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Welcome on this Michael Jackson fan site "Billie Jean" which I have specially designed to spoil the fans all over the world.
My name is Dirk and live in Belgium (Limburg), I'm already 37 years fan of my idol and have got the nick name Michael.

DirkAbout 17 years ago I started with making this site, by practicing a lot I've learned enough knowledge about html and so the Michael Jackson fan site "Billie Jean" developed from almost nothing to a super great website with 900 pages where you can find a lot about our idol "MJ".

Version 1 came online on December 6th, 2002 with limited links and was only available for Dutch readers.

Version 2 came in the air on December 2nd, 2003, the site gets another look with a lot more pages and seeing that I had a lot of visitors out of foreign countries my site became bilingual (Dutch & English).

Version 3 is online since April 15th, 2005, this website has got a whole other look. Since December 2003 I'm not running alone this site but gets some help from my be mind wife Rita, she translates sometimes scripts into English.

On November 12th, 2005 I bought a fixed domain name, namely the domain name "Billie Jean", webspace with enough gigabytes so that we can upload more than the previous free webspace.

Since November 8th, 2007 I have decided to go further with my "Billie Jean" fan site in English, so she will be no more in 2 language.

Version 4 is online since August 28th 2008, you see a whole other look with lot of changes.

There's something to perceived for each fan here on "Billie Jean":

Latest News:
The latest news gets almost every day an update.

News Archive:
The news archive from December 2002 until today, this is a list of online headline news, including images to the life and times of the greatest entertainer who ever lived. Michael Jackson.

Item Of The Month:
Every first day of the month you get some more information about a definite item.

Remixes Of The Month:
Every month you get 15 new remixes which you can download for 6 month's.

New Merchandise:
As soon as there are some new merchandise of Jackson on the market you get some more information on this page.

My whole collection of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson you can watch them on different pages.

The first album which I had bought was 'Thriller' and on this moment is the collection enlarged to more than 950 items.

Different Michael Jackson fan clubs and fan site's are on the page to find. By way of these links you get more info about our idol.

Michael has been receiving Awards for almost 40 years, since 1970 until now he has obtained many Awards. You can read them all by way of the link Awards.

There are been written a lot of books about Michael, but he has also written some by himself. A list with the best books I have summarized for you.

The biography of Michael Jackson is narrative and I have tried on a certain manner to give you a better view on what has happened in his lifetime.

I have made an list of known charities that Michael Jackson has individually supported publically throughout his career.

Follow a chronology of the singer's life, highlighted by breathtaking commercial success, intense public scrutiny and odd lifestyle choices.

All the interviews that Michael has given in his career you can find on the pages.

Messages And Speeches:
A full list of Michael Jackson's Messages and Speeches that he has ever given during his career.

MJ Books:
Many books have been written about Michael, but most popular by far are the boons released by Michael himself. Come more to know about his books.

MJ Passport:
Elaborate explanation about Michael Jackson. A personal description of our idol may not be absent on this site.

MJ Timeline:
his timeline is the result of a decade of personal search and is still a work in progress...
View it as a celebration of Michael Jackson's life.

Neverland Ranch:
You get to know more about the background and searches of Neverland.

Today in History:
I have made many pages from Michael's history with texts equipped by photos, highlights of the King Of Pop history.

This chartography focuses on Michael's chart successes, solo and with his brothers, in five countries: USA (Pop & RnB charts), Canada, UK, Germany & Australia.

A full discography of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson, come more to know about the albums and the singles released out of that album.

Information about the parties which take place in connection with Michael.

All the films of Michael Jackson are arranged on one page includes a lot of text and rehearsal pictures.

You come more to know about the games of Michael Jackson.

You can find again all the items of the month which are passed by the last 14 years on the pages. The items are not for sale.

The full Lyrics of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson. (under construction)

Mini Discography:
A full mini discography of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson.

Performed Live:
Over the last 40 years The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson are performed so many times in shows and on TV. More to know about the performances live click on the link.

Title Lists:
Are you looking for a fixed song of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons or Michael Jackson, in the full title lists you can find it.

Through whole his life Michael Jackson has been given concerts, a resumé from The Jackson 5, with the Jacksons and solo. More explanation about the tours which are passed.

A full videography of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson.

The Icon Archive is a high quality collection of desktop icon from Michael Jackson.
In total we have 55 quality icons for you.

MJMR3 In The Mix:
s a melting together between a 30 are 45 minutes mix work, once a year I make a new In The Mix.

MJMR3 Megamixes:
The first megamix since this website exists, it will take years before I make a new megamix due to lack of time.

MJMR3 Remixes:
Regular a self made new remix will be added on the page.

Want to decorate a boring desktop? This is an archive of impressive wallpapers for your PC.
The wallpapers are designed by myself and serve to refresh your desktop.

The latest updates you can always find again right at the top of each page.
May you have some questions about Michael Jackson or reactions on this site give me a sign.
Lots of pleasure with "Billie Jean" from Dirk and Rita...

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