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“My Biggest Thing Is That Michael Jackson Is Not Up There”. 30-09-'21

Spike Lee is to have an exhibition part at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.

During a private visit, Spike Lee looked at his career on display: "This is my pantheon".

Visitors will be able to trace Lee's career through props and memorabilia dating back to his 1983 award-winning student film 'Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads', moving through his features ('Malcolm X', 'Do The Right Thing', 'School Daze', 'Jungle Fever', 'Bamboozled' and his most recent, 'Da 5 Bloods'), documentaries ('4 Little Girls') and his two Oscars — one honorary and one for his adapted screenplay for 'BlacKkKlansman').

"I'm elated," said Lee. 'I'm happy and honored that this exhibition is here for the opening of the museum."

The installation is filled with rare posters, film stills and lobby cards signed to Lee by a who's who of elite directors, including Akira Kurosawa, Billy Wilder, Jean-Luc Godard, Lina Wertmüller, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. There's an original Playbill from the 1943-44 Broadway production of 'Othello' signed by its star, Paul Robeson, the first Black actor to play the role in a major production, and an original poster from the 1959 film version of 'Porgy And Bess' signed by stars Sidney Poitier and Brock Peters.

Lee ExhibitionLegendary filmmaker Spike Lee is joined by writer, director, and producer Shaka King for an in-depth virtual conversation on Lee's installation in the Director's Inspiration gallery, part of the Academy Museum's Stories of Cinema exhibition.

The items from his extensive personal collection had been previously housed at his production company, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, in Brooklyn.

Said Lee, "This is really a very, very small part of all the stuff I have. I could fill the Brooklyn Museum. I've always been a collector. This is a real life's work. People come to my office, and they say, 'This is a museum.' This is my pantheon."

Also on display, a gold guitar gifted by Prince, who had contributed several songs for Lee's 1996 film 'Girl 6'.

"I asked Prince for a guitar, and it showed up a year later," said Lee. "He didn't tell me it was coming — it just showed up. I said, 'You gonna sign it for me?' and he said, 'Spike, you're lucky you got the guitar!"

He burst out laughing: "We had it like that, you know? We were good."

However, Spike Lee was less than pleased to see that the exhibition does not include anything related to his work with Michael Jackson or for his Estate such as 'They Don't Care About Us', 'Bad25' and 'Michael Jackson: From Motown To Off The Wall'.

"MJ should be up there!" said Lee. "You gotta have Michael in here. I know they're going to rotate stuff, but Michael Jackson can't be coming off the bench. He's gotta be in the game when the horn blows!"

And Spike Lee is right to not be happy about it as he is planning more MJ related documentaries in conjunction with the Michael Jackson Estate. Hopefully the rotation of items will see MJ on the Wall!

Source: The Academy Museum / Billie Jean

'Midknight': The Canceled Movie That Would Have Michael Jackson In The Lead Role. 30-09-'21

Michael JacksonIn 1991, Michael Jackson renegotiated his contract with Sony Music for a record sum of $65 million. The contract included the production of six albums and the opportunity to participate in films.

Jackson's first original idea to enter the film industry came in 1992 with the feature film entitled 'Midknight', but the project was cancelled.

Here are the reasons:

— The direction would be by Anton Furst (Production Designer of Tim Burton's 'Batman'). It is likely that part of the reason for the film's cancellation was Furst's death in late 1991.

— Another possible reason for the cancellation was that the idea for the film came from Sony Pictures co-chair Jon Peters (a close friend of Jackson), who was fired from Sony in April 1991. In this case, it is most likely that Sony's other bosses didn't agree with Jackson's idea in the movie business. In fact, the other Sony Pictures co-chair at the time, Peter Guber, said the promise to put the 'King of Pop' in the movies was nothing more than a superficial conversation.

"The idea for the movie came from Jackson himself, an action-adventure musical about a young man who transforms into a dancing knight at midnight. Writer Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands, 'The Addams Family', 'The Nightmare Before Christmas') said "we wanted to cover Michael's face because we thought audiences wouldn't take him seriously as an actor." In the same interview Carloine recalls that Anton Furst was apprehensive about directing the film because it would be his first time directing.

— According to the New York Times, "Sidney Ganis [executive vice president of Sony Pictures] said the company planned 'Midknight' as a multimedia project. This probably means that in addition to a movie, a video game is planned…"

— According to illustrator Greg Hildebrandt, 'Midknight' was born as an idea for an animated film that took place in New Orleans and Michael Jackson played the lead role. It would be a kind of male version for 'Cinderella'. Unfortunately, the movie never took place.

Pre-production of sketches made by Greg Hildebrandt for an action film that Michael Jackson would star in a superhero role.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Marcos Cabotá Announces That The Documentary 'Sonic Fantasy' Will Be Released. 29-09-'21

Marcos Cabotá has just announced on Twitter to all those who want news of 'Sonic Fantasy', that the film will be released before the end of the year and that it will begin its journey with the film festivals to come to be. then broadcast on TV.

Source: Billie Jean

Lexington's Popular 'Thriller' Parade Is Back And Looking For Dancers. 28-09-'21

Thriller ParadeOne of Lexington's best-known holiday traditions, the re-enactment of Michael Jackson's iconic music video 'Thriller' is scheduled for Oct. 24, city officials and organizers said this week.

The event was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Mecca Dance studios, which organizers the annual Halloween event, is currently looking for dancers. The first dance rehearsals start Monday and go until Oct. 16. Staging rehearsals begin Oct. 18 until Oct. 24.

Dances must pre-register and attend at least one dance and one staging rehearsal. All dancers must be 13 and up. To find out more go to Mecca Dance Studio.

All participants must wear masks during rehearsals.

Also on Sunday, Oct. 24, other Halloween activities will include:

Halloween Variety Show in Courtyard Plaza 5 – 6 p.m.
Halloween Parade on Main Street 6:30 p.m.
Thriller Parade 7 p.m.
The rain date will be Oct. 25.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Bob Mortimer Confirms Filming For Michael Jackson 'Glove' Movie Will Go Ahead In 2022. 27-09-'21

The Glove MovieBob Mortimer has confirmed that filming for his forthcoming comedy with Vic Reeves about Michael Jackson's glove will go ahead next year.

The film entitled 'The Glove', received financial backing three years ago with director Tim Kirkby, who has previously worked on Fleabag, at the helm. But production on the movie is yet to go ahead.

Now, Mortimer has told the RHLSTP podcast with Richard Herring that filming will begin in 2022.

"We're filming it in March," he said. "He [Jackson] had a training glove and few people knew of it but it was what gave him his special powers to entrance the globe and a collector's got it and we're hoping to have a big star in it.

So far the film will star Mortimer and Reeves, with other cast members to be announced in the coming months.

According to a synopsis it is "a comedy road movie about two best friends in search of Michael Jackson's mythical training glove.

"Vic and Bob are childhood friends who own a junk shop together where they both work and live. Profits are down and with their futures in jeopardy, they approach their obnoxious landlord to explain their 'rent' problems. Rather than helping them, the unsavoury character gives them a choice: eviction, or locate for him a rare and unusual item… Michael Jackson's training glove.

"What follows is a madcap road movie across Britain as they enter the world of strange collectables and celebrity memorabilia in search of the elusive glove."

Source: NME / Billie Jean

Martin BashirBashir's Image Finally Removed From King's College. 27-09-'21

Last June, King's College in London announced that they will be removing the picture of Martin Bashir following the investigation on the so called journalist and how he tricked Princess Diana to do her special Prime Time Television interview.

For nearly two decades, Michael Jackson fans have been denouncing Bashir's conduct to obtain and release the interview with the 'King of Pop' for the programme 'Living With Michael Jackson' which aired in 2003 and which was the starting point of the trial of 2005.

Today is a slight victory when many corrupted and fake/wannabe journalists have been asking to remove all Michael Jackson imagery following Dan Reed's fake documentary 'Leaving Neverland'; not only Michael is still well present in the public eye but now, those who lied for decades about the 'King of Pop' are paying the price.

3 months later, many emails and phone calls later actually, the image was finally removed and replaced by a bright red "Welcome to King's" poster.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Almost Recorded The Theme Song For 'Stand By Me'. 26-09-'21

Michael JacksonBefore his death in 2009, Michael Jackson planned to expand his reach in the movie business. But this was not unfamiliar territory to him. He'd done films such as 'The Wiz', and provided music for projects like 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial'. At some point during the production of the classic, 'Stand By Me', he was tapped to record the movie's theme song. However, things went in a different direction.

'Stand By Me' was released in 1986 as a coming-of-age tale centered on group of friends trying to solve a murder. Directed by Rob Reiner, the cast included Corey Feldman, River Phoenix, Jerry O'Connell, and Wil Wheaton. When Feldman, Reiner, and Wheaton reunited back in 2010 to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary, they provided commentary for a special DVD/Blu-Ray edition.

And Feldman asked Reiner about Michael Jackson's supposed involvement with creating a song for the movie. At the time, 'Stand By Me' had a different working title, but the story was set.

"Michael called me up before you switched the name to 'Stand By Me', and he said, 'I saw a screening of your new film, and they're asking me to do some music for it.' And it was for 'The Body'," Feldman recounted to Reiner. He wanted to know if Jackson was writing an original song for the film.

Reiner clarified. "They were actually talking to Michael Jackson to sing a new version of 'Stand By Me', for the film," he said, referencing the Ben E. King song.

"Even though we all love Michael Jackson, I felt this was all about going back into 1959 and the time. And 'Stand By Me' actually came out around 1960 — I think it was — and I wanted to keep with the original song. So the song that we used was the original by Ben E. King, which was number 1 when it first came out 25 years earlier."

Reiner recalled how the song hit number 1 again when the movie came out in the 80s.

'Stand By Me' is based on a story from an anthology series by Stephen King. King's book, 'Different Seasons', was a collection of novellas that included 'The Body' and 'Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption'. 'The Body' was adapted into the 'Stand By Me' movie with a title change. Reiner said he didn't want audiences to assume the film was a Stephen King horror flick.

He then contacted the songwriting team behind 'Stand By Me' about using the track. The song's co-writer Mike Stoller told 'The Guardian' he was curious about who would sing it.

"Years later, the director Rob Reiner called me to ask about using the song as the title of a new film," he said. "It was 25 years since Ben's version, and I wondered who they'd get to rerecord it, but Rob said he thought of the film as a period piece and wanted to use the original. I just said: 'You're the boss.' It was a wonderful surprise when it was an even bigger hit this time round."

Source: Cheat Sheet / Billie Jean

Tae Wall's 'Billie Jeane', A Hip Hop Tribute To Michael Jackson. 25-09-'21

Tae Wall's 'Billie Jeane' is not a cover — it's a series of hard rhymes, tight verses, and instantly memorable hooks of the rapper’s own invention. But the glittering spirit of Michael Jackson hovers over the entire song.

And in ways both subtle and overt, Tae Wall's mesmerizing new track invokes Jackson's game-changing 1982 hit. Billboard Hip-Hop said "His stage presence is filled with tremendous energy, excitement and stamina. He is a true master of ceremony." The eight-note signature bass line that runs through the verses of Jackson's 'Billie Jean' is present here in a slightly modified but still recognizable shape. The music splits the difference between modern trap production and golden age 80s R&B. Most of all, Wall slips into Jackson’s unforgettable melodic flow for a late stanza. When he does, the Cleveland, Ohio rapper sounds right at home.

To complete the release of his new single, the rapper also put the glitter jacket and the glove and the fedora in his official video.

It is unclear if the Estate of Michael Jackson has given permission for the use of the 'Billie Jean's beats but here Tae's video:


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

'Diana Presents The Jackson 5' (Orange Vinyl - Limited Edition) Album Will Be Reissued. 22-09-'21

The Record Store Day US has just announced another Jackson 5 album to be released for the December 3rd event.

'Diana Presents The Jackson 5' will go Orange for their new edition. This will be available only in selected record stores across the US and it will be limited just like the 'ABC' album. The special edition will be available for the first time on 180g blue vinyl, limited to 1,500 copies.

Another great collector for new generations to discover the Jacksons and Michael Jackson!

'Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5' is the debut album from Gary, Indiana-based soul family band The Jackson 5. The Jackson 5's lead singer, a pre teenage boy named Michael Jackson, and his older brothers Marlon, Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie, became pop successes within months of this albums release. Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5's only single, 'I Want You Back', became a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 within weeks of the albums release.

All songs produced by Bobby Taylor except for 'Nobody' and 'I Want You Back', produced by The Corporation.

'Diana Presents The Jackson 5' album was for the first time released on December 18th, 1969 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom in March 1970 by Tamla Motown.

Diana Presents The Jackson 5 (Orange Vinyl - Limited Edition) [re-issue] Album Cover'Diana Presents The Jackson 5' album will be available for the first time on 180g orange vinyl, limited to 1,500 copies.

Track list:

1. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah - 3:15
2. Nobody - 2:42
3. I Want You Back - 2:58
4. Can You Remember - 2:57
5. Standing In The Shadows Of Love - 4:05
6. You've Changed - 3:05

1. My Cherie Amour - 3:39
2. Who's Lovin' You - 3:57
3. Chained - 2:50
4. (I Know) I'm Losing You - 2:13
5. Stand - 2:34
6. Born To Love You - 2:26

Look here at Record Store Day.

Source: Record Store Day / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Memorabilia Will Pay For Covid Shots In Equatorial Guinea. 21-09-'21

Nearly $27 million seized from the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea Teodorin Nguema Obiang Mangue will be spent on Covid-19 vaccines for the country, the US Department of Justice said in a statement Monday.

Assets confiscated include luxury vehicles and a pair of $275,000 jewel-encrusted gloves belonging to Michael Jackson.
The decision comes after a 2014 forfeiture agreement between the US and Obiang, who is accused of acquiring assets in the country with ill-gotten gains.

Mangue has disputed the claims.

The United Nations will receive $19.25 million to buy and distribute the vaccines in the Central African country, while $6.35 million will be handed over to a US-based charity "for the purchase and distribution of medicines and medical supplies throughout Equatorial Guinea," the justice department stated.

In July, a French appeal court upheld a guilty verdict against Obiang for embezzlement, a judgment that could potentially pave the way for the return of millions of dollars to Equatorial Guinea.

MJ GloveMichael Jackson's crystal-covered glove from the Bad tour.

Obiang was earlier convicted in France and given a suspended three-year sentence, including a $35 million fine for purchasing luxury properties with illegal funds. His luxury assets were also confiscated.

The verdict by the French court came days after Britain announced it had imposed sanctions on Obiang for misappropriating millions of dollars, which authorities said was lavished on luxury mansions, private jets, and a $275,000 glove worn by Michael Jackson.

Sanctions announced by London had included asset freezes and a travel ban.

A collection of luxury cars belonging to Obiang had also been confiscated by Swiss authorities in 2016, following a corruption probe.

Obiang's father President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has ruled the oil-rich, but impoverished, Equatorial Guinea, since taking power in a coup in 1979, eleven years after independence from Spain.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Marilyn Monroe Art Created By Michael Jackson Exclusive Fine Art Created By Michael Jackson To Be Sold. 18-09-'21

Michael Joseph Jackson, aka the 'King of Pop', is one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. Over a four-decade career, his contributions to music, dance and fashion made him a global figure in popular culture. Jackson influenced artists across a variety of musical styles, and through visual presentation. He popularized complicated dance moves such as the moonwalk and the robot. Jackson is the most awarded music artist in history.

A little-known fact was his incredible talent as a wax pencil and pastel artist. In addition to the above, Michael portrayed Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The entirety of his collection was bequeathed, by Mr. Jackson, to his close personal friend and business partner, Sir Brett Livingstone-Strong.

This Giclee Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, entitled Norma Jean II, shown here, is owned by Mike Visser, who acquired the giclee, among other enchanting pieces of work by Mr. Jackson, in a series of private business transactions with Livingstone-Strong over a course of several years (dating back to 2016).

Sir Brett-Livingstone-Strong is an Australian-born artist, best known for his historic monumental sculptures and portraits of Hollywood celebrities.

The Jackson-Strong Alliance was a creative partnership between Michael Joseph Jackson and Brett-Livingstone Strong. Their aim was to establish the world’s most dynamic arts enterprise, promoting the power of imagination, not just for creativity's sake, but for the sake of important world causes. Michael and Brett focused their creative expression in support of the arts, international charities and protecting the environment of our planet.

The enchanting portrait of Marilyn Monroe is only one of three giclees in existence. The original was appraised for over $4.5 million. The Husl.io and Visser in a partnership are selling the digital NFT of this giclee for 277 Ether, which is worth approximately $944,500 as of September 14. The purchaser will also receive the physical giclee as well.

Source: News BTC / Billie Jean

Something Is Brewing. 18-09-'21

As he was accosted on the street, Prince Jackson said of his father that he was working on something and that the estate was also working on some things but that he could not say anything because that would spoil the magic. It better be a surprise.

It was last May that we learned that Prince is now working with the estate.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Smooth Criminal Video Clip'Smooth Criminal' Reaches 600 Million Views On YouTube. 17-09-'21

The short film for the song 'Smooth Criminal' by the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson reached the milestone of 600 million views on YouTube.

The video still has a little more than 6 million likes. This is Jackson's 4th video to reach this milestone.

The song featured on the album 'Bad' is considered by many to be a multi-sector masterpiece and has become one of Jackson's most memorable rhythmic tracks.

Source: MJ Beats / BIllie Jean

Michael Jackson Could've Starred In 'Labyrinth' Instead Of David Bowie. 16-09-'21

LabyrinthImagine it's the mid-1980s and you're director and puppeteer extraordinary, Jim Henson, casting the Goblin King for your movie, 'Labyrinth'. Which music superstar would you go with: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, or Sting?

Henson, the co-creator of 'The Muppets' with his wife, Jane, ultimately went with Bowie. However, there's a world in which Jackson, the onetime 'King of Pop', could have played the Goblin King in 'Labyrinth'.

'Labyrinth' turned 35 this year, and though Henson himself passed away in 1990, his work has continued to influence filmmakers like 'The Green Knight' director David Lowery. Henson's son, Brian Henson, recently spoke to ComicBook.com, where he outlined some of the other casting options that his father was considering for 'Labyrinth'. Here's what he said:

"I can't speak for my siblings, but I can say for me, I vaguely remember the name Sting coming up. I definitely remember Michael Jackson and David Bowie. I had just been at university for the one year that I went to college, and I can tell you that I was going from nightclub to nightclub, and Michael Jackson and David Bowie were the two biggest names in my generation, for sure.
"So when he asked me, I was leaning in favor of David Bowie. I just felt like Bowie had a quirkiness and yet a really coolness that would work really well for my dad, whereas Michael had a perfection to his work that would have been tough."

Henson elaborated further on why the part of the Goblin King was better suited, in his mind, to Bowie than Jackson: 

"I think it would have been tough for Michael to be Michael in 'Labyrinth'. He would have had to compromise his perfection, and then maybe that's no longer Michael, whereas David was always unpredictable. I remember going with my dad to see David in 'The Elephant Man' on stage and saying, 'God, this is such an unusual artist, David Bowie.' All I remember is when he asked me, I said, 'I think David Bowie.'"

In the wake of HBO's 'Leaving Neverland' documentary two years ago, some might think of Jackson as a sort of Goblin 'King of Pop' anyway. His music was pulled from radio stations and his legacy has taken a hit, but the casting of 'Labyrinth' came when he was at the height of his success — between the albums 'Thriller' and 'Bad' and just about to appear in 'Captain EO'.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, 'Captain EO' fortified the Disney attraction of the same name at Epcot and other parks around the world. It opened in 1986, a few months after the summer release of 'Labyrinth', such that its own 35th anniversary was just this week. Instead of moviegoers seeing Jackson in 'Labyrinth', theme park goers got to see him onscreen in a short film that was, at the time, the most expensive movie ever made on a minute-by-minute basis.

It all worked out, and at the end of the day, would 'Labyrinth' really be 'Labyrinth' without David Bowie?

Source: Slash Film / Billie Jean

'ABC' (Blue Vinyl - Limited Edition) Album Will Be Reissued. 16-09-'21

On Black Friday this year, the Record Store Day (USA) will release a special edition of 'ABC' by the Jackson 5 on November 26th, 2021.

The special edition will be available for the first time on 180g blue vinyl, limited to 1,500 copies.

'ABC' is the second studio album by The Jackson 5, it featured the number-one singles 'ABC' and 'The Love You Save'. Also present on the LP are several notable album tracks, including a cover of Funkadelic's 'I'll Bet You', 'I Found That Girl' (the only lead song from brother Jermaine - Michael takes most of the leads on the album), and 'The Young Folks', originally recorded by the Diana Ross-led version of The Supremes.

All songs produced by The Corporation & Hal Davis.

'ABC' album was for the first time released on May 8th, 1970 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom in August 1970 by Tamla Motown.

ABC (Blue Vinyl - Limited Edition) [re-issue] Album Cover'ABC' album will be available for the first time on 180g blue vinyl, limited to 1,500 copies.

Track list:

1. The Love You Save - 3:01
2. One More Chance - 2:59
3. ABC - 2:57
4. 2-4-6-8 - 2:57
5. (Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need - 2:43
6. Don't Know Why I Love You - 3:49

1. Never Had A Dream Come True - 3:00
2. True Love Can Be Beautiful - 3:27
3. La-La Means I Love You - 3:30
4. I'll Bet You - 3:18
5. I Found That Girl - 3:00
6. The Young Folks - 2:49

Look here at Record Store Day.

Source: Record Store Day / Billie Jean

Madonna Opens The VMAs With A Shady Michael Jackson Tribute. 13-09-'21

MadonnaMadonna seems to have a standing invitation to MTVs Video Music Awards. After making a surprise appearance to close out the 2018 VMAs, she showed up unannounced at the 2021 VMAs to instead open the show. If you found the moment just a little bit awkward, well, maybe that was on purpose. She was referencing (perhaps in homage, or perhaps as a bit of shade) one of the most awkward moments in VMA history: when Michael Jackson similarly made a surprise appearance to open the 1994 edition of the VMAs. Yes, it’s a reference older than most of the night's nominees.

Back in 1994, Jackson was married to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, for only a few months. Neither the tabloid press nor much of the public really understood the union, and Jackson and Presely opened that year's VMAs hand-in-hand. After a minute of silence, and then a welcome given to the audience, Jackson said, "and just think, nobody thought this would last," while motioning to Presley. The two shared a very public make out session before walking off stage with no further word. The pair would be separated by the end of 1995.

Madonna decided to recreate the moment in her own fashion, though we suppose she meant MTV was the Presley to her Jackson. She, too, quickly walked off with little further comment.

To be quite honest, it is an iconic moment in VMAs history, though one MTV itself doesn’t quite celebrate. Of course, leave it to Madonna to bring it up on the edition of the VMAs that also celebrates the channel's 40th anniversary. Between Jackson and Madonna, MTV as we know it wouldn't exist. It's fitting, we guess, that their legacies would intersect, even in such an awkward fashion, this year.

Source: Wmagazine / Billie Jean

Positively Collecting Michael Jackson Memorabilia. 12-09-'21

It is not every day that fans are shown in a positive way in the press and this is the case for Vernay and Ryan in New Jersey, USA.

If you recall, Vernay and Ryan won the Hector Barjot Award 2021 for best Michael Jackson Collection.

Today, they made it to FOX29 News where they were portraited nicely and explaining why they are collecting Michael Jackson memorabilia.


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Almost Died On September 11 Before Bizarre Twist Of Fate. 11-09-'21

Michael JacksonOn the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we look at some of the famous figures who have fate to thank for not becoming one of the 2,997 victims of the horrifying tragedy.

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre - a moment that changed the modern world forever.

On the morning of Tuesday September 11 2001, militant Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda hijacked commercial planes and flew then into the iconic New York building.

A third plane was crashed into the west side of the Pentagon, causing a partial collapse of the American military headquarters. The fourth and final hijacked flight crashed into a field in Pennsylvania without making it to its intended target.

The attacks resulted in 2,977 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries and substantial long-term health problems.

In the years that have followed the senseless tragedy, many have opened up about how they narrowly escaped the horrors on that fateful day - including a few famous faces.

Pop star Michael Jackson could have been among those killed in the tragic attack had fate not intervened.

The late singer had been due to attend a meeting in the World Trade Centre on the very day of the incident.

Jackson had left his Neverland Ranch for New York to perform in his 30th Anniversary Solo All Star show on September 7 and September 10 at Madison Square Garden.

The star-studded shows also featured performances by some of the biggest names in music including Whitney Houston, Liza Minnelli and Gloria Estefan while the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin graced the royal viewing box side of stage.

Britney Spears also joined the 'King of Pop' for a special rendition of 'The Way You Make Me Feel'.

Hours after the second concert, New York's World Trade Centre was under attack.

The same day the planes hit Michael had been due to make an appearance in the tower, but overslept after his show and missed his schedule appointment entirely.

Brother Jermaine Jackson explained in his biography how his late sibling had stayed up late the night before chatting with his mother, Katherine and sister, Rebbie.

"Thankfully, none of us had had a clue that Michael was due at a meeting that morning at the top of one of the Twin Towers," he wrote in he book 'You Are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes'.

"We only discovered this when Mother phoned his hotel to make sure he was okay. She, Rebbie [Jackson] and a few others had left him there around 3am.

"Mother, I'm okay, thanks to you. You kept me up talking so late that I overslept and missed my appointment,'" Jackson told his mum.

Michael passed away eight years later on June 25th, 2009.

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson - Das Sonderheft (POP CLASSICS #4) Magazine Is Released. 08-09-'21

Pop Classics #4 Magazine CoverRock Classic Magazine, a series of German Magazine has released a special edition this September about Michael Jackson and his career.

The #4 edition includes 100 pages on the 'King of Pop', all in German, from the Jackson 5 to his solo career and also includes the allegation (just to let you know).

A series with the title POP CLASSICS without the 'King of Pop' himself would amount to an outright insult to majesty. In order to avoid this accusation and at the same time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first single as a solo artist ('Got To Be There' from October 1971), the fourth edition is fully dedicated to Michael Jackson and his enormous legacy: Early successes with The Jackson 5, the emancipation with 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller' as the best-selling album of all time, countless entries in the Guinness Book of Records, spectacular music videos and years of pop culture dominance, but also the dark side of fame - all of this is lived on 100 pages entertaining as well as tracked down collectibles for fans, there are also two informative interviews with brother Tito Jackson to spread over the top.

"You Are Not Alone"!

•Exclusive interviews
•Sensational photo material
•All albums
•Books and Movies

Author: SLAM Media GmbH
ISBN: 4192736709909
Pages: 100
Guide price: 9,90 €

Order the magazine here on their website.

Source: mjsick / Billie Jean

Patchogue Theatre Presents I A King: The Michael Jackson Experience. 08-09-'21

I A King: The Michael Jackson ExperienceI AM KING – The Michael Jackson Experience is as close as you will get to seeing the 'King of Pop' live in concert!

Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts announced that it will present I Am King: The Michael Jackson Experience on Friday, October 1 at 8pm. Tickets are $39.00 - $69.00 plus fees and are available online at PatchogueTheatre.org. At this time, everyone is required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, as per current CDC guidelines. Click here to view Patchogue Theatre's COVID-19 Guidelines.

I AM KING - The Michael Jackson Experience is as close as you will get to seeing the 'King of Pop' live in concert! Featuring Michael Jackson tribute artist, Michael Firestone who can sing LIVE while mastering the intense dancing that Jackson was so famous for, I AM KING takes the audience on a musical and visual journey into the world of the 'King of Pop'.

The creators of I AM KING have put together an incredible cast of talented musicians and Broadway and Las Vegas dancers to bring Jackson to life in an explosion of unmatched energetic perfection. I AM KING features amazing renditions of Jackson's biggest hits including 'Bad', 'Billie Jean', 'Thriller', 'Man In The Mirror', 'Human Nature' and many more.

Having performed to millions of Michael Jackson fans worldwide, Michael Firestone has been hailed by fans and critics alike as the heir apparent to Michael Jackson in look, performance and authenticity. When it comes to Michael Jackson tribute artists, there are none quite like Michael Firestone. His ability to sing live while mastering the intense dancing that Michael Jackson was so famous for has made him the most sought after MJ tribute artist in the world.

Michael Firestone was chosen as one of two official Michael Jackson impersonators for the Michael Jackson Laser Spectacular shows in theaters and casinos all over the USA and Canada including the Tacoma Dome. Most recently, Michael Firestone co-created and starred in MJ Live and numerous other Michael Jackson tribute shows that are still using his image/video to sell tickets.

Prior to Michael Jackson's untimely death, Firestone had performed as a Michael Jackson tribute artist in live shows such as 'MTV Magic' and 'Around The World' in Asia', 'Legends in Concert' in Myrtle Beach, 'LaCage' and 'Masquerade' in Atlantic City. Firestone also did guest appearances on 'Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular' and the Asian variety show 'The Bon Show.

20% of proceeds benefit the Andrew McMorris Foundation. In September 2018, Andrew and his Boy Scout Troop were tragically hit by a drunk driver while hiking. He succumbed to his injuries shortly after and passed away. The lives of his family, friends and community were forever changed by his senseless passing.

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Source: Broadway World / Billie Jean

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