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The Jackson 5 Las Vegas Program Book Cover The Jackson 5 Las Vegas Program (Book)

'The Jackson 5 Las Vegas Program' book was released in 1974 in the USA and written through author Virginia DeMoss.


Just before The Jackson 5 left Motown to sign with Epic, Joe Jackson arranged for the whole family, including sisters Rebbie, LaToya and Janet, to play the cabaret circuit at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. From April till December of 1974, the shows were a big hit with fans, breaking attendance records, but received a critical pounding.

Nice souvenir glossy book (30.5x23cm) with many exclusive color and black & white photos of Michael Jackson and his brothers.

Publisher: ?
Author: Virginia DeMoss
Released: 1974
Language: English
Pages: 20
Printed: USA
Guide price: 42 €

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Michael Jackson Treasures Book CoverMichael Jackson Treasures (Book)

'Michael Jackson Treasures' book was released on October 29th, 2009 in the UK by publisher Simon & Schuster and written through author Jason King.


Michael Jackson left a legacy of extraordinary showmanship and endlessly influential music. 'Michael Jackson Treasures' pairs a compelling exploration of his story with photographs and memorabilia that illuminate h is fascinating, complicated life. Featuring a number of rare pieces, including selected pages from the Jackson children's high school yearbook, the patent for the antigravity lean shoes from 'Smooth Criminal', and a fancifully die-cut mask from the Dangerous Tour, Michael Jackson Treasures is a trove of powerful images and ephemera from a truly global superstar.

A legend has been diseased but his memories are imperishable. Michael Jackson scored by many generations, and still goes on to affect many fans.

This collector item book collects the never published documents which were recognized by an exceptional destiny: the first poster of 'Thriller', a place for The Jacksons Victory Tour, the patent of his moccasins "anti-gravitation" invented to defy his weight by his turning dance moves, a reproduction of the Dangerous mask, the evidence of his marriage with Lisa-Marie Presley, the will which he entrust to his lawyer John Branca in 2005, etc.

A magnificent work, which regroups touching testimonies and rare pictures for bringing an ultimate tribute to this exceptional artist.

Michael Jackson Treasures Book
'Michael Jackson Treasures' book is great and beautiful, a recommended. A legend has been diseased but his memories are imperishable.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Author: Jason King
Released: 29-10-2009
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-1-84737-797-5
Printed: China
Guide price: 30 €

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The Magic Of Michael Jackson Book CoverKing Of Pop (Book)

'King Of Pop' book of Michael Jackson was released in the UK on June 4th, 1992 by publisher Jam Books and written through Chris Cardell.


With his stunning music and spectacular concerts, Michael Jackson is without doubt the greatest pop star the world has ever seen.

Michael Jackson KIng Of Pop... tells his entire amazing life story... his early days as a childhood superstar... the triumph of the 'Thriller' and 'Bad' years and the real truth about Michael's weird and wonderful lifestyle. Plus... exclusive material on the 'Dangerous' album and the record breaking Dangerous World Tour.

Packed with 170 stunning photographs, this superb book is the most up to date and comprehensive Michael Jackson biography ever published and gives a fascinating and intimate insight into the undisputed... King of Pop.

On the latest page are the Michael Jackson discography.

Publisher: Jam Books
Author: Chris Cardell
Released: 04-06-1992
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0951931905
Printed: UK
Guide price: 15 €

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I Found That Girl (Promo) [Red Vinyl] Single CoverI Found That Girl (Promo) [Red Vinyl - Single]

'I Found That Girl' promo (red vinyl) single of The Jackson 5's album 'ABC' was released in the USA by Motown in May 1970 as a promotional item to push the new title on major radio stations and chart return record dealers.

'I Found That Girl' lead vocals by Jermaine with background vocals of The Jackson 5.

The song was arranged and produced by The Corporation.

Special to this vinyl is that there are two A-sides with the song in stereo and on the other side in mono.

Track list:

1. I Found That Girl (Stereo) - 2:42

1. I Found That Girl (Mono) - 2:42

Record label: Motown
Released: 08-1973
Series number: M 1166
Printed: USA
Guide price: 60 €

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Icon CD Album CoverIcon (CD Album)

'Icon' is a compilation serie of Universal Music artists. The J5 compilation CD album was released in the USA and EU on August 31st, 2010 through Motown/Universal, two days after Michael's 52nd birthday.

The CD album includes both tracks buy the Jackson 5, plus Michael and Jermaine's solos. All versions are album versions.

My CD album is printed in the EU with the series number: 0602527450896.

Track list:

1. I Want You Back - 3:00
2. Who's Lovin' You - 4:02
3. ABC - 2:59
4. The Love You Save - 3:05
5. I'll Be There - 3:59
6. Mama's Pearl - 3:12
7. Never Can Say Goodbye - 3:01
8. Maybe Tomorrow - 4:47
9. Got To Be There - Michael Jackson - 3:25
10. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson - 3:00
11. Ben - Michael Jackson - 2:46
12. Dancing Machine - 2:37

Record label: Motown/Universal
Released: 31-08-2010
Series number: 0602527450896
Printed: EU
Guide price: 17 €

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