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This Is It  Rehearsel (23-06-2009)

This Is It: July 13th 2009 - March 6th, 2010.

'This Is It' was a planned series of fifty concerts by Michael Jackson to be held at The O2 arena in London. They were scheduled to begin in July 2009 and continue through March 2010. However, with all concerts sold out, Jackson died less than three weeks before the first concert date. Jackson officially announced the concerts at a press conference held inside The O2 arena. AEG Live, the concert promoters, released a promotional video that took up an entire commercial break, setting a record for ITV. The shows were to be Jackson's first major series of concerts since the HIStory World Tour finished in 1997, and had been cited as one of the year's most important musical events. Over one million people would have attended in total. Randy Phillips, president and chief executive of AEG Live, stated that the first 10 dates alone would have earned the singer approximately £50 million.

Originally only 10 concerts were announced, but the tickets were sold out in less than an hour and the public demand for tickets resulted in 40 more concerts to be added, resulting in 50 concerts in total. Ticket sales broke several records and AEG Live stated that Jackson could have sold more dates. Jackson's album sales increased following the announcement. In preparation for the concert series, the pop singer had been collaborating with numerous high profile figures, such as fashion designer Christian Audigier, choreographer Kenny Ortega and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. Prior to Jackson's death, Allgood Entertainment had planned to sue the musician for $40 million, claiming that he had breached an exclusivity agreement with them by agreeing to the 'This Is It' concerts.

In light of Jackson's passing, AEG Live offered either full refunds to all ticket holders or a special souvenir ticket designed by the entertainer. The cancelled 50 shows, its record breaking ticket sales, and its potential for a worldwide tour, deemed Jackson's shows "the greatest concerts that never happened." Columbia Pictures acquired the footage of the show rehearsals and made a concert film entitled Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'. The Jackson estate received 90% of the profit made while the remaining 10% went to AEG Live. Columbia Pictures guaranteed at least $60 million for the rights. To coincide with the release of the concert footage, an accompanying album was also released.

Set list:
The list are songs that were rehearsed and songs that were planned to be rehearsed for the This Is It concerts.

1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
2. Jam
3. They Don't Care About Us
4. Human Nature
5. Smooth Criminal
6. The Way You Make Me Feel
7. The Jackson 5 Medley: I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I'll Be There
8. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
9. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
10. Rock with You
11. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
12. Thriller
13. Beat It
14. Dangerous
15. Black Or White
16. Dirty Diana
17. Earth Song
18. We Are The World
19. Heal The World
20. You Are Not Alone
21. Billie Jean
22. Man In The Mirror

Dates planned
The following is a list of the planned tour dates for the This Is It concerts

July 2009

July 13
July 16
July 18
July 22
July 24
July 26
July 28
July 30

August 2009

August 1
August 3
August 10
August 12
August 17
August 19
August 24
August 26
August 28
August 30

September 2009

September 1
September 3
September 6
September 8
September 10
September 21
September 23
September 27
September 29

January 2010

January 7
January 9
January 12
January 14
January 16
January 18
January 23
January 25
January 27
January 29

February 2010

February 1
February 3
February 8
February 10
February 12
February 16
February 18
February 20
February 22
February 24

March 2010

March 1
March 3
March 6


This Is It Ticket (The O2 arena in London)Musicians

Michael Jackson – lead vocals, show direction, choreographer
Orianthi Panagaris – lead guitar
Thomas Organ – rhythm guitar
Alfred Dunbar – bass
Jonathan Moffett – drums
Michael Bearden – keyboards, musical director
Morris Pleasure – keyboards
Roger Bashiri Johnson – percussion
Dorian Holley – backing vocals, vocal direction
Judith Hill – backing vocals
Darryl Phinnesse – backing vocals
Ken Stacey – backing vocals


Michael Jackson
Daniel Yao
Nicholas Bass
Daniel Celebre (aka Da FunkyMystic)
Mekia Cox
Chris Grant (aka Kriyss Grant)
Misha Gabriel
Shannon Holtzapffel
Devin Jamieson
Charles Klapow
Ricardo Reid (aka Dres Reid)
Danielle Rueda Watts
Tyne Stecklein
Timor Steffens (aka Timor Dance)

Production and other personnel

Kenny Ortega – show direction
Alif Sankey – associate production
Michael Cotten – production design
Michael Curry – production design
Travis Payne & Michael Jackson – choreography
Stacy Walker – choreography assistance
Tony Testa – choreography assistance
Patrick Woodroffe – lighting design
David Elsewhere – dance coaching
Gregg Smith – casting direction
Karen Faye Heinze – hair and make-up
Michael Bush – costume design
AEG Live – promotion

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