickets, click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonRumours About A New Michael Jackson Album. 12-03-'21

It's exciting when you see a tweet or a news that a potential new Michael Jackson album is coming.

Some fan websites and twitter accounts have been sharing news that 14 new songs have been registered to ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

As we learn with the last few decades, facts and research are essential to our community and I have the bad job to break the hearts of many fans (including mine), that those songs were already on the ASCAP catalogue for years.

The songs claimed to be new are: 'Be Me 4 A Day', 'Descending Angel', 'Endt It', 'I Have This Dream', 'Kreeton Overture', 'Man In Black', 'Promise', 'Remember This Night', 'Seven Digits', 'Shut Up And Dance', 'Splipped Away', 'Stay', 'Veredict' and 'You're The One'.

We do not know if a new Michael Jackson album is in the making and/or coming soon but the truth is that the news about those 14 alleged new songs are actually not new!

As we have been saying for few years now… FACTS MATTER! So make sure you check sources before getting excited (like I did LOL).

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Sony Music Publishing UK Renews Global Agreement With Don Black. 10-03-'21

Don BlackSony Music Publishing UK today announced it has extended a worldwide deal with Tony and Oscar-winning, Hall of Fame songwriter and lyricist Don Black.

If we tell you about Don Black today, it's because he is famous the world over for his legendary songs and lyrics featured in movies, musicals, television and popular music. One of his most famous works being 'Ben' (co-written with Walter Scharf) by Michael Jackson, which won a Golden Globes Award in 1973.

Sony Music Publishing UK announced it had extended a global deal with Don Black. Don Black is currently working on several upcoming projects, he writes songs with Van Morrison and collaborates on various new musicals.

For those interested, his autobiography entitled The Sanest Guy in the room was released in July 2020 and contains a chapter dedicated to the song 'Ben'. In an interview with inews.co.uk last year, Don Black said about Michael Jackson that he had recorded other Don Black demo songs, but they had never been edited!

Source: PR News Wire / Billie Jean

Neverland RanchConfirmed: Michael Jackson's Neverland Is Being Restored! 10-03-'21

Jackson's friend and now owner is revitalizing Neverland Ranch. The place that Michael Jackson called home for 17 years is being restored!

Through documents obtained by the fan club The Michael Jackson Book Club, we can see that the team hired by Ron Burkle [owner of the ranch] is repairing the structure of the "locomotive Katherine" and other repairs.
On-site restoration of rooms, roof repairs and wood restoration are also being carried out.

And the future of Neverland?
In 1988, Michael acquired the 2,700-hectare ranch located about 5 km, northeast of Los Olivos, California, in the Santa Ynez Valley, which extends into the San Rafael Mountains, for an estimated $ 28.5 million. dollars.
He promptly renamed the property "Neverland" after referring to the fantasy island "Neverland" in the story of Peter Pan, one of Michael's favorite characters, who, like him, was a boy who never grew up.

Neverland today is a cultural treasure.
In the real estate business, empty land is not an asset. It doesn't make any money. The ranch is not easily accessible and residents do not want the area to be prepared for an avalanche of tourists in its quiet and untouched neighborhood.
No money can be made from Neverland. Because there is no ROI (return on investment). Unfortunately, Neverland cannot become a "tourist attraction" like Graceland.

Ron Burkle - investor and philanthropist was a good friend of Michael, giving him shelter and helping with financial problems when he needed it. Burkle bought Neverland, [formally known now as the Sycamore Valley Ranch] for about $ 22 million in 2020.

Rumors suggest that the possible restoration is due to the beginning of the filming of Michael Jackson's biographical feature, but the documents reveal that, there are no requests for authorization (yet).
Whatever it is, we fans will be forever grateful for Ron Burkle's efforts to restore ours, Neverland.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Neverland Ranch To Be Revitalized For Filming Of Michael Jackson's Biopic. 08-03-'21

Neverland RanchFeature film by the 'King of Pop' to be made by 'Bohemian Rhapsody' producer goes into production. Following the success of Freddie Mercury's feature film 'Bohemian Rhapsody', producer Graham King and company are working alongside Michael Jackson's family and legacy administrators for a biopic.

The plot that will be written by John Logan, scriptwriter for titles such as 007 'Contra Specter' and 'The Aviator' has already entered the production phase according to anonymous sources, starting to revitalize the place that Jackson lived for 17 years, the Neverland Ranch.

A fan photographed last Saturday (March 6) several trucks bringing carousel horses and other attractions to the ranch.

We will treat this as a rumor, since there is no official word.
Stay tuned!

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Auction: Michael Jackson's Loafers. 06-03-'21

The same auction house in Las Vegas that sold the IV drip last September is now selling Michael Jackson loafers that he gave to an exec during the shooting of the commercial for L.A. Gear in 1989.

It is said that the shoes are from Mr. Sandy Saemann who worked on the commercial and Michael Jackson gave him the shoes saying they are from the 1988 MTV Awards where he performed the moonwalk.

MJ LoafersMichael Jackson's loafers, the bidding start price is at $25,000!

Other items from the Jackson Family are also for grab such as Joseph Jackson jackets, Jermaine Jackson's suit, Michael Jackson shoes and wigs.

Go to Memorabilia Expert to bid!

Source: Memorabilia Expert / Billie Jean

The Jacksons Prepares Reissue Of The Song 'Can You Feel It' In Homage To Martin Luther King Jr.

Following the release of expanded digital editions of the classic albums recorded by The Jacksons, Sony Music Entertainment is preparing a special remix of the hit 'Can You Feel It'.

The highlight goes to the Jackson brothers' homage to Martin Luther King, an activist who fought racial discrimination and became one of the most important leaders of black civil rights movements in the United States.

'Can You Feel It' (Jacksons X MLK Remix) will be released soon accompanied by a video clip.

Check out the teaser.

Source: Reddit / Billie Jean

Janet Jackson Two-Night Documentary Event Set At Lifetime And A&E. 03-03-'21

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson will celebrate the 40th anniversary of her self-titled 1982 album with a special two-night documentary event that will simulcast on A&E and Lifetime in 2022.

The documentary, titled 'JANET', offers an intimate look at her story for the first time through exclusive archival footage, never-before-seen home videos and celebrity interviews. The two-night, four-hour special will uncover the hardest moments in her personal life and professional career, including the passing of her father and the Jackson family patriarch Joseph, her 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance with Justin Timberlake, the death of her brother Michael Jackson, and becoming a mother later in her life.

Michael Jackson fans can expect some unseen footage of the siblings, so a series to not miss!

Ben Hirsh directed 'JANET', with Workerbee producing for Lifetime and A&E and Associated Entertainment Corporation co-producing. Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson are executive producers on the project, while Rick Murray is credited as the executive producer for Workerbee and Brie Miranda Bryant is serving as executive producer for A+E Networks.

'JANET' will air in early 2022 on Lifetime and A&E.

Source: Variety / Billie Jean

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