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Version 2'Billie Jean' (Version 2) Is Online With Another Layout. 02-12-'03

About 1 year ago I started with making this site and now it's time to refresh the layout of my website.

My website "Billie Jean" looks different, version 2 is in the air today with another look and seeing that I had a lot of visitors out of foreign countries my site become bilingual (Dutch & English).

Four days and this site is celebrating its 1st anniversary.

Greetings from webmaster Dirk.

New On 'Billie Jean': Site Info. 01-10-'03

New in this site is the link 'Site Info'. Almost 1 year ago I started with making this site, by practicing a lot I've learned enough knowledge about html and so the Michael Jackson fan site "Billie Jean" developed from almost nothing to a great website where you can find a lot about our idol "MJ".

By the link Site Info you can click further to see the Site Updates.

Doing my best to spoil you guys (fans) with anything about Michael Jackson.

Greetings from Dirk.

New On 'Billie Jean': New Merchandise. 01-04-'03

Today I started a new page, namely a page that goes about the 'New Merchandise' of our idol Michael Jackson.

As soon as there are some new merchandise of Jackson on the market you get some more information on this page.

Greetings from Dirk.

Version 1Michael Jackson Fan Site 'Billie Jean' Started Today. 06-12-'02

I am very happy to welcome you to the fan site about my idol Michael Jackson and gave it the name "Billie Jean" which I have specially designed to spoil the fans all over the world. The index page of my website is http://users.skynet.be/billie.jean/

It has been a long haul these past two months while building up this fan site! My name is Dirk and live in Belgium (Limburg), I'm already 34 years fan of my idol and have got the nick name Michael.

Music has always been important for me; I grow up with music out of the years '80: but Michael Jackson went home by me as a bomb when I saw him on TV with the number 'Billie Jean' during the Motown 25th Anniversary (1983).
The first album which I had bought was 'Thriller' and on this moment is the collection enlarged to more than 450 items.

What I loved by Michael is his excellence, his perfectionism, his dance, his voice, being as a child, he brings gladness and excitement to the people of whole the world by his music. Michael is really magic.

The website with limited links is only available for Dutch readers. In the future when I have more visitors out of foreign countries my site will also be in the bilingual (Dutch & English).

Tomorrow I start with the latest news of Michael Jackson, I do my best to build so that you are satisfied in the future from this website. I hope you can enjoy of this website. No matter what commentary or suggestions are welcome!

Webmaster Dirk
Webmaster Dirk, I've been a fan since 1982 and have got the nick name Michael, I hope that your visit to my site will please you. Turn over all the pages. Feel free to send me an email.

There's something to perceived for each fan here on "Billie Jean":

Latest News:
The latest news gets almost every day an update.

News Archive:
The news archive from December 2002 until today, this is a list of online headline news, including images to the life and times of the greatest entertainer who ever lived. Michael Jackson.

Pictures Of The Week:
Every Monday 2 pictures are changed.

Item Of The Month:
Every first day of the month you get some more information about a definite item.

You can find again all the items of the month which are passed. The items are not for sale.

The biography of Michael Jackson is narrative and I have tried on a certain manner to give you a better view on what has happened in his lifetime.

Title Lists:
Are you looking for a fixed song of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons or Michael Jackson, in the full title lists you can find it.

A part of my collection of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson you can watch them on different pages.

The first album which I had bought was 'Thriller'.

Different Michael Jackson fan clubs and fan site's are on the page to find. By way of these links you get more info about our idol.

MJ Passport:
Elaborate explanation about Michael Jackson. A personal description of our idol may not be absent on this site.

MJMR3 Remixes:
Regular a self made new remix will be added on the page.

Slide Show:
Free on
line slideshow with beautiful pictures of Michael Jackson.

Want to decorate a boring desktop? This is an archive of impressive wallpapers for your PC.
The wallpapers are designed by myself and serve to refresh your desktop.

The latest updates you can always find again right at the top of each page.
May you have some questions about Michael Jackson or reactions on this site give me a sign.
Lots of pleasure with "Billie Jean" from Dirk and Rita...

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